Why Kentucky’s Governor Andy Beshear Won’t Be Savaged By the Gun Control Industry

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Yesterday an employee of the Old South Bank in Louisville, Kentucky opened fire in the bank, killing five and wounding eight more. The shooter was shot and killed by police. The killer, Connor Sturgeon bought the AR-15 rifle he used in the shooting legally last week.

One of those killed was 63-year-old Tommy Elliott, a senior vice president of the bank, and someone Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear described as a very close friend.

“Elliott helped me build my law career,” Beshear said in the wake of the shooting, according to Fox59. “He helped me become governor, gave me advice on being a good dad. He’s one of the people I talked to most in the world and very rarely were we talking about my job.” 

Today Beshear issued the above video statement about the shooting. Note what wasn’t included in that statement. The Governor didn’t mention the firearm the killer used or call for stricter gun control laws.

As news of the shooting broke yesterday, the media, of course, wasted no time in pointing out that Kentucky’s legislature passed a Second Amendment sanctuary bill less than two weeks ago. While that largely symbolic act had absolutely no effect whatsoever on the killer’s ability to buy the gun he used, that never seems to matter. It’s too convenient a cudgel to use against pro-gun rights Republicans at a very opportune time.

Note however, that what you’re not hearing now is any criticism of Governor Beshear for conspicuously avoiding the issue of the AR-15 or gun control in general in his statement today.

Strange, that. Well, not really. Not when you know that Beshear is a Democrat. And not just a Democrat, but a Democrat Governor in a deeply red state. And also a Democrat Governor who’s in a reelection run that promises to be a very tight race.

The civilian disarmament industry and anti-gun Democrats — yes, that’s redundant — are many things, but stupid isn’t one of them. That’s why Beshear will get a pass from all but the most rabid hoplophobes for his failure to take advantage of yesterday’s shooting, using it as a convenient excuse to decry “weapons of war” or call for more gun control laws in the Bluegrass State.

If yesterday’s shooting had happened in, say, Texas, Florida or, well, Tennessee, the story would be very different. Don’t expect people like Fred Guttenberg or the Moms to drag Beshear for his current lack of zeal where gun control is concerned. It will be nothing like what Tennessee’s Republican governor is getting. And don’t expect any takeovers of the House in Frankfort with Democrats taking over the proceedings to run a gun control rally from the well of the House.

The gun control industry is far too politically savvy to savage one of their own in a place and time their best possible candidate is most vulnerable.



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  1. Hypocrites. If one person in that bank other than the killer had had a gun fewer people would have died. If the killer knew people there had guns maybe no one would have died.

    • 100% in agreement with you. I carry concealed (I am licensed) when I go to my bank. Hopefully will never have to face that situation.

    • TBF, this is why you never tell anyone. Granted, we all make new friends and some of us organize together, but you have to be careful who you share certain things with. If he knew someone was an avid carrier he could have just targeted them first. I know what you are saying and yes, I agree with you, but if someone knows the individual there is a chance it won’t matter much. Now if more people carried then yes, good effing luck lol. Someone is going to stop that threat before it gets too bad. I think is is more of what you were trying to say and to be clear, I agree.

      But this is why a lot of our friend circles are dwindling. Even finding common ground with range buddies and fellow shooters, I try to keep my distance from the majority.

      • The sad thing is, Montana, if someone HAD been secretly concealed carrying in the bank, and had neutralized this thug, saving lives, the one illegally carrying (who saved lives) would have been demonized more than the one who wanted to carry out the mass shooting. And the hero would have gone to jail for far longer than the mass shooter. For sadly, that is just how f-ed up this country is today.

        • Here in Kentucky, it’s not a crime to carry in banks or any other private business regardless of whether they have rules against it. If they catch you, they’re within their rights to order you to leave, of course. If you refuse, you could be charged with trespassing, but that’s about it.

    • a prudent amount of caution should be exercised if you’re getting ready to terminate someone…especially someone from this generation…they don’t handle adversity very well…

    • Network news at noon today pointed out WHY the popo are to make immediate contact/entry – to distract the shooter from killing more people. Then to resolve the problem.

      They will NEVER figure out the same point applies to everydayman carrying.

  2. Time to sockpuppet and help get this democrat out of office then. It’s not like he is any friend to the 2A
    it’s bad enough Kentucky has that RINO Cocaine Mitch in the Senate. Time to clean the swamp in KY.

  3. By now the gov. probably knows the perp’s motive and motive could be the reason the gov. is not singing Gun Control. With the Nashville shootings, the marching protests, legislators with a bullhorn expelled Gun Control was in need of a push. The knee jerk demands for Gun Control could provide motive for the perp to have to go purchase an AR-15…His online rant seemed to be about something other than being fired.

    March 27 Nashville School shootings.

    March 30 Marching Protests,TN Lawmakers expelled.

    April 4 Louisville perp purchased AR-15.

    April 10 Louisville perp goes on rampage.

    • He just found out that he was being shit canned from a job he had for over a year. Generally the reason most workplace shooters act.

