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National Rifle Associaiton Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre (AP Photo/Ron Edmonds)
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Yet another shoe has dropped at the National Rifle Association. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Internal Revenue Service has opened an investigation of EVP and CEO Wayne LaPierre for possible criminal tax fraud. The investigation stems from the current action against the NRA brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James who has filed suit in an attempt to dissolve the 149-year-old organization.

James’ suit alleges that LaPierre took millions of dollars in unreported income from the NRA and its vendors. From the WSJ report (paywall):

Asked at a news conference announcing the lawsuit whether she believed Mr. LaPierre had evaded personal taxes, Ms. James declined to comment but said she was referring the matter to the IRS.

The AG lawsuit claimed the NRA’s failure to include certain personal benefits in Mr. LaPierre’s W-2 annual-compensation forms “permitted him to file false personal tax returns with the IRS.”

P. Kent Correll, an attorney for Mr. LaPierre, said, “We’re not aware of any inquiry, so it would be premature for us to comment.”

As we noted in August, the alleged laundering of as much as $18 million in various expenses for things like luxury travel, clothes, apartments, and more through the NRA’s former marketing and advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen, presented additional potential personal legal liability for LaPierre as well as other NRA executives.

The report of an IRS investigation into LaPierre seems to be next inevitable step in a process that isn’t likely to end will either for LaPierre or the NRA. The only question seems to be how long this will drag out and how much (more) damage it will do to the association.


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    • “If he’s guilty…”

      That’s one of the first comments directed at WLP on this site that actually follows the first basic principle of US system of justice: Presumption of innocence until proven guilty by a jury of one’s peers. At least American Patriot gets it, at least in his/her/its first posting- it’d be good for others to take note.

      I don’t believe any NRA member will support WLP if he is proven guilty in a trial where charges are presented, a defense is offered and a jury reaches a decision. I certainly wouldn’t in that case and I have more than a substantial amount of time and money invested in NRA. It’s incredible, however, to watch the TTAG/Ammoland Kangaroo Court and Lynching Society line up behind sources presenting “evidence” that are dedicated to the repealing/killing Second Amendment just because they don’t like Wayne, personally. Go ahead if you wish, there’s certainly much precedence for it, from Randy Weaver to Richard Jewell, to the “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” Fergusson crowd and onward. It is, after all, the BLM defense…

      I’ll stick with innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.

      • You are exactly correct.
        Wake up Americans… this is happening at this time right before an election for a reason. This is just another attack on the United States Constitution. When they are done with WLP and the NRA, gun owners are next on the menu.
        I could see a super-powerful gun rights organization born out of this debacle that the current NRA will pale in comparison to. Imagine WLP’s replacement as a full on gun rights champion rather than someone who would negotiate away their birthright for a bowl of stew.

        • You mean Wayne Lapierre isn’t “a full on gun rights champion”..

          I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

          You conservatives have been snookered again by a slick ConMan in a nice suit.

        • “You conservatives have been snookered again by a slick ConMan in a nice suit.”

          So, everyone here, with no trial or presentation of evidence and defense should just take Miner (maybe Minor)49er’s opinion as fact and declare a person guilty? Again, that’s nothing more than a lynch mob mentality. Talk about being counter to the Constitution and original intent. Glad you and those like you don’t yet have total control of the justice system. You should go to Bloomberg and ask for a paycheck- you’re carrying his water for free right now. (Or are you? Hmmmm)

        • @ Craig in IA
          What makes you think anyone here follows Miner49er? This NRA issue with Wayne is not new and did not begin with this article.

        • “What makes you think anyone here follows Miner49er? ”

          I’ve been around here for years, I know the the Miner49ers, enufs, green mtn boys and other NRA haters well and have “debated” here many times. I also probably have connections with more NRA Board members, past presidents and others in the circle that is constantly bombarded here than the vast majority of posters.

          To your point, Prndll- I believe in the uniquely American concept of the presumption of innocence as I’ve stated here now for the 3rd time, I believe. I’ve also indicated that if WLP were found guilty of crimes though a valid process and not by some loud, drunken, low-fruit-grabbing lynch mob types as is the norm here when ever WLP’s name or NRA in general is mentioned, I’d be one of the first to hold the door open for him to go. To do otherwise is to stoop the same sort of tactics used by those who want to delete the Second Amendment using similar lies and lumping honest, law-abiding Americans with criminals and crazies to press their agenda.

