Rep. Jared Moskowitz, D-Fla. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)
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Gun control theater. Performative hoplophobia. Bread and circuses for the anti-gun industry. Those are a few descriptions that come immediately to mind for what a Florida member of the U.S. House of Representatives is engaging in with his introduction of a bill to ban semiautomatic gun sales to anyone under 25 year old.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz knows full well his bill has no chance of getting anywhere in the GOP-controlled house. He also knows that current laws banning gun sales to adults under 21 years old are being struck down in a number of courts across the country. While the process is still playing out, there’s no legally supportable justification for banning gun sales to any adult based on an arbitrary age limit in a post-Bruen world.

And yet…Rep. Moskowitz — a former Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School student — is feeling really good about himself right now.

Here’s the Firearms Policy Coalition’s response . . .

Firearms Policy Coalition issued the following statement regarding Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-Florida)introduction of H.R.3155, a measure that contemplates abrogating the rights of peaceable adults to buy protected arms by discriminating against Americans under the age of 25. The text of this measure is yet to be released:

While age restrictions on the fundamental right to keep and bear arms are being successfully challenged in courts across the nation (See for examples), Representative Moskowitz has chosen to hold himself out as the harbinger of a pervasive federal age discrimination program to deprive millions of peaceable People access to their fundamental and enumerated rights.

Sadly, Congressman Moskowitz and his colleagues need to be reminded that the People’s right to acquire, keep, bear, and possess arms, including firearms, for all lawful purposes is a natural right, and in the United States, an enumerated right. These rights fall outside the purview of legislators. The immoral policy preferences of legislators are simply not part of the debate regarding rights that do not emanate from legislatures, but rather are intrinsic to all People naturally.

The naked depravity of such a measure, publicly seeking to disarm and disadvantage millions of American families should be immediately called out for what it is– the use of state violence and armed government agents to deprive the People of their fundamental rights as any such proposal will necessitate an enforcement mechanism.

Representative Moskowitz’s embrace of using state violence to disarm and disadvantage peaceable People will only serve to further degrade the People’s trust in our institutions and FPC stands steadfast in opposition to such depravity.

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  1. Does this guy even read the news? Wasn’t the Federal statute prohibiting handgun sales to 18-yr-olds just struck down by a Federal judge? And this dude wants to just throw that same spaghetti on the wall and pretend like nobody knows any better?

    Dems. They gotta get off this planet.

    • That’s probably why he did it. He’ll get some nationwide attention and donations out of it.

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    • Its lawfare, the leftists don’t just not care, they knowingly try to pass legislation that will get tied up in court for years on purpose. This may just be a case of virtue signaling, but here in PRoNJ it’s SOP. Use the bad laws to drain tour opponents of resources. What’s going to happen, is some higher power going to step in and hold them to account for doing this on purpose and wasting endless time and money of the state?

    • This Dem is clearly a total douchebag. And who are the dimwits that voted this fascist into office?

  2. Rep. Moskowitz, both the gun and pasta industries thank you for encouraging continued record sales.

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        • hawkeye,

          Nah, just be thankful that MajorLiar and dacian the demented didn’t reply to you.

          Actually, I thought it was a pretty good line.

  3. 25 years old to:
    – Own a Semi-automatic firearm
    – Vote
    – Possess alcohol
    – Own or drive an automobile
    – Serve in the military
    – Sign for a loan
    – etc…

    • Yes. Show these statements to young people. Let them decide if they wish to remain children until middle age.

      • They do.
        More than ever kids are opting to live a slow life. Drivers licenses after college if at all. Moving out of their parents house in their 30’s if at all. Pregnancies in their 30’s if at all. Sticking with a job in their 40’s if at all.

        They want to be children for as long as possible. Their whole lives if they could afford it.

        • Shire-man,

          You are not wrong. My youngest daughter was almost 18 before she got her driver’s license (I scheduled my driving test for the DAY of my 16th birthday). I had my first “W-2” job at 14 (on a farm, but I had to get a special permit).

          Kids, these days! (Says grouchy old man, while yelling at clouds.)

          If your point is that modern kids are spoiled? Yeah, I agree. (And I was obviously complicit with my youngest; I should have insisted.)

          The problem, as I see it, is that we ENABLE them to put off growing up (and, yes, I am guilty, too). In fact, in many ways, we encourage it.

          “Their whole lives if they could afford it.”

