Louisville Killer Connor Sturgeon Livestreamed the Shooting That Killed 4, Wounded 9

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By Dylan Lovan and Claire Galofaro, AP

A Louisville bank employee armed with a rifle opened fire at his workplace Monday morning, killing four people — including a close friend of Kentucky’s governor — while livestreaming the attack on Instagram, authorities said.

Police arrived as shots were still being fired inside Old National Bank and killed the shooter in an exchange of gunfire, Louisville Metro Police Department Chief Jacquelyn Gwinn-Villaroel said. The city’s mayor, Craig Greenberg, called the attack “an evil act of targeted violence.”

In Louisville, the chief identified the shooter as 25-year-old Connor Sturgeon, who she said was livestreaming during the attack.

“That’s tragic to know that that incident was out there and captured,” she said.

Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, said in a statement that it had “quickly removed the livestream of this tragic incident this morning.”

Nine people, including two police officers, were treated for injuries from the shooting, University of Louisville Hospital spokeswoman Heather Fountaine said in an email. One of the officers, 26-year-old Nickolas Wilt, graduated from the police academy on March 31. He was in critical condition after being shot in the head and having surgery, the police chief said. At least three patients had been discharged.

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he lost one of his closest friends in the shooting — Tommy Elliott — in the building not far from the minor league ballpark Louisville Slugger Field and Waterfront Park.

“Tommy Elliott helped me build my law career, helped me become governor, gave me advice on being a good dad,” said Beshear, his voice shaking with emotion. “He’s one of the people I talked to most in the world, and very rarely were we talking about my job. He was an incredible friend.”

Also killed in the shooting were Josh Barrick, Jim Tutt and Juliana Farmer, police said.

“These are irreplaceable, amazing individuals that a terrible act of violence tore from all of us,” the governor said.

It was the second time that Beshear was personally touched by a mass tragedy since becoming governor.

In late 2021, one of the towns devastated by tornadoes that tore through Kentucky was Dawson Springs, the hometown of Beshear’s father, former two-term Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear. Andy Beshear frequently visited Dawson Springs as a boy and has talked emotionally about his father’s hometown.

Beshear spoke as the investigation in Louisville continued and police searched for a motive. Crime scene investigators could be seen marking and photographing numerous bullet holes in the windows near the bank’s front door.

As part of the investigation, police descended on the neighborhood where the suspect lived, about 5 miles (8 kilometers) south of the downtown shooting. The street was blocked as federal and local officers talked to residents. One home was cordoned off with caution tape. Kami Cooper, who lives in the neighborhood, said she didn’t recall ever meeting the suspect but said it’s an unnerving feeling to have lived on the same street as someone who could do such a thing.

“I’m almost speechless. You see it on the news but not at home,” Cooper said. “It’s unbelievable, it could happen here, somebody on my street.”

A man who fled the building during the shooting told WHAS-TV that the shooter opened fire with a long rifle in a conference room in the back of the building’s first floor.

“Whoever was next to me got shot — blood is on me from it,” he told the news station, pointing to his shirt. He said he fled to a break room and shut the door.

Deputy Police Chief Paul Humphrey said the actions of responding police officers undoubtedly saved lives.

“This is a tragic event,” he said. “But it was the heroic response of officers that made sure that no more people were more seriously injured than what happened.”


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    • Now, now. Let’s not start tossing hand grenades before the facts are in. AFAIK, employees who have gone postal come in all shapes, sizes, and political affiliations.

      • If you have your pronouns listed in your bio, you are a leftist, douche bag, plain and simple.

      • he had he/him pronouns in his bio and posted a bunch of leftist junk. open shut dude was a raging impotent leftie cuck.

        • In all fairness, he had experienced multiple concussions, which is probably why he embraced delusional Lefty causes.

          Is that a “professional” Medical analysis? because I’ve suffered a number of concussions in my 73 plus years on this planet and I do not embrace radical leftist ideology, nor do I have any desire to run out and kill a bunch of people because I feel like I’m not being taken seriously enough…

      • I’ll stick my neck out on this but could the actions of the Louisville perp be on the behalf of Gun Control? Obviously what he said about strength to do it, burn the whole place down, won’t listen to words or protests does not fit the dribble of someone being fired.

        Time between the Nashville shootings to the TN legislators bullhorn protests to purchasing a firearm to targeting a facility familiar to him shows a pattern.

        March 27 Nashville School shootings..

        March 30 TN Lawmaker protests for Gun Control.

        April 4 Louisville perp purchased an AR-15.

        April 10 Louisville perp goes on murderous rampage.

