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Former President Barack Obama (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Obama discussed the challenges of reducing gun violence and how gun ownership has become an “ideological” and “partisan” issue during an exclusive sit-down interview with “CBS Mornings” co-host Nate Burleson. The full interview will air on Tuesday, May 16.

“I think somehow — and there are a lot of historical reasons for this — gun ownership in this country became an ideological issue, and a partisan issue, in ways that it shouldn’t be,” Obama told Burleson. “It has become sort of a proxy for arguments about our culture wars, you know? Urban versus rural. Race is always an element in these issues. Issues of class and education, and so forth.” …

The Obama Foundation on Wednesday announced an initiative — titled My Brother’s Keeper, or MBK — to help young men of color and their communities “remain safe from violent crime.” The program will provide coaching, educational opportunities, financial resources and more. …

During his presidency, Obama called for stricter gun laws and urged Congress to reinstate the assault weapons ban following the 2016 Pulse nightclub attack in Orlando, which killed 49 people and wounded dozens more.

“Instead of just taking a very practical approach, like we do, let’s say, for example, with car safety, where we say, ‘All right, we got a bunch of accidents. Let’s have seat belts. And let’s make cars safer. And let’s engineer our roads so that we prevent them,'” Obama observed, “Instead of thinking about it in a very pragmatic way, we end up really arguing about identity, and emotion, and all kinds of stuff that does not have to do with keeping our children safe.”

— Leo Rocha in Obama on the View of Gun Ownership in America

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  1. Perhaps people want to resist your “community organizers” (ie: criminals to have tacit approval to commit crimes) efforts to redistribute their “wealth” to others.

    • The “gun community” should never forget and they should remind everyone that former President Obama, will have armed government paid for security, for the rest of his life. His armed Secret Service security detail, will travel with him 24/7 wherever he goes. Same for his wife.
      Guns for them but not for you.

      • More over, he sent full auto military grade weapons to Mexico, helping cartels. THEN, whines and blames legal AMERICAN GUN OWNERS FOR THE GUNS IN MEXICO. FACT. What a guy.

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      • He also purchased with gov funds $4M of M4 military automatic rifles and ammo and no one seems to care where they are. No one knows but him and is comrades.

  2. “ Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.” -Abraham Lincoln

    • Well Obama spoke, didn’t he? Right off the bat- “Americans cling bitterly to their guns and Bibles”. Unfortunately, they clung to his ass too.
      “Guns and Bibles”…Sounds like the name of a Christian rock band…

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  3. As usual, he’s redefining the issue. Fuck him and his ‘fundamental transformation’.

  4. Cool. For many blacks in America, thanks to idiotic government-impliented programs aimed at denying and excusing personal responsibility, “My Brother’s Keeper” has become known as “Warden”…

    • Free food, school supplies, winter coats, backpacks, tutoring,and college if the parents’ combined income is under 150k for results that are better than Baltimore……….

  5. Of course the gun issue is the perfect shorthand for the entire political divide. Nothing else quite says tyrant like some leftist saying he wants to leave you defenseless before the mob he plans to wip up, or before the horde of people he is urging to invade across the Southern border.

  6. The political party of gun control created and stoked an arms race inside it’s own country like no tomorrow with vapid veiled threats of bans and confiscations and after all that lack the capability for self reflection. Ten or twenty years ago I might have agreed somewhat, but it’s too late now. We’re deep into the arms race of the people versus their own government. As far as I’m concerned if every single American owned 20 or 30 AR15s with a pallet of 500,000 rounds of 5.56 ammo to back it up then that’s ‘a good start’.

    But guns are not a ‘partisan’ issue in my deep deep blue state. I see more racial and ethnic diversity at a gun range than in any ‘progressive safe space’. I ought to know I live right in the middle of it all.

    These midwits on the left actually have convinced themselves that there are something like 1,000 people who are going into gun shops each buying hundreds of rifles and pistols at a time.

    So to sum it up, democrats issue veiled threats. People say ‘hey we better gun up while the getting is good’ and they do. Then wonder why it’s a never ending spiral while they issue more veiled threats until one day the people get sick of listening to politicians threatening to jail them day after day for doing nothing and take action.