        • As one of the NRA haters here, and every place else I post, let me offer some items for consideration. Presumption of innocence is fine. Letting the process play out in the courts is fine.

          My issues with the NRA have nothing at all to do with their current legal and fiscal issues. I have been anti NRA since the early 90’s because they supported the 94 AWB, and various other measures prior to that. With the spread of the internet I was able to research their history and discover that NRA had supported every federal and most state gun control laws from the Sullivan Act to the NFA, GCA, FOPA with Hugh’s amendment, and the 94 AWB.

          In 2010 the NRA initially opposed campaign finance reform legislation that would have compelled all pro gun organizations to publicly disclose both their member and donor lists. Once the legislation was amended to specifically exclude the NRA, and only the NRA, they switched to supporting it.

          In 1996 in Pennsylvania the NRA supported a draconian suite of gun laws that essentially mirrored those of New Jersey. That was stopped by the state level organization FOAC (Firearm Owners Against Crime).

          Despite all of their anti gun activity, every time we get something good passed NRA shows up for the photo op even though had nothing to do with it. The politicians accommodate them because they love having a picture with the NRA people to put in their campaign literature.

          The NRA jumps on the bandwagon of lawsuits filed by other organizations and individual plaintiffs if and only if it looks like it is going to be successful.

          Is Wayne innocent or guilty? I don’t know. Is the NRA board and upper management corrupt and criminal? I don’t know. They are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Courts we know to often be corrupt and to have an agenda of their own,

          But I do know, and have known for along long time, that NRA is not a pro gun organization. That is the source of my dislike of them.

  1. Well it looks as if Wayne is going to take the NRA down all by himself!
    I’m glad they’re gonna get him, but it sucks that the organization is gonna go (out) with him.
    Good going guy…you a$$hol€…

    • They may strike it down but something far more motivated would take it’s place and it’s members would be under no illusions of ‘they won’t come for my deer rifle’. Come what may I think they bit off enough to choke on.

      • Not sure what that something will be. JPFO will always be a nitche group and I would have thought SAF would have grown larger but has not. My local groups mostly seem more concerned with open carry or in the case of FLGR may be more of a money maker part of a larger group that mostly is a money maker.
        I belonged to the NRA for over 20 years and let my membership expire last year in May with any money for them now spit between JPFO . SAF and GOA.
        I’ve love to join either a reborn NRA or NRA 2.0 and hope le pew does not take the whole operation down in flames with him.

    • The NRA was directly responsible for every piece of existing gun control legislation passing. They’re like the CIA organizing and funding terrorist attacks so they get a bigger budget. They help create the problem they claim to be solving.

      The NRA hasn’t seen a dime from me since 1968, and if you’ve got any sense they won’t see a dime from you either. Now GOA on the other hand, has never endorsed a gun control bill, ever. If they had had all the money the NRA has been using to promote gun control, we’d be making strides towards NFA/GCA repeal and probably would never have had the latter at all.

      • I’m a life member. Been one for over 10 years. They haven’t gotten a dime from me in almost 8 years. I am a member of both GOA and SAF. they get my $$ nowadays.
        Gonna look into RTKABA next.

      • “They’re like the CIA organizing and funding terrorist attacks so they get a bigger budget. They help create the problem they claim to be solving.”


        Similar to the way Typhoid Trump is running the economy, just look at the trade wars and then the billion dollar giveaways because of lost revenues to Americas farmers.

        • I see you’re back from your visit to the reeducation camp. Did you get all brushed up on the commie talking points you are supposed to be using?

          Did you drop the soap on purpose when Chief Censor was standing behind you in the shower? Or did Enuf drop the soap when you were behind him?

          Remember, hammer on Trump. Repeatedly, endlessly, until people are sick of you. That’s your job, your mission, you life’s work. Dedicate yourself to it.

          Carry on, Comrade.

  2. Wayne should have left the building already. At this point his only contribution is providing headlines for the Gun Hating marxist media. Just do it for the Gipper, Wayne.

      • When reading this ‘man’s’ comments, please remember that he thinks it’s cool to joke about the rape of elderly nuns. And I wish I was exaggerating.

        • “When reading this ‘man’s’ comments, please remember that he thinks it’s cool to joke about the rape of elderly nuns.”

          The very best comedy is the most biting, that offends the squeamish, meaning, people like you, jerkoff.

          And it is a funny joke!

