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Next month, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will no longer have a city office. Judging by her advice to other Democratic mayors on the current crime wave afflicting America’s largest cities, she’s already living in a different galaxy far, far away.

Mayor Lightfoot’s tenure has seen among the worst criminal and gang violence in memory, including waves of illegal firearm misuse and countless shooting tragedies. During her run as the city’s top official, she cast blame on others, derided law enforcement leaders and even proposed cutting police funding by $80 million, before demanding federal law enforcement assistance. As a clear rebuke of that failed leadership, Mayor Lightfoot will no longer be mayor next month – voters overwhelmingly rejected her bid for reelection.

Her abysmal time as the city’s leader didn’t seem to preclude the mayor from joining a few colleagues in Washington, D.C., to discuss crime, a topic on which they have questionable records.

Selective Amnesia

Mayor Lightfoot flew halfway across the country to participate in the African American Mayors Association Conference in Washington, D.C., for a “fireside chat.” Joining her on stage were Los Angeles Mayor Barbara Lee, New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner.

Lori Lightfoot
Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (AP Photo/John O’Connor, File)

During the conversation, Mayor Lightfoot said something that likely caused jaws to drop 700 miles back home in the Second City. “As Democrats, if we do not speak the truth about violent crime in our cities, we will be the worse for it,” Lightfoot told conference attendees.

Mayor Lightfoot, of course, has gone out of her way to speak anything but the truth when it comes to Chicago’s violent crime surge.

She infamously cursed at Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez when he dared criticize her for inaction on crime. On a conference call, Alderman Lopez worried about spreading crime into his neighborhoods and demanded answers about the mayor’s crime solution. “I want answers,” he stated.

“You’re a hundred percent, I think you’re one-hundred percent full of sh*t is what I think. If you think that we’re not ready and will stand by and let the neighborhood go up…there is nothing intelligent I can say to you,” the mayor shot back.

It wasn’t just that 2020 phone call. It’s a pattern with the mayor. That same year, Chicago leadership predicted Memorial Day violence with crime and gang activity. The mayor assembled gun control groups and the Chicago Police Department to double efforts to curb gun crimes ahead of the long holiday weekend. The result? The deadliest holiday weekend in five years. Mayor Lightfoot passed the buck, dodged blame and announced, “Whatever the plan was, it didn’t work.”

The next year, Mayor Lightfoot got in a public back-and-forth with Cook County District Attorney Kim Foxx when several gang members were let off the hook and not charged for a criminal shooting in broad daylight, despite video evidence. More blame-casting and deflection of the truth, all while Chicago residents witnessed more murders in their city under Mayor Lightfoot since the 1996.

Kim Foxx
Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford File)

Mayor Lightfoot, having already been overwhelmingly rejected by Chicago voters because of the city’s rampant crime problem, should keep her comments to herself and go quietly.

Los Angeles Lunacy

Mayor Lightfoot wasn’t alone on stage. The other mayoral participants should have some self-awareness too when it comes to crime in their cities and speaking truth to it.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass knows about crime. Her house was burglarized and it was revealed that two firearms were stolen from the home. A mayoral candidate at the time, Bass had said she didn’t know how they were stolen because they were “safely and securely stored” at the time. No other items were taken.

Los Angelenos have suffered through enough of the city’s crime plague but still must live with George  Soros-backed District Attorney George Gascon, who repeatedly lies about the severity of criminal threats in the city. His soft-on-crime policies repeatedly make news for putting more citizens in danger of violent criminals.

Karen Bass
Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. (Greg Nash/Pool Photo via AP)

If one clear example was needed to demonstrate how “speaking the truth about violent crime” were needed, Los Angeles citizens were told by press release to “cooperate and comply” if they found themselves as the victim in a crime.

New York, New York

New York City Mayor Eric Adams was elected on a message of getting tough on criminals and even telling voters he’d forego armed security and instead carry his own firearm.

He’s failed in those regards and New York City residents still place the fear of violent crime at the top of their concerns. Instead of getting tough on crime, Mayor Adams has instead parroted Michael Bloomberg gun control talking points. At a “major” press event on crime, instead of announcing more police on the streets or efforts to get tough on criminals, the mayor told residents the crime situation in the city was dire.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

“We should be very afraid. I’m very concerned,” the mayor said about the prospect of law-abiding New Yorkers carrying firearms for their own protection, never mind the criminals who already break the law and do so.

According to the New York Post, more than 70 percent of New Yorkers voiced their fear of becoming a victim of violent crime.

The mayors on stage talking about crime in their cities need to look in the mirror and listen to their bosses – the voters of their cities. Their soft-on-crime, gun control approaches that restrict rights of law-abiding citizens don’t make their cities safer. That’s not speaking the truth on violent crime. It’s ignoring it.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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    • there is a commonality here that just can’r be ignored…although they do their best to try….

      • … ” she’s already living in a galaxy far, far away “…
        Hadn’t we already determined that it’s Betelgeuse?