          Nah, brah – if their PARENTS can afford it. Those slackers can’t afford anything; many aren’t working, and the ones that do expect their schedules to be accommodated, and free lattes in the break room. Oh, and forget working on weekends.

    • If the requirements to vote exactly matched the requirements to purchase a gun, democrats would lower the age to own a firearm to 12, and no ID whatsoever would be required. The democrats dont care about guns, they care about power.

      • To supplement this if abortions were done with a semi automatic rifle they’d insist every man, woman and child own one.

    • and the time was, not all that long ago, when anyone fourteen or so, maybe even less, could and did do all those things, including to marry and have chidlren, raising them up to be responsible and contributing adults. the children of these14 and 15 yer olds who married that is. I’ve known some personaly. and known of many others.

      So WHAT is the main difference between the childrenof whom I speak and the children and younger adults he wants to disarm? Simple… the onew from years back were NOT subject to mass media, godless government and education” (we ALL got a good hard look at the “product” released into society from his Alma Mater.. and he seems to be of the same ilk.

    • But you should be able to sign up for genital mutilation and hormone alteration before you get out of grammar school..

      • Funny thing, A school nurse can’t give a kid an aspirin, but a teacher can convince your 12-year-old daughter that she’s a boy and should cut off her breasts…

    • “25 years old to:
      – Own a Semi-automatic firearm
      – Vote
      – Possess alcohol
      – Own or drive an automobile…”

      You’re on the right track in approaching this –

      We ask them, “Is it because someone isn’t mentally mature enough before age 25 to handle the adult responsibility to own a gun?”

      Watch how fast they will agree! Now, set the hook.

      “Let’s make the age of maturity 25 then, for *everything* adult.”

      Watch them stammer incoherently, and laugh in their faces… 🙂

      • Geoff,

        I’ve used that exact tactic, many times, with dacian the demented, who argues that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms until they are 25. Cool, brah! Now let’s talk about voting age. If you ever managed to follow any of my exchanges with the demented one, he disappears as soon as I raive that (although, to be fair, he usually disappears when he gets ANY pushback to his demented crap).

  4. These Jerks never listen to what they know it is unconstitutional already. He just likes to hear what a great job he is doing from the left.
    Next he will try to get all guns banned. No matter what he is still a Jerk!

  5. Anyone who introduces a bill to congress, knowing that it is unconstitutional, should be politically neutered by barring them from introducing anything for the duration of their term. Second offenses would require another type of neutering.

    • They should be removed from office for violating their oath and never be allowed to hold office or vote. Why doesn’t this idiot do something about the little monster that did the shooting not ever being flagged or given mental health or incarciration for his issues. Over 40 calls about him and nothing done deserves some investigation and remediation.

  6. lol
    These are the same people that want to give 16 year olds the right to vote and 14 year olds the right to have abortions without parental notification.

    • They think toddlers can consent to begin their transition into pretending they’re the opposite sex. They think slightly older kids can consent to puberty blockers. They think young teens can consent to mutilation surgery and opposite sex hormones. They’re now trying to pass laws to “protect” trans kids from their parents.

    • and get their bodies mutilated permanently to fix their “feelz”. While the school authorities prevent the parents from finding out what’s up.As if the gummit OWNS the children.
      Yeah, did I miss something a whlile back, or did slavery and ownership of people end a while back?

      • did slavery and ownership of people end a while back?

        NEVER really ended, just went underground…

  7. 1st term moron from DEEP RED Broward county… Doing what those miserable fuks expect him to do… Just another waste of oxygen…

    • In 2018, after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Moskowitz helped draft the bipartisan Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Safety Act, the first comprehensive mental health, school safety, and gun control bill of its kind in over 20 years. This bill increased the age to purchase a firearm to 21, created a three-day waiting period to purchase firearms, increased security requirements for public schools, funded centralized school safety surveillance programs, and improved mental health services for students

      • been my experience that government sucks at everything they try to do. So. while it likely did increase the age to 21 and created a 3 day waiting period; security was not truly increased at public schools, school safety surveillance programs are entirely subverted by a teenage boy with a smart phone, and mental health issues increased as a result of the programs created.

        • MAXX,

          From your source, “80% of their salary”. For one two-year term. IN WHAT UNIVERSE is that rational???????????

          The federal employee pension system is an abomination. Who else gets that, BESIDES politicians, “public employees”, and CEOs??

          Answer: NOBODY.

