Screen Cap by Boch. Via UK independent.
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2022 has already proven to be a banner year for carjackings in Philadelphia. In less than the first 14 days, police took reports on 100 carjackings. Then ‘jackers started running into concealed carry holders who didn’t fancy being threatened or having their cars stolen. The latest example of an armed vehicle owner fighting back happened Tuesday.

An Acura owner was confronted by thieves on a city street when he found them trying to steal his car. One thing led to another and the victim shot one of the armed bad guys. Now, the dead criminal’s family and friends are outraged — OUTRAGED, you see — and demanding charges against the Acura owner.

Screen cap by Boch via UK Independent

The dead would-be thief, Satario Natividad, aged 51 (more than old enough to know better) was trying to pull the Acura with tow straps. During a confrontation, the Acura’s owner shot Mr. Natividad.

The criminal’s two associates abandoned their thievery and hopped into their own ride to flee, but the wounded Natividad only managed to drive about a block before he crashed into a school bus full of special needs children. Fortunately none of the kids suffered serious injury.

As is often the case, the co-conspirators didn’t stick around to provide aid to their wounded comrade. Mr. Natividad bled out and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital.

Satario Natividad via his Facebook page.

From the NY Post . . .

A Philadelphia man shot and killed a man who was trying to steal his car from outside his house, according to reports.

The licensed gun owner shot at least once early Tuesday after seeing three men trying to tow away his car, possibly just to rip out its catalytic converter, police told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The trio tried to flee in a gray Honda Accord, but it crashed into a school bus. Two of the thieves fled, but the third one was pronounced dead after being taken to a local hospital, the report said.

The shooting victim was identified as Satario Natividad, 51, by grieving relatives who demanded charges for the gunman, who was questioned by homicide detectives.

Natividad’s family have spun the incident as “merely” an attempted theft of a catalytic converter. More from the NY Post story . . .

“He did not have to come out and shoot him,” one of Natividad’s lifelong friends, Tanya Dunn, told the paper.

“It was a car! All he had to do is call the police. … You don’t shoot someone out in the street over a car.”

The UK’s Independent has some video.

Philadelphia, of course, is home to Soros-funded prosecutor Larry Krasner who has chosen not to prosecute a wide range of crimes, giving violent criminals a green light to victimize productive members of society. The question now is whether or not he will he choose to prosecute a lawfully armed individual who tried to stop a couple of car thieves.

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  1. “You don’t shoot someone out in the street over a car.”

    I wouldn’t, but that’s only because I’m not dependent on one vehicle. If I needed that one car to work and feed my family and didn’t have a spare $1000 for a new cat? Well, you just saw.

    • This. Stealing horses in the old days came with a low life expectancy. Stealing cars, tractors, tools, the means of a livelihood also results in a low life expectancy. Killing someone over property isn’t my first or preferred option but sometimes it’s the only one available when it comes to keeping food on the table. The owner doesn’t know what the would-be thief was up to, could be stealing the converter, cutting brake lines, planting a IED, etc, likely to be armed as well.

      If we had real prosecution for crime then these crimes wouldn’t happen nearly as often, nor would deadly force be so often required.

      I pack heat with me because plant theft, yes, PLANT THEFT, is a big thing in high dollar botanicals and some break into greenhouses armed and ready.

      Regardless of why people turn to theft, usually only high-trust types can be rehabbed, the rest are just going to become repeat offenders.

      • Yep, it’s only very very recently in human history that people have any kind of insurance or social safety net at all. Historically if your stuff got stolen, that was it, it’s gone. And people had a lot less wealth in general, so losing your horse or cattle (or even just your weekly wages) might very well doom you and your family. It was very much a threat to your survival, it wasn’t just ‘stuff’ that could be replaced. Anyone who says that is either very wealthy and out of touch, or a thief themselves.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          Think, ‘weed’ varieties, most likely.

          A small greenhouse can have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth inside…

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        • Thats hilarious… dot. tk – an internet couny code for Tokelau, a small New Zealand territory kinda known as a haven for scammers. I probably wouldn’t take a check.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “Killing someone over property isn’t my first or preferred option but sometimes it’s the only one available when it comes to keeping food on the table.”