        Could Gun Control be his motive? Motive should have been determined and released by now…what is the holdup?

        • Groomed I strongly suspect. Uvalde convinced me that most of these Shooters are Groomed. I’ve suspected it for the last several years. Someone(s) on the Left are Grooming these Nutjobs.

      • won’t listen to words or protests does not fit the dribble of someone being fired

        Could it be that his “activism” is WHY he got fired?

        Motive should have been determined and released by now…what is the holdup?

        IF the motive does not fit the desired narrative, you won’t see it, funny that the FBI showed up so quickly, not their venue unless THEY were sent there to CONTROL the story…

    • Exactly.

      Entitled little shit:

      “They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this.”

      Not getting his way with his protest, so it’s tantrum time. Hope it was all worth it. His death was probably horribly painful.

      • Spoken like a true “Komrad”… You got your name wrong though, since you seem to be only a dick-head…

  1. “They won’t listen to words or protests. Let’s see if they hear this.”

    Sounds like something a far-right ultra MAGA would say.

  2. Crime would essentially disappear if we just locked up all the democrats. We’d be left with diddler priests and white collar execs stealing from each other although I’m convinced the majority of those are also democrats.

  3. Live stream indicates an audience and SOMEONE with foreknowledge, why would you do that unless you KNEW someone was watching… Sick fuks are complicit if they knew and said nothing…

    • I dont think you know how live streams work. While it’s true that it was developed for use by those who can amass a live audience, it’s also used by plenty of people, businesses etc… who simply use it as a way to record something to have it auto-upload for prospective viewers to watch after the event concludes without having to record a file, save it and then post it manually. Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

      • “I dont think you know how live streams work.”

        If he was one of those ‘Blaze of glory’ fuckwits, he told someone it was gonna happen.

        You can’t just assume there isn’t a video out there of it. And if whoever was watching shares it, it will get out.

        Jackwads like that piss me off to no end. All we need now is for *that* to inspire another copy-cat.

        These assholes really are out to destroy this country… 🙁

        • I would like to see any video and read any manifesto of anyone who commits a mass killing.

          Some of us study this stuff to learn about these things and formulate effective plans in the event one happens when we are present.

          We also would like to be aware of warning signs and indicators that we could apply to determine if we should intervene in the lives of people we know or encounter.

      • MADDMAXX April 10, 2023 At 23:42
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        No, I’m just another ignorant hillbilly Jethro living a mindless existence out here in Capitalvania just hoping that some wanna-be rocket scientist will come along and explain the way THINGS work in this big old scary world. Thank you for sharing your obvious inability to recognize context and the fucking difference between a Corporate Power Point presentation and the inner workings of the mind of a narcissistic nut-job

        Fuck off with the goddamn moderation, I’m really getting tired of this… What the fuck is it now? Sarcasm hurt your feeeelz, like I give a flying fuck about that…

  4. From the perp’s words he sounds like a disgruntled anitfa twit. Disgruntled over what is the question. Of course buttheads removed the perp’s rant which may provide needed public information just in case there is a network of azzhats like him working together, etc.

    For those who think justice was served in Texas…Would you have shot the bank perp if he raised his weapon towards you or others? Yes or No.

  5. Time to trot out the assault rifle gun control lines. We’ll here about this one for awhile since it was a whitey

  6. RIP to the victim’s. One wonders if this pos just hated working in a bank & he didn’t have all the $🙄🙁

    • It’s been reported(with pictures)this evil punk had multiple concussions from playing football. Even pictures of him playing basketball with headgear protection. Still NO EXCUSE!!!

  7. Reports are that the shooter used a rifle and that one of the victims was 26 year old police officer Nickolas Wilt who was shot in the head as he ran towards the shooter. He underwent brain surgery and is in critical but stable condition.

    It sure raises a lot of questions about this “rifle”

      • MADDMAXX April 10, 2023 At 20:05
        Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Yeah, 5.56 or 7.62 they would have been picking up pieces of skull and brain matter while someone was composing his obituary..

        So, the word SOMEONE combined with the word E-L-S-E, IS something that WILL get moderated, THAT is really fucked up…

        • @ Madd
          One would certainly think that would be the case. Even a off-center head would inflicted with a high velocity round would inflict the sort of damage you described.

          When we read of a high wounded count with the fatality count relatively low, that can be associated with lower velocity projectiles. However, one thing I have learned is don’t try to guess the weapon in these situations and even after its reported, take that information cautiously as we know how the media screws everything up.

          One thing I was thinking was possibly a pistol caliber carbine.

        • “Yeah, 5.56 or 7.62 they would have been picking up pieces of skull and brain matter“

          Right, so the AR15 will indeed vaporize someone’s head, I completely agree with your observation.

