Why Does an Armed Citizen Stopping a Mass Shooter Upset So Many People?

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What happened yesterday at the Greenwood Park Mall in suburban Indianapolis was every gun control advocate’s worst nightmare. No, we’re not talking about the obvious horror of a crazed wacko walking into a mall with a rifle and indiscriminately opening fire on innocent people. We’re talking about the reason why the shooting and the casualty count wasn’t far worse than it was.

As has been reported, the shooter, who killed three and wounded two more, was stopped by a 22-year-old man who was carrying a firearm. The Indianapolis Star reported it this way . . .

A lone man with a long gun killed three people before an armed bystander killed him in the Greenwood Park Mall food court Sunday evening, according to Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison. Two people were injured.

“It appears that he had a rifle with several magazines of ammunition, entered the food court and began shooting,” Ison said.

The “good Samaritan” who shot the man with the rifle was a 22-year-old man from Bartholomew County, Indiana, Ison said.

Those sneer quotes around “good Samaritan” were a particularly nice touch, don’t you think?

The un-named 22-year-old hero was carrying his gun  in violation of the mall owner’s conduct policy. But he clearly saved lives and prevented a terrible situation from becoming far worse than it already was.

Greenwood’s mayor had this to say about the man’s quick action.

[S]omeone we are calling the “good samaritan” was able to shoot the assailant and stop further bloodshed. This person saved lives tonight. On behalf of the City of Greenwood, I am grateful for his quick action and heroism in this situation. 

Somehow, though, the man’s heroic actions didn’t please everyone. Newsweek made sure to point out that yesterday’s shooting came just two weeks after constitutional carry became the law in Indiana, clearly implying causation for the shooting. Besides the fact that the Greenwood shooter used a rifle — not a handgun — does anyone think that the shooter waited until the concealed carry permit requirement was off the books to embark on his killing spree?

All of the people who make it their business to tell us that defensive gun uses are incredibly rare and the idea of the “good guy with a gun” is a dangerous, deluded fantasy were quick to jump in as well.

Apparently the lives saved by good guys with guns — however many there are — don’t really matter. It’s almost as if they’re disappointed by yesterday’s outcome because their narrative would have been better served by a higher body count.

The fact is, people stop crimes and save lives using firearms every single day. The number of assaults, robberies, rapes and murders prevented is somewhere between 500,000 and 3 million, depending on who’s doing the counting. The CDC itself used to acknowledge DGU totals of between 60,000 and 2.5 million…until they wiped that off their web site recently under political pressure from the Biden administration.

The truth is, the civilian disarmament industry can’t acknowledge the huge multiple of times that guns are used annually in this country to prevent crimes and save lives compared to gun-related deaths. It directly counters everything they’re trying to do.

In a world with zero bail laws, prosecutors who don’t prosecute, and cops who don’t protect civilians, if the idea that the average citizen is his own first responder really takes hold, that’s going to make it far more difficult for the gun-grabber community to sell the idea of “gun safety” through gun-free zones, waiting periods, magazine capacity limits and semi-auto firearm bans. They absolutely can’t have that happening.

What took place yesterday in that Indiana mall was the result of one man with a gun stopping a killer. While that certainly doesn’t happen in every similar situation, the infrequency doesn’t devalue the lives that were saved when it does. And it demonstrates for more Americans, once again, that when seconds count, they are the people best able to defend themselves and save lives.



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    • There’s an old legend about something Stalin was reported to say –

      “The legend goes as follows. Stalin gathered his closest comrades-in-arms as they were all wondering how does everyone within the Soviet Union follow as if he was some sort of God. He wanted to give them a lesson on the attitude you need to have towards people. He ordered a live chicken to be brought to him.

      Stalin started to pluck the chicken’s feathers down to the red flesh and bloodstains until only the comb on its head was left (torture like no other for a chicken). Then he let the chicken go free where ever it wanted, but it went nowhere. It was too hot to go in the sun and too cold to stay in the shade, the poor chicken only pressed itself against Stalin’s boot for some sort of comfort.

      After that Stalin tossed it a crumb of grain which the bird ate right away. The bird started to follow Stalin anywhere he would go despite how warm or cold it was because it knew it would receive just enough food in order to not die from hunger. He told his comrades, “That is how to govern people”.”

      Leftist Scum cannot stand someone being self-sufficient.

      Someone who doesn’t need their government is someone they cannot rule over…


    • fyi
      Here is a good police officer. Who is giving proper credit to a good guy with a gun. A 22 year old legally armed and trained citizen.

