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Virginia House of Delegates (AP Photo/Steve Helber)
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From the NSSF:

Today, by a vote of 51 to 48, the Virginia House of Delegates voted to pass House Bill 961by Delegate Levine. House Bill 961 bans semiautomatic firearms that are commonly used for self-defense, recreational and competitive shooting, and hunting, as well as magazines and suppressors. House Bill 961 will now go to the Virginia Senate where it will likely be referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. 

Virginia delegate mark levine
By Levine For Congress, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

House Bill 961 bans the sale, manufacture, import, transfer, or purchase of an “assault firearm” as defined in the bill to include many commonly owned semiautomatic rifle, handguns, and shotguns; bans the possession, sale, transfer, manufacture, transfer, or purchase of magazines or other ammunition feeding devices that can accept more than 12 rounds; and bans the import, sale, manufacture, transport, transfer, and purchase of firearm suppressors. The bill allows those who own an “assault firearm” to maintain possession after January 1, 2021, but does not allow lawful owners of “large capacity” magazines to retain ownership.

House Bill 961 will now be transmitted to the Virginia Senate where it is likely to be referred to the Judiciary Committee. Please begin calling these target members of the Senate Judiciary Committee listed below and urging their “NO” vote when House Bill 961 comes before the Judiciary Committee.

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    • There’s a reason for that; demographic change. They don’t fear your votes, because they have a new urban electorate of immigrants and dependents. Until and unless Constitutionalists address this trend, the Constitution will simply continue to be voted away by people who are accustomed to not having one like ours.

      • They are Washington DC residents. Virginia should have divided the state or West Virginia pull in their counties.

        Alternately they could have a state senate that works like the national senate. And it could be based on the counties rather than population. Having the house and senate elected solely on population is just redundant and just allows heavy population centers near DC to literally dictate the whole of the state and force fees their culture down the throats of all the people state wide. Need to bring back federalism. If DC wants gun control they can have it – in DC. They shouldn’t force it on the whole of the state. But they are imperial democrats – so no surprise.

        • Well, welcome to the future of the country. The majority of people live in a few urban areas, in a matter of years the majority of people will be first or second generation immigrants, and the Democrats they vote for are going to have electoral carte blanche to do whatever they want.

      • Yep. This is the problem with people voting. Just as people thought the sun rotated around the earth, people think republics (democracies and all the like) the same way.

        It’s a numbers game, the elites know it and act accordingly. This will eventually take over the whole country assuming the U.S. doesn’t default on the debt and break up.

        Sadly, people are so plugged into the propaganda matrix that they actually think the answer is “vote them out” or “muh rights”

    • You can import enough people, get them on the Gov’t dollar, and you’ll have as many votes as you’d like. Double-plus true with redistricting, no voter id, automagic voter registration when you get a driver’s license, absentee ballot changes, etc.

    • If anyone wants a crystal ball view into the future US Legislature and Presidency and what they would push through if we follow Virginia and let liberals take complete control, here it is. They don’t care what SCOTUS ruled in Heller nor McDonald. And it costs a lot of time and money to bring an infringement back up to SCOTUS so kiss your rights goodbye in the meantime.

  1. Surprising exaclty no one who has been paying attention.

    The regressive left wants your guns and your money, and to kill you if say ‘No’.

    • KrogLikePie,

      The regressive left wants your guns and your money, and to kill you if say ‘No’.

      Not more than five minutes ago I posted almost the exact same sentiment under the Arizona “Assault Weapon” Ban Bill article.

      I would only add one additional item to your list: the regressive Left also wants your support or your silence (if you do not support) their entire mindset.

      So, to reiterate, the regressive Left wants your guns, your money, your support of their entire mindset — or your silence in lieu of your support — and to kill you if you say, “No.”

  2. why the rush on this
    are they trying to get this before the scotus before rbg assumes room temperature and trump makes it a 6-3 or 5-4 court

    • The senate is putting another Trump pick through for a federal court. With his second term the federal court landscape will be changed for generations to come.

    • I’m still waiting for confirmation that RBG is still alive. No, seriously. Where is she? She certainly wasn’t at the SOTU.

      • I wonder that myself?

        Is she dead? Or maybe have a ‘built and maintained by Disney audiotramics dept” sticker on her neck?

