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Chicago law enforcement attempted to get people to safety during a “teen takeover” in Millennium Park over the weekend. I had just returned from the NRA show in Indianapolis late Saturday night when I got messages asking if I had seen what was happening downtown.

When police refused to let hundreds of teenagers into Millennium Park, violence broke out. The mob trashed property, attacked people, broke windows, and even started a car on fire. Two people were shot during the hijinks.

The couple in this video got caught in the mayhem after they made the mistake of walking out of Nordstrom. The mob took everything they had, including the couple’s shoes.

From the Daily Mail . . .

More footage from the evening of chaos showed some teenagers jumping on top of a bus while others started a massive brawl after descending on Millennium Park and attempting to breach barricades. 

Gunshots rang out, with rounds striking two teenage boys aged 16 and 17 who were reported to be in stable condition as of Sunday. 

Cars were also left vandalized near East Washington Street in the Windy City, including a Tesla which was seized and torched.

The situation began Saturday when a crowd of more than a hundred rowdy teenagers turned violent as dozens torched and smashed cars while blaring music. 

In total, 15 people were arrested including nine adults and six children. 

Police were unable to control or hamper the damage done by the teens, whose numbers may have exceeded 1,000.

Lori Lightfoot, the outgoing mayor of Chicago, released a statement calling the violence a “teen takeover.” From the looks of the videos on social media, that was no takeover. It was a full-blown riot.

All available police units responded, but let’s be honest…they were a little outnumbered. The good news is Chicago will soon be swearing in Brandon Johnson as the new mayor to  save the day by hiring social workers.

Johnson has said he won’t defund the police, which is somewhat true. For now, he is going to redirect funds to hire workers. Since the police department can’t find enough qualified police recruits, it may never see that money go toward putting officers on the streets again.

As a former firefighter-paramedic, I would like to know how that will work since unarmed emergency services personnel aren’t supposed to be on the scene until it’s secure.

The images on Twitter remind me of the riots a couple of 2020. Chicago has strict gun laws in the country and Illinois just enacted more. Since the rioters overwhelmed the police, it would be interesting to hear what Mayor-Elect Johnson advises that law-abiding citizens do while they wait for the police — or a therapist — to arrive to respond to future takeovers riots.

A common question I get from students in firearms classes is how, as an instructor, I would handle a situation such as this. The best answer is to do everything possible not to be there in the first place.

My personal plan, which I have mentioned before, is to act like I am part of the mob and fade away, but that’s not something just anyone can pull off. Getting caught in a mob is one of the worst things that can happen.

Mayor-Elect Johnson hasn’t taken what anyone would consider a hard line against the weekend’s mayhem. He said, “In no way do I condone the destructive activity we saw in the Loop and lakefront this weekend. It is unacceptable and has no place in our city,” Johnson said. “However, it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

“Our city must work together to create spaces for youth to gather safely and responsibly, under adult guidance and supervision, to ensure that every part of our city remains welcome for both residents and visitors.”

Johnson recommends a more holistic approach, “creating spaces” for youth to gather in a city that already has 8800 acres spread out among over 600 parks.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. The “teens” tried to destroy Millennium Park, which they’re not allowed in without a “responsible adult” after 6 p.m. because they’ve already committed an excessive amount of violence in the past. And the about-to-be Mayor’s solution is to create more spaces for feral teenagers that the undermanned police will need to patrol…even though they’ve shown the Chicago PD can’t keep existing areas safe.

Did I get that right?

In August 2020, WGN asked Johnson if he condoned looting. He said dodged the question saying, “People are acting out of desperation.” The reporter asked the question multiple times, and Johnson continued to evade it.

Finally, he answered by deflecting: “You can’t condone the looting corporations do every single day when they take tax dollars from black, brown, white folks from all over the city of Chicago.”

What really frosts me about the “logic” behind justifying the lawlessness and violence is where people get their information, such as this Facebook post. People like this guy use an article from a far left-leaning outlet they read to rationalize the violence, and that article was based on false information. As you can see, I pointed it out, and as usual, the original poster had no response.

Facebook Teen Takeover Post

Did I mention that the “teens” also tried to break into the Art Institute? I’m sure it was only to take in and admire the priceless artwork there.

