g44 GLOCK .22LR pistol
Courtesy GLOCK
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Ending much speculation about what their “legendary news” would reveal, GLOCK announced the new .22LR GLOCK G44, as expected today. The G44 is a 10-round capacity blowback semi-automatic in a GLOCK 19 frame size.

GLOCK G44 hybrid slide
Courtesy GLOCK

The new G44 features a “hybrid steel” slide (with front serrations) made of five pieces combining steel and polymer, making the slide light enough to reliably cycle rimfire ammunition.

It features a GLOCK Marksman barrel, ambidextrous slide stop levers and a reversible magazine catch, as well as multiple backstraps to fit almost any shooter.

The new pistol’s product page is now live at GLOCK.us.

GLOCK G44 .22LR specifications
Courtesy GLOCK

And yes, a threaded barrel is available.

GLOCK G44 threaded barrel
Courtesy GLOCK

While the site doesn’t yet specify, TTAG understands that the G44 MSRP will be about $400.

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        • Perfection, Legendary News…What!?!? Hey glock…You keep using those words. I do not think it means what you think it means..

          Glocks are the most over-rated firearm out there.

          Overpriced, over $500 for a $350 dollar pistol.

          Unnatural grip angle.

          Horrible plastic sights.

          Terrible triggers.

          Unsupported barrels.

          Needs a stippling job out of the box.


          No real improvements or innovations in decades. A .22LR pistol is innovative?

          Needs another $500 in after-market parts to bring it up to date.

          And has been surpassed by a number of other manufacturers.

          There are sidearms that are G2G right out of the box. Glock will not spend the money to update, what the fanbois will buy simply because of the name. This G44 is a great example.

          Today is the same glock… nothing. Glock needs a dictionary to look up the words “Perfection” and “Legendary”.

          As for the Kool-Aid drinking glock fan boi’s, I’m sure they will gulp down their new flavor without a thought, just like the Apple automatons do.

        • Ah, and here we go. It’s Vlad again…or the here-today-gone-tomorrow-but-back-again Pg(2).

          My money’s on Pg(2). He tended to repeat himself a lot, just like you’re doing.

    • Me too,got to do my part to boost the NIUCS numbers to a new all time high for December. Hey Bobby O’Dourke,Eff You and the jackazz you rode in and out on.

      • My yawn was louder than your yawn. YAWWWWN!
        That release was a dumpster fire and a train wreck all rolled up in one.

  1. More Glock crap.

    Of course Glock Fan Bois will now claim that at long last, for the first time ever in the history of firearms, somebody is making a .22 pistol that goes bang every time.

    Because no other gunmaker has ever managed that magical mystical feat.

    • …because…there’s never, ever been “Perfection” in a semi-auto .22lr before. (/sarc)

      I figure one of my shooting buddies (an avowed Glockster) will get the first one in the area…and, I’ll get to shoot it. FWIW there’s always room for another good .22lr in my safe.

    • You miss the point.

      The sell here is a Glock 19 size .22 which gives new shooters a gun to learn on that is similar in size to one they would step up to for home defense or personal protection.

      I hope they eventually come out with a slimline model in .22 too.

      • Also, how many people have said over the past three decades “hey, why doesn’t this major gun maker offer a .22LR like everyone else”?

        Probably because they’ve been known as a more “serious” duty weapon supplier. Now that they’re firmly established, it makes sense that they’d finally widen their product line with a non-duty caliber that will be used more often for plinking and/or training.

    • I figured if they were going to make a .22 glock, in this size, it would be 25-30 capacity. I don’t buy the ban state argument, only because the free state market is far, far bigger.

    • Solid movie reference. I am sure it’s a good pistol and all but figuring more a Ruger mk4 for this spot in future purchases.

  2. Why in the hell would you make it in the 19 platform. Make it in the 43X platform and hold more than 10rds what a let down!

      • That’s my thought. This is only the launch. Soon there will be 25-rd mags available, I’m sure.

        And, in true Glock fashion, other sizes will be coming down the pipe in the future, like a G43 subcompact size with 15-rd mag, no doubt.

        For all the Glock and/or .22LR haters here, understand that some people prefer plinkers. In my case, every time I bring a newbie to the range, we always start out with .22LR before graduating to 9mm and larger. This would be a great starter pistol.