        That’s the rationalization the state of Florida used to authorize lethal force as a response to carjacking.

        And good on ’em for doing that… 🙂

        • If I am in the car during an attempted theft, AKA carjacking then how am I to know it isn’t a direct attack on my person. I will assume that a carjacker will be armed whether he displays the gun/knife or not and forces me to deal with the situation accordingly.

        • Here’s the thing…
          The thieves Are in all likelihood ready to shoot you in order to accomplish the crime. Why should you not have the option to shoot them to stop it?

    • If you wish something that I own for yourself, you may ask for it or make me an offer for it. If you attempt to take it by force, I will shoot you without warning, over and over, until you stop. That would include my wife, my kids, my wallet, watch, or car. You do not have to do the same, you do you and I’ll do me.

    • That Acura would probably fetcth $3000 on the current used car market. Not chump change, iven in these inflated times.

    • ALL theft of lawful property is violent crime. Property was obtained through trading lifespan for it, often with currency as an intermediary. Theft of property is forcibly taking a portion of someone else’s life.

      • That is so true! I “paid” for things with my life.
        If one tries to steal it from me, they pay with their life.
        My view, vigilantism is the only answer ’til all theft stops.

    • Read: the victim shot the perp over a confrontation. No further explanation. May have been self defense and not property.

    • This will be a very unpopular post here, but the family MAY have a point. There is a lot that we don’t know about this case yet.

      I’ve seen earlier reports that described it as an attempted carjacking, but this report says the thieves were trying to tow away the car parked on the street when the owner came out to stop them. THAT is an entirely different set of circumstances, and to be blunt a set of circumstances that would rarely justify lethal force.

      Anywhere except in Texas at night, you can’t legally shoot someone just to stop them from stealing your property. If the shooter is stupid enough to say he shot to stop the theft, he’s looking at some level of a murder charge.

      Hopefully for his sake, the shooter was able to clearly frame this as self-defense; but self-defense might be a tough sell unless the thieves were armed. Three-to-one would generally qualify as a ‘disparity of force’ sufficient to justify lethal force, but in this case apparently the shooter ran into the fray knowing the odds.

      Pennsylvania is not a Duty-To-Retreat state, but if the prosecutor chooses to charge the shooter, he will certainly portray the shooter as a trigger-happy vigilante who grabbed a gun and ran out into the street looking for any excuse to shoot common thieves.

      • I agree. Even if some miscreant like Natividad just seems to need shooting, lethal force used against someone to foil car theft places the shooter (or knifer, or ball batterer) in legal peril. My state, Tennessee, classifies an attempt to carjack an occupied vehicle as a lethal threat; and that attempt can be met with lethal force. But lethal force simply to stop thievery is not justified. If you carry in our complex legal system, it’s critical to your personal freedom to know the legal nuances.

      • I am assuming he is a prohibited person. The shot from the steps or inside the residence is legally questionable, though, as others have commented. In PA you do not need to have a license to carry in order to carry on your own property, so the only way the gun charges make sense is if he is prohibited..

  2. If President Obama had a bastard cousin, he’d look like Mr Natavidad. Interestingly, he doesn’t resemble Kitten Natavidad.

  3. I absolutely would try to defend my property…video the event….mountain of evidence. If the bad guys force me to defend myself, that is their own stupidity at work.

    • Bob your right. Mr. N was willing to die over someone else’s car. What would Mr. N have done if it was his car being stolen?

    • Bob your right and how would Mr, N have responded if it was his car being stolen I wonder?
      I’m quite sure he would just call the cops.

  4. “He did not have to come out and shoot him,”

    He did not have to try to steal his car. Stupid games, stupid prizes.

    • I don’t see vidya. Maybe the CC guy didn’t shoot the perp for stealing the car. Maybe CC guy shot because the driver threatened him. “Jus git out da way man, afor I runs yo ass ovah!” BANG BANG “Yeah, well, this ain’t Waukesha, fool!”

  5. The THUG(S), NOT A “VICTIM”, did not value his life more than a catalytic converter/car. If more shootings like this occur, less crime will happen.

  6. None of this needed to happen. There are more available jobs right now than I can remember. If the deceased needed to make money, he could’ve gone and done legitimate work.

