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In the wake of yet another shooting, people immediately wanted to know what influenced and motivated another young man to open fire on a crowd, this time during a July 4 parade. As usual, their curiosity stemmed in part from a belief that if we can simply identify the next probable shooter in time, we can prevent the next massacre. In other words, we can make sure that only good guys, not the bad guys, get to have guns.

Sadly, this isn’t a workable solution. It never has been. …

Identifying those who are likely to shoot others or themselves is a worthwhile goal, but it won’t be enough to end gun violence, not as long as we continue to arm more and more Americans each day. That’s because even mentally stable people, the so-called good guys, can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice, and with access to a gun, the consequences are irreversible.

We need to shatter the illusion that gun owners are better at protecting themselves. It simply isn’t true. It’s a dangerous illusion, one that threatens to kill us all. We need to follow the example of forward-thinking countries who faced the problem and took a no-nonsense approach to solving it. Only then can we ensure our survival, and more importantly, the survival of our children and the generations to come. Enough is enough.

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    • By all accounts ellen curry-wilson-dumbazz is another silly backdoor Gun Control busy body. Her vision for America is to have citizens stand around like grazing disconnected Wildebeasts content with seeing Lions free to select which one to eat.

      • Why in God’s name cannot you and your like take a step or ten back and consider the bloody FACTS instead of reducing everything a Dick Swinging rant. This ELLEN CURRY is not talking from a lack of knowledge she is talking from a position of truth and what is more every thinking person knows it even the majority of gun owners. It is more likely that carrying a hand gun for use in any self defence situation is far, far more liklely to get you killed than it is to save your life or the life of others. There is, for instance, no evidence that if the teachers at UVALE had been armed that it would have made the slightest difference. If the example of the Police on site is anything to go by it most definitely made things worse and they wer pros not wannabe Rambo amateurs

        • Said the sheep.

          Said the Jews.

          Said the people of Venezuela.

          Said the people of Canada.

          Said the British.

          Said the Aussies.

          Said the Cubans.

          Said the Japanese.

          Said the Chinese.

          And today murder rates have not been reduced in those countries, criminals still possess guns, a former Japanese prime minister was just murdered in a gun free country and the people of Cuba, Venezuela, and great Britain and Australia wish they has guns.

          You are a child and are thinking like one. The people you trust are the ones lying to you. It happened to the Jews, the Venezuelan people and the Cubans.

          But guns are prevalent and available in the middle east and yet these problems do not exist… Maybe it is because in those countries they teach children to be adults but here they teach adults to be children.

        • There is, for instance, no evidence that if the teachers at UVALE had been armed that it would have made the slightest difference.. Using your uhhhhhhh… logic? There is equally no evidence that had those teachers BEEN armed they WOULD NOT have made a difference. I know you’ve heard this time and time again but I feel it is worth repeating… Fuck off.. Mate…..

        • So you’re saying Ill be safer if I walk around defenseless, than if I walk around with the means to defend myself.

          Makes perfect sense.

        • Really? So just what evidence is there that anyone armed in the building would not have prevented or at least lessened the death toll?
          I carry a side arm on my person as well as a knife and a small flashlight. Just as I have my keys, wallet and phone. I have a full on field medics bag in the vehicle, as well as a 20lb fire extinguisher. Just like I have a tool kit, jack and spare tire.
          22 years in the Army, several in SF, cross trained as an SF field Medic, after retirement from the Army, I slept through the classes and certified as an EMT/Paramedic. Spent several years working as a Paramedic with a small town fire dept. So, perhaps I am slightly more qualified to speak about what we do than some limp dicked limey.

        • Albert is correct for 2 reasons. The element of surprise and the fact that the nut case had on body armor which would have rendered a handgun largely ineffective. Shooting for the head which is a small target,( especially under stress) and the skull being rounded makes for a difficult target and even if you hit the skull there have been many instances where the bullet simply glanced off because of the rounded surface of the skull.

          Most experts on self-defense recommend never shooting for the skull.

          Note the first cop brave enough to actually storm the room was indeed hit in the skull with a high velocity rifle round from the nut case, even this rifle round (not a low velocity pistol round) did not knock him out or prevent him from drilling the nut case with his rifle round. The round did not penetrate the skull of the cop but glanced off of it.