    • Generally speaking- it isnt the “gun owners”™ who are committing the violent crimes and needing to be jailed, seems to me.
      There are two kinds of crimes- “mala in se” and “mala prohibita”. Mala en se are criminal acts which are evil in themselves- rape, murder, theft and the like, crimes often committed with weapons, including firearms. Mala prohibito are crimes simply because there are laws prohibiting the conduct- gun ownership being among them. Lesson #1 in any criminal justice academy. The Founders were painfully aware of this and therefore wrote the Second Amendment into the US Constitution- which some States refused to ratify until such protections were written into the Document.

    • Gee, thanks. 🙁

      ‘FBO’ used to have a pleasant meaning to me, ‘Fixed Base Operator’, an individual or company that services a local airport with fuel, hangers to rent, mechanics to fix planes, etc.

      Now I will forever see ‘FBO’ as ‘F*ck Barack Obama’, a Leftist Scum ™ hell-bent on destroying a great nation… 🙁

        • Gov,

          Why, it means “Let’s Go, Brandon”, of course. Everyone knows that!!

      • After your dispicable remark about POTUS DJT and his voters which I am one you should shorten your moniker to, sht.

        And to futher display your political ineptness you approve of a DeSantis-Haley ticket. You musta forgot POTUS DJT got DeSantis elected gov. making a DeSantis run a Cut in Line. Haley would fold like a cheap tent like she did over Civil War statues. She held statues responsible while not a beep out of her about holding the democRat Party responsible for its legacy of slavery, etc…pathetic.

        Let’s say DeSantis was elected, do you think for a moment he would not get years of the Trump Treatment? At least with Trump your leftist scum pals are just about out of ammo.

        To criticize leftist scum on a firearms forum and then bash POTUS DJT puts you in camp with the leftist scum you claim to disdain.

        • “POTUS DJT got DeSantis elected gov. making a DeSantis run a Cut in Line.”

          BS. Trump says that he got DeSantis elected, but there’s no proof. There were likely as many voters who voted against the governor because of the Trump endorsement, as there were voters who elected him because of it.

          And promising a coronation for a candidate “because he’s next in line” produced Republican candidates Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney. No thanks.

        • Debbie,

          What is up, lately, with commenters on this board making absolutely DERANGED arguments? That Trump somehow “deserves” to be a candidate, or that any Republican or Jeffersonian libertarian who doesn’t support him is “leftist scum” makes you nuttier than squirrel poop.

          Fact the first: Trump was never a “conservative”. He pursued some conservative policies, and for that he deserves credit for his actual accomplishments. He pursued other policies that were NOT conservative or libertarian – and he was responsible for foisting the whole “Fauci and lockdowns” think on us.

          Fact the second: If Trump can’t win the nomination on the strength of his policy positions (to the extent he even HAS any policy positions – he was all over the lot on many issues, even during his Presidency), he doesn’t deserve it. He is entitled to run, just as much, and not a whit more, than any other candidate. And no candidate “deserves” our vote – they have to EARN it.

          Your normal “gun control is rooted in racism and slavery” rant is factually correct (that you regularly beat that expired equine, to a group of people who mostly knew that years ago, may be a little deranged), but this rant was just stupid, and/or insane.

          Do better.

        • “…Republican candidates Bob Dole, John McCain and Mitt Romney.”

          That reminds me. The group name for the rhinoceros is called a “crash” as in a crash of rhinos. That there is a crash of RINOs for sure, and there’s a lot more in the pileup.

        • “a crash of rhinos.” Appropriate!!

          I learn something new every day — and quite often, its from TTAG.

  7. and that’s the “reasoning” of the ones who never read the bill of rights or simply don’t agree with it!

  8. “Urban versus rural. Race is always an element in these issues. Issues of class and education, and so forth.”
    And here’s me, a minority who grew up suburban, spent over a decade living urban while getting a PhD, and now live rural but work urban, sitting on an armory of my privately owned guns and still being rabidly against Obama…
    Why won’t that idiot just shut up and fade out already?

      • Just how is Dan agitating?

        His story, if true, speaks volumes as to how one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… 🙂

        • Lol I meant the former president but if Dan is getting paid to post good for him. If anything Dan reminds me of a coworker except my coworker introduced himself as Uncle Ruckus just to see how I would react.

      • He was handsomely rewarded for his deeds. Remember back before he was a massive multimillionaire, he said, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” When is it enough Barack? 200 million? Is that when it’s time to stop? How many luxury homes do you need?