          You are a part of the problem with your feigned offense. If you can’t handle the heat, get the fuck out of the kitchen… 🙂

          And by the way, no where in my my joke did I mention the age of the nuns who were ravaged. But not surprising, a fuckwit like yourself tries to put words in people’s mouths that they didn’t say…

        • solid humor. probably a bit subtle, elusive for you. try this one:

          what’s blue and smells like red paint?

          blue paint, dumbass.

        • “No one thought your joke was funny.”

          So far, the widdle troll who hides behind a nick is out-voted :

          “solid humor. probably a bit subtle, elusive for you.”

          Suck on it, widdle troll… 😉

        • I listen to videos when I work.
          Heard a white dude roasting the sh!t out of people.
          “Howard stern has been in radio so long, he bought Robin at auction”
          I spewed coffee.
          To Shaq- “your knuckles are all scraped up. Did you walk here?
          I almost sh!t myself.

          Humor is in the ear of the beholder. Lighten up.

          Jokes about nuns, priests, Boy Scout leaders, aw heck, pick a category.. they can be seriously funny.

        • {Tom in Oregon on Nun jokes}

          “Jokes about nuns, priests, Boy Scout leaders, aw heck, pick a category.. they can be seriously funny.”

          Damn straight!

          Looks like the widdle troll won’t get what it wants… 😉

        • For those if us who missed it, where can we find this horribly offensive bit of humor? I’d like to judge for myself.

      • Goeff:
        “What’s gonna piss me off is him defending his criminal behavior with the money of the members.
        Meaning, our money.”

        I’m all for innocent until proven guilty. However, I’ve got to go along with you on the idea that WLP’s defense is all his own responsibility and not yours and mine. (God knows he can afford it.) Also, his actions while running NRA, if not criminal, are at least imprudent/stupid, and he ought to have had the common decency to RESIGN from NRA long before now. And THAT’S why NRA is not getting another damn dime from me until and unless WLP and his misuse of the membership’s money are history.

      • Enron, another financial success brought to you by the Republicans!

        Remember what George Bush called his friend, the president of Enron?

        “Kenny boy”

        They laughed all the way to the bank, carrying your money.

        It took Obama one term to repair that financial damage and set the economy on a profitable path.

        And it has taken Typhoid Trump one term to crash the groove very effectively, how’s that budget deficit now?

        • “It took Obama one term to repair that financial damage and set the economy on a profitable path.”

          I almost puked, when I read that.

    • The NRA has been bringing the NRA down, for many decadea now. This particular corrupt plutocrat is a symptom, not the cause. If it weren’t for the NRA, we’d have some real opposition to gun grabbers, instead of the tacit approval that got us the GCA, the AWB and the bump stock and (soon to be) brace bans.

    • “If he is indicted, he should be summarily shown the door.”

      I won’t be surprised if he isn’t, or even if that option exists at all in the by-laws.

      Simply because what a great way to gut an organization with an effective leader. Political prosecutions are a thing used against freedoms…

      • Did you just say “an organization with an effective leader”?? What ya smokin?? Radioactive Wayne hasn’t done jack schitt for NRA members in 30 years!

        • “Did you just say “an organization with an effective leader”?? What ya smokin??”

          Whatever leader that follows WLP and puts the NRA back on track.

          If the bylaws were written to demand a resignation from an indicted NRA leader, the Leftists will make it a policy to indict whatever NRA leader they deemed a threat to gun control…

      • Effective leader? The guy who supported the bumpstock ban? The guy who has done jack diddly squat about the NFA? The guy who has sat back while the GOA and SAF have filed lawsuits and watched on the sidelines? That guy?

  3. Yes…. get rid of this bafoon and NOMINATE MASAAD AYOOB!!!!
    or someone of near caliber/ personality/ experience….

    • Eddie, you can’t talk from beyond the grave because you couldn’t speak before you died.

      Cancer surgery cut that of you… 😉

    • Mas is already running SAF now. NRA is dead, the fudds don’t know it yet. NRA functions are now ported to SAF, FPC, and most of all, GOA. All of which, alone, do more in a year for 2A than the NRA has done in 40 years.

      • Hopefully the various state level organizations will be able to step up and handle the trainings and range management until a replacement can be decided. NYSRPA is great but not enough crossover members with NRA.

      • “Mas is already running SAF now.”