        • Mr. Hall, in your emotional tirade you make several assertions that are not supported by fact.

          “It is more likely that carrying a hand gun for use in any self defence situation is far, far more liklely to get you killed than it is to save your life or the life of others.”

          This claim has its origins in widely-disseminated research conducted by Dr. Arthur Kellerman in the 1990s. His methodology was thoroughly debunked in the years since. It was flat out contradicted by research published in 2006 by Jongeyon Tark and Dr. Gary Kleck, which used crime victimization surveys conducted by the CDC. Despite their clear findings, Dr. David Hemenway (popular in anti-gun circles) was able to massage the data to claim it didn’t mean what it said.

          “There is, for instance, no evidence that if the teachers at UVALE had been armed that it would have made the slightest difference.”

          Since there are 1,000 schools in this country with armed teachers and no incidents at any of them, I think there is evidence. Furthermore, there have been several studies that found that the possibility of armed resistance significantly decreases mass shooters’ effectiveness, even when such resistance is not immediately present. (Having to look over your shoulder and watch your flanks the whole time that you’re trying to kill innocent children tends to slow down those evil scum.)

          Come back after you’ve done more research.

        • Albert L J Hall, Pure Unadulterated HORSE PICKY! The woman has no clue what she is talking about. We have hundreds of incidents each month where a civilian with a gun has defeated the bad guy.
          Seems You have no clue what you are talking about either.
          Time to go back to school and learn about firearms for real.

        • Tuck in your string already… that Man-pon is slipping out of your Mangina.
          Rather unsightly IMHO

        • no evidence for, or against. So you claim we cant PROVE that if either of the two now-departed teachers in that maniac’sequestered kill zone had been armed they could have ended the massacre. Fine. Where is YOUR evidence they CANNOT have done?

          Go and study some of the work of john Lott. HE uses stats from US government data to address this issue. He started out to prove what yu blather on about, that armed public are the root of the problem, but the more he looked into it, the more numbers he got, the more he researched accounts of “incidents” he had to face the truth….. that it is not the guns it is the ones holding them, whether for good or evil.

          Go and ask those two teachers at Uvalde whether they, were they able to simply press the red RESET button they would not choose to have been armed that day.
          Sad to say, there is NOT a red reset button. They are dead and so will remain forever.

      • Have you ever stopped to consider that other civilised nations that DO have very strict guncontrol measures do NOT have the level of violence and desth associated with America? And I can assure youn that those countries do NOT cvconsider themselves less ‘free’ than the gun -nuts of America. And neither dso they consider themselves to be particularly ‘LIBERAL, Commie or a Lefty.
        Do you really think tha America is a free comnuntry when the pro-gun lobbiests think that there should be a bloody LOCK of every school classroom door.
        Do you think that America is a FREE country when the pro gun lobby recommend PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT of children in an attempt to identify who WILL and who will not be suitable for a gun-owning licence maybe a decade in the futiure?
        Do you think America is a FREE country when many of it’s citizens sleep with a loaded gun under the pillows? Do you think America is a free country when you have to look over your shoulder when in the Supermarket mall?
        ONe luck guy manages ti o shoot a man who has already killed two persons and injured more and he’s considered a National bloody hero The question I’d ask is that if arming every body is so effective at prfebventing gun crime and mass shootings whay are actions like this a damn sight more common? Because for sure the law of averages tells us that in incidents like this there MUST be for sure several GUN CARRIERS within spittin’ distance who do abso-bloody-lutely NOTHING.

        • One more time you stupid, fucking, braindead, mouth-breathing, moron… The United States is 89th in the world for homicides. This has been pointed out to YOU numerous times and you still insist on regurgitating the same ignorant bull shit. You would obviously be to stupid to breathe if it was noy and involuntary action. You are a pathetic excuse for humanity and it must really suck to be you as you continue to comment on stuff you know nothing about.

  1. Let’s see disarm and enable the people who make life intolerable for those who snap to be able to do so for everyone without consequence…………. Nah dangerous liberty sounds good.

    • “We need to shatter the illusion that gun owners are better at protecting themselves. It simply isn’t true. It’s a dangerous illusion, one that threatens to kill us all.”

      “…even mentally stable people, the so-called good guys, can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice…

      Self fulfilling prophecy.

