New York Police officers are seen at the scene of a shooting in Harlem on Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, in New York. A New York police officer was killed and another critically wounded while answering a call about an argument between a woman and her adult son, officials said, making four officers shot in the city in as many days. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)
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From the AP . . .

A New York City police officer lay in a hospital Saturday after being critically wounded in a shooting in a Harlem apartment that left a fellow officer dead, authorities said.

The man who shot them with a stolen gun was also in critical condition, wounded by a third officer who fired at him as he tried to flee, officials said.

The two officers were shot Friday night while answering a call about an argument between a woman and her adult son. Officer Jason Rivera, 22, was killed, and Officer Wilbert Mora, 27, was critically wounded, authorities said.

In an undated photo released by the NYPD, New York Police Department officer Wilbert Mora who was involved in a police shooting, Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, in New York City, is seen. Officials say Mora, 27 years old, was critically wounded while fellow officer Jason Rivera, 22 years old, was killed in a shooting in Harlem. The officers had been responding to a call Friday about an argument between a woman and her adult son. (NYPD via AP Photo)

Police had no update on Mora’s condition Saturday morning but said he remained hospitalized. The man police say shot them, 47-year-old Lashawn J. McNeil, also was critically wounded and hospitalized, authorities said.

Authorities said the three officers went to the apartment after a call came in from a woman needing help with McNeil, her son. Officers spoke with the woman and another son, but there was no mention of a weapon.

In an undated photo released by the NYPD, New York Police Department officer Jason Rivera who was killed in a police shooting, Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, in New York City, is seen. Officials say a New York City police officer Jason Rivera, 22 years old, has been killed and fellow officer Wilbert Mora, 27 years old, was critically wounded in a shooting in Harlem. The officers had been responding to a call Friday about an argument between a woman and her adult son. (AP photo)

Rivera and Mora walked from the front of the apartment down a hallway, and McNeil swung open a bedroom door and opened fire, Chief of Detectives James Essig said.

As McNeil tried to flee, a third officer who had stayed with McNeil’s mother in the front of the apartment shot at McNeil and wounded him in the head and arm, Essig said.

In this image released by the New York Police Dept., a gun is seen found at the site of a police shooting Friday, Jan. 21, 2022, in New York, New York. Officials say a New York City police officer has been killed and another critically wounded in a shooting in Harlem. The officers had been responding to a call Friday about an argument between a woman and her adult son. (NYPD via AP Photo)

They were among the four officers shot in the city in as many days, prompting an emotional response from Mayor Eric Adams.

“This was just not an attack on these brave officers,” Adams said Friday night. “This was an attack on the city of New York.”

Adams, three weeks into his job, called for federal authorities to do more to round up stolen guns like the one used in Friday’s shooting.

Rivera joined the force in November 2020. Mora has been with the NYPD for four years.

Police said the gun used in Friday night’s shooting, a .45-caliber Glock with a high-capacity magazine capable of holding up to 40 extra rounds, had been stolen in Baltimore in 2017.

McNeil was on probation for a 2003 drug conviction in New York City. He also had several out-of-state arrests. In 1998, he was arrested in South Carolina on suspicion of unlawfully carrying a pistol, but records show the matter was later dismissed. In 2002, he was arrested in Pennsylvania on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, Essig said.

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  1. It is not up to the Federal Government do do more. It is up to the local and state government to enforce the laws on the books. Apparently this has gone over people’s heads. The best government is the one closest to the problem. Not the Feds.

    • Walter E Beverly III,

      Your post is accurate.

      I want to add another, far more critical piece of information. We have all heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” We would be far better off preventing the mindset where it is okay to harm/attack people versus trying to capture and incarcerate everyone who harms/attacks people.

      Of course the $50,000 question is, “How do we prevent the mindset where it is okay to harm/attack people?” The simplest and most effective answer is to support and promote physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy nuclear families. Equally obvious, that is a very tall order. Nevertheless, it is the right thing to do at all levels of society AND government–which is not the case.

