Ruger 10.22 .22LR rifle upgrades mods customization
James Case from Philadelphia, Mississippi, U.S.A. [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Arizona Democrats have filed yet another “assault weapon” ban bill. This one is Senate Bill 1625. At first glance, with two notable stand-outs, it’s pretty much par for the gun-grabbing course; a ban on assaulty-looking guns with grandfathering.

But the first notable item is just how inclusive this bill is. All semiautomatic rifles that take detachable magazines would become “assault weapons.” And almost all rifles with fixed magazines of greater than 10-round capacity; that includes your .22LR plinker.

That latter part is because of the second notable aspect of the bill; the ban on “large capacity” magazines and the definition of such.

3. “Large capacity magazine” means any ammunition feeding device with the capacity to accept more than ten rounds but does not include any of the following:

(a) A feeding device that has been permanently altered so that it cannot accommodate more than ten rounds.

(b) A twenty-two caliber tube ammunition feeding device.

(c) A tubular magazine that is contained in a lever action firearm.
(emphasis added)

There’s a world of difference between .22 inches and twenty-two inches; 21.78 inches, to be precise, but Democrats appear to be incapable of precision.

Just to be clear: With the exception of lever guns, all “large capacity” — 10+ rounds — would be banned. Your semiauto or bolt-action rifle with a 10+ round magazine would have to be modified of disposed of even though it isn’t an “assault weapon.”

Whew! Your mag-fed Karl-Gerät is safe. But would a revolver cylinder count as a prohibited ammunition feeding device?

Perhaps I’m doing Arizona Democrats an injustice. Could it be that wasn’t a mistake, but something they were hoping would slide through unnoticed?

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  1. This is the same BS they have in Washington State as a result of I-1639. ALL semi auto rifles are magically deemed “assault weapons”.

    Make no mistake, liberals are out to completely disarm the average person.

    • Make no mistake, liberals are out to completely disarm the average person.

      While I agree, I always wonder if there is a point, shy of total disarmament, at which they would finally simmer down.

      My educated guess is that they would be 97% satisfied if the only “legal” firearms were single-shot long guns (muzzleloaders, break-action rifles, and break-action shotguns) — with full registration, licensing, and locked-at-home requirements of course. (No public possession allowed unless hunting on hunting lands.) And if they were feeling particularly charitable, they might even allow double-barrel shotguns with a special advanced license.

      I suspect that they would even want to prohibit cap-and-ball black powder revolvers since those would enable someone to fire multiple times without reloading.

      • The answer to your question is no. Open-carry a large knife in a Democrat-run big city if you think otherwise.

        • Meh, openly carrying a large knife is an implied subset of the part of my comment where I stated that Leftists would only allow possession outside the home in hunting lands.

          In other words Leftists would only allow us to keep firearms locked in a safe at home, locked in a container in the trunk of our car to-and-from a target range or hunting lands, and carried openly on hunting lands. That would include anything else that they could claim was a “weapon” as well, such as knives.

        • That’s the next step. I travel to London quite a bit for work. They have “knife control” and are generally terrified of anything sharp and pointy. I pulled out my small (perfectly legal) multi-tool to free a stuck card at work and I thought my British colleagues were going to faint.

        • actually i have and do carry a long fixed blade everywhere from portland to san fran. Its great for cutting steak , opening mail, and even for stripping wire. and to think the bad guys took planes with box cutters…lol

      • I always wonder if there is a point, shy of total disarmament, at which they would finally simmer down”

        When the door closes on the last train bound for the camps.

      • At that point they would happily let you ‘own’ your sporting gun as long as you were required to leave it locked up at the government-regulated sporting club and were only allowed to sign it out for registered government sanctioned sporting events.

      • Just look at the UK for your answer: No. Never. Private ownership of machine guns was an option within the liftime of some UK citizens, and now you can at most own a double barreled shotgun if you can prove you really really want it by belonging to a sport hunting club with dues in the thousands of pounds a year.

