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Crockett Keller teaches CCW classes in the back of his Riverside Store in Mason, Texas. He won’t teach just anyone, though. Obama supporters and Muslims need not apply and the YouTube version of his radio ad for the class is quickly going viral. While his admission policies may violate Texas Department of Public Safety regulations, Keller’s unapologetic. “I call it exercising my right to choose who I instruct in how to use dangerous weapons,” Keller said. As for playing into just about every stereotype of gun owners – let alone Texans – you’ve ever heard, Crocket couldn’t give a rat’s ass. And while there are probably classes out there for “socialists, liberals and non-Christian Arabs and Muslims” where they’ll feel a little more welcomed, Keller will be receiving notice of the first discrimination law suit filed against him in three…two…one….

[h/t Tyler Kee]

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  1. On the other hand if Crockett proclaimed a CHL class for a protected class of individuals, they would be celebrating him on NPR. It’s ok to discriminate against the right people.

    • No they wouldn’t. Gun control is racist. Why do you think there’s so much more of it in the cities? It’s where the scary minorities are.

      My question is, why does he need to broadcast this? Does he think that Muslims and Obama supporters would come flocking to his class if he didn’t? Where was he when they were handing out brains?

      • There’s so much gun control in the inner city because that’s where the violence is. Your feeble attempt to out liberal the liberals on race is pathetic.

        • Sorry, but the roots of many gun laws were planted in attempts to keep certain ethnic groups powerless. Post-Civil War laws kept former slaves and their offspring from defending themselves, and even the California gun laws that are so hated were started as reaction to the rise of black “militancy” in the 1960s–it was the blessed St. Reagan who signed those gun laws when he was governor of California.

          • This is very true, even if it isn’t right to blame it on the libs. The bearing of arms has always been closely tied to citizenship in the US and denying the right to bear arms has also been a favored technique of denying full citizenship. This seems to be a more general historical trend as well.

          • And yet the most of the former slave states have better firearm laws than up North, despite higher percentages of Africans dwelling there. I’m sure the 6-8 month waiting period for a pistol permit in New York state was designed to disenfranchise freed slaves. Liberalism and a hatred of self-reliance are to blame for our current conundrum.

  2. I honestly cannot decide which was more stupid – making this commercial, or posting it here. That’s all we need: more evidence that the average 2nd Amendment supporter is a racist buffoon. It is not against the law either to be a Muslim or a democrat. I’m a democrat with a CCW permit. This clown’s point of view does not need to be celebrated, and regardless of what you’ve said in the article below the link, by putting it here, you are celebrating him and helping to disseminate his point of view. Wrong move.

      • +1 This is an issue that warrants serious discussion. I am sure that a number of average gunnies would just chuckle at the ad and move one without thinking at all how a soccer mom, or starbucks hipster, or suit and tie 9-5er might react to this.It is important for them to understand that you do not have to follow a particular set of religious or political beliefs to be pro-gun (or pro-carry, or even pro-constitution) when people set up these in group out group ideas around firearms they do everyone a giant disservice, and the only way to correct that is for us in the gun owning, gun carrying, pro constitution community to stand up and say that we do not condone the message of exclusion.

      • Hundreds of items pass over your desk – over the desks of your various writers – every day, and many of those are “true.” You make editoral decisions about which to post, and those decisions are not based solely on the truth. “The brand demands we edit on the side of inclusion” – I’m sorry, I think that is a dodge. This is not “the truth about guns,” it’s the truth about a bigoted idiot who happens to be aligned in one way with guns. In any event, I look forward to the serious discussion that Raph84, below, thinks will ensue. I’m not holding my breath. Too many of your readers will think it’s funny – worse than that, too many of your readers will think that you intended it to be funny. If your writer’s comments constitute condemnation of this man’s position, then I hope I am so lightly condemned the next time I deserve it.

        • Phil:

          You need to take a deep breath and learn how to relax. Let crap that you don’t agree with roll off your back like a duck and water. Good Lord!

        • I’m curious why you believe many readers will think it’s funny or intended to be funny? That certainly hasn’t been played out in the comments to this point.

          I still think bringing these things to light and then calling them for what they are is beneficial to the community.


        • You know what Phil, as much as you try to insist this guy has nothing to do with you and the gun-rights movement, I’m afraid it just ain’t so. He’s representative af a very large percentage of gun owners. You intelligent, non-biased guys may be in the minority yourselves.

          • How did you reach that decision? Survey? Gut feel from the comments section here and elsewhere? Wishful thinking? Seriously Mike, lay it out for us. Why do you believe that the majority of gun owners are racists, bigots, emotionally unstable folks?

            • Why are you spinning what I said to make it just a bit more unacceptable?

