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As SIG has done with the P365 before it, Springfield has built on the success of its Hellcat micro-compact pistol, making the basis of an entire platform including bigger models, with more capacity and more features. The latest iteration in this process is the Hellcat Pro OSP with a threaded barrel. This version gives you a slim, concealable optic-ready handgun with a full 15+1 rounds of capacity that can do damn near anything you want a semi-automatic handgun to do.

Here’s Springfield’s announcement . . .

Featuring an extended 4.4” threaded barrel, the new Springfield Armory® Hellcat® Pro OSP™ with Threaded Barrel combines the performance of a larger handgun with class-leading concealability. The result is an exceptional everyday carry pistol ready to accept the suppressor or muzzle device of your choice.

Designed to deliver the perfect balance, this new Hellcat Pro is a compact pistol chambered in 9mm that offers 15+1 capacity in a smaller footprint than any other gun in its class. The compact 9mm packs in impressive capacity while still maintaining the ergonomic, slim profile of the original Hellcat for seamless concealability.

The barrel of this new Hellcat Pro OSP, like the original Hellcat and Hellcat Pro, is made from hammer-forged steel with a black Melonite finish. Featuring a 1:10” rate of twist, the barrel has .5×28 threading for accepting a wide range of suppressors and muzzle devices.

Featuring an OSP configuration, which stands for “Optical Sight Pistol”, the Hellcat Pro OSP with Threaded Barrel has a slide milled with the Springfield Micro™ footprint. It is designed to direct mount the smallest, most popular micro red dots on the market for the lowest mount possible. Backing up your choice of optic is an excellent set of co-witnessing U-Dot™ sights, made up of a high visibility tritium & luminescent front sight paired with a Tactical Rack rear sight.

Ensuring you can mount the light or laser of your choice on the Hellcat Pro OSP with Threaded Barrel, the pistol features a versatile Picatinny rail on the dustcover portion of the frame. This longer section of rail provides users the flexibility to deploy a wide range of accessories for varied applications and conditions.

“The Hellcat Pro OSP has proven itself to be a highly capable CCW pistol that combines full-size pistol performance with concealable dimensions,” says Steve Kramer, Springfield Armory’s Vice President of Marketing. “With the addition of a 4.4” threaded barrel, this new Hellcat Pro OSP offers a whole new dimension of capability to this proven platform.”

Packed with two 15-round magazines, the Hellcat Pro OSP with Threaded Barrel offers shooters an exceptional everyday carry pistol featuring enhanced capabilities. MSRP is $667.

Hellcat Pro OSP with Threaded Barrel 9mm | HCP9449BTOSP

To learn more about the Hellcat Pro OSP Threaded, visit


Caliber: 9mm
Weight: 22 oz.
Grip Width: 1 in.
Length: 7.2 in
Height: 4.8 in.
Barrel: 4.4 in. threaded
Sights: tritium
Magazines: 2 15-round
MSRP: $667



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  1. I have to laugh a little at this, same as I do the evolution of the SIG P365.

    This, as was the P365, was originally supposed to be very compact, thus easy to wear and conceal-carry, while retaining impressive magazine capacity for the size. This is … no longer that, especially with a suppressor hung off the end.

    • I agree with your last point. If I have room for a suppressed pistol, I have room for something that is not a pistol.

      Regarding the rest, though, I live in a very hot (but seasonal) climate, dress casually, and have big hands. I carry a micro when I have to, and a hand-filling pistol when I can. I definitely see the appeal of a modular pistol that meets all those needs with the same controls / feel year-round.

    • She: “Is that a suppressor on the EDC shoved down your pants or are you just happy to see me??”

      I have zero need for a suppressed compact EDC, nor any desire to hang a flashlight or laser (etc) on it. I have tons of other guns to bring along if I think I may need all that.

      • You doofs and all the ‘have no need…’ and ‘this is not…’ bunch of grype-
        Is there some capitol punishment Law on the books I’m not aware about that says:
        ‘Because these feature points are available, thou Shalt have all attatchments engaged and present at all times’ (or else 😵🪓🗡)?
        Leave the gadgets in the car, Inspector whiney a$$!

  2. Stop teasing us denizens of the People’s Republic of New Jersey with threaded barrels, suppressors, and pistols with 15-round capacity!
    It’s cruel, like eating a four-course gourmet meal in front of a starving man.

    Ever since the Bruen decision, more and more restrictive anti-gunm infringements have been passed in blue states. I think the Bruen decision caused Democrats to throw a temper tantrum. We used to have a 15-round mag limit (because a 15-round limit would “keep us safe”), now we have a 10-round limit, and pretty soon it will be only 5 rounds, like Buffalo NY (OK, technically the change from 15 rounds to 10 rounds happened before the Bruen decision, but not by much).

    • “Stop teasing us denizens of the People’s Republic of New Jersey with threaded barrels, suppressors, and pistols with 15-round capacity!”

      Relief is coming, hang on.

      Especially considering NFA ‘toys’. Strategies are being discussed, and lawsuits are being drafted. Stuff is happening.

      Help *is* on the way…

    • Wait what is this about Buffalo 5 round limit? Still trying to figure out if the 7 round nonsense is actually in effect from a quiet safe act update.

      • 7 rounds was held unenforceable by the Western District of NY.
        If you live in NY, it’s 10+1 in the gun while walking around.

        * disclaimer: I am a lawyer, I am not your lawyer.

        • Apparently a recent update (CCIA timeframe) not the 2013 ruling but probably about as enforceable.

  3. Nice piece, with night sights not a terribly high MSRP. No manual safety is the deal breaker for me, a threaded barrel is no use when I refuse to pay and jump through hoops for a can. Variations are available including one equipped with a manual safety which is good.
    I would have already purchased a Sar9 shorty if it had a manual safety. I guess sensitive Rambo wannabes complained about the safety and it was dropped.

    • Personally, on a striker-fired EDC, I prefer to be my own safety. It’s not a whole lot different than a S&W J frame. However, I guess there’s now a “safety” on those as well. (Sigh)

  4. With that light mounted on the bottom at first glance I thought this was a photo of a Broomhandle Mauser. That founkie grip angle too, only it’s not quite rounded on the bottom with that goody bullnose ring…

  5. i agree that this is getting silly. It’s like PC’s…we went from PC’s to laptops, notebooks, Olivetti Quaderno, then to palm/blackbery/Iphone smartphones, then they got bigger and bigger, and there were Ipads…which came with optional keyboards…so we’re back up to, say, a small notebook…which can be docked on your desk and mimic a PC….sorry…what was that about evolution?
    So we take marvelous pocket 9’s like the 365 or Hellcat, enlarge them, add a larger mag, longer barrel, suppressors, and voila…we have a Sig 320. Nothing wrong with that. Except maybe just buy the 320 in the first place?

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