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…Red states have gone all in on weaponizing our society. We’re seeing permitless concealed carry, open carry, allowances to carry in more places, ending gun-free zones, laws banning red-flag laws; all the while, the number of guns in circulation keeps rising by the millions, year after year after year. Republicans keep insisting that the solution to gun violence is more guns, and they’re going to keep going with that theory no matter what the results are.

This is a one-way ratchet: The path going forward has only one possible outcome. More guns, less regulation of their lethality, and less government authority over who owns them. Predicting the results is tragically easy: more lethality, more frequent mass shootings, more deaths per mass shooting, and more piles of dead children.

For those advocating gun control, you can be civil if it makes you feel morally superior. You can be uncivil if it makes you feel better. You’ll get the same results either way: namely, nothing. I admire those working to try to change these policies. But it is counterproductive to pretend that there is a “normal” political or legal solution: Things are only going to get worse for at least the next 20 to 30 years, if not more, based on the stacked political system and the courts. The system is broken, and it is not fixable in any meaningful sense.

Short of a national divorce, there is nothing that can be done at this point. Mass shootings, and the accompanying piles of dead bodies, are as American as Mom and apple pie. Continuing to pretend that our current system can fix this is tantamount to accepting the status quo.

This is going to upset a lot of people and make them angry. I could be wrong; I’m not a psychic. However, no one has proposed a plausible way to get meaningful gun reform through. It’s not for lack of trying either: Every effort for the past decade has failed despite public outcry after each horrific mass shooting. If there was a way, someone would have already found it. But the truth hurts when it means changing your whole worldview: that the war is lost, and your country cannot be saved from not only what it has become but what it chooses to be.

— Brynn Tannehill in The Grim Truth: The War On Guns Is Lost

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  1. And yet, not one mention of putting those in the criminal class behind bars.
    Zip, zero, nada.

    • Well reducing the criminal violence was never the goal merely the potential violence of any resistance.

      • RE: “Republicans keep insisting that the solution to gun violence is more guns, and they’re going to keep going with that theory no matter what the results are.” brynn tannehill

        Since History Confirms Gun Control is Rooted in Racism and Genocide citizens are clearly far, far better off armed than unarmed.

        I have not seen Republicans selling firearms to anyone. They do not have to when the greatest Gun Salesmen in US History are bill clintoon, b. h. obama and Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe biden.

        These hypocrite worthless fear mongering democRat politicians who have armed guard security are not going to dictate what firearms law abiding Citizens are to have when law abiding Citizens are the prime targets for criminals. Criminals who will criminally misuse anything they can get their hands on including their fists and feet.

        All the calls for Gun Control on TV, internet, etc. and a man uses a hatchet to murder 4 children at a day care in Brazil and mame 4 other children and not a single bullhorn beep out of those who run around claiming to be concerned about the children. If Gun Control zealots were truly concerned about children they would stfu. Hot Air does not stop a perp with a hatchet, firearm, knife, motor vehicle, bat, gasoline, etc.

  2. Those commie tears are delicious, a veritable ambrosia. Something else to mention, the author is a member of the alphabet brigade, the same group that wants to up end millennia of social order to satisfy their own narcissism.

    • …. “nothing short of a National Divorce”….
      Can we get more details?, because that sounds nice.

      • There are people on both the Left and on the Right in this country who insist that there could be a peaceful breakup of the US, in which one side takes this state, one side takes that state, and so on, so that each side can get to live the way they want without anyone else interfering.

        I give them all due credit for imagination, optimism, and the will to believe, but it is a non-starter.

        Firstly, big Blue cities like New York and Los Angeles suck in water, food, and electricity from a thousand miles away, not to mention tax dollars for a hundred million FSA members and the weekly bailout of the big multinational conglomerates that are “too big to fail.” A “national divorce” would mean cutting that off. They’re not going to let us go away peacefully.

