This photo provided by Reid Cornell shows police presence near the scene of a shooting in Louisville, Ky., Monday, April 10, 2023. (Reid Cornell via AP)
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By Dylan Lovan and Gayle Galofaro, AP

A shooting Monday at a bank in downtown Louisville killed at least four people and wounded at least eight others, police said. The suspected lone shooter was also dead.

Louisville Metro Police Department Deputy Chief Paul Humphrey told reporters officers who arrived on the scene “encountered active gunshots still being fired inside the location at that time.”

Officers exchanged gunfire with the shooter, who appeared to be a former employee of the bank, but it wasn’t clear how he died.

“We do not know exactly the circumstances of his death at this time,” Humphrey said.

Humphrey said at least eight people were being treated for wounds, including two police officers. One officer and another of the wounded were in critical condition.

Police later said on Twitter that officers we’re on the scene of the shooting within minutes. Calls first came in for the shooting at the Old National Bank about 8:30 a.m.

In a tweet, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he was heading to the scene.

“Please pray for all of the families impacted and for the city of Louisville,” Beshear said.

The FBI said its agents were also responding to the shooting.

The shooting happened in a building on East Main Street not far from the Louisville Slugger Field and Waterfront Park.

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  1. Indeed, the hits keep coming, and will get even worse in direct correlation with the DNCCP calling for National Gun Ban and Confiscation Laws.

  2. One eye witness stated that the shooter had a “long assault rifle”. Not sure what that is.

    What I want to know is what type of “assault pants” and “assault shirt” the shooter had? Was the killer wearing “assault sneakers” or “assault boots”? Did the murderer drink an “assault coffee” before going on their attack?

    • Shhh you will reveal the secret of combat boots and Bang energy drink to future assholes.

    • Does being used in Louisville make it a Kentucky Longassaultrifle?

      You know, curly assaultmaple stock with a brass assaultpatch box? London assaulttrade lock, assembled in assaultpennsylvania?

      • “assault athletic supporter?”

        Only if you don’t wash it regularly.

        I mean, you do wash regularly, don’t you?

        DON’T YOU ? ? ?

    • it does seen quite clear the perp had an “assault heart”, though. In truth that is the ONLY essential ingredient to any such attack on our fellows. The tool in hand is irrelevant.

    • Shooter identified as 23 years old Connor Sturgeon, an (recently ex?) employee…

    • IT’s not a military description so I would presume that the witness means a Semi-Auto rifle the usual firearm for MASS SHOOTINGS because that’s exactly what they were designed for – to Kill as many PEOPLE as POSSIBLE in as SHORT a time as possible. I cannot see but what such bloody pointless levity on your part is anything but despicable in the extreme.
      The witness says she saw what she believes was a ‘long assault rifle’ how else would she have described it?? I very much doubt that she was much interested in anything else at that point in time and I just do not see what your obvious objection is.
      Or are you one of those poor souls who get their rocks off with ‘Semi-Auto’s due to the lack of anything else ,or more probably the lack of opportunity, to get our ”rocks off’ with anything else .

      Read SEXUAL FRUSTRATIOIN in the AMERICAN MALE [and Other Sexually Deprived Populations] for FIREARMS as a Substiute Sexual Fullfillment .

      • Read SEXUAL FRUSTRATIOIN in the AMERICAN MALE [and Other Sexually Deprived Populations] for FIREARMS as a Substiute Sexual Fullfillment .

        Are you REALLY that stupid? However, you do seem to have intimate knowledge of sexual frustration….

        The witness says she saw what she believes was a ‘long assault rifle’ how else would she have described it??

        No other way she could have described it since anti-gunners have been drilling that bullshit into the heads of the general public for decades, what else indeed?

        I never expected anyone with ANY real knowledge of firearms to join in with the “assault weapon” crowd which brings me to calling YOU an abject LIAR concerning your claims to having been a military armorer… Even my 15 year old Nephew knows the difference between the military version (assault rifle) and an every day modern “sporting” rifle… OBTW: shouldn’t you be exercising your lips in preparation for the “ass-kissing ceremony after dumbass’s coronation?

      • Hate to break it to you, but handgun Madd Shootings still outnumber AR and AK type Semi Autos by more than 10 : 1.
        The Evil is in People’s Hearts and Minds, not the Tool they choose.

  3. Multiple Train derailments….World War 3 closer and closer….Dollar being axed in many countries….The fifth column attack coming through our borders…..Democrats trying to incite racial civil war…People clearly using self defense jailed, while criminals walk free…..Inflation out of control…Many people lives in turmoil over natural disasters….Massive amounts of lifestock burning and strangely dying suddenly….People suddenly dying from vaccines and man made depopulation diseases….China about to take over….
    ohhhhh Wait look over here!!….another false flag….

