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Is this what Michael Bloomberg expects when he writes those monthly checks that keep his anti-gun agitprop generating machine ‘The Trace’ up and running?

Police have always understood that firearms facilitate abuses of their power against Black people. As early as before the Civil War, “Slave Codes” — and later “Black Codes” — prohibited Black Americans from owning guns, enshrining this advantage in law. In the late 1960s, after racist ownership restrictions had fallen away, the Black Panthers tried to close the power differential, assembling shotgun-armed posses in Oakland, California, to observe officers as they interacted with Black civilians. They met the implicit threat of a police shooting with the equal threat of an armed intervention, and officers relented: With the Panthers present, traffic stops and arrests occurred without beatings.

“The Panthers understood that guns changed the dynamic, that an officer was going to be less likely to harass them if the officer thought that they could exercise self defense,” said Adam Winkler, a professor of constitutional law at the University of California, Los Angeles, and the author of Gunfight: The Battle Over the Right to Bear Arms in America. “That’s why they carried the guns.”

The Panthers’ tactic didn’t last — state legislatures and Congress quickly passed laws restricting access to guns and the ability to carry them openly in public. In fact, many political historians believe that American lawmakers would never have found a cause in gun control without a parade of armed Black people on magazine covers and news shows stirring anxiety in the white populace.

– Champe Barton in Police, Power, and the Specter of Guns

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      • That’s probably the idea; disarming everybody. But think of the process as it would necessarily have to unfold to reach that end.

        The last to be disarmed would be a nation-state’s military. Certainly, that would have to be admitted to be the case in the US.

        Next-to-last would be the police. It can happen; it has happened. Several countries do have their police routinely dis-armed. Yet, the US is not Iceland. US police will not dis-arm until Americans are dis-armed. Municipalities will not be able to maintain anything like the adequate force they regard as necessary to protect the municipality (not its constituents) if members of the police are not routinely armed.

        Third-to-last would be private security; body-guards, armored car drivers, property guards. Bloomberg simply will do what is necessary to maintain his Pretorian guard.

        First to be disarmed would be ordinary civilians. We are well aware of the formidable barriers to accomplishing this goal. Long before we seriously contemplate dis-arming the police we would need to see substantial progress toward disarming ordinary civilians.

        So, where does this leave us in the analysis of the impact of this article? Who in America is willing to undertake the comprehensive dis-arming of America? To approach, if not achieve, dis-arming the military? To even toy with the idea of dis-arming the police?

        Once any analytical mind begins to contemplate that this is a non-starter, such a mind would be compelled to reflect on the Black Panthers’ strategy. Not to necessarily embrace it immediately; merely to wonder if it might play some sort of roll in encouraging police officers to temper their impulse toward excessive force.

        When a suspect is shot it is typically the case that the events begin and end within seconds. Far too soon for any passer-by to attempt to intervene. The George Floyd incident was precisely the opposite. The event took ten minutes; even more. Passers-by accumulated. Yet, there was no effective intervention that might have led to a Mexican-stand-off result.

        A Détente (a French word meaning release from tension) negotiation might very well have unfolded in ten minutes. Perhaps a passer-by with a kind word (and a concealed-carry gun) might have approached the other three officers and remarked, to the effect: ‘Perhaps Officer Friendly over there might be using excessive force. Should his captive not survive, Ya’ll should be aware that there are an unknown number of observers with CWPs, who are happy to see the constabulary upholding the law. And also, they DO have guns in their pockets.’

        One of the three observing officers might have accumulated enough courage (based on a motivation of self preservation) to persist in his attempts to dissuade Officer Friendly from a continuing use of force.

        The Civil Rights Movement’s history records such an event which ended peacefully. The police and fire department was about to hose-down a group of peacefully protesting high school students when there appeared a couple of cars loaded with young men bearing arms. One of these explained to the officials that if those hoses were turned against the students they would be required to hose the blood off the streets. The firehoses were promptly rolled up and the fire and policemen left. Neither blood nor water was spilt.

        Seems to be a petite implementation of the strategy of MAD – Mutually-Assured-Destruction. If it works on a macro-scale, is there any reason it couldn’t work on a micro scale? Are the consequences (to society as a whole) of the George Floyd incident really so much BETTER than the consequences of what the Black Panthers attempted? (One may critique the Panthers’ tact without necessarily rejecting their strategy.) Food for thought.

