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George Soros (AP Photo/Manish Swarup)
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By Lee Williams

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and Open Society Foundation’s George Soros may appear to have similar goals. They have each spent massive amounts of their personal fortunes in pursuit of their political objectives through networks of shadowy cutouts, foundations and nonprofits. Both champion big government and abhor personal freedoms – especially gun rights – but it’s their methods that separate their madness.

Bloomberg funds a half-dozen Astroturf (they’re certainly not grassroots as he claims) anti-gun groups, which focus primarily on policy and legislative issues. If pro-gun legislation appears anywhere in the country, Bloomberg will dispatch his red-shirted Demanding Moms to try to snuff it out. Their activism is overt, well publicized by the legacy media and somewhat episodic. There’s a sense of immediacy to Bloomberg’s efforts.

moms demand action gun protest
Moms Demanding Action (AP Photo/Steve Helber)

Soros, by comparison, seeks to influence society as a whole. He wants to control what people think by modifying their behavior. He’s a woke globalist and not much interested in local issues. While Bloomberg seeks to control the media narrative, Soros wants to actually control the media.

If Bloomberg’s efforts can be viewed as tactical, Soros’ are strategic, and at the age of 92, he’s pumped enough money into his gun-control empire to ensure it will continue long after he’s gone.

‘Most generous giver’

Born György Schwartz in pre-World War II Hungary, Soros was educated in England, emigrated to the United States and opened his first hedge fund in 1969. A year later he opened his second, Soros Fund Management.

Today, his personal wealth is estimated at nearly $26 billion, and he has donated more than $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations and other left-wing causes, which led Forbes Magazine to call him the “most generous giver.”

George Soros
(AP Photo/Ferdinand Ostrop)

The Open Society Foundations, or OSF, consist of 20 smaller foundations, has branches in 37 countries and operates in more than 120 countries. It is financially capable of continuing its founder’s efforts into perpetuity. Soros’ son, Alexander Soros, currently chairs OSF’s board of directors.

In 2000, OSF’s Center on Crime, Communities & Culture and the Funders’ Collaborative for Gun Violence Prevention, released “Gun Control in the United States,” which is one of the most radical gun-control documents ever produced.

The researchers who prepared the document found differences, of course, between state gun laws. Obviously, states such as California and New York have far stricter gun laws than Louisiana or Florida.

“The most striking results of this survey are (a) the lack of uniformity in firearm regulation across the country; (b) the enormous differential between the top and bottom of the spectrum; and (c) the poor scores achieved by most states. Forty-two states fall below minimum standards for public safety, since they lack basic gun laws such as licensing and registration. The lowest ranking states have almost no firearm regulation of their own; instead they rely entirely on the federal government’s NICS background check at point-of-sale by licensed dealers,” the document states.

The researchers believe all state gun laws should be the same, and they called on the federal government to remedy this “problem” by forcing freer states to conform with the more restrictive ones.

“All states should move toward consistent regulatory frameworks based on licensing of firearm owners and registration of guns,” the researchers wrote. “States should implement basic anti-trafficking measures, in particular one-gun-a-month laws.”

In addition, the report calls for bans of “assault weapons” and “Saturday Night Specials,” mandatory waiting periods, registration of all guns, permits to purchase firearms and more.

The report quickly became the template for all of Soros’ gun-control efforts.

Media control

In January, MRC Business, which is part of the Media Research Center, revealed that from 2016-2020 Soros gave more than $131 million to various media groups, some of which include NPR, ProPublica, Free Press, Project Syndicate and the Poynter Institute – a Tampa-based media think tank which, I should disclose, spent at least some of the money on a hit piece about me.

“Soros understands something American conservatives have never fully grasped: media outlets are essential to influencing people,” the MRC authors wrote. “The media influence that Soros bought was enough to insulate him from being seriously investigated by most journalists.”

Soros certainly got what he paid for. ProPublica’s archives are chock-full of anti-gun stories and NPR has even more.

Through his OSF, Soros also offers two types of lucrative media fellowships – one designed for new reporters and the second for “more experienced individuals with a proven record of achievement and expertise.” The beginner fellowship offers a grant of $100,000. The second comes with a staggering $140,000. In addition to the fellowships, OSF offers all-expenses-paid bootcamps for young reporters. While Soros’ sponsorship of these bootcamps is somewhat hidden, his attempt to indoctrinate the young journalists is not.