        But let’s say we get past that hurdle. Let’s say that tomorrow morning the US government gives California sovereignty. All US military bases in California close, all US government employees leave, California builds its own version of the Berlin Wall to keep its remaining taxpayers inside. Gavin Newsom declares himself El Lider Maximo de la Revolución Calizolana and they replace the Hollywood sign with a giant hammer and sickle. They put up “BIG GAV IS WATCHING YOU” posters everywhere, and Soviet agitprop style socialist-realism murals with pictures of drag queens fondling little boys get painted on every wall and the California State Bureau of Investigation starts “disappearing” people who show insufficient enthusiasm. They write a national anthem about “muh diversity,” in Spanish. California starts printing their own postage stamps, their own currency, they make their own national flag–I’m imagining a California Bear Republic flag, but in Alphabet Mafia rainbow colors–and start doing all the rest of that independent-sovereign-state stuff. Imagine the scene. Fix it in your mind. Ready?

        The next day there will be Chinese bombers with live nukes on board lined up on the tarmac at Vandenberg and Edwards, to “maintain order” and “guarantee stability.” Two weeks after that a quarter million Chinese marines, I mean, “advisors,” will be climbing out of container ships in the ports of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and good ol’ Comrade Gav, and his friends London Breed and Eric Garcetti, will be just begging Chairman Xi to nuke those deplorable know-nothing hicks across the border in Arizona.

        People who talk about a “peaceful national divorce” haven’t thought about it very deeply. The Left has an ideology that won’t let them leave us alone. It isn’t going to work the way they say it will.

  3. The “War” should never have been about Guns in the first place. Guns are a tool. Good in the hands of the good, bad in the hands of the wicked. The goal should be to create a more civil society. There is so much pain and hurt in our society, from broken homes, lack of morality, confusion in politics, drug addiction, bullying, over taxation and poverty, etc. Unless we are willing to work on those issues first, guns in the hands of good people is not a bad thing. There are still millions more good people than those impacted by evil . . . at least for now. We need to focus on the real problems first, then maybe we can achieve our actual goal of developing more peace and less violence.

    • Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes

      “Hereby it is manifest that during the time men live without a common Power to keep them all in awe, they are in that condition which is called War; and such a war as is of every man against every man. In such condition there is no place for Industry, because the fruit thereof is uncertain: and consequently no Culture of the Earth; no Navigation, nor use of the commodities that may be imported by Sea; no commodious Building; no Instruments of moving and removing such things as require much force; no Knowledge of the face of the Earth; no account of Time; no Arts; no Letters; no Society; and which is worst of all, continual Fear, and danger of violent death; And the life of man solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short.” Thomas Hobbes, Leviathan, 1651.

      • “Everyone is the enemy of everyone else, and every individual must compete with others to gather enough resources to survive.”
        Some scary stuff right there.

        • “Some scary stuff right there.”

          Always been that way. Over time, humans have adopted more expensive ways knit a veneer over life.

    • “She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children. ” There it is….she lives with her wife. Confusion on the good of guns is not all this Lefturd is confused about…another gender confused imbecile.

      When collateral damage death toll in an citizen armed society approaches the citizen death toll in an unarmed citizen society, get back to me. Not expecting contact in my lifetime.

      • In defense of the lesbians, I am friends with several and have taken most of them shooting. About a month ago, I took my coworker and her girlfriend to the range. It was their first time. Now, they both want guns. My wife and I got our conceal carry permits with my buddy and his husband back in the day.

        I think it’s a cultural thing. The average gay person doesn’t get positive exposure to guns and gun owners. Gay people are told everyday of their lives that Republicans want to kill, enslave, eradicate them. Even if they don’t fully believe ALL the hyperbole, too many of them believe there can’t be fire with all that smoke around. Plus, those that support the liberal talking points get elevated to the highest voices and positions.

        Best thing you can do is talk a queer to the range. Tell them to take a break from finger blasting their partner and finger blast your gat instead. They’ll laugh, have a good time, and you’ll undo hundreds of hours of liberal indoctrination in a single fun day.

        Side note, those lesbians I took to the range got me a Casio for my birthday. I think they misunderstood my request =(

        • We have to remember that these are just humans and have many of the same desires as the rest of us, a better life for themselves and their loved ones.
          I am willing to come halfway in accepting their way of life(as long as they are consenting adults and they are discrete about it). Many of these people know that they are a little different than “straights” and realize that forcing the issue just makes enemies.
          Once you come to that understanding, they can be great loyal friends.
          By all means, take them shooting, just like you would take anyone else who is not familiar with firearms. All Americans have the right to self defense and to the search for happiness, welcome in all who you know and just maybe we can change attitudes.