        • Don’t think disarming “everybody” will stop violent demonstrations and riots. It sounds nice to a Leftist, but look at the UK.

        • “US police will not dis-arm until Americans are dis-armed.”


          Hence, *why* “Universal Background Checks” that develop concrete records of what citizens own what guns are *required* by the Leftists.

          And *why* what I own with no paper (1000 percent legal where I currently live) will never be reported…

        • I spent decades worrying about all of the Form 4473s I have “on file” with umpteen FFLs all over the South. If someone were to collect all of those forms and add them up, it would appear that I have, literally, hundreds of firearms in my possession. When I managed a gun store back in the 90’s, one thing that made me feel a little better was the “understanding” that most FFLs had. If ever an edict was issued for en masse’ Form 4473 collection, the night sky would glow from the widespread, random fires caused by “spontaneously combusting” FFL file cabinets.

          Now that I’m north of 50, and confined to a wheelchair- I no longer find myself getting worked up about things like I used to. I stopped being anxious about the never-ending list of possible transgressions when I realized that the only thing that really matters is how I choose to react to them. I have the means, the practice, and the resolution to confront whatever illegitimate coercion someone may attempt to constrain me with.

          No worries. Bring it.

      • Just like England did (disarmed everyone). Did you see the video clip of their cops running down the street? The “protesters” were chasing them. How embarassing.

    • Ron, did you notice it only sang the praises of arming of what was at the time a radical left wing group.

    • I suspect that this is only a token pro gun article written to maintain the illusion that “The Trace” is a legitimate news outlet that covers both sides of the debate. I probably would’nt get to used to articles like this.

    • What the article does not designate is which political party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow. lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. It’s always an omission of information that serves to provide cover for the democRat Party. The media knows the people who listen to them are mostly politically inept history illiterates so listeners’ knowledge of who is who in racism is Trump is obviously a RACIST because the slanderous, libelous media and late night funny guys say so.

      Instead of making Monetary Reparations for their mountains of democRat Party race based atrocities the democRat Party pacifies gullible Black Americans with visuals such as removing concrete civil war statues. Of course what the democRat Party does not say is those statues are democRat Party statues. The democRat Party is constantly doing sleazy things to rewrite history like claiming it was “DixieCrats” who did all of “that” but the historical facts show democRat Party racism spanned coast to coast, north and south.

      The article touches on the subject which may wake up some people but in the end you still have the continuance of one of the the sadist and most pathetic sights in America. That would be the Black Americans who belong to the democRat Party. I mean it makes as much sense for a Black American to belong to the democRat Party as it would for a Jew to belong to the nazi party.

      • “What the article does not designate is which political party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow. lynching, the KKK, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities.”

        Actually, that was determined long ago. Had it explained to me that when JFK became president, all the racists moved to the Republican party, and all the enlightened Republicans (who made the civil rights laws possible) became Democrats. No specific date was given, but it seems to have happened in a matter of hours, or maybe minutes.

  1. Not so fast with the accolades. The full Bloomberg article calls for disarming everybody, citizens and police. Strange, I can’t see any specific call to disarm criminals.

    • And they casually neglected to mention that all the anti-black gun ownership was pushed by democrats.
      Oh, and all this historical garbage is the exact reason the NRA was formed.

      • So you are casually ignoring the fact that the model legislation for gun control, California’s Munford act, was signed into law by Republican governor Ronald Reagan?

        How selective of you, bravo!

        • Freedom and liberty loving dems have had decades of total control in CA to undo the evil rayciss actions of Reagan.

          They’ve only pushed for more restrictions. I guess they’re just as evil and rayciss as that Reagan monster.

        • So not only did Dick Chaney have a weather machine the Gipper had a TIME MACHINE?!? To blend into the post-bellum South he musta used a buckboard instead of a DeLorean else the Democrat KKK members might’ve caught on. If only we knew how all these evil right wing mad scientists could make all these amazing inventions…

        • Miner49er says it is selective to not mention that Ronald Reagan signed the Munford Act into law. It is also selective to not mention that “it required a 2/3 majority in each house. It passed the Assembly (controlled by Democrats 42:38) at subsequent readings, passed the Senate (controlled by Democrats, 21:19) on July 26th by 29 votes to 7.” So had he failed to sign it into law it passed by veto proof majority in both houses of state legislature.