        Why I think Sheriff David Clark would be an *excellent* interim or permanent replacement…

  4. The one taking the permanent hit should be the NYC AssGeneral for her racist and anti gun stance that the NRA is a white supremacist terrorist organization that must be destroyed so future anti gun legislation can be passed at will without opposition by the NRA! Ignorant and uneducated leftists supporting her attempts to destroy the NRA by taking down Wayne need not ever own firearms and have no use for 911 or police. The NRA is the only certified authority in the US to provide firearms training to all law enforcement, armed security guards, private citizens, the military and instructors teaching Hunter Safety courses. This is nothing more than a political attack on an institution over 100 years old that has supported and trained millions of people and protected their rights to own firearms.

    • Dontcha know, any organization supporting the right of black people to arm themselves for self defense is obviously a bunch of white supremacists trying to get black people killed.

    • Radioactive Wayne is taking himself down, the NY AG isn’t doing anything but filing paperwork because WLP handed himself on a platter to her. As far as training, there are other organizations – they just aren’t a household name.

      • Or recognized by ranges for membership purposes and/or competition entries. I do hope to see more options but the household name does open doors fudd or no.

    • NO ONE is indispensable. The NRA should survive and continue to act as a lobbying and training organization. It should stay out of politics, spending MILLIONS of members money on the Trump campaign. There is plenty of donated money around for that without the NRA. But Wayne has outlived his usefulness. Right now I’d bet he’d have a hard time getting an appointment with just about anyone on the Hill, certainly not with anyone running for re-election. He has become toxic. He should show some class and resign. But he won’t –at least as long as the Board allows him to charge his legal fees to the organization.

    • True, but Wayne has done more damage than anyone I can think of at the moment. He won’t leave for the good of the NRA, he will take it down with him. Narcissim.

  5. I’m am no fan of WLP, but the gun media seems to have been in a real hurry to believe the IRS.
    WLP stayed too long and lined his pockets with gold, but that doesn’t mean the IRS isn’t weaponized to attack the NRA at the request of the anti-gun people and the deep state.

    Did you all forget about the attacks on the Tea Party groups by Loretta Lynch?

    • I’m still pretty sure that the NY case is first and foremost about tying up NRA funds during the 2020 election, since the NRA is hugely important in the get-out-the-vote ground game in key counties/states for the GOP. At the very least, it’s blatant selective enforcement.

      • Sucks to say but it’s a smart opposition move where the only real consequence for losing is wasting yet more taxpayer dollars we don’t have.

  6. Wayne needs to go. Although I am still a member my donations will all go to other pro-gun groups until he is gone.

  7. I don’t think people need the NRA to convince them of the importance of gun ownership any longer. Not after this year.

  8. The article clearly states that the IRS has reason to believe that the NRA administration conspired with Wayne to conceal various items and funds that he received and not report them on his W-2 form.

    So it appears that Donald Trump is not the only tax cheat who uses company funds to provide for his mistresses, all the millionaire elites are doing it so it must be OK.

      • You right wing conservative fascists are all the same, and now you’re even adopting the name of one of the 20th century’s greatest tyrants and dictators, Pinochet.

        “By their fruits ye shall know them…“

    • Trump has held several New Jersey Gaming Licenses. You don’t think there were any background checks ran on him over the years huh? Ya think Joe Biden could get a gaming license?

      • You are tragically ignorant of the facts regarding Trump and his businesses.

        Trump has been laundering money for decades, running businesses at a loss in order to funnel illegal cash from everybody from US organized crime to Russian oligarchs.

        It seems you still believe the con man’s scam about being a shrewd businessman and dealmaker. Let’s just look at a few selected bits of information that may have escaped your eye.

        “The record before us is laced with hyperbole, contradictions and generalities,” then-New Jersey Casino Control Commission member Valerie Armstrong said in a 1988 hearing over Trump’s bid to take over Atlantic City’s Taj Mahal. Inconsistencies in Trump’s testimony, Armstrong said, “make it difficult to evaluate adequately the licensee’s fitness for licensure.”

        “ … records gathered over four months by the USA TODAY Network shine light on an era marked by battles with regulators who often doubted statements by Trump yet allowed him to keep operating. The review also found Trump’s casinos repeatedly broke state rules, leading to more than a million dollars in fines. The most egregious rule-breaking centered on the casinos’ illicit efforts to cater to high rollers and last-ditch maneuvers to stave off the financial collapse ahead.”

        “A $450,000 fine against the Plaza in 1991 for giving a high roller $1.6 million under the guise of three Ferraris, three Rolls-Royces, a Mercedes and two Bentleys — a failed attempt to evade a state ban against casinos giving gambling patrons cash.