        • As long as they’re consenting adults, I don’t care. I don’t even care if they’re discrete. Obviously I’m not down to watch anybody act lewd in public no matter their orientation. Adults shouldn’t have to hide their preferences so long as they prefer other adults. They can be gay or they can be furries or they can be polyamorous or whatever. Doesn’t matter. If someone is nice to me, I’ll be nice to them.

          I have basically a 100% success rate taking new shooters to the range. Everyone has a good time. I drill down safety, I take a sampling of modern and historical firearms, I have them run drills and try to beat their own times and improve on their own groups. If they want to talk politics, I have them wait until after we’ve shot so they can reference what I’m saying with at least SOME firsthand experience.

          Take someone who’s never shot a gun before. Hand them an AR-15 and a Ruger Mini-14. Ask them after they’ve shot them both to tell you why the AR is more dangerous than the Ruger. Explain that an “assault weapon” ban wouldn’t ban both and it’s only based on looks. They’ll get it

    • “There are still millions more good people than those impacted by evil”

      They’re working on that Skip. Give it some time. The goal is to indoctrinate all children into pissed off, entitled, left wing political activists. If they’re able to lower some natural barriers and diddle some kids in the process, then that’s icing on the cake.

  4. “Brynn Tannehill is a Naval Academy graduate, former naval aviator, author, and senior defense analyst. She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.”

    It’s always good when everything you need to know about the author is encapsulated in one sentence.

  5. ‘She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.’

    Her bio pretty well sums it up.

  6. Cried wolf one time too many now they are out of propaganda tricks to get normal people on their side. Now to see how they try to overturn the game board in a tantrum.

  7. My favorite line, and this was as far as I could stand to read when this article was linked in comments yesterday, was;

    “Proposals to arm teachers are obviously infeasible: If you don’t give teachers immunity from prosecution and lawsuits, they won’t carry and nothing changes. And if you do give them qualified immunity like cops, then you have the same problem you do with police: namely teachers blowing away mouthy eighth graders (who would be disproportionately Black or Hispanic), which is even worse than the status quo.”

    So are you admitting that black and hispanic kids are more troublesome than whites and asians?

    Or are you admitting that the almost exclusively leftist union pro socialism woke teachers are racist?

    Or both?

    • Embrace the power of and. About the only thing the teachers union can do correctly is collect dues.

        • Didn’t hear about that one………..wouldn’t surprise me if they participated “unofficially” but hasn’t really come up as much here as the dead/illegals and NYC tend to be the bigger issues for NY voter integrity.

      • They can also strike, sending a powerful message about the importance of a quality education by refusing to provide any education🙄

      • and they are not even doing that all that well anymore, thanks to “right to work” laws.

    • Wjhoever wrote this bilge needs to be forced to examine the FASTER Saevs Lives programme that rose up in Ohio after the Scammy Crooks school massacre. THEY decided to DO something to really protect their school chidlren in Ohio. SInce the programme was initiated (within a year of the Newtown “event”) there has been NOT ONE incident involving guns in any school district in Ohio where this programme was in place. I have, in my mind, “rewound the tape” in Sandy Hook, Columbine Virgina Tech, Uvalde, Sonteman Douglas, Nashville, placed this FASTER programme in those paces prior to these events, then repayed it. NOT ONE child was killed in the modified replay… because in every case there was an armed skilled trained adult in the right ppace when the perp attempted to gain entry who, instead of cowering in a cirner and dying, or wrapping theor iwn body arund some of the students ti attempt to spare some, these courageous skiled trained aults took out the trash with one or two rounds, ending the “event” before any kids got shot.

      One important aspect of the FASTER programme.. IT COSTS THE PUBLIC NOTHING as all training, facilities, supplies, equipment, are DONATED.

  8. Amazingly simplistic prediction. Could there be something rotten in Danmark?

    Dims run on feelings, win or lose. Doubling down on lost policies has a value all its own, and should not be dismissed casually.

    Judging from the tenor of the article, it is designed to rally voters (and donors), not admit defeat, or delay.

