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If soaring gun sales are a guide, millions of Americans are with the McCloskeys. This week the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks for June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says this works out to 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva says about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers.

This is a warning to the Defund the Police movement about unintended consequences. The more progressives push policies that mean cops won’t be around when people need them, the more they are inviting Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.

– Wall Street Journal editorial board in The Gun Sales of June

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  1. In one respect, defund the police could mean a trip back to the wild west days. On the flipside, it will probably mean a safer America. If more citizens own guns and get trained, maybe criminals will be a little less aggressive.

    • “In one respect, defund the police could mean a trip back to the wild west days.”


      I’m not sure those “wild west days” were all that wild, certainly not what the old TV shows and dime novels portrayed. On the other hand, it’s certain that “justice”, the vast majority of which was real and justified more closely fit the crime committed and was more swift, therefore more affective.

      I’m not referring to lynchings- those weren’t the MO of the day and certainly were fewer than today’s equivalent: drive by shootings by organized gangstas, or the looting and burning of legitimate businesses. Certainly those weren’t allowed in the “wild west” and would’ve been stopped cold, cops or no cops. One thing is certain, a return to the average American understanding that civilized behavior and law and order begin with each individual being a contributor/participant to the cause. We seem to have lost the concept of personal responsibility.

      • Then as now it was a whole lot more dangerous in the big cities, such as NYC, than it was in the ‘wild west’.

        • Yeah, in the cities you could be anonymous and be unknown to everyone present. In rural areas there were at least some people who knew each person around, likely for many years. People had reputations to uphold and peer pressure helped keep bad behavior in check. Same reason drifters were people to be wary of.

    • I was more referring to the “instant justice” aspect of the old west. Sorry for being too general.

    • Yep, it would be rough at first, but once all the leeches were locked up to dealt with, it would be overwhelmingly safer. Don’t have to worry about some blueblood thug shooting Fido or missing and hitting the kids instead.

    • Most of the deaths are gang members and associates shooting each other or people who know each other. This fallacy that you are going to be killed by some mugger is BS, more likely it will be someone you know. Yes, being armed will lower some crime rates, but it will do very little if anything for actual murders.

      • Some info on stats regarding self defense incidents.
        There’s a lot more interesting stuff at this site.

        “Here’s my analysis of what armed self-defense for the Private Citizen, not LEO, looks like. You decide what suits your needs best to solve this type of problem.
        Private citizens reload in approximately 1/2 of one percent of shooting incidents (3/482).
        If the defender fires any shots, most likely it will be 2 rounds.
        The shooting distance in the vast majority of cases was slightly in excess of arm’s length.
        At this distances, even .22s and .25s are highly immediately lethal.
        A revolver, even J-frame, is perfectly capable of dealing with almost all of the incidents. The ones which were beyond the capabilities of a five shot revolver would be best deal with by a shotgun, anyway.
        For those who do not practice, a revolver is far preferable to the autoloader because of the revolver’s simpler manual of arms. Eighty per cent of gunshot wounds are self-inflicted. Guns are handled many times more than they are shot and so safe gunhandling qualities are much more important characteristics than its ability to be shot accurately and reloaded quickly. Revolvers are much less likely than autoloaders to AD in the hands of novices. “

    • Western lawlessness gets dressed up with names like “range wars,” “cattle wars,” or feuds. It’s less clear cut than bank robbers, coach robbers, claim jumpers, etc. They’re kind of equivalent to gang or cartel warfare today, with business interests fighting over turf. They could last for years, involve corrupt lawmen and politicians, assasination, hired guns, etc. If one side didn’t wipe out the other, the army would sometimes come in and stop both sides.

  2. Welcome to all the new owners.
    Please get some training…virtual and in person. Read the manual. Go to the internet.
    Be responsible and know your local laws.
    Vote accordingly.

    • Along that line of thought,I came across this the other day .

      After Buying Your 1st Gun – The Most Important Thing You Should STOP Doing
      by Colion Noir

  3. Welcome to all new gun owners.

    Vote Republican if you want to keep the rights you are newly exercising.

    • Correction. Vote libertarian. Trump banned bump stocks and is a proponent of red flag laws. Both major parties have failed their constituents. Its time for a new option.

      • Libertarians are weak. That don’t have what it takes. Justin Amash just quit. He was pressured by democrats to get out. Because he was taking more votes from democrats than republicans. In michigan.

