Wayne LaPierre NRA
NRA executive vice president and CEO Wayne LaPierre (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)
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By Michael R. Sisak, Larry Newmeister and Lisa Marie Pane, AP

New York’s attorney general sued the National Rifle Association on Thursday, seeking to put the powerful gun advocacy organization out of business over allegations that high-ranking executives diverted millions of dollars for lavish personal trips, no-show contracts for associates and other questionable expenditures.

Attorney General Letitia James’ lawsuit, filed in state court in Manhattan after an 18-month investigation, highlighted misspending and self-dealing allegations that have roiled the NRA and its longtime leader, Wayne LaPierre, in recent years — from hair and makeup for his wife to a $17 million post-employment contract for himself.

The troubles, which James said were long cloaked by loyal lieutenants and a pass-through payment arrangement with a vendor, started to come to light as the NRA’s deficit piled up and it struggled to find its footing after a spate of mass shootings eroded support for its pro-gun agenda. The organization went from a nearly $28 million surplus in 2015 to a $36 million deficit in 2018.

James, a Democrat, argued that the organization’s prominence and cozy political relationships had lulled it into a sense of invincibility and enabled a culture where non-profit rules were routinely flouted and state and federal laws were violated. Even the NRA’s own bylaws and employee handbook were ignored, she said.

“The NRA’s influence has been so powerful that the organization went unchecked for decades while top executives funneled millions into their own pockets,” James said in a statement announcing the lawsuit. “The NRA is fraught with fraud and abuse, which is why, today, we seek to dissolve the NRA, because no organization is above the law.”

A message seeking comment from the NRA about the lawsuit was left Thursday.

James is taking aim at the NRA after her office last year dismantled President Donald Trump’s charitable foundation and fined him $2 million to settle allegations he used donations meant for worthy causes to further his own business and political interests. Though it is headquarters in Virginia, the NRA was chartered as a non-profit in New York in 1871 and continues to be incorporated in the state.

Wayne LaPierre NRA
Dan Z for TTAG

James also named LaPierre and three other current and former executives as defendants: corporate secretary and general counsel John Frazer, retired treasurer and chief financial officer Wilson Phillips, and LaPierre’s former chief of staff Joshua Powell. While the lawsuit accuses all four men of wrongdoing and seeks fines and remuneration, none of them have been charged with a crime.

LaPierre, who has been in charge of the NRA’s day-to-day operations since 1991, is accused of spending millions of dollars on private travel and personal security, accepting expensive gifts such as African safaris and use of a 107-foot yacht from vendors and setting himself up with a $17 million contract with the NRA, if he were to exit the organization, without board approval.

The lawsuit said LaPierre, 70, spent millions of the NRA’s dollars on travel consultants, including luxury black car services, and hundreds of thousands of dollars on private jet flights for himself and his family, including more than $500,000 on eight trips to the Bahamas over a three-year span.

Some of the NRA’s excess spending was kept secret, the lawsuit said, under an arrangement with the organization’s former advertising agency, Ackerman McQueen.

The advertising firm would pick up the tab for various expenses for LaPierre and other NRA executives and then send a lump sum bill to the organization for “out-of-pocket expenses,” the lawsuit said.

Frazer, the corporate secretary and general counsel, is accused of aiding the alleged misconduct by certifying false or misleading annual regulatory filings, failing to comply with governance procedures, failing to enforce a conflict of interest policy, and failing to ensure that board members were reviewing transactions or that the the organization was following the law.

Phillips is accused of overseeing the pass-through arrangement. The lawsuit said he ignored or downplayed whistleblower complaints and made a deal to enrich himself in retirement — a bogus $1.8 million contract to consult for the incoming treasurer and a deal worth $1 million for his girlfriend.

Josh Powell NR COO
Josh Powell courtesy NRA TV and YouTube

Powell, the former LaPierre chief of staff, is accused of getting his father a $90,000 photography gig through an NRA vendor, arranging a $5 million contract for a consulting firm where his wife worked and pocketing $100,000 more in housing and relocation reimbursements than the organization’s rules allowed. He was fired after 3½ years for allegedly misappropriating NRA funds.

The lawsuit comes at a time when the NRA is trying to remain relevant and a force in the 2020 presidential election as it seeks to help President Donald Trump secure a second term.

There has been an ongoing factional war within organization, pitting some of its most ardent gun-rights supporters and loyalists against one another. The NRA has traded lawsuits with Ackerman McQueen, which crafted some of its most prominent messages for decades, eventually severing ties with it last year and scrapping its controversial NRA-TV, which aired many of its most controversial messages.

The internal battles reached a fevered pitch at its 2019 annual meeting where its then-president, Oliver North, was denied a traditional second term amid a tussle with LaPierre as he sought to independently review the NRA’s expenses and operations. He accused LaPierre of exerting “dictatorial” control.

Chris Cox, the NRA’s longtime lobbyist and widely viewed as a likely successor to LaPierre, left after being accused of working behind the scenes with North to undermine LaPierre.

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    • Not happy about seeing the NRA in the Left’s crosshairs for a possible fatal shot, but glad to know that LaPierre’s activities are on full display now. Regardless of what happens to the organization, it will (1) be a wake-up call to other orgs such as GOA, SAF, CRPA, FPC, etc. to manage themselves properly or risk a similar fate and (2) make room for those other orgs to grow.

      Empires rise on strength, and fall due to rot. Same as it ever was.

      • “Not happy about seeing the NRA in the Left’s crosshairs for a possible fatal shot, but glad to know that LaPierre’s activities are on full display now.”

        They had better do something fast to protect the extensive historical gun collection they have.

        The Leftist scum would just *love* to make a show of feeding them into a crusher, and to hell with the historical significance…

        Get them somewhere safe from NY state, like Wyoming, maybe?

        • I’d like to see the wrongdoers ousted and the organization continue. Something will happen with their assets even if they’re dissolved. They have 3 museums, 30k acres in NM, HQ building in VA, etc.

        • I had always wanted to see the NRA museum in VA. Now its to late. I’m sure the Atheist Liberal Book Burners will torch the collection. Just like the Muslims burned the Alexandria Library. They are both the same. The NRA physical property like the land and buildings will be sold off. But not the guns. They are worth millions $$$. And they don’t care. The government will melt it all down. And the Libertarian socialists will smile about it.

          At least I got to see the NRA museum in Springfield MO.

    • Since I am a NRA Life Member that means I am not some kind of fair weather twerp who jumps ship when the going gets tough. I do not like my substantial contributions being spent in any self serving manner however the NRA is not the people at the top it is millions of NRA Members who refuse to lay down their rights at the feet of scumbag demonic anti-gun zealots no matter the circumstances.
      NRA Members who understand there are lowlifes who are out to destoy America and The United States Constitution specifically the 2A understand there are domestic enemies that can do much more damage than some inside greedy bad apples. To be fixated on a handful of NRA bad apples and ignore mountains of anti gun slimeballs is a gun control zealot’s dream.
      The choice is between kneeling down and polishing the shoes of anti gun zealots or fighting back to make the NRA better and stronger than ever.