      “Indiana Greenwood Park Mall shooting: Police say ‘good Samaritan’ shot, killed shooter”
      video 1 min long

  1. Yo, Shannon: there was absolutely nothing illegal about the Good Samaritan’s firearm carry in the mall. Signs DO NOT carry the force of law in Indiana.

    Also: the second amendment has nothing to do with Good Samaritans stopping shooting sprees.

    • “Yo, Shannon: there was absolutely nothing illegal about the Good Samaritan’s firearm carry in the mall. Signs DO NOT carry the force of law in Indiana.”

      How much would you like to wager when NYC finally issues their new ‘rules’ of concealed carry that those signs *will* have the full force of law behind them?

      You can bet your ass NYC will make a concealed carrier wish they had never defended themselves if they had to defend themself, as in, prison and a full loss of firearm rights… 🙁

      • Don’t try using facts to dissuade her from what she saw with her own lying eyes, logic does NOT register with leftists.

      • There’s a reason I live in Indiana, and not in New York.

        New York is doing you one better: they are forcing establishments to post signage *allowing* carry, in order for carry to be legal. (Not sure that one’s going to withstand constitutional scrutiny, but we’ll see.)

      • Under the law passed recently, businesses are PRESUMED to be “sensitive places” where CC is prohibited UNLESS the proprietor posts a sign EXPRESSLY permitting it. In other words, no sign means that carry in tha place is a prosecutable offense.

      • Right now there is bodega owner in NY who stabbed an assailant to death behind the counter in his own shop who is fighting that fight for us. He was arrested and charged. The public outcry has already caused the DA to drop his bail to affordable and donations are funding his legal defense.

      • That'[s just one of many reasons why no one in their right mind should live in NYC.

    • Same here in Washington State. Signs don’t carry force of law. For example, the nearby mall has a no gun sign which I ignore. If it was discovered through x-ray vision or telepathy I was carrying my heater, the most they could do was tell me to kick rocks and maybe trespass me and in the end, who cares? I go to that mall for cologne maybe twice a year but I’m sure heck not disarming myself because of a idiotic sign. They can KMA!!!

      • In PA they would have to ask you to leave. If you refused to leave when asked they could then trespass you. If they trespass you here you become a prohibited person, so I would avoid that and/or fight it. So leave when asked and if they are stuck on stupid enough to still try to trespass you then fight it for all you are worth.

        Most places won’t trespass you unless you insist on staying when asked to leave. Most businesses here with no guns signs are doing it because their insurance carriers require it.

        • It’s the same here also. I didn’t want to write an article about it but yes, they’d ask you to leave which I would do along with KMA. The mall here has a LE substation so even in the event I was discovered with a concealed carry, I’d likely be trespassed no matter what. That’s why I said they can KMA. I’d tell everyone involved to FO and leave NEVER to go back. It would be like getting kicked out of Sears when they still existed. The place was a dump and who cares anyway?

  2. shannon watts is a paid whore that has gotten rich off the billionaires that run the fascist left. She has an agenda that was given to her by her master and she will forge ahead with it no matter how stupid she sounds in the process. She is doing her job. Better than the Uvalde police did theirs.

    The fascist left doesn’t want the blood to stop. It serves their purpose. Evil creatures like bloomberg, soros, gates, miner49er and herr dacian need the blood of children to push their corrupt agenda.

    • We don’t live in mom’s basement we live in your head rent free. Thanks for letting us control your emotions.

      • Actually, you live in a fantasy land, and it is us who live in your head. You NEED us to give some sort of meaning to YOUR miserable existence not the other way around, YOU are constantly searching for a target to sling your next pathetic attempt at relevance onto while WE would never give YOU a second thought if you were never heard from again. YOU control nothing, but hey thanks for playing, it’s the morons of the world (like you) that prove there ARE justifiable reasons for some late term abortions, even post-partum and with NO limit on age…

      • Why have my fellow leftist become so incredibly bad at trolling?

        “We don’t live in mom’s basement”? What?? Really?

        Anyone who hears that immediately pictures you… Yes… In your mama’s basement…. furiously banging away with your greasy hot-pockets stained fingers, listening to Rage Against The Machine, with Hentai porn playing in the background.

        What happened to traditional, old school propagandizing? Where we would do our work searching all the state sanctioned propaganda sites NYT, WaPo, MS/NBC, Salon, Slate, HuffPo, AP, PoliFact, Snopes, Politico, NPR, Guardian, and anything Media Matters. Then Cut and Paste, Paste, Paste!!!