        • I see your point with it being a trainer before upping to a identical shaped 9mm. I hope it hits the roster for you guys.

        • “understand that some people prefer plinkers.”

          Yes! Because there has NEVER been a plinker…EVER….Before Today…Never!

          OMG this is ‘Legendary News’! L E G E N D A R Y …I tell you! (Do i need the Sarc? Never know with glock boys).

        • Keyden,

          One day when you grow up, I’d like to invite you to the range and take you through the instructional paces so you know what you’re talking about.

    • Completely agree. Why make a handgun the size of a G19 that takes 15 rounds of 9mm, but only make it available with 10 rounds of tiny .22

      • ” Why make a handgun the size of a G19 that takes 15 rounds of 9mm, but only make it available with 10 rounds of tiny .22″

        TRAINING. Getting a new shooter, who has never shot a gun before, up-to-speed to shoot a G19. ‘Programming’ your muscle memory.

        10 rounds because some states currently have a 10-round magazine capacity limit…

        • Curtailing capacity to accommodate ban states is stupid. There are more people in free states that would rather have the gun with whatever natural standard capacity it would have. Even with the 10 round capacity this won’t be sold in CA because of the handgun roster.

      • The reason for the lower magazine capacity is because of the rimmed cartridge of the .22. You cant have a double stack magazine in the same way you can the 9mm. The 9mm with its recessed rim will slide right by eachother while the .22 will catch on each others rim while cycling. So the only real choice is a single stack or maybe staggered stack magazines.

        • @DLewis, it still makes no sense for it to hold only 10 rounds. Glock 19 mags are longer than Ruger SR22 and Walther p22 mags. So even using the single or semi staggered stack design that those have, the longer magazine can hold more than 10 rounds.

        • Yeah… that’s not exactly accurate.

          See Kel-Tec CP33 magazine, for instance. It’s a double-double stack. (And it’s clear, so you can see the design.) So it can be done with .22LR ammunition. It’s just a matter of engineering “perfection.” Or, maybe it’s that…

          10 rounds is totally arbitrary, usually based on the magic number of anti-gun dopes. Doesn’t have a thing to do with .22LR limitations.

          Be safe… Mort

        • What about the Grendel p 30 holds 30 rds. of 22 mag. A friend once had one was fairly reliable IIRC

      • Because of the rimmed case you need either a curved mag (see Ruger 10/22 25rd mags) or ridiculous grip angle like a MkIV if you want to run more than 10rds.

        They started with an existing design so they are limited by the existing form factor. Neither of the above options are available in this case.

    • Duty-ish sized trainer plinker, Glock 19 is the sweet spot and pretty much THE Glock when you think Glock. And 10 round .22 guns are pretty standard as the mags tend to be single stack to simplify things and prevent issues, though obviously there are the PPQ 22, TX, and new keltec with 12, 16, and 17 round mags.

      Threaded barrel when? And is it actually a true striker or hidden hammer, as quite a lot of other models are just internal hammers even when based on striker pistols.

      • “And is it actually a true striker or hidden hammer, as quite a lot of other models are just internal hammers even when based on striker pistols.”

        I guess we’ll know when TTAG gets one for review. It looks like the same takedown mechanism of a standard Glock, so it may well be an offset-striker of some sort.

        Possible the same manual-of-arms (at least in operation) of a G19, it should sell well…

    • The marketing idea was that since the Glock 19 is the most popular selling Glock that these owners would buy it to practice with rather than use expensive 9mm ammuntion when they practice.

      • Agreed. And it will likely perform more reliably (with its lighter composite slide) than a standard G19 outfitted with a .22 swapout upper.

        • And someone recoil-adverse just may carry it for self-defense. I wouldn’t recommend it, but carrying small-bore is better than carrying nothing.

          The elderly with arthritic hands may be another market, it should be easy to rack the slide…

        • Exactly, Geoff.

          My wife is a smaller gal. She can handle 9mm, but prefers shooting our .22 trainer. If she had the choice, I’m sure she’d feel more comfortable carrying a .22, which, as was said earlier, is certainly better than nothing. I personally knew a close friend who died from a single .22 to the head.

          Come out with an even smaller model such as a G43 subcompact size, and my wife will carry it everywhere.

