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There’s a big rock on the Michigan State University campus on Farm Lane that serves as a totem pole of sorts for the MSU community. Following the massacre of three MSU students by a lunatic illegally carrying a handgun, images of an anti-gun message painted on the rock illustrated many media reports on the shooting.

(AP Photo/Carlos Osorio)

But some students had painted a pro-campus carry message on the rock: “Allow us to defend ourselves & carry on campus.” That didn’t get nearly as much media attention.

Seems pretty simple and straightforward – a short, sweet soundbite message advocating the fundamental right of self-defense.

That didn’t sit well with some who, rather than debating the merits of campus carry in keeping students safe, instead ignored campus tradition and painted over the pro-civil rights message.

Two female Michigan State students, a grad student in sociology and an undergrad, decided to cover up a pro-campus carry message on a rock located on campus.

They simply couldn’t allow a pro-campus carry, pro-self defense message to be seen by students who had just been targeted by a killer.

From The State News:

The Rock on Farm Lane is a campus landmark that it is painted almost daily to represent the thoughts of community members. Before game days, the rock showcases rivalry and team spirit. During political unrest, the rock is painted over by who want to share a message. 

By early Tuesday morning, the rock asked a question to those who walked by: “How many more?”
The message followed the mass shooting on campus Monday night that left three dead and five in critical condition. Community members placed flowers around the rock in honor of the three lives lost. 

By Wednesday morning, the rock had been repainted, stating, “Allow us to defend ourselves & carry on campus.”

Sociology graduate student Kitty Groeller and chemistry junior Rylee Warner— two students who have never met each other — saw the message and decided to cover it up. 

“I woke up this morning and heard about the Rock being painted over. And I understand that students are grieving. And we all grieve in different ways, but you can’t force someone else to grieve in your way,” Warner said. “Tradition is to not paint over it … But tradition doesn’t matter right now, what matters is are students grieving and taking their time.”(0;32)

“Tradition is not to paint over it, but tradition doesn’t matter right now.” Especially now, because feelings and emotions are more important than logic and reason.

As someone who took a few sociology classes a generation ago, I can attest that critical thinking and logic by and large aren’t a big component of sociology studies, at least outside of social statistics.

Put another way, decisions have consequences. Ignoring the proven, life-saving benefits of firearm ownership can come with disastrous consequences.

Let’s keep it simple for these less complicated people: the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

And when the bad man shows up intent on slaughtering as many defenseless sheep as possible, if your local laws have barred people from carrying firearms for self-defense, there are no sheepdogs to protect the flock.


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  1. “ALLOW”???

    Bruen says any prohibition of on campus carry would be Unconstitutional. A Campus is NOT a special area (perhaps for snowflakes).

      • In a “constitutional Republic” the public servants are restricted to those subjects they are privileged to act upon.
        SEE: Federalist 49 by Madison……..”constitutional limitations”
        The restriction of public servants to act upon only those things privileged to them protect our rights.
        This is why Madison spoke out against a Bill of Right, such not being necessary upon a government severely restricted to certain privileged areas.
        Lastly, all secondary schools and colleges/universities have Cadet Corps all under arms and as such, the schools are greatly protected by the Cadets.
        Oh wait, those Cadets ceased to be in 1960 after nearly 100 years in existence.
        Hmmmm, I wonder why with Kennedy, these very important classes ended?
        So, colleges/universities cannot ban the constitutional carry of firearms on campus for the students have paid to be there and are required to provided their own safety.

    • Keep telling yourself that. Pretty sure the elite have it mapped out for the next 10 years at minimum. There hasn’t been an election in the history of elections in the US that hasn’t been rigged. Just ask Mexico. Literally the first time they tried it “our way” the Narcos owned that shit. Who do you think owns ours? Besides… are you saying the “allow us to carry” message is pointless? It clearly isn’t. More people now than ever understand self defense is a civil right, regardless of it’s written on a piece of paper or not. So we just keep painting it until they get the picture. The issue is that negativity spreads faster than positivity. So the “I defended myself today” news gets trampled by the obvious agenda that involves controlling people. But you can vote all you want. That is your “right” as well. Just know what really changes things.