        I’d love to walk up on the olf bat and YELL as loud as I could “HIYA RUTH HOW NEAR DEATH!” and see if she kicks!

        • Have some respect. While you may not agree with her politics, she’s done more good for this country than bad. Make an attempt to see the other viewpoints other than the one from your OFWG armchair.

        • John all my respect for that bitch went right out the door when she came down out of the IVORY tower of SCOTUS and talked SHIT about Trump the duly elected POTUS!

          She needs to go, she violated SCOTUS neutrality so she should not sit on the bench anymore!

          here is just ONE time the bitch spoke

          Canon 5: A Judge Should Refrain from Political Activity
          (A) General Prohibitions. A judge should not:
          (2) make speeches for a political organization or candidate, or publicly endorse or oppose a candidate for public office; or

        • Ha, ok boomer. And while we’re at it, let’s just disregard everything the Trump has ever said or done that has embarrassed our country as he thumb-fucked his way through the impeachment trial and takes punitive actions against those who stood against him.

    • Given the time it takes to get to and through SCOTUS and the number of lawyers in the legislature, probably not.

      Politicians believe, and rightly so in some cases, that political capital expires rapidly. Therefore you want to push two types of legislation ASAP: really popular and really unpopular stuff. In the former case this builds you more political capital (good will with the people) and in the latter case it spends capital before it “goes bad”.

      There are a few reasons for this line of thinking. First, early in a term is the easiest time to claim a “mandate from the people”. Second, it’s also the time furthest away from the next election when you have to defend what you’ve done. Third, this is the time where your adversaries are the most worn out, your supporters the most energized and the independents are paying the least attention. Forth, within the base there’s always the “what have you done for me lately crowd and it’s usually pretty large.

      These are, added together, major reasons why you see such focus on “the first 100 days” of a Presidency in modern politics. It’s also a catchy thing for the media to glom onto.

      Ultimately these people know that a law, once enacted, is difficult to repeal. So they want to use the grace/honeymoon period to please the hardcore base knowing that even if the law turns out to be fairly unpopular (an outcome they will still have an opportunity to spin later on) it will be an uphill battle to undo this legislation. That pleases the base, demoralizes the opposition and gives them something they “did for you” in their next race, whatever that might be.

      • O-Care is likely to be gutted by SCOTUS.

        I have to admit, Obama went big on the ACA first and blew nearly every bit of his political capitol on that.

        We ought to be very grateful for that, had he decided to go after guns first, things would be a lot worse right now.

        What was good for us when he rammed the ACA through, he so infuriated us we cut his balls off in the mid-terms. That was a legitimate political earthquake in 2010, with *deep* ramifications in the state houses.

        I’m not confident we will win in November. They have sat on their rage far longer than I ever expected them to. Our ony hope is to storm the polls at least as much as they will, and I fear we won’t match their voter intensity…

      • Agreed, this is exactly why the Virginia legislature is in such a hurry to pass as many anti2a laws as fast as they can. Plus, they want as many of these laws to pass as quickly as possible before SCOTUS reaches another 2A opinion. Passed before SCOTUS rules means uphill battle to rule them unconstitutional and after still uphill but probably less difficult. They remind me of the Orcs in LOR rushing to build Barad-Dur.

    • We will never hit peak degeneracy so long as the ‘conservatives’ are nothing more than the lagging indicator of liberalism.
      Truth is they will never need to take the guns so long as the ‘conservatives’ continue to adopt the platform the left had 5-10 years prior. Until the right becomes a fixed position instead of a relative one the spiral will continue.

      Comfort makes cowards of all men.

    • I guess you didn’t see the video where law enforcement kicked out the people from a government meeting because they were ordered to. A meeting where these bills were being voted to move on.

      Just doing their jobs…

  3. I read earlier that Bloomers wouldn’t even show up at his own anti 2A/campaign rally in Alexandria; and they’re still running with this?

  4. As gun owners when are we going to stop using the word Assault Weapon. This is not an assault weapon ban this is a modular rifle ban. Modular rifles or AR style rifles are completely customizable for whatever your purpose might be. If you are tall, short, a man or women and want to use it for hunting, target practice, plinking or self defense this is the way to go. There are more companies that make parts for AR style rifles than virtually any other firearm on the market. And for the that reason that is why it is so popular which makes it a common use firearm.

