Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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[Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danielle] Outlaw said police believe some of the main drivers of the spike in violence since the spring of 2020 are domestic incidents, neighborhood beefs that escalate on social media, and narcotics sales. She also said officers are taking a record number of guns off the street, and an Inquirer analysis earlier this year showed convictions of those crimes have dropped during [District Attorney Larry] Krasner’s tenure.

His office has long contended that there’s little evidence to suggest people who are arrested in Philadelphia for nonviolent gun offenses go on to commit shootings and homicides. [Krasner spokesperson Jane] Roh said Thursday that the office believes the number of people arrested primarily for drug dealing who go on to commit a shooting shortly after “would be similarly insignificant.”

That conclusion is difficult to assess considering about four in five shootings in Philadelphia don’t result in charges, meaning little is known about those perpetrating the majority of gun violence in the city and what their criminal backgrounds are.

The long-simmering disconnect among the city’s top law enforcement officials burst into public view last month when [Mayor Jim[ Kenney and Krasner publicly traded insults with each other after members of City Council traveled to Chester to learn about how officials there have collaborated to fight gun violence.

— Anna Orso in Philly’s top cop says she and DA Krasner ‘just don’t agree’ on how to reduce shootings

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      • So you’re saying the Soros crew has legalized prostitution in Philadelphia? City of Sisterly Lovin?

  1. Corporate billionaires bought the left and turned it fascist. All those so called ‘socialists’ who claim to be serving the poor and downtrodden answer to a select few billionaires that have their own agenda.

    The left is the domain of the greedy elites. And folks like the antifa/SS serve them as storm troopers.

    • And the neo-cons on the “right” aren’t much different. Same corporate and/or old money elitists, slightly different pseudo-moralistic triggers and rallying cries. And the mouth-breathing populace falls for em both, hook, line, and sinker.

    • Uh oh, here comes lil’d (Soros ball gurgler extrodanare) to tell everyone why you’re SOOOOOOOOO wrong.

      Durrrrrr, 🤪GS is a kind and caring humanitarian dontchaknow. 🤪 durrrrrr.

      We should know if he’s taken his meds after that first post or two.🤔

    • American “left” has ALWAYS been marxist. Nothing new. Soros has just financed their expansion/franchising.

  2. Anyway you slice it…it generally points to drugs and demoCrap between the ears of mostly misguided individuals. Sooner or later they learn the hard way their lives amount to nothing more than grease for the wheels of the criminal justice system…fools.

  3. The Left is slipping off the cliff edge. Fresh off his questionable survival from our Recall election, CA Governor Newsom just signed AB173 into law, making it even harder for LEOs to do their job. One new law now makes officers vulnerable to being stripped of their badges for simply being present at the scene of “poor officer conduct”. Not engaged in, not convicted of, and not even disciplined for. Simply being in the proximity of another officer doing something such as excessive force or somesuch.

    When a LEO rolls up on an active scene in which other LEOs are already trying to contain aggressive suspects, he may not have had sufficient time to properly O.O.D.A. and react in an appropriate manner for the situation. All he has to go on is what little information he has upon arrival. But now that he can lose his job (and pension, and reputation) for simply being in the area of behavior his superiors may later declare to be “improper”, he might not engage to assist as readily as he otherwise should.

    CA is turning into Clown World. One of my S.W.A.T. friends just left the state to get out of his department. Another has only a short time left before being able to claim his 20-yr level pension, and said he’ll leave as well. I myself am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever see the redemption of my once-great Golden State in my lifetime. If not within the next few years, then my wife and I have agreed that we’ll finally leave, too.

    • “I myself am beginning to wonder if I’ll ever see the redemption of my once-great Golden State in my lifetime. If not within the next few years, then my wife and I have agreed that we’ll finally leave, too.” You are beginning to wonder?

    • Haz,

      I was wondering when you were going to come to that conclusion. It’s sad you are in that situation. You were just a few weeks ago full of hope that the recall election would yield tangible results. (You dodged my question on that matter).

      However you like many “conservatives” are still in the mindset that “we are just an election way.” One result of DJT’s election was he tore the veil off just how rotten and corrupt, not just our nation, but the entire western world had become.