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      • It is a $50,000 question but it’s reduced to 10%. Can’t keep the poor murderers in jail don’t ya know. (S)

        • Tired of the bs, Not many criminals can come up with the $5000 on a $50,000 bail. The idea of bail is two fold. Protect the public and insure that the accused comes back to court.

    • Unfortunately in cases like this. The Government is Not the Solution to the Problem. The Government is the Problem in Need of an Solution.

  2. Too bad it wasn’t the politicians that had to suffer the consequences of their lax prosecutions of criminals instead of the police officers.

  3. Maybe it’s time to build a wall around NYC, blow the bridges and place armed guards, minefields and so on, like in “Escape from NY”, the movie. Send the criminals in and let the garbage deal with themselves.

    • OK, Darrell, now do NJ, DE, MA, RI, CT, HI, WA, OR, CA, NM, IL, and a few others. Can’t build a wall around a third of the country, unfortunately. Crazies like dacian the stupid and MinorIQ run rampant in our Blue states.

      • Ugh. He’s back. Well, just remember that every minute Lamp the dullard spends on TTAG is a minute he’s not beating a woman or stalking youngsters in his black panel van.

      • Wait when did DE make the list? They seemed okay least till that 17 round mag limit. Also congrats on your deranged stalker you pissed off the right people!

      • to Lamp that went out in his head.

        You are dumber than a 4th grader. Without a Federal law states with lax laws funnel in thousands of second hand guns into states and big cities with tough laws. Again its has been proven by numerous studies. Now oh demented one what part of this do you not understand.

        • dacian the Dunderhead For about the fifth (or more) time, I refer you to the 10th Amendment of the Federal Constitution. It reads “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” Can you tell me where in the Constitution, the Federal government has authority in such a case?

  4. The new mayor said during his conference “DC needs to stop the flow of guns to cities like ours.”

    So what makes cities like his such a problem? Guns flow to plenty of other states and municipalities without these issues. Maybe there are some common factors among cities like his that should be studied.

    • He misspoke. He meant the flow of criminals must be stopped. Criminals with long rap sheets shouldn’t be allowed in society to continue offending .

      Well if he had a shred of common sense he would have said that.

  5. I’m not sure if a really feel sorry for them.
    They signed up to work for a city that does not catch or prosecute criminals, but bullies citizens into the ground. They signed up to be the elite with more equal rights compared to plebs that can’t have guns. Of curse they should find and lock up the responsible shooters forever since they are even worse people, but…
    I don’t back the blue. I back the constitution. And if your organisation doesn’t line up with the constitution, you can’t be my friend.

  6. At this point, anyone who lives in NYC – anyone – is fully deserving all that they’re getting. This is the New Sodom and Gomorrah, so, no regrets.

    • Have a new neighbor from down there that says the same. Can’t convince him to go for the AR but shotguns and Ruger PCC is on the near term till he can get his pistol permit.

  7. They should arrest the DA/whoever let him out as an accomplice to murder. The police have their backs against the wall and the mayor is arming the thugs to shoot them in a firing squad.

  8. Good. By continuing to don the uniform, every single NYPD officer has made a conscious decision to act as personal armed enforcers enforcers for the whims of specific, individual politicians, siding with their paymasters against the We the People. I have no zero for armed thugs getting shot by other armed thugs

    • Red in CO What? You are out of your ever loving mind. The police are out there to enforce the laws that are on the books. Any police officer who acts on the whims of another is violating his oath of office.

      Seems you would rather have ANTIFA or BLM enforcing laws? Or do you just disregard law.

      • What do you think most laws are? Nothing but the whims of a group of men so degenerate and such pieces of scum that they became legislators.

        Cops are nothing but gang enforcers. There are no good cops. All of them are trained liars who have been at war with the American people for decades. They are reaping the whirlwind they have sown by there own actions.

        • Malory, That is pure unadulterated Horse Pucky! I was in lawn enforcement for 35 yrs.

          If any member of any legislature, you can blame the voters who put them in office. You really have to get your head out of your posterior. Break the law, pay the price.