  2. “And we all grieve in different ways, but you can’t force someone else to grieve in your way,” Warner said.”

    Apparently you can.

    I mentioned this in the “Bailey: It Isn’t Racism” thread where the photo on the header shows the repainted Rock.

  3. Just as there is manufactured consent there is manufactured consensus.
    When only the approved narrative gets out of course it appears as though everyone agrees with you. This is where fact checkers, social media, mainstream media, etc… show their true power. That stupid rock is just another groupthink beacon. The CAMPUS believes X therefore WE ALL believe X.

    I’m sure as we speak the proper authorities are checking cam footage to determine who these wrongthink perpetrators are so they can be deemed “not a good fit for the school” and sent home. No refunds of course.

      • Going out on a limb to say probably exaggerating/hyperbole but it is not that far off if you have been to most state colleges in the last decade. Or are you just trying to split hairs on a trend you don’t like being pointed out?

      • Bystander (can’t really say if you’re “innocent”) —

        We’re still waiting for you to provide your solution to mentally ill persons getting hold of firearms.

        Several posters shared their ideas with you, and you had plenty of criticism to offer, yet you refused to reciprocate by providing your “solution.”

        And then you became angry when someone questioned your motive.

        You’re not a troll, as some of us thought, are you?

      • You should read ‘Hotel U.S.S.R. by an artist that was only allowed to draw leftist agitprop for the party. So what should I call them?, Lemmings, Commies, the Borg, Socialists, Leftists, control freaks?

        • Vinny, I checked out that book online and read reviews but I it looks like it is more about the USSR and not about the USA. Can you be specific about how the book ‘Hotel USSR’ related to this topic? Thank you.

        • Is he actually ignorant or just deliberately not making the connection on who infiltrated the university system heavy past the 1950’s?

      • Innocent Bystander,

        I will assert that the overwhelming majority–probably upwards of 85%–of college and university faculty publicly espouse Far Left politics. My opinion is that is common knowledge to both sides of the political aisle.

        Several factors play into that. Spelling them out is beyond the scope of this website.

        If you do not agree that the overwhelming majority of college and university faculty do not espouse Far Left politics, feel free to provide evidence to the contrary–and prepare to be really frustrated trying to find it.

      • “Vinny, what is your evidence to back up your ‘99% Borg” claim?”

        Oh for cripes sakes, another Miner49er account

        • Starting to wonder if it’s a woke AI project going through testing phases for interaction. Some of the comments are uniform throughout several portions of the board then vague or incomplete. Or could just be a new id for old trolls or someone’s intern. Lots of fun possibilities but hoping for something different than typical.

        • @Safe

          It does read like the heavily leftist filtered ChatGPT AI’s.

          On that note, I reaally wish they’d turn the DAN AI loose, he(?) is definitely on our side.

      • Ummm . . . because I’ve met college students, raised four of them, and was an adjunct professor at two different colleges??? Any of that count?

        If your hypothesis is that modern American college is a net positive to society, state your case, and we’ll respond. If your intention is to be a (failed) sniper of snark? U R doin it wrong.

        But thanks for playing.

      • My daughter is attending my alma mater, one of the largest state universities in the country. She is studying landscape architecture, and, I swear, some of the crap that is being spouted even by the architecture, engineering, and environmental science profs makes me sick. That was my bailiwick some 30 years ago, and it was just beginning to creep in back then. Yeah, 99% may be hyperbole, but 85% certainly isn’t.

        Ditto what Lamp said…

      • When I was at university back in the late 80s and 90s, wrong think was forbidden. Marxists would only flaunt their beliefs when countries were rejecting philosophy.

        And business students were among the most reviled by Humanities students.