    • I read it more as a need to change the rules now that we are losing background message.

      • “I read it more as a need to change the rules now that we are losing background message.”

        Authoritarians change the rules even when they are winning/have won. Else, what is the point of having power, if you don’t abuse it?

  9. “…no one has proposed a plausible way to get meaningful gun reform through.”

    If this statement was intended to mean “a method of reducing the amount of crime committed with firearms in general”, I’ll make a two-pronged proposal:
    1. Do not reduce charges for those charged with committing murder, injury or acts of violence.
    2. Once convicted in a court of law, see to it that those so-convicted are incarcerated for the full term of their sentence.

    If the above statement was intended to address either attempts at, or results of, massed homicides, I propose the following:
    1. End most areas now considered “Gun-Free/Weapons-Free” zones.
    2. Encouragement, by the various local, state and federal authorities, of the general public to receive training in firearms craft and marksmanship, as well as for carrying the means, on their person, the ability to stop persons intending to commit injury or murder, without the threat of procesution or sanction by those same various governing entities.

    • “If you take all the guns off the streets you will still have a crime problem. However, If you take all the Criminals off the street you cannot have a gun problem.” – the late Col Jeff Cooper.

      “The consensus is that no more than five to ten people in a hundred who die by gunfire in Los Angeles are any loss to society. These people fight small wars amongst themselves. It would seem a valid social service to keep them well-supplied with ammunition.” yeah, Jeff. Seems it would be a public benefit to keep them well supplied with ammo.

      But, here is the real benefit of bodies in WallyWorlds, schools, streets…..”That is why our masters in Washington are so anxious to disarm us. They are not afraid of criminals. They are afraid of a populace which cannot be subdued by tyrants.”

    • No need for officials to “encourage” the public get training , etc. The NEED is for government to GET OUT OF THE WAY of we who desire to get this, then take what we have learned and be prepared to USE T when appropriate.

  10. Every one of the linked articles is devoid of a comments section. Nuff said? Clearly they can’t handle the truth.

  11. Every bit off the ill’s in today’s society can be traced directly back to the institution of the welfare state by dems. From education to the destruction of the nuclear family. Enough already! Start incarcerating the criminals with enhanced penalties for crimes where a firearm is used. Now we see the solution in places like San Francisco. Keep the drug addicts obliterated until they die of their addictions. It’s so much cheaper to let them off themselves than to provide actual services to help them. Keep the revolving door justice system going because that’s cheaper than incarceration also. The deaths of children by gunfire are also a plus. It’s much easier to pass new gun laws that way. Knee jerk reactions are always the best way to pass new unconstitutional regulations. We do need a national divorce. Democrats are a pox on society and have almost completely destroyed this once great nation.

    • with enhanced penalties for crimes where a firearm is used.

      NO NO NO NO. SOmeone dead from a blow to the ehad with a baseball bat is just as dead as f he’d been blown away by a BMG Fifty. Include bare fists and feet, deliberate hoicide by car (the Home Depot truck on New York that killed 8 on a bike path)
      God;s word clearly states this: whoever by his own hand sheds the blood of an innocent, by the hand of man shall his blood be shed.

      Murder someone deliberatly, you die. Simple two part programme. Means is irrelevant. This is the ONLY way torestore the lost respect for human life. Until this begins happening murder will continue to increase.

      • So a strong arm robbery where a criminal needs to be up close and personal should be adjudicated differently than assault with a firearm where you can be 15 feet away? Firearm enhancements would very quickly start putting major offenders away. You know the type the MSM doesn’t want to talk about.

        • Tionico,
          If criminal prosecution were to be fairly executed firearm enhancements would very quickly drop crime in certain areas of the country. The dems can’t have this as it would completely fuck their narrative. Crime would drop massively and the tyrants would no longer have an excuse to to infringe on our rights.

        • I agree with your previous point about society and responsibility, but I agree with Tionico about punishing rights violations rather than methodology or motivation. If criminal prosecution were to be fairly executed (criminals got what they deserved for committing crimes), crime would very quickly drop, making firearm enhancements irrelevant.