          There was a move, some time back, to eliminate the Congressional pension system, and make all congresscritters join Social Security. Yeah, Congress killed that REAL fast.

        • Okay Lamp, pay attention… NO ONE is eligible for a Congressional pension until they have served at least FIVE years, that’s a third term for the house and a first term Senator… The 80% is the MAXIMUM that anyone can draw as a “retirement” AFTER achieving a minimum of 62 years of age, the current AVERAGE retirement being paid is $35,000 annually… The Congressional retirement plan is a contribution-based plan meaning the members MUST pay into the retirement fund, it is an “opt in” fund where the member must elect to contribute… Don’t know where you got that first term thing but it is NOT accurate…

          “Check out what a ONE TERM Congressperson gets for retirement, for their one (two year) term” Was a quote from YOUR post NOT from MY source…

        • Ending the gun free school zone bs would have been more effective than any of that.

          Preaching to the choir dude…

        • Oh that school was NOT truly “gin free”,was it?Anyone else remember the COward of broward, the PAID ARMED School Resource Officer who hunkered down in an alcove outside the school buildng listening to the shots fired and the screaming, doing NOTHING with his gun but keeping it warm. Meanwhile, had Mr. Aaron Feiss (one of the teachers at that school) had HIS hands on that same gun, he and several of his students would be yet alive today, and he likely would have ended the massacre rught there. but he wasn’t “proviledged” to do anything more than die.

        • forever known as “The coward of Broward County”.

          Who WAS reinstated to his job and is sitting on a $100,000 a year retirement to which he contributed about $21,000…

        • MAXX,

          One of the biggest, but not frequently talked-about, abuses of our dear, benevolent gummint is the public employee pension debacle. Most public employee pension plans STILL have “defined benefit” payouts (which the corporate world largely abandoned, years ago).

          Not that I don’t think cops, ex-military, nurses, teachers, street-cleaners and trash collectors don’t deserve retirement benefits, but . . . why should ANY of them (military a possible exception) have better retirement benefits than I do?

          Because the public employee unions “bargain” with . . . the politicians they work with, who don’t have to foot the bill. Politicians have no incentive to rein in the demands of the public employee unions; they just pass the costs along to the taxpayers.

          It’s a gigantic grift (and federal politicians (states vary, but some are as bad or worse) have an even better deal). Check out what a ONE TERM Congressperson gets for retirement, for their one (two year) term – it should embarrass them, were they capable of embarrassment.

        • Check out what a ONE TERM Congressperson gets for retirement, for their one (two year) term

          Members of the House and the Senate are not able to collect their full salaries as pensions when they retire, according to a CRS report updated in August 2019. The CRS report states, “By law, the starting amount of a Member’s retirement annuity may not exceed 80% of his or her final salary.”

          “Members of Congress are eligible for a pension at the age of 62 if they have completed at least 5 years of service,” the report states. “Members are eligible for a pension at age 50 if they have completed 20 years of service, or at any age after completing 25 years of service. The amount of the pension depends on length of service (as measured in months) and the average of the highest three years of salary.”

          Members of the Senate can be eligible after serving one term, House members not until mid-way of a third term.. Yes, it is obscene, there should not be a “pension” for serving in the US legislature (maybe a 401k/IRA contribution-based thing?) but when they make the rules for their own compensation what can you do other than vote out the grifter after their second term (still won’t affect Senators) …

      • LAMP the police deserve the pensions they get because of the service they perform. As a lawyer did you risk your life to serve others?

        • Walter,

          No (well, the firm I worked for at the time did once represent Jane Fonda, and we had a disgruntle ‘Nam vet come into our reception area with an AR-15), but I don’t get a government-funded pension, either. I am eligible for SS (putting off taking it, because you get a higher monthly the longer you delay taking it), but that’s a fixed amount (with MODEST “cost of living” increases), so, no, it ain’t the same. If I had been allowed to put my MANDATORY SS contributions (and my voluntary 401K contributions) into a private pension? Trust me, I’d be WAAYYY better off, right now. I’ll be lucky if I get back half of what my contributions SHOULD be worth.

          Sure, cops (sometimes) put their lives on the line – so do firemen, ambulance drivers, and whatever. I do think military vets deserve special consideration (and actual combat vets even more). I could go with cops getting a better deal (particularly if they’d clean their own house), but I don’t see why it should be automatic.

          In general, public employee pensions are a giant grift.