    • In the 70’s when I went to college on the GI bill we had an english prof that spent 80% of class time discussing, mostly with himself, the sexual connotations of Shirley Temple movies.

      Another prof spent most of his class, American poly sci, on ragging on Israel.

      I cannot imagine the ‘education system’ has gotten any better since then.

  4. I’m confused. It’s tradition to not paint over the rock, which gets painted over almost daily? Is the tradition that the paint has to dry from the previous message before getting out your own spray can?

    Better to just stifle dissent and blow the damn thing up. Or replace it with a permanent woke monument of some sort.

    • “Better to just stifle dissent …”

      … which is what the virtue-signalers did. Blowing up the rock would take away the opportunity to shove their hypocrisy in everyone’s faces.

      • Why blow it up when you can steal it in the middle of the night, dump it in a river, and watch both sides froth at the mouth.

        Bobcats, trailers, and large pickups are the tools of fun, my friend.

  5. The people who painted “Allow us to defend ourselves & carry on campus.” now need to find their balls and black out the “How many more?” with something even more pro-gun.
    Just troll the F out of the Lefties.

    Thanks to Soros D.A’s, we need more guns then ever.

    • When I retire I got to find a state that allows retirees to take college classes free/low-cost and then just troll the heck out of some courses.

  6. The “How Many More?” kids will graduate and never do a thing with their lives.
    They are too touchy feely and probably majored in something that has no future.
    They are wasting their parents money on tuition.
    Followers follow and leaders lead, the “How Many More?” kids follow.

    • Unfortunately the HR of most large businesses are overrun with Lefty wokesters so take a guess at who they’re hiring?

      Conservatives over the past 20 years have been saying “just wait until these crybabies get out into the real world!”. Well surprise, these crybabies control hiring now days and implemening DEI in every corner of the business.

      • @hatethedeepstate

        Every business needs piss ants. The people who work in HR know this. A look at the resume and especially the interview decides if they are getting hired and for what.

        Corporations keep the woke ones out of HR, they need people who have common sense.

        A lot of these woke kids who graduated with say a communications or art degree are usually started out in the mail room. They make less then what a high volume McDonalds worker makes.

        MSU is a decent school but bad decisions early on make for you are still living in your parents basement 8 years after getting a Bachelors in fashion design.

        IOWs these kids are spray painting a fucking rock, I did that when was 11 or 12. It was a phase, we spray painted everything with Disco Sucks.

        • “It was a phase, we spray painted everything with Disco Sucks.”

          True story – When I was about 12, a kid that wore a “Disco Sucks” t-shirt got suspended for 3 days for the ‘crime’ of wearing it to school.

          He was *immensely* popular when he came back… 🙂


        • “Corporations keep the woke ones out of HR, they need people who have common sense.”

          I think Elon Musk would have a thing or two to say about that.

  7. “… we all grieve in different ways, but you can’t force someone else to grieve in your way,” Warner said.

    Unless you a Progressive True Believer then it IS okay to force someone else to grieve in your way.

    As I stated on this site recently regarding Progressive True Believers:
    a) They want what they want.
    b) Facts are irrelevant and feelings are preeminent.
    c) Your politics define whether your action is right or wrong.
    d) Progressive True Believers are always right and “others” are always wrong.

    — and last but not least —

    e) It is okay and good when Progressive True Believers intimidate, coerce, silence, abuse, punish, maim, and/or murder “others”, because “others” deserve it.

  8. The “offensive” message on the rock read, “Allow us to defend ourselves and carry on campus.”

    I find it interesting that those two Karens had to paint over the phrase, “allow us to defend ourselves.”

    Allow me to clarify. While I do not agree with those two Karens, I understand how they would want to deny carrying firearms on campus and therefore erase that message. What is much more difficult to justify is why those Karens do not want people to defend themselves and therefore covered up that part of the message.