    I don’t feel bad for the car thief, he understands the risks in stealing cars. You could be arrested, you could be shot (by police or car owners or another gang member) or beaten up.

    On another note, if the tables were turned, I wonder how Mr. Natividad would respond to someone stealing HIS car? I bet he would respond with force, possibly deadly force.

    The saying goes “there is no honor among thieves”.

    • “None of this needed to happen. There are more available jobs right now than I can remember. If the deceased needed to make money, he could’ve gone and done legitimate work.”

      It happens because our country isn’t focused on getting jobs for Americans. They’d rather make excuses for people here, and focus on importing people to work. What’s the Biden Administration’s plan for strengthening our country and competing with China? Importing more STEM students. Why aren’t we getting our own citizens to go into STEM fields instead of making excuses for their bad behavior? Do you spend much time on construction sites? Does everyone there speak English? They’re perfectly fine with our children becoming lifelong criminals that are coddled by the government. They’d lose their base if they turned them into self-sufficient contributing members of society.

      • “Do you spend much time on construction sites? Does everyone there speak English?”

        It isn’t Joe Biden who’s hiring those immigrant workers, it’s American corporate robber barons who provide employment that attracts the immigrants.

        Put some wealthy American business owners in prison for hiring illegals and the jobs would stop, no jobs for immigrants, no immigrants.

        Don’t blame Joe Biden for a problem that existed long before he became president.

        • “Put some wealthy American business owners in prison for hiring illegals”

          I agree. I was only blaming the Biden administration for exacerbating an existing problem and not investing in our best natural resource. Joe specifically, who has been in office for longer than I’ve been alive, has been part of the problem, along with many others from both parties.

        • The problem didn’t exist before Biden became one of the swamp creatures in Washington. Joe spent about 50 years in Washington, making life worse for Americans. Joe also told his real constituents (illegal aliens) to surge the border when he was elected. Sleep Joe gets no pass from me.

        • welthy aMercian businseemen are a rare bird these days. Consider what has happened tosmall businesses over the past twoyears. The OSHA mandate was only narrowly taken down, fordcing employeeds to take the deadly shot. The judgement was so weak OSHA caould easily come back wiht a slightly edited version the court would approve. Then what?
          WIth the idiotic gummit response (which is really of NO CONCERN to FedGov) has quite nearaly destroyed the ations ecomnomy. A feature not a bug. THAT shuold tell you a lot about wha’t coming down these days. Feds paid more “iunempployment” benefits to furloughed workers than they could make showing up for work. How can that be? UI or pogey is only a stopgap to tide one over until they can find anotherjob. Not a permanent easy ride.

          Cat convertors are a desirable targat because they are expensiv,e when one fails the car won’t run, and certainy won’t pass smog tests, junkyards are PROHIBITED by federal EPA laws from selling used ones, even CraigsList will close down a listing for them used. When a new one is $1200 and the car takes two of them, nabbing a car and zipping them out puts an easy $2K in your pocket. Insurance has topay for the damage but the car is out of commmission till that gets sorted out. Independent mechanics can install them, or black market sales can save an owner a lot. Too bad his pals were not identified and arrested for theirpart in the attempt, and the associtaed felony murder (participating ina crime that ld to death is as if YOU had perpetrated the death. as things should be). Maybe some leads to their fencers for the CatCon units they steal.

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          “…it’s American corporate robber barons who provide employment that attracts the immigrants.”

          Robber barons?

          ‘minor’, no poor man ever signed a paycheck I received…

        • “Feds paid more “iunempployment” benefits to furloughed workers than they could make showing up for work. How can that be?“

          That’s easy, workers wages have been stagnant since the late 70s, while management/owners compensation packages have increased exponentially.

          The wealthy have waged a propaganda war against working people for literally hundreds of years, but only in the past 50 have they gotten really good at convincing working folks to vote against their own self interest.

          Let’s have a return to the corporate tax rates of the ‘50s under Republican Dwight D Eisenhower, when workers made decent wages and were able to afford the American dream.