    But we still let the anti-gun left use the word “Assault Weapon” these are Modular Rifle’s. They are no different than a PC that you buy at your local computer store. With a PC you can set up what every you like, budget permitting and why the PC or Win/Intel machine is used by more companies and gamers than any other platform on the market.

    Just my 2 cents these are not “Assault Weapons” but again Modular Rifle’s. Given what I just said what would you prefer to call it this political climate.

    • How about we call it what it really is?


      Or “Sedition” if you prefer to be broadly speaking.

    • Johnny L.,

      As gun owners when are we going to stop using the word Assault Weapon.

      Agree completely!

      This is not an assault weapon ban this is a modular rifle ban.

      No, the proposed ban is considerably more encompassing than a ban on AR-15 and other similar/modular rifles.

      This is what so many people on our side have been warning about for so long: that gun-grabbers will use AR-15s to open the door to banning ALL semi-automatic firearms, even semi-automatic “hunting rifles” and handguns.

    • What we need to do is stop giving in to the progressives ‘frame’.
      Everyone that reads this knows damn well an AR-15 is an efficient killing machine and in 90% of combat situations just as capable as it’s M4 counter part, that is why we buy them…… so fucking what?

      Do you really want to argue about how inefficient your weapons platform is and so you should be ‘allowed’ to keep it? That if it met a certain danger threshold you shouldn’t be allowed to have it but yours are practically nerf guns so no big deal?

      Men have become such pussies in this country that if someone accuses them of being capable of violence they will start to argue about how out of shape they are and totally incapable being violent or dangerous.

      I’m not going to follow up on this so don’t waste your breath on ‘optics’ or ‘selling’ it to non-gun people, we all know you will never convince enough of them how ineffectual your guns are and how little danger you could pose with them that they won’t keep coming for more.

      Don’t respond just do some soul searching on it and realize the truth of it no matter how uncomfortable it is.

      You will always lose if you let your enemy dictate the ‘frame’.

  5. Johnny, what about my non-modular weapons? They fall under that umbrella too. Better weapons than those modular things too. You can buy gadgets, but it’s not skill.

  6. Current legislatures and judges will not solve these problems anymore. People need to realize that different modalities are needed.

    • Gun owners need to comprehend that the real reason our Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd A was to fight tyranical politicians and the time is drawing nearer very quickly.
      Best to keep your powder dry and stock up.

  7. looks like some people need to be voted out of the office and if this bill it needs to be carried to court

  8. Eventually down the road away’s, there IS going to be another civil war here in the U S, I don’t think It will happen in my lifetime, but shortly after. When the lib’s or socialists take over & people actually wake up, usually happens when the young folks start paying their own way, at the moment the young are being brainwashed by lib instructors, & pansy ass parents. & President Trump’s most important thing now is to get more conservative constitutional judges on the Supreme Court.

  9. Whoa! They took away your guns! Thats like fascism! They over tax and then steal or deny rights to own property! Thats like china or north korea! They stole your money and your freedom. Whatta world… thats too cruel! It’s like they dont even let you live and are hostile and abusive government. Someone should do something about this…but how?

  10. This reminds of the the many times where people from states that have been ‘ban states’ for a complain about things and the overwhelming response from the masses is…’move to a free state’, ‘your choice to live in a commie state’, ‘just move’.

    Not so easy and simple is it now?

    Pot meet kettle.

  11. Will the district courts strike this down as unconstitutional?
    Have they been stacked with sufficient 2A justices?

  12. Bizarre that they settled on 12 rounds as their magazine capacity limit.
    Who decided on 12 rounds? I think we should look for a politician with 12 fingers.
    Or more likely, a politician who owns a pistol with a 12-round magazine, and he wants to keep his own gun and its 12-round magazines while depriving everyone else of theirs!

    And why do lawmakers have a phobia about shotguns with revolving cylinders?
    Obviously because Hollywood.

    And why do lawmakers have a phobia about pistols with their magazine outside of the grip?
    Again, because Hollywood. There was a James Bond movie where the villain (Jaws) used a C96 Mauser (designed in 1896) which has its magazine outside of the grip, therefore even though that pistol design is 124 years old, “We must ban it because it looks scary because Hollywood movie villains!”

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