I never ever thought I’d say this…Chicago might have been better off with Lightfoot. The city is about to get exactly what they voted for. The question is, are they ready for it?

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  1. Good. I hope it continues. This is the face of bidens party. Every such incident sells a million more guns and drive more people to being conservative.

    • I agree. It has to get bad enough that ‘woke’ baby boomers actually fear for their lives. Let them watch their houses burn & daughters attacked in the streets.

      We didn’t choose this. They did.

      • “Let them watch their houses burn & daughters attacked in the streets.”

        Young women being robbed, beaten, and raped is a natural part of big city life.

        Tell them not to fight the assault and give the thug what they want. After all, the attacker may haven’t had a women in quite some time. They should simply consider it a form of “Intimate contact re-distribution” for guys not skilled in picking up a girl.

        If they keep on insisting like that London mayor that violence is a natural part of life in big cities, let’s see how far that ‘tolerance and accepting of others not like themselves’ they really are. Open up those legs ladies! It’s about time you shared that poon with those who can’t get it… 🙁

    • Obviously you have a very short memory .This kind of behaviour is independent of who happens to be the governong party or President. ] The use of firearms in such a situation inthe wrong hands would only make things worse if only because their greater availability than inthe past makes it far more likely that there would be a greater RETALIATORY RESPONSE from all sides.
      ONe thing is for absolute sure, just be looking at the real statistics, greater availability of firearms IS directly related to the increase in GUN CRIME and the idea, so expensively sponsored by the Firearms Industy right across allstrata’s of AmericanSociety even into the Security and Police Service and Governments that the reverse is true is a complete travesty of the truth.
      There will come a point where the perceived Right to Own Unlimited Firearms will have to be registered against the ever increasing death toll and mayhem caused by that ownership

      • Except of course that the “increase in GUN CRIME” is a strong decrease over the course of my lifetime, and does indeed correlate to a large increase in civilian firearms ownership. Thank you for calling attention to these important statistics.

      • albert/dacian/miner. In my youth guns were much more available. We could and did mail order guns to our door. Kids came to high school with shotguns and rifles displayed in their pickup truck window racks. I bought guns at yard sales when I was 13 and rode them home on my bike. Machine guns were still openly available and legal.

        The availability of guns has sweet f*ck all to do with crime. It is almost exclusively caused by the corrupt democrat party in this country.

      • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey Wanking Poofter,

        WHAT increasing death toll, you @$$clown. With a SLIGHT spike over the last two years, when the DIMS were in charge, murder rates and violent crime rates have consistently been going DOWN in the US since 1976, you lying, fake-Limey butt pirate.

    • “Chicago is so fooked”

      Oh, hell, Chicago is just getting started. Look a San Fran to see just how far down they can go, and the ‘good citizens’ will still tolerate it.

      See your eye doctor for new glasses, because you’re gonna need sharp vision to avoid stepping on hepatitis-infected drug junkie needles and human shit covering the sidewalks.

      Remember, as California goes, so goes the rest of America, sooner or later… 🙁

      • While I hope you are wrong I am thinking Chicago can get way way worse as several small cities have far worse crime rates when viewed per capita. Same with NY and Philly but I think Baltimore may at least stabilize in it’s current equilibrium.

    • John,

      Pretty much EVERY big city in America (and certainly every Dimocrat-ruled bid city) is fooked. When you subsidize something, you get more of it. Subsidizing government dependency and indolence will . . . get you more of it.

      A simple principle only “intellectuals” and Leftist/fascists are too stupid to understand.

  2. LOL!

    “Teens” is such a great euphemism. We all know what “teens” means, but the author of the article doesn’t need to spell it out. For the dense or naïve, they can just look at the low-slung trousers of the “teens” dancing on the cars.

    Improve your life: move away from the “teens” demographic. You’re much less likely to be caught up in a “teen takeover.”


    • In other more succinct words: we don’t have a “gun violence” problem, we have a “teen” problem.

      • I was a teen once. I didn’t commit any of the acts seen in that riot. Tonight I’ll be overseeing security for a weekly church Youth function consisting of 50+ minors. Somehow, that group of kids has never run rampant over our own city streets to commit mayhem.

