san diego homoki mass shooting
Courtesy CBS News
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By Associated Press

A man was arrested after authorities received a tip that he had posted videos online that appear to show him pointing weapons and practicing to carry out a mass shooting from a downtown San Diego hotel room.

Steve Homoki was scheduled to be arraigned Monday, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. He was arrested last week at his home on suspicion of possessing assault weapons, possessing high capacity magazines and child endangerment, the newspaper said.

Homoki, 30, was jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail. It wasn’t known if he has an attorney.

Authorities identified Homoki during an investigation that began Dec. 2 when the San Diego Joint Terrorism Task Force received a tip “concerning very distressing Youtube videos threatening firearm violence linked to San Diego,” Lt. Shawn Takeuchi of the San Diego Police Department said in a statement.

Following a two-day investigation, authorities served a search warrant at Homoki’s home in the Spring Valley area east of San Diego, seizing “several firearms” and arresting Homoki, police said.

In a pair of YouTube videos posted Sept. 17 and 18, a man can be seen inside a hotel room pointing multiple weapons toward the windows a few floors above ground level, the newspaper said. Pedestrians walk just below and across the street, unaware of the guns being aimed at them. The videos appear to be from a body-worn camera.

According to court documents obtained by KNSD-TV, the videos were likely recorded in March 2019, when Homoki allegedly checked into the Sofia Hotel under the false name Stephen Anderson — a moniker similar to the one he used to post the videos.

In one video, the man points a handgun and a rifle with a scope toward the closed window of the hotel room.

In a second video, the room is strewn with bullets, several firearms and a mannequin head, among other items, the newspaper reported. After pulling the trigger on an unloaded rifle and then tossing it away, the man recording the video picks up another rifle and mumbles to himself, “One down, more to go.”

Takeuchi praised the tipster and called Homoki’s arrest “an example of a community member coming forward with information that posed an immediate threat.”

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  1. Well that’s fuc*ed up, aren’t they supposed to wait until he actually carries it out and then claim there were no warning signs?

    • Typical gun nut. But instead of wandering the basement dry firing at objects and the TV, this dork aimed at live targets. Either way, its another NRA member off the streets. Call it a good day.

        • A lot of the liberal trolls here are actually upset he’s been arrested because this man is their hero. Had he succeeded in his plans he would’ve helped the cause gun control more then Bloomberg ever could.

        • Merle 0
          Be glad those who carried out the investigation and arrest were not on Bloomies or other Liberal Payrolls (eg., BSO). Otherwise they would have at the very least waited for an actual attack and failing that or impatient, would have loaded up this poor unfortunate with ideas of grandeur. I guess, kind of how they primed a school shooter in Broward, suicide bombers at marathons, suicide pilots who blow up buildings in NY and a terrorist who shot up a Naval base in FL.
          Events do not occur in isolation.

        • “A lot of the liberal trolls here are actually upset he’s been arrested”

          I have seen no sign of what you can, would you please site your evidence to support this assertion.

          And the idea that some dark force is ‘priming’ individuals to commit these acts is interesting, I would appreciate evidence or a source to back up this claim, thanks!

      • More than likely a liberal democrap….cause we all know how F**king crazy they are, just look at the people from calif & NY, least not forget Shitcogo & baltimore!

      • Speaking of car sticker virtue signaling…this NRA member’s virtue was signaled in news broadcasts across the country. No troll food here. Just the facts.

      • Actually SDPEEDEE
        It’s not typical. Considering that U.S. civilians alone account for 393 million (about 46 percent) of the worldwide total of civilian held firearms, statistically this proves your comment is both ill-conceived and inaccurate. But then we all know the anti-gun crowd doesn’t *REALLY* want a conversation. That’s why they consistently lie and distort facts and truth. Run along now and play nice with the other children and let the grown-up talk.

    • Exactly. How are we supposed to pass more common sense guns safety reforms if these guys get caught before they can attack anyone?

    • Not really. Point a gun at someone expect to be shot, loaded or not. Make a video of it expect to be arrested. Pretty clear case here.

      • “Pretty clear case here” — a case of WHAT?

        Exactly what crime to they have evidence of?

        Police are pretending that they stopped some mass shooting — but these were videos made in March, posted on YouTube two months later in May, then it took seven months before anyone paid any attention to the videos and called the police — who did exactly what you expect on the Left Coast, they immediately panicked and arrested the guy for owning a couple of guns.

