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Gun owners don’t seek counseling, for possessing guns. I’ve never heard of Gun Owners Anonymous, or Killers Are Us.

But co-victims of gun violence need emotional support. Maybe we need to introduce a gun tax for Co-Victims Support. You owe us. Your GUN damaged us. There was no blood involved. A co-victim is someone who is connected to someone who was shot, or to a shooter. But, damn, we are damaged. …

We know what triggered—pun intended—our issues. It was a gun. Pay up. Let’s add a special gun tax that goes exclusively to treat the 7 co-victims of every shooting.

Not enough money, you say? We can hike that tax. …

Gun owners owe me. …

Gun owners should fund every moment of mental health we need, for as long as we need it. I view PTSD like alcoholism. PTSD is forever. You just learn to handle it, as best you can.

But that is expensive, especially for PhD level, which currently runs about $120/hour in my town, more in larger cities. So, expensive that so many of us who want help can’t access the level we need.

I tell my Truth now.

We need that Gun Tax. Co-Victims deserve it. Gun owners owe us.

— judyrosella in Guns Made Me a Liar. Tax Gun Owners.

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    • RE: “We need that Gun Tax. Co-Victims deserve it. Gun owners owe us. judyrosella”

      judy, judy, judy you ignorantslut…Never mind the criminal misuse of bricks, bats, knives, fists, feet, matches, gasoline, etc. In your tiny bigoted mind the gun and Gun Owners are public enemy number one.

      The result of a concocted misleading label is Americans exercising a Constitutional Right are singled out like the democRat Party Gun Control kkk singled out Black Americans and Gun Control nazi brown shirts singled out Jews.

      Make no mistake about it…History Confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is rooted in racism and genocide. And if you cannot see those roots extending around the mind of judy rosella your head resides in your history illiterate behind.

      • How about taxing criminals of their illicit earnings? That would be a far greater source of revenue.

        • SC – how about locking all of them up for tax evasion. That is ultimately how they got Capone after all. Ya can’t convince me that the drug dealers and other thieves have been paying their ‘fair share’ all along.
          I would ‘almost’ support the extra 87K eye are ess ‘agents’ if they were solely dedicated to locking up those evaders.

      • Being a member of the whiny everything’s someone else’s fault so give me a handout democrat party, your ignorance is not surprising.

    • She’s a moron. PTSD from what????? Her sister was killed before she was even born. Maybe it was from the school children teasing her?

      My neighbor was in Afghanistan, and was in an explosion and survived a TBI. That guy had PTSD. My friend was a navy seal and had been to Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and others. He had a light case of PTSD. Okay. Got it.

      But Rosella likes to play the victim because she is a pity party sympathy addict. PTSD from your sister dying before you were born? F No. she blames the gun for her mom lying. It’s illogical BS. The shrinks must be raking it in with her, while she and them play along in her sympathy addiction game.

      She blames the gun for her sisters death. F No. Your mom doesn’t lie because of guns. She lied because her brother killed her daughter. And it’s not guns that killed your sister, it’s your insane and freak uncle who did it. It’s his fault. Not guns. Not my guns. Not gun owners in general. None of those. If he killed your sister with a hammer would you have written such a ridiculous article? F No. so go back to your pity party sympathy addiction of victim hood status and GFY!

  1. Just who is “we”, kimo sabe?

    Life itself is damaging to millions. There must be an alternative somewhere.

    • Sam I Am,

      The author of the article (Judy Rosella?) is your typical Progressive True Believer (TM) who refuses to be responsible for herself and demands that everyone else give-up whatever is necessary to accommodate her.

      On a totally different vein, I want to expose how asinine her demand is with a parallel application: government should tax all men to pay for therapy for female rape victims and their co-victims.

      • “…government should tax all men to pay for therapy for female rape victims and their co-victims.”

        Now, you are getting into the spirit. However, recommend you clarify if you mean biological male/female, or the fakes, or both.