          You might let some of the other folks here know, they seem a bit unfamiliar with the effects of hydrostatic shock.

        • Miner, evidently a .223 round will enter the skull, completely remove all brain matter, and only leave a miniscule entry wound.
          So when exactly were you the victim of a cranial gunshot wound?

        • MADDMAXX April 11, 2023 At 09:59
          Your comment is awaiting moderation
          Right, so the AR15 will indeed vaporize someone’s head, I completely agree with your observation:

          Well Minerva as usual you take a couple of MY words; add your own twisted concepts and viola you have something completely different than what I said… I’ve NEVER witnessed any one’s head VAPORIZING (nor did I say that in my post) after being struck by a .223/5.56 round, I have seen exit wounds where a piece of the skull was displaced and some of the brain tissue had also exited with the round… I’ve also seen the same results from a .45ACP, .357 Magnum, and 10mm handguns… Anyway, cop shot in the head died no matter what he was shot with… And PLEASE, never “agree” with me again…

          What a fucked-up way to start the day, Moderation is out of fucking control… Pretty soon all that will be left is fuck and the… So WTAF is the “offensive” word in THIS one? How about LISTING the TRIGGER words that upset the dumbass who formulated this POS algorithm and save some of us some time… I’ve re-read this one a dozen times and fuck if I can see anything that is sexist, racist, anti-LGBQTOIPACXYZ or suggestive in any way…

      • It is a royal pain in the ass for normal day to day police interactions but yes can be kept in trunk with armor and rifle (commonly done with Military police but excessive heat can be a problem for UHMWPE) but realistically unless they are getting an Enhanced combat helmet or above (1k starting just for helmet) it will not stop even intermediate rifle threats and if they do get the rifle rated helmets they work up to a point (going from intermediate to full size or anything steel core/tipped) then it is just hoping for glancing hits or the bullet riding along the inside of the helmet after it is penetrated and you just have a weird circular scar around your head.

      • Most of the Helmets on the market are NIJ Level II. They work against pistol rounds but won’t stop a rifle round, though it might slow it down.. A helmet might help with a glancing projectile.
        I suspect, these were Patrol Officers responding to the call and helmets aren’t a part of their kit.
        Maybe they should be.

        • ACH and equivilent are more 3a but the old PASGT’s were right around level 2. Nitpicking on that one but unless you are buying chinesium stopping 357sig and 44 magnum “should” be done by most helmets made in the last 15 years.

    • “26 year old police officer Nickolas Wilt who was shot in the head as he ran towards the shooter.”

      Other cops, that’s how you do it. You died with honor…

    • Perhaps the projectile passed through some kind of barrier or wall first and lost most of its energy. Doesn’t have to be complicated.

      • Could also be an angled impact that partially penetrated before glancing off. Lot of ways impacts can get weird even without helmets involved. With that said still weird.

      • Better than identifying as an “it” or a transgender he/she. I can handle a fish, the others not so much.

        • Or an INCEL (Involuntary Celibate). Gender Benders and INCELs have both been involved in several of the last shootings (Buffalo, Boulder and Uvalde).

    • “Is this a pronoun related tragedy?”

      Rick, that’s the latest reporting… 🙁

  8. Some millennial / gen z douchebag distraught that he wasn’t making $250 000 a year at the age of 25. Young people are f*ed up.

  9. Leftist, always complaining about violence and hatred, do exactly that. The world is better without this POS. Too bad he took others with him.

  10. It is very clear that wacko internet sites, as LinkedIn, with their tran ny grooming practices of choosing your pronouns are complicit in the recent murder sprees.

    Hearings please.

    Do the canukians not like the word tran ny?

  11. I think the 4473 needs to be updated…. Are you an ANTIFA supporter? Are you a BLM supporter? Are you, or have you ever been or considered being TRANS?

    That would eliminate a lot of wackjob gun sales.

    • OMG, how far do we go with that trans question? I remember as a little kid, being jealous of my sister because she didn’t have to do chores. I popped off with “I wish I was a girl!”

      Then I matured a little when I reached the age of six.

      • Paul, if you were heard saying that now, you would be directed to the brand new Biden-Harris Admin Trans hotline. Yes, they actually set up a crisis hotline for children to call with people answering the phone trained in lgbtqia issues. And yes, they did that right after a “trans” person shot up a Christian school because they were worried about the trans kids feeling unsafe. Anyway, I’m sure they would promptly direct you to the nearest trans doctor to get you set up for avoiding the tragedy of going through puberty. Just remember, you can’t be your authentic self unless you pretend to be someone you’re not! Imagine how confused kids are these days.