  9. Godspeed to these young warriors. It’s the WWE (Wild Wild East) over there. Its the reckoning. Sigh, NYC. “Call me Snake.”…

    As tragic as it is, we all knew it was inbound, hard. And more to come. The old days of headcrackin’ and zero tolerance needs to be revived but that’s wishful thinking with the asswipe leadership. Where’s Donald Pleasence?

    Anybody see a magazine ban returning?

    History repeating itself over and over again in such a short period of time, and on many parallels.

    Storm’s coming. Be ready.

  10. This Criminal should have been locked up. But because the Libertarians Liberals and the Left believe the jails are overcrowded he was let go. They consider his offenses to be of a minor issue. Just as they supported proposition 47 in California. Because they consider theft to be a minor issue. Only a misdemeanor. Unless you steal more than $950. Or you steal from the Hollywood Beverly Hills Business district. Then your crime is considered a felony. And 50 police officers will show up to arrest the criminal. But no cops will show up for your small mom-and-pop store when it is robbed.

    I look forward to a detailed release of this criminal suspect criminal records. I’m sure we will find that this suspect is exactly what proposition 47 in California was written for. To allow someone to continue to live on the streets by stealing, from middle-class businesses.

    The laws should be changed to allow law-abiding citizens to shoot dead on sight criminals who rob, rape, steal, murder, break into or vandalize private property. Or who become a general nuisance and prevent anyone from traveling wherever they please.

    The cities should not be forced to live with the results of the legalized drug business when the people who advocate for legalizing drugs don’t even live in the cities. They live far away off the main roads.

    They live in the Suburban areas where gun ownership is allowed. And it’s much easier to get a carry permit. Or just to be able to buy a gun. Not so much in New York City. Or any major city controlled by Democrats.

    • The problem isn’t caused by legalized drugs. It is caused by bootlickers who want to tell everyone else how to live. When was the last time you saw a shootout over beer distribution? When was the last time a domestic with both parties using pot got violent? When did those domestics get violent because of booze? Cities are hellholes because they are diverse and have large populations of minorities. Not because of libertarians who want to take power then leave you alone. Diversity does not work, it always leads to violence and destruction. The Bill of Rights was written for a nation descended from the British Protestants who founded this Nation. It will not work for the wretched refuse of storm tossed shores.

      • You are making a common mistake. The founders of this nation, British Protestants, are responsible for importing millions of black African slaves into the North American continent. Two hundred years before the United States was founded.

        Also the largest white European ethnic group that immigrated into the United States was from Germany.

        The Bill of Rights worked just fine until the Socialist Progressive atheists decided to interfere in the lives of individuals. They decided to use the power of government to change American society for the worst.

        Go read the comment section from this Reason magazine article praising the passage of proposition 47. There you will see the mindset of the average libertarian today in the United States.

        From 2014
        “California Voters Make Possession of Most Drugs a Misdemeanor Offense”

        If you go back and read the Three-Fifths clause in our founding documents. You will find that more than British Protestants were included.

        Also while you believe that this nation is only for people of British Protestant ancestry. Most of the inventions, discoveries, and science, that has made the United States the nation that it is today. Most of that came from the continent of Europe. And much of it from scientists of German ancestry.
        So if you want to give up all the things that the non-british Protestants provided this country please be my guest. You can join the ranks of people saying terrible things about Dr. Warner von Braun. The rocket scientist who gave us our modern technology we have to this day.

        I tell left-wingers all the time when this subject comes up. If you hate Von Braun so much, please lead by example and give up using your cell phone. Stop using satellite GPS. And don’t use any of the medical discoveries that came out of these Nazi doctor experiments. Evil as they were. Their discoveries are saving lives to this day.

        Several years ago the History Channel had an hour-long program about this very subject. The title was “High-tech Hitler”. It was the story of the many technological discoveries that came out of Nazi era Germany.

        • To Herr Hauptman Chirs

          Another veiled racist rant against minorities proving your ignorance about race and crime is paramount as well as sickening.