        Other Dem pols used to rail against millionaires until they became millionaires. Then they railed against multimillionaires until they became multimillionaires. Now they rail against billionaires. When is it enough Bernie?

        • I’ve been saying it for years. The corporate billionaires bought the far left out and converted them to fascism.

          They even dress their antifa storm troopers as SS.

    • His plan is to be the leader of the New World Order. He gets his money and power from George Soros ( satan ) . Gun ownership and part of the population of the U S that still have morals are in their way.

    • Dan,

      No, he won’t shut up and go away, and if the senile idiot in the White House either kicks off, or quits (unfortunately, neither are likely), we’ll be stuck with dealing with Barry Soetoro’s even-stupider wife as a Dem candidate, apparently – and you can just bet that Black Chicago Jesus will be her number one campaign surrogate. If Biden kicks the bucket, or his advancing dementia outruns the time to the election, you’re going to be hearing plenty from BOTH Obamas. Oh, joy!!

      • Black Chicago Jesus is the marionetteer controlling our current Meat Puppet-in-Chief FJB, so it’s not like he ever left. I’d like to hear him retell us the famous ” if I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon “, finishing the sentence with ” or the other little banger he gunned down in Chicongo. “… at least he’d be describing The Problem accurately.

  9. That’s right b.h. obama the understudy of the communist-terrorist kill-your-parents weather underground guru bill ayers is going to chat about Gun violence. Gun violence the purposely misleading concocted label used by sneaky Gun Control zealots to advance Gun Control.

    The self serving lord marshall b.h.obma really does not want to discuss his violence loving mentor bill ayers designing a bomb intended for soldiers at Fort Dix and detonated killing ayers’ girlfriend and two ayers’ associates.

    Sit the f down and stfu b.utt h.ead obama.

  10. “,…urban vs. rural….race”

    Because, as we all know, city folk do not have guns….not even the gangs…only the rural gangs have guns.

    Absolutely correct on race: Dems have been trying to prevent black folk from owning guns since…..forever.

    • “only the rural gangs have guns.”

      We have several down here, one of them interested in long-range precision shooting.

      “Reach out, reach out and *touch* someone…” 🙂

  11. I guess Michele took her d1ck out of his mouth long enough for him to spout some more B.S.

    • BHO would be aghast at my local deep-south gun range.

      (How deep south? So deep, Atlanta, Georgia, considered the heart of the deep south, is hundreds of miles north of me.)

      Whites, Blacks, Latinos, and every flavor of alternative identity just hanging out, punching paper and ringing steel. Talking guns. Shooting each other’s guns…

      • Describes the indoor ranges of anywhere south of Saratoga here in NY (except for the shooting each other’s guns that gets tricky with pistol laws). Can’t speak for NYC but I would see more diversity at the gun range than any state office I worked for.

  12. “Instead of thinking about it in a very pragmatic way, we end up really arguing about identity, and emotion…”

    Gaslighting as usual. Who’s being pragmatic and who argues about identity and emotion? How are people still falling for his BS?

    “It has become sort of a proxy for arguments about our culture wars, you know? Urban versus rural. Race is always an element in these issues. Issues of class and education, and so forth.”

    He’s literally talking about political rivalry. It isn’t about race, class, urban vs rural, etc. It’s about the demographics that typically vote D or R. As usual, it comes down to a quest for power. The urban Dems want to rule over rural America.

    • @Dude

      “The urban Dems want to rule over rural America.”

      Yup! I think it’s partially because the big Democrat-controlled cities are, at best, only two or three days from starvation in the event of a catastrophe…whereas the rural areas are where most of the food production / storage takes place.

      The Dems have been inculcating a slavish mentality (under the guise of welfare / SNAP / WIC and recently, bail / police “reform”) in their cities for three generations now.

      If you control a man’s food you control him.

  13. “Race is always an element in these issues. Issues of class and education, and so forth.” …”

    Race baiting asshole just like the brain dead dementia addled grifter that’s in office now.

      • SAFEupstate,

        Why, on the brilliance of their policy positions, and the overwhelming success of their actual legislation (and authoritarian “executive orders”), of course!