        Soros pays me (and most certainly dacian) by the word. Is your mama’s basement that nice where you don’t need more Soros cash?

        It’s Pathetic.. Up your game fellow leftist/Marxist agitpropist troll.

        (And always remember “THE MESSAGE” comes before all else, even children).

        • Copy and paste must be very profitable. Just as well Uncle George, or more likely his lackeys and minions, doesn’t check for repeat posts.

      • Sounds like you need to wake up for real. That “Woke” nonsense you spout is getting old.
        You really need to realize that a gun cannot be “illegal”, nor “violent”. You see, a gun is an inanimate object.

        • They believe in animism where objects have spirits or souls and therefore can be good or evil.

        • SC
          A long time ago I had a 73 Plymouth Fury.
          It was evil, big, fugly and evil. Made me late for everything.

  3. The less you can depend on yourself, the more you have to depend on the government.

    • WAIT ! ! !

      What happened to “If it only saves one life” ????

      Did I miss another memo?

      Need to CBS “Circle-Back-pSaki” on my Democrat talking points to see when we stopped using that.

      • MINOR Miner49er Seems you still have that perception problem. You can’t seem to grasp that a armed citizen can prevent tragedy.

  4. 1. The armed civilian good guy did not ‘illegally’ bring a gun into the mall. Even the police say he was legally armed.

    2. This armed civilian good guy not only saved lives his actions are a ringing endorsement of the second amendment because with that second amendment he would not have been able to be legally armed and not able to save the lives he did.

    3. Yes, I know Shannon that you think a good guy bringing his gun into the mall where the mall had their own policy prohibition on guns is “illegal”. Actually, its not where this guy lives because such ‘own policy’ there have no legal force of law behind them and all the property owner can do is ask him to leave and only then if he does not leave then we get into the illegal act of trespass. No Shannon, he was not acting illegally in having his gun with him. Even the police say he was legally armed.

    This is the type of slanted and biased message anti-gun uses to provide a false picture. Just one word change from “legal” to “illegal” not based on fact and a whole different false picture is painted.

    • Correction:

      “…because with that second amendment he…”

      Should have been…

      “…because without that second amendment he….”

      • And besides Shannon, this good guy with a gun did what you claim to be doing. His actions were literally “life saving” vs yours being false narrative rethoric you get paid to spout.

    • Wonder what Shannon would have said had the young man saved her life!
      If a person, any person, saves your life, why does it matter if the person was carrying legally or in a no guns allowed zone………….the person saved your life!

      • “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed’ is pretty clear. Based on that I don’t believe there is any such thing as an illegal gun, or other weapon, only illegal actions. I don’t believe there are any constitutionally legal gun free zones except truly private property; IE an individuals private property which the public is not generally invited into. Once you decide to invite in the public as customers, or take public funds, or government contracts then your business is no longer private and is subject to the strictures of the constitution as originally written. I don’t believe there are any constitutionally legal guns laws.

        I will not obey any new gun laws but will obey all of the ones existing as of 2012 until they get struck down in the courts post Bruen.

        • The Crimson Pirate, just wondering about your cutoff date for obeying gun laws, being 2012. Why not 1968 or some other arbitrary date?

        • Austin, I took an oath to not obey any more gun laws in the aftermath of Sandy Hook. I will obey all of the laws that existed up until that time, but none enacted since.

          I have been blessed that no new laws have been enacted that have affected me. PA law has not changed, I did not own a bump stock, most of the provisions of the newest federal gun law don’t seem to apply to me. But I am standing by to be overrun in august;

  5. Guessing a mix of fear and loathing. Fear in the realization that a immediate action is often superior to best case police response and that their illusion of safety is exactly a illusion as anyone can have a gun damn near anywhere. The loathing falls under the realization that they do not have the ability/courage/temperament to protect themselves so why should anyone else be better than them in some minor way that will crush their ego so everyone should remain helpless for equity or whatever helps them keep their self esteem.

  6. From what I understand, the 22-yr-old was legally carrying that day.

    (1) I read he had a valid permit, and

    (2) Indiana’s constitutional carry just went live a couple of weeks ago on July 1, didn’t it?

    If Shannon Watts is referring to the (as of yet unknown) possibility that the mall prohibits gunns on its premises, that’s not “illegal” unless/until a carrier is specifically informed by mall staff and the carrier refuses to vacate or remove his gunn. Sounds like this didn’t happen.