      • “L”ibertarians cannot organize a two car funeral procession. They are a waste of time. And if they had a “convention” they could hold it in a phone booth, which is about as easy to find as a “L”ibertarian. Better to primary RINOS out of office.

      • A vote for libertarian president is just taking a vote away from the best candidate for our Second Amendment Rights. If you want Joe Biden as president and get him let us know how that works out for you assuming social media like this discussing firearms and firearm owners rights is even available any more and not classifies as hate speech.

        President Trump banned the bump stock while the democrats wanted ALL semi automatic rifles that accept detachable magazines and magazine over 10 rounds banned for rifles AND pistols. The bump stock was an accessory to make it cheap and easy for the owner to allow his semi automatic rifle to emulate a fully automatic rifle.

        As far as a red flag law, President Trump said he would consider one as long as due process was preserved for the firearm owner while the democrats want no part of preserving due process for the firearm owner.

        • If i recall correctly, Trump said, LEOs should take away guns first then due process. I dont think he understands the concept.

          • It is Trump or Marxism you choose. There are no other options, none. Wake up. Do not fall for divide and conqueror rhetoric. If he doesn’t understand something it is probably because of deep state advisors around him are feeding him Bovine Excrement. He even has trouble with his son-in-law, deep state leverage is the big deal and DRAIN the SWAMP is the objective and I how and pray that AG Barr will get the ball rolling.

      • Agreed. By all means vote for whomever you like, as is your right. But the reality is a capital L Libertarian can’t win. I’m all for living a lower case L libertarian lifestyle for the most part though.

      • Got it. Trump is no different than Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, or Maxine Waters. That’s a sharp eye you have there.

      • Johhny B.,

        Newsflash: today’s Libertarians ardently embrace substantial infringements on firearm ownership and possession.

        Voting for Republican candidates produces the highest probability of a government that actually respects our right to keep and bear arms for righteous self-defense.

        And if you believe that your local Republican politician will support infringements of your right, support a better Republican candidate in the primary election.

        Note: there will almost never be an outstanding candidate. Most/all of the time your duty is supporting the candidate who does the most to support our right to keep and bear arms — or supporting the candidate who does the least damage to our right to keep and bear arms.

      • If you’re in a “safe” state where there’s no way your vote isn’t going to change the outcome, no reason not to vote for a 3rd party.

        • This is true. The surplus of over 500k Democratic presidential votes in my state means my presidential vote is mostly meaningless. Democrats don’t need it, and it certainly won’t help the Republican.

          Last election, I voted third-party because I hated both the presidential candidates. This time around, I’ll probably vote for Trump, simply because I like the way he drives the leftists around the bend.

          • “This time around, I’ll probably vote for Trump, simply because I like the way he drives the leftists around the bend.”

            Can’t think of a better reason.

        • I disagree. Running up the total vote can send a message. Everyone should vote like it matters.

          • “Running up the total vote can send a message. Everyone should vote like it matters.”

            Hilary ran up the total/popular vote. To this day, she is not President.

      • The idea that you do NOT vote Republican because Trump is not as hard over as most of us are would be like saying water does not put out all fires so don’t try to save your house with a water hose. A vote for Trump gives us much more protection then a vote for Joe Biden. JOE BIDEN has made his national career being ANTI-GUN. While I’m putting some light on this, those that attack the NRA for not being as aggressive as we would like, fail to see the effects of their publications and the effects of their DIRECT lobbying. They are NOT normally in the courts for the reason that ONE LOSS could kill the 2nd Amendment. They go directly to the state and federal legislatures in a non-confrontational way so as to win friends with influence. Do like it DONT JOIN. Lots of shit going on with the NRA leadership that I don’t like, but they are our biggest LOBBY at this time, SO I send money. But some of you attack the NRA without ANY idea of what they do and how they do it. STOP helping the ANTI-GUN crowd.

      • Speaking as a one-time libertarian . . . In a political landscape as rigidly polarized as the one we inhabit now, the best any libertarian vote amount to is to serve as a protest. Libertarian ideology has always been more influential when talking to the two major parties. Unless you want to always serve as a political doorstop, libertarian party politics has always seems like a waste of time.