        Or, look at Japan. Pistol ownership is flat out illegal. Theoretically rifle and shotgun ownership is legal if you can prove to the satisfaction of the state that you are a hunter… but no long gun permits have been issued in nearly 50 years. This was not always the case. While Japan has a history of arms control dating back to the Meiji era of the late 19th century, it had strictly to do with banning the carrying of arms. Since their surrender at the end of WW2, the Japanese government has progressively banned the ownership, rather than merely the bearing, of arms from military rifles to paintball guns.

        Switching back to the UK again, one now must present ID to purchase plastic tableware. No joke. Look it up. The endgame of gun control is the same as the rest of the globalist endgame. Total control of every individual, as if Orwell’s 1984 was an instruction manual rather than a horrible warning.

      • The new agenda for humanity requires that no one will have the capacity to fight back. It has been said: “Our Task of creating a Socialist America can only succeed when those who would resist us have been totally disarmed.” No other explanation is possible.
        History has repeatedly demonstrated that disarming good people in the name of making bad people harmless only eventually facilitates politicians shooting their own countrymen. History…learn from it or be doomed to relive it.

        • Liberals tell everyone that they never advocated violence, but it’s OK to rationalize that government’s only tools for controlling the people are guns and cages, yet again another contrived narrative. Liberals assume that because government uses force to protect us from illegitimate force, then government force can be used to tell you what relationships you should have. That’s why these guys want you licensed to earn a living and even to get married. In other words, you need their permission for both. Once that happens, you are no longer citizens, but subjects, who must live by their leave. In short, they make you their slave.

      • “My educated guess is that they would be 97% satisfied if the only “legal” firearms were single-shot long guns (muzzleloaders, break-action rifles, and break-action shotguns) — with full registration, licensing, and locked-at-home requirements of course.”

        It shouldn’t be up for discussion. If they can get the required votes for a Constitutional Amendment, do so. However, the PURPOSE of the 2A is literally to guarantee We the People the right stated in the Declaration, “to change or abolish” our government should they go rogue / tyrannical. That purpose might, for instance, require that we be allowed to own M-1 tanks. I’m fairly sure that .38 revolvers would not do well against armored security forces armed with fully automatic weapons.

        All of the discussion of “what is necessary for self defense” is obfuscation, an attempt to dumb down the people. More importantly, people should be filing charges against the instigators for “conspiracy to violate our Constitutional rights.”

      • They will finally simmer down when you are their slave. When you are helpless. These morons don’t take into consideration that anything can be a weapon.

      • The answer to you question is they are trying to absolutely, without a doubt, trying to totally disarm American Citizens. This is all part of UN Agenda 21, which is pushing a one world government and the effort to “bring down American to a level more in line with the rest of the world.” They cite the affluence of America as being too much. The UN 2030 Agenda has set the stage for implementation…2030. This is why you’re seeing an uptick in this BS. Watch this movie, then get a copy of agenda 21 and the 2030 agenda and read them.

        If we don’t start fighting back, we are going to be rounded up and forced to live in one of the eight (8) “super centers” the UN has the USA divided into. These “super centers” will be the only places where human habitation is allowed.

      • How else can the Communists (aka Democrats) take complete control of the country and our lives unless they completely disarm us? That is of course what every other Communist country has done in the past and the goal of the Democratic Party

      • You have that right follow communism typical democratic/ socialist bunch of disarm to protect . They tried that in many countries all that got them was mass murder.

    • And the AVERAGE person will tell them to go fuck themselves… “I will not comply” is already a battle cry and this crap is just getting started…. The courts are going to be busy as hell…

    • I think they compile a wish list of all the restrictions they can think of and see how many stick as the bill is debated.

      • In California they put up numerous bills with anything they can think of. Whatever they can get they are happy with because they know next time they are going to add to that new law. They never stop submitting more restrictions because the long term goal is to remove the people’s only real power to keep the government in check. If they meet resistance, they give out privileges to get it passed, they love to give privileges to those that will enforce the new rules.