        It’s not a gun problem. It’s not a teen problem. It’s a hearts-and-souls problem.

        The Marxists among us have been using their playbook to fray the fabric of our families and society for decades, and that fabric is now tearing apart.

        On a related note, the young couple who were beaten and robbed by the “yutes” reported that the ones closest to them verbally said they were going to kill them. While (fortunately) that didn’t happen, they did trap, overpower, beat, and rob them. This is exactly why I’m armed in public at all times, especially when my wife and I are out on the town. If any group cornered us and clearly communicated the words “we’re gonna kill you”, CA law would be on my side as I put a bullet through the eye of the nearest thug. What these growing numbers of ferals need is a reminder of consequences for their criminal decisions.

        • I agree with defending yourself in this type of situation. Worked for Kyle Rittenhouse! And guess what didn’t happen after that in Kenosha? There were no more riots in Kenisha after that! That type of response is going to happen again somewhere and again the riots will stop there.

    • Shouldn’t be hard to track the crotch drag marks on the ground from the low-slung trousers.

      • Lol what’re you talking about, that guy is obviously talented. To be able to kick windshields out and such with his pants around his ankles

        The mayor to be told us we shouldnt be demonizing the youth though, they dont have any opportunities or something

        • “they don;t have any opportunities or something” because they’ve occupoied themselves destroying what they DID have. They behave like petulant children who demand nice things then when they get them they trash them, next thing ya know they demand more. Even a dog is smart enough to not soil his own sleeping mat.

          I aintagonna shed ONE TEAR for any of them.

      • Brian,

        You may have been born there, or have valid reasons for having moved there, but the signs are obvious to even the most casual observers – in ten years, Chicago will be Detroit in a larger form. NY will take longer, as will SF (SOLELY because of Silicon Valley . . . which is dying), but big cities are facing a stark choice – get over your fascination with Leftist/fascism, or die. Given Chicago’s storied history of electoral shenanigans, I would bet on them following Detroit down the drain.

        GTFO of Chicago while you still can.

        • Port cities will generally not be allowed to fully die especially if they are on critical infrastructure routes. Chicago unlike Detroit is a major hub connecting a lot of the country so it will certainly get worse but I don’t think it will be allowed to die.

        • SAFE,
          True, but also hilarious (that CONUS’s epicenter of horrible weather is also among its biggest airline hubs).

        • To be fair it was a hub before we figured out air travel but yes it is hilariously ill placed compared to Denver.

        • “a hub before we figured out air travel”

          But that just makes it all the more hilarious. A DC bureaucrat or Atlanta executive who just looked at a map and swagged Chicago as a location in roughly the middle of the country (or at least the populated part) could be partially excused for ignorance. It’s the fact that people who understood that it had been chosen as a canal and railroad hub for specific geographic reasons – and had to deal with the awful weather for a century thereafter – basically said “Well, none of those reasons actually apply to air travel, and air travel is MUCH more sensitive to weather, but let’s route it all through here anyway!”

        • Well there is where the tragically hilarious inefficiency (read lazy) of bureaucracy comes in. Existing trade and infrastructure hub with large population and huge political influence= invest here and keep jobs without attracting attention or oversight for independent let alone critical thought. Personally I would have thought St Louis or Kansas City to spread out the development and potential nuke magnets (admittedly that was a later consideration) but we are having a lot of areas with big city refugees so see how the country builds up in spite of those who seek to tear it down.

        • All excellent points. I think lockdowns accelerated the urban flight that began with de-industrialization. It could be amazing (people realizing that they don’t need micromanagement when they aren’t stacking themselves like industrial-farmed chickens), or it could simply result in idiots colonizing more states and gaining their Electoral College votes.

      • God bless you Brian, I hope you have an exit strategy because the city is going to burn to the ground this year.

        • Oh, I trust me, I do. I was here because of family, but since that is no longer an issue, North of Dallas will be home in the near future. I’m taking the Texas DPS firearm instructor exam in a few weeks and transitioned into the firearms industry full time a few months ago. Illinois has gone from teetering on the edge of a cliff to falling off.