        • “So had he failed to sign it into law it passed by veto proof majority in both houses of state legislature.”

          Enough with the historical facts. We believe in truth over facts. Facts just confuse things, and are a form of violence, hate crime.

      • “And they casually neglected to mention that all the anti-black gun ownership was pushed by Democrats.”

        The standard Leftist response is with the magical…”Oh that’s when there was a big Democart / Republican switcheroo where averybody changed sides”.

        More evidence that too much dope warps the brain.

        • I don’t really know if Ronald Reagan was racist, I never met the man.

          But it does seem he didn’t think anyone should be allowed to walk the streets carrying a gun:

          “Governor Ronald Reagan, who was coincidentally present on the capitol lawn when the protesters arrived, later commented that he saw “no reason why on the street today a citizen should be carrying loaded weapons” and that guns were a “ridiculous way to solve problems that have to be solved among people of good will.”

          Let me get this clear, do you think Ronald Reagan’s opposition to open and concealed carry was as a result of dope smoking?

        • And like joe biden Ronnie appeared to be suffering from some sort of dementia.

          But its ok. joe can have dementia. He’s a dem. It’s kinda required.

          miner’s tactic. Dems created the kkk and pushed gun control and abortion as a way to control blacks. miner will sift through decades of abuse by the dems and pick out a lone abuse by the gop and shout it for all to see.

          He’s why there is an uber right backlash coming in November. Sad, really. We do better with a middle of the road .gov. But if I have to choose between hard right or hard left it really is no choice.

        • to Miner49er
          I like it when people talk about guns, Gov Reagan, and the Mulford Act. It gives me a chance to remind folks that its white Liberals, Gay and straight, who now publicly embrace the Mulford Act.

          Also it was a Member of the ACLU that co-wrote the bill. California State Senator Alan Sieroty, Democrat, co-author of the Mulford Act was a member of, the Los Angeles County Democratic Central Committee, American Jewish Committee, the Anti-Defamation League of b’nai b’rith and he served on the board of directors of the American civil liberties Union.

          And here is another fun fact.

          The Racist Origins of California’s Concealed Weapon Permit Law

          White Liberal california has a long history of creating racist gun control laws.

      • I thought the NRA was formed, initially, as a means of improving the marksmanship of the average American.

        • Yes, it was, but the intention and stimulus was to promote shooting because people entering the military had no experience handling and using firearms.

        • You are correct. However the NRA became the first civil rights organization when they supported the blacks who were trying to protect themselves from the racist KKK.

        • Frank. This was the civil war. A lot of the union soldiers came from cities like NYC where they had no experience with rifles. Many were immigrants straight off the boat from Europe. The Irish Brigade from NYC kept their smooth bore muskets until mid 1863. Buck and ball loads suited their style of fighting and training.

          The NRA was formed by prominent northern soldiers after the war to help correct this problem.

      • Not so fast about the NRA. The NRA was organized to train urban youth for the next war, because they had done so poorly in the Civil War. According to the NRA’s official history :

        “Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis,” according to a magazine editorial written by Church.

        After being granted a charter by the state of New York on November 17, 1871, the NRA was founded. Civil War Gen. Ambrose Burnside, who was also the former governor of Rhode Island and a U.S. senator, became the fledgling NRA’s first president.”

    • Yeah I just finished reading the whole article. It’s definitely NOT a pro gun article. It’s the old tactic of “we need to disarm everyone so we can disarm the police and be like Europe” garbage.

    • I can’t see any specific call to disarm criminals….

      If you disarm “everybody” AND the police… wouldn’t the criminals fall in there somewhere? They don’t specifically call for disarming me, but I’m pretty sure I am somehow included in the everybody thing since I’m not a cop….

      • Nope. Remember your terms, criminals do not obey the law, therefore disarming everyone would not affect them.

    • “Strange, I can’t see any specific call to disarm criminals.”

      Probably because you don’t understand gun controls. The people who are afraid of guns are “good” people, who don’t go where “bad” people are massed. Good people go where good people are massed, and gun owners look like “good” people, not criminals. “Good” people fear guns in the hands of people who look like themselves, in places where “good” people go.