        I don’t understand why gun owners ever thought the obvious actions of oath breakers was to only restrict some things not take all the useful combat effective tools. I guess they were indoctrinated in government school to believe government is your friend and to respect the law enforcement for forcing government upon them via the barrel of a gun.

        • It’s a 17-13 split in the AZ Senate, with the (D)-heads as the minority.

          This is useful as far as showing us what they want, but it’s going nowhere.

        • Don’t underestimate them. We’ve been losing to them for the last hundred years. They’ve already taken us most of the way from liberty to tyranny. They are organized, and well funded.

          The decent folks are busy working jobs and raising families (and unfortunately wasting far too much time and energy on entertainment, sports, videogames, crap food, and degenerate tv, movies, and porn).

          Thankfully, the decent folks are starting to wake up.

    • No. Make no mistake liberals want All gun owners dead. But we have guns which makes it hard for them to kill every single one of us. That is the end goal of the democratic party: the complete banning of all private firearm ownership and a complete and total extermination of every single gun owner.

      In Arizona really this bill is just a way to get attention. Not gonna pass in this session. Of course Arizona is the top of Bloomberg‘s hit list so expect him to sync a few billion into buying the state government here just like he did in Virginia. And Washington state and Oregon and Colorado and Florida and Nevada.

    • One would assume. But given the fact that AZ has always been a Class 3 – friendly state and has thousands of real “assault weapons” legally owned by individuals, this is even more alarming.

      WA state is stuck in a downhill spiral into Californication, with Guv Inslee and AG Fergusen dead set on going full ruhtard with gun control.

      Please AZ don’t let it happen there too.

      • Arizona has the BEST SHOOTING SCHOOL IN THE WORLD, outside of the USMC, THE UNITED STATES ARMY AND NAVY WHICH ARE THE BEST. That school is GUNSITE ACADEMY at Paulden Arizona. I thought I could shoot until I went there. They taught my wife to use a sidearm. I could not teach her to use a pistol, they taught both of us. Now she draws her MP 9 and does 3 shots in 1.3 seconds. She was 68 when this happened. Now at 78 with 3 strokes she cannot do that but she can still hit from 50 feet center body mass Arizona can not become a Colorado, Nevada or Washington. My state of Wyoming is slowly moving in that direction.

      Time to declare all cities, counties and states as ‘Sanctuary’.
      Otherwise this will come to blood, and I fear that’s exactly what they want!!

    • “One man who has a gun rules over 100 that don’t.”
      “The goal of socialism IS communism.”
      Vladimir Lenin

      “Snipe the @#^@^!!! bastards out before they think of somethin’ else!”
      John “lefty-the-hook” Morrow
      Corporal, USMC., Viet Nam, Nov. 1969

    • I live here in washington state too. This B.S. makes me sick. I’ve been asking questions of the NRA as I’m a life member. Inslee and his ag have to go! They’re like a dictator!

    • Any gun can be used as an assault weapon and it doesn’t take a genius to figure this out ! Time to get rid of (vote out in all elections local and national until any and all candidates that’re ‘democrats’ are gone forever) these anti Americans who basically want to abolish the 2nd Amendment ’cause they don’t like guns or whatever their problem is.

    • THAT is the only way the DEMOCOMMUNISTS can “take over” They KNOW that as long as we Law-abiding citizens are armed, their nefarious TYRANNICAL “plans” to conquer this country, and turn it into a COMMUNIST -CONTROLLED CRAP-HOLE cannot be carried out. An ARMED populace are considered “citizens” and UNARMED populace are (to them) “subjects of the crown” to be used, abused, or “eliminated” as they see fit.
      WISE UP America and vote out ALL Democommunists, or suffer the “consequences”.

    • What do they not understand of the 2nd ammendment ? Do not infringe. Total bunch of democratis/socialist bull.

  2. They are just trying to ban everything….Fortunately they also want to turn criminals free from prisons. I guess in theory just be a criminal & you’ll get better treatment than a law abiding American, but than it helps if you pretend not to speak english!!!