      In America attempts (as opposed to rhetoric) to actually confiscate 400 million firearms from 100 million Americans will in fact cause those mentally stable people, the good guys, to take a turn the worse for those politicians, on a moment’s notice

      Amazing how often anti-gunners think it would be so wonderful to stop an occasional shooting by “simple” confiscating all the gun and never give a moment’s notice to the carnage that would result from initiating that process to start with.

      Do they really think people who have gone to the trouble and expense of acquiring those firearms and learning to use them efficiently are just going to roll over quietly just because Congress passes a low?

      Do they really think that without the extreme hurdle of passing a Constitutional amendment repealing the Second Amendment first and getting it ratified by 38 States that any proposed confiscation law would even be possible?

      Liberalism is a mental disorder.

      • Same actions expecting different results etc etc it’s honestly boring listening to them try to explain how their way will somehow be any different than a century or more ago let alone any examples in the last 80 years. Oh you can be techno serfs now trust the science™

      • Ellen Curry-Wilson is the one with the mental disorder and this illustrates that fact,
        “That’s because even mentally stable people, the so-called good guys, can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice, and with access to a gun, the consequences are irreversible.”
        “so-called good guys” exposes her true opinion of POTG, “so called” says she does not believe “good guys”(POTG) really are good people or she would have dropped the “so called”. If she does think good people can take a turn for the worse, then that includes her and those like her for surely she considers herself and others to be “good guys”!
        Then the really asinine statement:
        “It’s a dangerous illusion, one that threatens to kill us all. We need to follow the example of forward-thinking countries”.
        She has moved from blood in the streets to the utter death of us all. However, she was right when she said, “enough is enough” for POTG certainly have had enough of her foolishness and those like her.
        People such as ellen curry-wilson are the mentally unstable and their desires present a real threat to the safety of others.

      • Congress can pass all the laws they want to, take as many guns as they think they can, even arrange Constitutional Article of Ammendment to erase that pesky Second Article of Ammendment thinking that would change the ORIGIN of the people being able to defend ourselves ,

        But it will NOT change a thing. why can I say that with such confidence? Simple;; the God who made us has and given us breath has also given us, along with that gift of lifr, the right, even the charge, to defend ourelves from whatever threat might arise.

        Anyone who knows God also knows this. And there are meny times that number who also know we are to defend our own lives and those round about us whose lives might also be under threat. We ARE our brother’s keeper like it or not. The day I surrender the means and or will to defend my own live, and/or that of those round about me, I become a mindless blob of a slave. To which I say NEVER!!!! Even if physically captured and confined I will continue to fight back with every nanogramme I have available.
        YOU, of course, are perfectly free to surrender, submit, follow orders, cease thinking, become their compliant little automaton….until either they neutralise you.

      • Nutjob in NYC went high up in an office buiding carrying a handgun, shot some folks, calmly took the lift back down turned left out the front door and casually walked up the boulevard. Coppers iD’d him from verbal descriptions given on the scene, began to persue, he evaded. Five cops fired more than fifty rounds all together, missed HIM every time, but HIT nine innocent bystanders. Perp got away.

        Nutjob bought his AR pattern rifle “legally” because two different Air Force desk jockeys FAILED to do their duty and report the clowns felony crimes and conviction. They faced no consequences. He took that newlillegallypurchased rifle and went to a church southeast of Houston Texas. Murdered at least twenty six innocents, and was walking about looking for more. Neighbour heard the ruckus, knew “something was out of lin, dashed home to collect HIS AR rifle, and walked toward the church house. Saw the perp taking aim at yet one more victim, fired ONE ROUND, hit the perp who immediatel turned, ran for his vehicle, got in and raced down the street. He crashed his car into a big tree and turned his own gun on his own empt head, and fired his last round, ever. Same type gun, very different use.

        Dirtbag gets shotgun, hides it under his long coat and csually walks into a church meeting west of Ft.Worth Texas. Stands around, he cought the attention of two of the church security guards, remained. after a while he suddenl opens his coat, raises his scattergun, fires one round at an innocent. Security (ordinary guy, armed and trained) draws HIS handgun, but before he could get a shot perp drops another innocent. Citizen draws down on perp just as he is taking aim at the minister, Good Guy fires one round from about thirty feet away, fires one headshot, isntantly killing the murderer, dropping him into the heap of dung he was.

        More stories just like this abound.