    • I Haz a Question,

      If the mall had signs at all of the entrances saying that they prohibit firearms on their premises, then the Good Samaritan was onsite in violation of the property owner’s terms and therefore trespassing which is a misdemeanor crime–at which time you could therefore argue that the Good Samaritan was not legally armed so to speak.

      In practice law enforcement virtually never tickets/arrests anyone for trespassing until they refuse to leave after a second notification from the property manager/owner. As far as I know, though, law enforcement could ticket/arrest someone for trespassing simply for violating the posted signage.

      • No, he was still armed legally but he might have been in violation of the property owners wishes which is not an issue until the property owner asks him to leave and he declines.

      • uncommon_sense, in Indiana, ignoring signs is not trespassing. Signs have no force of law in Indiana.

        Some gun-owning lawyers spitball about legal jeopardy given specific signage wording, but as of yet, no such charge, to my knowledge, has ever been brought against a firearm carrier, much less, upheld in court.

        • It is important to remember that laws vary by state. In this case you are correct. In other states not so much. for example Texas 30.06 and 30.07 signs do have force of law. When i went back for my fathers funeral, and then for my uncle’s, my brother and I kept forgetting and would see the signs at the door of the funeral home and have to return to the car briefly. My cousin, a more equal pig, did not have to keep doing this. Further complicating matters both men were buried in Ft. Sam Houston which has it’s own set of signs under federal law.

        • I do understand that firearm laws vary by state. This incident happened in Indiana. Indiana has better firearm laws than Texas.

          (Side note: I believe that LEOSA, which I believe you referenced, is inherently unconstitutional, as it violates the equal protection clause.)

        • Chip Bennett,

          I think you are speaking to something different than I am talking about.

          Sure, Indiana law probably says you are not committing a firearm crime when you carry a firearm into a place of business with a “no guns” sign. I was not claiming otherwise.

          What I was claiming is that you ARE trespassing when you enter someone’s property in violation of their posted terms of entry. And violating signage is enough–the property owner does not have to give you a second verbal order (although that is a very respectful and wise thing to do) before you are actually trespassing. Trespassing is a legal infraction of some sort. The exact nature of that legal infraction depends on the jurisdiction–I don’t know what the exact infraction is where that mall is located.

          Thus, I was stating that the Good Samaritan was indeed trespassing–that his overall status (including being armed) was illegal. This is very subtle because it was his armed status which made him illegal–in a trespassing sense though. Thus he would potentially face the same legal sanctions as someone who violated the mall’s prohibition on being topless.

        • uncommon_sense:

          You’re simply incorrect regarding Indiana trespassing statutes. Ignoring a sign does not legally constitute trespassing in Indiana. You are *not* trespassing unless specifically and explicitly trespassed by the property owner – i.e. specifically and explicitly asked to leave, by the property owner (or agent).

          A mere, generic sign does not meet the statutory requirement in Indiana.

          (A sign stating, “You, uncommon_sense, are prohibited from/denied entry to these premises” might meet the statutory requirement, if the property owner can prove that you saw/read the sign.)

          The Good Samaritan was not trespassing, in a legal sense, as defined by Indiana statute.

          Here’s the statute in question:


        • Chip Bennett,

          It is good to know that a property owner can post their property “no trespassing” on gates and doors, the signs are meaningless, people can walk through those doors and gates, and the property owner must walk up to every trespasser face-to-face and verbally order them to leave before there can be any possibility of that person trespassing.

          That is the most God-awful trespassing law in the United States.

        • uncommon_sense,

          Simon Malls are not posted “No Trespassing”. They could, if they chose to; but why would a business, open to the public, do such a counter-productive thing?

          A “no firearns” sign is not equivalent to a “no trespassing” sign.

        • BS Mr Uncommon.

          No one’s silly personal “rule” trumps the 2nd (or any other section of the Bill of Rights).

      • The trespassing statute is only valid if the person has been asked to leave by mall employees and refuses. Just like in Iowa it carries No force of Law.

      • I have seen a lot of malls around have very small signs off in an obscure corner of the door that are easily missed. I also know of at least one that did not have signs but had a line in their policies prohibiting carry, but you had to look them up online to know. During my OC life I open carried in several of these malls and never once was approached or asked to leave.

        Now I almost exclusively CC mainly because I am over talking to people and the only issue I ever experienced with OC is that it starts conversations.