        • Stagnant middle class wages is an interesting point to make. Ok, so let’s say that you haven’t made any more money since the 1970’s (per your argument). In the 1970’s a 25″ color TV costs ~$800, a microwave costs $300-$500, a blender costs $40, a side-by-side fridge costs $700, a portable TV costs $270, a food processor costs $40. So if you don’t make any more money than you would in the 1970’s but using today’s prices and technology; your TV options for ~$800 are better than a 25″ tube TV, you can get an awesome microwave for $300, the blender price is roughly the same today as in the ’70s, the fridge costs roughly the same as in the ’70s, the portable TV is a weird one since we all have pocket TV’s and computers, the food processor costs the same amount as from the ’70s. So stagnant wages would still buy you better items today.

          How would hiking the corporate tax rate cause anything to be better? The United States has higher corporate tax rates than all European countries (the benchmark for progressives). You can’t tax yourself into prosperity just like you can’t lift a bucket if you are standing in it.

        • Miner, I am 100% with you on the stagnant wages. You’ve been misled about the corporate tax rate being the cause. Taking money from corporations and giving that money to our bloated, inefficient, and corrupt government won’t put more money in my pocket.

          The biggest killer of middle class income in my adult life is happening right now. It wasn’t caused by greedy corporations that aren’t being taxed enough. It was caused by stupid government policy that came from both political parties. I called them both out on it from the beginning.

          P.S. The modern day robber barons are the powerful tech companies. They make the old robber barons look insignificant by comparison.

  7. Great outcome. Hope they catch the other two thugs and charge them with Murder in as being accomplices in a felony that resulted in a homicide. Good shooting! God Bless. This is why ALL of us need to be armed and able to defend ourselves, our families, our friends and our property – 2nd Amendment!

  8. All he had to do is call the police.

    So the police could shoot him and the city can loot for a week. The stores are stocking their Spring collections after all.

  9. They valued his car more than their own life and safety. Our CCW hero merely agreed with their legal analysis. If you forfeit your rights while committing a felony, you don’t get them back at the morgue.

  10. I wonder what the law says about shooting someone when you are not in danger. I admit I don’t know all the details and I don’t know if the shooter feared for his life or not (three against one).

    It sucks if this guy gets jacked up and possibly prosecuted for murder.

    • They said a weapon was found in the crashed getaway car. If that weapon were waved and/or pointed in the victim’s direction, then he’s pretty well covered.

  11. An automobile is personal property and may not be defended with deadly force. Only less than deadly force may be used. However, if the thieves attacked the car owner, three on one, even if they are unarmed, qualifies as a deadly force attack against which the owner would be entitled to defend himself with deadly force.

    • Speak for your own state, that is not true in Texas, I suspect elsewhere also. If someone is stealing your car, feel free to shoot him in the back until he stops.

    • In pa the automobile is considered part of one’s domocile. If a criminal tries to jack me out in the world I can make the bastard dead and it is all perfectly legal.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        “In pa the automobile is considered part of one’s domocile.”

        The legal term is ‘curtilage’…

        The exact same as in Florida, as a 15 year-old found out the hard way a number of years back. The dead kid’s mother was screaming for the homeowner to charged, and the sheriff told her “Your kid shouldn’t be out stealing”… 🙂

    • Not all states think thisway. Many states permit use of deadly force to protect peroperty. Dont know what this state has on the books.
      If the guy does not have a Mother May I Card he may be in a bit of a sticky wicket. UNLESS the crime started on his property then he doan need no steeeeeenkeeeeng permit to “carry” his handgun.. in fact, he was not “carrying it concealed” he was USING it for its intended purpose. If he started using it on his property then moved onto public, he is still exempt as he was operating in a contiuing situation that happened to move onto public property.

      Interesting the DA has not indicated any progress in iinvestigating the identity of his two accomplices, but IS coming after the honest citizen who chose to resist the crim HE (the DA) refuses to control.

      Dirtbags gonna dirt.

    • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

      “An automobile is personal property and may not be defended with deadly force.”

      You most certainly can in Florida :

      “Florida Statute 776.012(2) allows the use of deadly force to prevent the commission of a forcible felony, including burglary or robbery, which includes a conveyance (meaning your car).”

  12. Nice shot…one round and done!

    Philly Coroner’s Office official cause of death = sudden-onset acute lead poisoning….
    According to his outraged family, he exhibited zero prior symptoms the morning of his final work day.