        Folks “allowed” to carry concealed upon their own persons have an overall crime rate of one seventh that of law enforcement officers. We asa statistical entity are seven times as law abiding as Law Enforcement Officers.

        Meanwhile nearly every one of those who have shot and killed in public with no justifiction are ALREADY known criminals with records, and this tiny group are responsible for some seventy percent of violent crime here in these New Ninety States…. you want solid stats, there they are. All YOU offer is fear porn, supposition, false accusations, made up “statistics” not connected with any reality found upon this continent. It is also well established that this segment of the general population is only somewhere near twelve percent of the total population lawfully living here in the US. Less than ten percent of the population are responsible for above three-fourths of the crimes in the US.
        Further ,some 75% of the serious violent crimes committed within the US are from that ten percent of the population. And there are eedjits roaming about amongst us who would give that ten percent a free pass, armed and all, yet forcibly disarm the entire remaining ninety percent to “keep us safe”. May the horde of crookid cawmee fearmongers either “see the light” and turn the rats out, repenting of their evil ways, banishing them forever from their former community, or fall prey to their own evil kind. ,

  2. Countries that did what is suggested:
    Nazi Germany
    Communist China

    The result: Tens of millions dead. Is that a better solution in your mind?

  3. In the wake of another defensive gun use, when a Florida homeowner used an AK-47 style rifle to repel 3 armed home invaders… oh, wait, we don’t report stuff like that. Doesn’t fit the narrative.

    • I saw that (Zerohedge?), plus another similar incident. A two-fer for “good guys with guns” for a Friday morning.

  4. WTF???!!! Gun owners can go bonkers at any minute? That flies into BS when you look at the stats of the number of legal gun owners and what their statistics are in contributing to crime. Face it, Ellen – you’re afraid of guns and because you are afraid of them, you feel no one should have them. That’s being a tyrant. The founders enshrined the 2nd Amendment in our Constitution exactly to counter people like you.

    • “Gun owners can go bonkers at any minute?”
      MrMax she better hope all gun owners don’t go bonkers!
      If POTG were that unstable, then she would already know about it.

    • They had also planned their attacks for weeks (Uvalde?) and at least two of them had scouted their targets and posted their intentions.

      • The Uvalde attack was planned years ago by jr HS kids. Not just weeks ago. And the FBI and the Uvalde school district knew all about it.

    • Bingo.

      One dude maintains a gun collection for 25, 40, 50 years, and never ever gets into the least bit of trouble – but we expect that he’ll come unglued one night, and kill everyone in the neighborhood.

      Other dude started getting into trouble with the law at age 10, and by age 25 he has 10 felony convictions, and so many misdemeanors no one even counts them. THIS IS THE GUY you want to keep away from guns.

      But, Soros funded district attorneys refuse to prosecute him, instead going after the honest home owner who steps up to defend his property.

      It’s insane. Some of those district attorneys need to be downrange during the next riot in their districts.

  5. By the very definition stable do not take turns at a moments notice.
    Of course lefties can’t relate since their entire world view is predicated on knee-jerk emotional responses. Not unlike a toddler.

  6. Is it impossible that they could turn bad behind the wheel? Are the victims in Wisconsin any less dead or maimed because a car was used? In fact more people are killed with cars than guns. Should we sue gm when someone steals a car and hits someone? Per capita more guns in rural areas, shootings in the urban environment

  7. “In the wake of yet another shooting, people immediately wanted to know what influenced and motivated another young man to open fire on a crowd, this time during a July 4 parade.”

    answer is: violent tendency mental illness. The mental health community acknowledges it, but its a ‘trouble of the mind’ violent tendency mental illness that the mental health community has not yet diagnosed and devised a treatment for.

    “We need to shatter the illusion that gun owners are better at protecting themselves. It simply isn’t true. It’s a dangerous illusion, one that threatens to kill us all.”

    Well, gun owners are better at protecting themselves. ~7,000 times daily better nationwide. A lot better than waiting for you to show up to defend them that’s for sure.

    This guy needs to learn that its not always that the ‘pen is mightier than the sword’

    Its not “a dangerous illusion” that actually is, its a ‘dangerous illusion’ created by you and your kind to invoke fear of law abiding gun owners into the general public. In reality, people are safer around law abiding gun owners than they are around or in cars operating on the streets/roads and safer than 96% of ‘dangerous’ things people are exposed to every day.