        Were any of those guns actually illegal in Kalifornia? The charge is listed as SUSPICION of possessing an assault weapon (presumably based on what the guns in the video LOOKED like) and possession of regular magazines (which are illegal in Kalifornia). The video clips used here are too blurry and quick to identify what he is carrying and I’m not going to bother trying to hunt for archive footage of the full YouTube videos, so I don’t know. MAYBE they have valid charges under Kalifornia’s crazy gun laws, but the video clips shown here certainly don’t prove it.

        Making the videos was stupid. Posting them on YouTube was even stupider…. but even in Kalifornia there is no law against stupidity (if there were, 70% of the state would be in jail, including 99% of their politicians).

        • First of all, your a liberal troll. I’ve seen enough of your posts to know your a plant. It fits perfectly with your agenda that you’d just love to defend this piece of shit to make all gun owners look insane. This guy is THE biggest and most direct threat to all of our gun rights and he should be made to pay dearly for it, and publicly for it. To hell with you and your warped sense of justice.

        • Its ironic that the same person that, just yesterday, would have me believe the white nationalist movement would destroy its self from infighting and accusing other members of not being true to the cause, is now accusing ‘people of the gun’ of being plants and fakes. That’s rich.

          This event is pre-crime and posturing by the police. There is no crime and if you exclude the victim of the state, there are no victims. We have one stupid person and being stupid isn’t a crime.

        • Shut the fuck up you worthless fat piece of shit. You want to suck Hitler’s dick so bad go do it. Here’s some tips:

          1. Hitler was gay. Source: The Pink Swastika.

          2. The Nazi high command had homosexual orgies: Source: The Pink Swastika and Nazi memoirs.

          3. Hitler and Himmler both loved Islam and created a Muslim division of the SS, and Hitler was quoted multiple times lamenting that the muslims lost the battle of Vienna because he believed Islam was a superior warrior religion and Germany would be stronger had it been islamified in the Middle Ages.

          So even your big hero’s are f*gs and muslims.

        • Why is Hitler being dragged into this? No where in any of my comments have I ever said anything about liking Hitler. Americans just want their country back from the invading hordes and to have their own culture and way of life preserved and put first in their own country, rather than destroyed. The day is fast approaching that we will be like European countries with foreign invaders out numbering native citizens.

          Also, the Nazi swastika is black, both on the flag and on the iron cross.

      • Following the gun safety rules that consider all firearms loaded, pointing a lethal weapon at another human being is at best reckless endangerment.

        Given the Las Vegas massacre and the perpetrator’s use of a hotel room and elevated position to cause mass casualties, only a dumbass or a psychopath rehearsing his next move, gathering his courage, would engage in such a foolish act.

        Either way, this individual is clearly not mature or responsible enough to own lethal weapons in this society.

        Of course, to follow the right wing extremist narrative, it’s hard to understand why the California liberal police did not allow him to commit is mass shooting. From reading this forum it’s clear all the authorities in California want nothing but more mass shootings in order to justify repressive gun control, right?

        Come on alt right, please explain this major failure by the liberal California authorities to take advantage of a situation to advance their agenda.

        • Aww, Miner, you almost did it.

          The first half of your comment was actually good, and I was starting to wonder if I was going to have to give you your first ever “kudos”.

          But then, as trolls do, you kept talking, and stepped in the brown stuff again with the second half.

          Trolls gotta troll.

      • It is also a crime to point a gun at someone and not pull the trigger. It is called aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. You better have a bulletproof self defense case in your defense or you will be doing some serious time behind bars in most Free states.

        • Not correct, Hannibal. To be an assault, the victim must be placed in reasonable apprehension of an immediate physical harm. Since the pedestrians down below were unaware of his activities, it was not an assault.

        • While it is not assault, it is reckless endangerment. It could also be viewed as terroristic threatening, it doesn’t make any difference if the victim is aware of the threat, besides the threat was posted on a public forum.

        • Merle O.,

          Mark N. is most certainly NOT a liberal troll. He was simply stating the law with respect to aggravated assault.

          When I drive a car and a pedestrian is in a cross walk in front of me, I am pointing my car (a legally deadly weapon) at them. Does that mean I committed aggravated assault? Of course not.

          Aggravated assault requires an attacker who attempts to harm or credibly threatens to harm a victim with significant injuries or death. Pointing an unloaded firearm at someone through a window, when that someone cannot possibly see the person pointing the firearm at him/her, is NOT an attempt to harm that someone nor a credible threat to harm that someone. Thus, pointing an unloaded firearm at someone through a window is NOT aggravated assault and is NOT a crime (if no one on the outside can see the person pointing the firearm inside).