          Of course, that’s once we leave CA.

        • And while I’m thinking of it, before the .22LR haters dogpile on my comment and say it’s an ineffective caliber, remember that (statistically) it’s believed that most gun-related incidents don’t involve any shots fired anyhow. The mere presentation of a gun will be enough to stop many would-be criminals from advancing on you. I myself stopped three men from attempting to mug me on a dark street years ago. As they closed in on me, I simply pulled out my gun and racked the slide, and they turned and hoofed it out of there. They had no idea what caliber it was, and it didn’t matter.

        • Some dumbshit will have that pointed at them and think it’s an Airsoft.

          Well, it will be the last thing they think…

          *snicker* 😉

        • “..it will likely perform more reliably (with its lighter composite slide) than a standard G19..”

          So it’s like MORE PERFECT than perfection? Wow Glock did the impossible, again!

          Now run run run and buy buy buy…Gaston needs a new horse for mistress number 3.

        • I Haz A Question before today; .22LR is an ineffective self defense round.

          I Haz A Question now today; .22LR is the ‘Perfect’ self defense round (only when used in a G44 of course).

        • @Matheu,

          LOL, now I know for sure you’re a poser and have not read any of my comments over time regarding .22LR.

        • Poser, not read? Really?

          Well I read the post about your wife being a smaller gal, and FYI she can handle way(!) more than the 9mm you give her. 🙂

        • Over the past year I’ve gone against the TTAG grain and commented numerous times about how dangerous a .22LR bullet can be, and has been.

        • I personally do believe that a .22 is better than nothing. My main hesitation in recommending a .22 for defense has more to do with the reliability of rimfire versus centerfire. Today’s rimfire is by far the most reliable and consistent we have ever seen, but I still always have more duds than an equivalent amount of centerfire ammo.

          If a .22 is all a person can truly handle for defense, then great and train with it (including malfunction drills). Just understand the limitations of rimfire ammunition.

    • Dan, you are exactly right. This thing is a disappointment. If Glock wants perfection it should have ben built on the 43X frame. Spoken with several friends since this morning. All said they will not buy it.

    • If it’s reliable, it will sell. If it’s popular, I could easily see similar trainers made by the other major manufacturers…

      • “If it’s popular, I could easily see similar trainers made by the other major manufacturers…”

        Hey… pssstttt… Geoffery Boy….Other manufactures already have done it.

        Sorry to burst your glock bubble.

        • “Other manufactures already have done it.”

          None of those conversions are worth a shit, Jeffie…

          Start listing the ones that aren’t. Same size and manual of arms as the center-fire version.

          THEY DON’T EXIST… 🙂

          (And what kind of parent names their kid “Jeff”. anyways?)

          • The Sig P250 series had a dedicated .22lr model that was an excellent trainer for their centerfire versions. The series failed because most of today’s shooters do not want a DAO hammer fired pistol. I have a 9mm and .22lr and they are a pleasure to shoot.

    • I’m sure there is a good reason glock hasn’t done that….but I sure can’t figure out what it is.

      They would sell many and it wouldn’t be that complicated- see KelTec Sub 2000.

      • Brand dilution would be my guess. Arguably, Glock’s biggest strength (and biggest weakness) is that they make a very specific product and everything they make is pretty similar, relatively speaking. Regardless of caliber or size a Glock is a Glock is a Glock.

        There’s something to be said for that, especially when you look at the other extreme that is Smith and Wesson’s various mid 20th century semi auto pistol product lines, dear God what a nomenclature nightmare…. to a lesser extent the Sig P series suffers from a similar issue

        • Avoiding brand dilution? Glock? Are you serious?

          There are more fugly models of the exact same looking block than you can shake an ugly stick at!

  3. As a self-confessed Glockaholic, I say –

    This should’ve been out 10 years ago.

    Even if if was out a year ago, I would’ve bought it.
    I bought the Taurus TX-22 when it came out and love it.
    With the higher mag capacity compared to the new Glock, the Taurus is where I will stay.

    Now at the proposed price point, if they increase the mag capacity, then I would buy one.

  4. Hi Glock 44! My name is Taurus TX22. I was born a year ago and have a 16+1 round capacity. Little late to the game, but nice to meet you anyway.