      • Libertarians, whose 2016 VP candidate, Bill Weld, favored waiting periods and “assault weapon” bans? While libertarians may be pro-gun, the Libertarian Party has tipped to pro-drug, pro-illegal immigration. Even if they were full 2A, a vote for LP or other 3rd party, is one less vote Biden has to get to defeat Trump. While Trump isn’t as 2A as he claims, it seems that he’s mostly ambivalent about it with some damage done collaterally. Biden is outright hostile to 2A, and he’ll actively push for universal background checks, “assault weapon bans,” “red flag,” and any other restrictions he can get enough backing for.

    • Har. Every one of them is gonna dutifully march to the polls and vote to take away those guns they just bought, secure in they knowledge that THEY’RE the good ones and the government would never come for THEM.

    • Here it is, Tom –

      “Patricia and Mark McCloskey are the couple made instantly famous—or infamous—after a video showed them wielding firearms as they fended off protesters who had trespassed on private property outside their St. Louis home.

      The Circuit Attorney for St. Louis, Kimberly Gardner, reacted by issuing a statement saying she planned an investigation, and that her office will not tolerate any effort to chill peaceful protest by the “threat of deadly force.” Never mind that Mr. McCloskey says he and his wife feared they’d be killed. As they told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, “the only thing that kept those mobsters, that crowd, away from us is that we were standing there with guns.”

      If soaring gun sales are a guide, millions of Americans are with the McCloskeys. This week the FBI announced a record 3.9 million background checks for June, the highest monthly total since the FBI began keeping the statistic in 1998. Adjusting to reflect checks only for gun purchases, the National Shooting Sports Foundation says this works out to 2.2 million, a 136% increase over June 2019. NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva says about 40% of these checks are for first-time gun buyers.

      This is a warning to the Defund the Police movement about unintended consequences. The more progressives push policies that mean cops won’t be around when people need them, the more they are inviting Americans to exercise their Second Amendment rights to protect themselves.”


      And we have an update on Patricia and Mark McCloskey :

      “Protesters return to home of St. Louis couple who drew guns”

      They had ‘extra security’

      “Inside the gate, more than a dozen men in plain clothes walked the grounds and peered out from a second-floor balcony of the couple’s home. One protester briefly straddled an iron gate as if he was going to jump over, but did not. No one threw anything and no one behind the gates showed aggression. One man on the McCloskeys’ balcony clapped along with the chanting protesters.

      The racially diverse crowd on Friday carried signs reading “Black Lives Matter,” “Defund the Police” and “No Justice, No Peace,” and chanted slogans including, “when Black lives are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back,” and “this is what democracy looks like.””

      What? Doesn’t everyone subscribe to the WSJ? 😉

      • Yeah, I used to think the WSJ was boring. But now as a subscriber I see it as a beacon of truth in a storm of media bias. That, and sometimes I even find tidbits of knowledge that help us run our business.

      • The police don’t have to protect you. And the government can order the police to stand down if they choose to. You are on your own. It’s good that this couple has the $$$ to hire private security. It seems the concept of respect for private property is dead now in the USA.

        But the government scum can just use taxpayer money to hire private security. After they destroy the city police department.

      • “What? Doesn’t everyone subscribe to the WSJ?”

        Many people don’t. If you get on board with one of the rolling sales though you can get a year’s digital subscription for $12.99.

        They’re definitely one of the better MSM sources.

        • I subbed for 25 years. But when they raised it to 39.99 a month I balked at the cost. The editorials were the best part, especially after they got rid of Bret Stephens, but the other news stories have a liberal slant similar to the NYT.

          The FT is a little better. Just don’t care for their tan colored pages.

        • Damn, they made it pricey for the paper copy.

          I never got the paper copy when it was anywhere near that expensive. Just swapped to digital when I live in an area with spotty delivery and didn’t get the paper 1 out of 3 days. Not worth paying for it at that point. Switched to digital on a Kindle that updates it for me before I ever get out of bed. And updates it throughout the day too if I refresh it.

  4. I can’t tell you how many formerly antigun people I have had come to me for advice on what to buy. I patiently explain my recommendations to them and encourage them to get trained and as part of that training: know the law, know how you firearm works, know how to clean and maintain it, and know how to fire it. I’ve asked several if it’s going to change the way they vote. A couple said absolutely, but the rest were kind of non-committal.

    • ” I’ve asked several if it’s going to change the way they vote. A couple said absolutely, but the rest were kind of non-committal.”