          Use of a firearm tells you nothing except that one was available (flourishing black market, or possibly that he’s a first offender). Non-gun violent crime OTOH tends to indicate a far more brutal criminal. The willingness to use a baseball bat or knife on someone who never harmed or threatened you shows a lack of conscience far beyond pointing a gun at somebody.

  12. I think I LAMENT this epiphany by Brynn Tannehill, the OP. I offer my reasoning for our collective evaluation.

    Today, post-Heller, . . . -Bruen, we are in pretty good shape with the 2A. There is a fortress of legal protection surrounding the 2A backed up by popular sentiment and, of course, Chairman Mao’s instruction: “Political power emanates from the barrel of a gun.” At this juncture, I sense that the 2A is as firmly entrenched as it needs to be to survive as American doctrine.

    Nevertheless, the Progressive, statist, Democrat Party agenda will persist unrelentingly on ALL OTHER FRONTS. I refrain from enumerating these fronts; we are all too well aware of them.

    I ask a STRATEGIC question of us, we PotG. When our enemy is making a mistake, why would we want to stop them? Why would we want to tell them that their strategy is counter-productive?

    While our enemies (Progressive, statist, Democrat Party) are busy assaulting the “north slope,” they are not assaulting the easier paths to their summit. While they are assaulting the 2A they have fewer resources available in their assault on the 1A, 4A, . . . 9A.

    Our enemies need to advance their agenda along all fronts. Shall we show them our “soft underbelly”?

    We COULD suggest to our enemies that “hate speech” is a really great agenda item; just one example to illustrate my point. All (wo)men of good will deplore “hate speech”. So, Y’all have a great shot at abridging the freedoms of speech and of the press. Divert the resources you are wasting in attacking the 2A and redirect them to attacking the 1A. There, you will find conservatives’ and libertarians’ soft underbelly!

    We, the PotG, assure you that WE will concentrate all our efforts on our citadel: the 2A. You can’t do anything to overcome Article V of the Constitution to amend or repeal the 2A. You can’t do anything about the fact that there are 400 million guns in Americans’ hands. We won’t give them up. And if you go to war with us you will reap the whirlwind. THAT will destroy your ENTIRE agenda.

    While we are concentrating our defenses on the 2A, we will have fewer resources to deploy against your attacks on our other principles.

    You are much better off persisting in your capture of the education of our children. Teach them to be devoted pawns of the state. Then, they will voluntarily beat their arms into plowshares.

    I’m beginning to wonder if we should overtly ENCOURAGE our enemies to attack the 2A. Perhaps if we did so, the masses – their ready source of useful idiots – will begin to see that they are being duped in supporting gun control. But then, I realized that to do so overtly would be counter-productive. The masses would then follow their leaders’ drive to attach the 1A or some other Progressive, statist, Democrat Party agenda goal.

    So, I propose that the best strategy on our part is to refrain from educating our enemies on the flaws in THEIR STRATEGY.

    Food for thought. I’m not convinced what we should make of the OP’s epiphany.

    • So long as the PATRIOT act as well as other digital 4th amendment ignoring policies and procedures are in place part of your point is a bit moot. The 1st and education however are absolutely things to focus additional resources on in the culture war but some regions are lost until older generations die off (and the zombies stop voting as the rolls are cleared). Biggest gift we can give our children is an education independent of the teachers union.

    • With the advent of the Bruen ruling, its time to start suing politicians to remove them from office and make them ineligible to hold any public office again for violating their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States by knowingly and repeatedly trying to push through unconstitutional laws. Getting proof is easy enough since everything they do is reported (propagandized) in the media anyway.

      • I suspect it would be futile to try to get the courts to consider cases accusing politicians of violating their oaths of office.

        Courts are eager to NOT involve themselves in cases that they don’t WANT to consider. And, courts see themselves largely as agents of the polititions not defenders of the rights of We the People.

        The first obstacle is “standing”. Does a private citizen have any standing to sue a politician for violating his oath of office? If not, then the court must dismiss the case for want of standing. Could a DA or Assistant US Attorney have standing? Perhaps. But a prosecutor sees himself as the strong-arm of the state so he will not bite the hand that feeds him, no politician is going to tolerate a prosecutor who targets him.