        • Lamp, “SOMETIMES”? Clearly you have never worked the streets in a patrol vehicle or worked in a prison or county jail. Our lives are ON THE LINE each and every day. 24/7. You see a police officer or a correction officer is never off duty in spite of only be scheduled for an 8 (sic) hour shit. Here in NYS Firemen get the same pension we do. Corrections staff have a similar system to the police and fire. Ambulance drivers? What danger or life threatening situation is that? Every time I get behind the wheel I face the same “danger (idiot drivers)” that they do.
          For your edification, 99.9999% of the police and corrections officers go about their job in a fair manner and exhibit the highest standard of integrity. Been there done that.
          Other government pensions are not what you think they are. Here in NYS, the state has virtually made the system not much more that a 401K.

  8. That being the case, let all people under the age of 25, avoid joining the military industrial complex… do you love all of them young men, under 25, being your cannon fodder in your bullshit wars?..Then don’t tread on them..

  9. It’s the kind of sleazy Discrimination found in the democRat Party Jim Crow Gun Control Playbook.

  10. I say sure, as long as we increase right to vote/drive/drink/drafted also to 25.

    But the government owning your body to die in war for its interest while denying you the rest of your rights is really sick.

    The dems gotta be consistent.

  11. … Representative Moskowitz has [conspired] to deprive millions of peaceable People access to their fundamental and enumerated rights.

    … Congressman Moskowitz and his colleagues need to be reminded that the People’s right to acquire, keep, bear, and possess arms, including firearms, for all lawful purposes is a natural right, and in the United States, an enumerated right. These rights fall outside the purview of legislators.

    Attempting to deprive people of their rights is a crime–and a felony at that. Furthermore, our United States Constitution does not exempt United States Congressmen/women from culpability for felony crimes. Unfortunately, our United States Justice Department will refuse to charge and prosecute Congressman Moskowitz for his felony.

    To summarize:
    A United States Congressman is conspiring to deprive United States citizens of their United States Constitutionally enumerated rights–which is a felony–and our United States Justice Department will never charge and prosecute that United States Congressman. And countless people wonder why so many of us do not want to disarm?

    • The DOJ is too busy going after that NY Rep for doing his best Joe Biden impersonation on the campaign trail. They’re all about political prosecutions persecutions.

  12. finally
    somebody other than an fbis agents kid
    is rising out of the ashes
    of the msd shooting
    and finding notoriety

    • He went to school there but not at the time of the shooting.

      He’s just using the school’s name to push his legislation.
      He needs to stand atop the dead bodies from time to time to burnish his anti-gun cred.

      From his website:

      Feb 14, 2023 -– Today, Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-Florida) released the following statement on the 5th remembrance of the mass shooting that killed 17 people at his alma mater, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida

  13. These clowns just keep making up unconstitutional law as fast as they can dont they.

    It’s florida, so he’s really just doing a virtue signally show for his base, but still. When they do get around to having a constitutional convention, I do hope they put in real stiff penalties (like prison) for people who tie up the court’s time with obviously unconstitutional law.

  14. According to psychological studies the Florida Rep is correct and the new law would be an excellent gun control law that would save untold thousands of lives.

    • Keep preaching it, brother. I love to show your comments to the young. If you weren’t so stupid and uneducated you would realize how much damage you’re doing to your cause.

      But even with me pointing it out you’re still clueless. You’re a treasure for our side.

    • I can always tell when your old ass types something instead of Click-Drag-Paste. Can I order you a copy of Punctuation for Dummies? They did teach English in the 50s, didn’t they? It’s easy to see right through you.

      • To dacian, proper education is a sign of being bourgeois and is sufficient for being purged.

    • I can’t help but be baffled by any Jew who’d voluntarily disarm and mandate that others do the same. An appreciation of history is why we have

    • dacian the demented dips***,

      COOL STORY, BRO!!!! Now let’s talk about voting. If someone is “too immature” to own/carry a gun at 18 . . WHY THE F*** should they be able to vote?????

      I’m happy to have a reasoned discussion (clearly, it can’t be with you, since you are incapable of reason) about what the age of majority should be, but we should have ONE, uniform, age of majority. Now, let’s talk about that.

      Oh, I’m sorry, I accidentally assumed you were capable of logic or reasoned discussion. Nevermind.

  15. “It’s florida, so he’s really just doing a virtue signally show for his base …”

    Nope. He’s a national Rep who just happens to be from FL — a former student at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas H.S.