  2. Good luck collecting taxes from Deshawndre and Quantavius. I’m sure they can afford it what with their lucrative business ventures they currently pay no taxes on but the collection effort will be insurmountable.

    • Didn’t Seattle try a gun and ammo tax? If I recall correctly, in-city sales plummeted and gun shops relocated. The revenue raised did not even cover the cost of enforcing and collecting the tax.

      What’s that saying “…condemned to repeat it…”?

      • “If I recall correctly, in-city sales plummeted and gun shops relocated. The revenue raised did not even cover the cost of enforcing and collecting the tax.”

        The entire exercise was not about revenue, but shutting down gun stores, and gun sales.

        Yes, indeed, wash, rinse and repeat.

        • Not quite. It was all about condemning gun owners and those who supply their legitimate needs. The threatened tax caused several successful firearms busnesses to escape across city boundaries, thus not only deprived the city of the tax they THOUGHT they’d collect, but also deprived the city of the revenue streamfrom in-city sales of ALL goods sold in those gin/sporting goods stores, as well as the state Business and Occupations tax from ALL activity at those vendors gun and non-gun sales.

          their projected millions of new revenues has indeed become a net loss. It took an organisation suing under Freedom of Information Act two years to force the city to reveal the actual figures after the tax change and gun shop exodus. They were SO embarassing the city did not want the truth to come out.
          Some stupid politician’s dumb idea backfired. This one will also.

  3. “I claim the power of government to enforce – with guns – the taking of money from people – with guns – who never did anything to me or my family.”

    Yeah, good luck with that.

        • One of Possum’s kin died under our church, and it smelled mighty ripe in there for over a week.

          Read the whole article if you can stand it. That is an absolutely mentally-broken women, and I seriously doubt she will ever find peace with herself.

          So, like every Leftist Scum ™ in existence, she tries to unload it on someone else…

  4. It is not my responsibility to provide medical care to criminals.

    But then the gun industry ‘directly’ funding criminals like this then becomes a reason g do or the left to tell us how the need to shut down the manufactures. But the that would make the entire gun industry criminal. So then I need to fund criminals so I need to provide financial support to the gun industry. This creates organized crime syndicates that every American is then forced to get directly involved with.

    The whole thing is absurd. It’s money laundering if not double indemnity that we already have laws against. Thereby making it illegal to do.

  5. I tried reading the whole article. Didn’t get very far. It’s not particularly coherent. East I did learn was her uncle murdered her sister. But it’s somehow the gun’s fault. Somehow our fault.

    • So another who has confused vengeance for justice and doesn’t care who suffers in their wrath.

      • I am assuming she would be a greenie demanding Exxon be shut down if her uncle had used gasoline to burn down the house with her sister in it. Wait, what’s that, she does support the whole shut down the entire fossil fuel industry Green New Deal stupidity? Like most liberals, all it takes to occupy her attention is a new slogan and some idiot actor shouting about how “unfair” something is.

        • Like those who don’t understand their fancy EV need tires (made from synthetic rubber derived from oil), bearings that need lubrication (grease made from oil), and driven on asphalt (a product from refining oil).

  6. “Gun owners owe us.”

    what an idiot.

    Well no we don’t owe for exercising our constitutional right …. but if you want to play that game you owe us a tax for every letter or punctuation you wrote in furtherance of exercising your first amendment rights.

    • NO NO NO. SHE owes US because of the huge decrease in crime in result of the presence and appropriate use of OUR guns in preventing and/or stopping crime. There are a few thousand criminals stopped in progress as they attempted to perpetrate criminal activity upon the community at large. Many of them, after being “interrupted” in their activity, have ceased breathing, thus avoiding the high costs of trial warehousing, legal costs, rehab, warehousing, retraining, etc. The only cost to be borne was to make the hole in the ground or the fire to make their hulks go away. And the best dvantage? NOT ONE MORE crime victim has been created by any these “experts” .