        Likely the only body having standing might be a legislature, Congress or a state legislature. Arguably, Congress has a duty to see to it that the President and any member of its chamber uphold the Constitution and the oath of office. But, it is rare that a chamber of Congress goes after a President or one of its own members. And then only if that member offends Congress. For a member of Congress (or a President of the party in power) to offend against the Constitution is no threat to that legislative body.

        Our forum is in the town square. To tell our neighbors that Congress-critter Doe has violated his oath to uphold the Constitution. Is that what you want? Do YOU WANT your Congress-critter to undermine the protections our Constitution give to We the People? To whom will you appeal – absent the Constitution – when a politician attacks your rights and your vested interests? Your best protection of YOUR OWN interests is to insist that your Congress-critters and the President faithfully respect the Constitution.

    • I do NOT identify myself as a “Person if the GUN”. I identiy myself as a CITIZEN of the United States of America. I happen to possess hammers, chainsaws, axes, pipe wrenches, nailguns, propane tanks, matches and flints, bricks, rocks, large chefs knives, vehicles and equipment, chains, shovels, and a firearm or two. ANY of the aobe can be used for vr=arious purposes in various situations. I prefer to maintaiin them all ready to hand for use as seems appropriate given the situation and need.

    • “I ask a STRATEGIC question of us, we PotG. When our enemy is making a mistake, why would we want to stop them?”

      The most dangerous animal is a wounded one. Ever since ‘Bruen’ was handed down, I have opined their reaction would be irrational, and Mark here has identified a likely target, free speech.

      Thankfully for us, Trump’s court is also there to defend attacks on free speech, and whatever else they will dream up to attack us with. What we must keep in mind is, the Leftist Scum ™ may have learned from RBG’s obstinance of not retiring elderly court pics. Justice Thomas isn’t exactly getting any younger, if you get my drift… 🙁

  13. It would be a terrific argument if there was any truth to it. But pesky old reality is a constant source of annoyance to the Left.

  14. Predictable result of assuming that the ONLY way to address mass shootings is through gun control er, uh, “reform”, rather than trying to identify and stop the perpetrators. Bodies will only continue to pile up if the gun control lobby maintains its stranglehold on policy and refuses to let the public consider anything other than more gun restrictions.

  15. And then magically Brynn, when guns are banned/outlawed, violent crime goes away in your “divorced” section of the country? All you need to do is look at our neighbor to the south and see how successful that policy is. While it still is possible to own a firearm in Mexico, they severely limit to small calibers and type of firearm, where you can go, no any-kind-of carry in public, and severe criminal penalties if a citizen breaks the numerous laws and is caught. And who really has guns then? The (corrupt) government and the cartels (i.e. the bad guys) as well as assorted criminal elements leaving the populace defenseless and plundered, robbed, raped, and killed by both entities. Your idea of paradise? You’re welcome to it. Take an extended vacation south of the border in Juarez or the northeastern states and enjoy.

    • If it isn’t reported and acknowledged does it really happen outside of the immediate victims (who can be victimized further to remain silent)

  16. These people are such a broken record. To reduce or limit the harm done with guns, you cannot focus on the guns. You must focus on the people doing the harm with the guns because they are the only component of the equation with agency and will. Put more succinctly, Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    • “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

      What we have here, is failure to communicate: guns cause people to use guns to kill people. Eliminating the superfluous words, guns kill people.

      No guns, no gun crime. No gun crime, no people killed by guns (at least in places where good people like me congregate – which is all I care about).

      Guns cause mental illness; they convince people they possess jumbo frankfurters, which leads to people believing they can redress a lifetime of insults, failures, disappointments, from long distance.

        • What was your turning point MyName? I became a hot dog killer about the same time that I started killing hamburgers and corn on the cob. What was the food group that pushed you over the edge?

        • “All my guns have made me a hot dog killer.”

          I may have been too clever regarding frankfurters.

        • “I may have been too clever regarding frankfurters.”

          Frankenfurter? 😉


  17. Dont get to happy yall. They’re gonna try to get rid of the 2nd amendment, one way or another, some how or some way. Just watch.

    • Keep buying. Moar and moar guns and ammo. Let’s get it up over a trillion guns and tens of trillions rounds of ammunition. What are they gonna do??