    • A population filled with fear is easy to control. Most people didn’t get COVID vaccines to “protect grandma”. They got the vaccine because the TV told them the would die without it.

      We’re a country of cowards.

    • WHat a load of conspiracy theory bollocks. I’ve had four and am due my fifth COVID VACCINE and I am not bloody scared one little bit. Here inthe UK within MY Generation knows only too bloody well the reailites of WAR. I was born in the 1930’s not only BORN but LIVED in whatb became known a BOMB ALLEY under the flight path of the LUFTWAFFE where they jettisoned their bombs -that region of the UK known as WEST KENT and EAST SUSSEX. I saw the VI and my grannies roof was blown off by one. I saw the sky turned black with bombers, and small as I was I cheered ‘Spitfires’ chasing Germans All you have is an imagination and a pretty sorry one at that. People like you cannot wait for Cib vilStrife even CIVIL WAR for you chance to show how brave [ or more like hide under the bloody bed] you are and how many poor buggers you will get to shoot. – That’s the pattern of Civil War the opportunity to shoot people NOT ant sort of logical,politics.
      If indeed CIVIL WAR did break out in the USA the American Government would undoubtedly call on Allies for assistance if it saw the need and if it does you are likely to see some REAL SOLDIERING.
      Just kidding but it’s just as likely as anything your childish HOLLYWOOD inspired imagination can dream up!

      • What a fucking moron… You are a pathetic lying POS… And NO foreign country would be STUPID enough to send their military to intervene in anything on American soil… You would be facing about 30 to 40 MILLION ex-military trained BEFORE the WOKE bullshit, remember what happened the LAST two times your boys brought “REAL SOLDIERING” to Americas shores? Oh yeah, a bunch of farmers with homemade muskets kicked their ass… France just turned on America (the same France that owes it sovereignty to the US) in favor of China, how long before King Dumbass does the same thing?

  4. Hmm bank so gun free zone and may or may not have had armed guards of questionable quality. Failing to see how this applies to anything.

    • Are banks GFZ in Kentucky? They aren’t in Pennsylvania. I had a run in with a National Penn bank manager some years ago that resulted in me having the personal phone number of their corporate head of security. He educated her on the situation. National Penn no longer exists but I still don’t disarm to enter banks on the rare occasions when I find it nessecary.

    • the bank was closed to the public …so, unless he was a current employee at the time…just how did he get in?

  5. Apparently handguns are no longer the weapon of choice for bank robbers. At least a “long assault rifle” probably is not a braced pistol. When you allow open borders and the prisons of the world are opened as long as they go to the US you can expect crime to increase.

    • A disgruntled ex-employee probably does not fall into the category of illegal alien or ex-con…

  6. The Governor is headed to the scene. That’s what I always wanted when I was conducting an investigation. A politician in the way.

    • Dem governor, photo op, press conference more “assault rifle” ban bullshit… Why not?

    • Governor Beshear (D) previously ran his state attorney general election campaign from that building and knew some of the victims. So now he feels he has to get in the way.

    • AND the “FBI said its agents were also responding”. No info that was a bank robbery so why are the FBI thugs at the bank? Where they sitting around eating donuts and scheming how to get on the TV news?

  7. If you don’t carry in your bank because of rules, you might consider ignoring rules prohibiting carry.

    • Gunny, I try not to go in a bank. High profile target. Egress is limited. If they know what they’re doing it’s covered. ATM if I need folding money. Drive up. There’s a gas pedal for a reason. Knock down power of anything built in Detroit exceeds anything built in Hartford.

      • And most banks I’ve had to go in, the doors are right behind where the counter is. It’s so the tellers can see sooner, but fuck us customer right… Way too many spots where your back is basically forced to be turned on the only exit/entrance.

    • Haven’t been inside my bank since the day I opened my original account and I would have to look that date up, so yeah, it’s been a long damn time, do car and MC, home loans, credit card applications, whatever online… Even opened an account at a second bank online… No need to go into a bank…

    • in my state the law mandates signs conforming to a specified desigh, incluing olacement in relation to public entrances. If those signs are present, best not to carry inside. If they are not, even if Office Depot NO GUNS IN HERE signs are displayed there isn no binding prohibition.

      SO.. the little black Glock outline with the red circle/slash, stuck on the lower edge of the glass entry door, might as well be a “welcom” sign I never pay any heed to them. No consuqnences for ignoring them.