        Illicit loan: A $65,000 fine against Trump’s Castle in 1990 after Trump’s father illegally loaned the resort $3.5 million to save his son’s company from defaulting on an interest payment. One commissioner called it “the most unique singular action that has ever taken place out of tens of billions of dollars that have been moved around Atlantic City one way or another,” according to state records.”

        “Then Trump financed the Taj with exactly what he promised he would not: $675 million in junk bonds at 14 percent interest, bankruptcy records show.
        The Taj missed its first interest payment in 1990. Eleven months later, the casino filed for bankruptcy, and Trump gave up 50 percent of his ownership to bondholders in the restructuring deal.
        In December 1990, as Trump’s Castle teetered toward missing an $18 million debt payment, the mogul’s father, Fred C. Trump, illegally loaned the casino $3.5 million by sending an attorney to buy gambling chips that were never used, according to state records. The family bailout broke state law because casino loans must follow strict procedures and come from approved financial sources. Trump’s father was not an approved source.
        “We know that the people involved are not just the average run-of-the-mill employees in the house,” casino commission member Armstrong said at a 1991 hearing when the state decided to fine the casino $65,000, complaining the identities of some involved were kept secret. “This was something which happened, … people did it, people planned it, they carried it out, and we still don’t know who those people are.”

        Trump is not a successful businessman, he’s been playing on Daddy’s money for decades and losing money on every deal.

  9. And I can remember paying monthly to become a life member while he was pissing away the NRA’s funds and getting payola from vendors. If the IRS gets its hooks into him life will become very very unpleasant for Wayne. Meantime lets hope that the NRA can be restructured and hire competent internal auditors to stop this crap from happening again. I doubt if this politically aggressive NY attorney general actually has the power to dissolve an organization.

  10. Is it common for a federal agency to publicly announce they are investigating, not accusing, an individual for possible federal crimes, four weeks before an election in which the individual’s political hotbutton may be an important factor?

    • It wasn’t an IRS press release. The source was “people familiar with the matter.” It should be assumed to be happening with all the evidence of goods and services being taken for personal benefit. It needs to be reported on income and taxes paid. Whether the NRA was complicit or Waybe hid his dirty dealing is another matter.

      • So, ‘unnamed sources within the IRS’ thought now would be a good time to make the NRA look bad?

        I’m talking about the publicity, not the investigation itself, which seems predicated on the same suspicions I’ve long held.

        • Yes, it would’ve been far better for everyone to keep their mouth shut about the mismanagement and financial crimes occurring at the NRA.

  11. As a Life member of over 40 years I’ve seen the good, bad and ugly associated with the NRA. I haven’t much cared for what was happening at the national level for a long time. i spent most of my efforts and monies on local and state actions. What is happening now to the organization is not surprising. It’s actually a part of the normal progression of any organization that forgets or decides it no longer needs to meet the needs of it’s members. Much as the government has done to the citizens. Once they feel they are untouchable their personal agenda takes precedent over those of the membership. The membership has been nothing more than a money source for many years. Just like the taxpayers have become nothing more than a money source for government. If the NRA is taken down it may well be a good thing. As a message to other organizations about corruption and as an eye opener for members who look the other way because paying attention is to much of a bother in their lives. Remember as in all things You are your own First Responder when it comes to your Life and your Rights. Keep Your Powder Dry.

  12. This seems an interesting time for the IRS to announce such an investigation. My guy feeling is that the NRA’s enemies in the New York Prosecutor’s Office forwarded some material to the IRS just in time to cause LaPierre maximum inconvenience.

    • Don’t you think it is a good idea to investigate and prosecute people who cheat on their taxes?

      Why should Wayne Lapierre or any other American citizen be allowed to evade taxes and hide money while the rest of us pay for their ride?

      In more tax news:

      “A federal appeals court ruled Wednesday that Manhattan’s district attorney can enforce his subpoena for President Trump’s tax returns, rejecting a bid by Trump’s lawyers to kill the request on grounds it’s a malicious political ploy and potentially setting up another high-stakes showdown at the Supreme Court.
      Though the district attorney has agreed not to enforce his subpoena immediately while Trump asks the high court to hear his case again, Wednesday’s ruling marks another blow for the president, who has fought for more than a year to shield his financial records from investigators, and follows separate, jarring revelations about the enormity of his debt.
      The ruling was issued by a panel of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which concluded, “We have considered all of the President’s remaining contentions on appeal and have found in them no basis for reversal.”
      District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is seeking eight years of the president’s tax returns and related documents as part of his investigation into alleged hush-money payments made ahead of the 2016 election to two women who said they had affairs with Trump years prior. Trump denies the claims. Investigators want to determine if efforts were made to conceal the payments on tax documents by labeling them legal expenses.”