    • they can “repeal” the Second Article of Ammendment if they like. but just as they have been utterly incapable of ending “homelessness”, drug misuse, fantanyl importation and distribution, drunkenness, stealing, car crashes, “RAYcism”, they will continue to be utterly incapable of ending private gun ownership.

    • “They’re gonna try to get rid of the 2nd amendment, one way or another, some how or some way. Just watch.”

      Damn straight.

      The year the Leftist Scum ™ get control of the SCotUS, ‘Job One’ will be to rule the 2008 ‘Heller’ decision was wrongly decided, that there is no individual right to own a gun, much less carry it in public.

      Next up will be to put every semi-automatic firearm on the 1928 National Firearm Act (NFA). Since that means a government registry, knowing who has what will be easy.

      Our 2A rights are intact only as long as the current SCotUS political balance controls the High Court… 🙁

  18. No “normal” solution?
    Be uncivil if it makes you feel good?
    Sounds like they want, or at least wouldn’t mind, more transurrections.

    National divorce is funny. Assuming they all don’t starve to death I guess they’ll just continue to blame their blue city violence on red states. Will they seek to invade the red states to put an end to the campaign of terror red states are waging in their peaceful clue cities? Who will fight it for them, drug addicts, mental patients and pantifa?

    • “Will they seek to invade the red states to put an end to the campaign of terror red states are waging in their peaceful clue cities?”

      That’s happening right *now*.

      Step one : Shit up a blue state to the point that those who can leave, will. Eye-watering high taxes and bullshit regulations will do it. They will do what they are doing now, escape to low tax states like Florida as fast as they can.

      Now firmly ensconced (RIP, Rush Hudson Limbaugh) in a free state, start voting to turn it politically-reliable blue.

      That’s all it will take… 🙁

    • They would just say “our gun control laws arent working because they’re being illegally brought in from our still-ok-with-the-2A neighbor states”

  19. For those of you who tweet, I submit: @BrynnTannehill
    Her tweets are exactly what you’d expect, attacking anything from the middle and right. Please feel free to offer her a contrasting view, not that it’ll make a whit of difference in her idée fixe. And unsurprisingly, “Not followed by anyone you’re following”.

    • My ubderstanding is this creture is not a “she” but an :he” mentally unstable enough to continue the delision that that “outie” between HIS legs does not disqualify HIM from claiming HE is a SHE despite IS not havng an :innie” between HIS legs.
      Or, in scneitific terms, the subject author is possessed of ine each X and Y chromosomes, and NOT a pair of X chromosomes.

      DOn’t feed HIS confusion and false identity.

      WHO would put much rust in someone promoting such a basic and blatant LIE, anyway? False in one point, false in all.

  20. Unless they are willing to accept warrantless searches of everyone and everything at any time …
    Nah… even they are not THAT crazy. Right?

  21. Missing some important words there, “Brynn”.

    “the number of guns in circulation keeps rising by the millions” yet the murder rate is much lower than it was when practically nobody had “assault weapons” or a carry permit – i.e. your war against facts is lost (FIFY).

    Or to summarize her overly long screed, “Like, why can’t I convince anyone that 2 2=7?”

    • Until this creature gets the FACTS straight on HIS identity as a MALE why should HE be expected to get anything else correct?

      • Indeed. Textbook case of “Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but no one is entitled to his own facts.”

  22. Let us give thanks to those that lost the war on guns. barry. biden. dacian and miner49er.

    The last two were a constant reminder of why we fight to keep our guns and they kept us focused on the fight. We owe them some gratitude.

    • I voted for president theBiden 57 times, giving a guy 4 years paid vacation is pretty much the extent of my gratitude

      • You’re tougher than I am, possum. About all the enthusiasm I could muster for the old guy was a couple toots on a clown horn.

  23. Maybe an option to “a national divorce” would be for all people that do not believe in others constitutional rights, to leave our country and move to one of the marxist countries around the world.

    • “Long live King Biden.”

      Considering Kamala Harris is the only backup, I have to agree with you.

