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Georgia state Senator Donzella James has filed SB 281 a bill “…to prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns…” That might seem significant enough on its own, but this one is crafted such that…

I almost want this to pass unamended.

I say almost, because the bill would do a few other things of which I also disapprove: ban “high” capacity magazine (more than ten rounds) and private sales at gun shows. It would also require “secure storage” of firearms by dealers.

But let’s look at that semi-auto ban. As is so often the case, the nitty gritty is hidden in the definitions.

SB 281: Dangerous Instrumentalities and Practices; possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns; prohibit; revise and provide definitions
As used in this part, the term:
(1) ‘Automatic or semi-automatic gun’ means any weapon which shoots or is designed to shoot:
(A) Automatically, more than six shots, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger; or
(B) Without any action needed to fire consecutive shots, other than having ammunition loaded in such weapon’s feeding device.

Senator Donzella James
Sen. Donzella James, D-College Park, right, talks with Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, left, during a debate on the Senate Floor (AP Photo/David Goldman)

As is clear from part (A), Senator Duncella McGrabagun clearly thinks semi-automatic firearms are machine guns. She displays the usual level of expertise on the part of those who would craft the laws under which we all have to live.

Ah, but then there’s (B)…

Personally, I think a firearm that starts chain-firing as soon as you insert a magazine should be repaired, not banned.

I wonder if I could get Senator James to file a bill to ban semi-assault weapons firing heat-seeking, bullet-piercing bullets, too.

In government, anything’s possible.

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  1. This demonstrates the level of knowledge that most legislators have when proposing a bill about anything.
    Knowledge of “law” does not translate into general knowledge of anything else.
    Being a legislator does not endow intelligence or knowledge of anything.

    In this case the legislator demonstrates lack of intelligence, lack of knowledge and lack of common sense which is typical of legislators.

    Where is the recall petition?

    • Also demonstrates two other things. 1. Lack of understanding or knowledge of the Heller decision. 2. Violation of oath taken when sworn in. Time for a lawsuit to remove this socialist. Violation of sworn oath, abuse of power, violation of others civil rights and just being stupid.

      • The douche-crats are just virtue-signaling with this nonsense. It’s like ‘going on strike’ for global warming: “See? I’m doing something!”.
        They sleep well at night, knowing there’s no a chance in hell it’ll ever pass.

        • Is this perhaps the reason many want Duncezilla and her unknowledgeable ilk ‘down on the farm’? The inability to display forethought and common sense by researching the topic you are about to pen in black and white?
          This is the written version of opening one’s mouth only to change feet. Or maybe inserting both at once.

      • Might take a while. Last time I heard, there were over 28,000 of them on the books. And that was maybe 10 years ago.

        All we need is just a few more laws and the world will be fricking perfect.

  2. Obviously all the fools in every state legislature are trying to get all this garbage passed before they’re voted out!

  3. Would you hire a middle schooler to fix your car? Probably not because of a lack of experience. Would you hire that same middle schooler to draft senate bills?

  4. What kind of parent names their child “Donzella”?

    Georgia has a *lot* of NFA ‘giggle switch’ toy-lovers who aren’t going to be very happy about this…

      • Uncommon, it stands for “Papa Romeo”.

        (It has personal significance for me. If you knew me locally, it would be apparent… 🙂 )

        • Thank you! I have been wondering. I thought maybe it was the abbreviation for Puerto Rico.

          Speaking of: now that they will honor my resident concealed carry license, Puerto Rico has just become my number 1 vacation destination!

        • Ha! I always assumed it was just “Public Relations” and you were just making fun of politicians, the media, or something like that!

        • And I apologize, I wasn’t aware I had ignored you “umpteen times”…

    • No, because the bill leaves in existing language. Machine gun possession is already prohibited except when they are registered with the ATF; those can be possessed. This bill doesn’t change that.

      • Carl,

        The title and description of SB 281 (which your provided in this article) strongly implies that full-auto firearm possession will be illegal regardless of previous law in Georgia (e.g. whether or not the possessor has an ATF tax stamp).

