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If Defendants’ contempt for the Constitution was not clear on the face of the [executive order] and [public health order], Governor Lujan Grisham’s further comments provide all the confirmation this Court needs. At the press conference announcing the Governor’s suspension of the Second Amendment and her usurpation of queenlike powers, she stated, “if there’s an emergency, and I’ve declared an emergency for a temporary amount of time, I can invoke additional powers. No constitutional right, in my view, including my oath, is intended to be absolute.

As incredible proof of these executive actions’ pretextual nature, the Governor even admitted that “she doesn’t expect criminals to follow the order.” And yet the Governor also knows that “[r]esponsible gun owners are certainly not our problem — have never been our problem,” because she said so herself.

Of course, the Governor’s paradoxical statements beg the question — if law-abiding gun owners are not the problem, and criminals carrying guns will not obey the PHO, then what is the purpose of the Governor’s actions? The answer is evident. The EO and PHO serve no purpose other than to implement a radical political agenda to punish law-abiding gun owners for exercising their enumerated rights to carry arms in public for self-defense.

Defendants have presented a credible threat of enforcement of their unconstitutional mandates against Plaintiffs. Not only has the Governor specifically threatened criminal sanction but also her underlings have put plans in place to send State Police officers into Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque to enforce her edicts.

— GOA Lawsuit Challenging NM Governor’s carry ban, Donk v. Grisham

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  1. Something about her just echoes ‘I’d like to talk with the manager.’ when you see her picture.

  2. More and more I think that most of what these people are doing is fishing.

    They’re poking around to find the *thing* that sets the flame to the powder keg that is this country.

    They want to provoke a reaction that they think justifies bringing the hammer down. Hard.

        • and they should be treated exactly the same as the Red Coats at Lexington & Concord were…. The oath violators are never held accountable and hide behind the “just following orders” bs.

        • Well those too, but I was referring to the feds in MAGA hats. The ones who will be urging everyone to storm city hall.

      • Good choice of venue to pick Old Town.

        Hopefully it’s uneventful. I kinda suspect it will be, a bit of a dive into the actual EOs and the Governor’s jawboning and I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on or who’s in charge of what.

        I suspect that means enforcement drops to zero.

    • The Dems, keep floating these trial balloon’s to see if they can get on to fly. One of these balloons will start civil war 2…

    • If they can’t (or won’t) punish the guilty they then punish the innocent in their frustration. It is the Pr0gressive way.

  3. But she’s DOING something! Got that playbook from Commiefornia,New York, Joizee,Washington,ILL annoy ad infinitum nauseum🙄

    • Remove her from office, seize all of her property, revoke her citizenship and escort her to the border.

      No quarter given.

    • Trying to take New Mex back to a 17th century power structure, they are. Tyranny you allow, deserve you do.

      When Big Mommy’s snit fit expires, will the pool of people who think “people don’t need guns” be larger, or smaller?

  4. Even David Hogg has enough sense to know that there is no such thing as a state public health exception to the Constitution.

  5. I think there is a bigger picture at play here.
    If this is not thrown out immediately and her removal from office to boot, this will set a precedence.
    The federal government has been trying to officially designate gun violence as a health problem for some years.
    If this is not truck down severely then what’s to stop the federal government from making it a health issue, then “create” an emergency, followed by suspension of the 2nd Amendment?
    Crazy police state type stuff you say?
    It isn’t all that crazy and they will utilize local LEOs and the ATF / FBI to kick in your door and make a show of you being arrested.
    Any resistance and they will have the media scream terrorists. You will be detained indefinitely.

  6. Governor Lujan Grisham has proven through her emotional actions that she is unqualified for executive responsibilities.

  7. “Not only has the Governor specifically threatened criminal sanction but also her underlings have put plans in place to send State Police officers into Bernalillo County and the City of Albuquerque to enforce her edicts.”

    New Mexico does not have ‘qualified immunity’ for law enforcement. They can be charged and prosecuted criminally for deprivation of rights under color of law not only in state court but federal as well. They can also be sued for it. The principal of ‘sovereign immunity’ also does not apply for her or the state police for intentionally unconstitutional and illegal acts, the excuse ‘just following orders’ is not a valid defense of committing a crime.

    The legislature (not all members) has already said her actions are illegal under state law, and unconstitutional under the state and US Constitution, and they say that the order is invalid and should not be followed.

  8. Are the NM state police imported from NJ?

    If not, they should easily recognize the loss of immunity is highly probable here. Enforcing her edict from on high is blatantly unconstitutional and any officer worthy of their oath should refuse to obey any commands to enforce it. Indeed, they have the authority and duty to enforce the Constitution as law against any superior telling then to violate the Supreme law of the land.

  9. No. Its soe’s when a police stops somebody and they got a gunm they can run a pole up their ass and stick them at front of the gate

  10. I got news Governor, the constitution IS ABSOLUTE! There’s no provision to suspend the constitution except for rebellion or invasion. Your moron advisors gave you exceedingly poor advice and your need to “do something” was poorly thought out and executed.

    You are going to pay a price for your blundering folly into treacherous waters.

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