    No, its not one that “threatens to kill us all”.

  8. She definitely should not own a gun. Can’t decide if she’s Currey or Wilson. A troubled soul to be sure. 🤣🤣🤣

      • I’m becoming more and more convinced that hyphen-namers are the ones that are crazy and should never be anywhere near a firearm. Dumbass Karen Harridan-Winch.

  9. We need to shatter the illusion that gun owners are better at protecting themselves. It simply isn’t true.

    So, if some “Good Guy with a Gun” suddenly snaps and starts shooting everyone in sight (it COULD happen) then I should just avail myself to his/her murderous intentions and die because this dumbass says I should not have a gun.. Hmmmmmm, no thanks, I’ll take my chances and rely on my experience, training, knowledge and ability to defend myself and those around me. Glock, don’t leave home without it. (Unless, of course, you carry something else then by all means take that with you instead)

  10. “…one that threatens to kill us all.”
    even loaded with 6.5 that’s over 100millyun 30rd clipazines, and at that point, with the entire country at their disposal, why would the last american standing checkout? i mean, you could just send for an israeli supermodel and start over.
    plus, at that point, full auto and the it’s a small world after all ride.

  11. Maybe Mr. Wilson forgot about Christian Craighead the former 22nd SAS soldier that went into the mall in Nairobi Kenya on his own & killed two terrorists and saved countless lives, that would be a classic example of a good guy with a gun.

    • Homespun is the cheapest, most reliable, effective, model out there. Right out of the gate, we are always the first ones there. Often show up before the perp even arrives.

      • I realize it’s not always very easy to tell certain things about context with things like this. It’s a joke. There are things about the craziness that’s out there that if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Some of it I find to be so crazy and out of touch that it’s truly hilarious and could be a joke in itself. Many of these people take themselves way too seriously.

  12. The worst mass murder in US history (that wasn’t perpetrated by the US Government) was committed with a lighter and a can of gasoline. 87 people at the Happy Land Social Club in the Bronx, 1990.

    Unhinged people don’t need a firearm to murder, they just need an opportunity.

  13. Why do people have such a driving impulse to opine on things they know absolutely nothing about? And why do equally ignorant people listen to them?

    • ‘It’s a dangerous illusion, one that threatens to kill us all.’

      If there’s one thing that threatens to kill us all it’s hyperbole.

    • Your comment is awaiting moderation
      Why do people have such a driving impulse to opine on things they know absolutely nothing about?

      Which reminds me Gerald Nonads is bring up yet another “Assault Weapons” ban in the House Judiciary committee next week. Funny thing it only bans the sale of NEW ARs etc. but allows the sale/transfer of any gun already legally owned so that leaves a hundred million or so “assault weapons” floating around that I’m sure NO criminal will be able to get hold of. Just another Dem FAIL that will die in the Senate.

      • Your comment is awaiting moderation
        Your comment is awaiting moderation

        So what fuck is wrong with that one

  14. The left doesn’t care about “victims of gun violence.” They stand on bloody bodies to push the disarming of their political enemies. The proof? They don’t prosecute the criminals that kill the most people in this country.

  15. we are we even reading this anti gun nut’s article..slow news day?…that person should be sifting for food through trash cans and jobless..

  16. The writer suffers from some sort of mental instability. And is admitting that they should not have guns at all. But they are projecting their own Mental illness onto normal people.

  17. “We need to follow the example of forward-thinking countries who faced the problem and took a no-nonsense approach to solving it.”
    Yeah? Well, here’s another in the long list of cases where an armed American repelled a home invasion with a firearm, in this case an AK47.,

    Personally, I want to retain my right to self-defense.

  18. … even mentally stable people … can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice [and become a murderer] …

    Um, no. That is by definition absolutely NOT a mentally stable person.

  19. While victims actively resisted in only 7 percent of the robberies studied, those incidents accounted for 51 percent of the deaths.

    Here is another very lengthy in depth study (not the Harvard).