          Now, where this gets weird is the guy posted video of him pointing unloaded firearms at people who could not see him at the time that he pointed his firearms. Posting the video after the fact, especially if the guy directed specific people’s attention to the video and implied that he was planning the same for them, THAT could be aggravated assault.

        • Miner49er,

          Verifying that a firearm is unloaded and then pointing it at a person who is unaware that they are in the crosshairs is not reckless endangerment. Is it unnerving? Sure.

          Now, if the firearm handler picked up a firearm, had no idea if it was unloaded, pointed it at someone and pulled the trigger, that would be reckless endangerment.

          Compare this to my automobile parallel that I just posted. When I am driving my car (which is truly and legally a deadly weapon) and I am driving up to a cross walk with a pedestrian in the cross walk, am I guilty of reckless endangerment or aggravated assault? Only if I am driving in a manner which puts that pedestrian at reasonable risk of harm — e.g. coming up to the crosswalk so fast that there is a significant and credible risk that I will not be able to stop before hitting the pedestrian.

          And so it is with a firearm. Verifying that a firearm is unloaded in chamber and magazine, pointing it at someone, and pulling the trigger does not put that someone at significant, reasonable, and credible risk of harm. Therefore that action is NOT reckless endangerment because ammunition cannot magically materialize inside of a firearm that was verified to be unloaded.

        • “Verifying that a firearm is unloaded in chamber and magazine, pointing it at someone, and pulling the trigger does not put that someone at significant, reasonable, and credible risk of harm.”

          Interesting. I think that if you performed that action in the direction of anyone posting on this list, someone would certainly come to harm.

          And I would conjecture, if you perform this action in the direction of an LEO, I suspect someone would come to harm in that situation as well.

  2. Yep I saw this weirdo on the network “news”. Dunno what to think…at the very least pointing a loaded gat at someone out the window is effed up. Or not. Every dumbazz feels need to post on the interwebz. Doofus got his 15 minutes…

  3. That’s good. Now make an example of him and have him whipped, beaten, and hung downtown, as a message to the other wannabe punks like him.

      • Not a bad idea. Or we could go with the bronze bull of Ancient Greece. I can’t really think of a worse one then that. I’d rather be blood eagled or drawn and quartered instead of that.

        • The bronze bull was actually ancient Babylon dumbo. This is effed up but he didn’t actually commit a crime unless those guns were not legally purchased under California law…uhhh forgot. All guns are illegal in California.

        • Fuck you. This piece of shit is why gun laws in California are the way they are. Hope he gets it bad. You can believe this loser to be your hero all you want. Speaks volumes of what kind of piece of shit you are.

        • Oh and by the way retard, the Brazen Bull WAS invented by the Greeks. Bing is your friend. Look it up. You idiot liberals couldn’t find a fact if it flew up your ass.

        • Before you go calling names and insulting people’s intelligence…

          The “Brazen Bull” was invented in Athens, Greece. It was also used by the Romans, notably Hadrian.

        • If you’re going to try to impersonate someone you should probably read some of what they post and attempt to mimic it.

          I tend to use contractions like “I’m” in place of “I am”.

          For example: I’m neither impressed nor insulted by your hijacking of my SN. You’re not the first and I’m sure you won’t be the last.

          All that said, cuddles would be nice.

  4. How can anyone now be arrested for possession of high capacity magazines in CA since they had freedom week this year???

    • Agreed. I think that may have been info from cbs which demonstrates their lack of knowledge of the subject or for any subject.

    • Because you can’t have more than 10 rounds. It’s the law. The police are enforcing the law.

      Now he has to prove that he didn’t break the law by showing he bought the mag when it was legal to do so.

      • who left the moron door open and let ‘it’ in?

        Hey chef sucker
        In USA law its the cops that have to PROVE you broke the law, not the other way around!
        You must be thinking of commie China that you love and live in!

        and having a 30 or higher rnd mag and 11loose or in the magazine rnds is not against the law in cali anymore since freedom week or ever!

        • OBOB, you are wrong, be it in CA or any other state the police does not “prove” anything regarding the law. They act based on reasonable suspicion and probable cause, cops are not judge and jury. They may collect facts and evidence which still doesn’t prove or disprove much of anything until it goes to the court.

      • That law was found to be unconstitutional by a federal district court. Although a part of his decision was stayed, he issued a state-wide injunction against enforcement of the 10 round limit that remains in effect.

        • Yes. They have to prove that the mag was not illegally acquired after the ban went into effect, and not during freedom week, and that it was not a pinned mag that looks like a 30 rounder but only holds 10, which are fairly common in California. Plus they have the fact that a stay on enforcement of the law is in effect, so bye bye that charge. I also found it amusing that the police think it is possible that he had an illegal AR–which, because California law is so convoluted, police rarely know at the time of seizure. I also think that the child endangerment charge is a throw away unless he had loaded guns laying around the house where a minor could access them. In short, while they certainly had cause to investigate, I think the case is pretty weak.