    • Even then, it still isn’t illegal to *carry*; one can only be cited for criminal *trespass* for refusing to leave when trespassed. The citation has nothing whatsoever to do with firearm carry. In Indiana, you can be asked to leave (trespassed). If you refuse, the owner can call the police, who will respond and then ask you to leave. If you then continue to refuse to leave, you will be cited for criminal trespass.

        • There would be no way for him, now, to catch a criminal trespass charge. Not under applicable Indiana statute.

        • The mall owners have endorsed the carry/action Dicken by thanking him for solving the problem. So carry is now accepted at ALL Simon Property Group malls. GREAT!

      • Simon is a major operator/outfit: ” It is the largest owner of shopping malls in the United States and is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Worldwide, it owns interests in 232 properties”

  7. Actually, there is no reason to further debate the anti-gun group. Simply ignore them and take them to court whenever they violate second amendment rights. Every gun owner should belong to a gun rights organization and support their lawsuits against the anti-gun lobby. It’s the best way to get positive results. Additionally, vote these anti-gun politicians out of office and get people who take an oath to uphold the constitution and will do it. Do not obey laws that are unconstitutional and if there is any effort to physically disarm law abiding firearm owners you should treat any attempted intrusions into your home without a warrant as a Make My Day or Castle Domain situation as defined in your locality. Both Government and criminals need to understand that you will not compromise your 2nd Amendment rights when they are being violated by illegal actions.

    • Sorry but I have to disagree. We need to “get in their faces” (Obama said). We need to rub their noses in it all day every day until they get the message. Their treason is not wanted and isn’t working.

      • MAC
        Your right doing nothing has put us in this position. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
        I engage with many people every day and gun related things come up often. I’ve given many people info on things to read and watch. Had quite a few thank me later for it.

    • Yup. “Concealed” means no one knows about it. I’d rather face Watt’s ire than face an attacker while unarmed. I may or may not be successful against an attacker, but the only thing Watts can do is to be shrill

    • The only “no guns” signs I ever see have pictures of Berettas and Glocks. I don’t own either of those, so I think I’m okay.

  8. Funny how people a thousand miles away that weren’t getting shot at don’t think this was a good thing but the people who had their lives saved and the mayor of the town thinks it’s pretty dang good.

    Good job seizing the initiative and getting the job done with just a hand gun at risk to yourself. Good shoot Mr. Good Samaritan.

    The only way to keep these incels at home in mommy’s basement is to demonstrate they are going to get executed by polite and armed society when they try this ignorant $h!t.

  9. I think the people on the street have more to say about a good guy with a gunm then the people sitting behind a desk.
    My guess is them people in the mall are tickled shtless the samaritan with a gunm was there.

  10. The data we do not have is how many times has a person with evil on their mind changed their mind because their target was too hardened. You cannot count something that did not happen.

    • I think the perpetrator would forestall his attack for a later date. That is if his grievances towards that location were the motivator.

    • You are correct, we don’t have the data on mass shootings against hard targets. I would like to point out, when is the last time a mass shooting happened at a gu n store or a police station?

      • when is the last time a mass shooting happened at a police station? Way more recent (and a lot more often) than you think. Lots of way below average intellects running around out there. This is just a few of the MANY recent incidents I found.

        A suspect was arrested in Milwaukee on Friday after walking into a police station and firing at officers – days after a 20-year-old Black man died in custody at the same station.
        MESA, Ariz. — A 39-year-old woman is at the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after being involved in a shooting at the Mesa Police Department headquarters.
        Officials said 32-year-old Imran Ali Rasheed shot and killed 26-year-old Lyft driver Isabella Lewis after picking him up for a ride in Garland on Sunday. According to police, Rasheed then stole Lewis’ car and drove to Plano Police Headquarters, where he started shooting inside.
        Plano police shot him three times; he has since died, officials said Monday.

  11. You can spend your time arguing back and forth across Twitter if like. THAT’s on you.

    As for me, this 22 year old is a hero. I’d like to buy him an extra box of ammo.

    I’m moving on…

  12. Of course Gun Grabbers will say that “armed good guys” have only stopped a few spree-killers and thus the “armed good guys” solution is a very poor solution to the burgeoning problem of spree-killers.

    And gun grabbers further go on to say that every violent criminal was, by definition, a “good guy” before his/her first violent crime. Since every violent criminal started out as a “good guy”, Gun Grabbers therefore claim that disarming all “good guys” will ultimately disarm violent criminals.