      • Well, I am afraid the lowlifes are leading the NRA at this time. This was already clear and brought up by the majority of the membership last year. Just WLP ignoring it, trying to sit it out and scoop up even more money until he was kicked out. Now this kick in the ass is coming – just not the way he anticipated it, I assume.

        While being a right wing Republican, 2A fanatic and Life NRA member – I hope this at a minimum turns out to be a replacement of the complete NRA “management” group.

        • +1. The sad part is that while the NYAG is unquestionably misusing her office for political purposes, the NRA’s problems in this case are largely self-inflicted by Wayne and his minions:
          (1) A blind man could have seen that NY pols would eventually come after the NRA . . . yet the NRA apparently took zero steps to relocate / recharter in a more friendly jurisdiction. Why?
          (2) The NRA is and has been a nonprofit. When management at a nonprofit misbehaves and operates it for their own personal benefit, governmental authorities are supposed to step in and stop it. (Of course, they almost never do so, especially when they agree with the politics of the organization . . . none of us expect that the NYAG will be looking into the affairs of the Clinton Foundation, even though their activities make Wayne look like a piker.) By ignoring calls for reform and transparency, Wayne all but invited the NYAG to come after the NRA.
          (3) While officers and directors of nonprofits are *supposed* to put the organization’s purpose before their own financial interests, there will likely be some level of self-dealing, cronyism, etc. in just about any nonprofit, and the risks of corruption go up when the nonprofit starts raking in serious money. Had Wayne and his minions remembered the addage “pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered,” they probably could have continued to enjoy a very nice lifestyle — there would have been some grumbling but that’s about it. But no . . . by taking things to truly epic and embarrassing levels of porcine behavior, Wayne has handed the foes of the NRA a nicely sharpened skinning knife.
          (4) The levels of financial misdeeds within Wayne’s World are staggering . . . when you look at the compensation levels vs. what they are for other nonprofits of a similar size, as well as all the self-dealing and nepotism, the only rational explanation is corruption. Anyone who was on the NRA Board and signed off on this nonsense for years better start lawyering up, as they are going to be in the AG’s crosshairs next.

          Yes, it’s a political prosecution. Yes, it’s a misuse of office. But thanks to Wayne’s greed, he may very well have given this political prosecution more than enough evidence to gut the NRA in a New York state court.

      • No, Debbie. Just no.

        Destruction of one arm of the NRA is not destruction of the Second Amendment, nor destruction of effective resistance to the gun grabber mob.

        If NRA is the entiriety of our defense against encroaching tyranny, then POTG are a dumb lot, putting all their eggs in one basket….so to speak. If you give the enemy only one target to deal with, you are inviting disaster. Take a look at the number of lawsuits filed in defense of the Second Amendment. How many were initiated by NRA? On how many encroachments did NRA decide it was politically expedient to punt? How does having member money squandered become the best, highest and finest defense against the anti-gun mob?

        The leadership of the NRA fixed the rules so that the membership cannot control the organization. In essance, members are reduced to mere donors. They are not stakeholders. A board of directors totalling 75 individuals cannot oversee anything, cannot discipline the leadership, cannot rally for change. Fortunately, they just might be liable for mis/malfeasance.

        • In which case the membership’s response is to cease its support. AG James may have over-stepped her authority here. Although a class-action suit by the membership may be a proper solution to the problems the NRA has, state action against the entire organization (ie against its members) goes far beyond any action necessary to discipline the NRA’s officers and to put in place safeguards to prevent future abuses. Her attack is purely, and obviously, meant to deny the NRA’s membership of its right to associate and to petition government for redress of grievances. The article mentions that DJT’s charitable organization was forced to fold, but the NRA is not a charitable organization, it is a non-profit, so the same rules do not apply.

          • I follow your general reasoning, but “members” have no equity stake in the organization. NRA “members” are merely listed donors. Donors to a non-profit may be “associating” under the First Amendment, but they are not guaranteed the right to “associate” in an organization that is violating laws (presuming that is true). The NRA “members” can freely “associate” in an organization that operates within the laws of incorporation and non-profits. In the case of the NRA, the “non-profit” label identifies an entity exempt from taxes. Such exemption comes with rules/laws binding such entity in how it may operate.

            For discussion, let’s look at an organization that claims tax exempt status because it “educates”. If the vast majority of financial transactions do not serve the stated purpose of the entity, but can be unraveled to show that the stewardship of donations actually funds a lavish executive lifestyle in Monaco, one must challenge that actual purpose of the entity. If the lavish spending violates the laws regarding tax exempt entities, such malfeasance cannot be asserted as complying with the laws simply because donors/members “associate” under the First Amendment. Simply, non-profits are quite often dissolved due to violations of law.

            In our example, the executives of the entity are committing fraud. “Association” is not a defense against fraud. While the NRA might be disolved, the “members” (who are not stakeholders, but merely donors) are free to establish a new organization where they may “associate” under the First Amendment. In a dissolution, if fees/penalties are greater than cash on hand (or equivalents), the dissolution order could include selling not only physical assets, but the name of the entity itself. Thus, it may be possible that “the NRA” could survive under new management. That is, the donors retain their identity and affiliation with the well known banner of “the NRA”.

            The thing to keep in mind is that law and politics are inseparable. Laws do not spawn of themselves, but of political goals. Those goals spawn the law, which in turn serves the politics (a self-licking ice cream cone). Thus political motivation to enforce laws that politics created is irrelevant to “justice” (whatever that is). In the case of NRA and NY AG, enforcing laws for political puropses does not negate the enforcement of law.

      • The East German government may have be horrific but Debbie was a patriot and doubled down and joined the STASI and history has vindicated her in that one and it will in this nothing burger too;-)

  1. It sounds like the NY Attorney General’s investigation turned up even more that has been suspected and I saw nothing to refute the claims I have read in the past. I quit donating a long time ago and am supporting all the others.

    • Sounds to me like the NY AG is a typical affirmative action gun hating screw Demtard.

      Note this write up is from Assoc Press. WHAT idiot would source/repeat ANYTHING AP has to spew concerning anything gun (Obviously Zimmerman would). TTAG has gone down the toilet since Robert sold it.

      • I just (5 minutes ago) heard the very same words printed in the article directly from the bitches mouth almost verbatim… Almost like she read the article OR the AP reported exactly what she said… I have NO trust in the AP when the are reporting something about a conservative BUT when they are reporting on someone going after the right they seldom get it wrong…

  2. To bad that the Attorney General doesn’t hold the people in the Government of New York,to the same standards as he does the NRA!

  3. Soviet Twitter’s never heard of GOA. They think this literally means the end of guns in America. LOL

  4. Good. Burn them. The NRA has been trash for years. Let’s not forget they tried to stop Heller from happening, and then claimed credit for the win. They are nothing but a marketing arm of the gun manufacturers and have NEVER put gun owners first.

    • Yeah. Same here.
      Don’t get me wrong, if there’s been crimes, then punish them.