      Gun controls are about controlling behavior on non-crimmal types. Crimminals/gangs, cannot be controlled; too difficult, too expensive, too dangerous. Besides, criminals and gangs have a tendency to stay in areas they know they can intimidate and dominate. No need to stir that hornet’s nest.

      Given that gun control requires law(s), which group is more likely to obey? Criminals/gangs, or law-abiding, legal gun owners? Simple 80/20 rule.

      Oh, and maybe most important, gangs and criminals do not shoot up predominately white, suburban schools.

      • Oh, and maybe most important, gangs and criminals do not shoot up predominately white, suburban schools.

        ???.. Anyone who shoots up any school regardless of it’s racial makeup kind of automatically enters that classification known as “a criminal”… The ONLY reason gangs don’t shoot up predominantly white schools is because it’s too far to drive, they leave schools in the hood alone because that’s 60 % of their drug customer base and future recruits…

        • “The ONLY reason gangs don’t shoot up predominantly white schools is because it’s too far to drive, they leave schools in the hood alone because that’s 60 % of their drug customer base and future recruits…”

          Agree. Your note underscores why the anti-gun mob isn’t concerned with inner city “gun crime”. Vast majority of school shooters come from “good”, white families. And if “good families” can produce such monsters, then every “good white, suburban family” is capable of the same. Thus, disarming law-abiding gun owners who appear to be “good” people is the only “logical” step. The threat is from whitey, not the ghetto.

  2. Why is it that no one use this fact, when debating gun control law & the right to bear arms.
    It is racist to say the public does not need to bear arms, because you really mean Black males should not bear arms. This would rock the DNC & make them at odds with two of their main calling cards.

  3. Slaves were first traded in America in 1619 in Virginia, and that relationship has defined the dynamic between whites and blacks ever since.

    For 250 years white people imprisoned, beat and killed black people, all legally and with the full approval and support of local, state and federal government in the United States.

    This has built up a tremendous reservoir of fear and resentment on the part of white people, who knew that one day there would come a reckoning, when white folks would be judged for their crimes against their fellow humans.

    So for hundreds of years white people and their governments have done everything they can to keep their foot on the neck of black people and continue to steal their labor, property and children, keeping them psychologically and economically depressed and unable to achieve their full freedom.

    No, because of technology and the spread of information, the bill is coming due.

    George Floyd’s death on live video it’s just the catalyst, this sort of thing has been going on for hundreds of years under a veil of secrecy maintained bar white privilege.

    As an interesting sidenote, it’s been revealed George Floyd’s first conviction was actually a set up by a corrupt white police officer, who is now on trial for murder:

    “Texas prosecutors are examining potential irregularities in a scandal-ridden former Houston police officer’s arrest of George Floyd on a minor drug charge — a probe that could expand the body of convictions possibly tainted by the officer’s conduct.

    Floyd, whose death last month under the knee of a white Minneapolis police officer sparked national protests, pleaded guilty in 2004 and served time in a state jail over what prosecutors now describe as selling $10 worth of crack in a police sting.

    But Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said Saturday that Floyd’s case may be among scores built on false evidence from Gerald Goines, who is facing murder charges after he allegedly lied to obtain the warrant in a botched 2019 drug raid that left two people dead. He has pleaded not guilty.

    “Gerald Goines’ arrest of George Floyd reveals an offense report that is incomplete and suspect,” Ogg said in a statement. “I have instructed prosecutors to verify the facts in this offense report.”

    Prosecutors have already dismissed dozens of convictions dating back to at least 2008 that they say were marred by Goines. If the review of Floyd’s arrest reveals misconduct, they’ll presume all of Goines’ cases going back to 2004 are tainted, Ogg said.”

    • So was George Floyd a saint when he held a gun on a pregnant woman in a home invasion?
      Pull the other one, it has bells on it.

      • Goines is of mixed ancestry, and having African-American ancestry does not prevent one from being a racist.

        Look at StephenMiller, whose Jewish family suffered during the holocaust, yet he is perfectly happy to prevent asylum seeking immigrants from escaping violence and injustice, including Jewish immigrants.

        Goines specifically targeted African -Americans, probably overcompensating for the self-hatred of his African ancestry.

        “Gerald Goines, who as a Houston narcotics cop led a botched deadly drug raid in January, heavily targeted Black people for low-level drug sale charges in majority black neighborhoods, according to arrest data obtained by The Appeal.

