Serbia gun confiscation turn in amnesty
Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, left, inspects weapons collected as part of an amnesty near the city of Smederevo, Serbia, Sunday, May 14, 2023. Serbian authorities on Sunday displayed some of around 13,500 weapons they say have been collected since last week's mass shootings(Serbian Presidential Press Service via AP)
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By Jovana Gec, AP

Serbian authorities on Sunday displayed many of around 13,500 weapons they say people have been handed over since this month’s mass shootings, including hand grenades, automatic weapons, and anti-tank rocket launchers.

The authorities have declared a one-month amnesty period for citizens to hand over unregistered weapons or face prison sentences as part of a crackdown on guns following the two mass shootings that left 17 people dead, many of them children.

Populist President Aleksandar Vucic accompanied top police officials on Sunday for the weapons’ display near the town of Smederevo, some 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of the capital, Belgrade.

Vucic said the approximately half of the weapons collected were illegal while the other half were registered weapons that citizens nonetheless handed over. He added the weapons will go to Serbia’s arms and ammunitions factories for potential use by the armed forces.

Serbia gun confiscation turn in amnesty
(Serbian Presidential Press Service via AP)

“After June 8, the state will respond with repressive measures and punishments will be very strict,” he said of the post-amnesty period. “What does anyone need an automatic weapon for? Or all these guns?”

Serbia is estimated to be among the top countries in Europe in guns per capita. Many are left over from the wars of the 1990s and held illegally.

Other anti-gun measures are to include stricter controls of gun owners and shooting ranges.

Authorities launched the gun crackdown after a 13-year-old boy on May 3 took his father’s gun and opened fire on his fellow-students in an elementary school in central Belgrade. A day later, a 20-year-old used an automatic weapon to shoot randomly in a rural area south of Belgrade.

The two mass shooting left 17 people dead and 21 wounded, stunning the nation and triggering calls for changes in the country that has been through decades of turmoil and crises.

Tens of thousands of people have rallied in two protest marches in Belgrade since the shootings, demanding resignations of government ministers and a ban on television stations that promote violent content and host war criminals and crime figures.

Serbia gun confiscation turn in amnesty
(Serbian Presidential Press Service via AP)

Vucic on Sunday rejected opposition calls for the resignation of Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic, who was also present at Sunday’s weapons display. But the president suggested that the government might resign and that he will announce an early election at a rally he has planned for May 26 in Belgrade.

“We have no intention of replacing (interior minister) Gasic, who is doing a great job,” said Vucic. “What have police done wrong?”

Opposition politicians have accused Vucic’s populist authorities of fueling violence and hate speech against critics, spreading propaganda on mainstream media and imposing autocratic rule in all institutions, which they say stokes divisions in society.

On Friday, the protesters in Belgrade blocked a key bridge and motorway in the capital to press their demands. Protests also have been held in other Serbian cities and towns, in an outpouring of grief and anger over the shootings and the populist authorities.

Vucic has described the bridge blockade as harassment, while he and other officials and media under his control sought to downplay the numbers of protesters.

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  1. Mostly 22’s SKS’s Russian TT’s and Romanian TTC, some Nagants, and other obsolete guns and cartridges. You didn’t think they would turn in PPSh’s and SVt40 and Dragunovs?

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    • I saw a worm looking Luger, an FN 1910, and a Steyr M1912 in the pile. As always, some worthwhile pieces will get scooped up with the trash.

  2. for the thousandth time, he is no damn populist. He is nothing but an EU puppet. He jumps to whatever tune the EU calls in hopes of finally getting EU membership so that he and his backers can enrich themselves further. The ironic part, the EU keeps moving the goal post and making ever further demands whenever their last ones are complied with.

    • The frogs run the EU so OF COURSE that would be so.

      Given the last century’s history of Serbia there is a special kind of stupid to “turn in” of any firearms. Morons.

      EVERY free nation should/must have a 2nd of NOT free.

  3. Turn in the junk you registered and keep everything else. Who is fool enough to trust any government, especially a leftist one.

  4. “What does anyone need an automatic weapon for?”

    Absolutely gobsmacked this statement is coming from the head of a government that committed a genocide 25 years ago. Simply incredible.

    • I’m not surprised. Serbia has a history of government-led mass murder, tyranny and slavery going back a lot longer than that.

      This is par for the course.

    • You mean the genocide committed by mujahadeen islamists who butchered thousands of Serbs in Bosnia? That genocide? Or the one comitted by albanians islamists in Kosovo against the Serbs? All this after the Nazi Croatian Ustashi slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Serbs in their death camps during WW2.

      Croats, Bosnian muslims, and Albanians fought with their Nazi masters and are complicit in the Holocaust. Then they committed the same genocide and atrocities against Serbs in the 90s Balkan wars. Yet propaganda inculcated leftists like you continue to lie about those crimes, making you complicit in them.