          In the meantime, it’s easy to find something to write about around here. lol

  3. I hope it continues and gets worse. Good luck attempting to get qualified L.E. Officers to apply for Chicago P.D. Who exactly will enforce these new gun control laws? The 13% got exactly what they voted for. It is the next Detroit, been there lately? Beirut is nicer.

    • Wally,
      The Democratic crime wave is not a bug, it’s a FEATURE! It drives out any leftover Republicans, and any moderate Democrats. All that are left are the hardcore Progressive Democrat believers. The voters in Chicago are getting what they wanted, demanded, and voted for. And I couldn’t be happier for them.

    • Will antifa and blm offer their community funded law enforcement, aka a protection racket?

      • That’s the short term plan. In the long term the left want to “defund” or otherwise wipe away local law enforcement in favor of a national police force. Such a notion is un-Constitutional, but when did the left ever worry about that??

    • They’re not concerned with enforcing any gun laws in Chitcago. It’s the rest of the state which is generally normal and law abiding where they will enforce any laws.

  4. My solution if caught unexpectedly in a mob at the start of a riot is to egress as fast as I can. If I or my wife is attacked I will shoot everyone until I run out of ammo, there is no one left to shoot, or I am physically stopped.

    • Yep. Also, carry a knife. People tend to back off when they get stabbed. Also these days people aren’t really mentally prepared to deal with being cut, as good old fashioned stabbings aren’t that common anymore. Especially young people. Always carry a gun and a knife.

      • Lately Albany and surrounding population centers are seeing almost as many knife attacks as shootings. So no increase in rate of shootings but a sudden stratospheric rise in stabbings.

    • “If I or my wife is attacked I will shoot everyone until I run out of ammo,…”

      Sure, Billy Jack-off, nobody believes that bullshit.

      What a joke you are!

      • Rodney,

        Just curious, but did you actually have a point that you wanted to make???

        Be an idiot somewhere else.

  5. ok. let’s get this straight before our resident dacian and Miner49er remind us like they did about the ‘mostly peaceful’ ANTIFA insurrections and BLM protests…

    if you own a gun this mostly peaceful ‘teen take over’ is your fault personally.


  6. Chicago will decay to Detroit level and you’ll never hear about it ever again just like Detroit.

    • Shire-man,

      The sad part is that I spent extensive time in BOTH cities, before they went completely down the shitter, and there were great things about both. Now they are both sick, sad parodies of themselves, that no thinking person would go to voluntarily.

      Now look at SF, NY, and Atlanta – ALSO cities I’ve spent extensive time in. They are headed down the same drain, they’re just taking longer to hit the drain pipe. I would argue that Seattle and Portland are at least as far down the hole as Detroit and Chicago.

      Now ask yourself a question: Which party has governed these cities for DECADES???

  7. I would never set foot in Chicago unless I was carrying at least a dozen, thermonuclear hand grenades. Better yet, just nuke em from orbit.

  8. Of course they’re not ready for it. Nobody ever is, unless you’re packing a gun in a declared war zone, and often not even then. The difference in a war is that you get to shoot first and generally speaking you get medals instead of jail time. That might be something the WHITE folks in Chicago could consider.

    • there are all sorts of ways to disperse a mob…unfortunately, the cops are not permitted to use them….

  9. It’s gonna get worse. “Let’s go Brandon” is a dyed in the wool commie. The Grand Prix race is bizarre. The Dim convention should be fun. I won’t go near Chiraq. No one should🙄

    • I think it MUST get worse. MUCH worse before any serious action is taken. And by serious, I mean blood by the tanker full. No arrests, no lawyers, no judges, juries, or jail time. Just bullets and crematoriums.

    • was indy, is nascar, never gran prix.
      i can’t help but think what a marvelously convenient opportunity these mass, concentrated gatherings actually provide, n’est ce pas?
      any one of the kids at miserable accordians could solve this.

  10. We’ve seen dozens of “flash mob” incidents over the past decade where a convenience store or even a shopping mall gets overrun. So, this riot isn’t an entirely unexpected escalation.

    It’s still bloody depressing to see, though.