        Dementia Joe, the serial child-molester has “done a hell of a job” ruining our economy, our energy sector, our inflation rate, etc. Whoever ends up being the Dim candidate (probably Senile Joe, at this point) will promise more of the same. And “win” the election, after they have enough dead people vote, and count all those TOTALLY legit “mail-in” ballots, and the extra few hundred thousand ballots that they suddenly “find” after midnight on election day.

        • I’m surprised Creepy Joe has lasted this long without a major medical incident or being 25th. They are passed the point where Kameltoe could take the rest of his current term and potentially two more of her own. Unless her handlers can’t consider that option as palatable.

        • Southern Cross, they quickly figured out even the best propagandists can’t make comma la seem palatable. Plus, the Puppet obediently does as he’s told. It’s best not to rock the boat. As Jonathan Gruber said (discussing passing Obamacare), “lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever.”

      • “What else can they run on?”

        Fear. Only they can hold back the tide of the greatest threat to the nation: white supremacy. Only they are willing to protect trans kids from their parents. Only they can end the threat from the climate crisis. And maybe, just maybe, another variant, or an entirely new virus shows up. Only they have the courage to force everyone to get their vax. Oh and if you vote for them, they super-duper promise to pay off your student loans next term. For real this time. It’ll be a priority. Promise.

        • Well……yeah there is that and people lacking pattern recognition will probably go for it.

  14. He’s right, it is a partisan issue.
    The criminal, law-breaking Democrat mob vs. law-abiding Republicans.

  15. quote———- “Instead of thinking about it in a very pragmatic way, we end up really arguing about identity, and emotion, and all kinds of stuff that does not have to do with keeping our children safe.”———-quote

    The Republicans scream “Losses can never be too high when it comes to sacrificing innocent people on the altar of zero gun control because we do not give a damn”.

    The Republicans we scream “Thoughts and prayers and maybe if we ignore the gun problem it will just go away”.

    Butt Head Greg Abdicate in Texas blamed mental health but he was made a complete fool of by Fareed Zacharia yesterday when Fareed pointed out that New York that has strict gun laws has less homicides, and suicides than Texas has and New York certainly does not have any less mentally ill people than Texas does.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, I am sure you would rather see us disarmed so your criminal and ANTIFA thugs can prey upon us with impunity. New York has “less homicides?” Horse Pucky! IT seems that NYS for years has been downgrading crimes from felonies to misdemeanors. Seens you are the real Butt Head. Apparently you have no clue. For your edification, the Mayor of NYC has recently declared that there is no more room for homeless people as he is shipping them up state. You Lefties really have to try to keep up on current events.

    • Liar. The gop never said such a thing. They said our civil rights must be honored and that caused a fascist such as yourself to spin off out of control.

    • If you think life is cheap in Capitalvania, it was much cheaper in the former S0viet Uni0n. Life was so cheap the rules thought people were disposable.

      Major accident at a bio weapons research facility resulting in anthr@x being released? Blame the deaths on bad meat.

      Accidents at Mayak with resulted in several Chernobyl scale events? Don’t tell anyone downwind but use them in exposure tests.

      So many nuclear weapons were detonated in Kazakhstan you would think WW3 had been declared. The country and the people are still living with the consequences.

      Add periodic purges and you can get the idea the rules were trying to depopulate the county.

  16. If the left actually cared about the safety of children, we would never have to deal with the abortion industry or gun free school zones.

    Guns are a partisan issue because the left wants to take them away from the American people.

    • Guns are a partisan issue because democrats (communist party USA) has continued to beat the “gun control” mantra for decades with choir singing “ban all guns”.”

      Wonder why conservatives are gearing up?

  17. “Gun ownership has become an ‘ideological’ and ‘partisan’ issue.”
    True, but whose fault is it that gun ownership has become an ideological” and partisan issue? The Democrats.
    I’m not sure when it started, but at some point the Democratic Party abandoned all sense of balance, logic, and neutrality and became the party that hates the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Democrats became the party of “fully semiautomatic” and describing the Ruger 10/22 with black furniture as a “high-powered weapon of war” and “Hell yes, I’m taking your AR-15” and threatening gun owners that “the Federal government has nukes” and wanting to ban everything that’s black (including “the shoulder thing that goes up”) without having the slightest clue what they’re trying to ban.
    Somehow I got on their email lists, and I keep getting emails claiming — this is a direct quote, I am not making this up! — that someone “died at the hands of an AR-15” (I pointed out that guns don’t have hands, criminals do, when I unsubscribed).