None of the media outlets ever mentioned Soros’ generosity, and they never probed his finances or his multiple foundations. Nearly all of the coverage of Soros or his businesses has been glowing. The legacy media has never once bitten the hand that feeds them.

‘Soros-backed DA’

Last June, after a mass shooting on Philadelphia’s South Street left three dead and 11 wounded, Soros-financed Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner blamed the National Rifle Association.

“The terrible crimes last night on South Street tell our Pennsylvania legislators it’s time for real action,” Krasner wrote in a social media post. “Boycott NRA lobbyists, boycott NRA donations, and bring real common sense gun regulation to Pennsylvania. Now.”

Of course, Krasner never mentioned how his failure to aggressively prosecute gang members, gun crimes or repeat offenders who commit gun crimes had led to a record number of homicides in the City of Brotherly Love.

Krasner is certainly not the first Soros-funded prosecutor to do their benefactor’s bidding in front of the TV cameras. In fact, the list is long.

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner, another Soros-backed prosecutor, was elected after promising to “reform” the criminal justice system, which was code for allowing crimes to go unpunished – unless they involved a defensive gun use.

Gardner went gangbusters after Mark and Patricia McCloskey, who famously stood their ground while protestors invaded their gated community.

Gardner described their actions as a “violent assault,” and filed felony weapon charges, despite Missouri’s Castle Doctrine, which says a homeowner has “the absolute unmitigated right to protect his or her castle or family while on their property.”

Ultimately, the McCloskeys pleaded guilty to misdemeanors, and both were pardoned by Gov. Mike Parson. However, Gardner’s relentless hounding of the couple forced even a few liberal commenters to question her motivations, but they’re not difficult to find. Gardner’s election was financed by a super PAC, to which Soros donated $30,000.

Perhaps the most infamous Soros-backed DA, Los Angeles County Prosecutor George Gascón, tried to strongarm American Express, Visa and Mastercard into prohibiting their customers from purchasing homemade firearm kits.

“Our purpose in writing to you today is not to recruit you in a legal debate on the merits of these legal cases or the enforceability of these laws. … [T]here is a difference between what may or may not be technically legal and possible and what is most assuredly wrong. It is to your company’s sense of right and wrong to which we now appeal,” Gascón wrote, according to a news story by the NRA.

George Gascon (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

While Gascón was busy writing letters, Los Angeles slid further into the crime cesspool. Gascón barely survived a recall effort, which sought to replace him with a prosecutor who would actually enforce the law.

In a column published last year by The Wall Street Journal, Soros wrote that he funds progressive prosecutors because they promote safety and justice and are “popular and effective.”

Chaos theory

It can be argued that Soros-funded prosecutors have allowed crime to surge in their jurisdictions, which creates the very same “gun violence” the Soros-funded media love to cover, and the Soros-funded gun-control groups can then exploit and use in their messaging.

Whether this three-pronged cycle is purposeful or coincidental is open to debate, but Soros certainly controls members of all three groups. It’s a type of vertical integration never seen before – and one with deadly consequences.

Soros’ woke progressive socialism leaves blood and bodies in its wake. Normally, this would draw the attention of prosecutors and/or the media, but in this case, most are paid participants, and as fellow woke progressive socialists it fits their narrative.

Compared to George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and his Demanding Moms are nothing but an irritant. Soros, his woke prosecutors and the lapdog media he’s bought and paid for, combined with the anti-gun groups he’s endowed for decades, pose the more significant threat to our civil rights, and it’s one that will not end anytime soon.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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  1. Socialists and Communists share one overriding religious idea: Destroy societies, and/or assert absolute control. For socialists and communists, “the pie” must never be made larger; only that the elites are destined to consumer ever greater portions of “the pie”. All of life is a zero sum game.

    • Uncle George (to Dacian) knows if he doesn’t control the revolution he will be among the first in the show trials.

      After which there will be a public ceremony where he “willingly” signs over his interests to “the people” and promptly disappears into the archipelago.

  2. Finally…..people starting to understand “the long game”! These evil phuks know they can’t get their agenda imposed in a few years, like any fascist/socialist/communist in history, they do it incrementally!

  3. The face of old school, hitler style fascism right there. People like him and bloomberg and gates bought out the left and turned it to fascism. Billionaires and their corporations won the fight between fascism and communism.

    blm. ss/antifa, democratic party, miner and dacian all belong to the fascists now.

    • soros is a very old sick little man who probably has sick younger people around him using his money to advance sick agendas…If soros ever runs out of money he’d be tossed in a dumpster faster than hunter biden and his brother’s ex could toss hunter’s ill-gotten handgun in a dumpster.