  1. I wonder why the heck they would even wanna have this little powwow anyway exactly.
    Over and out. I mean, out.

  2. They all have one thing in common…They are full of demoCrap. The demoCrap between their ears is what keeps them on the plantation and unable to see…A Black American belonging to the democRat Party makes as much sense as a Jew belonging to the nazi party…History Confirms It.

  3. “there is nothing intelligent I can say to you”

    That’s the truth and nothing else needs to be said…follow the science-lol

    These people just want power. Nothing else matters to them.

  4. Anyone opposing any of her future endeavors need not employ any imagination or expensive talent whatsoever.

    Just run a standard-length commercial with a particularly ugly and stupid-looking picture of her (there are many) and loop “I have nothing intelligent to say to you,” encapsulating her entire character and her life’s work.

  5. “Bass had said she didn’t know how they were stolen because they were ‘safely and securely stored’…”


    you listened to the left-wing ‘safe secure storage’ concepts didn’t you.

    what the left wing keeps touting as ‘safe secure storage’ is neither safe or secure. that’s how they were stolen.

  6. Mrs Groot hates whitey. Does that include her giant “wife”? And they elected WORSE. An actual Marxist🙄🙁

  7. Momma told me if i didn’t have anything nice to say then dont say nuthin at all, but geez Loo eez that Mrs Lightfoot (or Miss, or Ms, or Mr, them, they, whatever it is) sure is a funny lookin little thing.

    Cant quite put my finger on exactly what it is but she has a real troll/goblin/woodland creature vibe thing going on.

    • Okay, I’m going to apologize up front, but when I see Groot’s picture, the first thing that pops into my mind is…. opossum.
      I know, technically it looks more like an Armadillo, but I’m just sayin’….. opossum.

  8. Video might’ve killed the radio star but it most definitely did not do the same for politicians.

  9. “… there’s nothing intelligent I can say to you”. Well, she told the truth one time in her life.

  10. Mix of guppy and Tyrone Biggums from the Chapelle Show. Or Gail from Letterkenny either way her appearance is almost as unsettling as her governance.

  11. Okay, but they just replaced one worthless politician with another. So the Democrats will claim that it takes time to fix the problem, while they will be doubling down on everything they have been doing that only makes the problem worse. Chicago will continue to follow the same trend line and will be that much worse off in two years.

  12. If Groot was in the military I’d give her a DFC for her fine service. Kamala has two already.

  13. “African American Mayors Association” – I wonder if that is a “racist” organization?

  14. I mean, they just had a bunch of riots for no other reason than for the fuck of it and this new one is going to be the same way, likely worse!

  15. Unfortunately things are going to have to get much worse. Before the white self-hating liberals start voting for a more conservative candidate. It’s the same in every democrat run city.

    • Chris. the only way the leftists in the high rent district will vote for more conservative leadership is after they get looted, raped and burned out by the rioters. Until the crime directly affects them, their lives and business interests, nothing will change. As long as the riots are contained to black, or working class white neighborhoods, it doesn’t matter to the power players supporting the Marxist politicians.
      1 riot on the Miricle Mile or on Lake Shore Drive and Chicago would become the reddest city in the mid west.

      • Somewhere on the Internet there is video in Los Angeles of the riots a couple of years ago. There was an old bearded long haired white man.
        Cheering on the black crowd as they burned and looted the business district.

        But when the blacks said they needed to go into the wealthy Beverly Hills area specifically. The white man tells them “no, no, don’t go into my neighborhood and burn things there.”

        The white liberal has been the instigator for much of our problems culturally and criminally in this country.

        Unfortunately, too many black people foolishly believe what they say, and they end up paying the price, by going to prison. And having children out of wedlock.

  16. After the news of the DNC returning to Chicago she feels good about losing office. All those rich Democratic convention goers will be very tempting targets for every thief and crazy in 200 mile radius. If the weather is nice the more dangerous it will be.

  17. High heeled lady sitting at the nikajak
    Buisness man with a needle and a spoon.
    I just dont know fellas, but there just always somthing about miss Lori that’s wanted to make me put down my 1994 Hillary Limited Swimsuit Edition and pursue future handy jackers.
    Lori Lightfoot just might be the one, if any of you have some photos of her with Donkey,, ,,,,,,😂👎🤮

  18. The Chicago politicians (and other major cities) know what the problem is. They just refuse to deal with it for political reasons.

    heyjackass dot com for the numbers.

  19. if theres one thing
    that democrats are as good at
    as lying about everything
    in current future and past events
    -including things they dont even have to lie about-
    is their ability to completely rewrite history
    in ways that are easily refuted
    as fast as you can type in a google search
    and as fast as it can return the results
    in like .000346 seconds
    is how fast the democrats
    can be actually fact checked on anything

  20. So a bunch of politicians want to get together, whine and cry about an issue that is by their own making?

  21. Let’s face it – the Schvatza’s vote these crazy people in then wonder why there is high rates of Schvatza on Schvatza murders and crime. I think the Schvatza’s luv playin’ the victim because they can blame us Crackers, or whatever they call us since it changes day to day, for their misery and have the pleasure of sayin’ all Honkies are racist.

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