  18. The mixed race half black half white former president, Barack Hussein Obama thinks like a communist white man. That’s right I said it.
    And communist white men do not believe that “the great on washed” should have Arms. It’s not just about guns. They don’t want private citizens to have knives or any type of weapon, they could use to defend themselves, against a criminal or a tyrannical government.

    • Or I should say he thinks like a communist yellow man. Because it was Chairman Mao who famously said that “power flows out the end of a gun barrel”. And he said that power should only be in the hands of the government. A communist government.

      • So………was there supposed to be something controversial or offensive there? Just seeing some facts and generally supported assessments.

        • Some people for some strange reason get “triggered” and upset, when facts are combined with skin color. But not me.

          “The great unwashed”

        • Hmm well I guess if you are sensitive enough yellow might be offensive maybe but aside from a few college kids never heard of that being an issue.

        • Some people were getting tired of you bashing white libs in Chicago (which I don’t have a problem with by the way) without including the idiot blacks that keep voting these morons into office. Look at the fuctard mayor they just voted in. Stupid racist white libs and idiot racist blacks. They are all a problem.

        • to muckraker
          From me on 29 april 2023

          “Unfortunately things are going to have to get much worse. Before the white self-hating liberals start voting for a more conservative candidate. It’s the same in every democrat run city.”

          From me on 18 april 2023

          “…But since no one wanted to shoot mobs of white people waving rainbow flags, as they burned American cities to the ground. It’s going to become more difficult to deny the accusation that you’re a racist.
          When you shoot black rioters. But you didn’t shoot white rioters waving rainbow Flags???…”

          “I’ve been saying people who riot should be shot dead on site. I don’t care what their skin color is. This is why I say we need a “national divorce”. There are a lot of people, Libertarians, liberals, and leftists, who simply don’t believe in the concept of private property. And they don’t believe in holding criminals accountable for their actions.”

          To get the full context please the entire comment I made. I think you will find what you are looking for there.

          I understand that there are some people who don’t like it when I say that the three L’s are a big part of the problem. And they don’t like it, when I say that criminals should be shot dead on site. And I don’t care what their skin color is.

          But what I have observed is that the people who disagree with me on these things. They are also the same ones, who refuse to call for the repeal of laws that are protecting criminals, from the use of righteous violence by the law abiding.

      • “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” (Chinese: 枪杆子里面出政权 Qiānggǎnzi lǐmiàn chū zhèngquán)- Mao, before the communist revolution.
        Ultimately that is true- what political state ISNT backed with use of force? Even governments formed with the Consent of the Governed are ultimately backed by force. That this must be so results from the evil within the human heart.

    • Perhaps BHO should take over some small African country in a coup and run in how he wants it.

      Pass the popcorn.

  19. The numbers don’t lie, most of the crime in the USA is black on black.
    It’s young black men killing other young black men. And as a direct result of that is 13% of the population is hugely over represented in American prisons.
    Blame democrat policies and the death of the nuclear family unit.

    • The problem with so many black people today is that they think like a white man. A communist White man.
      They started to believe that the black traditional family, of one man and one woman is not necessary. They will think like the Communist white man who says women should live in public housing alone with their children. And when they think like a communist white man, they will support the arrest of any adult black male. Who visits this single mother and her children in her public housing apartment.

      And unfortunately blacks also think like white h0m0sexu@ls. Who also believe that the black traditional family, of one man and one woman is not necessary. The white h0m0sexu@ls are quite comfortable with a single mother and her children living alone. Without the love and discipline of a father/husband. And without the father’s guns for protection.
      That’s right I said it.

      I should add a white s0ci@list Pr0gressive men. In order, to be all inclusive.

      • Chris T,

        I would argue that they didn’t start “to believe that the black traditional family” is not necessary – they were coerced into it by intnentionally racist government policy – propagated almost entirely by racist Dimocrats (yeah, I’m looking at you, LBJ, and Chuck Schumer, and Malig-Nancy). When the only paycheck you’re ever going to see comes from the government, and you lose it if you live with your baby-daddy, kinda disincentives a nuclear family structure.