  11. Another article i read mentioned that “teens” are using social media to put the time and date out for their little riots.
    It said we used to spend most of our time trying to find where everyone was at when we were young, but not the youngins of today

    • It is already planned for this weekend, and the invitation is circulating around social media. I will include it in my next article. It says, “Y,all a– gone get enough’ “Trend” Obviously, they plan on making this a regular event.

    • these known accounts are all monitored by le.
      until the fire hoses and tear gas are brung, it will escalate.

      • I agree with defending yourself in this type of situation. Worked for Kyle Rittenhouse! And guess what didn’t happen after that in Kenosha? There were no more riots in Kenisha after that! That type of response is going to happen again somewhere and again the riots will stop there.

  12. If we had law enforcement that we could rely on, and the moral political leadership to back up the police, when mostly white people waving rainbow Flags, who were smashing windows. Setting fires and burning cities to the ground over 2 years ago. If those white people had been shot dead, and their bodies left in the streets, for 3 days for the TV cameras to take pictures?
    I seriously doubt you would have the riots in Chicago this past weekend or any riots that occurred since 2020.

    The problem we have is this sick idea of a “non-aggression principle”. It has been taken to the point where you are looked as a bad person, if you defend yourself. Or you defend your private property.

    And our society has lost or perhaps even thrown into the trash can, the idea of private property ownership for the average citizen.

    But since no one wanted to shoot mobs of white people waving rainbow flags, as they burned American cities to the ground. It’s going to become more difficult to deny the accusation that you’re a racist.
    When you shoot black rioters. But you didn’t shoot white rioters waving rainbow Flags???

    I’ve been saying people who riot should be shot dead on site. I don’t care what their skin color is. This is why I say we need a “national divorce”. There are a lot of people, Libertarians, liberals, and leftists, who simply don’t believe in the concept of private property. And they don’t believe in holding criminals accountable for their actions.

    And people ask where are the parents of these children??? And my answer is the Libertarians, liberals, and the Left said they weren’t needed. Because they disagreed with the Christians, when the Christians said a father is necessary in the home. To provide love and discipline for his children.

    The Three L’s will always default to discipline coming from the State. Instead of the discipline coming from the father. And the discipline of morality and self-control from the church or synagogue.

    I said previously that we would always have some type of state law enforcement. Perhaps I was wrong about that. Because the city governments are allowing criminal actions to grow in number without any intervention at all.

    And yet they still will not call for the repeal of laws that would punish property owners from using deadly force if necessary to protect what they own.


    The mostly white rioters in Portland Oregon have been on a continuous riot for 3 years. And the city leadership is letting them get away with it. Maybe the rioters in Chicago have taken their inspiration from the mostly white rioters in Portland Oregon?
    Since both groups have been allowed to get away with it.

    • Sorry, I agree with most of your comments, but you have misinterpreted the “non-aggression principle”. It states simply that it is wrong to be the aggressor (initiator of harm), and does not condemn or limit defense or response to aggression in any way.

      • I would have more faith in Libertarians if I read stories from them, celebrating the law abiding shooting criminals Dead on site. And thereby reducing the chances of having any State involvement. They complain a great deal about law enforcement.

        But as atheists, they’re as quiet as a church mouse, when it comes to district attorneys, who prosecute private property owners. When they use deadly force to protect what they own.

        But they are as loud and annoying as air raid sirens. If a district attorney is prosecuting somebody for a drug offense. They will certainly publicly complain about that type of prosecution.

        • I’m glad to see that at least some “New York Jews” have finally figured this “2A thing” out. At least the word is getting around. Unfortunately they don’t have an alternative when it comes to voting, for a candidate who will support their civil rights.

          And thank you to the “Law and Order Republicans” for holding these hearings in New York City. The public shaming of the Democrats in that city is a good start.

          “Man Whose Son Was Beaten In Anti-Semitic Attack Confronts Nadler About Failure To Respond To Him” video 5 min long

        • Agreed across the board. If they really practiced what they preach, they’d support dire consequences for initiating a violation of others’ rights, and zero possible consequences whatsoever for doing whatever it took to prevent a violation of innocents’ rights.

    • Libertarians … “simply don’t believe in the concept of private property” and “always default to discipline coming from the State?”

      Is this a serious post?