  13. It’s the job of the board of directors to oversee and protect the integrity of the organization from exactly this sort of thing. Their failure to do so is criminal also. The membership as a group should class-action their asses…

  14. Good thing the IRS is not an all-powerful, bureaucratic behemoth with dictatorial prosecutorial power with unlimited resources often used against private citizens for political purposes. Can’t believe there’s so many tools here ready to convict and destroy a man before he is even given a so-called “fair” trial.

    Dear God this country is so screwed.

      • He should fly there on an executive jet with a bevy of personal flight relaxation specialists. Then take an executive limo from the airport. A chauffer in a proper uniform. And some big former SEAL security contractors to open his door and carry his luggage.

        May want to bring along a personal executive chef too, in case he needs a snack.

        Of course, his executive limo would come with an executive assistant … after a fashion.

        All paid for by the NRA of course.

  15. I’m not sure I will ever be a member of the NRA but I do know that as a gun owner and a voter that follows Current events, I’m not interested in joining as long as Wayne is in running it. I’ve donated and become a member of other orgs but I want to see better from the NRA first. They are not likely to show me that.

  16. Good.

    Hound the traitor all the way to a prison cell.

    Then relocate NRA to a Free State and rebuild it. You have to know there is big money out there ready to aid the NRA in rebuilding once that thieving, corrupt, money grubbing blowhard is out of the NRA!

  17. Dear Wayne wasn’t alone, what do we have a board for? Is he really guilty of all these transgressions? I don’t like Wayne, aren’t we forgetting something, like the accused is innocent until proven guilty. The power of the State right now is the usual heavy handed crap, the demorats are doing everything to defeat the current President. Wayne should have retired long ago. Bye

  18. I can’t wait until Little Wayne La Pew Pew gets to bunk with Bubba his new girl friend, he brought this upon himself.

  19. If he’s guilty. I hope this rich white man goes to prison. Many rich white criminals don’t. Ya, that’s right I said it.

    • bloomberg, soros, the clintons, the bidens, the kennedys…. the list of rich white people that belong in prison is a long one.

      • Understand it in Russia the judicial system may be somewhat different, but here in the United States we have a constitution that sets forth a due process requirement for convictions and sentencing.

        Regarding the individuals you mentioned, there of been no indictments or charges, much less convictions or sentencing, so of course these folks are not in prison at this point.

        Unlike Typhoid Trump’s campaign manager, national security advisor, personal attorney, assistant campaign manager, etc. who have all been indicted, convicted and sentenced for criminal behavior against the United States of America.

        Of course, as the president has said, there’s no reason to fear COVID-19, it’s only killed 210,000 Americans this year but most of them weren’t wealthy folks so the president doesn’t really give a shit about them, ‘the little people’.

        • You are just another white Leftist making excuses for criminals you support. The Clintons murdered a countries leader and brought back the African slave trade. To the country of Libya.
          You and your racist hero, Joe Biden want to put blacks back in chains. And disarmed.

        • “Of course, as the president has said, there’s no reason to fear…”

          Yet FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech is famous for a reason…he was a democrat. Different standards are always applied by insincere people. Joe wants you to cower in fear in your basement. Trump wants you to live your life, even if that means fighting to clear the obstacles. Part of dealing with Covid is managing the risk, just like everything else in life.

        • “Yet FDR’s “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” speech is famous for a reason…he was a democrat.”

          What FDR was talking about was an unreasoning fear, based on rumor and speculation.

          My friend, with 210,000 dead Americans in just the past eight months, there is a very reasonable basis for people to be concerned about COVID-19.

          Just one question, remember when Trump was so positive about the ‘game changer‘ Hydrochloroquinine? The great cure all that he took every day?

          Why didn’t that prevent him from getting the virus? Why isn’t he on the drug today, if it’s such a ‘game changer‘?

          Was it all just political theater, part of his ‘downplay the virus‘ strategy while hundreds of thousands of Americans died?

          No problem, when COVID-19 reaches you it will become clear Typhoid Trump’s deceptions and lies about the virus and the pandemic in America will become real.

          And somehow, I don’t think I don’t think Marine One will be there to fly you to Walter Reed for the best treatment in the world.

        • Good Lord Chrissy, what are you rattling about?

          “The Clintons murdered a countries leader and brought back the African slave trade. To the country of Libya.”