      You should ask that question first and then answer accordingly.

      The non-committal ones get the Democrat approved answer of rape-whistles and instructions on how to crap/pee their pants.

    • Meh…. that’s just Black Panthers doing Black Panther s#it. They’ve been doing that since the 60’s. It’s why Reagan, Brady, and Bush Sr. were big gun controllers.

    • Whatever. One of their goals is a black “ethnostate.” Let them have it. Then maybe they’ll stop annoying the rest of us. If they destroy Stone Mountain, carve a bigger one in the Rockies.

      • Wasn’t Liberia created as a state where freed blacks could go to start again free from the white man? How did that work out?

        • Quite a few mini nations and states were started by former slaves who returned. The fact none of them are places you’d want to visit should answer your question.

      • “Whatever. One of their goals is a black “ethnostate.” Let them have it. Then maybe they’ll stop annoying the rest of us.”

        Since when in history have psychopaths quit while winning?

        • They don’t realize Wakanda is complete fiction. Note it was a monarchy in the Marvel’verse.

  5. Go ahead and defund. Prohibit police from entering into any areas where they might prove to be upsetting to the local populace. Give the people what they want.

    Areas like mine will see absolutely no difference in crime rates. As for those other areas, let the people enjoy the results of their riots.

    • Those libs in Hollywood were awfully quick to call the police to quell protests. Then they made an ordinance to prohibit protests at night. These people are fine with defunding the police as long as it doesn’t affect them.

  6. Gun ownership during normal times is a healthy sign but today’s gun rush is a sign of government failing in its basic responsility to secure what the Constitution calls the general welfare. Let us welcome new gun owners into the fold but I would be very concerned about the increasing anarchy about us.

    • The anarchy is a result of years of institutional indoctrination of kids plus democrat DA’s and mayors who refuse to enforce the law when it’s politically convenient. Democrats have controlled the schools and these cities for decades. I only see it becoming worse.

      • It’s easy to give full blame to your political opponents but faux Libertarians have been their key allies because they have been assigned to the right. The left says “defund the police.” Faux Libertarians say end QI which they know will effectively do the same thing. I bet you didn’t know the Libertarian Party backed the California referendum that effectively legalized petty theft. So much for property rights

  7. Well I contributed to the count, bought two recently. Upgraded my shotgun capability with a magazine fed semi-auto bullpup 12ga. delivered in June. Better capability than a full auto 9mm submachinegun under 125 yards. If the McCloskey’s had one of these their show of force might not have been so laughable. The other was a 6mm ARC barrel ordered in early June, hope I get before end of July. The 1,000 yard plus supersonic range sucked me in, why not have one. My LR308 Creedmoors really are to bulky and heavy, getting older.

  8. I was having a few drinks last night with my neighbor who I’ve known almost 50 years mentioned that his brother who lives in North Carolina wants to buy an AR. My neighbor has an AR, I have an AR and an AK but his brother can’t buy one because there’s none to be had ANYWHERE It’s a “waiting list” he said. Everything is gone. I just looked at a few brands on Midway and Buds and everything I looked up was sold out also.

    • I do AK47 business with Atlantic Firearms. They carry around 100 or so models from a variety of manufacturers. Did a search recently, they currently have four in stock. Even high priced premium guns are hard to find. Glad I tooled up early.

      • I looked at Atlantic also today before writing. I didn’t look at every single thing they had but everything I did look at was out of stock. And yes, being tooled up before you really want to is the only way. Waiting until there is an “urgency” is narrow minded IMHO. I’m tooled up with my Arsenal SAM7R with enough ammo and my AR pistol in .300 blk.
        I could use more of the .300 (7.62 X 35) stuff to be honest.

  9. I agree with you Phantom 30, 100%, I myself a BIG fan of combat style shotguns,,, have several different ones myself, loaded with triple 00 buck & 1oz slugs. Definitely does a great job, & really scary looking.😎

  10. The police are not the problem nor is the black lives movement the problem my son is an officer who is in Baltimore and he told me that during the protests a person who was aboard to fire his gun was turned over by other protesters and he arrested him. The anti gun movement is going nuts over the new gun owners if they get proper training and then the law governing the use of deadly physical force then they will be good to go.

  11. So the Left screamed for defunding the police and were dismayed when this led directly to an increase in gun sales and number of armed citizens. Weird. It’s almost as if the Left just doesn’t understand how reality works.