      There musta been something in the wind a couple of months ago. The amount of emails I’ve been getting from ol’ Wayne wanting money has gone through the roof.
      Sorry. Not biting.

      I think this gal is on a warpath with anything or anybody from the right.
      And she’s using an office with an unlimited budget to do it.

      • Tom in Oregon,

        If those accusations are true (and I have a strong intuitive hunch that they are), then the National Rifle Association SHOULD be dismantled and this prosecutor is doing us a huge favor — she will be doing what we were unable to do.

        Once the NRA is no more, people of the gun can concentrate/focus/pour their resources into one of the existing organizations or a new one. And we will all be far better off for it.

        Personally, I would love to see the resources that formerly went to the NRA split between Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. Gun Owners of America could focus on public relations and politics (donating to candidate campaigns and lobbying politicians) and Second Amendment Foundation could focus on litigation.

        Think about how much both organizations could accomplish with the annual revenue that, up until lately, went to the National Rifle Association. And just imagine yet how much more effective those two organizations would be when they are not embezzling siphoning-off millions of dollars and not expending significant internal resources hiding their malfeasance.

        As I stated, I think this prosecutor is doing us a ginormous favor.

        • correction: substitute “Attorney General” for “prosecutor” in my comment above

        • “Personally, I would love to see the resources that formerly went to the NRA split between Gun Owners of America and the Second Amendment Foundation. Gun Owners of America could focus on public relations and politics (donating to candidate campaigns and lobbying politicians) and Second Amendment Foundation could focus on litigation.”

          Precisely what I have been advocating for for the past 2 years.

  5. Hope they put a lot of them in prison & in some of them in the same cells as some of the deep state democrats.

    A good paring would be wayne & comey!!

  6. Wayne needs to go and the NRA needs a reorg. This has been clear for a long time, we can only hope that the court will tell the NY AG to pound sand but I wouldn’t be unhappy if he saw cause to put Wayne out to pasture with no more graft to line his pockets. I am still a member, but all my donations go to GOA and SAF, and never to NRA since there is no assurance that none of my money would go to Wayne.

    • I suspect this will dissolve NRA as we know it. Democrats are like some native tribes in that counting coups is very important so look for this to be news everywhere. All clearly WLPs fault. If Ollie North and Chris Cox had been successful they would have ousted WLP and this would been impossible. Hopefully one of the other gun rights organizations will take over the training and competition functions. I’m sad I wasted so much money on WLPs wife, mistress, and spendthrift habits, although I have enjoyed American Rifleman for about 55 years when I discovered it in the library when I started military school.

  7. The corpse of the NRA at least provided cover for the actual gun rights orgs that got things done.
    Without the NRA in the way the focus will be on GOA, FPC, 2AF, etc…

    • Without the NRA dragging them down and supporting gun control, they’ll be able to fight with both hands now. And the anti-‘s don’t even know who these guys are. They’re in for a big surprise when the 2nd Amendment isn’t magically repealed.

  8. I earned my first NRA Markmanship rating at Boy Scout Camp in 1975. I was a proud member then but have watched it change until now it’s a rare day I don’t get a hysterical pitch from Wayne to donate money NOW to save us from one thing or another. They’ve turned the volume up even further than 11 – it’s nothing but a hollow fundraising machine now.

    Sadly I have to maintain an active NRA Instructor rating for my volunteer work, but the bare minimum is all they’ll get from me.

    I hope that something akin to the original NRA rises from the designer suit-fueled ashes.

  9. As a life member I have been berated and belittled by other members and regional leadership everytime I have taken the position that the NRA was stonewalling and ignoring all complaints and attempts to resolve these problems. The larger issues have been public knowledge for at least the past 9 years. Unforetunately, the hard-corps board leadership will fight and waste all the organization’s funds in court to pay lawyers instead of admitting to allowing malfeasance and negotiating a settlement.

    • The board members will never admit malfeasance.
      In many states, the board members are personally liable for the disbursements of the organization.

      That means the board members can be forced to sell their private homes, cars, boats, personal property, etc. to reimburse the organization.

      It is a sad day, but it’s a direct result of the organization being taken over in the ‘70s by the militant right wing, who used it to further their personal wealth.

      • Militant right wing? Where do you get that from? I don’t see a wing, or anything akin to militancy, all I see is a handful of greedy men.

        • With miner it is always an anti gun, anti American, pro leftist message. Even when he denies it.

          The left thinks destroying the NRA is a great win. It is not. All us potg are going to vote our guns with or without the NRA.

        • Before the NRA was taken over by its militant right wing, it forcefully advocated AGAINST allowing the Second Amendment to be exercised by all the plebes. Miner49er liked the old days better.

    • You’re right on. This is the New Amerika. Destroy your political/cultural opponents thru selective prosecution. Is NRA guilty, probably? But if so, how many pols have not done the same or worse? Selective prosecution. Charge, slander, bankrupt.
      Welcome to the New Amerika, Comrade.

      • Have a look at the Clinton Foundation. Planned Parenthood. Humane Society of America/PETA. United Way. Plenty of organizations ripping off members/donors.

  10. And ol’ Wayne’s still there.

    If this isn’t a clarion call for new leadership, I don’t know what is.

    • But WLP is so effective, I mean isn’t there a painting of Wayne crossing the Delaware or something?

  11. So an executive of a company commits white collar crimes and the AG sues to dissolve the organization? If it is successful, I think many businesses could be shut down if they are not of the AG’s political liking.

    I can’t wait to here jwtaylor’s comments!

    • These officers, with the boards cooperation, turned this organization into a continuing criminal enterprise. They mislead you, the donors, for decades, stealing millions from unsuspecting, honest POTG, just trying to advance gun rights.

      That behavior is wrong in anybody’s book.

      • Riding around in a limo does NOT constitute a “criminal enterprise” mismanagement and misuse of members money is reprehensible AND bears some legal consequences but it is hardly Mafia level stuff… See what happens? EVERYTIME you try to post an “original” thought you just screw it up… Thinking is hard, you should just leave that to the professionals…

      • I’m not condoning the actions, just questioning the ability of the AG to “dissolve” the company. Let’s say $und@r P1ch@1 of G00g1e was being investigated by AG Barr and found he and others in his company was illegally swaying the election and embezzling funds, can AG Barr then sue to dissolve G00g1e?

        Yes I’m being sarcastic, but dissolving an organization seems a bit much unless the penalty was so high that all assets were needed to pay a fine or to make whole those who were affected. At most Wayne, and others involved, will justifiably be charged with crimes and go to trial.

        BTW, I’m not sure of most of the other gun rights groups are taken as seriously as the NRA and some seem questionable to me.

      • Well, we are in luck and I talkEd to some really smart people about this.

        No I didn’t, I’m just gonna make up an answer.

        The NRA, just like the Trump foundation, are both nonprofit corporations chartered under the state of New York.
        The state of New York granted the charter, and the state of New York can rescind the charter by dissolving the corporation.
        And that is exactly what has happened to the greedy, conniving Trump foundation, and the Trump family is barred from having any part in a nonprofit corporation because they are liars and cheats who stole money from honest patrons.
        You may not have noticed, but currently the White House is filled with self-serving, greedy whoremongering NYC grifters.