    Besides, this is just another dead letter: H.R. 3155

    Latest Action: House – 05/09/2023 Referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary

    … where it will die a quiet, well-deserved death.

    • no name,

      Yeah, it will (and it should), but it might improve the quality of our legislatures if there were actual consequences to violating their oaths of office. Not worried about that particular bill (it is completely a virtue-signaling, grandstanding, political kabuki event), but the overall trend of introducing objectively stupid and/or unconstitutional for “street cred” cheapens our (already pathetic) legislatures. Not a thing to be encouraged, IMHO.

  16. This is really no different than Republicans stating we have introduced to Bill on term limits or removing suppressers from the NFA. They all know that these bills have no chance of going anywhere.

        • So, Bernie Sanders is a Jewish Bolshevik, ha. kommunist, capitalist… he’s earned $170,000 from his book about the horrors of “Capitalism”… might add confused or maybe hypocritical to Bernies list of attributes…

  17. Comical at best. And would still do nothing to stop the real problem of gang violence.
    There is a herd of elephants in the room that people refuse to accept.
    What happened to “follow the science “?
    Oh…only when convenient.

    • What happened to “follow the science “?

      Only when it is THEIR science, just like they choose THEIR truths over facts (per Joe Bribem)

  18. Great idea, now I think they should make a law banning semi tractor trailers, semi conductors, semi sweet chocolate, semi president of the United States of america.
    Whatever it is , Ban it.
    Well except War, that’s the only thing America has to export. We used to have other things to export but the president that needs banned is limiting what we have to export.

  19. Could we agree to make post-partum abortion legal until age 25?

    I know a few people that would be good candidates.

    • no name,

      As long as you give an “open season” grace period for a year of so . . . a few have gone beyond age 25 who are, as Samuel Langhorne Clemens so eloquently put it “of no use above the ground; they should be below it, inspiring the cabbages.”

  20. he needs to give his diploma Back for being dumb as dog shit and wasting time with idiotic efforts.

  21. first they came for the bumpstocks
    but i didnt say anything
    because i wasnt a bumpstock owner
    then they came for the pistol braces
    but i didnt say anything
    because i wasnt a pistol brace owner
    then they came for those under 25
    but i didnt say anything
    because i wasnt under 25…

  22. If someone is considered old/mature enough to sign up/enlist for military service, vote, sign a contract, marry, and most other adult activities, they are or should be mature enough to own a means of self defense etc. The idiots also forget a rifle of any type is more lethal than a hand gun and a large bore revolver is just as if not more potent than most auto loading pistols.
    Next issue is depriving anyone other than convicted felons under court ordered loss and prison inmates of their civil/Constitutional rights is a felony. Should this crap legislation get introduced and possibly passed anyone who voted for it and any President who signs it into law should be arrested and charged with depriving citizens of their Enumerated Constitutional civil rights. That would likely not happen, but would be enjoyable to watch.

  23. Another stupid corrupted idiot willing to sell the country and his soul just to get in to office and stay there. TRAITOR !!!

  24. Why give him any attention. This is just about attention and raising money. Ignore him, stop helping him with outrage journalism.

  25. Ignore him, stop helping him with outrage journalism.

    The people who WOULD vote for him do not visit this site to be informed, I live 25 miles from the Brevard County line and travel THROUGH there frequently, I’m aware of the political leaning of that county but I never heard of this asshole, now I know who he is… Know your enemy…

  26. Brilliant! Since mass shootings usually end with the death of the shooter, can we PLEASE think of “DEATH BY COP” as the whole goal? Get these desperate souls help before they turn to guns! But the events have become such a cliche that the press acts as a blue print.

  27. Some people are just downright stupid. This type of “law” has already been declared UNCONSTITUTIONAL by many Federal District Courts.

  28. It took the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to stop the Democrats from violating the civil rights of black Americans. We need to pass a gun rights act patterned after that 1964 Civil Rights Act so the Democrats once again will be forced to recognize fundamental constitutional rights.

  29. something like that why unless you have a constitutional amendment that says you become an adult at age 25. I wonder what they would think about losing all votes under age 25 because those aren’t adults yet ..

    • Not many under 25 year olds vote so they really wouldn’t lose much.
      Their idea behind not voting is, ” Why?”
      When your given the choice between a cold bucket of shit or a hot bucket of shit the vote still hands you shit.

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