      They had been quietly stealing elections going back to Daddy Daley in Chicago. But this time for them was different. They were willing to expose their entire “voting machine apparatus” to remove him from office. And because he was so popular, and the basement dweller so unpopular, they went to extraordinary means. The latest news from today is now finding Biden may have lost his own home state.

      In your state Gavin just signed into law a bill making universal vote-by-mail permanent in California. That law, and the rampant cheating it will allow, will cement Democrat control of the state far into the future.

      Therefore it is official, California is a lost state, there will be no “redemption”.

      Until voting is once again made legitimate, Democrats will continue to remain in power. Not just in California, but nation wide. Politically, I can think of no issue that needs immediate redress more than this.

      The Democrats are moving at breakneck speed to crush this nation. By the time the next presidential election swings around, what will this nation look like?

      The Australians, for example, are still in the mindset that they live in a civilized world and they are merely following “legitimate laws” from their “leaders”.

      The fact is the Democrats are at war, most people… really don’t… want to fully accept this.

      • It goes back way farther than that. “Machine politics” (a political apparatus capable of delivering the desired result with machine-like precision, being the generally agreed upon definition) was alive and well in NYC by 1830.

        Andrew Jackson was involved with this kinda thing when he ran in 1828. Tammany Hall certainly was richly rewarded via the “spoils system” the next year.

        And by that point it’s a well oiled machine which certainly didn’t spring up overnight, indicating an earlier genesis. This is how Aaron Burr got his start in politics in the 1790’s and “the machine” is in pretty good working order by 1800 when he becomes VP but realistically, “the machine”, or at least the proto-machine almost certainly goes back to Burr’s 1791 election to the US Senate.

      • I believe (no evidence!) that the main reason the far left is so hysterical today, about Jan 6 particularly, also any sign of realistic opposition, is that they all know Trump won, and that the majority of America (left or right) realize that fact, and that the current excuse for an administration is completely aware that they are completely illegitimate. This makes them panic at any indication the truth might come out.

      • Falsifying election results should be a capital offense. Execute ONE apparatchik, and it would be well on it’s way to over. Instead, we have more and more protection for machine politics, more and more hysterical denial of the truth. Trump won!

      • Yet one of your head clowns is Veep. Calling her home would mightly please th demtard national cabal.

  4. I thought keeping criminals on the street was the job Soros paid these attorneys to do?
    He’s destabilized other nations the same way. Why should the US be any different?

    • Yeah, I feel like we should assist people like Soros in their efforts. Like, at his level of income, should we not be taxing at 562.7%? Is that not his fair share?

  5. As maddening as it is, the majority of California voters seem to be OK with all of this, and it’s sad that conservatives in that state are being forced to live under these insane policies. Unfortunately, things won’t change until the liberal majority get fed up with living in the dystopia they created, and that may take years…if ever.

    California went from a low tax, moderate Republican state to the far left cesspool it is today, all in my lifetime. I don’t think I’m going to live long enough to see a return to sanity there.

  6. Rather than being so worked up about the DA, dealing with Soros would be so much more profitable.

    As for the rest…
    The best thing a person can do is stay off of Facebook and Twitter. It’s all such a useless waste that just creates problems.

  7. I spent seven months in San Diego during the early eighties. I was stationed at NTC San Diego for schools. I loved it. Maybe the best time of my life. But I could see where it was headed. The left has destroyed a paradise. I grieve for what those who weren’t responsible have lost.

    • I hit San Diego a few times in the 80s, found it amazing, would have considered moving there (from Austin!) except that it was in CA. I think it was the last vestige of what my generation (boomers) considered as the California that existed in my youth, like early 1960s. It does not surprise me that it was overpowered and consumed by the insanity which is CA today. I have not set foot in CA in the past 20+ years and do not intend to ever again. At 75, I consider myself circling the drain, an observer on the way out, watching more and more moving from CA or NYC to TX in order to convert TX to a socialist Utopia, there is nothing I can do about it.

    • Actually Larry Krasner is doing his “job”, the “job” that George Soros hired and paid for him to do, cause tension and anxiety within the Philadelphia Metroplex and he is succeeding beyond all expectations.

  8. According to the smartest people in the room. The DA’s are all the same. So there is no reason to vote for anyone of them.