    Of course, if you take a step back and look at the overall picture, you realize that the Far Left wants to dehumanize and humiliate us: and disparaging self-defense (even self-defense without firearms) is part-and-parcel of dehumanizing and humiliating us.

    • Just saw Ant-man 3. NOT woke. Hyper violent with a “fight back” message. The idiot college girly types deserve to be slaughtered🙄

      • former water walker,

        The idiot college girly types deserve to be slaughtered.

        Speaking of, I watched an interview of a Michigan State University student who was in one of the classrooms where the attacker came in and shot one or more students. He explained how he heard a gunshot outside his classroom, recognized it for what it was, and immediately ran to the back of his classroom to hide. Instead of immediately rushing to the door to pile-up obstacles, calling others to join him, and staging himself to clobber the attacker with anything on hand should the attacker bust in, he abandoned his classmates and his own security to run to the back of the room to somehow hide.

        Physically fit young men who run away and attempt to hide in that circumstance are contributing significantly to the problem–and are an important indicator of one of the major problems with our society.

        • Ya know US way back in the 1980’s I intervened several times on the EL in Chicago. At great peril as I was totally unarmed save 2 large arms & the Holy Spirit. Got jumped by a large gang boy and about killed him a I slammed him into a wall. I’m over 35 years older now but still big but brittle now. And no matter what I’m carrying at least a knife & a pepper gel thing. Sometimes a gat. A Coward dies a thousand deaths!

  9. “…but you can’t force someone else to grieve in your way…”

    “…you can’t force me to grieve in your way, but I can force you.”

    There Missy, FIFY. That’s what you were meaning to say.

  10. Repainted “last night” with allow us to defend ourselves. So they know students painted the message that was covered, how? At least the antis didn’t do their thing under the cover of darkness.

    • “The names were also part of yet another repainting — this one requested by the university, according to a tweet by local reporter Rachel Louise Just — depicting the MSU logo along with the words, “Always a Spartan.” ” — MSN

      EddieP — “At least the antis didn’t do their thing under the cover of darkness.”

      It’s “tradition” to paint the rock at night.

      “[Katrina] Groeller posted a statement to Twitter. “@michiganstateu I took part in that time honored tradition – even though we broke tradition by (re)painting it during daylight.”

      “In it, she called the pro-gun artwork “wildly inappropriate.” ” — Yahoo News

      • “In it, she called the pro-gun artwork ‘wildly inappropriate.’ ” — Yahoo News

        And yet breaking her community’s long and deeply held tradition–as well as suppressing freedom of speech–is somehow not wildly inappropriate?

        Like I said above (apologies for beating the proverbial dead horse), Far Left True Believers define “appropriate” and “right-versus-wrong” based on your politics rather than timeless standards which sustain society.

      • “In it, she called the pro-gun artwork ”

        If there had been a little “pro-gun artwork” allowed to be used by a defender to engage the killer there may not have been any victims injured. “Painting” that artwork with bullets on the “canvas” of a mass killers body would have helped a lot.

        They were 100% defenseless by the ‘no guns’ zone thing and the false promise and lie that promotes it. If only one of the victims had been armed and engaged the killer at least there would have been a chance to stop this violent mentally ill killer before others got injured or killed. As it was, being 100% defenseless by the ‘no guns’ zone thing and the false promise and lie that promotes it they had no chance at all when the killer came upon them.

        • TTAG usually reprints one article from one source, or parts of one article.

          As a journalist, I was taught to drill down to a primary source and, failing that, check several sources for details that can’t be covered in a synopsis.

          TTAG is more of an “aggregator” site than an in-depth analysis news primary.

  11. So, evil and intolerant censorship for these students to paint over the pro-gun message, but righteous of the students who painted the pro-gun message to cover the previous “How many more?” message.

    Wonder whether the tradition was started by the paint dept. manager at the local hardware store.

    • How is this censorship? As it has been defined by libertarians who say censorship only comes from the government. And those libertarians support multi-billion dollar Tech corporations preventing customers and businesses from being able to communicate with each other.