  13. Dummy Satario Natividad went looking for trouble, found it. Good job there Mr. Acura owner. As far as Satario Natividad’s relatives are concerned, maybe they should have done a better job of raising him and try to instill some morals in him when he strayed.

  14. The car theft planned failed because the owner caught the perps who should have surrendered arms up, don’t shoot and accepted it as game over. Instead the perps tried a Hail Mary pass and that is the reason one is dead and gone now to meet his maker who probably maybe upset over a 51 year old man setting a such bad example. And from the behavior of his disgruntled finger pointing relatives odds are there is probably another one in the family just like him.

    • Yup my nickel’s on the square that says his two accomplices are nis sons or nephews. Who should NOW be indicted for felony murder by criminal association. But the sick DA would rather just charge Acur awner with unlawful possession of his defensive wepon. Justice? Nope. Just Us. Thank you very much, Sir……

  15. Catalytic converter theft is a multi million dollar business that costs families several thousand dollars per theft. And businesses tens of thousands of dollars.

    It isn’t given much priority by police or prosecutors across the country.

    Citizens appear to be the ones putting a slight dent in this major semi-organized criminal enterprise.

    Get a real job and you are much less likely to get shot.

    • No one ever shot at me while building a new home. No one ever shot at me while nailing down a new roof. No one ever shot at me while building a hospital, or a prison, or a shopping center. No one ever shot at me while working on a new road. Construction is a dangerous occupation, but it seems safer than carjacking.

  16. Cars make more horsepower and get better fuel mileage without the catalytic converter .
    Christmas was just trying to help out and was killed for his samaritanite good deeds.

    • butchya cant get the car to pass pollution checks required for license renewal when their ain’t no cat in the system. Many cars now have two, thre,e or even four and more convertors. They cna’t be legally sold or installed used. Thanks EPA, really stupid law. Junkayrds cna’t sell them, can’t list them on eBay or Craingslist. Shops can’t legally fit used ones.. so the entire enterprise has to be underground. Sourcin,g selling, fitting…. a;; black market


  18. “It was a car! All he had to do is call the police. … You don’t shoot someone out in the street over a car.”
    Only in a big city does one think like that.
    Here in the country we have shot people for stealing a single chicken.

  19. Anyone who still lives in s*holes like this and won’t get out is blind, stupid, or a Democrat. Abandon all hope ye who won’t leave. The writing is on the wall.

    • No they shouldn’t leave, they should fight to the bitter end.
      And for anyone wanting to leave California or New York, be advised Kansas in Native American means ” What’d we get ourselves into?”
      Believe you me, this is no place to live, I myself would leave however its Gods punishment that I must stay until damned to the flames eternal.
      Actually after living in Kansas, Hell ain’t no bad place to be.

  20. If the car under discussion was actually in front of the shooters house (or in the driveway), then, with two perps on the loose, the shooter’s troubles may have just begun.

  21. A recently spotted headline which speaks for itself:
    ‘Just call the police’: The Insufferable White Privilege of Gun Control Advocates.

    (A simple DuckDuckGo search for the above headline will locate the original article easily enough, as it was carried on multiple platforms.) It is easy to spot the “privileged” who have no idea of what it is like to call 911 and not be able to get through, or to have to wait hours for police to finally show up, if they ever show up at all. There was a TV series called “Code Black” about a hospital emergency room which would sometimes get more emergency patients than they had resources to care for – a “Code Black” situation – and hard “triage” choices had to be made about which people to try to save and which were too far gone and/or would require too many resources and so forth. Ouch. Reality is tough.

    Emergency services in many areas of our country can and do at least sometimes experience the same thing, with more 911 calls coming in than they have resources to handle. In a kind of very similar “triage” situation, 911 operators have to decide which calls seem most important & workable and allocate what limited resources they have accordingly. That means some calls are pushed back to a kind of emergency waiting list, and yes, at least in some urban areas of our country, some calls on that list may never be responded to at all. Once all the patrol cars, ambulances, and fire trucks and so forth are already out and busily engaged, there is little more that the person answering the 911 phone line can do to help.