  5. So… He didn’t shoot anyone, shoot at anyone, fire out the window and no one saw him pointing a weapon at/thru a window or at anyone? That about right?

    Suppose the popo even figured out where with mass ???? occurred maybe 9months ago?

    • Last year I believe, a cop was convicted of aggravated assault for needlessly pointing his duty pistol at someone he was talking to. That’s a legitimate crime.

      This dunce was pointing weapons at innocent people, so that’s stupid act #1 that deserves a response.

      He then posted evidence of what he was doing online for the world to see. On YouTube of all sites. That’s stupid act #2.

      No, he didn’t actually fire rounds at anyone, but he nevertheless violated the Four Rules by muzzling innocent people, pulling the trigger. If there had been an ND, the person(s) he was aimed at would have been shot and possibly killed.

      I’m not an advocate of ERPO/GVRO/Red Flag laws and think they’re abused, but I believe this is part of the 5% of cases in which a tip to the police to stop this nut from doing it again (possibly with real bullets) is warranted.

      Some of you may not agree with me, but if I ever discovered some idiot was pointing a gun at my wife, I’d assume he was attempting to kill her. Doesn’t matter if we later learned the gun was empty and the guy was simply an idiot. In the moment, he’s putting lives in danger.

    • This guy is not some friend of ours and he’s definitely not someone you should feel bad for. This guy is literally the kind of person that helps the cause of gun control even more then Bloomberg’s millions. If there weren’t mass shootings, there would be zero gun control motivation. And I mean zero. People, even liberals, don’t care about street crime or regular murders. Mass shootings are at the heart of the motivation for the gun control movement. This piece of garbage is exactly the reason why so many here have extreme restrictions on what they can own. Fuck him. Let him live with the sodomites for the the rest of existence and hopefully the warden makes an announcement that the first one to bust in him gets free canteen for a year.

      • “If there weren’t mass shootings, there would be zero gun control motivation. And I mean zero.”

        Are you out of your mind? Do you honestly think that all the previous “gun control movements” were preceded by mass shootings? That somehow your enumerated civil rights are protected from governmental infringement in a mass-shooting free society? Get yourself back to history class and try and stay awake this time.

        • Blow me shit for brains. I know more about history then you could hope to learn in a dozen trips to your moms basement. What I said was true. If there weren’t pieces of Shit like this, there would be NO momentum or political support for gun control. ALL the support for gun control comes from mass shootings. Maybe if you opened a book and learned a thing or two about politics you’d understand what I’m talking about retard.

        • “Blow me shit for brains. I know more about history then you could hope to learn in a dozen trips to your moms basement. What I said was true. If there weren’t pieces of Shit like this, there would be NO momentum or political support for gun control. ALL the support for gun control comes from mass shootings. Maybe if you opened a book and learned a thing or two about politics you’d understand what I’m talking about retard.”

          Just repeating your bullshit doesn’t make it the truth. What you said was false. You think that political momentum is the reason for ALL historical gun bans/confiscations? Right there your ignorance betrays you…but you keep telling yourself and the rest of us just how smart you are….no one else will.

    • He is just a crazy wanna be serial killer recreating the Mandalay Bay shooting in his mind and showing others on the internet (because that is what millennials do). That is until he actually does it when his life is a little worse than it was then. He probably watched the Christ Church murderer’s video too.

      Remember that serial/mass murderers like to start off fantasizing about killing and some start killing animals to get used to taking life. Then they come up with a plan and collect the needed items. At that point they need to get the courage to move up to humans and prepare for their suicide.

      This guy appears to be at the final stage to commit a mass shooting.

      He was running around his hotel room pointing guns at people and pulling triggers on them. He was speaking about how he was going to run out of ammo and toss his gun to pick up another one to continue murdering. He was also drunk. People are very honest and open when drunk.

      It appears this guy is a conservative and NRA member. His excuse is he wanted to get in the mindset of a mass shooter, relax and do something fun and different. I didn’t know NRA members do such “art projects.” Where do they have these “art” classes?

      • NRA member? I must have missed that part from the article above, because I’m not finding it.

        Links to supporting evidence, please.

        • In the accompanying video at 1:50 they talk about searching his home and they show a car with an NRA sticker on it but it’s not clear if that’s the guys car or not.

