Police Shooting Brooklyn
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America’s gun control laws are rooted in racism and disproportionately affect lower income people. These hurdles and restrictions make keeping and bearing arms more expensive and difficult for the people most often affected by crime.

Gallup black americans police presence
Courtesy Gallup.com

Those two facts probably play a large part in Gallup finding that, despite cities defunding and cutting back police services nationwide, 81% of black people (and 83% of Hispanics) want either the same or more police presence in their neighborhoods.

It’s not so much the volume of interactions Black Americans have with the police that troubles them or differentiates them from other racial groups, but rather the quality of those interactions.

Most Black Americans want the police to spend at least as much time in their area as they currently do, indicating that they value the need for the service that police provide. However, that exposure comes with more trepidation for Black than White or Hispanic Americans about what they might experience in a police encounter. And those harboring the least confidence that they will be treated well, or who have had negative encounters in the past, are much more likely to want the police presence curtailed.

– Lydia Saad in Black Americans Want Police to Retain Local Presence

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    • “””America’s gun control laws are rooted in racism and disproportionately affect lower income people. These hurdles and restrictions make keeping and bearing arms more expensive and difficult for the people most often affected by crime.”””

      Since Gun Control is an agenda is rooted in racism that makes gun control zealots racists. There is no way whatsoever around that kind of incriminating evidence. The shoe fits and it is waaaaay past time the gun control democRat Party is made to wear it.

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

  1. People want the police to keep the community safe and those who live in high crime areas don’t really care how they do it. They less concerned with things like no knock raids and excess use of force than white liberals and faux Libertarians who live in nice safe neighborhoods

    • Well said. And of course, that’s 100% correct. It’s always “don’t worry lesser being, I’LL speak for you!” I hate those pasty little coddled pieces of shit SO much, for their hubris and their pompousness.😡

    • Not quite sure where you stand on that statement. Are you saying that no-knock raids and excessive force aren’t legitimate concerns, and are only voiced by white liberals?

        • All of the real libertarians I know who favor an end to no knock raids also favor eliminating all guns laws so people can defend themselves and their peoperty.

          They also oppose the massive government socialist programs that drive the poverty and crime in the first place, unlike both the republicrats and democons who only expand the disgenic programs destroying poor and minority communities.

        • You have succeeded in Minneapolis. How is that working out for you?

          Anarchy is not Liberty.

    • TD, yes the “community” want to keep the police presence, it’s only the criminal and/or local politicians who want the cops gone….I wonder why?

  2. But mobs of unemployed degenerate meth-heads setting fires and looting have insisted black communities don’t want any cops and democrat leadership has done and said nothing to imply this is not true.
    One can only conclude this Gallup person is a white, lying, Nazi.

    • Of course, and if we can find accurate coverage we’ll find that those making demands are privileged white antifa scumbag anarchists.

    • The left in all their screeching has made Fascism cool again.

      Just like they did in Europe, particularly in Germany. The AfD will be the majority party there eventually, and that’s when the real fun starts.

    • Some of the people here have the same attitude. You know what the folks in the ‘hoid think about Breonna Taylor and George Floyd?
      “Sad thing but she should have had better taste in boyfriends” and “fool should have got into the cruiser. Oh well, one less drug thug to worry about.”

    • I beg to differ…since the Democrats are using (at least partially) Orwell’s 1984 as a planning guide, I offer the following three tiers of social class:

      …the Inner Party (the DNC power mongers and their financial backers – the billionaire oligarchs)
      …the Outer Party (the useful idiots…mainly the Media and Hollywood sycophants)
      …the Proles (the rest of Humanity)

      • Good analysis… Goldstein would be proud but, beware of anyone named O’Brien or the Ministry of Truth knocking on your Door.

        • In honor of Mayor Jenny Durkan’s “Summer of Love”…we hereby rename the Ministries as: The Bureaus of Love, Peace, Plenty, and Truth.

          Wow, this language flexibility thing is pretty cool…I may have to vote Progressive in 2020*…after all, language is a “Living Document”.


          * not gonna happen in this Life.

  3. Apparently their white overlords (D) in a major metropolitan areas don’t care what the constituents “of color” want.

  4. They don’t really want “more police”. They want fewer bad guys. They think that having more police will result in fewer bad guys, but it won’t for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of the revolving door court system. If you want fewer bg’s there is a way to accomplish that and it doesn’t involve the legal system.

  5. I wonder if 81% of black Americans will still vote Democrat? If you want better quality interactions, don’t point guns at cops or run from them. Don’t be a criminal.

    “ These restrictions make keeping and bearing arms more expensive and difficult for people most often affected by crime.”
    This is also the exact same thing that the COVID gun rush has given us.

    • “I wonder if 81% of black Americans will still vote Democrat?”

      Of course. Democrats keep promising to protect them from racism like the Civil Rights Acts were never passed. And black voters keep falling for it. In other news, propaganda works.

  6. Wait, this doesn’t advance our narrative! Don’t you hate it when facts get in the way of the issue you’re trying to push?

