Dolton, IL Mayor Tiffany Henyard, front and center with her child on her shoulders, at a gun control rally she sponsored shortly after taking office. Screen capture by Boch. Via Fox32.
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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has 90 bodyguards babysitting her and her family as she rules over a city of 2.7 million. People understand the need for bodyguards for big city mayors, even if 90 seems like, well, overkill.

But why has the mayor of a small town a half-hour outside of Chicago, a little burgh with population of only 20,000, had a three-person security detail for over a year? Particularly when three officers represents almost 10% of the city’s police department?

Image via Facebook (Village of Dolton)

Dolton, Illinois Mayor Tiffany Henyard has spent over $258,000 so far since May of 2021 making sure that least three officers are dedicated to ensuring her safety and security in the suburb south of Chicago.

From Edgar County Watchdogs . . .

Since May of 2021, Tiffany Henyard, Mayor of Dolton, Illinois has had her personal security detail follow her around nearly 24 hours a day.

The three individuals indicated in Dolton’s response to a FOIA request are Village employees (click name to view payroll) Kori WrightTerry Young, and William Reed.

Payroll has exceeded $258,000 paid by Dolton taxpayers between May of 2021 and September of 2022.

At this rate, the Dolton taxpayers will have paid more than one million dollars for her “security” detail over the life of her 4-year term of office.

A lot of Dolton residents are wondering why that is. Three bodyguards every day to protect a small-town mayor since shortly after she took office.

To put that into perspective, that’s the same number of bodyguards that protect Birmingham, Alabama’s mayor but that city has almost ten times the population of Dolton.

At the same time, Mayor Henyard’s armed personal security detail affords her far more protection than the residents of her city enjoy. One of her first acts after taking office involved organizing an “anti-violence” march. She was joined at that march by anti-gun activist and accused pedophile Father Michael Pfleger.

Is all of this taxpayer-funded security just an ego trip for the mayor or are there real and credible threats against her? A couple of weeks ago, I called and left a message for the mayor asking her to comment on the story. Surprise! No one returned my call.

Madame Mayor has worked hard to make herself a celebrity, and landed a big spread in Essence Magazine.

‘It’s About Generational Change:’ Meet the Woman Who Became The Youngest And First Black Mayor Of A Chicagoland Town

Imagine living in a town that’s 93% Black and majority women, but has been mostly run by men–many of them white. That’s the story of Dolton, Illinois—a town about 26 minutes outside of Chicago—and why it was such a big deal when Dolton’s new mayor, a Black woman who is a single mom, was sworn in last year. 

A longtime resident of the Chicagoland suburb, Tiffany Henyard, 37, always knew she wanted more for the town. …

Henyard has always been a leader. 

In college and high school, she launched a small-scale baked goods operation that sold cookies and cakes to students on campus. She loved the sense of autonomy and financial security running a business afforded her. But she recognized the only way she would truly effect change is claiming political power. 

That glowing portrait was printed seven months before the mayor’s business, Good Burger, was involuntarily dissolved by the Illinois Secretary of State a few weeks ago. And that dissolution put their contract with a local community college at risk.

And it was printed two months before 56% of the local residents voted to recall the mayor this past summer. However an appellate court decision invalidated those results, leaving Mayor Henyard in office.

Part of the reason residents have soured on the mayor involved her hiring a registered child sex offender as a municipal code enforcement officer and home inspector. Lavelle Redmond was convicted of kidnapping a raping a 13-year-old and a 14-year-old girl in 1991.

Screen capture by Boch via Illinois State Police Registered Sex Offender webpage.

There’s other issues that smell of potential malfeasance by Dolton’s first black female mayor as well (1 2 3 4 5).

All of that aside, the spectacle of a small town mayor who advocates for gun control for the little people while she’s protected by a trio of publicly-funded armed bodyguards in reeks of elitism by the mayor.

She will face re-election in 2025, assuming she isn’t indicted before then.


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  1. First off Dolton is a scant 10minutes from Chiraq. And it’s a hole that’s turning into the next Harvey or Riverdale. And it’s crime ridden & a Dim stronghold…and nuff said🙄

  2. They almost got it right. She didn’t want more for the town, she wanted more from the town.
    People of this ilk feel entitled, and they are going to take whatever they can get.

  3. I’d be interested in reading the “why” of the appellate court’s decision to invalidate the recall…influence from the Governor’s office?

    Chicago and it’s nearby environs are a very bad joke with no punchline to lighten the insanity.

  4. that’s just a black showing off like that all do when they luck into a little bit of money or a little power. they really think it shows other blacks who’s top dog. they’ve only been doing it forever.