      • Show me where the libertarians have called for the repeal of laws that prevent property owners from shooting criminals dead on site.

        Show me when the Libertarians have said rioters should be shot dead. By the police or the property owner.

    • When your poor the giverment will give you a foid card and you can buy foid with it, no need to rob people to get groceries.

    • You have to have a Firearm’s Owners Identification Card (FOID) just buy ammo in this state. You apply to the state police and they run a background check. Then if you are worthy you get a card.

      • LOL. I live a mile from Indiana buddy. Some 10 or more miles south of Chiraq. I assure you I can buy ammo without a FOID in Indiana. Lived in the city for 6 years. Did a lot of business there. My brother pastored 3 churches there. My other brother was an Olympic coach. My wife was born there. Unless ordered by the law I will never go there again!

        • for sure true w/ cash.
          i bought .22 down by valpo, he wanted i.d. for the card, saw illinois, then required foid card.
          live and learn.

        • I am an instructor in Illinois, and he asked what a FOID is. Illinois has some of the country’s strictest gun laws, and we can all see how well that is working.

          You absolutely can not buy ammunition in Illinois without a FOID. You are fortunate enough to live in a free state, and I wouldn’t make the trip over here either if I were you.

      • for a “smll fee” I am certain. Right? Renewed every few years, so as to warrant yet ANOLTHER “small fee”….
        Just one more way to keep their subjects, well, subjects.

        No thanks all the same. I visitited a friend who was silly enough to MOVE to Chicago some fhirty years ago and had not yet left. No interest in returning, ever, particularly sinceIam not allowed to carry along my “little friend” anywhere in that state. I won’t even book an airline flight that has a stopover in Chicago, nor to another place that could easily get diverted to Chicago. Same with Newark, NJ.

  13. Give it to them. Give them lawlessness, build a wall around the city, and let them kill themselves off. Best thing we could hope for and the rebuild will be gentrificationists from the PNW wet dream.

  14. Why wouldn’t the police let the kids in the park.
    Is this some more of that Freedom we talk about?
    You have the freedom to obey all the laws.
    Got it.

    • Because the “kids” pulled this same crap last year and after multiple shootings, they put a curfew in place. It would appear that this year the kids are going to attempt to take over the streets.

    • hahaha, let them in, it’s a lakeside park. giant mallossers and general dynamic their asses into the deep cold, non- swimmers all.

  15. Are there any comments about guns anymore or just racists beating around the bush.

    Foghorn used to post quarterly reviews of traffic to the site. What does the traffic look like these days? This is simply embarrassing as a longtime and now infrequent reader. My two cents for what it’s worth to the political class.

    Remember your roots TTAG, you’ve let fear take over your sensibilities. Don’t believe me:

    “If you’ve been here a while, you know that every quarter we publish our vital statistics for all to see. There are two reasons behind this. First, that we truly believe in openness and transparency, and when we say we’re the biggest and the best gun blog on the internet we like to provide some data to back up that claim.”

    • They did the same BS then ghost. Came on here some 10 year’s ago. Plenty of trolls then & now. What’s your point? Afraid mentioning the race or gang of criminal affiliation is “raciss”? TTAG is still nearly alone on the interwebz for so-called gun truth…

    • LOL! It’s absolutely amazing how people will ignore the evidence presented to their eyes and ears in order to virtue signal. Amazing … and deadly.


    • “Foghorn used to post quarterly reviews of traffic to the site.”

      Nick is mostly retired from TTAG, but pops in once or twice a year.

      He (and his wife) now putting in many hours building time in turboprops to eventually get a right seat at the major airlines…

  16. I hope that grinning kid caught on camera grabbing those condoms gets his a$$ kicked by his momma! What a disgrace to witness. Every family that had a kid in that fiasco should be embarassed.

    • Its a cinch the brat doesn’t havve a daddy.. nothing beyond a sperm donor. but mu guess is if he DOES have a mama she can’t or won’t keep track of where he is what he’s up to or who he’s up to it with. Kids like this HAVE nothing that would resemble “home”.

    • motomike,

      If getting his @$$ kicked by his momma was an actual possibility, he probably wouldn’t have been there in the first place. More likely, his momma’s reaction will be, “where’s my share?!”.