    Concealed carry doesn’t guarantee our safety — it puts us at greater risk – Chicago Tribune
    The recent report of a Chicago woman shooting an armed-robbery suspect may seem to make the case for the merits of concealed carry as a method of self-protection. But, as evidence shows, it is …

    Gun Threats and Self-Defense Gun Use | Harvard Injury Control Research Center | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health
    1-3. Guns are not used millions of times each year in self-defense. We use epidemiological theory to explain why the “false positive” problem for rare events can lead to large overestimates of the incidence of rare diseases or rare phenomena such as self-defense gun use. short, gun ownership does,more complicated for many homeowners.
    Does a Gun Make Your Home Safer? | SafeWise
    Because the majority of gun owners do not secure their weapons, children are especially at risk of gun violence in their homes.A 2015 study in the Journal of Urban Health estimated as many as 4.6 million children in America live in homes with unsecured guns. 4 Experts agree that properly securing and storing guns can be an effective way to address incidents of suicide, mass shootings, and …

    • dacian,

      I used my everyday carry handgun to actively resist two armed robberies on my person and I survived both attempts. I know other people who have done the same with the same positive result.

      Your data is at best woefully incomplete and therefore does not accurately represent reality. At worst your data is bogus and does not accurately represent reality.

      • What he gets to use fake studies published by fake news and no one calls it fake?

        I mean NYT, the trace…safewise!

        He is stealing from me.

    • Dacian
      From the American Heritage Collage Dictionary:
      Da-ci-a (da’ she-a, -sha.) An ancient region and Roman province corresponding roughly to present-day Romania; abandoned to the Goths after A.D. 270. Da’ci-an adj. & n.

      Note: In the pronunciation guide (above in the parenthesis), the dictionary uses an upside down “e” to represent the sound in she-a and -sha, which I cannot reproduce on my computer. So, I have substituted an “a” in both cases, which comes fairly close. Also, as shown in the dictionary, “Dacian” should be capitalized.

      • to TTag Shadow

        Your wrong on the pronunciation proving the dictionary is NOT always correct. If you talk to Romanian people they pronounce the word “Dahtchia”.

        If you want to hear this word pronounced you can hear it clearly on Google Translate.

        The Romans invaded Dacia 3 times and were defeated by the Dacians twice. They were people you did not want to fk with. The Romans wanted the Dacian silver mines. The 3rd war resulted in a Roman victory by Trajan and there is a victory column still standing in Rome today commemorating Trajan’s victory. After the Romans left Dacia the country was fought over many times by quite a few tribes too complicated and lengthy to go into here.

        Romanians trace their history to Rome that is why the country is not called Dacia any more. Roman soldiers who retired were in a sense forced to stay in Romania because Rome was bankrupt and had no money to pay them their lump sum Social Security Retirement payment. Social Security is not a Marxist invention at all. To pay Roman Soldiers retirement they were given free land. As a consequence they stayed in Dacia and married Dacian women resulting in the language spoken there today as a mixture of Latin and Slavic words.

        And T Tag Shadow this post was for you as the Denizens that inhabit this forum could not even place Dacia (or even Romania for that matter) on a map. You are speaking Greek to them and just spinning your wheels. Most do not even know where the Ukraine is located either and could not place it on a map either. There has for decades been a large Romanian population as well as German population in the Ukraine. The women you see on the news that are blonde and blue eyed are usually from German descent not Russian.

        I might add Ceausescu even named Romania’s produced car the “Dacian” which was a copy of a French automobile made by Renault. Both the Renault and the Dacian were briefly imported into the U.S. and at the time the Dacian sold at a very reasonable price.

        Note: In the days of the dinosaurs only the tops of the Transylvanian Alps were above an inland sea. There emerged a new race of pigmy diansourcs there only recently discovered by astonished archeologists.

    • Says the guy who says he has firearms and is an excellent shooter. Dacian you don’t believe the studies, why should we?

      A simple tactical concept, make your target defenseless, disinform them then act when they are unable to resist. Sorry insurrectionists, you are not disarming us. No matter how many nocturnal ejaculations you have dreaming of it, it ain’t gonna happen.

    • the answer to the “guns in the hands of children harming others” is simple: long before they can even ride a bicycle, train them up in marksmanship. Don’t tell me it cant be done. I have personally taught six year olds proper firearms safety, handling, and accuracy. Hah, I’ve known little kids (single digit ages) to knuckle down and learn good marksmanship. I know of one young man who, at eleven got his own M1 Garand, and by fourteen was ASKED to join the local gun club because he wwas so fast, accurate, and safe they need him. He’s a better shot and a lot faster than many of the long-term members.