  24. I think the solutions are very simple to this problem. No more gun free zones other than Government Buildings that have their own security provided. Make every school in the USA secure including have an SRO in every building armed and available throughout the entire school day. Allow open and concealed carry in every state in the USA. Have the FBI and ATF investigate every case of lying on an NICS application for a firearm and have them enforce the law when it is broken. Eliminate all extraneous firearm restraints like large capacity magazines, semi-auto rifles, bump stocks and braces and allow them all to be legal with no restrictions. Allow 18 year olds to purchase a firearm, require firearm safety courses before being able to purchase a firearm weather for open or concealed carry. No leniency for criminals and bail required for all releases for felonies. No more releases of hardened criminals into society and seal our borders. Criminals are like little kids, when they know that the punishment will fit the crime they will be much more cautions about committing many of the violent crimes. If they know they are likely to be killed most of them will think twice before they go into any place that has either tight security or many people carrying a firearm.

    • I’m fine with everything in yur Christmas Wish List EXCEPT the points relating to NICS, FBI, BATF. Since ALL are unconstitutional, end them all. Yes. If criminals were really to be removed from circulation in society the gun control laws will no longer have any purpose, because they will have yielded to CRiME control laws that actually WORK.

  25. It’s good to see the leftist say the quiet part out loud. That they are thinking about having a national divorce. That’s good. Because perhaps we can now have one peacefully.

  26. I don’t believe a National Divorce AKA Secession, is possible anymore. The State’s are even more interconnected now, than they were in 1861. Interstate commerce would come to a standstill, and the Feds will overstep their authority once again. The precedence has been set.

    Frankly, unless we clean our DC. Hold mass Civil Trials and punish the miscreants severely, the schit will continue to flow forth.

  27. “However, no one has proposed a plausible way to get meaningful gun reform through.”

    And this is why we don’t compromise. It’s not an honest conversation. We want to take your rights, why don’t you just give them up?

    The reality is, neither party, on any large scale, is doing anything to reduce the drivers of crime. If there is middle ground to be found, it’s there. But the left, for sure, is not interested in finding middle ground. It’s their way or violence against innocents.

    • The mayhem on the streets of America is nothing to do with bloody politics.
      STOP blaming elfin politics and start blaming lack or self discipline, personal irresponsibility, utter bloody ignorance of how the rest of the world works, lack of even a basic education, self delusion and parental irresponsibility in the early years.

  28. as long as democrat party inc keeps treating a cultural and governance problem in the big cities
    as a gun control and constitutional rights problem in the 85 percent of the us counties that voted for donald trump in 2020
    theyre going to continue to meet increasing resistance
    and increasing failure

  29. @Dude
    “Bragging rights.”

    Are there internationally recognized trophies/cash awards for a certain level of accumulated bragging rights?

    A Certificate of Participation, maybe?

  30. @Geoff “I’m getting too old for this shit” PR
    Frankenfurter? 😉

    That’s four minutes of my life I can never get back, but no, the reference was anatomical.

  31. “She currently lives in Northern Virginia with her wife and three children.”

    Given the week we just had, I’m concerned she (either of them or the kids) may be violent. Remember, it’s always projection.

  32. Sad as it is he’s probably correct and it’s going to take by 2035 a HALF a MILLION more victims of Gun crime.
    If the USA Armed Forces took the saame level of CASULATIES per annum there would be anti-governmment riots in the street and indeed there WAS during the VIETNAM WAR which . took around 70,000 casualties ‘en toto -that’s only about THREE YEARS of those caused as a result of GUN CRIME in the USA, In UKRAINE there is a full blown war and the Ukrainians ina full blownwar have take no more than three years worth of casulaties than the USA suffers per annum as a result of gun crime. Those figures, it is estimated, will exceed at the present rate 35,000 per annum by the mid 30’s.
    Has the average American any idea as to the FINANCIAL COST of GUNCRIME inthe uSA// I rather doubt it well I’ve looked at the Official US Government figures and it’s and ESTIMATED $US 300 BILLION -that’s right $US300 billion from all sources. Since the turn of the Century there have been, as far as I can count and it does to anextenbnt as too how organisations define gun crime, between 250 and 300,000 deaths due to Gun in the USA. But that’s probably X20 the number of deaths of US Service Personnel in the same period

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