              I said a “very large percentage,” you said “the majority.”

              That’s shabby behavior Robert. Everyone knows a “very large percentage” need not be over 51%.

              To answer your question, I used my head and did some thinking. Your over-emphasis on stats and proof is a good way to avoid doing that.

              The basis is that gun owners being such a “large percentage” of Americans, encompass all kinds. Those would include the intelligent and rational ones, like so many of your commenters, as well as the dumbest of the dumb, the totally irrational, the extreme bigots, and everything in between.

              If we can agree on that, simply that gun owners are a diverse group, it’s an easy assumption that ole Crockett is not the rare bird that you tried to portray him to be.

              • actually Mike you went on to indicate that, “You intelligent, non-biased guys may be in the minority yourselves” which would indicate that you believe it is fairly likely that the unintelligent bigots are in the majority. You can’t go back and attempt to recreate your comment when someone calls you on it…particularly when it is still there for all to see

      • Best to show the good and the bad of all things, wouldn’t be much ‘truth’ in it, were it otherwise. If the liberals can have idiots like PETA arguing for robotic whales at Seaworld, we can have our idiots as well.

        The man has deplorable views, but he has every right to them. Best we not try and sweep such things under the rug. I’d honestly try to get a liberal, Barrack-loving dyed-in-the-wool Muslim to go shooting with me at the range, you’d be surprised at how much good will towards guns is created when they realize how much fun they’ve been missing out on. Who knows, maybe their political views will soften as well.

    • While I understand what you are saying, I do think that it is important to expose both sides. For every welfare queen, there is a hardworking single mom who needs a hand up. Likewise, for every informed proponent of the second, there is some asshat (look at his actual hat in the video) spouting off his ignorant, racist beliefs.

      As a CCW holder, you’ll surely be faced with people who will point to folks like Mr. Keller as a basis for “common sense” gun control. Better to be informed of his asshattery, then be blindsided by his racist shtick.

    • “….more evidence that the average 2nd Amendment supporter is a racist buffoon.”

      “I’m a democrat with a CCW permit.”

      So either you’re against your ability to have a CCW permit or you’re a 2nd Amendment supporter, which is it?

    • No, what is more stupid is someone like you coming on this man’s site and complaining. You are the oddball here. He is the one that most people will celebrate on this cite. I applaud his guts NOT to be politically correct and to say whatever he feels. It’s his business, he built it and paid for it. He can decide to give service to whomever he chooses. My advice to you is to go somewhere else. You obviously won’t pay to use his services, you’re just here to stand there and argue with a fence post, that’s all the good it will do you.

  3. Never mind lawsuits, his instructor credentials will be yanked shortly for violating anti-discrimination policies of TxDPS. He cannot discriminate against a protected class so they will yank his certificate quickly.

    • So you’d rather he crumbled under the non-discrimination laws and trained a Muslim. One that just may come and kill you and your family. You just love and accept everybody and you think everybody else should be just like you. Some people like this man who refuses to cater to “everybody” knows that certain types will go out and murder, rape, rob and commit other crimes with the CHL that he provides. Therefore, he uses his wisdom and flat refuses to teach and license these “types.” But then you think that “anyone” who takes another life is a murderer. One who premeditatedly breaks the law and kills another person during this act is a murderer. This man has violated the law of the land and the law of God and is guilty of both. One who protects his and anyone else’s life from this murderer is not in violation of the law of the land or the law of God. If he kills the murderer in the act of a violent crime is not guilty of the law of the land or God’s law. He is innocent.

      But one who trains a murderer, issues him a license to use the gun he provides, and he knows this murderer is the type that will violently kill innocent people, is in fact just as guilty as the murderer for helping him do so.

      So this man here who refuses to cater to Muslims is a righteous man, not a Islamophobe, not a racist, not a bigot like you say. But to many of us, he is a hero.

  4. Does he ask to see your voter card to check if it is stamped “Democrat” like mine is? Does he quiz you about which church you go to? are Jews, Hindus, and Mormons excluded in addition to Muslims because they are not “Christian” enough? I left my Southern Baptist ID card in my other burka.

    I think a business owner should have a right to choose who he does business with. A CHL instructor could go broke in Texas if he catered to Muslims and liberals. If this publicity gets Keller more business, without large legal bills, then it was a savvy business decision. I doubt the number of liberals and non christian arabs in Mason county will amount to any significant lose of customers even if they all boycott.

    This will give ammunition to some in the media who would paint all 2A supporters as haters. I bet MSNBC is already getting it ready to ridicule on air.

      • Rob in Cali, It is not what I think about Mormons, (all that I have met seem like real nice people), It is about Mr. Keller’s belief. Many fundamentalist believe that Mormonism is a cult. I may be prejudging Keller about things I do not know for sure, but it is not a stretch for me to think that he may be one of those Christians who think other Christians are not real Christians.