    • check out the final bank robbery scene in “Hell or High Water”….you might find it interesting

    • My bank is not posted. They don’t mind customers carrying, at least that is what the branch manager told me when we were at the range. He carries CCW at work.

  8. More death as a result of ‘gun free zones’. It certainly sounds to me like the whole thing required more guns before it all stopped.

  9. Demons only possess assaulty-type rifles. Notice he didn’t use a handgun. Or rather, a handgun didn’t use him.

  10. ‘Officers were on the scene in minutes’.

    As is always the case when seconds count.

  11. Always carry, folks. To the gas station. At the grocery store. Going to the bank. Picking up your children from school.

    Always carry.


    • “You carry to the grocery store? Are you expecting trouble?”

      “No, if I was expecting trouble and had to be there, I’d bring a long gun. And a friend with a long gun.”

      Alternately, stolen from a female gun blogger more than a decade ago…

      “I don’t carry to the gas station. Or the grocery store. Or the bank. I don’t carry “to” anywhere. I carry. Period. It’s part of my routine. I put on my gun every morning with no more thought than I do my shoes. Less, in fact, because while my shoes will usually coordinate with my outfit and therefore change from day to day, the gun kit is the same, day in, day out.”

      • You carry to the grocery store? Are you expecting trouble?”

        Not long ago at a Publix in my area an 82 year old woman was accosted as she left the store, she was knocked to the ground injuring her as the perp ran to a running car with her purse, no place is safe, I carry EVERYWHERE, grocery store, Walmart, Lowes, Post Office… Anywhere that does not have a metal detector will find a firearm “concealed” on my person…

  12. How tf do you not know how the guy died?

    Did he fucken poison himself or eat cyanide?

      • … no, obviously this is directly attributable to the recession, so billfolds are to blame.

    • he could a plugged himself when he realised his situation was hopelessly terminal.
      They prolly wanna check out the video feeds to make sure.I don’t blame them. Wouldn’t want one of the attending officers to get be the one who shot him when he did not. Seems they always have them take a timeout when they’ve shot someone. They’ll spill it when they know. Right now it does not matter.

      They are probely more interested in learning about who this clown was, and the provenance of his weapons. Being ex-employee most likely lawful pruchases, as no disabiing records to prohibit.

  13. First comment from every Democrat, “it’s the gun”, banning guns will fix this. No it won’t, bad guys will always get guns. Scream as you like it has been proven countless times the exact opposite is true.
    Over 2000 times a year a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy from carrying out his evil deed. Just because Main Stream Media doesn’t report it doesn’t mean that’s not true. Their are competent people who do keep track those numbers. The National Association of Police and the NRA to name a few.
    And those numbers are probably higher because of those incidents “NOT” reported. Americans will never give up their right of self-protection afforded them by America’s oldest document, the Constitution.
    Democrats let them out of jail repeatedly, let them out of institutions on the public just to push gun control.
    Best arm yourself, it will only get worse.
    Democrats are the perpetrators and the problem. It was the democrats who closed the insane asylum across the country in the 70’s. I grew up near one and they just put them on the street and stopped treating them.
    Now you know why.
    I was there outside Chicago in Elgin Illinois when they closed a 25 acres complex the treated the mentally unstable.
    Crime immediately went up drastically in the SW suburbs of Chicago.
    Illinois democrats started this which followed across the U.S. in all Blue States.
    The State used to treat these people. They just put them on the street to fend for themselves. What did they expect would happen? They knew where this would lead.
    Keep your guns America, every country on the planet whose been disarmed has shouted from the rooftops, don’t give up your guns for tyranny from government will follow. 🇺🇸

    • right of self-protection afforded them by America’s oldest document, the Constitution.

      significnt quibble:

      that right is not “afforded them by … the Constitution”

      It is afforded us by the God who made is.. He gave us breath, He also gves us the right and means toprotect that breath.
      That Constitution does NOT “afford” anything except to “afford” government the DEMAND to leave that right alone. Which government moslty cherrfully ignores.

      • Progs do NOT recognize God or anything that might flow from him.

        They have MANY silly pseudoreligions however.

    • Maybe there, but not here in Texas, not very often are customers denied guns in banks. Maybe if someone in the bank was carrying, the number of victims might be less.

      • Banks in PA can post themselves as no guns. But signs in PA do not have force of laws.

      • no one present but employees…most at a meeting…security did appear to be a little lax…

  14. it certainly makes a world of difference when the responding police don’t cower in the parking lot while they wait for the shooting to stop.