      • And he was known as the “concussion kid” in HS. Why don’t these loser’s just off themselves instead of taking other lives?!?🙁

        • “And he was known as the “concussion kid” in HS“

          So undiagnosed TBI from high school sports?

          Kids’ developing bodies should never be involved in hard contact sporting activities. Even adults cannot handle repeated blows to the head without suffering significant damage, look at how many NFL players go on to develop serious psychological problems involving violence and erratic behavior.

        • No, he was a straight ahead Chad from old money who targeted Democratic governor Beshear‘s best friend.

          When you add early traumatic brain injury to years of hard-core financial world indoctrination, you end up with a leftist-hating killer. Imagine how he felt about the leftist activists during Occupy Wall Street Left-wing anti-capitalist protests.

          “He said Sturgeon always wore a helmet during basketball games because he had suffered so many concussions. “The big thing I keep going back to is that in the first year of high school, we played football together in eighth grade, he was out most of the year because he had multiple concussions. Then he had a couple more in high school,” he said. “I’m not saying it’s the cause but I always think back to that… There were times I’d wonder, will this catch up with him? But never in this way. He’s the last person I’d expect would do this.”


        • “Imagine how he felt about the leftist activists during Occupy Wall Street Left-wing anti-capitalist protests.”

          He would’ve been 14 during the Occupy protests. I seriously doubt he thought about it much. It’s my understanding he was a BLM believer, so nice try attempting to paint him as a conservative. Wall Street has been donating more to Dem pres candidates than Republican since at least 2008, and the Puppet is the dark money champion. Wall Street is on board with ESG. I see you haven’t gotten the memo. They probably don’t mention that on MSNBC.

          Let’s not forget the Occupy protests happened smack dab in the middle of Obama’s reign. Instead of doing something about their concerns, he began distracting the nation with “racism.” The “racism” hysteria peaked in 2020-2021. Now the latest “civil rights fight” is transgenderism. They’re great at distracting the country while they rob the coffers blind.

        • “It’s my understanding he was a BLM believer“

          Have you a source or link that supports your ‘understanding’?

        • Shorter MajorLiar,

          “I got picked last for every event in Phys Ed, and I feel some kinda way about it.”

          We are well aware you are a physically and mentally inept loser, MajorLiar. Did you get picked last for the girl’s softball team?

          I am constantly amazed that brainless idiots, such as yourself, can hold such inconsistent positions, without a single hint that you grasp the irony. Giving pre-teens “puberty blockers” (hint: the drugs used to chemically castrate rapists) is just great; the same kids VOLUNTARILY engaging in contact sports (with their parents express, signed permission) is “not protecting them”.

          Fuck right off, MajorLiar, you illogical, lying Leftist/fascist liar.

          Yes, there are risks inherent in ALL high school sports . . . duh. A fact well known by all except Leftist/fascist idiots, trying to make a point, and incapable of realizing when their “new” point contradicts their “old” point. You are a pathetic imbecile, only marginally better than dacian the demented, because you can spell. Still just as stupid, however.

        • Still trying to figure out how the internet works, Miner?

          More recently, he hosted a basketball-focused podcast with two buddies and tweeted about the NBA in between posts in support of the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, as well as some criticism of police violence and of then-President Donald Trump.

          How soon we forget when the media ignores some shooters while elevating others:

          BLM Louisville defends bailing out activist in assassination attempt of mayoral candidate
          Mr. Brown, an independent candidate for city council, had appeared on MSNBC and written columns as an intern for the Louisville Courier Journal, including a 2019 op-ed headlined, “Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans.”

          …walking into their office in broad daylight and firing at five people in an office…

        • Miner49er

          For the same reason that the state/feds won’t try to help him get job training so that he/she can hold down a job.
          We used to have shop classes in high school that actually taught how to run and service the machinery/equipment, how to dress and run office machines that are used in business today.
          ROP classes teach how to run for food and clean up(free janitorial services – woo-hoo!). Anything else might put the money earning employees out of a job and the owners claim liability issues.
          So just leave him/her on the street(or with their parents) without any training or real education so that we can have even more of the upcoming generation turning to crime just to live.

    • I agree. His statement about, “They won’t listen to words or protests” seems to be directed toward us. I don’t doubt he was suicidal, but he probably imagined he was doing something heroic by murdering rich capitalist bankers in a way that could be turned into a propaganda point for gun control.

  4. The Ky. “House” is not in Lexington. The capital of Ky. is Frankfort and that is where you can find both the “House” and the Senate as well as most of the rest of state government.

  5. If Kentucky is a deep red state, how did they elect a Democrat for Governor?

    In my world a deep red state does NOT elect a Democrat for Governor unless the Republican candidate is the likes of a convicted child molester.

    • That’s because the color of the state means nothing. What means something is the color of the cities and the counties.

    • You will never understand Ky. politics unless you were born here and even then you can be surprised. I didn’t know what a Republican looked like until I was 35 years old. I myself was a democrat for 56 years. If I wanted to have a candidate to vote for in local elections, I needed to be a democrat. There were no Republicans on the ballot. It is only recently that Republicans became a power in this state. Ky. has very unrestrictive gun laws, most of which were passed by democrats. Those good gun laws are now being improved by Republicans.