      They prevented President trump and other Republican politicians from being able to communicate with their voters. The libertarians were comfortable with banning their accounts. They said that is just a private business.

      They prevented gun companies for being able to communicate with their customers and other private businesses.

      As far as I can tell this rock is similar to a public bulletin board. Where individuals can post messages whenever they choose. It certainly would be much more polite. to not paint over someone else’s message. But as I have been told many times in the past the 1st amendment does not require politeness.
      It certainly helps our society if we are more polite to each other.

      The pro gun side needs to simply go back to that rock and paint their message back on to it. And keep repainting it if necessary. It is their 1st amendment right to do so.

      This is a long term battle. And those who support the 2nd amendment should always use the 1st amendment to fight for it. Never give up.

      I remember very well when I was a kid when the KKK and the American national s0ci@lists wanted to March in Jewish and black neighborhoods. And all the adults around me said that’s just the 1st amendment in action.

      And I was told back then by those same adults that I should use my 1st amendment rights to protest against them.

      I believe that is part of the principle of non aggression.

  12. Anddddd . . . we should allow college students, and their “DEEP THOUGHTS” (patent pending) to dictate public policy because?

    College students are not, in my experience (substantial personal experience in college and graduate school, raised four kids (two of whom are still completing college, two more who either have, or are working on, graduate degrees), taught as an adjunct at college, community college, and law school for years) serious, rational, or thoughtful.

    After all, dacian the demented dips*** loves to tell us that our children are naked apes, and don’t even have brains until the are 25.

    So, and this is a serious inquiry, WHY should we give a shart WHAT these pampered idiots think??? They have a right (thank you, Founding Fathers, for the 1A!) to their opinion, and even to publish their opinions. I have exactly ZERO corresponding obligation to pay any attention to their ignorant, irrational “feelz”. But to make actual public policy on the basis of the ignorant, uneducated, irrational, emotion-based spew from the likes of these two social justice warriors, or David “Camera” Hogg? That would make us as irrational as they are.

    That’s a hard pass from me, dawg.

  13. When I was a sociology major in the 70’s, we studied Marxism and its evils, one of which was to disarm the public. Now sociology seems to teach that Marxism is good and disarmament is virtuous along with the lack of logic that if guns are to be removed that criminals will still have access to them and use them against the innocent.
    Methinks to be a sociology student today is to subject oneself to a frontal lobotomy.

    • I had to take one sociology class in the course of finishing requirements for my major. Can’t say it offered much that wasn’t covered elsewhere but the histrionics we’re kept to a minimum so at least it wasn’t awful.

  14. How many more?

    – Some overly educated beyond their level of intelligence idiots

    Until every threat is vanquished, and all potential threats extinguished. NOT ONE MOMENT BEFORE, you inane, irrelevant fucktards!

  15. “Tradition is not to paint over it, but tradition doesn’t matter right now.”

    These women (womyn?) are woke fascists who think their opinions override everyone else’s.

    As long as their incivility isn’t met with equal incivility this left wing extremism is not going to stop.

  16. Glad I don’t have kids, I can’t be blamed for the brain-dead, over emotional, and under informed idiots running around burning down their own house with no place else to live after it’s gone. “Don’t confuse me with facts” says the “educated liberal” (an oxymoron if there ever was one). I wouldn’t care a lick if what they think and do effects only them, but we sane sensible people are going to put through a hellish spin cycle if these ass hats dominate.

  17. Until we stop the Indoctrination in our education system, it will continue to get worse.
    Look at where we are now. Men can be women, women can be men, all because some “ology” says feelings count more than empirically established truths. Asininities like “Criminals aren’t responsible for their crimes, society is,” are just the tip of the Iceberg. 99% of what they spout is sheer Insanity, yet segments of the population lap it up as if they’re pronouncements from on high.
    The point is, this doesn’t end well. One way or another, we’re going to have to scatter the roaches.


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