  7. “But, damn, we are damaged. …” Beyond a frickin’ doubt!
    — judyrosella in Guns made me a liar. No, but something damn sure did!

    I have no doubt that she has mental problems. Ain’t my fault Be-atch!

  8. I think blakpipo should pay the rest of us for the emotional damage we have suffered from their incredibly high violent crime rate. In fact they should pay us more because our guns get unfairly blamed for their violent crime.

  9. “So, expensive that so many of us who want help can’t access the level we need.”

    many of us? How many? The great mysterious “we” or ‘they’. Ya kinda over dramatizing a bit.

    Its sound like to me if you put your adult pants on and accept that you don’t always get your way in life for controlling others you would have a lot less ‘mental heath’ stress to deal with by not creating it yourself.

    Seriously, what help do you need?

    Did ya need this help when BLM was looting and burning and pillaging and plundering in their ‘mostly peaceful’ protests?

    But hey, here’s a few things for you to worry about needing therapy to deal with …

    * 1.6 Million crashes happen every year because of someone using a phone while driving.
    * Around 390,000 injuries happen yearly from accidents caused by texting & driving.
    * 1 out of 4 car accidents in America are caused by texting and driving.
    * About 1,000 injuries per day happen because of someone texting and driving.

    An average of 168,000 children are treated in the emergency department each year for toy-related injuries (

    Each year, an average of 29.5 million injuries and deaths are caused by defective products ( Consumer Product Safety Commission).

    Defective products kill more than 22,000 people every year in the United States (Consumer Product Safety Commission ).

    Over 2,000,000 (collectively) seriously injured or killed annually in car accidents and over 90,000 of them are kids under the age of 12. (CDC) (a combined total of about 1.2 million will die later as a result of complications from car accident injury – these are not included in car accident deaths stats)

    Stairs, Ramps, Landings, Floors result (collectively) in serious injury or death to over 2,700,000 million annually. (NSC)

    Beds, Pillows, Mattresses result in (collectively) serious injury or death to over 824,000 annually. (NSC)

    Chairs, Sofas, Sofa Beds result in (collectively) serious injury or death to over 558,000 annually. (NSC)

    Faulty glass table tops result in millions of (collective) injuries and deaths annually – about 2.5 million. Mostly kids under age 7 and young adults in their early 20’s. Injuries range from minor abrasions and damage to major organs and vessels, to death. 50% of the injured suffer injuries to their deep organs, upper torso, abdomen or joint cavities and require surgery; 8% of the injured die within a month of injury (about 100,000, deaths from complications due to injury).

    Just injury alone, normal household non-firearm consumer product injuries totaled ~12,000,000 in 2021.

    Drug overdoses result in over 100,000 suicide deaths annually (CDC)

    More than 250,000 people in the U.S. die annually due to medical errors (AKA malpractice). ~27% of hospital deaths attributed to gun shot are actually a result of medical errors (AKA malpractice).

    Nationwide; 1 out of 4 educational institution staff members (public or private schools k-12 and universities) have a history of sexual molestation or grooming of students and conducting sexual violence either against students or other school staff members.

    Annually, over 22,000 people in educational institutions are intentionally assaulted and injured by use of a #2 pencil.

    … and the list goes on and on for thousands of things…

    Considering daily life non-firearm ‘things’ that can result in injury or death – society is literally over 1,500 times safer around firearms than any other thing.

      • GG,

        EXACTLY SO!!!

        I’ve seen the 💉 and the damage done. A little dose of it in every one…oh, oh, the damage done.

      • GG,
        (Reposting to get around the censors.)

        EXACTLY SO!!!

        I’ve seen the need-le and the damage done. A little part of it in every one…oh, oh, the damage done.

        • I saw a little blurb the other day that the ones dying from covid are the ones that got the shot. I had covid and I lived. But I never got the shot.

          Here’s hoping miner and dacian got the shot.

  10. Gramatically, the article was written at the level of a third grader. That alone eliminates any validity.
    Probably edumacated in the good democrap guvmint skools.

