Gun-Hating NY Daily News Lays Off Half Their Staff

Today, the chickens came home to roost for the NY Daily News. Fully half their staff will get the axe as a result of lost subscribers and advertisers. Furthermore, the owners of NY’s rabidly partisan newspaper also sacked editor-in-chief Jim Rich. For years, The Daily News has worn its leftist politics on the front page […]

HuffPost: Why 90% of Gun Owners Aren’t NRA Members

With the NRA convention in Dallas over the weekend, the media have been hitting the organization, its members and civilian gun ownership in general hard for the past week. They’ve given the NRA the metaphorical full rectal examination, pointing out every flaw, blemish and polyp they could find to highlight. HuffPost, for its part, has […]

Latest NRA Video Seeks to Reassure Gun Owners

As we reported earlier today, the jihad that’s been undertaken by the civilian disarmament industrial complex and their all-too-willing cheerleaders in the media has taken its toll on the NRA’s public profile. The passage of the multi-faceted gun control bill in Florida — heretofore known as The Gunshine State — should have been sufficient evidence […]

Bump Fire Stock Ban: DOA?

Congress’ deadly dereliction of duty: Republicans are blocking action on bump stocks, which let semiautomatics fire continuously. That’s the headline at The anti-gun rights daily reader reckons . . . As the nation absorbed the insanity that civilians not only can buy weapons of war, but can equip them with bump stocks that allow […]

Obama Joins the NRA

DATELINE: WASHINGTON D.C., April 1, 2011 – President Barack Obama has joined the NRA. In a carefully-worded statement that will be released to the mainstream media later today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated that the President is now a Life Member in good standing of the National Rifle Association. “The President has always […]

NRA Jefe to Mexican Ambassador: Mind Your Own Business

Recently, the Mexican Ambassador to the United States told the Council of Foreign Relations in New York that the National Rifle Association (NRA) should combat U.S. to Mexico gun-running by . . . sounding the alarm. “This would be a win/win for the NRA,” Arturo Sarukhan said. “They [would] ensure they are not being criticized for either […]

NRA Convention: We got that covered.

I’m off to see the blizzard…of products, keynotes (Palin, Beck) and some scintillating (I hope) seminars. (Let’s see…do I want to go to the one on “Refuse to be a Victim” or the one on “Advanced Sausage Processing”? Decisions, decisisons…) Anywho, I’m hittin’ the road, so my postings will be a little thin until I […]

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Outguns Sarah Palin Whilst Porking Out for World’s Largest Shooting Park

The former governor of Alaska (that would be Ms. Palin) recently ignited ire on the left of the American political spectrum for a firearms-related metaphor on Twitter and gun-sight imagery on Facebook. More than a few Democratic commentators have connected the [alleged] dots between Palin’s Tea Party-pleasing anti-government rhetoric with gun ownership, gun nuts and, […]