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Courtesy The Firearm Rack

Occasional TTAG contributor Patrick Roberts has expanded on our post from earlier today about the new gun from GLOCK, mixed in more info he’s turned up and added some old fashioned elbow grease, all of which adds to the information available about tomorrow’s announcement.

At Patrick’s site, The Firearm Rack, he’s gone the extra mile including examining some interesting GLOCK patent filings. He’s found pistol designs that feature polymer slide inserts intended to allow a reduced weight steel slide to cycle “low impulse ammunition,” and mentions .22LR specifically.

He links to the patent filing and has some good information. Click on over and read his post.

Oh, and one more thing. Patrick tells TTAG that a trusted industry source has told him there will be multiple pistols announced tomorrow, not just the GLOCK 44.

As to what additional pistol(s) GLOCK will unveil, feel free to speculate below.

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  1. Well, a natural caliber for another pistol to be released tomorrow would be at the other end of the spectrum, namely a .50 caliber auto loader….

  2. Dont need no 22LR Glock.

    Need a 40 cal version of the 48.

    Or a Super 38 or 9×23.

    Or a Glock carbine

    Or even a dedicated 32 acp double stack micro Glock.

    Just not a 22LR….

      • Because .40 makes bigger, deeper holes than 9mm. After all, all other things being equal 9mm has to open to get where .40 starts. This whole thing about agencies going back to 9mm is bean counters saving money. 9mm is less expensive than .40. And wimps crying about recoil. Everyone should be shooting .45 ACP. Or a rifle.

        • The part about saving money is no joke. I’ve bought a LOT more 9mm than I would’ve been able to if I’d gone with .40 or .45, which means I’ve practiced more and I’m a lot more likely to hit what I’m aiming at. (Whether the same benefit accrues to .gov agencies is a different kettle of fish.)

        • And pistol rounds are all quite limited in the damage they do…

          The most pragmatic choice is to shoot the caliber you shoot the best. For most people that is 9mm.

          Personally, I’m excited about the possibility of a reliable 22LR GLOCK. It will make an excellent training tool for new shooters.

        • Gadsen, you left out the 10mm Death Ray. More energy at 100ft than the 45 ACP has at the barrel the 10mm starts where every caliber with a “4” leaves off. If you know you’re going to get in a gun fight bring a rifle; for everything else there’s the Glock 20.

          (See, that’s how you start a caliber war.)

          • 45 Super. Same performance as 10mm but with a larger hole to start with plus it can also shoot 45acp in same gun. Often all it takes to shoot 45super is a recoil spring swap. Mine still shoots acp loads fine.

      • To quote Yeager, “ 40 is a compromise round, and who compromises? Guys with little dicks”.

        40 is a dead cartridge, along with 45GAP, 45 ACP, 357SIG. Of the 4, 357SIG had the most promise.

        • Jon, you should have a stand up routine you’re so funny. You know 9mm has been around since 1908, right? There’s nothing new under the sun. The thing that works best with pistol calibers is bigger, deeper holes. Otherwise, get a rifle.

    • The 32 ACP would be interesting as would a 38 Super variant. I’m surprised they made the .357 Sig when a .38 Super would have made more sense in capacity wise. Then again I guess that it let them fit it all in what amounted to a 9mm frame.

    • The 9×23 Winchester would be my preference out of all of those. .357 Magnum power in a semi-auto.

  3. Earlier I thought the 17 was a candidate, but a 19 kinda makes more sense.

    If it is .22lr, I hope a threaded barrel is optional…

  4. I don’t expect anything more than slight changes on products they already sell. I don’t expect a .22 because they are harder to make reliable and the market already has a good selection of good ones. They are a lot like Harley Davidson where the product stays similar with evolutionary changes. Harley deviated and and nobody bought their new idea when they made the V-Rod.

    • Probably true. People don’t buy Glocks because they’re innovative. Glocks sell because they’re boring, not in spite of it.