        In 591 cases in which Goines was the main officer, 94 percent of the defendants were Black, according to case data from the Harris County clerk’s office. The most frequent charge in these cases was “manufacture or delivery of less than 1 gram of a controlled substance,” which represented 23.69 percent, or 140 of the 591 cases.

        When these cases are broken down by ZIP Code, the data show that 35 percent of those arrests (205 cases) occurred in five majority Black Houston neighborhoods.

        Jay Jenkins, an attorney with the Texas Criminal Justice Coalition, reviewed the data and said he found the fact that more than 90 percent of Goines’s court cases involved a black defendant “genuinely shocking.”

        • “Goines specifically targeted African -Americans, probably overcompensating for the self-hatred of his African ancestry.”
          You assume way too much. You “probably” don’t know Goines or what his deal is.

        • jwt,

          “ … the United States of America wouldn’t have given up half a million of her sons to free them from slavery.”

          There is some controversy over the numbers because of the poor recordkeeping, and there is no doubt that many white union soldiers did give their lives to bring an end to the injustice of slavery in the US.

          But a half million is a bit high, and the numbers show over a quarter million Americans fought to perpetuate the enslavement of their fellow humans, in violation of the guarantee of “all men are created equal”.

          “618,222 men died in the Civil War, 360,222 from the North and 258,000 from the South”

        • Over 600,000 Americans that served with the USA were killed or wounded, by any account.

          So you admit two at least one of your lies, but doubled down on the other.

          Pathetic, but typical of your posts. Are you even capable of honesty?

    • “one day there would come a reckoning, when white folks would be judged for their crimes against their fellow humans.”

      So how do we ever get there Miner, and put this behind us? If you crucify me for the sins of others, will it FINALLY be over? Do I have the power to absolve others of their sins, or am I just responsible for me? The answer is, it can never be over because the Left wields their white guilt as a weapon in order to gain/maintain power.

      You do realize that black people and other “POC” sold blacks into slavery that were their enemies, right? The vast majority of slaves were originally purchased. Why only focus on one skin color, when both are to blame? Again, the answer is because the Left wants to use white guilt as well as black rage. They also like to gloss over the fact that it was mostly white people that fought to end slavery here. Unfortunately, it still exists in other parts of the world where there are racist “POC”. As usual, the goal is always to divide, it’s never to solve any problems.

      • ^This^. ^Right^. ^Here^. Seriously, Dude- I kept reading expecting to see the most obvious, cogent, and forthright elucidation of the reality of the situation. And Dude- you nailed it.

        There were humans who did horrible things to other humans- just as humans always have, currently do, and always will. The skin tone of some of the humans doing horrible things was different than the skin tone of some of the humans having horrible things done to them. Some of the skins tones were the same.

        Because there were humans of one skin tone doing horrible things to humans of another skin tone, we need to correct those wrongs by punishing other humans who have similar skin tones. Because that is fair, equitable, and just.

        So let’s start by punishing the humans with the skin tone of… um, wait… oh, yeah… we need to start punishing the innocent humans for the horrible actions of those other humans from hundreds, er…, thousands of years ago who have the skin tone of…

        Wait, how does this work again?

      • Exactly…. those ignorant, self righteous, brain washed BLM fools keep ranting about white supremacy and racism yet they are as racist as they can possibly be towards white people and basically anyone not classified as black, African American or as a victim of slavery which ended YEARS ago and all those involved are long, long dead.

        But they’re angry and right, and liberals are allowing them free reign. Eventually they’ll tire and hopefully go home. Or they’ll push too hard and meet with resistance by those who are fed up with their crying, whining, finger pointing, demands for apologies and retribution. It’s stupid, illogical and they’re making things worse instead of better.

    • Man, your “white police officer” narrative just got wrecked. Did you just read somewhere that Goines was white and didn’t do any research? Or did you, as I suspect, just throw it in there and hope no one would look it up? Either way it just confirmed what I already suspected; anything you write can and should be ignored. Good job, Miner49er.

      • Nah, it’s worse than you assume. I’ll give you a thumbs up for going with the best case scenario though. What you’re seeing is a purposeful & focused campaign of misdirection, disinformation, rhetoric, & propaganda. Pretty typical methodology of psy operations.