        I don’t “blame” impoverished blacks for their messed-up family structure – except to the extent the reliably vote 90%+ for the same racist Dimocrats that put them in that position.

        • You are correct. I should have included the “government heroin” known as the Welfare Industrial Complex. That racist Democrats like “up Chuck” Schumer, Hillary Clinton and people like them helped to create.
          They have used government money to seduce coerce and keep in perpetual government slavery unsuspecting people to the welfare State.

          And as you mentioned the baby daddy, baby mama phenomenon, this was encouraged by the s0ci@list Pr0gressive sexu@lly liber@ted crowd. Who also hate the traditional family of one man and one woman.

          I believe that people should be held accountable for choosing to use the welfare state. But the people who are ultimately responsible for the creation of the welfare state, is the racist Democrat Party.

          And I believe people should be held accountable for their choices and actions they take.
          It’s the black person, or any skin color, raised on “government heroin” that will pay the price when they commit crimes and are caught and sent to prison or killed outright.

          Killed by a government representative, called a police officer. Or killed by a law-abiding citizen, trying to protect themselves and their loved ones.

          Some of the biggest users now of “government heroin” are mostly women of all skin colors. Who have been talked into getting government student loans. Which can’t be forgiven. And they will have to pay back possibly for the rest of their lives.

  20. As a descendant of slave owners, it’s certainly understandable why Barak Obama wouldn’t want regular citizens to own firearms.
    Gotta defend the plantation, yo.

  21. Little does Barack Obama realize that statists like him are the reason why Americans in many places don’t want to give their arms up and that for many of the remainder the “93% peaceful” protesters and his “sons” are the other for many.

  22. NO ONE with a brain cares what Barry’s masters say/”think” about anything. FBO/FBarry Soetoro and his shemale “wife”.

  23. It is apparent that Obuma the Phony is still trying to impose his Leftist ideology on America!

  24. If it were up to Democrats they would be quartering soldiers in our homes, not out of necessity, but to completely destroy the bill of rights.

    They view us as serfs and useless eaters. It’s either us or them.

    • Moochelle ain’t skinny, Wolfcall – Oh, you meant the OTHER bitch! My bad.

  25. One reason is stinking evil democrats like him. Also doesn’t he cling to his secret service and their guns? Oh that’s right he is a hypocrite.

  26. “hey obama, buy us a beer!” -henry kemeciek
    during his initial senate run, he stopped at our local legion post.
    he was not well received even then.

  27. New York Hotels Evicting Homeless Veterans to House Migrants >

    “The swap would give the hoteliers an additional profit of $100 a night on average, a move that has angered veteran rights activists.”

    Yes veterans, your service to your country is not worth the additional profit that can be made from a p̶e̶r̶s̶o̶n̶ ̶i̶n̶v̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶c̶o̶u̶n̶t̶r̶y̶ migrant.

    • Sigh on to badger the county executive to follow the state of emergency and refuse to take illegals.

    • The left has been spitting on vets for 80+ years only praising them when they need a distraction war or for vote pandering. Too many of them keep falling for it.

  28. Thought experiment (for those inclined to actual thought): If Barry Soetoro, Senile Joe Biden, Schmucky Chucky Schumer, and Malig-Nancy had intended to destroy the American economy, healthcare system, energy industry, and social structure, what EXACTLY would they have done differently?

    If the Dimocrats were just stupid (which they are), they might occasionally get something right out of sheer luck and the law of large numbers – they are still stupid, but they are maliciously stupid, and their malice overcomes their incompetence.

  29. As usual Obama knows nothing about the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. He has no idea as to why the Framers, who had just thrown off the chains of tyranny by fighting against the most powerful government and military at the time. They wanted to make certain that should our own government become tyrannical that the citizens of this new Republic had the means by which they too could fend off tyranny such as we are currently experiencing with the gigantic Executive Branch administrative state!! Politicians are temporary holders of an office whereas now the Administrative State is forever! It must be destroyed by We the People!!

  30. Swimming in Muslim ideologies, of course he can’t grasp the concept of a Constitutional Republic, and a government founded upon Christian Principles!

    These concepts are completely foreign and evil to him.

    A government that was built under the guidance of Christian Holy Natural Law, with the added spices of “individual freedoms” and a Bill Of Rights thrown in, totally confuses this Natural Born Muslim.

    Damn, I just wish he’d go away!