        • Ahhh I see! Thanks for clearing that up! It is most certainly not a stretch, it seems to be quite a common belief that Mormons are not Christian! Even though the exact opposite is true!

      • “This guy can choose who he wants to teach, cause it’s his class and he makes the rules. I think it is very bigoted of him to say what he said though.”

        Yeah, not quite. This is a Title II violation all day. It also almost certainly violates some state public accommodation statute.

    • “I doubt the number of liberals and non christian arabs in Mason county will amount to any significant lose of customers even if they all boycott.”

      It’s not just the Dems and Muslims business he’s losing. It’s everyone who finds this sort of thing distastefull.

      I support the guys right to say what he wants and as a business owner he should be able to choose who he does business with. But that doesn’t mean I agree with him nor do I appreciate the image he presents as a bigoted gun owner/CHL holder and I probably wouldn’t patronize the guy if I could. I’m sure there are plenty of like minded individuals in Texas.

      This publicity stunt will probably backfire on him.

  5. This is one case where the First Amendment may protect the Second, instead of the other way around. Keller has the right to say what he said, because there is a difference between actions and words and his words are constitutionally protected against government interference.

    Keller has a perfect right to reject liberals. They receive no protection under law. Keller may or may not have the right to choose not to teach Muslims; that depends on state law.

    Keller isn’t alone in this. Most instructors feel that they have a right to choose their students. I believe I have the right to choose my students, and I have always done so. Carefully. For example, I won’t train anyone that I don’t trust, period. I won’t train anyone who is too young to be responsible, too infirm to be safe or who expresses beliefs that believe are dangerous. I don’t care if people find that offensive. I’d rather lose my credentials than read about one of my students shooting up a mosque, church or synagog.

    In any case, it seems like Cowboy Keller forgot the Golden Rule. No, not that “do unto others” thing. I’m talking about STFU.

    • Ralph beat me to it again. I won’t discriminate against anyone because of their race or religion or what ever else they chose to do with their life, but I won’t teach anyone that meets all the things Ralph said. I wouldn’t want to be the one who taught some wacko who then goes out and kills a bunch of innocent people. This moron comes across as a major jerk and he’ll soon be out of business.

    • Capitalism has a disintegrating effect on nations, cultures, and religions. Valuing profit over people is sick. Money serves man, not the other way around.

      • I’m just pointing out that it does not seem like a good business model to preclude a class of people based upon political affiliation or race.

        The things you mention are a whole other philosophical discussion.

      • Valuing nations, cultures and religions over people has its on host of negative, disintegrating effects.

        As Van notes, everyone’s money is green has nothing to do with profit over people, in fact…it can be quite the opposite.


      • That’s ridiculous, you might as well say civilization has a disintegrating effect on nations, cultures, tribes and religions.

        • Valuing nations and cultures over profit is quite ethical. Healthy people usually identify with kin or spirituality more than abstract economic doctrines. In the end, people do matter more than cash. I suspect you feel the same way even if you disagree with me on some things.

        • Some civilizations do. Trying to make America into a “universal nation” [sic] unleashed a host of problems corrosive to faith and family. It happened when Rome tried to become a “universal nation” [sic] as well.

  6. It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt — Mark Twain

    • Perhaps an equally applicable quotation from Twain would be this:

      “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” —Mark Twain

  7. He obviously has a right to do whatever he wants with his class, but that doesn’t mean that he isn’t likely a moron bigot who is perpetuating an overly simplistic and somewhat perverted notion of politics, religion, and ethnicity and thereby is corrosive in some way to society’s goal of self-betterment. We allow people to be corrosive to society in this country.

    Think about it, if people could be punished for being like this guy you’d see about 99% of all politicians, political people, religious people, anti-religious people, and the media, along with about half of the people in every ethnic group on the chopping block.

    Not to mention some of those bigots may have other skills or ideas which actually benefit society (like this fellow may be a good firearms instructor), so you’d actually have to weigh that against their corrosiveness. There would be NO WAY of judging that fairly and no person would be an impartial judge of it.

    So I guess, who cares?

    • In regards to legal action, or “state” action I agree with you. But I still think there is a great deal of value in standing up, as individuals and as a community, and saying “You’re a bigoted moron and you’re not representative of me, gun owners or Texans. Have a nice day.”

      For me, that’s the value of posting something like this here. It’s not to celebrate, as Phil H. believes, it’s to isolate and excise. We gain nothing by being secretive or defensive about the unfortunate events within our community. We can gain a great deal by being transparent and calling it like it is.