    Setting aside the asinine claim that violent criminals will no longer be violent criminals if we somehow disarm all “good guys”, the very first “shortcoming” (that “armed good guys” have only stopped a few spree-killers) has a far superior solution than disarming “good guys”: far more armed good guys. Why is that a solution? Because relatively few “good guys” are armed in public–especially in the countless number of “gun-free zones” where many spree killers attack and “good guys” typically disarm according to the rules.

  13. If the little people think they have any autonomy or agency at all the whole government ponzi scheme crumbles.

    Best that the useless feeders leave any task that isn’t directly consuming products to the professionals such as those in Uvalde, the Federal Reserve or the DoE.

  14. I would dearly love to see the video of this event. To see how the good guy dealt with the situation. Was he close to the action and needed to do this to defend himself? Or did he run to the sound of gunfire? Either way, he’s a hero and should be lauded as such. Pistol vs rifle FTW.

    • Would love to know myself.

      This only makes me enraged when I think of one of the initial excuses from the Uvalde police, “pistol vs rifle.” No matter the circumstances, this civilian still took out the maniac with a pistol, while multiple officers retreated when they were met with rounds from a rifle in Texas.

  15. We don’t know that the handgunner was a good guy. He coulda been a gang banger. What we do know is he wasn’t there actively killing folks and that when a real bad guy did he killed him doing the right thing regardless of legality.
    Right isn’t always legal.
    I found a deer on the highway that had been hit and was in bad shape with back half smashed. I pulled over got out a shot it. When I got back in I explained to my kids that right isn’t always legal.
    I’m gonna do what’s right

    • He coulda been a gang banger.

      Not many gangbangers walking around with concealed carry permits

      • Both a lifetime LTCH holder, and from Bartholomew County. Not likely a gangbanger, no. (But OP’s point is well taken.)

  16. Gun control is a religion and Shannon Watts is a high priestess. Facts and reason do not count for much vs religious belief.

    They seem to believe that utopia is just a matter of being rid of nasty guns, then knives, hammers/ bludgeons, and pointy sticks.

  17. The most reprehensible lowlifes on the face of the Earth are upset that a common citizen from Indiana on his own stopped a mass murder when 400 government pigs in Uvalde didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t.

    The G should be very concerned. It’s been exposed once again as venal, dishonest and impotent.

  18. I bet if SHE had been in that food court and that kid had saved HER miserable life, she would be singing praises to the 2nd and BEGGING him to let her bear his children while in the Kamala position in front of him.

    • Sorry but she’s too evil to do any such thing. She would silently slither off like the snake she is and not say a word.

  19. You cannot use a single example incident to justify a particular stance. The fact is that regardless the guy who took down the perpetrator of yet another mass shooting was himself breaking the law and tow wrongs do not make a right. Either you uphold the law or you do not Policing in a Democracy can only be effective with the consent and co-operation of those being policed and that included upholding the law. However in the opening comment it says that ‘a ban on weaponry was at the behest of the owner of the MALL in which the shootings took place. Does that ‘ban’ overide local Common Law? That I do not know.
    In the meantime in most countries there are conditions whereby a Citizens Arrest’ using ‘Proportionate Force’ is perfectly legal to protect oneself or other or to prevent a crime being commited or in commision. In the USA this unfortuneately includes the use of firearms in MASS and senseless shootings.
    So it leaves me with a thought- Why does not this kind of thing happen more frequently? After all here must on the law of averages be more than a few persons with legally held weaponry within spitting distance of most ‘mass shootings. and every one of them having.
    the right of Citizens Arrest using Proportionate Force.
    Mind you her in the UK I witnessed last week a middle aged guy being set upon by a gang of youths whilst trying to protect another youth on his Minibus. I went to help but being in my mid80’S byn the time I got there the ‘gand g had scattered HOWEVER standing around in a nearby taxi-cab rank wer four or five ‘cabbies all a damn sight younger than me. I asked them why they had not intervened and to a man they said it had nothing to do with them. I am afraid that I called them a few names in front of several women including being cowardly in very strong terms. I asked them how they’d feel if a fare attacked them and fit young men passed THEM by. No answer was the stern reply.

    • @Albert

      You have over time posting here suitably qualified your self as having absolutely zero knowledge of this subject. You have no reason to continue with further false, incorrect, and ignorant missives of word salad has now.

    • “You cannot use a single example incident to justify a particular stance.”