  15. what we have to know most urgently is this a “hate crime.” if so, how did it differ from a “love crime.” former employee means he harbored resentment against the employer or his fellow workers. it is sad commentary on the state of our society when the answer to grievances is violence.

    • sometimes life can involve difficulties…you take your lumps and move on…a lesson many appear not to have learned….

  16. Most likely people in the perp’s circle ignored the ticking time bomb. And like I always say, There is always another murderous nitwit out there somewhere. If you do not have the means to kill them they will kill you…that should be crystal clear by now.

  17. obiden/gun free zones are really working well @ educational/financial/medical facilities, thank sniffer joe & drats

  18. Anyone want to bet it was done by another leftist trying to become infamous. All part of the plan. Sorry there Joe and 3 letter corrupt agencies, we ain’t giving up our guns, in fact most Americans will go out and buy more guns and ammo today.

  19. Ive got a GREAT idea that should make everyone happy, lets elevate every ordinary “gun” crime that is committed with an “assault weapon(tm)” to a higher level offense, you know like “hate crime,” which is just a crime where a grievance class member happens to be the victim.

    This will absolutely stop criminals from ever using “assault weapons(tm)” again; no one would dare use an “assault weapon” to murder people when that elevator might get them 2 lifers, or an extra few milliliters added to your lethal injection.

    Im telling you this is guaranteed to stop “assault weapon(tm)” “gun crime(tm)” in its tracks.

  20. Local bank I use has a little 5in square sign on the door with the red circle and diagonal stripe over an outline of a handgun. As well as another similar sized sign saying weapons prohibited. Last time I went there I had just run into town to make a couple stops and quick errands. Still wearing my revolver in a gunbelt. Deputy in front of me in line asked how long I had owned the old Model 25 S&W. Teller who handled my request/business smiled and asked how my wife was doing etc. So much for the GFZ foolishness.
    And before the bodies are removed from the scene the disarmament crowd will be demanding a ban on anything that isn’t a smoothbore muzzle loading musket.
    Hate to tell the idiots this, but someone who wants to shoot up anyplace doesn’t need an AR or AK to do so. Any pump shotgun or lever action rifle would do just as well. And in close quarters, any handgun would be just as deadly. it isn’t the hardware but the fool using it.
    Anyone wonder why these nutcases use the AR type rifles? Media and political hype. We’ve been told for years the souped up .22 centerfires are so much more deadly than larger, more powerful calibers. Or the short 30 caliber of the AK is just this monstrous city destroying artillery piece. According to our Potatus in chief and his self proclaimed experts the 5.56/223 Remington round will vaporize torso’s and disintegrate heads from miles away. Or they are somehow extremely powerful, so powerful several states don’t allow them to be used for hunting deer sized animals because they can’t be counted on to make a clean, quick kill.
    According to what I read on another news site, the Bank shooter whom I will not name, texted or messaged a friend that he was going to shoot up the bank and was suicidal. Wonder what stopped that friend from calling the police or the bank and alerting them to a potential danger.

  21. At this point I no longer care about people who choose to go around with the attitude of not protecting themselves, because of a unrealistic fear of doing so. Considering the state of today’s society what occurred is no different than going into Bear country without protection or swimming in Shark infested waters and getting attacked/eaten/killed. It is obvious it is no longer safe to do so regardless of where you live or go. It simply comes down to self preservation and the will to be prepared to do so. The Police can’t protect you, D.A.’s, Prosecutors and Politicians won’t and Parole Boards care more about 2nd/3rd/4th chances than citizens safety. If people choose to be Sheeple, they can also expect to be eaten by the Wolves of society. Laws and Prisons are not and have never been a deterrent to crime. The only thing that stops criminals from committing crimes, as well as violent crimes is a bullet to the head. You are either your own first responder and the protector of your loved ones or you are the victim or worse the one attending their funeral. The choice is ultimately up to each and every person. Choose Wisely, because the regret of choosing poorly never goes away.

  22. it is now being reported that this shooter was yet another transmission in transition. pumping women full of gasoline testosterone or castrating men tends to elicit serious mental health reactions.

  23. Perp was a bank employee, clean cut, educated and day after Easter blasphemous monster who is dead. Unfortunately there were casualities.

    • You mean he wore slacks, button down shirt, nice shoes, probably no tatts? Hmmmmm and I’m called a scumbag because I wear t-shirts, jeans and boots, most interesting… Wonder how many recent shooters were actually dressed like “scumbags” some wore camo or sweats with body armor don’t recall any in blue jeans…

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