      • Yeah because Brazil is so well know for building high quality anything. Taurus probably made a 22 because it was the only caliber they thought they could build that might (i stress the word might) not blow up. For those of you who haven’t seen it please reference the youtube video of Brazilian cops shaking their 9mm and them going off.

    • x10.

      If Glock was looking at the trainer market, they should just make OEM .22 conversion kits for G19’s, G17’s, etc., sell them direct (no FFL necessary) for $200 or so (current aftermarket ones are >$300), and they’d make a mint. (I’d gladly buy such kits for my G17 and G26, esp. if they came with a threaded barrel.)

      If they are trying to compete in the .22 pistol market, rotsa ruck competing with the PPQ and Ruger Mark IV, not to mention lots of others.

      So other than hardcore Glock fanbois, I just do not see the hoopla for this.

      • My guess is the current Glock trigger system is not ideal for a rimfire. It’s one of the big hang ups with the conversions on the market now. I view this as a training pistol in which case it is fairly smart of glock to capitalize on (albeit they should have done it 15 years ago) seeing how the Glock 19 is probably one of the best selling pistols of all time. Myself I would rather have a stand alone trainer for $350 that is slightly more reliable than a conversion for $250. Everyone is different though. I’m not jumping out of my chair excited but I’ll probalby add one to my 22 collection one the initial high demand price drops because I pretty much always start people with a 19 with I teach someone to shoot. I also assume they will come out with a 15 rd threaded barrel version down the road. The initial version will be legal is several more states and they will sell it to the masses then release the gun everyone wants that actually lives in the United States. For all the morons touting the Taurus and guns built in an airsoft factory, I’m sure this is a vastly superior gun then some POS built in Brazil.

        • “Myself I would rather have a stand alone trainer for $350 that is slightly more reliable than a conversion for $250.”


      • Perhaps they tried to make a drop-in G19 slide, and could never get it to work right?

        The market is littered with .22lr conversion semi-autos that are jam-o-matics…

      • @LKB

        “So other than hardcore Glock fanbois, I just do not see the hoopla for this.”

        So in other words they built something that caters to one of the largest single groups of pistol owners in the country… and this is a bad thing because?

  5. Id like to see how that hybrid slide keeps together over time.
    You thought the sht storm over the P365 v.1 was bad, just wait till G44s start delaminating.

  6. The only reason Glock made a .22 is because of the Walther P22. Glock will have a hard time matching it.

    • I think the PPQ 22 is the one I want as a suppressor host, how do you like it? I think I would go with that over the Glock as well, as I don’t have any Glocks so having a trainer isn’t necessary.

      Currently using a Beretta 71 and s&w 6614 for cans, along with a g36 and Sig 522 rifles.

  7. Good for Glock but I don’t think this is “legendary” but that is marketing.

    I have the M&P 22 Compact and really like it and it is amazingly reliable with a lot of different ammo so I hope the Glock 44 can do the same. The M&P 22 Compact is kind of small for my hands and I really bought it for the wife but since I love my Glock 19 so much I probably will end up getting a Glock 44.

    Will be curious to see how accurate this is. IMO a smart move by Glock as a lot of younger and new shooters will get hooked on the Glock 44 and then graduate to the Glock 19 or other Glock center fire pistols. Great that it can take the back straps too fit a wide variety of hands.

  8. If you want to know why everybody make fun of Glock fanboys it’s because only a Glockster would call this revolutionary. Everybody and his mother has a 22LR training pistol.

  9. This is stupid. Is the market really clamoring for a giant .22 pistol? One that holds 10 rounds? I hope Sig and SA take more of Glock market share in carry market because what the holy hell is glock doing. P365 and hellcat are revolutionary, this is just playing fu****g

    • “This is stupid. Is the market really clamoring for a giant .22 pistol?”

      There are *lots* of center fire conversions out there with crappy reliability.

      If this works well, it will sell well. And it just may inspire the other manufacturers to do the same with their center fire semi-autos…

      • Geoff, welcome out from the rock you have been living under for the last decade. Other manufacturers already have done that.

        It’s like you just ran into the party ready to go after everyone was either arrested or past out drunk!

        • I’ve shot *plenty* that were CRAP, Ryan.