          Are you serious? According to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton is deathly sick, at deaths door, but her and Bill killed an African leader?

          You mentioned Libya, are you speaking of Qaddafi?

          You do know that Libyan rebels killed him in October 2011, right?

          Do you think it was wrong to kill Qaddafi?

          Do you think it was wrong of Republican President Ronald Reagan to send an airstrike to his personal home and attempt to kill Qaddafi?

          Why do you support Arab terrorists?

        • “What FDR was talking about was an unreasoning fear, based on rumor and speculation.”

          There is daily fear mongering over the virus. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat. It means the media and democrats see this as their path to victory in November. Plus they don’t want to talk about plans like court packing, getting rid of the filibuster, and adding multiple states for the sole purpose of one party rule. Without virus fear mongering we might have to talk about foreign policy and the pre-Covid economy. Joe has a long record on that, and it isn’t anything they want to bring up.

          “Just one question, remember when Trump was so positive about the ‘game changer‘ Hydrochloroquinine? The great cure all that he took every day? Why didn’t that prevent him from getting the virus? Why isn’t he on the drug today, if it’s such a ‘game changer‘?”

          Trump didn’t come up with this idea, he was told by doctors. It may or may not work as a treatment. I’ve heard both. If it does work, it would be good simply because this is a cheap drug. Drugs under patent can be expensive. It became political simply because the left is always looking for an attack line.

          “No problem, when COVID-19 reaches you it will become clear why Typhoid Trump’s deceptions and lies about the virus and the pandemic in America will become real.”

          He implemented a travel ban when prominent democrats and health experts were on record saying there was nothing to worry about. Brilliant Joe implied that Trump’s motives were “xenophobic.” The scientists, that the left is always saying we should listen to, said Trump’s move saved lives. It took Brilliant Joe two months to begrudgingly admit it was the right move. On a related topic, why is it that democrat attack lines always sound just like the attack lines coming from the Chinese Communist Party?

          “In another interview with Woodward on March 19, the president conceded that he was downplaying the threat of the virus in public.” Let’s keep in mind that a national emergency was declared on March 13. Declaring a national emergency is declaring this a serious problem. Trump wasn’t telling secrets when he told Woodward that. He was simply stating that he didn’t want to make the problem worse by creating a panic.

        • “He implemented a travel ban when prominent democrats and health experts were on record saying there was nothing to worry about.”

          What travel ban?

          “The U.S. restrictions that took effect Feb. 2 continued to allow travel to the U.S. from China’s Hong Kong and Macao territories over the past five months. The Associated Press reported that more than 8,000 Chinese and foreign nationals based in those territories entered the U.S. in the first three months after the travel restrictions were imposed. U.S. officials lost track of more than 1,600 of them who were supposed to be monitored for virus exposure.”

          Typhoid Trump still allowed thousands of Chinese nationals to enter the United States during this period despite the so-called ‘ban’.

          And tell me, why did trump allow 27,000 Americans to enter the US from China in just the first month, did he think that Americans couldn’t get the virus?

          “Additionally, more than 27,000 Americans returned from mainland China in the first month after the restrictions took effect.”

          Trumps inept handling of the pandemic response led to tens of thousands of additional deaths in the United States.

          Just look at how he is allowed COVID-19 to spread within the White House, are we up to 24 now, including his press secretary, Republican national chairman, foreign policy and speech writer, JCS, etc.

          Do you think it increases the national security to have the joint Chiefs of staff of the armed services infected by the super spreader in chief?

        • “And tell me, why did trump allow 27,000 Americans to enter the US from China, did he think that Americans couldn’t get the virus?”

          You can’t restrict entry for American citizens, only foreign nationals. Incoming citizens were subject to mandatory quarantine and health screening.

        • Dude, FDR was exactly correct when he spoke of fear being the only real enemy during the depression.

          Yes, very many rich people, overextended in the unregulated stock market, after years of Republican administrations, lost billions.
          And average citizens had a rough way to go, but they still persevered and survived to win World War II.