        • That’s how I read it, Carl. It’s good to know the ‘giggle-switch’ crew can rest easy on piles of spent brass… 😉

        • That’s why I have to read the entire bills, and puzzle out the changes to the law. The title and description simply further illustrate what an idiot Duncella truly is.

          And this is just one bill. I’m currently working on a digest of all the current Georgia bills affecting firearms. There are a lot of them.

      • It says in the bill…

        PART III SECTION 3-1.
        All laws and parts of laws in conflict with this Act are repealed.

    • Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR says:
      January 5, 2020 at 16:16

      What kind of parent names their child “Donzella”?

      The ones whom owned or rented a lot of Godzella movies.

  5. State after state goes after gun rights and medical rights, like clockwork. Almost like it’s scripted…..

    • And just “like clockwork”, widdle ‘pegeee2’ is compelled to bring up a subject TTAG has repeatedly told him wasn’t welcome here.

      What is your malfunction, son?

      • If I recall, I think someone uncovered some sort of cloak-and-dagger shenanigans going on behind the scenes at TTAG a few months ago. I don’t recall who it was, but that user thought that P(ee)G(ee)2 was perhaps an admin and pretending to be a troll, and that’s why TTAG can’t/won’t block P(ee)G(ee)2, while somehow being able to successfully block others.

        • @Haz, Guesty made this same post, almost word for word. Try not to be so transparent while using multiple profile names, you look ridiculous to anyone who actually isn’t a troll here.

  6. Can we stop with the “we don’t want to ban guns, just place common sense..etc” BS now? It’s obvious they want a ban. On everything. Can we circulate more of this and show people that they don’t care about lives, just about controlling all of the lives.

    • Ehh… if they were to ban absolutely everything with the exception of smoothbore muzzle loaders, which would presumably also be regulated more than full autos are right now, they’d STILL say, “we don’t want to ban guns! See, you can still get this firearm!” (as long as you jump through the hoops and grease the right palms)

  7. Well….I guess 5-0 in GA could get their revolvers back from AIM surplus and Classic firearms.

    Proabably gonna need some new holsters and speed loaders though.

    It would seem that this level of stupid would have to hurt …. at least a little.

  8. The wording sounds like it would ban revolvers.
    The Swiss classify weapons by type of action with pump / lever actions in the same category as all semi-autos that are not service rifles in the hands of military retirees.
    I suspect this bill will squeak by because Atlanta is turning GA into a blue state.
    Hope this raises Republicans turnout.

    • Ever fan fire an SA big iron? Single pull of the trigger. Or how about that really cool 9mm Gatling gun that uses Glock mags. No trigger at all, just crank that bad boy. 🙂

      • I remember the “Fanner Fifty” toy cowboy revolver from my days of youth and innocence, lo all those years ago.

        • Me too, Fanner 50 and a Daisy Red Ryder bb gun, it just didn’t get any better and I didn’t shoot my eye out either..

  9. this is truly a bad bill for Ga. gun owners and if it stands for All gun owners across the Nation

  10. It’s always more than ironic to see a Black person putting forward legislation like this, and in Georgia of all places, one of the old stomping grounds of the KKK that just loved to take weapons out of the hands of Black folks, along with terrorizing them and lynching them.

    The irony abounds.

  11. If… and it a big IF this bill should pass, the Governor will veto it, IF he wants to stay Governor.

  12. They have forgotten the definition “shall not be infringed” but just for the heck of let’s start a campaign that such a ban also include law enforcement. A petition to get it on a bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbllot.

  13. My old 40 caliber M&P compact with its 10-round magazine might not be so out of fashion after all. Long live the 40, at least in the no-so-free states.

    • It’s a consideration for up here. Not sure if it will be an end choice but if I wanted to be very goofy a 10mm full size and a 40 compact would keep some reloading simple. Not as simple as 9 but….. yeah SAFE act and all.