      So, Crocket Keller, I support your First Amendment rights and your freedom of association, but I suspect you’re a bigoted moron and your opinions don’t represent me, my community or all Texans. Thanks.


      • Stating that won’t save you; the MSM will demonize everyone they perceive as similar to him, which includes all gun owners, and the drooling sheep of the country will lap it up.

        • Oh, no doubt you’re correct, Silver. But I don’t particularly give a d@mn what the MSM or any other group think. I don’t say stand up so I can “save” myself or keep some ignorant group from demonizing to suit their agenda. I say stand up as a matter of personal integrity and an insistence that my voice be part of the narrative.

          Those with an agenda can craft their story regardless. But for the larger population capable of reading and parsing new information my statement stands.

  8. I like how the tolerant liberals don’t tolerate opinions they don’t like. OTOH conservatives have turned the other cheek so much they are facing backwards.

    • Tolerance is a virtue when the subject of that tolerance is also living by the golden rule. To show tolerance towards bigotry and prejudice is called willful ignorance. Prejudice and bigotry should never be tolerated.

      • You are correct. By the way the first amendment protects one against criminal prosecution of free speech not for civil violations. Crockett Keller clearly violated others rights by deciding to place in his ad that certain people would be denied to do business with him. The POS should lose his right to teach classes. It is ironic that the gun rights folks want to dictate what ethnicity,race , religion or political affiliation should have the right to carry a firearm. Just another rightwing hypocrisy.

  9. Devil’s advocate – A very close friend recently taught some students of middle eastern descent and of Islamic faith. He had some misgivings about the issue and the overall “feel” he got. His senses were vindicated as soon as 2 of the students submitted paperwork for a permit bearing the instructor ID of my close friend. He was visited by a couple three letter agencies and questioned at length. shortly thereafter one was arrested, another fled the country.

    I’ve had another instructor friend report a similar bad feel about some students but nothing came of it that we know of. It’s such a good thing that so many are able to bring their enlightened sensibilities to the masses, spewing their righteous indignation upon this guy, Texans, gun owners, instructors and many more.

    Remember, he’s teaching a gun safety class that qualifies for a TX CHL/CWP. He’s instructing people in the use of tools of the lethal variety and he has made the decision, quite publicly to whom he should impart that knowledge.

    Leaving the role of devil’s advocate, as Herman Cain has pointed out America needs a sense of humor, instead of being instantly offended all manner of things.

    • There’s a difference between assessing individuals for suitability for instruction and marking out blanket exclusions based on group identification. One is reasonable and responsible and one is bigotry.

      As to humor, a message broadcast to the public is going to be subject to evaluation by the public. Some will laugh, some will be offended and some of us will simply note that there are some things that don’t play well in public.


  10. I dunno, if leftists and radical muslims can blanket-stereotype everyone they disagree with even in the least, why is this guy seen as any worse? The only difference is the former two groups are true dangers to this country while this guy just won’t teach them what they can easily get anywhere else. That’s my own little devil’s advocate reaction.

    That being said, it’s still not only a stupid move, but a bigoted one. But, truth be told, I’ve seen far more bigoted things come from the left, protected because they were directed at the right groups of people. This guy’s little league compared to them.

    • How is a Muslim a “true” danger to this country?? Looks like the only stereotyping here is coming from yet another empty-headed right-wing simpleton.

      • Those terrorists who describe themselves as Muslim (perhaps they actually are heretics) are certainly stinking up the place for the peaceful Muslims.

      • Looks like you missed the word “radical” in my post, sport.

        Funny how though I quoted both radical Muslims AND leftists as true threats, this guy only defends the radical Muslims. Guess he agrees with the leftists part.

  11. In short this boob just threw another log on the anti gun fires. BTW this is what MSM will point to as representing all firearms enthusiasts.

  12. Some of you folks take yourselves way too seriously. Let the dude say what he wants. He’s not bothering anybody. Enjoy life without getting your undies in a wad every time somebody says something you don’t agree with!

    • I’m sure I occasionally take myself too seriously. But I don’t really think that’s the point here. Things said or done in a public forum invite public comment, and this guy has sent his words out on the radio. So here we are.

      I don’t think anybody is proposing someone stop him from saying what he wants. But if a community doesn’t speak out against a member saying something they disagree with, they’re not in a good spot when someone points to those words as representative.

      Oh, and the irony of you taking the time to comment about people getting twisted up about something they disagree with is…delicious.


    • I’ve met plenty of Muslims and I don’t believe for a second that any of them are terrorists. They are all good people trying to make a living and raise their kids while dealing with racists and bigots.

  13. This guy is just an ignorant piece of human excrement desperate for business & looking for attention. Well, he got it. However, he’ll be getting a discrimination lawsuit or two as well.

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