      Thr same way globalists lied about Iraq. Why do sheep still believe these lies?
      Braindead, CNN watching zombies even believe the Hague is a real criminal court.

      The anti-Serb hatred and xenophobia you celebrate is a product of Bill Clinton’s disgusting policies. You are a liar and fool, and a war crimnal sympathizer. Truly disgusting.

      • “Truly disgusting.”

        What’s “Truly disgusting” is that you somehow feel compelled to hide behind a fake name when making serous accusations.

        The real fraud is YOU, coward.

        • “Rodney L – fake troll name.

          You’re a massive coward for dismissing the truth. Everything I said is true. What are you denying you sick liar?

          Do you know Balkan history? Don’t count what Anderson Cooper teaches you.

          Obviously you are ignorant and afraid, and a perfect puppet for inculcation. Reply with your soc# to prove you are not a troll. Imbecile.

        • Rodney L. (does “L” stand for “Liar”? Why, yes, yes it does),

          “What’s “Truly disgusting” is that you somehow feel compelled to hide behind a fake name when making serous accusations.”

          Says the effing liar posting with no last name (and probably a fake first name). Go micturate up a cable, clown.

      • Take your meds, schizo. Anyway you slice it these people are absolutely water-headed for surrendering their weapons in light of their history. The conclusion is absolutely the same regardless of how you want to spin it.

  5. Just give it a few years and they’re going to have another Mass genocide. I was over there in the late 90s and I’ve seen how vicious those people can be to one another. The entire country is also awash and real military weapons and there isn’t a single older Soviet weapon that you can’t get your hands on with ease. No one is going to turn those over or if they do they won’t be turning over many of them.

  6. So the people are protesting, and/ but they’re turning in their guns?!? Kind of a strange way to go about things

    • There’s a lot of Protests against the Gun Ban.

      Many Serbian Citizens fear that the Country is sliding back into the 1980s and 1990s.

  7. BREAKING!!! Congress Creates National Suppressor Ban & Mandatory “Buy Back” Bill!

  8. It is truly amazing. To watch these white Europeans turn their guns in again.
    They are people who’s family members were the victims of nazi atrocities. We made a serious mistake helping these people in the past.

    Far too Many Americans died trying to save these people from the gas chambers. It was not worth it. And I’m sure they will be built once again. By the muslims perhaps.

    They did kill many Christian and Jewish civilians. When they were the armed allies of Hitler.

  9. I see at least a few pellet guns in the pile. Yea Bob, I figured we ain’t had no war around here for a few years so’s it’s time I got rid of them grrnades I been hoardin’. With their history he better keep ’em.

    • (nagging woman) ” You haven’t used that generator since you bought it during the last longterm outage. OR Fire extinguisher, or _____ get it out of the garage”.

  10. Let’s cut the chase…I am not going to be threatened by anyone because some dirtbag criminally misused a firearm anymore than I am going to be threatened over a dirtbag misusing a motor vehicle, etc.

    Those calling for Gun Control Confiscations are indeed the Sick Ones…The History of Gun Control’s Roots in Racism and Genocide Confirm It.

    • @Castle Bravo Probably same way it did in the 1940’s. Those who fail to learn from history are destine to repeat it.

  11. Oh come on. Where’s the good stuff? It’s still out there. They fought a civil war 35 years ago and they’re still butt hurt about it. Serbs are world-class grudge holders. They still hate the Ottomans for what they did to Serbia in 1878.

  12. “What does anyone need an automatic weapon for? Or all these guns?”

    said no HONEST government agent ever.

    I sadly fear they WILL, during the present generation, learn very painfully WHY they should not have surrendered these tools of liberty.

    Even the very old Mosin Nagant (I have one and won’t part with it) and other such antique european military “junk” can fling a wad of lead.
    Remember the Jews of the ghetto in Krackow (Warsaw) who had managed to stash away a few ancient pieces and somewhat with which to feed them.

    It seems unlikely that any government agency kept a record of what was turned in, nir will they examine the booty and make such. So anyone having a “registered” weapon can now plausibly declare “Oh I don’t have that one any more, I turned it in at the big takeup event.” And no one could prove otherwise.

    If I lived there that’s precisely what I would do.

  13. Wow, I guess governments across the globe stage “mass sh0otings” to disarm gullible citizens. Very sad. Molon Labe, MF’ers!

  14. Given the alternatives of likely being crushed and melted down, Serb cops are definitely taking home any truly rare gems in that pile. The Balkan Tinderbox has been a crossroads and dumping ground for all manner of arms and armor going back to the 1400’s.

  15. “We have no intention of replacing (interior minister) Gasic, who is doing a great job,” said Vucic. “What have police done wrong?”

    Apparently they aren’t going to take the fall for two idiots but make sure the entire country pays for their dirty deeds.

  16. Have the Serbian people ever had a time in history they weren’t subjects of a government, dictator, chieftan, tyrant, king? Living in a “world” of “comply, or die”?