    • American Patriot,

      … [Leftists] … want to turn criminals free from prisons. I guess in theory just be a criminal & you’ll get better treatment than a law abiding American …

      I believe your statement is quite accurate.

      And this recent push from Leftists reveals their mindset:
      (1) If you are their political ally, Leftists freely accept almost any behavior short of raping a young child or murder*.
      (2) If you are their political enemy, Leftists desperately want to silence, squash, exploit, abuse, imprison, and/or kill you.

      * Note that mindset (2) means that Leftists will even excuse murder if their political allies murder a political enemy.

        • They have been teaching Americans to “comply or die.”

          I already had that mindset, don’t need some shit for brains Communist “teaching” me what it means to resist tyranny… I just hope they are “teaching” their enforcers the probable dangers of attempting to disarm a well trained, heavily armed individual on his home turf, send a bunch, but someone has to be the first one through the door and if I get to my mountain shack they will have a problem just getting TO the door… My trail makes Copperhead Road look like a stroll through Disney World….

        • @MADDMAXX

          They do train their enforcers to deal with someone like you. They know a few smoke grenades can light your house up in flames. Then they just stand there and watch you burn. They won’t mind putting explosives on robots to blow you up.

        • There goes Red Flag poster boy ‘MaddMaxx’. I wonder what his boyfriend Red Flag Cmdr. JC is up to…

          • Cool one of our basement dwellers has a new name… geee whiz I wonder who IT is, bet the last time you saw a clit was when you passed by your mommas on your way out of the womb….

        • Leftists sure do oppose rape and murder. Just look at … (long pause) … give me a second, it will come back to me. And how about … er (scratches head). Hmm. Okay, I got nothing.

          Point taken.

    • American Patriot,
      This is already happening right here in COMMUNIST-RUN N.Y. state, by “royal decree” from “emperor” cuomo. He is “royally commanding” criminals locked up for so-called “non-violent” crimes be set free , and has eliminated cash bail for over 200 crimes including some felonies. (and immediate release) There have already been MORE crimes committed by these “released” prisoners. One guy has committed over 139 crimes and was just let go yet again.
      A 92 year old woman was RAPED and her attacker was freed. SO yes the DEMOCOMMUNISTS are coddling criminal and punishing the “VICTIMS” .

  3. When is anyone going grow some balls and start going after the architects of these types of bills! They are obviously direct violations of our U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights! And violate U.S. code…This “Architects” of such instruments should be immediately charged with “Suppression of Rights under color of LAW!!!”

    • Considering the architect still has enough money to be basically untouchable and if that wasn’t enough he also has a few district attorneys that would throw whatever road blocks they could if anyone even looks like they might try. I could see us in VA trying to slap everytown with a title 18 section 241 complaint and some how the New York District Attorneys office slaps us with terrorism charge and a financial lock out. It’s hard to fight anything in court when your accounts are frozen.

    • Aaron M., Walker,

      Some serious Power Players want these civilian disarmament bills. I think the sad reality is that those Power Players have ample resources and a plethora of “silent-partners” to make life a living Hell for any prosecutor who would dare charge them or disarmament bills’ sponsors.

      Think about it for a moment. Several (at least 100?) Power Players have personal fortunes in excess of $200 million. With that kind of cash on hand, any single one of those Power Players could pay a top-notch professional “fixer” to carry out any manner of punishment on any federal prosecutor — and their immediate and extended family — for opposing the gun-grabbing agenda. Imagine what a top-notch professional “fixer” could accomplish with a $10 million dollar budget and a $10 million dollar award for successful completion. And you have to imagine some extremely horrific, disgusting, sick stuff.

      If you were a federal prosecutor, would you charge (and be almost guaranteed to fail to convict) Virginia Legislators or a Power Player for Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law knowing that a Power Player could pay a “fixer” to easily kidnap one or more of your family members and subject them to unspeakable horrors? I seriously doubt it.

      • I find trouble in doubting this exact practice is currently in use and likely has been going on for decades.