          In fact, the depression enhanced peoples life expectancy and lead to a healthier population:

          “The Great Depression of the 1930s was the most important economic downturn in the U.S. in the twentieth century. We used historical life expectancy and mortality data to examine associations of economic growth with population health for the period 1920–1940. We conducted descriptive analyses of trends and examined associations between annual changes in health indicators and annual changes in economic activity using correlations and regression models. Population health did not decline and indeed generally improved during the 4 years of the Great Depression, 1930–1933, with mortality decreasing for almost all ages, and life expectancy increasing by several years in males, females, whites, and nonwhites. For most age groups, mortality tended to peak during years of strong economic expansion (such as 1923, 1926, 1929, and 1936–1937). In contrast, the recessions of 1921, 1930–1933, and 1938 coincided with declines in mortality and gains in life expectancy. The only exception was suicide mortality which increased during the Great Depression, but accounted for less than 2% of deaths. Correlation and regression analyses confirmed a significant negative effect of economic expansions on health gains. The evolution of population health during the years 1920–1940 confirms the counterintuitive hypothesis that, as in other historical periods and market economies, population health tends to evolve better during recessions than in expansions.”

          Even Republican presidents Coolidge and Hoover could not kill the American spirit, and I think Providence above that FDR was here to rescue American society and prepare us for the test of World War II.

        • That was a long post for nothing. I never said FDR was wrong for saying that. You completely missed the point.

        • “You can’t restrict entry for American citizens, only foreign nationals. Incoming citizens were subject to mandatory quarantine and health screening.”

          And what about the 8000 Chinese nationals who entered from Hong Kong and Macau, were they quarantined as well… Total BS.

          In fact, the so-called travel ban was only levied against Chinese nationals from mainland China, as useful as a screen door in a submarine.

          Typhoid Trump has presided over the worst death toll in the shortest period of time ever for America, in 8 months we are at about four times the total American deaths in 10 years of Vietnam, I’m sure Trump is very proud of his record.

        • Yet beloved Fauci, among other experts said it did save lives. According to your own party, that means you don’t believe in science. That may be grounds for excommunication. Don’t worry, your secret’s safe with me. No one else is reading this long ass thread. 😉

        • Your hero miner49er, FDR, used his racist views to justify locking up tens of thousands of American citizens. Just because of their skin color. And where their families immigrated from.
          Italian, Japanese, and German Americans. All sent to concentration camps. And the ACLU supported it. The national ACLU ordered all its lawyers to not help the concentration camp survivors.

          Only two, of the hundreds of Jewish lawyers, across the country refused, to follow this order. And did in fact take the case of one man. A Japanese’s American.

  20. Oddly I only get NRA pleas for dough on my yahoo email. Which I delete every few weeks. I didn’t renew my membership after it expired in June. They can’t even afford letters to beg for $$$$…kick old Wayne to the curb! I’ll rejoin if you do. Meanwhile support orgs who (hopefully!) aren’t corrupt…

  21. Since this appears to be a personal matter between Mr. La Pierre and the Internal Revenue Service there’s no need for NRA funds to be used in his defense.

    • Read the article, the NRA administration conspired with WLP to leave off significant benefits from WLP’s W-2 form.

      Once more evidence comes out, there may be federal RICO charges, the NRA is clearly operating as a corrupt organization.

  22. WLP and the organization are joined at the hip. Can’t get rid of one without the other. It was the crooked bylaws and Board that gave him the power he has. Without tearing it all down the next asshole will be just as bad as the current one.

    Just burn it.

  23. Interesting timing, innit?

    That is say, I know WLP is corrupt and I believe the IRS investigation with likely uncover violations, possibly criminal violations of the tax laws. But why now? Why 28 days before a presidential election where our 2nd Amendment rights are a major concern?

    • There have been multiple investigations of the Clintons and the Clinton foundation, by both Republican Senate controlled committees and trumps own department of justice.

      No charges, no indictments, much less convictions or sentencing for the Clintons.

      On the other hand, Typhoid Trump’s campaign manager, national security advisor, personal attorney, assistant campaign advisor, etc. have been charged, convicted and sentenced for federal crimes.

      But go ahead, vote for the “law and order“ candidate and watch him take more than just your bump stocks and pistol braces.

  24. I’m no fan of LaPierre but this sounds a lot like deep-state banana(s)-republic stuff – use the apparati to dog the non-conforming

    • I don’t see the issue. There’s very serious, very credible, allegations he’s making more money that he officially is is grounds for an IRS employee looking at this taxes and noting he didn’t declare (for example) the several thousand dollar suits as income. Not to mention that the NRA claims to be a non-profit (IRS’s domain) and not upholding its duty (both overly operating to enrich its senior execs and doing the exact opposite of its stated mission).

  25. I’m sorry that I ever put my faith, trust and thousands of dollars into the NRA. La Pierre is one of the worst white collar criminals. I stopped donating to them a year ago. I joined GOA, the no compromise pro gun organization.


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