    • .40S&W has been a good round for a long time.

      Fashions may change but in most cases those changes don’t really affect/reflect the underlying objects.

  14. TTAG, Please get some better stock graphics. That M-4/AKM graphic in this article so full of obvious inaccuracies, even for a caricature, that you should do like Facebook and flag it with a warning stating the content might ‘shock offend and upset.’ /sarc

  15. “Donzella”? First of all, why don’t people give their kids the dignity of real names?. Secondly, anyone in their right mind stuck with the name “Donzella” would immediately petition to change it to something like Donna, or Doris, or Kathy, of even something a bit more exotic like ‘Donatella’, upon reaching the age of majority.

    The Georgia legislature needs to forget about attempting to do away with 2nd Amendment rights, and pass a damn law against ignoramuses like “Donzella’s” parents making up ridiculous names for their children.

  16. If Georgia falls the rest of the nation is not too far behind. I am asking all of you guys down south to start calling your legislature and governor and protest this. We will keep an eye out in Tennessee for such shenanigans.

  17. In 2020, the Ga. legislature will be in session from January 13, through April 3.. Both houses are controlled by a Republican majority and the Gov is also a Republican… This bill has as much chance of even seeing a vote as Soleimani did outrunning the Hellfire missle that ended his reign of terror…

      • He didn’t outrun it, nobody had the balls to shoot one at him til now and he pretty much kept his ass hidden until Obama’s total failure and blatant weakness for 8 years combined with current Democrats continuous assault on Trump emboldened him…. (Rouhani to Trump) “you can’t do anything” was based on the belief that everything the msm said was true and Trump actually feared the Democrats and gave a shit about world opinion.. I guess he and the Mullahs were mistaken..

        • The Israelis had the dirtbag in their sights about six years ago, but were silly enough to “consult” with someone in US military. Of course the dirtbag was tipped off, and Israel never got their chance to squeeze the shot.

          Now our dem congress are all on a big whinge because Trump didn’t ask their opinion or advise/consent. Trump had learned from the Israeli flub. He did well, holding his hand close to his chest until time to lay it down on the table… at which point the game was decided.

          Good on him, His decades of rough nd tumble business dealings have certainly become an yuge asset for him, and therefore us.

          • Yeah, fuck em, fuck em all to death (dems)… They’ll get over it next year while they are enjoying their all expense paid extended vacations courtesy of the American electorate… Trump needs to keep doing what he’s doing it’s driving them even crazier than they already were…

      • That’s only because the previous two administrations were too busy worrying about what school kids MUST eat for lunch and where to play that next round of golf.

  18. But but but it was Obama who was going to put the hurt to gunm owners. If memory serves me right I distinctly remember Prez Trump saying ” Your second amendment rights are safe with me” or something to that effect. What a strange world it would be if Humans didn’t have the capacity to lie

    • Don’t know what country you live in but my second Amendment rights are doing just fine.. The actions of a few commie governors have taken a shit on their citizens (you get what you vote, or don’t bother to vote for) but out in America my gun cases are full including a shitload of scary black rifles in various calibers, half a dozen handguns (semi auto and revolvers), my ammo boxes are full (several thousand rounds) and I carry my concealed 10 mm Glock everywhere I need to without fear of any law enforcement actions. Nothing that Trump has done since taking office has affected me or my ability to purchase or modify a firearm, buy ammo and magazines or enjoy my firearms in any way I want to. If you are butt hurt over bump stocks, or making sure some felon or irresponsible kid doesn’t get their hands on a gun legally then get a lawyer and take it court…




    Just what I needed on my Monday morning. The utter stupidity knows no bounds. How entertaining.

    • This BILL will never see the light of day. There are a number of legislative actions required before this turd becomes a LAW..

  20. Republican majority both House and Senate. It will die without getting out of committee, if even assigned to one.

  21. This state senator represents a district that is heavily Democratic. She can propose this kind of legislation because no Republican can win her district. This bill is going nowhere.

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