        You bet New York State can dissolve the NRA, and if their investigation reveals criminal wrongdoing such as negligence of their fiduciary duty, there will be charges and a trial.

    • There are very clear rules about what an organization can and cannot do as a nonprofit corporation. If the NRA has been egregiously breaking them — which could very well be true — then its nonprofit status can be legally revoked and the organization dissolved.

      That doesn’t mean the organization is banned or gone forever. It could reorganize and reincorporate.

      In the meantime, though, it’s a very real loss for the gun-owning community. The NRA helps provide insurance for gun ranges everywhere; NRA training is relied on by the police and by normal people everywhere. Not to mention, there’s a fair number of squishy politicians who could feel that they’re now free to legislate against those icky gun owners like they always wanted.

      Other orgs could take up the slack, but it’s going to take time. And meanwhile the progressive left will make hay while the sun shines, as it were.

      • ” It could reorganize and reincorporate. ”

        Exactly what is going to happen. Regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, LaPierre and his little cabal is history. The most the NY AG can do is stop the NRA from being a NY corporation. There are plenty of places that would welcome them once they clean house — and the lawsuit pretty much guarantees the house will be cleaned.

        The NRA is one of the most-recognized brands in the US, regardless of which side of the street anyone is on. Nobody is going to just burn an asset that valuable. They will rise from the ashes.

        • Basically this, I know the Coumo administration is desperate for a win (especially as more on covid response leaks out) but if they think this will be more than a momentary blip followed by a surge of angry motivated voters that are now GOA SAF other members then they have to lay off the kratom.

      • No single org should rise out of this.

        The best way to fight this for multiple orgs to pick up and fight the fight.

        I am very worried about their massive gun collection being seized and destroyed…

      • Who cares about the organization? Or their antiques? I am a Benefactor Life member and I don’t give a shit, that money was given in support of the Second Amendment, not the NRA. My problem is that the media, and the Democrats, have continuously attacked the NRA with a stated attitude that it has been the NRA which stood in the way of Common Sense Gun Confiscation and Rights Abandonment, and they may just be correct. Joe Asswipe Biden himself brags that he “beat the NRA” when he personally issued the AWB fatwa. I’m confident my ammo will carry me thru to my end, you might want to check your own, it’s getting closer.

        • “Who cares about the organization? I am a Benefactor Life member and I don’t give a shit, that money was given in support of the Second Amendment, not the NRA.”

          If money spent on lavish lifestyles of NRA executives is considered supporting the NRA, then, indeed, you supported the NRA, not the Second Amendment. The term “benefactor” couldn’t be more descriptive….unless of course one replaces “benefactor” with “enabler”.

          The entire issue at hand is that NRA rarely defended the Second Amendment, reverting to either support of infringements, or, at best, dodging the tough fight by defaulting to “make infringements not so bad as intended”.

  12. The NRA has been in the back seat for a long time. They had their period of power long ago.

    Maybe now we can get real orgs involved and make some progress.

    • That will work til they see all that money and get a taste of the good life, people in general are corruptible and money is the ULTIMATE corrupter…

      • Exactly. Everybody cheering this is missing the big picture. New York state is going to hack apart the NRA, taking money gun owners have donated as fines, leaving nothing behind. If the organization doesn’t successfully defend against this, there won’t be an organization to rebuild.

        • “New York state is going to hack apart the NRA, taking money gun owners have donated as fines, leaving nothing behind.”

          Visualize a cheering mob feeding the Lewis & Clark air rifle into a metal shredder. That’s what I’m worried about. History being destroyed…

        • “taking money gun owners have donated”

          Well yes, what Wayne and his co-conspirators are engaging in is certainly reprehensible, that’s why the New York State Attorney General is stepping in.

          But really, if everyone was all that concerned about it, there would have been calls from the membership to investigate the organization. Instead all the members neglected their duty of due care to oversee an organization that in the end, belongs to the members.

          I think many people do not understand how a nonprofit corporation differs from a for-profit corporation. It’s not surprising, this is something that Donald Trump also had a problem with. He used a nonprofit to solicit large donations from unsuspecting patrons, and then spent the money on his legal debts and self-aggrandizing portraits for his properties.

          I ask you, shouldn’t soliciting money for disabled veterans and then spending the money on yourself be illegal?

        • There were calls by members, officers, and board members to investigate. WLP had so many cronies on the board that they drove out the good ones, and removed the President and ILA head. Members are powerless except to vote for 1/3 of the board members at a time.

        • Let’s not pretend that this is about anything than political advantage for Democrats.

          There have been reform efforts over the years, but the biggest mistake was not moving the organization out of the influence of the New York AG’s office. It’s an organization that has shown it will engage in politically motivated investigations and prosecutions. Leaving yourself vulnerable to that was just negligent.

      • NRA members are being harmed by both the crooked leadership and by NY State.

        We should file a class action suit against the NRA leadership and NY State to take control of the NRA, boot the leadership, elect new leaders, and revise the bylaws to require that every penny received and spent be reported to all voting members quarterly.

        • These are all good ideas but it’s a little too late.

          The membership has known about Wayne and his co-conspirators malfeasance for years and yet there was no meaningful advocacy for integrity within the finances of the organization.

          And now that the horse is gone, everyone agrees it’s time to close the barn door.

  13. I’m as much as an NRA fanboy as I am a legal expert, which is why I’m asking;
    Can you do this? Can a government official really dissolve a lobbying group (or any other group they don’t like)?

    • They go after 1% motorcycle gangs.

      Why not? THERE is no rule of law in this country.

      It’s the outcome of the Revolution

      • 1% means outlaw. Ya can’t be an outlaw if ya ain’t breaking the law. So of course they will go after them

        • The terms 1% and “outlaw” when dealing with motorcycle clubs actually originated in the ’40s and ’50s respectively when the American Motorcycle Association started calling non-AMA sanctioned clubs ‘outlaw’ clubs. In early 1959 they put out a statement after some ‘outlaw’ clubs took over one of their rallies and were drag racing in the streets, drinking and carrying on and said that “99 percent of motorcyclists are law-abiding citizens..” That the one percent title was born. The terms “outlaw” and “1%” only designated that you were not AMA sanctioned and that you didn’t obey speed limits, liked to get Roudy etc…Not organized crime. I think what the poster meant was how the Feds overreach is now trying to seize lawful copyrights and trademarks and trying to make it a crime to just wear a certain peice of clothing (like, perhaps a NRA patch or a MAGA hat?) FYI, the Pagans MC was the first club to wear a 1% diamond. Before that, AMA clubs generally had a circular one peice patch and when they deemed a club “outlaw” the clubs started cutting the top name and bottom location off the patch and sewing them back on in 3 peices to denote their “outlaw” status. Nothing more malevolent than that….sorry boys.

    • Sure, if they engage in criminal behavior.

      Just like Donald Trump’s deception and looting of the Trump foundation, there are laws governing how charitable donations are handled. It is illegal to self enrich and engage in practices that mislead the donors.