  12. No plans for a new gun yet. I bought some 223 last week. More than I wanted to pay for Frontier Spire(soft)point. Folks were buying. Saw some quite impressive ballistic tests for defense. ANYONE have experience with soft point or Frontier ammo???

    • Frontier no, soft point .223 yes.

      You’ll want to test it out with your rig, as some rifles are finicky about it (polymer tips may be preferable in this case). Mostly it’s about the quality of your rifle in terms of the feed ramp. I’ve never had problems but I know people with “cheap” rifles that have had issues with FTF malfunctions where the nose of the round get’s caught on the edge of the feed ramp.

      As for what happens down range, generally they expand a bit better than FMJ but at a cost in terms of penetration. However it depends on the design as some are designed to fragment rather than “mushroom”. Honestly I don’t think this much matters as .223/5.56 are not “twofer+” rounds to begin with.

      Overall, IME soft point tends to lose a bit of accuracy out past 200m as compared to FMJ or poly tips but provided that they feed reliably in your rifle .223 and 5.56 of all types will put the hurt on someone out to 300-350m. Past that range, IMHO, you want not a different bullet but a different cartridge overall.

      Just my $0.02

  13. Y’all are welcome lol. I helped boost the economy with my 6.5 Grendel build I’m doing. I supported 2 ammo companies and 3 gun companies with glass and upgraded trigger. Once it’s done I’ll help out a range or three and some more ammo and mag companies. Oh and I worked and saved for it so no free monies were harmed in the making of this.
    And the dirtbags defunded nothing here.

  14. No need for firearms or ammo purchases. Well stocked for any Fun and Games to come. Took half a dozen implements of Liberal Destruction and 1000 rounds of Freedom to the range yesterday. Much fun had by all making Freedom ring. Several other people there including a couple on New owners. The discussion seemed to center around firearms issues which is expected. As well as all the Anti America Bullshit going on around Our Great Nation. Not a lot of nonsense happening in this neck of the woods. No talk of Defunding the police Or even Black Lives Matter. Since nearly all the crime centers around the wonderful Black citizens who have migrated from Chiraq to Our community. Still plenty of black on black crime here as well as in the Quad Cities a few hours away. Several Black on Blacks shot last night on both sides of the river. Not a lot of sympathy for the cause from the average citizen. Who sees exactly who is causing the violence and who is suffering the consequences from it.

  15. Went looking for 300AAC uppers, its picked clean unless $500+ is the price range. Not that I could afford one anyway, but I was entertaining it.

  16. Possibly off topic,but curious in any case. With the current significant upsurge in gun purchases, how come we see notice of yet another, their second as memory serves, bankruptcy filing by Remington, a maker or rifles, shotguns and handguns.

    • Their bankruptcy has everything to do with how they ran their business. And the legal bills they have didn’t do them any favors. A lot of missteps led to it.

      An entire book could be written about it. This gun boom might help them clear inventory and run extra shifts but the writing is on the wall. They also dropped a few companies and product lines so they have less to offer than they did 2 years ago.

      • Making quality products for less by eliminating waste, innovation, and more efficient manufacturing improves profit and/or market share. Reducing cost by cutting corners and reducing quality temporarily improves short-term profits while tarnishing your good-will and reputation and harming repeat business and long-term sales. Remington chose the latter course, although I’m still a fan of their ammo and haven’t noticed a drop in quality there.

  17. Many people in Ca that did not want guns for themselves still voted to keep them legal. The republican governors in the recent past were asshats or hollywood actors(but I repeat myself). Sadly, the party that was for the working man has abandoned him for the lowest common denominator of the voters, welfare and relief recipients.
    It is very hard to vote Republican in this state(for example: they are the ones that want control of all the water for big agra and the people be damned). So then good meaning people end up making restrictive laws for all business and they chase the jobs away. There has to be middle ground, but with the 2 major parties squaring off, many feel they are forced to vote a party line, even if they don’t agree on much of the platform.
    We have to remember it was Reagan who stopped open carry, it was people in his administration that pushed for the Brady laws.
    These days it is the Dems actively going after our guns, but don’t even think that most Reps want the unwashed masses to have firepower – both parties are different sides of the same coin and they want CONTROL. The Libertarians want the people to be free with only the controls needed for them to be in society.