        And yeah, my sisters never did a second of yard work. I did it ever since I can remember. I was mowing other yards in the neighborhood for cash by the age of nine.

  12. Funny… His dad was an anti gun activist… kind of like the Nashville shooters mom… sacrificing their children for a goal?.. what a coincidence!

  13. Is there really any redeeming value to any social media crap?
    We got along just fine for centuries without it. Look at where we are now.☹

    • I’ve come to the conclusion the answer to your question is “NO.”
      Even when people just join to stay in contact with friends or family, within a short time the Political BS rears its ugly face.

  14. Another mentally ill person. Sturgeon called a friend before the attack and left a voicemail saying that he planned to “kill everyone at the bank” and that he felt “suicidal.”

    So far in all mass shootings (which includes mass school shootings which are mass shooting in a school) since the studies started in the 1960’s (on mass-killing) to present day the number one cause and driver has been mental illness.

    • Sturgeon wrote a note (not clear if it was written on paper or emailed) to his parents and a friend indicating that he was going to commit his act.

      Sturgeon, according to his past writings, had ‘self-esteem’ issues and had always had problems ‘fitting in’ and had a ‘negative self-image’. He had been notified he was being fired from his position at the bank.

      Sturgeon’s LinkedIn profile, the use of ‘he/him’ pronouns doesn’t necessarily mean he was ‘transgendered’. The the ‘he/him’ pronouns in the LinkedIn bio may have been due to various reasons:

      1. Affirming his actual biological status

      2. It may have been encouraged by ‘corporate’ world ‘attitude’ he was trying to enter where its now encouraged to identify with pronouns in your public representation bios “for the sake of inclusion and proper communication”

      3. The pronoun section may have filled out automatically based on his name when he created the account (e.g. ‘Connor’)

      4. It may simply have been a wrong selection in the LinkedIn user settings that he had not changed and maybe didn’t notice.

      Anyway, there isn’t anything conclusive right now regarding Connor Sturgeon’s gender identity or sexual orientation.

      • While listing pronouns doesn’t always/necessarily denote a transgender lifestyle, it does venture heavily into far-leftist orthodoxy embracing an overly-obsessive radical LGBT agenda.

        • Anyone who lists their pronouns is broadcasting their virtue signaling/delusional politics unless LinkedIn requires it. Requiring it would turn off over half the country. It’s time to stop pretending this behavior is normal. It would have been considered insane just a few years ago.

        • Linked in does not require. BUT it is significantly left of center. My observation is that Linked in is of marginal utility in any aspect of employment. Mostly broadcast of corp propaganda with a very significant portion of busybody/Karenhood.

  15. Well, you can add pronouns to your linkedin and adding “he/him” sounds pretty un-leftist to me. It sounds like a sort of jab at the whole pronoun thing but honestly, probably nothing that serious. But whatever “protest” he is referring to I’m sure it’s pretty irrelevant. He viewed the world as a place he needed to fit in, got fired, and popped. That’s it. Mental illness strikes again. The need to fit in caused by social media has invaded all the privacy areas people used to run and hide from when assholes IRL would bully them. This is what kids are growing up on now days. A constant prescription of dopamine and mixed with anxiety, everything becomes a majority. The little stuff becomes the constant daily struggle and the way they view the world. I wouldn’t focus too much on political affiliation here. I think it was an “overall” view of the world for him. They never outgrow the popularity contests of school days and it follows them their whole life.

    The one thing I’d like to know is why he was fired.

        • From what can be gathered about his ‘social media’ life:

          The user name for his Reddit, Twitter, and Instagram accounts was ‘csturg41’.

          His now-deleted Twitter account included posts in support of the BLM protests in 2020.

          In what apparently is his Instagram account he posted “THEY WON’T LISTEN TO WORDS OR PROTESTS. LET’S SEE IF THEY HEAR THIS.”

          He posted a lot of political memes mocking conservatives.

          Yeah, I’m beginning to think another violent left wing mentally ill person.

    • “The one thing I’d like to know is why he was fired.”

      My generation was taught that ALL employment must be voluntary on both sides and that EITHER side can terminate the employment at any time for any reason.

      No one is owed a job.

      It sounds like this guy never learned how to deal with rejection. Now we all have to deal with the fallout.

      What has become crystal clear is that many parents suck at raising kids.

  16. There are bits and pieces of information including the perp having concusions from sports participation.

    By now someone knows more about the perp than they are saying…Nonetheless Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe has already went Gun Control again on your 2A Rights. It’s bah humbug and the heck with your right to defend you and yours against surprise attacks from what is an abundance of murderous perps. Obviously you need to be well armed like the armed security that protects Gun Control hypocrites.