    • wouldn’t put a lot of stock in that…”embarrassment” is not their strong suit….

    • NTexas,

      Putting aside your persistent failure to use your caps lock key, let me pose a question:

      If your idea about ‘trash people’ is true, why do they always seem to congregate in Dimocrat-run cities??

      Just askin’, for a friend.

      • Because they are “trash people”, and therefore pack up and move to the location which promises the most free stuff as long as you are a completely useless piece of sh*t. That means “follow the dimocrats”.

  17. The only thing bad about Chicago imploding is that it will take the surrounding areas with it. Yes, even you Naperville. No place will be safe and free of the hood rats.

      • I would imagine that eventually the “liberals” will start to lose voters from exodus related depopulation and crack down hard for a while then slowly go back to business as usual if only to maintain their stronghold.

  18. “He grew up in a small farming community and then moved to the big city” – that’s some world class stupid right there. Some explain to this dude that it’s now 2023/get a clue.

    • Hey at the time, it was a family thing and since that’s no longer in the equation, I’ll be in Texas soon. I will say this, it gave me a good look at both sides of the fence. Now if I stayed in Chicago, that would be world class stupid. lol

  19. I did my growing years mostly in Southern California. I remember the “segregation” situation the SCOTUS decision, (Brow vs Board of education?) , the Birmingham bus strike and what’s her name who refused to get up out of her set on the bus and move to the bac to stand with the rest of the __________. Rosa Parks just remembered her name. I also remember the kerfuffle when the Little Rock Arrkansas school for “bussing” forced on them by federal marshalls. And the gvernor at the time beet red and fuming over “his state” being taken over…. when MLK got urdered by the FBI, the (truly) peaceful demonstrations swarmed by cops who wisely kept cntrol over themselves. The Watts riots and the Rodney King incident…. ALL of that was a reasoned response/reaction to a specific grievance or offense.This Chicago stuff is wanton desruction and anarchy for its own sake. There IS no “cure” or :solution” they just n=wanna destroy. And, like the former barmy mayoress of Baltimore, she decided to “give them space to destroy” and not prosecute. Anyone. SHE should have been charged wth felony perjury for swearing her oath of office then refusng to uphold that oath. Same with Lori Light-in-the-Brain. And it would seem this incoming debacle on two legs.

    I also very well remember a signfican change I witnessed in California. After a number of these riots and threatened riots, the California Highway Patrol (a s=form of State Police, best known for driving about in their bit Chrusler Hemi powered four door sedans, black with white doors. Easy to spot from the side, but dead front or rear, not so much. We began to notice a new feature” of these cruisers that made identifying them far easier even at distance. they suddenl all had a vertical dark coloured object mounted just behind the rear view mirror, dead cehtre in the cabin. WHAT’S THAT? We wondered. After observing a few cruisers up close when parked, we figured out those were riot guns. Yes, investigation confirmed. They were Remington Wingmaster twelve bore magnums, eight plus one, gold bead front sight rear Vee, barrel too short for skeet because they had to fit inside the cruiser. When locked to the rack they were deemed impenetrable. On patrol they remained locked, but it didn’t take but a couple spare seconds and the officer had it in hand, safety off and ready to say BANG. Oh yes, detail: we learned through contacts they were loaded with double ought buckshot.
    I still remember reading abut a couple of the early times when those were deployed and USED against “uncontrollable mobs”. It was astounding how quickly about four dollars worth f shotshells would END a riot or “incident”. One or two rounds in the direction of the threat, it was game over. Most survived, some did not.. Did not take many rounds to allow the remaining standing demonsrators to make “informed decisions” to go find something else to do wjth their time.

    I find myself wondering how long it would take for the rioters to reach that same decision after half a dozen of these CHP Riot Guns were deployed.
    But both Lori Lighthead and the incoming reduction of quality posing as Mayor would “never dream” of actually ENDING the riots. They’d not any more have an excuse to pretend to be “doing something” about them.

    • the standard technique for using riot guns was to fire at the ground in front of the mob…bouncing the pellets up into their legs…seems to be a lost art anymore…

  20. A society that won’t execute convicted first degree murderers. And a society that won’t use deadly force, to stop a mob of rioters from looting, burning, destroying, murdering, and attacking innocent people. That is a dying society. And America is definitely dying.

