Image via Meskwaki Nation Police Department.
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Where there’s a will there’s a way. That, and you can’t stop the signal. A rather industrious felon in Iowa with a penchant for methamphetamine crafted this steampunk-ish masterpiece. It fires two .410 shotshells, so perhaps it’s the world’s largest homemade derringer.

Maybe the craftsman who made this unique piece was inspired by Blade Runner. Either way, it didn’t turn out quite ready for mass production and mass market sales. Can you imagine Jeremy S. doing a review on this baby?

Image via Meskwaki Nation Police Department.

Unfortunately for the felonious gunsmith, his work didn’t serve him long as the Meskwaki Nation Police Department took the gun off his hands along with a quantity of meth. They posted this on Facebook along with some photos.

We want to inform you of a public safety and law enforcement matter that came to our attention today. The possessor of this firearm was a felon prohibited from possessing firearms and was previously convicted for possessing firearms. He possessed meth and was previously convicted for distributing cocaine.

We will not be answering any questions about the circumstances of this firearms seizure or the suspect at this time.

Although our officers have dubbed this creation the “Smith and Meth-Son,” this is no laughing matter.

The Meskwaki Nation Police Department not only serves the proud Meskwaki Community, but also a casino and highway that brings visitors from all over and offers opportunities for very interesting encounters.

Image via Meskwaki Nation Police Department.

The cops handling this without gloves probably should get a tetanus shot booster.

At the same time it shows how people — just about anyone — can make firearms at home, no matter how many anti-gun bills legislators pass into law.

Image via Meskwaki Nation Police Department.

Gun control disarms victims, not criminals. And it’s downright un-American, too.

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        • Sorry for the grammatical mistakes. I was listening to a buddy on speaker while texting. I’m not driving, but I’m about to. Private transaction. Fuck the government. Hey! New acronym. FTG.

    • It strongly resembles the 2-shot, electrically fired shotgun that the assassin used to kill the former prime minister of Japan this past summer. Gun ownership in Japan is more tightly controlled than even in Old Blighty. So this enterprising assassin built his own shotgun, used black powder that he manufactured at home and loaded the barrels with steel ball bearings and ignited the black powder with a battery powered spark. It was a two-shot affair and he nailed the former prime minister with both shots, despite “heavy guard and police protection” at the event. The attempted assassination was successful and the former prime minister died. His contraption was a punk steam appearing apparatus much like the thing above. Notice that he has a flashlight attached to his device. Small wonder he didn’t have a laser sight also attached.

        • “He wouldn’t have the stones.”

          Not if you appeal to his severe mental health degradation insanity.

          “dacian, fire this. Its for a study on gun control to keep guns out of Americans hands”

          “OK! Great, anything to help the gun control industry.”

  1. My family did make their own wine and their own beer in our home. But according to the liberals and the left, you can’t make your own guns in your own home.

    But the will allow you to make your own s3x toys at home. How nice of them.

    • yeah they will just look at how Brandon behaves around little girls and then his son porn crack hunter is just filthy. I guess you worship Satan long enough you can be free of the burden of morality.

  2. Hey, give the guy a break–the medallions on the grip demonstrate how serious he is with his craft. He’s an artiste, ok?👍

    • the medallion is probably the first thing he ever stole, kinda like some business frame the first dollar they made.

  3. Who noticed the blown out primer?
    Then again, shooting this gangster style doesn’t put your face behind the gun anyway.

  4. But, but…. does it take Glock mags?

    Kydex or leather?
    Which would better match the natural patina ?

  5. I have a couple of sets of those firing pins in graduated sizes. Hope that won’t get me crosswise with those nice BATFE fellas.


  7. Haven’t seen 410 on the shelf in years except once and it disappeared within minutes so the signal might just be stopped but it might be slowed

  8. Go to the trailer court a mile or so from the Res and trade a couple grams of Meth for a real firearm. The so called firearm in the picture just might detonate and kill the fool using it.

    • oldmaninAL,

      I had a similar thought: why spend a considerable amount of time building such a monstrosity when you can buy one?

      On the flip side: maybe the builder wanted to build one for the simple joy of building something, basically a hobby type of thing.

  9. Wow I just watched the video MASS PSYCHOSIS by After Skool on yootube. So interesting. Very frightening because it speaks the truth about both political parties controlling our minds and decisions (vote) and the danger of social media steering our society.

  10. Wow am I back in the 8th grade? What a profound statement. Cuts real deep coming from a common phone zombie.

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