    • The same way Biden won the presidency. From time immemorial until just a few elections ago, Jefferson County (where Louisville is located) was always among the first few counties in the state to post their final election results. The last few elections, they’ve been delayed until the Democrats have a better idea of just how many votes they need to win.

    • WV is the reddest of red states, and they elected snake in the grass Manchin. I don’t see him getting reelected. They liked him from the days of WV being as blue as they come. The state turned red because normal people live in WV. The mask came off the Democrats, and normal people didn’t like what they saw.

    • Republican’t Matt Bevin, the prior governor, picked a fight with the teachers’ union in his first term and got immediately spanked

  6. No one will be taking over the House in Ky., either. The Ky. legislature is out of session and will not reconvene until January of 2024.

  7. Great analysis Dan, perfect explanation of the not so obvious truth about the coverage of this event and the lack of political points made when the shoe is on the other foot (if that makes any sense 🙂

  8. We are having a grossly disproportionate number of murders and mass shootings committed by transexual/transvestite/queer folk. rather than pass a law, gun dealers should simply refuse to sell guns to perverts who are obviously insane.

  9. I try to not go in a bank. I’ll run over anyone in a drive thru. The only time I go in the lobby is when the firearms purchase exceeds the amount of the daily ATM withdrawal. Although, sometimes it pays to get out of the truck. Last time I was actually on the bank a deputy sheriff hugged me. Tiffany was always one of the prettiest women I ever saw.

  10. “Today Beshear issued the above video statement about the shooting. Note what wasn’t included in that statement. The Governor didn’t mention the firearm the killer used or call for stricter gun control laws.”

    The reason for this is political.

    1. The Democrat’s and this Democrat governor running for re-election do not want it highlighted that the murderer was left-wing AND mentally ill. Its contrary to their campaign narrative that its always the right-wing/conservative gun that did it.

    2. its so the governor can be a ‘victim’ too due to the friend he lost. The ‘sympathy and victim status’ angle can be exploited for votes and its a defining democrat trait to exploit and facilitate and use death to push a tyranny agenda and manipulate the public for votes.

    • “Democrat governor running for re-election do not want it highlighted that the murderer was left-wing AND mentally ill“

      He didn’t want it highlighted? So that’s why he released a personal video statement on the crime and murder of his friends?

      This was an old money Chad who was a school athletic star, probably suffered TBI from his multiple concussions.

      • “the firearm the killer used or call for stricter gun control laws.”

        he and democrats don’t want it highlighted because it will lead to the murderer was left-wing AND mentally ill being highlighted which is contrary to their campaign narrative that its always the right-wing/conservative gun that did it.

        Its why the anti-gun tried to stay away from the ‘transgender’ aspect with the recent actual act and the planned act of two liberal left wing transgendered people and tried to put the focus on the gun and downplay the liberal left wing transgendered aspect because their narrative is its always the right-wing/conservative gun that did it.

      • Keep going, MajorLiar,

        What ELSE was in his social media feeds? Virulent Leftism and TDS? Check.

        Yes, he was a rich, privileged kid . . . like most modern trust fund baby Leftists. We’re all aware of where your political ilk hails from, these days – rich, white, urban “liberals”. Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, blue-collar workers are leaving your plantation in droves. Gonna have to ramp up that fake vote machine to keep winning elections, MajorLiar; the Karen vote ain’t enough.

  11. “Concussion in sports

    Former NFL player accused of killing six people was suffering from severe CTE
    Phillip Adams apparently shot six dead before taking own life
    CTE linked to concussions and can cause aggression and paranoia
    Associated Press
    Tue 14 Dec 2021 12.14 EST“


    Anyone who allows their child to play physical contact blood sports in school is guilty of ‘child neglect resulting in serious injury or death’.

    • MajorLiar,

      “Anyone who allows their child to play physical contact blood sports . . . ”

      Repeatedly flunked PE, didn’t you, MajorLiar? OF COURSE there is physical risk to playing contact sports. And anyone is entitled to decide FOR THEMSELVES whether the risks are worth it for learning physical skills, teamwork, and overcoming adversity. But you wouldn’t know ANYTHING about that, MajorLiar . . . you’ve been a pudding-brained loser your entire life.

      Now, do “transitioning” pre-teens WITHOUT their parents’ consent, you lying liar of a fucking Leftist/fascist propagandist.

      Oh, and while you’re handing out parenting advice, you childless (probably still a virgin) incel, tell us how many children you’ve raised? Fuck right off, MajorLiar.

  12. Apparently, during the press conference, the governor got carried away and went off script…He said two of his friends were killed… when the script only called for one of his friends to be killed….so then he had to come up with the misinformation thing on the fly…. Study your script better governor!!..The NWO depends on your acting!!…. got to give him credit though, at least he didn’t chuckle while he was cry acting…

    the shoot out video did appear more realistic this time…

    Ye shall be deceived!


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