          And your rant against Atheists ignores the fact that there have been more wars fought over religion than any other reason.

          Most religious people blaspheme their own religious teachings making a complete mockery of their faith. Most are racist, bigots, and xenophobes,

        • dacian Seems you have done it again. Playing your race card. It’s all you have. It happens to be historical fact that it was British folks who imported slave.

          I’ll tell you what. There are atheists in a fox hole when the “shit hits the fan”. Yeah, a lot of battles have been fought over religion. Aren’t you fighting about religion right now?

          The fact is your existence is blasphemy.

        • To Walter of the Beverly Hillbillies

          And once again you prove yourself ignorant by your comment about atheist’s in fox holes. Studies have shown that most soldiers lose their faith in the existence of God when they see what human beings are capable of.

      • dacian The ignorance belongs to your sorry posterior. Have you ever been in a foxhole? I have. I’ve seen what people ar capable of in battle and on the streets. Your experience is base don books, CNN and MSNBC.

        For all your indoctrination, you really are a dumb as a box of rocks
        I’ve seem what humans are capable of. God has nothing to do with it. God gave you the “gift” of free will. You are free to make you own decisions, mistakes, etc.

        Your mistakes began the day you swallowed that indoctrination they spoon fee your sorry posterior in your “school of ‘higher’ learning”.

        • dacian Wasn’t it you who admitted to being a Leftist-Socialist? Seems you failed miserably again to contest any of the issues I raised to your previous rant(s).

          You are just proving that Your mistakes began the day you swallowed that indoctrination they spoon fee your sorry posterior in your “school of ‘higher’ learning”. Don’t you just hate it when you shoot yourself in the foot?

        • And Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          I am not interested in your Bronze Age Mysticism. Next you will be telling us all to go into prayer, ritual, incantations and demanding we paint our bodies blue and dance naked by the light of the moon.

        • dacian, the dunce it seems you are only interested in your indoctrination.

          I guess I have to remind you that we have this thing called the Constitution with the 1st and 2nd Amendments. Should I have to out line to you what the 1st and 2nd Amendments mean to the citizens of this country?

          If you want to “go into prayer, ritual, incantations and demanding we paint our bodies blue and dance naked by the light of the moon”, knock yourself out. Please?

  11. A drum magazine? But NY bans magazines with over 7 rounds, right? How could this happen?

    I’d be interested in hearing from NYC’ers: For those of you whose line of work is tied to the region, what are your plans?

    • 10 Mark 10 the 7 thing got thrown out almost a decade ago. Otherwise what I have heard is a lot like going to work in Philly but without the effective self defense options.

    • To Mark

      quote—————–A drum magazine? But NY bans magazines with over 7 rounds, right? How could this happen?———–quote

      Simple Mark its because we do not have a Federal Law that limits magazine capacity. What good is state law when people get such high capacity magazines from other states that have no such laws. Even a 4th grader could understand that.

      • dacian Yep it is very simple; almost as simple as you. The Federal government has not authority to limit the number of rounds in a magazine. There you go again, tell us all you have to do is “pass a law”.

        I am surprised you do not understand that. After all even a 4th grader could understand that.

        • to Walter the Beverly Hillbilly

          Yes Congress can indeed pass a law limiting magazine capacity. Too bad you flunked government classes you ignoramus.

      • dacian the dunce Yep, Congress can pass a law limiting magazine capacity and then the SCOTUS would declare it UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Too bad you your indoctrination has gotten in the way of your education.

        • dacian, the dunderhead, The Supreme Court is yet to rule on such. But when they do, be prepared for another let down.

      • To Walter the Beverly Hillbilly.

        So Mark missed it by 3 rounds. Does this give you an erection Walter that you finally got something right for a change. And it was not even Germaine to the original conversation. He made his point even with a 7 round capacity. But to try and explain it too you would be way over your head. Go back to your foxhole the farts smell better to you there.