    • .22 tha new .44 mag playa CUz them bucc wylde amminition improvements my dude. Mfr’s please… me and my crew we roll with them 200 round drumz on tha reg. Them Mini mags gonna be droppin them hataz.

        • Bra, its’ called alternative vernacular. Stop player hatin’. Also, school is not for smart people. Fact. “Adult Schools” are largely nothing but left wing re-education camps that are tax payer subsidized.

  5. Why don’t we just cool our jets and see what Glock announces tommorw. We can talk about it then.

    • If your going to impersonate me at least get my likes and dislikes straight. See the other glock post for info.

  6. All Metal Glock
    .40 & .45 caliber

    Why yet another just like the others?
    Another plastic gun does not expand Glock market share, ALL METAL does.

    Glock will be going after military contracts with the new models.

  7. When it comes to Glock they basically did one thing well. They managed to make a gun reliable, simple and cheap to make. None of those things translate well into a 1911…”

    OK, that seems like three things but… oof. 1911 fanboys are gonna be salty after that statement.

  8. My addition to the rumor mill/wish list: A competition GLOCK chambered for 9mm Dillon. 6″ barrel, Pre-cut for a red dot.

  9. Wouldn’t it be simpler to machine a lightweight slide out of aluminum instead of removing material from a steel slide and filling the space with plastic?

    • Ha, I just wrote the same thing and then found your post.

      Yes. Advantage ARms and others who make .22 conversions for Glocks and 1911s have been doing just that for years.

  10. I hope it’s a 357 mag autoloader so that I won’t have to pay for a Coonan.

    But seriously, nobody should have to pay what they normally pay for a brand new Glock. Still boggles my mind that people will pay almost (sometimes more than) $600 for a brand new G19 gen whatever when there are pistols like the PPQ (for pete’s sake people, do yourself a favor and shoot a PPQ if you’re looking for a striker-fired handgun) or M&P 9c 2.0 that you can get for around $100 less, even before a rebate. I’ve seen people of diferent skill levels shoot those along with others like the P10c or VP9. Most of them would shoot and perform better with any of these than with a 19 and actually admit it. Yet finally, though grudgingly, they decide to hold on to their 19 out of some strange obligation to have a Glock because Hickok45 or (insert “celebrity” Glock salesperson’s name here) said you should.

    Come on gun people, #walkawayfromGlock!

  11. GLOCK…


    …only, the cylinder spins vertically like a Ferris wheel… giving us seven rounds of 9x19mm in little reloadable plastic magazines, and…

    One super fugly ass gun! But then, it’s a GLOCK!

    Be safe. Enjoy the precipitous plummet of the S&W J-frame into Forgotten Weapons! Mort (actual/AZ) …come on, you know this is what it has to be… because “perfection” and something….

  12. Combination steel and plastic slides are . . . yawn. Irrelevant.

    Having a solid aluminum slide accomplishes the same thing with much easier machining and lower cost.

    • Actually I could see it working the opposite way: a molded plastic slide with steel inserts to provide the right amount of mass.

  13. Love glock 30, but became too heavy to carry for me. Nightstander now. So went with walther p99c as…perfect carry…sa/da….second strike…( love european style mag release, after accidentaly releasing mags in edc) so financial ability decreased and purchased taurus tx22- awesome!! Skeptical about 22lr reliability, but taurus solved this!! Weight and some recoil makes for good practice gun. On sale plus rebate= $159.!!!!! Glock22 expensive, and weight difference is too great compared to g19( frame). Also thinkin of buying kel tek p17…reasonable price; but seems they cant figure out the reliability issue. I also own 2 kel tek p32s…love…love…love…dont tell me not good for self defense…put laser on them and lehigh acres makes a fbi protocal round thst leaves an 1.5″ wound channell!!!!!!!! Glock needs to make a slim truly pocket pistol!!!! Glock= blocks!!!!!!!

  14. Glock is going to announce a single stack Gen 5 G49 10mm which will be an 8 + 1 model with a 4″ barrel. Make an optics ready model and I am sold.

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