      Except when you do it here to justify yours.
      I like how you refuse to follow your own rules.
      Keep up the great work.

    • ” I went to help but being in my mid80’S byn the time I got there the ‘gand g had scattered ”

      Did they flee fearing a zombie attack as you approached?

    • ” I called them a few names … including being cowardly in very strong terms. ”

      Woe be to any miscreant who may face such harsh treatment.

      Which also means, in the UK it will be made a serious offence to use excessively strong terms when attempting to dissuade an attacker who is only raping your granddaughter to relieve the stress caused by victims who resist his efforts.

  20. “The CDC itself used to acknowledge DGU totals of between 60,000 and 2.5 million…until they wiped that off their web site recently under political pressure from the Biden administration.”

    I see that the Biden Misinformation Bureau (aka. Ministry of Truth) is on the job performing their Misinformation duties…their Motto / Mission Statement: We can’t let little things like data and facts sway people from their “feelings”.

    • I noticed another inconvenient data link was broken on dot gov recently. I assumed that was intentional. I could only find a few articles with the link but couldn’t find the original data I was looking for.

  21. Mark Follman in his twit tweet says “Ordinary citizens armed with guns stop mass shooters in about 3 percent of cases. ” and then points to the New York times data.

    Actually thats not true. Ordinary citizens armed with guns stop, or prevent, or thwart mass shooters over 90% of the time when they engage the mass shooter in some manner and that is not always shooting them. Of those who shoot the mass shooter to stop them its about 3%.

    • The NYT data doesn’t account for those mass shootings stopped before the mass shooter shot some one or started firing. Thwarting or preventing by ordinary good guys with guns also stops mass shooting, but for sone odd reason this is not acknowledged as stopping mass shootings.

      Oh wait.. its not so odd after all. Its normal for anti-gun, and anti-gun backed studies and media articles (yes you too NYT), to not include this.

  22. “Blessed are those who, in the face of death, think only about the front sight.” Jeff Cooper

  23. Ya know, I don’t have to justify a G*d Da*ned thing to Shannon Watts or any other elitist snob tyrant control freak.

    They hate me and everything I stand for so there’s no reason to discuss anything with them or care what they think.

    Control criminals and leave me alone.

  24. Shannon Watts beats the same tired worn out drum again.

    As sure as the sun rises in the morning, Shannon Watts misstates, twists and alters facts to further a failing unpopular agenda.

    It impossible to give anything that drips or spews out of Shannon Watts’ mouth a shred of consideration when the very face and mouth of disarmament is herself protected by armed personnel.

    One has to wonder, if it wasn’t for for Bloomberg, we all remember Bloomberg right? He’s the one who blundered the presidential debate in galactic embarrassment proportions so badly it was difficult to watch, if it wasn’t for sugar daddy and his deep pockets, Shannon Watts would have been long gone from her anti-gun gig and would be a Spokesperson for Summers Eve or Nabisco. Shannon Watts follows the money and will say anything for that check.

    • Shannon will not only say anything for that Bloomberg cash, but will also do anything, and everything, to stay on the gravy train.

  25. It would be great if we could send everyone to Gunsight. Or Thunder Ranch. Or some other similar facility where they can learn, how to fight with a gun. But most Americans will never be able to afford to spend that kind of money. The cost of the class. The cost of the ammunition. As well as the cost of travel and a hotel to stay at.

    Every city, every town, has people who can train you. And you can be just as accurate as this 22 year old law-abiding gun owner. But you need to practice at home. Drawing and re-holstering your weapon. And always make sure your weapon is unloaded when practicing at home.

    It’s how I do it. And I’ve taken only three formal classes in my local area.

    And you don’t need a lot of ammunition to practice with when you practice on your own. All you need is one box of ammunition. Which is usually 50 rounds a ball or Full Metal Jacket ammunition. I use the cheap stuff. Here is an example of how to do this. This was done by a Firearms instructor Paul Markle at “Student Of The Gun”.

    I printed the article out and I take it with me to the range.

    “Ammo Shortage Solutions: One Box Workout”

    • One great thing about a revolver… you can practice virtually everything with an empty gun and/or a few dummy rounds.

  26. Funny thought, in NY the all new restrict law abiding citizens their 2ndA rights, requires business that WILL allow for CCW in their establishments to post a sign saying so . . . all those businesses do, and they see crime rates go down!