    Oh wait, never mind. If he went away, we wouldn’t have a president anymore. What’s Joe Biden to do without a boss?

  31. Engineering to improve firearms function and safety is worthwhile but that has mostly been accomplished. Every now and then, a new model, with a flaw that initial testing failed to find, slips out but that gets found quickly and is addressed quickly with recalls. Gun control is the equivalent of stubbornly driving around in 1950s automobiles and lowering the interstate speed limit to 30 mph so that accidents won’t be as deadly.

  32. I addressed this earlier I believe in another forum. To equate car ownership and safety with gun ownership and safety is like comparing apples and oranges. Owning a car is not a right owning a gun is. There is nothing in the constitution referring to the right to own a means of transportation but there is a Second Amendment Right to bear arms. Furthermore, there are far more car deaths and accidents than firearm deaths and accidents yearly. No one ever mentions that 1.7 million times during the past year good guys with guns prevented, crimes, shootings, and other forms of violence. All people want to do in this Country is magnify mass shootings, and alleged white on black violence when in fact mass shootings account for only a very small percentage of the actual firearm deaths by violence of one individual on another and black violence against whites vastly outnumbers the reverse. The Democrat narratives only and always emphasize something that will enhance their false narratives and seldom the truth.

    • dprato, I have to disagree at least in part. The use of both a auto and a firearm require COMMON SENSE and good judgement. While I agree about the Constitution part of your missive, and the death rates of both, the major cause of mishaps is still human negligence when a mishap occurs. When either is used intentionally as a weapon, neither common sense nor good judgement are involved, both of which elude the Lefties

  33. Someone said this in a past post, and I’ve been using it ever since. It goes something like : Gun control is like a flock of sheep watching a wolf kill one of the flock, and then when they notice that the wolf used his sharp teeth decide to have all of their teeth removed.
    Apologies to whomever I borrowed it from if I botched the retelling.

    • I have a meme of that:

      1) A wolf attacks a sheep, killing it
      2) Other sheep see that the sheep was killed by teeth
      3) “Teeth are dangerous” — all of the sheep agree to remove their teeth and turn them in

  34. About 12k “children” killed by Guns last year. About 600k children killed by “mothers” last year… How are Guns the most dangerous thing to children let alone people?

  35. First, the cultural aspect of rural versus urban. Or better stated, Urban wealthy versus rural middle class and poor. Saint Barry has never actually worked a paycheck job in his life.
    Same as his and others claims of some sort of advantage or disadvantage because of race. The advantage comes from wealth.
    Second issue is his usual claims and disparagement of those holding onto their guns and bibles. Perhaps if he had a basic moral code of conduct, he might have been more than the second worst President in history. The first is the mindless figurehead there now and the third was the former governor from Georgia. Fact is the traditional family, with traditional values and religious beliefs would solve most of the problems of crime and welfare or entitlement queens.

  36. Continental Congress delegate Tench Coxe called “the sword and every other terrible implement of the soldier”… the birthright of every American for defense of his home, family, and country.

  37. i seem to remember it became partisan
    when his ag and wingman eric holder
    said that we need to really brainwash people into a different thinking about guns and the 2nd amendment
    and he wanted to use the public education system and the entertainment industry to do it

  38. I bought a gun a year when BO was president.
    Thanks for 8 great reasons.
    I remember him lieing to the American people in his town hall meeting. No one cares what he thinks anyway.

  39. I don’t know about any of you, but I don’t “bitterly cling” to my guns. It’s more like…a loving embrace.

  40. Joseph Robinett Biden is the reason Barrack Obama is second greatest president the USA ever had.
    JRB in 2024
    Build Back Better

  41. I saw him this morning talking about Australia.

    The same Australia that rounded up its own disarmed citizens through the use of armed state actors and forced them into Covid concentration camps.

  42. His point about seatbelts is apt. When people are dying in car crashes, seatbelts make sense. After all, cars are not the problem. Cars are useful, economical transport. I’ve taken my wife to the hospital three times in our car, and three times brought her home with a brand new baby. Once I brought a generator up to my elderly parents’ house during a power failure, using, wait for it, a car. I’ve never killed anyone with a car. Banning cars would be insanity just because people can get hurt or killed in crashes. Much more important to encourage safe driving, responsible car ownership, and driver education.

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