  5. In reality Far Right Maniacs have gotten so out of control that even voting officials that count ballets have been threatened with death.

    Right Wing jackbooted fanatics taking a cue from their brother in Arms Vladimir Putin want a state controlled election with predetermined outcomes which elect only their candidates (assuming they would even let an opposing party run a candidate which they probably would not).

    Mayors are threatened by Right Wing lunatics everyday including maniacs from such jackbooted filth as the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers and KKK just to name a few.

    The FBI has declared the Far Right as the most dangerous group of Nazi’s in American as they threaten American democracy and freedom more than any other group of people. The Far Right jackbooted stormtroopers goal is to take over the government by force and establish a one party right wing dictatorship with Herr Drumpf as their appointed leader for life.

    The Far Right have declared they want a Utopian all white state with a protestant christian caliphate declared as the only legal state religion.

  6. She doesn’t need that armed security detail. All she needs is to get a bunch of T-shirts printed up for herself:


  7. Maybe to protect her from all her baby’s daddies who want a cut of the take from her cush job. 258k? Thats almost akin to a years worth of weaves and 40s.

  8. Lincoln had the right idea. Ship them all back to Liberia.and avoid the trillions of $ lost. WTH men ever voted to let women vote? Most women just aint rational enough to be trusted with the vote.

  9. Seriously, a three person security detail will not prevent someone from who is trying to actually kill her. It may help deter or prevent regular criminals. But anyone planning something will be successful if there people is all she has to protect her.

  10. “Now listen close, yeah see , yeah see, me n the boys are taking over this town. Anything sold anywhere on any street we get a cut, yeah see. Anything comes in or goes out I want to know about it, yeah see, yeah see.
    Drugs, food, gas, booze, cigarettes, anything, we get our cut , yeah see, We’re taking over, get it, anybody gets in our way and they’ll wind up swimming with the fishes, yah see.
    This town needs an enema and I’m your biggest douche bag.”

  11. If you live in an area where 20000 pop is considered “small town”, you need to pack a UHaul and MOVE.

    Small town is 500+/-

  12. Typical leftist projection, dacian. We know you can’t help it, since projection comes as reflexively as breathing to your kind, but kindly give it a rest. You leftists are exclusively guilty of everything you just accused right-wing bogeymen of.

  13. another black woman in governnent

    making black women look bad in government

    see also:

    michelle obama

    kamala harris

    stacey abrams

    lori lightfoot

    just to name a few

  14. But why has the mayor of a small town a half-hour outside of Chicago, a little burgh with population of only 20,000, had a three-person security detail for over a year? Particularly when three officers represents almost 10% of the city’s police department?

    A 90+% black town on the border of Chicago (that “half hour” is from the city center) is still a dangerous urban mess. It may technically qualify as a “small town” but it ain’t Mayberry. She needs the bodyguards because of who her constituents are, but that still makes her a hypocrite.

  15. “Why Does a Small Town Mayor Who Supports Gun Control Need a 3-Person Armed Security Detail?”

    Its because the town is “93% Black and majority women”, and statistically she is over 70% more likely to be a victim of a violent crime by a black person if she does become a crime victim – over 60% of the crime in the United States is committed by blacks – and she knows it. She doesn’t trust her own community, but she wants them disarmed and not able to protect their selves from the same type of crime ‘threat’ she would face while she has her own personal armed police security.

  16. The CORRUPTION and ABUSE of TAX DOLLARS has now obvious not just in DOLTON but also at THORNTON TOWNSHIP where on 3/3/22 at 7 minutes to midnight a Lawful Deadline Henyard was nominated and voted in by 3 Trustees that all benefitted from their votes ( QUID PRO QUO ) ! This meeting also does not meet the Requirement’s of State Law as it had the TOWNSHIP CLERK chair the meeting ???? A Township clerk HAS NO AUTHORITY to take such a role as they are only RECORD KEEPERS ! A sitting Trustee of sound mind needs to be selected by the other trustees to be SUPERVISOR PRO TEMP and they as a VOTING MEMBER of the Board Elected by the people to be a watchdog of the Tax Dollars runs the meeting !! There was also a conflict with Henyards DOLTON LAWYER sitting up at the board table giving instructions to the clerk !!! CONFLICT OF INTEREST as soon after the ILLEGAL MEETING said attorney was appointment the TOWNSHIP ATTORNEY ALSO !!!!! DIRTY DEEDS and a $40 MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET NOW OVERSEEN BY EMPLOYEE FELONS !


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