          Care to explain why there isn’t a 1911 conversion that’s worth a shit? They’ve only had, what, 115 years or so to get it right? 🙂

  10. This is going to sound silly but what I really want to see/know is if the mag is the standard Glock 9mm shape externally or not. If it is I really really want to make a barrel for my AR9 and a new bolt that’s my take on a Ciener Conversion.

    As for the gun meh. There’s a lot of other 22lrs I’d have interest in if I had interest in a 22lr. A box of 9mm is $10ish on sale or dipping below that even while a box of 22lr is 5-6 bucks. For the difference I’ll shoot 9mm. As a home caster I shoot 9mm cheaper than 22lr.

    • I guess you have not priced 22 LR ammo lately. I have seen it as low as 3 cents a round. 100 packs of CCI Mini Mags are down to $5.49 a box of 100 at some places. Federal bulk pack 525 about 4 cents a round.

      • Haven’t really seen it but it’s good to know it’s coming down in price still. That said I’m still shooting 9mm for not much more because of the home cast. Free lead, cheap primers and a pinch or two of powder. I don’t think most people will shoot enough to really be like “zomg I spent $2K more in ammo this year because I got a 9mm” however people who are timid about recoil will like this gun. Like I said in another post, women. I see the ranges I go to getting one immediately as a rental and it being a very very popular rental.

  11. I guess you have to be a huge Glock fan boy to get excited here. I don’t hate them, they’re ugly and overpriced but they are reliable and simple and a ton of accessories are available due to the popularity. But how is that suppose to be exciting? I don’t get it.

  12. Also, watch the video. They’re very much marketing to women. I find that an interesting point in its own right.

    • There are elderly and disabled folks who struggle to rack a slide on a center fire handgun…

      • Usually you’d want a non-blowback gun for that since the blowback gun typically has a stiffer set of springs in it. Something like a P32 should be super easy to rack due to small caliber+not blowback.

      • “There are elderly and disabled folks who struggle to rack a slide on a center fire handgun…”

        Dam Geoff late again, other manufactures already have offerings catering to this market as well.

        But since you obviously own glock stock, don’t stop now, you’re on a roll.

        • How many of those conversions function reliably?

          I’m waiting…

          The answer, *ZERO*. 🙂

  13. The American Rifleman mag. (I think) published a Ladies Pistol study some months back. Lots of different pistols shot by lots of different ladies and scored.

    Surprisingly (to me), the G19 scored very high, maybe #4. I think the plan here is to sell two pistols per customer or family; buy the .22 and later move up to the G19.

  14. When I had the chance to legally buy a couple standard capacity mags. for my CZ, I went with Mec-Gar and they’re excellent.

    This is one of the big pluses about designs that are so successful that they become industry standards. The aftermarket can provide tons of interesting options.

    If Glock made the mag. well on their .22 thick enough, then others can make double stack mags.

    • Mec-Gar manufactues mags for CZ. The only actual difference between CZ mags and Mec-Gar is the branding.

    • Glock nomenclature does get confusing.

      I will probably pick up one of the new G44’s later as a trainer for the kids. I do see this as an advantage for the fact it will train them on the operation of all Glocks since all Glocks are basically laid out the same. Glocks being my current home defense guns.

      I do however wish that Glock had made this a much higher capacity pistol. A G19 size pistol should have held something in the 25 rounds per magazine area by my approximation, not a measly 10 rounds. I mean my .45 ACP is 13 rounds, and my .40 S&W is 15 rounds, who at Glock thought 10 rounds of .22 LR was going to satisfy shooters?

  15. None of this makes sense. It’s an odd duck but not that kind that triggers my “shut up and take my money!” response. The training aspect doesn’t really seem like that much of a value. If I’m training a newbie then any of my .22s will work. For myself I practice with what I shoot so practicing with .22 but carrying 9mm seems pointless. Good on them for bringing new products to market, I just wish it had been a foray into the long gun or carbine scene.

  16. Here is the link to the specs. and video at the top of the page that shows closeups of the mag. and how to load.


    It is a fat mag. and they do stagger the rim part of the cartridge. Glock or somebody probably could squeeze another 4 or more rounds in the exact same mag. design; or switch to a real double stack.