        • Careful buddy you might get both of us to have a heart attack while simultaneously committing suicide by shooting ourselves 3 times in the back of the head.

    • The very laws, freedoms, and liberties that make America so great and unique are being used by anti-Americans (Muslims, Socialists, One World Elitists, etc.) to take those freedoms and liberties away.

      • Better know that the communist deep state is/are the democrats. They they are plain as day out to destroy this free society and control us from cradle to grave. Will the idiots finally realize these enemies of the Constitution must be stopped

  4. Arizona has been turning blue for awhile now. It was very clear when they were marching for gun control while the Republicans refused to make the law stronger to prevent that gun control. In a couple of elections Arizona will be blue like Nevada and New Mexico.

  5. Didn’t the 10 round capacity nonsense originate from hunting laws? If so, where did the hunting laws get the 10 round limit? From sportified fixed magazine war bringbacks?

      • Unfortunately, guy owner have gave them two major victories by using sport and hunting as arguments for owning guns.

        Now the average age for a hunter is about 68. Young people don’t care about hunting.

        Sport shooting isn’t that popular and most gun owners will never want to do it.

        Gun owners claim there is no such thing as an assault weapon/rifle, but they will refer to their rifle as a modern sporting rifle. If you can label your semi auto rifle as a gun for sport the other side can label it a gun for war. At least the anti gunners are closer to the reasoning the 2nd Amendment is written into law.

        • At 14, I was out hunting small game with my .22LR, semi with about 5 rounds. Luckily, I was also carrying my father’s Model 1911 with a 7 shot mag. A 400+ lb. wild boar decided he didn’t like me in his area and charged. I knew the .22 was useless, so I pulled the 1911 and when it reached about 25 yards started firing. Even with hitting it with all rounds, I had to jump out of its way. About 10 yards past me, it finally fell over. With Bloomberg’s 3 shot mag, I would be dead or serious injured.

      • Actually, Bloomberg recently said that no one needs more than 3 rounds. I bet he even tells his armed security to never carry more than that.

      • seems to be an arbitrary figure…and I’ve hunted with more than 3 or 4….even had to use that once on a long shot on a wounded deer….

  6. State after state is turning blue due to immigration. This is a fact you can’t refute. Yet no one who claims to care about the Constitution and the American way of life will address this reality for fear of being stigmatized as someone who thinks in racial terms.

    Frankly you deserve to lose your guns, your rights and your nation.

    • No one owns a nation unless that nation is a corporate entity that can be bought. If America is that, it belongs to the bankers and corporations. Instead of blame them for buying up the government you blame people with a higher melanin content.

      Immigration is not the problem of America because Mexico, Canada and the U.S. wouldn’t have been created without it. The problem isn’t the African people Europeans brought to America by force nor is it the actual Americans repopulating the land they found when they left Asia.

      If you would be honest, you will see it’s the government/socialist schools and nonsensical patriotism that caused the destruction of America. It’s the European religions that pushes the strategy of making the U.S. the new Rome.

      There voting blocs that caused the major changes are white. They are the majority. You can’t win the vote and pass law without the majority. You can’t take over a nation if that majority didn’t want it to begin with. Don’t fool yourself into being racist because you want to feel superior while bankers own the land you live on.

      Democrats don’t care about brown people, they are about themselves. They will give people a reason to vote for them while the Republicans blame brown people for the problems the white voting blocs created. Those Republicans are sealing their fate, the destruction of the Bill of Rights. No wonder when Republicans get in power they refuse to restore America by repealing the Democrat’s policies and laws. Republicans want the same thing Democrats want: total control of their tax payers.

      Yet it must solely be the darkies and women that ruined the country?

      • Your entire argument is a straw man. Non-white demographics vote 70-90% Democrat. They always have, and they always will. Whites are the only demographic that split their vote. And you won’t have to worry about them being the majority any longer, because over 90% of or population growth is from immigration and whites are already a majority-minority in the 18 and under age group. Go ahead and pretend like you don’t believe the culture, values and politics of the country will change as that progresses.