      Donald Trump stole charitable donations to his foundation meant for disabled veterans in order to pay off legal debts and purchase self portraits to hang at his golf clubs. I would not be surprised if he faces state charges for self-dealing regarding these stolen donations, when he loses the immunity of the office.

      He did agree to a settlement but I’m not sure if that immunized him from later criminal prosecution.

      • Just curious, you don’t happen to be a democrat, by any chance? I ask because it seems like you often repeat their talking points.

        • Actually, I’m registered in a third-party but I usually end up voting Democrat.

          But not always, I have voted for Republicans in the last three elections. Amazingly, some members of the Republican Party are still capable of rational thought.

        • “Actually I’m registered third party”
          Really? Because a few days ago you claimed you were a liberal democrat like Sgt. Alvin York.

      • Miner: The NRA is not a charitable organization, and Trumps issue has absolutely ZERO to do with this case, but NEVER miss an opportunity to copy/paste some irrelevant bullshit…. Make me proud guy..

        • The NRA is in part a nonprofit charitable organization, and was founded as such. Says so on their web site.

          • NO… The NRA Foundation is a PART of the NRA, a small part… I don’t donate to that foundation, in fact I quit sending ANY money to the NRA, I became a Life Member in the early 70’s but I refuse to support LaPierre’s lifestyle, not because I believe the organization is a failure….

            The real reason the NRA was founded: From NRA.ORG
            Dismayed by the lack of marksmanship shown by their troops, Union veterans Col. William C. Church and Gen. George Wingate formed the National Rifle Association in 1871. The primary goal of the association would be to “promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis.” Since then, the NRA has been the premier firearms education organization in the world. From training the next generation of gun owners to leading legislative and political efforts to defend the Second Amendment, the NRA is at the forefront of preserving your freedom.

        • To miner, there is not a single issue that is not about Trump. He can’t miss any opportunity to spread his Thrump hate and leftist lies. It’s just the way he is, poor sod.

        • Yeah Miner pipe down. After all, Trump’s heroism in ‘Nam, coupled with the fact he’s a morally upstanding self made man, make him worthy of our collective awe, deference and respect!

          • And the “moron parade” continues.. No doubt that venerated war hero, child molester, racist, braindead Creepy Uncle Joe can bring honor and fidelity back to the oval office… IF he can find it…

        • Good grief! Imagine having to pick between Donny Trump and Creepy Uncle Joe. Too horrible to contemplate.

          Thankfully, we have a lucid, sensible choice. Her name is Jo Jorgensen.

          Vote for whomever best represents your values.

    • Yes. The New York AG can do this because the NRA operates under a New York charter.

      In short, the NRA allowed oversight of the Association to remain in the hands of those who govern one of the most anti-gun states in the nation.

        • Sadly, the leadership of the NRA crafted and presented that opportunity on a SilverPlatter to the New York AG.

          If you’re wondering who was asleep at the switch, who should’ve spoken up and straightened out the NRA leadership before this happened, go look in the mirror.

  14. All this corruption sounds like the Democrat Party. The NRA will get their day in court, however.

    In the end, this is sound and fury signifying nothing, and no biggie for gun rights. There are other organizations that’ll take up the slack.


    That being said the NRA brought this on themselves with the corruption. Maybe it’s time.

    I’ve been supporting the no compromise GOA.

    • Yeah. I like GOA and the 2AF.
      I think Alan Gottlieb has done more for gun rights over the last couple of years than the NRA has over the last few decades.

      • Certainly. I may jive Alan in his calling for a boycott whilst “not calling for a boycott”. But SAF & GOA are my go to’s.

    • Hell yes we are going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.
      – Beto O’Rourke, Joe Biden’s “guy” on guns

      My concern is no one has the resources and base of the the NRA. I’m a member of the GOA and the SAF as well, but their reach is extremely limited compared to the NRA. If the NRA is gone, I think it’s just going to be a hole, and not one that the other organizations can fill.

      • I don’t know, and surely no one can predict the future. That said, I am reasonably cautious in saying, I’d hope the crème de la crème would rise to the top.

        NRA has been a ball & chain to our collective rights for far to long. Increasingly appearing as though they’ve outlived what little usefulness they once had, it’s a hard call. Having become politically acidic, and fewer pols want to touch them, or be associated with them. I don’t know who they should have the honor to step aside for, but they should step aside.

        • The SAF is very good in the legal arena, but that strategy has its limits, in particular that it depends on judges actually following the law. If they decide to ignore it, as many do, there’s not that much to be done. GOA isn’t the lobbying or cultural force it needs to be to step into the NRA role and nothing about them shows me they could become that.

          If the NRA disappears, it won’t be replaced.

      • Not sure how much influence me signing a not very well written GOA letter to my senator or representative actually has. If they’re anti 2A, I’ll only get a polite letter back from them saying I’m wrong, if they are pro 2A I’ll get a polite letter saying they’re behind me. It take alot of money to sway a politican, not a email or phone call. Other than the(corrupt Wayne) NRA, I can’t see any organization taking up the slack. GOA or the 2AF are too small. An organization needs to step up and do the same tactics as the ACLU does – have 400 lawsuits against one political target.

        • Jeez, you have a LOT better luck with politicians than I do. Whichever side I might take, I receive a note saying how much my input is valued, send money and vote for me. Not even acknowledging what I have said. I am happier these days just waiting to see a politician say or do what I want, then sending money.

          • Damn you are both ahead of the game, all I get is an acknowledgement that they received my letter and they will respond as soon as they can… Then the request for donations start rolling in a couple days later… I have received at least two dozen FINAL requests from the same candidate…

      • How do you figure? The ONLY political power the NRA has is that they can mobilize 5 million people to contact their representatives. Absolutely no reason another organization couldn’t pick up that slack, and the idea that the NRA itself is an 800 pound gorilla that the average politician is terrified of crossing is laughable. I say LET THEM BURN! They’ll stop sucking up donation money while stabbing other gun rights groups in the back by supporting gun control

      • Nice quote from Beto O’Rourke, who isn’t even a candidate and does not hold any position of power.

        So what do you say when the actual president of the United States of America says:

        “We should take the guns first and worry about the courts later” DJT

        Bunch of friggin hypocrites…

        • – Biden reciprocated by offering his former rival in the Democrat primary a job.

          “I want to make something clear,” Biden said to the cheering crowd of Democrat voters. “I’m going to guarantee you this is not the last you’ll see of this guy.” He continued by addressing O’Rourke: “YOU’RE going to take care of the gun problem with me. YOU’RE going to be the one who leads this effort. I’m counting on ya.”

          Yeah, hypocrites. Sure thing fake news.

        • When the Prez said that, I shook my head in sorrow, then thanked my lucky stars Hillary was not in that office.

        • I did too Larry, and I’ve criticized him on just that point here. Shit choices, on both sides. One is decidedly worse than the other. Sometimes, I think to myself it would be better if we just stood on the gas and let come what may.