      • Not just sick, twisted and evil as well. The man encourages behavior on the part of US prosecutors that harm the innocent and cost innocent lives. This world will be better without him in it, though his communist inspired foundation will live on long after he has gone on to whatever punishment is awaiting him.

    • I wonder how many of his organs he has now he was born with.

      He can thank China for being able to harvest so many willing donors, and in such quick time.

  4. I love the “1 gun per month” crowd.
    Okay, so 12 guns per year?
    “Noooooo!!!! That’s too many gunzzz!!!1!!1!!!”

    • Gun collectors are definitely the greatest danger to society. They don’t need an “arsenal” of war weapon AR-14s to kill a deer!

      If someone is planning a crime (and actually able to legally buy the guns from an FFL) then a monthly limit is silly. They can do great damage with a single gun, but waiting a month or two for a backup won’t necessarily stop them. I guess hoping they get cold feet while waiting for gun number two or three? Restrictive legislation based on hoping for something is really dumb. Same with mag limits “maybe if they have to stop and reload at 10 it will give someone a moment to intervene?”

      • “Same with mag limits “maybe if they have to stop and reload at 10 it will give someone a moment to intervene?” ”

        Not so much “intervene”, as give people time to run away.

        To understand the thinking, it is important to invoke the “reasonable person”* standard. The “reasonable person” is generally someone not familiar, or comfortable with firearms possessed “by just anyone”. When it comes to reloads, the “reasonable person” thinks, “I would fumble around for many seconds, maybe minutes, to replace one magazine with another. Magazine limits thus reduce the number of persons who could be shot in a short time.”

        *”reasonable person”: the type of person not agile enough to avoid jury duty.

    • Name me another enumerated right that gets rationed. Reading one newspaper a month? Go to your house of worship once a month?

      • They told people they weren’t allowed to worship as they chose while they kept the liquor stores open. Most of the response was: yes master.

      • The one will blow through his fortune on hookers and blow.
        He is a little Hunter and the other one is an artist like Hunter.
        Alexander Soros is head of the Alexander Soros Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting social justice and human rights so a SJW like dad.
        Both think: I can’t wait for this Hungarian stain to die.
        He is 92 and gave away 64% of his wealth.
        His kids are probably not amused.

  5. The irony is, that in the Soros “Open Society,” everything will devolve into a Communist tyranny like North Korea. There will be no innovation, no productivity. Everything that contributed to Soros amassing his great wealth will be gone. The old bastard was the embodiment of free trade and Capitalism in his hedge fund days, but now he wants to destroy it all. People of his persuasion are mentally ill at best, pure evil at worst. Good men and women cannot stand by and hope that others fight for them. The fight is for YOUR survival and the survival of your children.

    • “Everything that contributed to Soros amassing his great wealth will be gone.”

      This is likely part of the plan. Every “experiment in socialism” that the left holds up as being a success story, has been supported in one way or another by capitalist cash and would not stand on its own. Soros and those of his ilk know that socialism generates only dead bodies, not economic progress. They figured out ways to make fortunes off capitalism so they could finance their quiet insurgencies. Yes, evil.

    • “but now he wants to destroy it all” “mentally ill at best”

      That’s only because those people already accumulated their wealth. They still want to keep it. They just don’t you to have a shot at it. That’s why they’re trying to put the lock and key on resources. That isn’t mental illness. It’s evil.

      The only capitalism they believe in is crony capitalism. You can only succeed if they give you permission to. If you want that permission, you better do as they say. They want Chinese style authoritarianism with them in charge of course.

    • “The irony is, that in the Soros “Open Society,” everything will devolve into a Communist tyranny like North Korea. There will be no innovation, no productivity.”

      That’s the idea, create so much chaos, a ‘savior’ will appear and be elected to ‘solve everything.’ All it will take is that we will need to put the Bill of Rights aside for a little while. But you can trust them not to abuse it, they *promise*. 🙁

      Read this :

      “Headline: When a quarter of the class identifies as transsexual”

      “The first issue is with what the school is teaching children. My daughter’s trans identity started when the school taught a module on ‘identity’ during which they told a group of 11-year-olds that, if you feel uncomfortable in your body, it means you are transgender. My daughter had just had her first period two months prior to this class. Of course she was feeling uncomfortable in her body. She went home, looked up ‘transgender’ on Tiktok, and that was it. She was now trans.”