  17. What’s all the consternation over a ten round magazine? You aren’t going to carry a Glock 44 for self defense. It’s for plinking and practice. So you have to stop to refill a magazine. Heck, I have to do that after I’ve emptied my six 1911 mags at the range, and there are still some rounds left in the box.

    • The mag dumpers love the higher capacity. Don’t you see them at your range? They put the large target at 3 yards and shoot the pistol as fast ad they can, look at the shotgun like pattern group, declare the target dead, and high five their range buddy on how awesome their gun is and how well they can shoot.

      • I think that guy shot three lanes down from me last Thursday. Lots of noise and brass flying at 3 yards on a Dirty Bird silhouette target. Group size was 18+”…I believe the floor and ceiling also received a few token rounds.

      • C’mon, you have to admit that it’s fun to do at least one mag dump at the end of a two-hour training session. After all the controlled two-to-the-torso shots, you gotta let your inner Dirty Harry out and let ’em fly before packing up.

        If you see me at the range, I’ll be training seriously if you catch me at the beginning. But if you pull up when I’m wrapping it up, you’ll peg me as one of “those guys” who’s dumping a mag and smiling big.

    • What you say makes perfect sense, except … People do use .22’s for self defense, and successfully in practice too. They’re lots better than harsh words.

      I agree it’s crazy to do that, except that my wife cannot rack the slide on either of my 9mm’s. So when she runs to the gun safe, it will be the .22 she pulls out.

  18. It’s kind of cool. I’ll stick with my M&P 22 Compact thank you very much. Reliable, ability to mount a laser or light and comes with a threaded barrel.

  19. As a non glock fan in general. I see no reason after 30 plus years for them to make a 22lr. Other then as a training gun. Even at that still makes no sense. A totally unneeded gun in my book.

  20. With so many other good semi-automatic 22 caliber pistols available, do they hope to sell to anyone that is not already a Glock fan or owner? Why would anyone else pay more for a Glock when the competition makes quality pistols for less money? Ruger has been making 22 semi-automatics for over 70 years and they get it right. I have both a Ruger Mark III and a GSG 1911-22 that are dependable, reliable, accurate and both were less money that the Glock will be. They are also better looking than a Glock. People buy Glocks for their reliability and accuracy but nobody buys them because of their looks.

    • I know what you are saying and I own a Browning Buckmark Camper stainless that is a beautiful pistol but it seems that when I take new people shooting given the choice they gravitate to the combat style .22 like my M&P 22 Compact. Everyone I take shooting wants to shoot a Glock as it seems even a lot of non shooters have heard the Glock name and many even know the name “Glock 19”. I expect the Glock 44 will be a huge hit and be in big demand as a range rental.

    • I’ve got a few .22 pistols. There is always room for another. Especially if it is in a platform just like others I have.

      To each his or her own, and the more, the merrier!

  21. Would have preferred a G48 sized grip for a plinker/trainer .22lr. It would have been better size for youths to “Start Your Journey”.

  22. I’m not much a fan of Glock pistols, but more options is rarely bad. I won’t buy it, but I”m sure a lot of folks will have a lot of fun. Not only that, but if the feel and controls are similar to other Glock pistols (and they appear to be) this could be a good, cheap way to practice for those who carry a larger-caliber Glock without breaking the bank.

    • That was my thought as well. Weren’t we told there would be “multiple” items announced?…

  23. I still don’t know why glock took so long to make a single stack 9mm after having the G36 out for so long. The shield then came along and took all the glory.

  24. I’m thinking it opens the door to GSSF (Glock Sport Shooting Foundation) for people who for whatever reason only enjoy shooting rim fires. My daughter will love this!

  25. Not Vlad nor pg 2, but you don’t tire of getting things wrong.

    Thanks for playing,
    Goosey My McGuesterson

    • Well, in any case, we now know you can’t manage to position your replies in the right place.

      Waaaaaaayy down here at the bottom, huh?

      • Apparently TTAG is censoring again, with the Captcha.

        Really takes the steam out if a good thread fight.

      • BTW Glocks are STILL the most over-rated firearm out there.

        This announcement and thread only proves it

        • Well, you might be right about that. Glocks aren’t the perfect cure-all.