        My guesstimate on what we have here, on the other hand, is a true believer. If indeed a paid asset, they’re decidedly not getting their money’s worth.

    • Congratulations you used sweeping hyperbola and non-sequitur propped up with lies just like your hero Nikole Hannah-Jones.

    • Miner, let’s recall that those slaves traded in the Colonies in 1619 were sold by other Africans, in complete compliance with African laws at the time, and sold to and transported by Europeans trading in complete compliance with European laws at the time, and then traded to ignorant farmers in America so they could attempt to meet their tax obligations to the British Crown. All of which earns a hearty “So what?”, did not concern me, nobody asked me for my approval, ain’t my business and who gives a shit? Millions of blacks have successfully made their way to prominence/wealth in America, all the way back to before Civil War days, and millions of whites have consistently failed to accomplish a damn thing despite any supposed preferential treatment. Claiming prevalent and unyielding racism in a nation which elected a totally incompetent black man president TWICE is absolutely ludicrous on it’s face. The wonder of America is that you can succeed if you try. If you’re white and you refuse to try, you will not be successful. And if you are black and you refuse to try, you will not be successful. The way to change that is to eliminate any possibility of success, condemn all to 3rd world shithole existence.

    • “A civil lawsuit was later filed on behalf of the survivors and the relatives of Hampton and Clark. It was resolved in 1982 by a settlement of $1.85 million; the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the federal government each paid one-third to a group of nine plaintiffs. Given revelations about the illegal COINTELPRO program and documents associated with the killings, scholars now widely consider Hampton’s death an assassination under the FBI’s initiative.[6][7][8]”

  4. Most people only read the banner headline. I sift through a mountain of media daily. And I don’t a rat’s anus about about Bloomie funded “news”…

  5. At this point MinerLiar should just have some dignity and disappear for a while, but I have to admit, it’s entertaining to read. A lie to cover another lie, to cover another lie….when will it stop?

  6. Interesting reading about the ‘White’ slave trade and it’s how my family name made it here from England. My ancestors were a worthless bunch who robbed and murdered other worthless people…


    “…..Around 1618 at the start of their colonial slave trade, the English began by seizing and shipping to Virginia impoverished children, even toddlers, from London slums….”

    Think about that for a moment..White children, forced to be slaves, pre-date Black slaves in America.

    • Good comment and information. BLM doesn’t want to talk about things like that or admit that Africans sold other Africans to slave traders because they want to play the role of the totally victimized and blame all white people from the past and today.

      I have ZERO respect for those fools or the white morons who march with them. And the vandals, lost youth and other wannabe clueless crusaders who are ruining cities and chant slogans, regurgitate their mindless mantras, destroy property, intimidate people and even assault local residents are scumbags who deserve whatever they get. They’re human trash to me. They won’t listen, they won’t consider other data or views, and they feel entitled to demand and coerce others like small minded dictators.

    • “Think about that for a moment..White children, forced to be slaves, pre-date Black slaves in America.”

      Part of my family tree includes a young woman (at the time) from England who volunteered to be a household slave for 7 years to pay for her passage to Boston by sail.

      Her ‘masters’ honored the agreement at the end of those 7 years, and paid for her train ticket to New York city, where she began her ‘free’ life…

      • “ honored the agreement at the end of those 7 years, and paid for her train ticket to New York city”

        So she wasn’t a slave, she entered into an agreement of her own free will to trade her labor for compensation.

        Were her children taken from her and sold into slavery, never to be seen again?

        Was she beat or killed if she attempted to escape?

        Was she in slaved in voluntarily, with no choice as to the matter?

        Was she is slaved for life, becoming her masters property for decades until she died?

        The answer to this question is no, she was not a slave in any sense of the word rather she was an indentured servant who received compensation for her voluntary work agreement.

        Don’t expect much sympathy for your ancestors‘ plight, her troubles pale in comparison to the fate of true slaves, who were maimed and killed and raped at the whim of their master, for their entire lives.

    • Were these white children forced to be slaves for their entire life?

      Were these white children forced to bear children, they were taken from them by force and sold into slavery?

      If they escaped, where these white children hunted down by the runaway slave patrols?

      Were these white children sold on the public auction block, to the highest bitter, to become his property for a wife?

      The answer to all these questions is no.