      That’s some seriously scary shit, right there. They are actively engineering a population of females that will be incapable of rational thought, and be easily led to do things no rational person would do…

      • Well, you as her father have the responsibility to set her straight. I am a boomer, but I remember when I was in school that my folks taught me to question everything and not to trust “authority figures” like teachers or government officials. Kids have to learn to think for themselves.

        • “Kids have to learn to think for themselves.”

          That’s out, nowadays. Conform without question or be excommunicated. And far too many of them fear the excommunication so much, they’ll happily go along with that crowd.

          (“Be cool or be cast out.” ‘Subdivisions’, by power trio Rush)…

        • At some point in the past 30 years we went from “if all your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump to?” to “why aren’t you jumping off that bridge with all your friends? You racist or something?”

          The cool kids are the ones who conform the hardest. Look no further than the recent Grammys. The most mainstream, mass-appeal, commercial music event there is and people act like it was all subversive and rebellious. There really isn’t much more mainstream these days than identifying as some non-trinary alphabet person. It’s run-of-the-mill standard fare like pizza and beer.

          Somewhere along the line everybody lost the script and totally forgot what counterculture is. Now they all just sell out to corporate culture and think they’re being oh so bad.

        • “…you as her father have the responsibility…”

          This, in spades. A big part of this responsibility is to pursue alternatives to what has been called the “public screwl system.” Find level-headed mentors if you want level-headed kids. I hope that parent that wrote the article Geoff cited, had the sense to take that kid out of that screwl. You parents, don’t think your public school is immune. Don’t give blind trust even to well-known private/charter/online schools. Someone is going to actively participate in your child’s education and upbringing–don’t let it be haphazard.

  6. Hmmm
    Chaos theory determines that all things are possible.
    What Mr Sore-hole has simply gilded over is right in front of his gilded eyes: human nature.
    Will his progeny & minions carry on his vision? Possibly. Will they? Who knows.
    Not even they know. Flash fwd: he’s gone (not soon enough), the $$$$$ is still there, and interestingly enough so is free will & greed. Empires much mightier than his have crumbled from within.

    Other oversights by Sore-hole: ‘Merica.
    Too many patriots, too many middle class peeps, too many people with home spun values that are, 1- raising, teaching, home schooling their children about good Judeo-Christian ethics/values, and 2- America’s founding self perspective as an underdog.
    It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.
    Chaos works not only both ways, it works every way.
    In reality, playing the long game has only a temporary determination on any current moment. Moments give way to future moments as sure as current moments fade into the past.
    Soros, his minions, dictators & thugs, all come and go. Righteous remains right.

    Keep your wits about you, and you’re powder dry. Keep your friends close & your enemies closer. Endeavor to know yourself (the toughest journey of all) and carry on.

  7. The “get a permit to buy a gun” (which is the law in NJ, and was or is the law in Hawaii) never made any sense to me. Well it does, but certainly not as some sort of gun safety measure; you have to pass a background check to pick up the gun at the dealer, so why should you have to pass a BGC just to go shopping? It makes no sense, until you realize it has nothing to do with safety in the individual sense, but only in the global sense of trying to put as many roadblocks between the purchaser and the firearm, thus didminishing or delaying increases in the number of “guns in the street.”.

  8. True Nazi collaborator and sympathizer Soros. Look it up. Saved himself at others expense. (please don’t have me killed George) All about $$$ and power.

  9. quote————–Today, his personal wealth is estimated at nearly $26 billion, and he has donated more than $32 billion to his Open Society Foundations and other left-wing causes, which led Forbes Magazine to call him the “most generous giver.”———-quote

    And what have the stingy, tightwad, greed monger, Republicans ever done for the American Students, much less for the students world wide? Answer: NOTHING.

    Soros has donated more money and created more foundations for institutes of Higher Education and their students than any man in history and more than most other foundations have given in the history of the world. Compare this to the Republicans who currently are attacking U.S. Students by trying to ensure that they stay bankrupt for the remainder of their lives by sabotaging Biden’s student debt relief plan. Sickening beyond belief that Republicans can be that low a form of human filth.

    In August 2009, Soros donated $35 million to the state of New York to be earmarked for underprivileged children and given to parents who had benefit cards at the rate of $200 per child aged 3 through 17, with no limit as to the number of children that qualified. An additional $140 million was put into the fund by the state of New York from money they had received from the 2009 federal recovery act.