    After the riots of the 1960’s. Conservative “law and order” republicans were being elected all across the country in the early 1970’s. But Watergate changed that. The “law and order” republicans are going to be elected again in this country. But now its a weak and anti-civil rights democrat who is President.

    Why It’s OK Not To Vote – Katherine Mangu-Ward video 1 hr long

  9. Crime is up because the three L’s, Libertarians Liberals and the Left, emptied the jails last year. And now you have DA’s who the three L’s have supported. Not prosecuting “minor crimes”.
    Shoplifting. They supported prop 47 in California. Tresspassing will not be prosecuted. This is the utopia the three L’s have dreamed of.

    The is the kind of DA that the three L’s want in office. video 9 min long

  10. Soros donated $1.45 million to Larry Krasner and got his lapdog elected. Which shows that Philadelphia is for sale, but it’s not cheap. It ashows that stupid people get the government they deserve, and deserve the government they get.

    • WTF happened to the concept that we, as a nation, passed laws prohibiting the sale of our elections, restricting the contributions of any one individual to any one candidate to something under $10,000? Yet today we discuss one individual contributing more than 100X that with no HINT of prosecution.

  11. Philly sandwiches seemed to be a good seller at the restaurant.
    I’ve heard it’s the city of brotherly love?

  12. 🤣
    My first Eagles game at Veterans Stadium showed me otherwise.
    Saw several spectators wearing opposing team colors knocked out/bloodied by “brotherly love” fans hurling huge chunks of ice at them during a winter game in the early ’80s.
    Fun fact; Veterans Stadium was the first NFL stadium to be built with jail cells in the original design.
    Not much love in that city. The hot pretzels at red light are awesome though.

    • “Fun fact; Veterans Stadium was the first NFL stadium to be built with jail cells in the original design.”

      This sounds like a great idea. Sounds like British soccer fans to me.

  13. One black perspective on the “Libertarian Democrat” DA’s. They stopped prosecuting most drug crimes. Including drug related assaults. Drug related rapes. And drug related murders.

    “Insane press conference after man gets shot up in front of Pro thug Philly prosecutor’s office.”
    video 20 min long.

  14. So far as I can tell most major cities are entirely fucked at this point and, realistically, I don’t see them recovering. At least not for a decade or more.

    If I’m being entirely honest, I’d say the same statement generally applies to the country overall. There are way too many big problems across way too many fronts and it seems that there is no one who qualifies as a legit adult “in charge” of anything. It’s all just a clownshow clusterfuck from coast to coast. The difference is that I’m not sure the country itself can recover the way a city might have before.

    And I suspect it’s going to get worse across a host of fronts. It seems the GOP has taken the tactic of letting the Democrats spool out more than enough rope to hang themselves, the problem being at this point that by the time that actually happens things are probably past any rational point of return.

    Ah well, interesting times and whatnot.

    • I am ashamed to say I am right there at considering the situation hopeless. My own kids consider my info from Fox News to be useless compared to their info from Twitter or Faceplant. Between them the bride and I spent close to a quarter million dollars on their educations, yet they believe faceless, nameless communists in preference to us. I am thinking that spending my next quarter million on a Porsche 911 Turbo S convertible, rather than leaving it to my estate, might be a good plan. Seems better and better.

      • If YOU (like many brainwashed Americans) paid for their college “edumacation”. THAT was a HUGE mistake. Let them pay for their own indoctrination.

        FREE = no value.

        It is NOT the parent’s responsibility to pay for college. Which in reality is of substantially declining value. A humanities degree (100% marxist indoctrination) being of ZERO value.

        Send them to the local recruiter (GI Bill) or apply for ROTC scholarship. OR GET A JOB and work your way thru school. 15hr class/week +15hr/week (notional) study +40/week (or more) work. Leaves 98hr/wk to sleep/etc. An 18-22yr old has nothing else to do other than drink beer chase tail.

        My oldest is 22. Army reserve and works sch is 7day/week 8hr+/day. Right now ANYONE, that will show up, can get job/jobs working 7day a week. 20yr old that will WORK is 1 in 25. Pack the $ away and do college at 21 if still see a need and have a clue.

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