    But you still can enjoy your legalized marijuana. Your legalized sexual liberation. And you can shoot up using crystal meth to improve your sexual experience. Without fear of being arrested. All things in the order of importance.

    All that and more. But you still are not allowed to use deadly force of necessary to protect what you own.

  21. For Chicago…

    “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

    —– Ellen Ripley – from the movie ‘Aliens’ “

  22. “A white woman was beaten by a mob [of teens].” I’m the sure the Puppet has already called to check on her and invite her to thee White House. I just hope the media doesn’t read too much into this due to the racial component. They probably only attacked her because they’re hungry, and can’t find a job.

  23. Now you know why civilized nations outlaw concealed carry or shooting people to defend property. This week in 3 separate incidents in only days resulted in numerous innocent people being shot and killed in Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable.

    1. Two Texas Teenage girls were shot after getting into the wrong car. They quickly got out of the car and got into their own car but the mad dog gun owner with a concealed carry permit walked up to their car and gunned them down.

    2. In Missouri a young black man Ralph Yarl was gunned down when he accidentally knocked on the wrong door looking for his two small brothers. The racist white man yelled racist epitaphs and then shot him in the head and chest.

    3. In New York a home owner opened fire on a car load of teenagers and killed a young girl who accidentally pulled into the wrong driveway. No one ever even got out of the car and they were attempting to back up and leave when the mad dog home owner opened fire and tried to kill them all.


    • darcydodo…Are you trying to say what amounts to millions and millions of people surrendering their motor vehicles because 4 people were involved in vehicle injury and fatalities? That’s not how it works unless you are criminally insane which by all accounts in your case is a high probability.

    • But you’ve claimed to own guns, dacian. Were you lying or a hypocrite? There is no more naked an ape than you.

    • And the Puppet called all of their families, right? Or is one of those cases worse than the others?

    • You trying to create a Baader Meinhof phenomenon there bud? Bit of advice it helps if the events are similar and sting chance one of these things is not like the other.

    • Chicago is a perfect example of a “civilized” city.
      See how civil they are?
      Why are they so civil? Could it be soft on crime DAs? No cash bail? Democrat mayors? Tyrannical strict gun laws?
      See how civil they are?

    • its a good thing we aren’t naked apes then. I also didn’t see any naked apes in the videos of the mass-violence in the teen riot. I also didn’t hear of any naked apes doing the ~1,400 knife attacks nationwide daily. I also didn’t hear of any naked apes that comitted the ~3,800 attacks with weapons other than knife and gun nationwide daily.

      naked apes must be the inhabitants of planet Dacian

    • “The racist white man yelled racist epitaphs and then shot him in the head and chest.”

      Liar. There’s no such information in the link. But this statement is:

      Asked if the shooting was “racially motivated,” [KC Police Chief] Graves said there’s “no indication…”

  24. Now what to do, what to do? Do what crime stoppers does and offer a substantial reward for the arrest and conviction of the worst perps. Money hungry snitches will let LE know where to round up those caught with stolen merchandise, committed assaults, etc. Let the public know participants are subjecting themselves to a mandatory lenghty prison sentence. etc. Cut the head off the snake and rest of it is harmless.

  25. Finding objectively, unquestionably right answers is difficult if not impossible, but crossing objectively wrong answers off the list is often quick and easy. Not only is it a big step on the road to better answers, but it can help identify people or organizations who are indifferent or hostile to facts and logic, so that you never waste your time on them again.

    “How can we ‘help’ people who make bad choices at the expense of people who make good choices” is categorically stupid and wrong, near the top of the Wrong Answer list, and should (at a minimum) result in the proponent’s permanent exclusion from public office.

  26. When someone has finally had enough….Don’t start whining when about 20 or more of them are “checked out well below 98.6 degrees!”…Their days are coming…

  27. One of the first problems was saying must be with a responsible adult

    there are no fathers in the hood

  28. Wasn’t it Ghandi, the great MAGA theorist who once said, “If you want to be accepted, act acceptable.”

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