      • Great point. There is definitely something wrong, at least at during that time, in his mind. This is not normal behavior. Maybe he needs help rather than facing charges, and most states have means to take all guns away for a moment while someone is going through mental health evaluation and all the business.

  6. Well, we can argue all day over whether he actually committed a crime by making a video, but I think one thing is inarguable– he should do some time for excessive stupidity.

    • I agree with you and the person I Haz this is a moron that should be checked out I know if I saw somebody pointing a gun at me thru a window as I was walking by I would probably go into action mode call for backup and getting undercover so that if necessary I could return fire if I did not automatically send a couple of rounds at him

  7. Make all high capacity magazines illegal nationwide, universal background checks for ALL transactions involving firearms, ban assault weapons, make silencers illegal nationwide, and all concealed license holder must take annual psych evals at their own expense. Enough is enough!

    • You can move to Mexico or Venezuela where they have similar forms of gun control. I have heard there is almost no crimes involving the use of guns down there, have fun.

    • hey…Bunch of freaks with more LAWS than brain cells

      ahhh no!

      get 66% of America to repeal the 2nd amd then maybe we can talk?

    • Gee whiz, in California we have a universal background check law, and the check is more extensive that a NICS check, we have an assault weapons ban, a silencer ban (not that this guy had one or that there is evidence they are used to commit criminal acts), and although its enforcement is currently enjoined, a ten round mag limit. CCW is “may issue,” and a county may require a psych eval for the issuance of a CCW. (not that this guy had one of those either.) According to an aggressively anti-gun website, VPC, four people have been killed by persons with a CCW, two of which would have occurred without the license (in or adjacent to a home). That is four so far this century. If you think that these laws have any effect, I have ocean-side property in Arizona for sale cheap…

  8. The question is: Did he commit a crime? Well yes he did. He pointed a firearm at another person (not in self defense). So, if he had the drapes or curtains pulled shut and did his little shooting run through, , no crime. Face it, this guy is a moron and this does nothing to promote responsible gun ownership.

    • He did not brandish a firearm. Not at all actually. He did point it, but there are ZERO laws stating what he did, more specifically where and how he did it, are illegal. Sorry, there just aren’t. Had he actually brandished it, for sure, he’s guilty.

      The worst thing he did was take a video of himself doing it all. The only way they are going to get him is for being mentally unstable, and for conspiracies to commit, which will land him some fines, maybe a couple years, and mental rehabilitation.

  9. Meanwhile, in Tennessee another responsible firearms owner does his best to demonstrate the maturity and integrity of Americas POTG.

    “An exotic red stag owned by country music singer Luke Bryan was shot and killed on his private property outside of Nashville last week, Tennessee wildlife officials confirmed.

    Investigators think the deer was shot from the road, state Wildlife Resources Agency spokesman Barry Cross told The Tennessean on Monday.

    The wildlife official said Bryan’s farm manager reported the shooting, which investigators think took place between last Wednesday and last Friday. The Maury County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible, according to a bulletin posted to Facebook on Saturday.”

    Luke and his wife have a petting zoo for children, with several exotic animals. So obviously, their kindness and support for the community should be rewarded by some ‘Hunter’ slaying this prize animal and leaving it lay to rot.

  10. “Fuck you. This piece of shit is why gun laws in California are the way they are. Hope he gets it bad. You can believe this loser to be your hero all you want. Speaks volumes of what kind of piece of shit you are.”

    No, fuck YOU. California infringes on it’s citizen’s 2A rights because it can and is continually allowed to by a tacit agreement with the federal government and a feckless SCotUS. To say otherwise is to admit stupidity. I get that you’re upset, but don’t go full r*tard. Never go full r*tard.

      • “You’re the retard fuck face. Go blow this guy if you love him so much and he’s your hero.”

        ROTFLMFAO! Way to debate the issue, dullard. With folks like you on our side, no wonder we’re the most oppressed of all the civil rights groups. Take your stupidity and hate and GTFO as you’re incapable of understanding your repressive position…but you’re got the virtue signaling down.

        • Agreed. People like this have nothing to do with Tyranny. People like this are just plain stupid, but not the reason why places like California is currently a socialist republic.

  11. This case may very well show the difficulties in actually doing something about mass-shooters ahead of time. It’s very hard to prove a crime before it happens. If they opened the door and saw him aiming a gun at pedestrians it would actually be easier, because now his defense will be that he never meant to hurt anyone as evidenced by the fact that he had the opportunity but chose not to do so.

    • It’s IMPOSSIBLE to prove a crime before it happens.

      As fucked up as it is, there should be no criminal charges. However, mental help is most definitely needed.


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