        • That is another lie. When Beta Francis said that, he was still in the race for presidential candidacy. And Biden wants Beta Francis for his gun grabber general if (Gid forbid) he wins in November. Don’t you ever get tired of lying, miner?

  16. The NRA: because fat pasty cowards who cannot get laid without paying for it need lobbyists, too!

    • Says the fat pasty faced kid from his mom’s basement who is still wishing for enough money and skill to even touch a real woman ……….

  17. I have mixed feelings on this.

    On one hand, the NRA has needed to clean house for years and they have nobody to blame but themselves. It should never have needed to come to this, but it has. This might give the NRA the opportunity to get their house in order while being able to save a little face by blaming things on WLP and New York, and allow the NRA to get back to focusing on gun rights, marksmanship, etc. rather than funding WLP’s fancy suits and travel. I hope they look at this as an opportunity.

    On the other hand, this is a blatantly political exercise taking place right before an important, volatile election. Threatening to dissolve the NRA entirely is so far beyond overkill that it’s hard to explain. I suspect that Bloomberg’s money might be behind some of this, and I have no doubt his various minions will be crowing about this for a while.

    While I do support and am a member of other groups like the FPC, SAF, GPA, etc., the NRA has always been the 800 pound gorilla that’s been able to lobby politicians, take heat from its opponents, and provide a lot of resources for ranges, instruction for shooters, overseeing competitions, etc. They do a lot that nobody else does. I hope they’re able to get things sorted out.

    • Pete,

      … the NRA has always been the 800 pound gorilla that’s been able to …

      As far as I can tell, the NRA has not appeared to accomplish much, if anything, in the last 10 years or so. In decades past they accomplished a lot. Lately, though, it sure seems like most/all of the top leadership’s focus has been to suck as much money as possible from the organization.

      Given that it is apparently impossible for a grass-roots movement to clean house, it is time for the NRA to go away. I suppose I would settle for a radical restructuring where policy makers cannot pull very much money out of it going forward and where it would be fairly easy for a grass-roots movement to oust leadership if necessary.

      • 2013 was in the last 10 years. That’s when NRA stood up and fought for the last time I remember. After Sandy Hook school mass murder, no new gun control passed on Federal level, mostly thanks to NRA’s efforts.

        Yes, WLP and his cronies treat NRA as their milk cow and need to go. This is a great opportunity to clean the house and to get new, energetic people to the Board and to executive positions. If we can’t do it, maybe it really is time to burn the rotten structure and to start building a new, better one in its place.

  18. I think the NRA is run by a bunch of crooks who have done little in recent years to defend gun rights and have historically backed gun control legislation. BUT, it is interesting that if you Google News search the NRA, an article published by the washington free beacon, just a short time before this news broke, said the NRA was planning on spending up to 50 million for Trump in battle ground states. This was done because of Trump, not because the NRA is full of Crooks

    • You know, the NRA spent millions for Trump in 2016, and Obama’s DOJ could‘ve pursued charges after the election but didn’t. Because there was no evidence at that point. That’s how the rule of law works.

      But in the past four years, much evidence has come to light of Wayne Lapierre and the leaderships‘ malfeasance and neglect of their Fiduciary duties.

      If you think that it is perfectly ethical and legal for Wayne to install his intern in a $3000/month apartment and take her on foreign junkets that’s your business. But I think it’s clear that New York State has a different view.

      • And Wayne funneled NRA Foundation funds ($20k or more – that was not used for firearms education, sporting, or 2nd Amendment purposes) to a school that his wife is on the board of. Probably a payoff because she discovered Wayne’s intern.

        The Washington, DC Attorney General, Karl A. Racine, is investigating this one.

        I met with an NRA institutional advancement fundraiser and they didn’t have any answers for this accusation but had plenty to say about the the NY case so I stopped giving the NRA money.

        • Hey wait a minute, you can’t be mad max.

          Your comment is reasonable and you cite the facts that underpin your observation.

  19. While I’m not an NRA fan we need to be careful of what is happening and watch closely and act accordingly. No one is watching and worrying about BLM or ANTIFA funds in NY are they?

      • Your telling me BLM doesn’t have a place of business in the state of New York? They have a NY chapter

        • The Black Lives Matter Global Network is incorporated in Delaware, but it’s a charity that’s fiscally sponsored by another nonprofit called Thousand Currents ( Oakland, Ca. based). The Black Lives Matter Global Network has chapters around the country.

      • So let me ask this- Why a lawsuit and not arrest? If you know the law is being broken and can prove it then why not an arrest? Is it the belief that a suit will do more damage than an arrest?

        • When there’s a reasonable suspicion of wrongdoing, a prosecutor should begin an investigation.

          The investigation develops facts, based on evidence and witnesses, to support the object of the investigation.

          Once sufficient facts have been developed, the prosecutor can file charges or present the case to a grand jury.

          One rarely starts the whole process with facts to prove guilt, that’s why we have investigations in order to ascertain the facts in the matter.

        • “Why a lawsuit and not arrest?”

          Simple, really; “preponderance of the evidence” vs. “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

        • Uncle Mario, needs the cash after all the big money packed up and moved South…. BLM is registered in Delaware and Antifa is not a “not for profit” they are just a bunch of loosely organized anarchists (mostly brainwashed college kids) who just take what they need while they live in mommy’s basement…

        • Yeah Miner49er I get that as I am law enforcement but why the lawsuit? They’ve got something. If it’s enough to get a judge to rule in a lawsuit then it’s enough for a judge for charges.
          I’m guessing just to hit the pocketbooks harder rather than actually take direct action.

  20. Does this bitch plan to refund my life membership? IF she has the proof of corruption then burn them, I’ve wanted LaPierre gone for a long, but naming him and three or four board members as defendants does not indict the WHOLE organization… How does she grant herself the authority to dissolve a “NATIONAL” group with over 5 million members…

    • “Does this bitch plan to refund my life membership?”

      Too late, Wayne has already spent your money on a fine suit and dinner for an attractive young lady.

      It is unfortunate that you were too busy worrying about the coronavirus hoax and the Commies and Marxist taking over America, to actually be a good steward of the organization you claim to support.

      • It is unfortunate that you were too busy worrying about the coronavirus hoax and the Commies and Marxist taking over America, to actually be a good steward of the organization you claim to support.