          But hey, will you hold this target for me at chest level and stand over there on the other side of the yard? Let me get my G17 and see how underrated it is. Be right back…

  26. BTW Glocks are STILL the most over-rated firearm out there.

    This announcement and thread only proves it

  27. The idea of a training pistol is a great one. My CZ75 Kadet (frame,slide matching #’s…) has served my Kids well.
    Not for me, but I am a curmudgeon, or so I am told.

  28. OK, whatever. I have a Walther P22. Nice little gun. Lottsa fun, really. I take it to the range a lot to work out the kinks in my style. But that’s about the only place I would take it. Since a Glock is about the last gun I would buy, and a .22 Glock IS the last gun I would buy, I’m totally underwhelmed. But, hey, I get it, to each his own.

  29. Why would I get this when I could get a Keltec cp33 with 33 rounds of .22lr or a Keltec pmr30 with 30 rounds of .33 magnum? It’s not like I would use it for concealed carry.

  30. Love my PMR30, 30 stinging wasps as fast as I can fire and a tack driver, light too, makes a great CCW.

    • Yup, over 3,000 foot/lbs of muzzle energy…delivered at around 104 ft/lbs a round.

      Fun to shoot…big fireball and really loud!

      Super light and a great trigger.

      What’s not to love?

      • Yup. I’ve got an original Grendel.22 mag pistol. It holds 30 rounds too.
        And you’re right about that fireball! Love shooting that at dusk.

  31. A couple observations:

    1) If you own/shoot a lot of Glocks, your options if you wanted a 22lr trainer up until now involved buying a 22 conversion slide or a pistol that has ergonomics/features that dont match your primary carry gun – this thing absolutely has a market, saying otherwise is ignorant

    2) STEEL SLIDE! have you ever shot or handled a high round count 22lr from a manufacturer that has an aluminum slide? I’ll give you a hint, the slide lock notch is blown out worse than a $2 hooker.

    Say all you want to about being late to the party, this is a well thought out and well executed option that offers a Glock shooter something that no other 22lr on the market currently does.

  32. Poly rifling and lead bullets: that’s contrary to what Glock has said since plastic fantastic hit the streets, WTF?

    Glock didn’t bother to go beyond the 10 round limit, not much equivalency as a “Trainer”.

    • So, a lot of haters here. Let me start off by saying the G44 is a perfect entry, trainer or daily shooter weapon. Guys and Gals come on at least GLOCK is extending themselves into the .22lr market. Its been a while since GLOCK has done something very different and I think this weapon is a great start. Personally I purchased an ISSC M22 as a trainer since it was the closes feel to the GLOCK at the time minus the operation of it. I would have spent the money on the GLOCK if it was available. GLOCK Well Done! and Thank you!!! I will be buying another one of your very reliable, predictable and serviceable guns here shortly when the G44 hits the streets. Now as far as CA goes I hear this will make the list but will have to wait and see. CA DOJ is another 2A blocker, but I think because this is a rim fire and GLOCKS willingness to try something new they might pay the extortion fee CA requires, regardless of GEN4 and GEN5 views. The design is no different in this model then the GEN3 for safety. Again CA is so political this might make it through just because its a .22lr and lets hope so.

      To all the lame ass comments, why don’t you stand up for something that matters like our 2A rights! After all if your hating on a firearm you might as well go over to the other side because your feelings are hurt? or your triggered by a someones opinion? So your butt hurt move on and stand up for something that matters than being a troll.

      Semper FI!!!

  33. LOL Wow, mucho butt hurt here.

    If you dont want it,great, dont buy one then. I doubt your rants changed a single mind.

    I bought two. Tell me how much my spending of my money hurts your feels.

  34. Random thoughts from Montana.

    I`ve had mine for almost two weeks. It has cycled and fired around 500 rounds so far with zero issues. Mostly 40 and 45 grains with a few 38 grainers. A week ago my lgs received some threaded barrels. Coupled with my Sparrow it is a hoot to shoot. Accuracy has been good out to 20 yards. As easy as any Glock to take apart and clean. Even shooting schmutzy Mexican ammunition it doesn’t get too dirty in the action area.

    It is nice that my G19 leather is a perfect match for the G44.

    I believe that it was Tom in Oregon who said that there is always room for another .22 lr… he was correct!

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