    • One of the biggest problems with the rise of social media is that we’re now supposed to take incoherent ravings like this seriously. Elon Musk should introduce yet another checkmark color for people who aren’t gibbering morons.

  11. Already taxes on guns and ammo.
    No taxes or insurance on other rights. Hmmm.
    And basically you want to tax the legal gun owners and not the criminals causing the real mayhem.
    Why not just go to socialized medicine so everyone pays for everyone…regardless of procedure?

  12. OK, so, law abiding citizens should be taxed to compensate victims. That means all law abiding citizens, whether they own guns or not. I cut through the BS really quick with that one!!

    I’d be happier if CRIMINALS were forced to compensate victims. You know, restitution and such? That is far more just than forcing taxpayers to compensate all those victims, whom they did not victimize.

    But, if you want another $50 in taxes each year, I’ll pay that $50 along with all you holier-than-thou hoplophobes!

    • Since most of these criminals are living off the taxpayer dole, it’d essentially be the same as the taxpayer directly compensating them.

  13. OH SURE … WHY THE HELL NOT … ??? We’ll all gladly pay this right along with the bullshlt racist reparations we’ll be fraudulently assessed with. Damn thieves.

  14. Then a special penalty ought to be imposed on all registered Democrats for:
    – Millions of illegals
    – Tens of thousands of fentanyl deaths
    – Thousands of homicides and crimes by repeat offenders let out by Soros prosecutors
    – Millions of jobs lost due to “green” policies

    Of course, this isn’t realistic because most Democrats are completely unemployed deadbeats but they ought not be allowed to escape the consequences of their voting.

  15. People who prate about having PTSD likely don’t. In my limited experience those who actually do don’t like talking about it. It’s just another petard in the ideological struggle by those more idio- than logical.

  16. it would be a more accurate thing to do to tax criminals and liberals that want to enable them to continue to be criminals.

  17. There are comments and they are hysterical. So I’m sitting at home in my relatively safe community with my guns that have never harmed anyone while in another part of town bangers get in a gun fight and six die and I’m supposed to pay pay the moronic survivors of the moronic bangers who died because they couldn’t run away because their pants were down around their knees. Ok.

  18. On you delusional theory, then everyone who owns a motor vehicle should be taxed for all those hurt/killed/damage in car wrecks by other unrelated drivers. What are you thinking?

    The person who committed the crime using an ordinary tool is responsible for the damage, injury etc, NOT THE TOOL!

    Remember, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people!” Go after the bad guys not the responsible gun owners who take ownership responsibly and do not commit any crimes!

    • FWIW, we already ARE taxed for the expenses of unrelated accident victims. It’s called MANDATORY VEHICLE INSURANCE.

  19. Lots of comments here just asserting what we gun-owners all know and think. If you want to air your opinion to an audience that needs it, go to the DailyKos article and express your thoughts.

  20. All politicians that promote and pass legislation that is unconstitutional should be automatically removed from office, loose their citizenship and never be allowed to vote or hold office again. Add in prosecution for civil rights violations also and then you may deter this type of foolishness.

  21. This guys rhetoric is all screwed up. He wants to blame legal gun owners for the crimes of criminals.

  22. If you click the link at the end of the article, you will discover that this Rosella person has pretty much been a liar all her life starting at an early age. Wonder how things might have been different for her if her mom and she had faced the tragedy with honesty from the onset.

  23. How about we tax the Catch and Release Defund the Police Libitards who are really responsible for the increase in crime?

  24. then all vehicle owners should be taxed to compensate peoplle who are hurt in accidents. All property owners should be taxed to compensate anyone who’s hurt on somebody’s property. All TV owners should be taxed to compensate victims of nutballs who copy violence that they see on tv. Can you see the principle here.? of course you cant.

  25. How about: All African Americans should be taxed to pay for the criminal acts perpetrated by members of their race.

    Makes as much sense as this proposal…which is no sense at all.