        Once again you roll off the accusations with NO basis of facts.. I am fully capably of multi tasking, I do NOT worry about the woohoo flu, but I am concerned about the very real threat posed by the “Commies and Marxists” (same thing by the way) AND I have filled out EVERY voter form I have received as a Life member WITH voting privileges’ in the NRA, I HAVE written letters in opposition to Wayne LaPierre, but one voice one vote cannot make a difference without a consensus, unlike your heroes Mao, Che, Castro who ruled with ONE voice (obey or die)… If you mock someone who refuses to buy in to the media bullshit and the Fauchis’ of the world and who is genuinely concerned about the obvious attempt to subvert OUR Republic by those MARXISTS you seem to find favor with then the only conclusion I can reach is that YOU are them and your “third party” affiliation MUST be either the Socialists Party USA, OR the Communist Party USA (which has for some strange reason aligned itself with the Democrat Party and endorsed Creepy braindead Uncle Joe) I am glad to see that you finally realize that the Kung flu is a hoax but it’s too little too late from you.. I see now that you really are a Communist sympathizer and as anti-American as one can get, so cast your aspersions, edit your copy/paste crap to fit YOUR narrative and continue to tell your lies because NO ONE here (other than your obvious fellow trolls) really gives a fuck what you have to say… I must say arguing with you was entertaining but you are too predictable and THIS attack on my integrity has over stepped even your moronic bounds so I must set you aside, I will no longer respond to your inane rantings and mindless prattle about how bad “Orange Man” is I’m simply tired of proving you a liar only to see you attempt to validate your lie with another edited “copy/paste” or a quote from some left wing Commie rag.. I would hope others will also choose to ignore you and your alter egos.. You are a sad, pathetic, small minded person with delusions of grandeur and a deep desire for the destruction of this Constitutional Republic when your Utopia is only a one way ticket out of here away… Don’t go away mad just go away..

  21. Good. I wish the NY AG swift victory in this case. Once LaPierre and Hammer’s piggy bank is gone, the donations will go to real 2A groups.

    • In terms of defending he 2nd Amendment, there are several other effective organizations (GOA, SAF, many state and local organizations, etc.) but the loss of the NRA Foundation will be a huge blow to shooting sports. The NRA Foundation funds high school trap teams and local clubs throughout the country. In addition, the NRA was the go-to source for basic firearms training.

      It looks like USCCA is starting to step up in the training area but what will replace the NRA Foundation?

      If the NSSF steps up to fill the shoes of the NRA Foundation, the gun grabbers will be correct when they claim the organization is the gun lobby.

      • In terms of defending he 2nd Amendment, there are several other effective organizations (GOA, SAF, many state and local organizations, etc.)

        Do you REALLY believe they’ll stop with the NRA?

          • No but you can bet your ass as soon as they turn Tx blue someone will be there to shut them down…. Do you think the NY AG is the only Commie bitch in the country…

  22. The real issue– and I dont think this is debatable we need someone- who is going to be the gun rights lobbyist in Washington? A hodge podge of smaller organizations will never carry the punch the giant NRA did. They certainly managed to get things done. I would never have thought they would come to this, this is sad. Just the same- cannot dwell on it. We need to send millions to the Second Amendment Foundation, they have done great work on a shoe string for many years. Or who else? We get a big guy to fight for us in Washington. Who is going to get it done?

    • The NRA never really did anything except support gun control and take credit when other pro gun groups won pro gun victories.

      NRA supported;
      Hughes Amendment

      Goodbye. Good riddance.

        • All those things were going to pass no matter what all the NRA did was see the writing on the wall and try to limit the damage at the time. Too many here act like 8 year olds who think everything has to go there way or no way.

          • @ bad ashtray
            What a crock, Are you a BoD member here hiding behind an anonymous handle?
            That’s right, insult anyone as childish, who can recognize what the NRA had been doing is little different than what the progressives are doing backing the rioters, fomenting chaos then presenting themselves as the only possible savior (just send us your money to help us save you, we ARE YOUR ONLY HOPE!)
            If you honestly believe what you say then, it’s inevitable that semi auto firearms will be banned and red flag laws will be enacted so you should just turn in your pistols and center-fire rifles now and put yourself on the voluntarily prohibited list before things get out of hand.

          • “what…the NRA did was see the writing on the wall and try to limit the damage at the time. ”

            If “limit the damage” is the goal of NRA, the message should be loud and clear in everything they publish. What the NRA gets wrong is that limiting the damage should come at some cost to the enemy (Fabian tactic). It appears NRA concedes the field immediately, hoping, at best, to preserve a few crumbs for damage control later.

          • “Too many here act like 8 year olds who think everything has to go there way or no way.”

            When it comes to preserving the Constitution, the order of the day should always be, “My way, or no way.”

        • @ Ad

          So, cowardly ducking and running for cover is ok, because fulfilling your duties to the highest laws in the land is being an 8 yr. old. Got it.

          The mental stretching you perform to shirk your duty shows much character.

    • Firearms Policy Coalition has put together a strong social media presence and has also done great legal work particularly a state levels.

  23. NRA should have left NY a decade ago as a lost cause…..staying was a mistake

    and like most others here I too saw the NRA flounder under this f-ed leadership, I stopped donating years ago and picked up other Pro gun groups to donate to!

    • You are referring to the 2 A groups that file and win suits and then when they win,Negotiating Rights Away swoops in and take credit for.

  24. The full court press on abolishing US Citizen gun ownership is now fully underway. The Communists know that at the street level they can’t win, as long as US Citizens can arm and defend themselves against foreign and domestic enemies.

    They will attempt to overcome and crush resistance at every level.

    Keep a watchful eye on Weatherford Texas this weekend.

    • “Keep a watchful eye on Weatherford Texas this weekend.”

      Give us more of a teaser than just that.

      • If that’s your summary of the article, then you linked the wrong one. Yours is probably on the Puffington Host or Mother Moans.

        This one covers how an armed group of metro-area agitators came to a rural town, thinking they’d intimidate educate the rubes in the ways of social justice, and were in no uncertain terms told to take a hike.

        • If that’s your summary of the article, then you linked the wrong one.

          Are YOU insinuating that the INFALLABLE (just ask him), all knowing, grand and magnificent “MINER” screwed up? The individual that set himself up as our intellectual Sherpa to all things? The Master of copy/paste and the poster of ALL things anti-Trump? I must insist that you provide any links, citations and actual video footage to prove this dastardly accusation OR…… Hmmmmm wait a second, yeah you’re right, that link has absolutely NOTHING to do with this article although, New York City…… Weatherford Texas? I can see how a busy person like our Miner could confuse the two citing the similarity of the articles and the almost letter for letter spelling of the cities names…. (well they DO share a couple of vowels AND a couple of consonants)

        • It is sad to see you gentlemen lose track of the comments like this, I’m thinking you should take the cognitive test, you do know what an elephant looks like right?

          I was actually replying to the gentleman MDH who stated:

          “Keep a watchful eye on Weatherford Texas this weekend.”

          The point of my reply was to inform the gentleman that the confrontation had already occurred a week ago and thankfully, no one was injured.

          I’m so glad I was able to clear that up for you gentlemen, I am always glad to be of assistance!

        • “Keep a close eye on Weatherford, Texas” refers not merely to what happened last week, but to what might come NEXT. Your entire point was to miss the point on purpose, Miner, and we all know it. But keep on spinning those patronizing progressive fables if it helps you feel better about yourself.

        • Inga, sadly, you are a liar and misrepresenting the quote.

          The posters original quote was:

          “Keep a watchful eye on Weatherford Texas this weekend.”

          But you conveniently edited the comment in a sad attempt to resurrect your honor.

          “Keep a watchful eye on Weatherford Texas”

          And in the end, all you did was prove that you were a dishonest liar who will twist the facts in order to prove your delusion.

          Clearly, you are morally and ethically bankrupt.

          And a really clumsy liar.