  20. Well if it makes her feel any better I hid the 1911 and now EDC a .25acp. That’s about as close to not having a gunm as you can get.

    • Possum

      Do not sell the .25acp short. I could give you quite a few stories on people who blew away criminals and rapists with the so called 25 acp “mouse gun”.

      • Right after telling us that having a gun is useless in self defense. Suddenly you remember loads of stories proving otherwise.

        You really, really need help, dacian.

        • As my college professor used to say decades ago, “All generalizations are false but we make them to prove a point”. I am sure this is way over your head.

          In other words nothing is always 100 per cent guaranteed but the law of averages proves my original point along with the studies that I quoted. Please have a 5th grader at your former place of employment explain all this too you.

  21. ” . . . even the most mentally stable BRITISH SERF can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice . . .”

    No, I fixed it for you.

  22. We need to shatter the illusion that gun owners are better at protecting themselves. It simply isn’t true.

    There is no illusion: I can do a vastly superior job protecting my family and myself versus waiting 77 minutes (Uvalde–Robb Elementary School) or 3 hours (Orlando–Pulse Night Club) for police to finally stop an attacker.

  23. This woman (?) is just another communist apparatchik who is willing to sacrifice you for the good of the collective. Screw her (?) and her (?) enablers.

  24. We need to follow the example of forward-thinking countries who faced the problem and took a no-nonsense approach to solving it.

    Forward-thinking countries like Ukraine? Last I checked, Ukraine continues to pay a huge price for their “forward-thinking” choice to disarm their populace.

    No thank you. Two years ago, multiple United States jurisdictions ordered their law enforcement to stand down during massively destructive riots. Today, the United States federal government continues its orders for southern border enforcement forces to stand-down. Tomorrow, the U.S. federal government could just as easily order its general military forces to stand down to a foreign military invasion. Any or all of those are ample justification for the general populace to be armed.

  25. Seems to me, it is leftist who breakdown into a pool of mental mess at the slightest word or miss-use of a word that I think of as mentally unstable.

  26. What’s going to kill us all is the misguided belief that someone will save you. You need to be willing and able to save yourself. The cops won’t get there in time and even if they are there in time they may not save you.

  27. Waukesha was wondering what you’re going to do about Ford Escapes after all the mean guns are confiscated.

  28. All I see in the article is a huge amount of fearful projection. The author seems to be frightened of what she might do if she was armed and is projecting that upon all firearms owners.
    I was the unarmed victim of an armed robbery long ago when I was willing to obey the law and not be armed in public. After I was released from the hospital, and before I returned to work, I purchased a Colt M1911, Officers Model. Been carrying it nearly everyday since. With a permit where available and applicable, or illegally if permits were not available.
    I’ve used that weapon to stop 2 armed robbery attempts and a home invasion in the years since. Sorry lady, I will continue to carry my weapon in hopes of never needing it. Rather than repeat being the unarmed, helpless victim again. Back then I was much younger and more able to survive being shot. Bones and muscle don’t heal as readily when you get older. And getting shot hurts. I promised myself back then that I would never be the victim again and have managed to keep that promise.

  29. So defund the police? After all, police are the good guys and gals with a gun. Who knows when they might lose it.

  30. Curry is just regurgitating the same BS we have heard forever. It was nonsense the first time it was said and is still nonsense now. They will have a new name, a few more words and convey the same BS message again and claim it is fresh and new. As predictably wrong as Dacian and his personalities.

  31. “…even mentally stable people, the so-called good guys, can take a turn for the worse on a moment’s notice, and with access to a [__?__], the consequences are irreversible.”

    — motor vehicle
    — baseball (or cricket) bat
    — butcher’s cleaver
    — stairwell
    — framing hammer
    — big rock
    — tailor’s shears
    — railway platform
    — hands
    — feet

  32. Just Like the No nonsense “War on Drugs”: BAD GUYS don’t smuggle, manufacture, deal illegal drugs anymore (Sarc) so BAD GUYS won’t have guns after law abiding citizens are disarmed. Yeah, that stupid will work.

  33. Good guy with a gun might save your life.
    Politicians with a law…..NOT…..control you yes, but not ensure your safety.

    Politicians with laws never stop bad guys with guns.
    They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.


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