        • dacian, the dunce No, he missed it because he assumed. I am sure you have no idea of what an erection is. Seems you are quick to correct people who make an error but don’t like it when one of yours is found to be in error.

          I’m sorry. Did I use words that are too big for you?

  12. As I have said before. The Police should be disarmed and issued night sticks. And given the training to use them. RIP to these officers. And pray for the families. They will need gods help.

    The best way to stop crime or at least reduce the chances of it happening is to allow machine gun ownership in the general population. New York City would be a much safer City if the vast majority of residents were able to openly carry sub machine guns. The more machine gun ownership the better it will be for society.

    And yes I know there are some people who are very nervous with more machine guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens. Why are you so nervous???
    But these frightened little people are the same ones who are very comfortable making it legal for people to drive under the influence. And those drivers kill, injure, and disrupt the lives of tens of thousands of people each year.

    So if you’re comfortable with the results of DUI drivers. Then you should be comfortable with the Second Amendment right of as many Americans as possible carrying submachine guns on a daily basis.

    • btw
      Normal people know that guns and alcohol don’t mix. Just as normal people know that automobile driving and alcohol don’t mix.

      • First year would be rough but could see having an argument with the wife over getting a Tiffany and Co MP5 the next year

    • What’s with your obsession regarding issuing Police agencies wooden sticks only?

      Wood batons against Glocks…machetes…Molotovs?

      Doesn’t work!

      • In the year 2020 the police refused to stop criminals with machetes, molotovs, and glocks. You have already forgotten. I have not.

        How many NYC residence have been killed, raped, robbed, assaulted, and the cops did nothing to intervene or come to the aid of a victim???

        The mayor ordered the cops to stand down. They followed orders. Just like the good germans did. It is sad that these officers were killed. It’s also sad that innocent unarmed NYC residence are killed as well. At least the cops had guns. They should have been more aware of their surroundings.

      • The future of trained law enforcement. To ansewer your question,.

        batons vs machetes

        “A Very Rare Machete v Baton Engagement in Colombia” video 4 min long

    • Chris T in KY Yeah that would be a “brilliant move”. Then only the criminals would have guns. Get real.

  13. Geez have yer chit together on a housecall. Guns drawn & pointing at the old gal’s thug son. 22 year old cop? RIP. Helluva glock mag…

  14. Let em burn. These cops would arrest you for not having vaccine papers or for exercising your 2nd amendment rights. Let em burn

    • Stateisevil You are one very sick puppy. The NYPD is not arresting anyone for not having vaccine papers. I don’t know of any American police that are. Nor are any police arresting anyone for exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.

      Get LOST!

      • You are ignorant or a liar. Either way, tragic. Tons of videos of NYPD doing it. Get lost, boot licker.

        Let em burn

        • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

          If there’s anyone with expert experience of the taste of boots, it’s my brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll.

          Isn’t that right, PG? 😉

        • Stateisevil You are a punk looking for relevance. Tons of doctored videos? Get your head out of your ass.

        • bAcK tHe BlUe!!! You really ought to get your head out of your ass too. If you had a brain, you’d be dangerous.

        • Walt stateisevil is overstating it’s bit but yes we are seeing more police show up to restaurants to enforce the mandates than investigate robberies on several occasions easily seen on YouTube, twitter, hell even revolver and the bongino report has called it out. Not saying his viewpoint is something I am on board with but he is referring to actual concerning events.

        • SAFE, Not in this county nor in any of the surrounding counties. The police and deputies up here are too busy to worry about Fauci’s nonsensical rants. I don’t pay much attention to people who post such vids on line as you have no way of know if they were altered to convey their viewpoint. Youtube is famous for doctored vids as is Twitter.

          Sorry but I’m not buy8ing what he’s selling.

        • Walt not in my county either but it absolutely happens down in the city and has been tried (thankfully unsuccessfully) in Albany. I doubt it could even be properly attempted outside of NYC but it is being seen often enough to be documented and will be a problem regardless of how common it becomes.