  17. If I lived in a country like Serbia , I would make damn sure I had an armory to protect myself and my family.
    Serbias president is a globalist WEF member and adheres to the New World Order’s mission to depopulate the planet.
    Looks like a lot of Serbs will be easy to eliminate.

  18. Gun Control laws are “malum prohibitum”.

    For example, a law which punishes a person for pointing a gun at another person when he was not justified in doing so is an example of a “malum in se” offense.

    But a law which punishes a person for merely possessing or carrying a weapon is “malum prohibitum”.

    The distinction between malum in se and malum prohibitum offenses is best characterized as follows: a malum in se offense is “naturally evil as adjudged by the sense of a civilized community,” whereas a malum prohibitum offense is wrong only because a statute makes it so.

  19. So, these weapons have been in the Serbian peoples’ possession since the Kosovo War in the early 90s and there was never a problem, and now, suddenly, there have been two shootings by young people in the past week?

    I think you guys are getting played by the globalists, who want the citizenry disarmed so they can do unspeakable things to them without fear of retribution.

    • Population 7 million. 2 mass shootings in one year. “Collects” 10,500 weapons with no sources as to how they were collected and like you said, most are decades old.

      “yAYe gUyS wE arE DoiNG iT!”
      lol, if this was a card game that would be a pretty low win ratio. It’s the exact same thing they did and continue to do with COVID numbers. Small percentage = big problem. Apparently people who read the news and feed off this crap are really bad at math and no wonder when 77% of our population is in debt an average of $55k while the average income is only $32k.

      Mathematics are important. Almost as important as factual reporting. What was the actual infection to death ration of COVID again? Less than .01%? lol. Shows how easily the anti-gun pro lock-up crowd is. Big govt and bad numbers = win for them.

  20. Given the history of the Serbs and the entire Balkan region for the last several centuries, I would be damned if I would willingly disarm myself if I lived there.
    Given the history of government sponsored mass murder on disarmed populaces over the last couple centuries, I’ll be damned if I will be disarmed here in the USA either.
    When only the government and criminals have weapons, woe to the honest people.
    Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. So, come and get my weapons. I’ll give you the bullets first.

  21. lol 7 million people in Serbia but one city “collects” 10,500 weapons so it’s a “win”?

    Manipulative media gonna manipulate.

  22. Serbia Strict Gun Laws Didn’t Stop A Mass School Shooting, Now President Banning All Guns.

  23. Europeans have learned nothing about history, European history
    How many times governments have taken guns and then pushed mass murder upon the continent.
    you shall reap what you sow.

  24. Unlike in un-civilized and primitive land Capitalvania where life is considered cheap and expendable when European countries have a gun problem they do something about it. Britain had one school shooting and ended them years ago, Australia never again had a mass 50 person shooting since they passed sane gun laws, New Zealand recently did the same when they had a mass 50 person shooting. Germany cracked down as well after a mass murder they had a number of years ago.

    And as one can see the Far Right talks tough about never registering their guns or turning them in but when their personal ass is on the line when a new gun law is passed they suddenly are dancing to a different tune.

    Even a Moron would realize that you do not need registration to pass and implement tough gun laws because one a weapon becomes restricted or banned the person owning such a weapon could never use it in a self-defense situation, never sell it or trade it or even take it to a public range and shoot it without the almost certainty that they would be caught and imprisoned. In other words the gun is now useless to them.

    On Fareed Zacharia yesterday he mentioned that the right wing nut case governor of Texas Greg (Abdicate all common sense) who screamed that its a mental health issue not a gun issue was made a compete fool of by Zacharia when Zacharia compared the much lower homicide and suicide rate in New York State to Texas which is far, far higher and trying to claim New York just as less mentally ill people is laughable. Yes the stupidity and derangement of the Far Right is infinite.

      • “Pathological lying” is a psychologically-recognized form of mental illness.

        • “Pathological lying” is a psychologically-recognized form of mental illness.

          I prefer to think of it as a proven sales technique.

  25. Well, while I find the Serbian law stupid on its face, I’m having a little difficulty getting too worked up over a country of 7 million people (who were recently in a war) collecting a paltry 13,500 guns, many of them old (some of them even air rifles – and how many didn’t work at all??).

    Sounds like the Serbian people played it just about right “turn in your old s***, give them their photo opp, then ignore them”. C.f. – compliance rates with CA, NY, MA, and other “bans” on (fictitious) “assault weapons”.

    • Makes me wonder whether Boch made any $$ on this deal for his youth shooting program. He should set them up everywhere feel-good idjits are found.

  26. Cool. Now the Serbian government is free to murder its populace.

    Serbia DEFINITELY has no history of murdering its own citizens.

  27. Hopefully; Serbia will see the potential dollar signs and take bid from gun importer to make the available to citizen buyers.

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