      This is known as a false equivalency, and is a deceptive practice design to confuse folks about the true nature of so-called ‘white slavery‘ in America.

  7. It is very difficult for me to realize that a man as intelligent
    as Michael Bloomberg thinks that by removing guns from
    law abiding citizens is going to remove guns from violent
    criminals. He should be removing guns from all the firearm
    violators. Just look at New York City and Chicago!

  8. It’s not a good idea to bring up the Black Panther Party for self-defense. Unless you want to open a can of worms. Which I like to do. The scariest thing in America is an articulate black person with a gun. And the white liberals don’t like blacks with guns.

    Ronald Reagan is a dead president. And the white liberals who run California and the white liberals who comment on TTAG support the Mulford Act. There are uncomfortable with black people openly walking around with firearms.

    People like Miner49er, Vlad, the writers at the Trace, or any other white liberal hates the blacks openly carrying guns. To them it shows that their ideology is a failure. When blacks have not been talked out of carrying guns.

    It’s the internet videos that have spread the word about Black Guns Matter. And the history of blacks lawfully defending themselves with firearms.

    And it’s the white leftist liberals who have tried to shut down these videos. They Shadowban Maj Toure on Facebook. And demonetized videos. But YouTube will still run ads on those same demonetized videos. And collect the money. The content creator however gets no money.

    And unfortunately the Libertarians are comfortable with that situation.

    • And unfortunately the Libertarians are comfortable with that situation…

      You are aware that it is not a coincidence that LIBER-al and LIBER-tarian both start with the same 5 letters, right? Todays true libertarian is pretty much what a classic liberal was years ago… and even they have a bastardized wing that is way left of the rest of the world..

      • I use to like libertarians. A radio station in VA WNIS AM was a favorite of mine. They were back then, in the 1990s, Libertarian/ conservative oriented. I don’t know when but libertarians have changed.

        Libertarians are comfortable with large multibillion-dollar International companies interfering with the lives of the individual to their detriment. They claim this is not a loss of freedom. Because it’s not a “government” doing it. This type of thinking makes Libertarians dangerous to the ordinary individual. And perhaps even “Libertarianism” is a danger to Liberty.

    • “the white liberals who comment on TTAG support the Mulford Act”

      Nope, your claim is false, I certainly don’t support most of Ronald Reagan’s acts, including the Munford act and his Iran Contra deals selling millions of dollars of weapons to Muslim terrorists.

      • You support people who support the Mulford Act. That’s good enough for me. Also you don’t support machine gun ownership for law abiding black people either.

        Now you can say “Black Lives Matter” , if that makes you feel better. I won’t say that. But I do say “Black Guns Matter”.

        In fact lots and lots of Black Guns Matter. Machine guns for everyone!!!

  9. It is interesting that for all the talk of the evils of slavery pre 1865, not a word about modern slavery (2020) that goes on as we speak. There is human; trafficking for the sex trade and an unnamed religion currently practices slavery because it is allowed in its tenants. Not one word about any of this from the leftists! However they will scream for citizens to be disarmed because “reasons”.

    • The welfare industrial complex has been the new slavery in this country for a very long time now.
      And the people who disagreed with the Christians when they said, a father is necessary to raise children. Are part of the problem. Those Libertarians Liberals and Leftists are very supportive of a single mother. With 5 kids from 5 different men. The father being replaced by a government check. And his guns being replaced by the guns, of a big city police department. And living on welfare in a “gun free zone” government housing project.

      The atheists will always support the government welfare system. They are deathly afraid of the church based, religious-based, private welfare support system. That operated all over the world for centuries.

      • Conscientious, selfless charity is one of the most honorable acts any human can do for another. It truly is one of the most remarkable traits of humanity. Another human trait, unfortunately, is to attach all sorts of inappropriate and nefarious conditions to the recipients of charity. Both government and religion share a mutual distrust of one another because each is wholly aware of just how similar they are when attaching strings of dependence to their “compassion”.

      • umm no.. I am not religious at all… and I wholeheartedly believe in the “nuclear” family. I also think there should be no mentions of religion in politics, at all. Simply mentioning “god” even implies one religion in this country. And if we are truly to practice separation of church and state, then religion has no place in politics. From praying, to schools, to the anthem and everything in between.

        “Religion and government will both exist in greater purity, the less they are mixed together” – James Madison


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