    According to Waldemar A. Nielsen, an authority on American philanthropy, “[Soros] has undertaken… nothing less than to open up the once-closed communist societies of Eastern Europe to a free flow of ideas and scientific knowledge from the outside world.” From 1979, as an advocate of ‘open societies’, Soros financially supported dissidents including Poland’s Solidarity movement, Charter 77 in Czechoslovakia and Andrei Sakharov in the Soviet Union. In 1984, he founded his first Open Society Institute in Hungary with a budget of $3 million

    Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Soros’s funding has played an important role in the newly independent countries. A 2017 study found that a grant program by George Soros which awarded funding to over 28,000 scientists in the former Soviet republics shortly after the end of the Soviet Union “more than doubled publications on the margin, significantly induced scientists to remain in the science sector, and had long-lasting [beneficial] impacts

    In June 2009, Soros donated $100 million to Central Europe and Eastern Europe to counter the impact of the economic crisis on the poor, voluntary groups and non-government organisations.[115]

    Since 2012, the Hungarian Fidesz government has labelled George Soros as an enemy of the state, due to his humanitarian and political involvement in the European refugee crisis.

    Soros has funded worldwide efforts to promote drug policy reform. In 2008, Soros donated $400,000 to help fund a successful ballot measure in Massachusetts known as the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative which decriminalized possession of less than 1 oz (28 g) of marijuana in the state. Soros has also funded similar measures in California, Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Nevada and Maine.[130] Among the drug decriminalization groups that have received funding from Soros are the Lindesmith Center and Drug Policy Foundation

    The Project on Death in America, active from 1994 to 2003, was one of the Open Society Institute’s projects, which sought to “understand and transform the culture and experience of dying and bereavement.” In 1994, Soros delivered a speech in which he reported that he had offered to help his mother, a member of the right-to-die advocacy organization Hemlock Society, commit suicide. In the same speech, he also endorsed the Oregon Death with Dignity Act, proceeding to help fund its advertising campaign

  10. Dude has so much money, he gave 60% of it away to a charity that “distributes to other charities”… smh. Not one fucking person alive needs that much money. And people still act like their vote matters. Friends, this kind of elitism is what controls the world. Your vote is an illusion. They have the next 10 years mapped out already.

    • “Not one fucking person alive needs that much money. ”

      Kinda like 2A isn’t about “need”, so it is with wealth accumulation. Who would everyone agree upon as the cosmic judge of who has enough/too much wealth?

        • Serious question – –
          “In response to Sam I Am:”

          “Not one fucking person alive needs that much money. ” Kinda like 2A isn’t about “need”, so it is with wealth accumulation. Who would everyone agree upon as the cosmic judge of who has enough/too much wealth?”


          Claiming there should be some mandated limit to how much wealth a person should be allowed is no different from, “I believe in the Second Amendment, but….there must be limits.”

          Whoever is inspired to claim wealth should be limited is of the same cloth, haggling only over the amount. One limit is as valid as another.

          Again, who can everyone agree should be granted authority to decide how much wealth is permissible?

      • Yea I agree. It’s just ridiculous. Not coming in here spouting off r/antiwork “equal distribution” nonsense. It’s just crazy when you think about it. If I was uber wealthy, the last thing I would want is for anyone to know.

  11. What did Buth Gader Rimsberg have in common with Soros? Both outlived any possible usefulness by multiple decades. If I were into praying, I’d pray that Jesus called the man home – whichever direction that might be.

  12. When Soros is dead his money will continue to fund an endless supply of Communists dedicated to the destruction of the US Republic. Communists are like ants. To kill ants it takes persistance. I dont see todays lot of Red Blooded American Patriots having the persistance to last the decades its going to take. Which means to defeat the bastards its going to take greater mass and acceleration against them. F = MA.

  13. I’d never wish harm to him but if one of his security folks dropped their GLOCK and tried to catch it on the way down and accidentally shot him, that would just break my fucking heart.

  14. “The researchers believe all state gun laws should be the same….”

    Researchers, my ass — paid political shills. I’ve read some of the crap that passes for “research” for anti-gunners, and it’s mostly “makeup what you want to have people believe, then pick and choose data you can distort to make it say what you want”.

  15. @anonymous
    “But… not forever right? So … Sunshine on the horizon!”

    His money will make money. His influence will live long, long after.

    So long as there is a US, the battle for preserving natural, human and civil rights will never end; evil will persist.

  16. Looking forward to the day Soros expires from here and lands in hello with his Brother Satan. May they enjoy each other forever in the firey place prepared for their kind !

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