        • Ha! You know what, I didn’t even look at the quote again; just typed the nugget of it from memory. What’s more, the OP’s quote in its entirety PROVES what I said to be true, and you know it. You’ve now gone full-circle to arguing against yourself. Sad.

          Since you have problems separating past from present, I’ll spell it out for you again: keep an eye on Weatherford, Texas this weekend, August 7-9.

          Will the Black Taliban dare to show up again? I’m making no predictions, but if they do, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens.

  25. I subscribe to NRA’s America’s First Freedom Magazine. However, I resent it when they, the NRA, send a notice in the mail begging for and attempting to “hit on me for money!” The NRA has the moral high ground on teaching and instructing hunter safety, firearms safety and training, and yes….even women’s safety, awareness, and protection. The two obvious pro-Second Amendment/pro-gun institutions I do ardently support are both non NRA affiliated. They include: JPFO, Inc. at http://www.jpfo.org. JPFO, Inc. is “America’s Aggressive Civil Rights Organization”, and The John Birch Society in Appleton, Wisconsin at ww.jbs.org and http://www.thenewamerican.com, respectively. Both JPFO, Inc. and the JBS deserve the moral high ground on the Second mendment. As far as the New York State Attorney General is concerned I would trust him (better word is distrust) like I would the likes of Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ): the worst president in American history, Ted Kennedy, Thomas Dodd (D): the late anti-gun socialist treasonous U.S. Senator of Connecticut. Dodd stands guilty, along with LBJ for passage of the damnable anti-American 1968 Federal Gun Control Act! Other career criminal politicians from our nation’s shameful past, aside from LBJ, Ted Kennedy and Thomas Dodd, include both the Earl Warren and Warren Burger Supreme Courts, and the corrupt Daley Machine in Cook County (Chicago), Illinois. Our nation continues to pay for their treasonous high crimes and political atrocities clear into the 21st century! In conclusion I haven’t seen yet an anti-gun politician who wasn’t deceitful crooked socialist treasonous and immoral!

    • “In conclusion I haven’t seen yet an anti-gun politician who wasn’t deceitful crooked socialist treasonous and immoral!”

      “Thank you for the applause, you good folks are just too kind! And now I’ll just step down there with the people and I’ll be happy to kiss your chickens and eat your babies, God bless America!“

      • Once again, you’ve got it backwards. The politicians who kill babies and (since you say so) kiss chickens NEVER say God Bless America.

        • Miner also got it wrong in that all the politicians that want to eat babies and kiss chickens are Democrats. Miner also insists that he is not a registered Democrat. He is a member of the Green Party. (He thinks that is better.)

        • Nope, never been a member of the Green party.

          And third-party candidates like Jill Stein, who sat right next to President trumps national security advisor General Michael Flynn at the dinner table with Vladimir Putin are traitorous pieces of scum who are willing to give aid and comfort to the enemy.

          Of course, I’m sure you think President trumps national security advisor General Michael Flynn is as pure as the driven snow, too bad you haven’t seen him on his knees with Vlad, side-by-side with Donald Trump.

          Trump/Putin 2020

  26. I think that a number of shooting ranges have the same agreement with the NRA that our local private range has… if it is dissolved by the membership, the NRA takes over title to the property. I wonder what the effect of the NRA liability is if it loses the suit ; do the ranges then become collectable assets? (many of us members objected to taking ” improvement funds” from the NRA for that very reason and also dislike being forced to be active NRA members because of the shenanigans of the LaPierre board.)

    • Lead-head,

      “if it is dissolved by the membership, the NRA takes over title to the property”

      That is just amazing, just a naked asset grab, hoping your gun club will fail so they could profit.

      I have never seen a more clear and present example of honor and patriotism.

      • That is just amazing, just a naked asset grab, hoping your gun club will fail so they could profit.

        Yeah, you tell em Miner… There is no way in hell that greedy, grabby bunch at NRA could be looking out for the shooting community in an attempt to keep a gun range open should it for some reason fail.. They’d probably just sell it off to buy Wayne another new suit.. OBTW have you read those agreements? Have you actually seen the words (“hoping your gun club will fail so they could profit.”).. I’m pretty sure you won’t find them, however with YOUR strangely accurate(?) ability to read minds and influence people you probably nailed it again… The only one looking for “profit” here is the AG AND the state of NY..

        • You may well know, the attorney general of New York State will not make any money off of this civil suit.

          In the New York state action against the Trump foundation fraud, the settlement did not include any money for New York State but the attorney general did force Donald Trump to pay $2 million to the rightful beneficiaries of the charity, disabled veterans.

          On the case at hand, it’s hard to say if there will be fines paid to New York State, by the end of visuals or the organization.

          In the investigation for this civil action, the various discoveries and interrogatories, may reveal evidence necessary for the criminal charges that seem entirely justified.

          Come on you guys, everybody knew how corrupt the NRA was once the traitor Oliver north joined the organization.

          Remember him, the architect of the multi million dollar secret arms sales to the radical Muslim fundamentalists in Iran? Who could support an organization that would willingly Harbor a scoundrel such as Oliver north, for shame!

  27. Associated Press is blaming the exposure on mass shootings hurting their pro-gun agenda. Quite the contrary, membership was up after the shootings. The exposure came when it became obvious they were pissing away money on such things as NRA-TV, and Carry Guard insurance while neglecting long standing sports and training programs. When this became obvious to high volume donors that wanted an audit, that’s what did it.

    • Exactly.

      I can’t speak for anyone else, but that “spate of mass shootings,” starting with Sandy Hook, and the unconstitutional anti-gun shenanigans that followed were what made me JOIN the NRA. I let my membership lapse this spring because I couldn’t be sure my money was actually supporting the Second Amendment anymore (plus I got tired of “the sky is falling” and nonstop donation spam).

      • That, and all the mailers for sweepstakes promising trucks full of guns, guns, guns. Most of which can’t be legally shipped to CA anyway. Instead of contest announcements mailed to my house in bedazzled envelopes, I would have preferred standard updates of how my (former) membership dues were successfully funding defenses of my rights. The NRA I grew up with was a juggernaut and worthy of its name, similar to the Boy Scouts. After LaPierre was given the keys and got behind the wheel, it slowly morphed into a Publishers Clearinghouse-esque fundraiser 24/7/365.

        • Pause and reflect upon the incomparably wise words or the peerless ‘I Haz A Question’. His words shall serve as a beacon for all who come after him.

          All Hail.

        • I haz done so, and haz is right.

          I couldn’t help noticing that in 4 years of membership, my NRA member magazine *never* pointed to anything concrete the association had done for the rights I needed them to defend. “We supported Donald Trump! Trump will save us all!” was as close as they could get. They were nowhere to be found when my state faced two billionaire-funded anti-gun initiatives; a couple of LaPierre’s suits would’ve almost doubled the 2A side’s budget and reach.

          As for the trucks full of guns, they’re all legal where I live…but again, I didn’t join the NRA to get mailers for sweepstakes prizes I’m never going to win. Or to lose Second Amendment battles they never cared to join.