  7. Sheet I guarantee the black denizens of Chicago aren’t 81% pro po-leece. 100000 or more gangbangers with momma,baby daddy,cousins and myriad relatives who want the boy’s in blue to leave ’em alone. That’s the real reason Chiraq sux so bad. There’s no sense of shame for being a violent THUG…

    • Let’s see. Population of Chicago is 2.7 million. About a third of the City identifies as black. That is about 900k people. So 100k/900k is about 11%. Sounds like that 80% number is spot on.

      • Your arithmetic is pathetic old man…the MAJORITY have thug relatives. Sorry I’m not a “faux libertarian” which you like to spout. Your dementia is obvious.

        • Yeah, you are just an angry old man who despite having a black wife generally comes off as a racust.

        • Ooooo…tdin Wisconsin dissed me. You come off as an old man with an inflated ego. Raciss? You think Orthodox Jews in Chicago aren’t Jewish…Hitler approved😃

        • A quarter of those gang members are Hispanic. And just because a family member is a gangbanger doesn’t mean everyone in the family is good with it. That in itself is a racist statement. My Uncle Lloyd was in Frankie Rosenthal’s crew. Was everyone in the family in the mob?

          Strom Thurmond’s oldest daughter was black.
          Herman Goering made his Jewish buddy from the Flying Circus, Erich Milch, Chief of Staff of the Lutrwaffe. Racists are quite capable of making exceptions.

          No one will be able to tell when you have dementia because you weren’t to bright to begin with.

  8. Nassim Teleb coined my new favorite phrase to describe Dim leadership: Intellectual Yet Idiot.
    Taleb points out that being educated and “intellectual” does not always mean that someone isn’t an idiot for most purposes. “You can be an intellectual yet still be an idiot. ‘Educated philistines’ have been wrong on everything from Stalinism to Iraq to low-carb diets.”(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skin_in_the_Game_(book))

  9. This is all political posturing for a federal bailout of the city pension funds and trying to put the Republican’s over a barrel to pay for it.

    That’s pretty obvious at this point.

    • I love how the major democrat cities love to brag about their contribution to the GDP, like the rest of the country is useless, yet they’re essentially asking the rest of the country to bail them out. You reap what you sow. Deal with it.

  10. The ‘defund movement’ is strictly about eliminating what the Marxist Insurgency perceives as the last line of resistance to a violent revolution, and forcible takeover of the US.

    None of this is about what Black or any other US citizens want, and everything about imposing the violent Communist Insurgencies will upon the United States’ citizentry, overthrowing the US Constitutional Republic, and replacing the current system with a Chinese Communist Party globalist regime.

    While the media blathers and distracts on one side or another about “peaceful protests” and “police reform”, Communist Insurgents are literally taking over our streets, and cities, cheered on by power greedy criminal Marxist politicians masquerading as ‘moderate democrats’.

    This is happening now, in our cities, our towns, our schools, and within our own neighborhoods, and its going to get much, much, much worse before it gets better.

    The question all loyal Americans need to ask themselves is “what am I personally prepared to do, to sacrifice to turn this around, take my country back from the insurgents, and re-establish the rule of law”.

  11. Too bad. Let the cities burn. Just think of it as urban renewal.

    Don’t cry, my black brothers and sisters. You deserve the government you voted for.

  12. They want black cops, white cops, or any color of cops? Because if they are going to look at every incident through racist lenses then the skins better match all the way to the top.

    Baltimore still charged black cops with racism against blacks but it didn’t move a jury.

    I feel for residents of these locales but we have our own problems and the storm is going to spill out of the cities into the burbs.
    We’re happy with the cops in our area BTW . We don’t have nutty politicians diverting money from cops to social workers.

  13. I suspect this will be in tomorrows news here at TTAG:

    The former Atlanta police officer who was charged with fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks is reportedly suing the mayor and interim police chief. Garrett Rolfe alleges he was unlawfully terminated and that his Constitutional rights were violated:

    Good, and about damn time. I am certainly no boot licker, but this whole narrative of court by public opinion is out of hand, and I hope he wins. He deserves it.

  14. These results are consistent with the polls from 5-10 years ago.

    Black people want better cops, they don’t want no cops. That’s something white ‘allies’ want as they take an uber back to their suburbs after vandalizing court buildings for fun.

  15. Black do not want better cops. They want no cops. I would spit on a black person for saying they want better cops. It would cause a civil war in the black race. Fuckem.

  16. I disagree with this poll; especially now in this time. The people who want more or the same LE are silent. The rest that are extremely outspoken are criminals. The social contract that was made back in the beginning, is now null and void. People do not want security or freedom. They want to be in an Orwellian utopia where all of their decisions are made for them.
    The social conflict theory is alive and well this day. Socially we are a doomed nation. Good is bad, and bad is good (J.C. KJV). The days of Noah are here. Look for the signs. The solidarity that is being spoken, is not what is being done in the streets. They do not want freedom from oppression, they want power to oppress.
    Thugs will always be thugs. Regardless of color, LE is an authoritarian occupation, when in fact we as stakeholders are to be served by these citizens with a badge. We are them, they are us. (Peel, R.).


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