        You can’t simply replace the populace of a nation with the populace of another nation, and expect it to stay the same. Everyone else understands this. Try going to Japan and telling them that being Japanese has nothing to do with having a common birth and shared history, and that Ukrainians can be just as Japanese as they are.

      • ” No one owns a nation unless that nation is a corporate entity that can be bought. If America is that, it belongs to the bankers and corporations. ”

        That’s exactly what America is. Has been for a while.

        Got any doubts? Who went to jail for the 2007-2008 financial meltdown, and who picked up the bill for it? Who tried to rig the primary in Iowa, and for who? Why are we locked in to unending wars (hint: it ain’t about terrorists)? And if the boogaloo ever boogaloos, who do you think we’ll be fighting?

        America was bought, boxed up and delivered to the oligarchs decades ago.

        • I think he was trying to get at that, and I do believe that you and he are correct. Traitors and enemies inside the gates are always more dangerous than those without. The plutocrats and oligarchs are our true threat and enemy, but they are absolutely using demography as a weapon against us in order to make us more dissolute.

        • I always found the history of the 99% movement fascinating especially with how quickly it was demonized infiltrated and subverted to a caricature of the relevant complaint of income to productivity disparity.


    • Thank you for pointing out a secret most gun people don’t get – Heller is a feel good ruling that was actually anti-gun ruling by requiring “reasonable regulations” and “common use”!

      Not just my opinion, but the opinion of two of my friends who are conservative judges.

      • I do not trust any BLACK ROBBED TYRANT. I have been in front of too many of the lying pieces of human excrement.

  7. I think that the lawmakers in Arizona should pass laws against driving
    the wrong way on an expressway. That kills more Arizona citizens
    than any kind of guns. It is important to get your priorities right.

    • I remember a few months ago Virginians were saying the same thing about their state. Then a few years ago Florida was saying the same thing. And Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, etc.

      Don’t forget what Bernie said.

      • Chief Censor – “I remember a few months ago Virginians were saying the same thing about their state. Then a few years ago Florida was saying the same thing. And Washington, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, etc.”

        Were any of those state Constitutional Carry states? No, they most certainly are not. Arizona was one of the first Constitutional Carry States after the long standing C.C. states of Alaska and Vermont. There is no way that this new attempt at treason will fly here.

        • Vermont has magazine size bans and universal background checks. Arizona demographics are changing, and not in a favorable way for Liberty.

          • In for a penny, In for a pound – “Vermont has magazine size bans and universal background checks. Arizona demographics are changing, and not in a favorable way for Liberty.”

            Unfortunately Vermont has been going uber-lie-beral for quite some time. But that is most certainly not the case here in Arizona. And being that this is an election year, for them to pass this treasonous bill would the same as committing suicide.

  8. Bill is going nowhere. It’s just the one size fits all States. Something to worry about in the future perhaps as Californians take over Arizona.

    • You don’t have to worry about Californians talking over Arizona, you have to worry about third-world immigrants talking over Arizona. Considering that that’s where over 90% of our population growth comes from nationally.

      “But they’re natural Constitutionalists, they love the American way of life even more than the one to which they’re already accustomed!”

        • @I Haz A Question

          Democrats or Republicans.

          Most women are Democrats. Does a Republican man want to marry an “orange man bad” Democrat?

          I think divorce for whites in America is 70% and increasing. Is that because men found themselves a nice Republican conservative woman that he hates?

        • That is a huge problem, yes. The nuclear family had severely faltered in favor of playing Nintendo Switch, drinking craft beer and living at home well into adulthood.

          • He’s never heard of GOP strategist Mary Matalin and Liberal Loudmouth James Carville…. married for 25 years she is as right wing as you can get and still be American and he’s as wrong wing as you can get without being labeled a socialist…..

      • Why it’s Vlad’s evil twin. I have been to all 50 States. In fact I was in Arizona visiting my parents a year ago. They live in a National Military Cemetary.