  27. fyi

    “One-Box Workout Drill – Gun Training at the Range: Guns & Gear|S8 Tip”
    video 5 min long

    • Great training advice vid. 👍

      If your range doesn’t allow shooting from draw, find one that does. Lots of Fudd ranges around, even here in Texas. Some don’t even allow double taps FCS.

      Mozambique drills are great too, better recoil management and target reacquisition.

  28. They are compelled to attach the Samaritan, his actions destroy the democrat gun-grabbing narrative. I mean, only the cops can protect us as they are highly trained. If they feel like it I guess. Self responsibility horrifies liberals.

  29. A 2019 study by the Crime Research Prevention Center found that 94% of mass shootings happened in gun free zones.

    FBI data analysis reveals that armed civilians are 94% effective at stopping would-be mass shooters when they do encounter them and are armed.

    Police effectiveness at stopping would be mass shooters is 3%. This is because police are not there usually when a would be mass shooter appears.

    The average “basic firearms proficiency’ mass shooter has time to shoot at least 10 people before police show up, even if they use a single shot firearm for each shot. This period of establishing ‘kill zone dominance’ is thwarted or prevented by a good guy with a gun with 94% efficiency.

    Overall, the good-guy-with-a-gun defender is about 90% more effective than police at stopping mass shooters when the defender is armed and they encounter a mass shooter incident. The reason, among others: the armed defender is there when the would be mass shooter appears and denies the mass shooter complete ‘kill zone dominance’.

  30. What happens when cops take action? Officers shot and injured five bystanders when they opened fire into a bustling crowd early after a man pointed a gun in their direction, the Denver Police Department said.

  31. The Marxists that are wailing are angry because they ALMOST had another mass shooting to use for more unconstitutional gun control law. Plus the “good guy with a gun” was reinforced once again. But, never let the truth get in the way.

  32. I see that some media hypocrites are questioning how the term “Good Samaritan” can apply to this fellow since he too killed someone. My question to those media hypocrites is, if you can’t even manage to define a woman, why should I accept your definition of a Good Samaritan?


  34. Perhaps the reason so few mass shootings are stopped by a good guy with a gun is mass shooters target places like schools, where good guys are not permitted to carry a gun?
    Also, when a good guy with a gun prevents a mass shooting it kind of skews the data.

  35. People lash out when you attack their identical, religion, such as anti gun narrative.
    There will be people demanding he be charged with a noise complaint and every possible thing he ever posted will be twisted and he will be “outed” as a transphobic or something.

  36. its pretty simple
    because evil people
    dont like it
    when other evil people
    are stopped dead in their tracks
    from doing evil deeds
    its always been that way

  37. “Let me be clear: If more guns made us safer, America would be the safest country in the WORLD.”

    Let me be clear, if you and the rest of your anti-gun idiots would stop trying to persecute law abiding gun owners and you guys actually took violent criminals out of society instead of having this insane, basically, ‘catch and release’ agenda you have then America would probably be the safest country in the “WORLD”.

    • “Let me be clear: If more guns made us safer, America would be the safest country in the WORLD.”

      Let me be clear. If more guns made us less safe, we would be the least safe country in the world. If more guns made for more suicide, America would have the highest rates in the world.

  38. Wasn’t there another mass shooting at a mall foiled by a DGU like 10 years ago? I remember it also came close on the heels of a much higher body count mass shooting in a gun free zone

  39. It’s like insulting a religion. By now they have searched every high school yearbook every Twitter post anywhere so they can be attack him as racist or any possible thing.
    I feel very sorry for this hero.

  40. The armed citizen did the right thing. I support his actions 100% and if in the same situation, I would have done the same…
    That being said…
    He is damned lucky that there were no cops around as he was performing his “civic duty” as he would have probably been shot and killed by the cops.
    There is a another recent case of a “good samaritan” doing exactly the same thing–putting down an “active shooter”. Unfortunately he was murdered by the cops just because he was holding a weapon.
    Cops will need to change their tactics as well. There are no easy answers…

  41. I read somewhere (maybe on here) that good guys with guns stop close to 40% of attempted mass shootings where guns are not banned. The low number of mass shootings stopped are mostly because they primarily happen in gun free zones. Those signs saying no guns are completely meaningless in Indiana and gun owners in Indiana mostly know that. I always carry when I am in the mall. I bet the loser nutjob did not know that, I bet the loser nutjob thought it was a gun free zone. It would be nice to know that but its even better that he is dead.

  42. Carry everywhere! Don’t let the foolish decide if you can defend yourself or not. Be safe out there among the nutjobs, everyone.

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