        • SAFE, Don’t believe everything you hear. Form what I understand, it was the NYC Sheriff (who is a civil officer) not the police that tried it.

        • Would that be the video with the white, hispanic, indian, or black family being threatened with arrest if they did not leave the restaurant for not having their vax card or their kid being too young to be vaxxed? Honestly wouldn’t know the sheriff from city police by uniform downstate.

        • SAFE, for your edification, as a restaurant is PRIVATE PROPERTY, the owners have the ABSOLUTE right to restrict who may or may not enter, as lone as they do not restrict due to race, creed, national origin or sexual orientation (at least here in NYS). If a restaurant owner wants to prohibit someone who is unvaxed, that is his prerogative.

        • Well Walt I will admit we will have some divergent views there but yes to a point your statement is true. It will be interesting to see how the courts treat this madness in the coming decade but I cannot support the mandate in any form currently presented and find the eagerness of many to restrict the lives of others unsettling at best.

        • SAFE, I see what you are saying. But it is not the city, state, or the federal government that is throwing these people out. It is the owners of the restaurants. Granted they are being “guided” by what a government entity is/has said, but it is still their prerogative. You can interrupt it as a “mandate” if you like but in fact it is not.

          How the courts will decide is a “crap shoot” at best. Only God know and He’s not telling us.

        • Walt at this point I am praying for a repeat of the 1918 plague when most of America stopped giving a damn and went on with their lives even before the third wave (which I am hoping is omicron for us) was through and accepted that yes we will have a flu season. And crapshoot would be a polite description of what we are likely to see legally.

  15. Did that drum mag jam that glock? The slide doesn’t look locked back/empty, some kind of failure? May have saved Mora’s life if the goblin was unable to sustain fire.

    • mountocean Why would the slide be locked back? If you look, you would see an ammo drum on the mag. You are assuming. The gun was pictured where and how it was found.

      • In the photo I see the slide is out of battery, but not fully back. The trigger also looks fully depressed (not yet reset) indicating it was pulled, but the slide has not returned to battery. The loading lever appears close to full. THe picture looks like an older model KCI drum, but I’m not sure. Wound too tightly? I dunno.

        • mountocean. You think it could be because the gun jammed? (rolling my eyes). Aside from tht, the picture is of the gun as it was FOUND. You see when the Crime Scene people get to the scene, they take pictures of various bits of evidence like guns, shell cases, etc, blood, bodies (if deceased) where they lay.

          Yeah,. you are wound too tight. I guess you have never seen such pictures?

      • Allow me to assist…The trigger is to the rear meaning it was pulled. The unlocked slide which was in motion has caused the barrel to drop, extractor is inward meaning brass was ejected. Since the slide is in forward motion to chamber an out of picture round and then push forward/reset the trigger it was probably a feeding jam that stopped the cycle. Or it was simply a failed attempt to chamber a round.
        Either way it’s almost certain it was attributed to a gimmicky drum installed by an incompetent who by all accounts assumed stuff like that will work out of the box without ever a hiccup.

        • Thank you Deb, my brevity failed me. Ironic that a NYCPD officer’s life was saved (I hope) by a mechanical device banned by the city. I expect a stock 10rd mag would have allowed more injury to Mora.

        • Didn’t know that there were drums for Glocks in 45, neat for when it’s legal or after I move.

        • No doubt I ‘could’ get them Walt but I am not quite in the leo category unless my county starts needing part time deputies/officers so legally acquiring/owning them is the rub. The other side is whether there is a reliable one in 45 like Magpul has in 9mm.

  16. This incident amounted to helpless family members calling the police for assistance with another family member. In many incidents like this the family for fear of getting the relative hurt or in trouble does not provide the police with an accurate description of the relative’s past violent behavior, etc. The lack of information from dispatch and family sets the police up for an ambush just like what occurred. The perp was laying in wait to pop open the door and begin shooting. Fortunately one officer was able to stop him otherwise no telling what else would have happened.
    Police should have remained down the hallway with guns drawn and ordered him out hands first. If he did not comply he’s obviously up to no good.