  18. If this ‘defund’ movement continues to gain traction, it will inevitably lead to less ‘equality’, since wealthier private communities will employ private police/security forces to fill the void and poor communities will be stuck to fend for themselves. In many localities they will have to do so without adequate personal gun rights.

    ‘Defund the Police’ is actually pretty anti-egalitarian.

  19. These panic buying sprees are terrible; drive up the cost of the firearm on the front end, trash the value of the gun on the discard.

    • You can always look at guns like stocks. Buy low, sell high.

      If that’s your deal then panic sprees are what you want.

      • “If that’s your deal then panic sprees are what you want.”

        Oh yes, if one is only a buyer. It was just a general comment that a good thing (panic buy), could lead to a bad thing (devaluation of your collection/stash).

        Slow day.

  20. For accurate reporting, try the Epoch Times. Very anti-socialist/communist. Very conservative. Have reporters in China so you can find out what really is going on. Have Monday-Friday editions on-line and print and mail the Thursday edition. Better than the WSJ.

  21. If the democrats take over completely this fall they are going to try and disarm everyone so their new friends Antifa and BLM can do whatever they want with impunity. That’s a real possibility right now. And even if Don ekes out a victory they won’t accept it and will turn violent. Probably more than right now. We see mayors excusing this rioting (the mayor of Baltimore excused the taking of Columbus’s head yesterday) so don’t expect a fair fight either way. If Donny wins maybe he’ll back us up with the military. Maybe he won’t be able to.

    So we have to go it alone.

    But of course we can’t really defend our lives and property against the mob. Shoot one or 21 people attempting to burn your house and the law will come for you. Or the mob will be back with guns and superior numbers, all with cell phones to video it. You’re not going to emerge very victorious. You’re going to lose everything, but you might still be alive. If all your neighbors band together you might create an autonomous zone, until the police come to disarm you and let the mob in the next day.

    So you persevere. Alive but marked. Good luck moving or living anywhere. If cops have to hide from these people what do ordinary folk have to do? Where do you go to rebuild your life?
    Honesty I think armed resistance is really the last step. There is time to move possessions and keepsakes to higher ground and come up with a plan should the shit come to you. Create a strategy. Remember there are going to be no rules and little law enforcement. We are all going to need God on our side.

    • It won’t go as far as you suggest here, at least not right away.

      A real, honest to God, civil war will happen before it gets that far.

    • An armed man can fight off the mob, and an honest man can fight the government if he’s also got a good lawyer and some money, but nobody can fight both at once. There are some places in this country that are going down that road right now.

      What I’m wondering is when the somnolent masses of this country are going to wake the hell up. Our education system and media propagandists have done such a fine job of tangling things and spinning sticky, attractive lies that I’m starting to think the average Joe and Jane might never manage to clear their heads.

    • “We are all going to need God on our side.”

      You mean the same god the Christians in the arena counted on just before they were torn apart and eaten by the lions?

  22. According to court documents in a lawsuit they are involved in over the property the couple claims to have previously drawn guns on people so I sure hope they decide to get some training, now…

    • I think their ‘private security’ will be in place for quite awhile…

  23. Yep. Everyone is tooling up. I had to resort to GunBroker. The cupboards are pretty bare.

  24. just hope the right people are buying them is all
    theres a lot of looters rioters statue demolishers and road blockers out there that im sure could pass a background check

  25. I am not a racist or supremacist, I am just a retired DoD guy. But I find the activities in this link to be a motivators for this article. And, the underlying things documented in this link are even more disturbing. I don’t know if this writing will get thru, I tried to e mail friends an introduction to the content of these links and my internet provider censored them. Yes they censored my e mails and would not let anything related to it go out. Marxism coined the term “useful idiot”. That’s people who are manipulated to provide contributions to an effort for which they have no real understanding. I am not saying that the ends justifies the means here, but slavery did bring 13% of our citizenry here to in the end enjoy the opportunity for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. A place where it is recognized that all men are created equal. Our history is just that, history. We learn from it or are destined to relive it. Don’t be confused demonic manipulation freely makes use of useful idiots in all forms. Know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

  26. There are no better gun salesmen than liberal politicians. In Washington state it is difficult to buy a gun because of very low inventory and the same with internet sellers. The local Cabela’s had very minimal reloading components and no .22’s in sight.

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