  9. i1639 here in WA state has already made everything semi-auto “assault weapons” . This is their goal, then the next step is a ban on “assault weapons”

    Thanks a lot dems and liberals! This is all coming from your camp

  10. this is a stupid thing all bans are also what about the guns that were modified to be shipped here when the original gun ban was in effect like the AKsthat had to be changed over to thumbhole stocks and end of the
    barrel turned down they going to outlaw them or just the mags they can take because I think they came with a 10 round

  11. I’ve never met a democrat yet that had any brains regarding the 2nd A! They don’t know firearms, don’t know the law, run on the fear mongering train and general IQ<40.

  12. They want you disarmed because they want you dead. In Arizona, a dead gringo opens up another seat in Aztlan.

    • Exactly….. the scariest part is that Americans could EASILY stop this invasion but they are literally gonna diversify themselves into the grave!

  13. How are these people intelligent enough to be the representatives of their constituents? They want to ban things they don’t even have a novice grasp of.

  14. Tombstone AZ was the site of the OK Corral shootout.

    The OK Corral shootout was when corrupt Marshal Wyatt Earp and his corrupt drug addict pals killed some local cowboys for not submitting to the towns arbitrary gun control.

    Nowadays the cops have MRAPS instead of horses.

    Other than that nothing changes much does it?

  15. (b) A twenty-two caliber tube ammunition feeding device.

    I think a .223 would fall under that wording. I for one am eagerly waiting to see when Franklin Armory makes a tube fed AR-15.

  16. Many rank-and-file voters fear cartel violence spilling north of the border and that is why they support assault weapons bans.

    If we are to reach out to them, we could ask them that how a ban would stop the cartels if laws against cocaine importation do not stop the cartels.

    Also ask them that, as Bernie Sanders pointed out that our criminal justice system is broken and racist, how they expect such a law will be enforced.

    • “Many rank-and-file voters fear cartel violence spilling north of the border and that is why they support assault weapons bans”

      Using that argument how could you POSSIBLY be AGAINST disarming actual citizens who legally own weapons that WOULD be used by those citizens to defend themselves, their families and their neighbors should such an incursion occur? Far better to take those guns so the Cartels can rob, rape and murder those citizens and kidnap their children to be forced into slavery and prostitution without having to be concerned that some asshole might be waiting behind the door they are about to break down, armed with some scary assault rifle with a 40 round magazine full of M855 Penetrators ready to blow them the fuck away… Bet that would really ease the minds of those poor guys…. Yeah, makes perfect sense when you look at it from the Cartel guys perspective…

    • once upon a time these mags weren’t very common…maybe they’re on a nostalgia kick?….NAH!…I don’t think so, either…..

  17. civil disobedience, nullification, stop paying taxes by challenging such as homeowner, boycotting any and all businesses and organizations supporting such. Showing up in force, peacefully, as counter protestors. Going to court cases ad protesting. And generally being just as obnoxious a those supporting gun control. Contributing to gencies that file lawsuits against such acts.

  18. I don’t think a total disarmament will go through. At some point a civil war will break out and everything will get really sticky!!

  19. Cut off their funding. Find out who the fund managers are and remove the funding.
    When the funders start to disappear the real cleansing can begin. Not advocating violence. Just remove their ability to fund. Those of you with the knowledge know how to do this.

  20. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs (Mutt Romney, Susan Collins, Lindsey Grahams ,Murkowski, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors) post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

    • They want to disarm by lying. They use mass killings as an example. A report one year ago said there are 130 million gun owners & there have been 26!mass shootings. That is 2 people for every 10 million gun owners or 2 people for every 25 million citizens!

  21. If they come for your guns take out as many as you can before they kill you. Better dead than to live under tyranny.

    • . Show me a manufactured assault weapon. It is a made up word to keep snow flakes happy.