    NYC had the chance to elect a much deserving Curtis and instead elected another worthless doofus for mayor making NYC one of the last places on earth I would visit.

      • avatar Geoff "A day without an apparently brain-damaged mentally-ill demented troll is like a day of warm sunshine" PR

        At least Deborah is getting what you aren’t, steaming hot sex from someone that loves her, not an imaginary ‘wife’ like you pathetically claim… 😉

        • Uh, I think you have me confused with someone else. Also, for the record, I have a wife AND a girlfriend. May the two never meet, ya know what I mean?

  17. Eric Adams is another Lori Lightfoot, someone else fault it’s those pesky states around us letting those guns come in, he’s screaming for Washington and the Feds to do something!! It’s his City and his damn job to put a stop to the Crime!! Another Bill B maybe.

  18. Lashawn J. McNeil

    That’s a good Irish name, amirite? I’m glad it wasn’t another didunuffin IPOC shot by these bloodthirsty police.

  19. The solution is so simple, so easy: disarm police patrols.

    when confronted with a possible dangerous outcome, the police patrol unit calls 911, and the emergency services unit notifies social services department, who, in turn, sends a strongly worded letter (return signature required) to the address nearest the scene of the incident. the person receiving the letter is obligated to ensure the letter is handed to the appropriate offender, who signs for it. if, after 72hrs, the letter has not been acknowledged, social worker are dispatched to the scene to offer trauma and job skills counselling.

    No guns, no confrontation, no killed and wounded.

  20. Details are lacking. But it seems to to me that from what has been released of the prior 2 years of cop killings by firearm most cops were anbushed, meaning they were not alert, not prepared, and that is caused by stupidity or poor training.

    Another factor is they are afraid of shooting first because of political pressures and going to prison because they killed a scumbag.

    Lots of history shows domestic calls are the deadliest for cops. Recent history says cops are being targeted for assassination. So why then arent cops more alert and use warfighting and swat techniques when answering every call today. Put two men in a cruiser. Treat every call as a 911-man with a gun. Sounds easy but when departments budgets are cut guess what gets cut too. Training. Gun training. Tactical training. Few cops are gunfighters. And every cop should be.

    Would love to hear from cops

    TTAG should create a police section for input from cops.

  21. More reason to vastly restrict weapons of war aka assault rifles. This is a good case for making them an NFA weapon or banning them altogether.

    Trump Storm Trooper arrested and had vast catch of weapons to be used on Jan 6th. to overthrow the government. He is now locked up with no bail as he is too dangerous to be let loose in society.

  22. Ever wonder why such incidents like this are rare in civilized countries. Its because of their extreme vetting of firearms and the types of firearms civilians are allowed to own and use. Obviously this has worked for them and would work for us as well but the extreme paranoia of the Far Right blinds them to obvious reality.

    • Sam I have been watching that take over the delta wave in a fraction of the time it took delta to overtake alpha. I wish I knew more people in the department of health but it does seem that pandemic is leaning more overwhelmingly towards endemic.

  23. “…it does seem that pandemic is leaning more overwhelmingly towards endemic.”

    Yeah, but to ensure it doesn’t return to pandemic level, we must wear multiple masks simultaneously, be vaccinated every three months, be issued health passports (including a social score), socially distance, keep children separated from everyone else (or given over to government care and protection), put people not current on vaccination into health safety facilities. All of which is truly ineffective. The “fix” is to isolate individuals from other individuals at all times.

    Government can be so dumb at times.

  24. “Police said the gun used in Friday night’s shooting, a .45-caliber Glock with a high-capacity magazine capable of holding up to 40 extra rounds, had been stolen in Baltimore in 2017.”

    But, but, but how is it possible that in New York state, where law-abiding citizens are limited to 10-round magazines, a criminal could have a 40-round or 50-round magazine?
    It’s almost as if criminals don’t obey gun control laws!!! Who could ever have imagined or predicted that criminals wouldn’t follow gun control laws?

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