  26. Just try to push that BS on someone who was saved from destruction or injury by a good person with a gun.
    Those who were not directly involved in any gun incident, yet claim they were negatively affected, are simply WHIMPS with no inkling about survival or toughness needed to live and survive.

  27. Wow, you’ve never heard of Killers R Us.
    You should attend a meeting or two, you go home and happily wash your clothes in peroxide.
    Yeah they’d tax air if they could.

  28. Mental healthcare, like most of postmodern society, is a scam. If your life makes you unhappy you can always end your unhappiness by ending it yourself. Your life. Your choice. Not my problem. Not with my money.

    • “Democrats love their taxes.”

      They have good reason.

      If you tax something you don’t like, you get less of that activity, until, eventually, you eliminate that activity.

      If you tax something you like, you get more of that activity (and more revenue).

  29. Pshrinks mostly being demtard prog voters. Judy wants more prog voters.

    $120hr?? Fix their headshrinking fees at the value delivered $5/hr

    • I believe Lucy charged 5 cents for her headshrinking – and was over charging even at that rate.

  30. Seem’s reasonable,
    BUt I’d still go for restricting the actual number of firearms owned as a starting p;oin. No body needs anything other than a Decent 9mm or .38 calibre for any legitimate purpose including any perceived ‘self defence’ situatiion. And nobody needs anything other than a 5-shot hunting rifle and certainly not a Semi-Automatice of any description and the ownership of just those two types alone would satisfy any perceptions the 2nd Amendment. Equally nobody needs to posses more than25 rounds at anyone time of any calibt re for anylegitimate purpose either. If onje wants to go to Range Practice then ammunition could be made available on duly licensed ranges to be used ON the range. The removal of ammunition from licensed ranges should be made a criminal offence and the automatic withdrawal of ownership rights. All gun owners aas a condition of ownership shouls be available for compliance inspection at anytime and without prior notice as well as for Safety and Security.

    • Albert L J Hall, It seems you know as much about hunting as you do about firearms, which is next to nothing. A decent 9mm or a.38 cal? In many cases adequate, but a .40s&W cal is far more efficient. You don’t “perceive” a self defense situation. it is thrust upon you. But as you were in the RAF 9, so you claim, you would not have much call for “self defense”.
      As to your position on not needing more than five (5) rounds for hunting, you have never hunted feral hogs, have you? Have you ever hunted coyote? How about Grizzly Bears?
      Let me explain something to you about the 2nd Amendment. It says, “shall not be infringed”. Frist you are not an AMERICAN citizen; you are a British Subject. As Britain is a rather small island, I doubt you have much hunting there for Feral Hogs, Coyote or Grizzlies.
      I would venture a guess you have never hunted anything,

  31. Well then we better tax BLM and Antifa for all the property damage/theft the riots caused. It’s only “fair”.

  32. Progressives always think things through about as much as a dog considers a quick screw.
    Does everyone who owns a car pay taxes to compensate for the terrible consequences of drunk , drugged , tired or otherwise impaired driving or driving an unsafe vehicle ?
    Perhaps calling for the implementation of mandatory insurance on firearm ownership would be a more comparable solution, but this is consistent with infringement of a constitutional right, so it would be so , that people of limited means , would more than likely need a government subsidized program that would help make guns affordable to the public as a whole.
    The only correct way to challenge the 2nd amendment is the constitutional way, to limit or
    eliminate it.
    This is not what gun owners should wish for.
    A brutal can of worms for sure.


  34. Non-gun-owners should be taxed for not assuming the responsibility for their own safety as is their right. Yet they’d rather relying on others to protect them. Nuff F’n Said!

  35. Judy, Judy, Judy… How about you take a hammer, find a big pile of sand, and use the hammer to.pound that sand up your Fat, Libtard Arse. Then tell me I owe you.

    Grow up you Cupid Stunt. Nobody owes you anything. Your problems, are all of you own making.

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