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Chicago’s Catholic Priest Father Michael Pfleger was suspended Sunday as the Roman Catholic Church investigates yet another child sex abuse allegation against the “man of God.” Pfleger, a rabidly anti-gun social justice warrior, was suspended and investigated last year over multiple allegations of molesting boys.

Pfleger has had quite a run at St. Sabinas. He recognizes the value of armed good guys with guns while lobbying relentlessly for the little people of his parish and the rest of Chicagoland to be stripped of their right to keep and bear arms.

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Pfleger’s armed crew has had all manner of issues as well. One member was arrested for carrying without a license on the steps of Pfleger’s church.

Jesse Jackson, left and Father Pfleger. One of Pfleger’s bodyguards is shown prior to his arrest for carrying a gun without the proper permits on the steps of St. Sabina’s Church in Chicago.
Image by Boch.

Another former member of Pfleger’s detail was arrested after killing a shoplifter at a corner drug store.

Perhaps most remarkably, he offered a gun buyback for those under age 25 last year after the church supposedly cleared him of child molestation allegations. Really.

Father Michael Pfleger, fresh off a suspension related to allegations of sexually abusing multiple teenagers, has announced a new gun buyback at his St. Sabina’s Church in Chicago. The anti-gun cleric is paying good money too: $200 for handguns or “assault rifles” and $20 for magazines. Here’s the catch, it’s open to all…if you’re 25 years of age or under.

Now he’s facing yet another child sex abuse allegation. The New York Post is reporting on the latest complaint . . .

A controversial, anti-violence activist priest in Chicago who once caught attention for his relationship with former President Barack Obama is under investigation for another sexual abuse of a minor case. 

The Archdiocese of Chicago announced Saturday that Father Michael Pfleger will be under investigation for a new allegation of sexual abuse of a minor said to have taken place more than 30 years ago, according to a statement. 

“Father Pfleger has been asked to step aside from ministry and live away from the parish while the allegation is investigated. He has agreed to cooperate fully with this request,” Archbishop of Chicago Cardinal Blase J. Cupich said Saturday. 

The allegation was reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and law enforcement officials.

Pfleger is no stranger to controversy. He once received condemnation for threatening to “snuff out” a federally licensed gun shop owner at an NRA protest led by the Rev. Jesse Jackson in Chicago. 

We don’t want to speculate on the Catholic Church or its past history of covering up for child molesters (1 2 3 4 5 6 to name a few of 7.4 million responses found). We’ll wait for this latest investigation of the anti-gun parish priest to run its course.

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  1. Isn’t this also the priest that had/has armed felons as bodyguards?
    Whatever happened to #Metoo? Not applicable to dems/libs?

    • I think the proper punishment for molesting/raping children is to have all external sexual apparatus removed before incarcerating them for life w/o parole. That said, come on, 30 years ago? While I also believe that pedophiles are not curable, I think there has to be an end to going back decades to prosecute any kind of crime. How do you defend yourself against alleged acts that took place 30 years ago? Oh, and don’t be misled by the old saw that prosecuting attorneys only seek justice and don’t prosecute the innocent. That’s the fourth biggest lie. The other three are “I love you. You won’t get pregnant. The check is in the mail.”

      I don’t know what happened to all the other allegations against this so-called priest, and I don’t trust the Catholic Church to adequately investigate and turn over all the evidence they uncover to prosecuting attorneys because they have had to pay out too much money for past cover-ups and so there is a significant financial factor in brushing the evidence under the rug. And, of course, we all know how meticulous the Chirac prosecuting attorneys are. So why are they busting the chops of this priest who is saying all the right things for the city administration of Chirac? He must have done something else than what the article relates. I have a gut feeling like diarrhea that there is more to this story than what is related.

  2. The ranks of the ss/antifa are made up heavily of kiddie diddlers. This is the enemy we’re up against.

      • LOL welcome to the Internet. Your keyboard may aid you in your quest, if you wield it with enough skill.

      • James8 wrote :

        “You have the names of those arrested and convicted or even accused?”

        Joseph Don Rosenbaum was one of two people killed by 17 year-old Kyle Rittenhouse.

        “Court documents obtained by Wisconsin Right Now from the Pima County (Arizona) Clerk of Courts confirm Rosenbaum was charged by a grand jury with 11 counts of child molestation and inappropriate sexual activity with children, including anal rape, masturbation, oral sex, and showing minors pornography. The victims were five boys ranging in age from nine to 11 years old. He was convicted of two amended counts as part of a plea deal.”

        Your Antifa ‘warriors’ are child-rapers, you disgusting Leftist Scum ™… 🙁

  3. Typical abuser; they hate the thought of their targets being armed. Him being a rapist explains his abusive demeanor.

    • It’s a tradition in the Catholic church going back to the Council of Avignon where there was a debate about allowing clergy to marry. After much discussion, and concerns of church property being dispersed in inheritances and divorces, it was decided that married clergy would have “divided loyalties” but fornicators, adulterers, pedarists, and sodomites would have one loyalty. That being the church.

      A legacy we still have today.

      • Southern Cross,

        I was a participant in the Avignon council. We were also pretty concerned about having to pay priests more to support their families. We decided “No” because families are expensive and children are messy. You could not be changing diapers and then, go hand out communion. Sanitation was not so easy back then.

  4. Also, people who virtue signal make me wonder about what they’re trying to hide. Doesn’t matter who you are, but if it’s more important for you to be seen doing it than to actually do it that’s a red flag in my mind.

  5. The last time this crap occurred I called the archdiocese of Chicago. I told him that I was a 58-year member of the Catholic church, baptized at St Pascal’s; confirmed and first communion at Immaculate Conception, and a frequent donor to the church.