  17. Some leftists are pushing a theory that he was brain damaged from childhood football concussions (IE resurrect the anti contact/male sport meme).

    OBVIOUSLY he was brain damaged or would not have shot up the bank. As always: nature or nurture?

    • They’re distracting. Change his social media to right wing views, and that’s all they’d be talking about. The Puppet would even weigh in on it so he could try to unite the country (against conservatives.)

  18. The result of a generation of kids that were never told “NO”. The result of a generation of kids taught that they are unique and special and winners no matter the circumstance.

    It is far better to teach your children they are loved, but no better than anyone else and that any achievements to be had are had by your own hard work and merit.

    Teaching kids to be resilient in the presence of adversity requires some hard lessons while growing up. Parents are falling down on this very important job.

    • they are unique and special and winners no matter the circumstance.

      EVERYBODY gets a trophy…

      • Exactly…. and then see what happens when they don’t?
        “Two whole months after my 25th birthday and they STILL havent promoted me to bank president… I’ll show them. “

    • Laws/Prisons have never been and were never considered to be a deterrent to crime. They were put in place to identify the penalties for breaking the laws. anyone who believes otherwise is a fool of their conscious and the indoctrination of the liberal media.

      • Very true. It can be said Prison actually creates more Hardened Criminals.
        Billy Bob goes to jail for 2 years for selling dime bags. When he gets out, Billy has all the connections to sell the Hard Schit, and now knows more about evading detection than he did when he first got popped.

  19. According to the video all the victims inside the bank were shot within the first minute of the attack. Then the scumbag simply waited for LE to arrive 3 minutes later. Taking nothing away from LE response time which was well under the national average. This once again proves that when seconds determine if you or a loved one. Lives or dies at the hands of a criminal. Law Enforcement is minutes away. If you are unwilling to protect yourself and those you care about. Then the expectation that you may well be harmed or killed, rises expediently each time you choose to be a sheep in a society full of wolves.

  20. These are irreplaceable, amazing individuals that a terrible act of violence tore from all of us,” the governor said.

  21. I noticed Minor has turned off replies to his posts, LOL. Guess he got tired of being told he’s full of it.
    Hydrostatic Shock actually refers to the Nerve Damage the passage of a projectile through tissue causes, as a hypothetical result of the pressure wave cavitation causes. Some experts think the Temporary Wound Channel may be a factor. Other Experts disagree. 100+ years ago, it was called “Hydraulic Shock.”
    So we’ e not been told what caliber of AR 15 the Perp used, but it’s safe to assume it was chambered in .223 Rem or 5.56 X 45 NATO as that is most likely the lion’s share of ARs sold/owned in the US. It’s also safe to assume that the Perp loaded it up with either 55gr FMJ XM193 or 62gr LAP XM855. Neither of which ate noted for their ability to expand in tissue. They were designed to punch a hole straight through, because expanding projectiles are verboten per the Geneva Convention. So it’s doubtful the Perp was using Jacketed Soft Points or Hollow Point ammunition (Conjecture on my part in the absence of more information, I freely admit). The point is, neither XM193 or XM885 is noted for vaporizing a head or any body part for that matter, and neither are noted for creating Hydrostatic Shock. Yes, weird and unexplained phenomenæ occur, but rarely is that the “Norm.” I’ve seen a .22 LR enter the abdomen 15• off of the perpendicular, circle just under the skin completely around the body and end up 10mm from its point of entry. I’ve also seen a .25ACP obliterate tbe Frontal Lobe of a patient. I State this just because weird schit does happen.
    The point is either of two most common rounds used in an AR hitting someone in the head, may not involve shattering of the cranial bones. There may only a small amount of bone fragments at both the entrance and exit wound(s). It’s a small caliber bullet, with very little frontal surface area.
    Without seeing the patient and any scans, we just don’t know the extent of the damage, or can an accurate prognosis be made. The fact that the Officer is still alive is promising, because that usually means the Brain Stem is functionally intact.
    In the 30+ years I spent as a Paramedic and Trauma RN in the ER, and ICU/NICU, I never once saw a 9mm blow the lung out of the body, and I saw a substantial number of GSWs.

  22. Anybody that would “live stream” themself shooting and killing other people should be repeatedly referred to as obviously insane, and their name should be associated with abnormality and delusion. Instead the names are repeated endlessly in the main stream media which is what the insane nutcases wanted They are incapable of anything notable so they wish to be notorious instead.

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