      According to “THEM” it’s in the name A (assault) R (rifle)… Then to unfuck things (in their minds) they use terms like “and similar weapons” or “and any other automatic (their terminology for a semi–auto rifle) rifle with a pistol grip, removable “clips” or a barrel thingy (aka flash suppressor/hider)… You would need to read Feinstein’s definitive list of specific guns she considers to be assault rifles (I believe I read there is nearly 400 guns on it, only two of which have EVER been used in a mass shooting) to become as knowledgeable as “THEY” are in the defining of an assault rifle… I’m pretty sure that you will find something either you or someone you know is unknowingly in possession of a deadly “killer” ASSAULT RIFLE.. I was shocked to discover that not only were my ARs and AKs on the list but my little Mini-14 is also a cursed “assault rifle” capable of killing dozens of persons without reloading.. Of course they fail to go into detail as to how that might happen without human intervention but then they are called lawMAKERS and not law EXPLAINERS……

  22. If you want to know what will happen if you give an inch to retarded liberals. Just look at where we are with cigarettes. They only wanted separate smoking and no smoking areas. Yeah. Right

  23. I will give this bill’s author one thing. At least he defined an “assault rifle”. Most Democrats who talk about assault rifles can’t objectively define one any different from any other semi-auto rifle. This bill’s author just defines almost any semi-auto rifle as an assault rifle. During the civil war, he would have defined an “assault rifle” as any muzzle-loading “rifled” musket, as that was the predominate military rifle of the day.

  24. The socialists are not able to take citizens weapons as their predredecessor’s did in the 1930’s Germany and other socialist countries. They are violating the oath to follow the constitution which alchemy/socialist hate.
    That “”bill”” is in essence treason. To bad they cannot be exclude to venezuela or china etc. The question is , are there enough AMERICANS in Arizona in November?

  25. Might it be that gun owning voters of Arizona failed to pay attention to the positions of individuals running for elective, law making office? Might we be seeing the “Californication” of Arizona in operation here is another question.

  26. “ASSAULT WEAPON” now that is an all encompassing term! I mean, any weapon, be it a stick, club, razor, knife or brick etc etc that is used to ASSAULT anyone is a weapon of ASSAULT! The term is NOT what these freeking gun grabbers ,make it, it is what it is, an assault….anything used to ASSAULT someone, anyone, is an ASSAULT WEAPON! You don’t tickle someone or pray w/them when you come at them in rage etc w/any of the above! YOU come to ASSAULT THEM! They are disguising their real intents, and that is to BAN, Totally, all guns! then the Govt can get complete control! That is the ONLY and definitive outcome of the plans they have in store for this nation! I was born at night but NOT last night! My “OLE MAN” told me, NEVER take any wooden nickels, and this is a wooden nickel! It has NO value, it’s just a souvenier!

  27. Oh and by the way, the Supreme Court (that’s a laugh) said we didn’t need prayer in schools, Bible Study, the 10 Commandments on the walls of schools and Justice and then they said it was OK to abort an unborn and now, almost born child w/out restriction! (See Abingdon v. Schempp/Engle v. Vitale/Stone v. Graham/Roe v. Wade 1962-3/1970-73) They destroyed the very last supports and internal restraints for our nation and Constitution! What can be expected when people think they are animals taught by Evolution! EXPECT the worse is yet to come! The warnings are there, in the Hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and floods and stock market crashes etc etc! But who thinks GOD would HATE their SIN(s) enough to do what He is doing! Proverbs 6:16-19/Zechariah 8:16-17KJV GOD “HATES” some things and HE will not let sin go on foerever, no matter how merciful HE is, He will require judgement! that Judgement is happening, but, who cares? I DO. and FEAR!! This nation is headed to apostocy and GREAT TRIBULATION(s)!!Matt 24:21/Rev 2:22 KJV

  28. I checked the list of sponsors—there is ONE white male among them. Hispanic males and females, and a Native American woman.

    Diversity is not our strength. People who don’t respect the history of our nation will be quick to destroy it.

  29. Won’t pass. Not enough Dems in the Senate. Republicans and 2 Dems all oppose it. These Senators just committed political suicided. Bye bye.

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