    I point this out here because your American heritage 2nd Amendment solution of organizing with your family, friends, and neighbors into a kind of “neighborhood watch militia”, to look out for each other and to SUPPORT your local fire / police / ambulance services and so forth, can – at least in some areas of the country – be met with a lot of unofficial / official dislike and resistance from your local emergency services. The reason for this, boiled down to it’s essence, is that IF your local 911 call centers are ALREADY being routinely overwhelmed with more calls than they can keep up with, a new “neighborhood watch” group is not going to help much from their point of view, because that will only result in endlessly MORE calls to 911 from all sorts of well meaning “neighborhood watch” neighbors looking out their windows and calling in every time they see anything suspicious. Adding more calls to an already (at least sometimes) overwhelmed system is not really helping anything.

    So if you are going to start a “neighborhood watch” (might as well call it a militia because that is what it will very likely effectively become if / as things continue to get worse), for you and your neighbors to stand united against organized crime and unconstitutional law, be sure to at least try prepare as best as you collectively can to take care of your own with no outside help expected in any short period of time – because you may very well need to. In some areas of our country these are just the facts of life.

    We the People. United We Stand. If you are an adult American citizen, YOU ARE THE MILITIA so clearly referenced in the 2nd Amendment as being so very necessary to the security of a free state (of existence). So, step up already! 🙂

    A DuckDuckGo search for “how to start a neighborhood watch”:

  22. Someone tried to car jack me at a red light not knowing I carry he pulled out his fired and hit my windshield so I fired back but got my gun taken at least I have more then one

  23. This is exactly what the race baiting Democrat liberatards want.. law abiding gun owners killing off shiftty fkn’ p.o.s. criminals and after awhile when the homicides by gun numbers climb they’ll scream louder for more gun control.. and since democrats are the founders of the KKK they’ll lower the numbers of Africa Americans since a higher percentage of that demographic commits crimes..

  24. He’ll face charges and, he’ll be convicted, and if he’s white, he’ll be labeled, rightly or wrongly, as a racist.
    It would be different in Texas, but this is Phila

  25. Ultimately, any solution to these problems will come down to making the following decision:

    Either admit that the police have the power to shoot criminal black males who rise to the level of armed force by police, and police having done this does not give the urban black political culture (which includes race-hustling poverty pimps like “Reverend” Al Sharpton) the “right” to riot,


    Urban “gangsta” blacks and their cultural cohort (ie, idiots outside urban areas or ghettos who affect the ghetto lifestyle/attitude) are going to have to deal with the fact that the general population does not see black males engaged in criminal activity as “helpless victims of oppression” and those among the general population, when preyed upon by urban black males, might kill more black males than the police would have. Having made police abdicate the monopoly on armed force and response to crime, the notion of rioting against ‘the man’ quickly loses its appeal due to increased risk(s).

    Either way, the urban black cultural idea that their members should be allowed to engage in rampant criminal activity without response will meet a tragic end – it is only a matter of degree and numbers we’re deciding here. Even idiot white liberal females, in full-throated cry of virtue-signalling, demand armed response when they are made victims of these kinds of crimes. There is no cohort of modern American society quite as stupid as virtue-signalling white females, so if you can’t sell the idea of crime without response to them, well, odds are you’ve lost the rest of society a long time ago.

  26. “He did not have to come out and shoot him,” one of Natividad’s lifelong friends, Tanya Dunn, told the paper.

    “It was a car! All he had to do is call the police. … You don’t shoot someone out in the street over a car.”

    Well, obviously, that ain’t true.

    I’ll not claim I’d of confronted the car thief when I had other, lower risk options. But it was the criminal that created the circumstances of his own death. It was his partners in crime who should be prosecuted for their friends’ death.

    The owner defending his own life and property took a greater risk than he needed to. But he committed no wrong.

    Not even in Philly.

  27. Don’t care. 51 years old and he was still doin’ hood shit?

    No. No more. This crap is old. I’m not understanding nor sympathizing for these guys anymore. Leave people alone. Stop hurting people. Stop taking things that don’t belong to you. Stop blaming others for your problems that you yourself perpetuate.

    No one cares about your rough upbringing or you being poor.

    Just. Stop.

  28. Good, its past time the general public start killing to protect private property. The government will kill you to protect government property.

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