    I told the lady on the phone that that would cease immediately unless they got rid of this clown, Michael Phleger.

    She took my name and information and thank me for my call.

    It was at that very moment that all of my financial donations stopped immediately. I have not stepped foot into a Catholic Church since my mother’s funeral.

    And until now, I never looked back.

    Until the Roman Catholic Church gets their head out of their ass and finally after centuries understands that priests are human too and they need to cohabitate with a wife…… this pedophilic crap is going to continue.

    I’ll be darned if I’m going to go out and put money in the collection plate so they can pay off some plaintiff. Sorry Charlie, not my money.

  6. Phlegma threatened Chuck of Chuck’s Gunshop in Riverdale,ILL annoy. I bought my 1st gat there. Snuffy should’ve been charged with menacing or “terroristic threat”. He’s picked up quite the ghetto accent over the years…the better for the clueless Catholic parishoners.

  7. I was raised Roman Catholic and luckily for me, my father left the seminary, got married and had kids. I left the church as fast as I could. Mostly because I didn’t believe and their past record of oppression, murder, sex and financial corruption speaks for itself. If they were a corporation, they would have been dissolved centuries ago.

    The “Gay Mafia” is now in charge of the Church and the current Pope, Francis (a Jesuit) is one of them. Pope Benedict wanted to stamp it out and reform this flawed institution and he resigned, as apparently he was the only one who wanted reform. I’m sure he was worried about being murdered, like John Paul II.

    The Church and all churches are businesses that make a profit and they need to be treated like any other business. No secrets, open financial books and an elected board of directors from their membership. They also need to pay taxes and conform to minimum wage laws and payroll taxes, etc.

    This won’t fix the homosexuals in the Catholic Church, however it is one step. The other step is to allow all priests to marry, as the whole celibate thing doesn’t work.

  8. Child molesters, rapists, kidnappers inherently fear firearms. The pervert pfleger’s constant disdain for firearms confirms it.

  9. Always a hoot to see just how much leeway simping for state sanctioned politics will get you.

    They tolerate a lot from theft and adultery to grooming and rampant anti-Semitism but push it too far and you get Epsteined.

  10. Most of you know I am a former Catholic priest. I know a number of priests whom their diocese put through hellish misery for months because of accusations. The accusations proved false (as I knew they would; the accused were truly holy men). So, I am always skeptical of accusations.

    This guy, Phleger, I do not like what I read about him, but I have no real information.

    That being said, I have been in parishes where the unholy was occurring and the diocese was looking the other way or even protecting the offender. In matters of child abuse, the Church would do well to stay out of it, stop hiding information, stop protecting its own, and let the police do their jobs. When the Church gets between the law and the clergy, the parishioners are the victims.

    And, as for those guilty priests….they get the same treatment as any other sex offender.

    Yeah….I served in the Cathedral with McCarrick. Did not stay long.

  11. His fate will be determined by how fast the Democratic establishment in Illinois distances from him. Will Jesse or Al come to his defense?

  12. Damn. I was born in Chi. Lived in the city near Wrigley till I was 11 (1977). Loved my childhood there. Shot 22s with my Dad and Uncle when camping and fishing on the Fox river.

    I hate what my hometown has become.

    And this douche? The irony of his predatory behavior and targeting guns could sink a battleship.

  13. Unfortunately the Catholic Church has never been serious about investigating pedophilia within their ranks which should come as no surprise to anybody because they have never been serious about the gospel either.

  14. Many parish priests are concerned about the proper teachings and their flock, but the Catholic Church has morphed into many different teachings. The teachings in a predominantly Irish area is much different than a Central or South American parish. French Catholics are much different than Italians.
    Asking a priest how to raise your family is a joke. How can a priest(unless he is a widower and came late to the priesthood) relate to your questions since he has no experience there.
    The Church has been defiled by politics – Martin Luther was correct.

  15. Maybe all this anti-gun BS was just a smokescreen to obscure his kiddie diddling. He knew he was a flaming pedo but hell, the church is full of them. He wanted more out of his gods work than just be just another priest who bangs kids. But a priest who bangs kids AND hates guns??


  16. Its 2023 , if we going to armchair nickleback.
    I’d say the young boys self identified as 18 year old ladies of the night whom preyed on the celibacy, wants and needs , and only being human, of the man if God. Geesh a priest ain’t like a monk or something.
    I’m blaming this all on those seductively dressed and promiscuous young transformers.
    On a serious note.
    The Catholic Church should not get into the politics of the kingdoms of this Earth. What a government does or does not do should not be of concern.
    The reason I quit the catholics was them damned Angel’s kept staring at me everytime I showed up sunday morning tripping on LSD. They’re really not angels either, if you watchem long enough theyll turn into theses lizard things, -bllsht I seen it- it’s real, there like gargoyles, just waiting to take the sinners to hell. The Power of Christ Compells You,,,,,,man I was outta there and ain’t never going back.
    Priest are for Mayans

  17. It’ll pop up later ,,,maybe, that moderation thing is annoying, . Code talking gets old.
    I think the only comments are supposed to be
    Yes, I will buy the product you are selling

  18. If the charge proves to be true, Pfleger will be shipped out to the Vatican where he’ll get a promotion.

    It worked for the late, unlamented Cardinal Law.

  19. The fornication, molestatiom and Kiddy diddling goes on in Protestant churches as well. It just doesn’t make the headlines as often.

    40+ years ago, a Youth Minister impregnated a 12 year old. Though he’s no longer a minister, he’s still attending the same church, and never saw the inside of a jail cell for his crimes.

    So it’s not just the Catholic Church that has this predator problem.

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