richmond robert e. lee statue
Statue of Robert E. Lee in Richmond, Virginia (courtesy Jeff Hulbert)
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The hellhole-to-be that people call the state of Virginia” is actually the commonwealth of Virginia. I propose a bill that would change the name to something a little more modern and representative of what the state is becoming.

Crimewealth of Virginia

I understand that geographically, most of the state is full of decent people who respect laws, rights and just want to be left alone. But the sad fact is that they are now out-voted by the urban Crime Party.

If you need evidence of what the Crime Party has in store for the Old Dominion, look no further than their latest move in the Virginia Senate as reported by the Daily Wire:

Virginia Dems Pass Bill Allowing Assault Of A Police Officer To Be Treated As A Misdemeanor

A summary of the bill notes that the measure:

Eliminates the mandatory minimum term of confinement for an assault and battery committed against a judge; magistrate; law-enforcement officer; correctional officer; person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel and provides that such crime can no longer be committed as a simple assault and must result in a bodily injury.

In short, the Democrats Criminal Party just declared cops, officers of the court and other first responders to be fair game. It’s part of an ongoing push to protect a group they see as one of their core constituencies: criminals.

In their proposal, Virginia Democrats explained that the bill would “defelonize assault[s] on law enforcement officer (return to misdemeanor offense)” and would eliminate the mandatory minimum sentence imposed in a change to the law made in 1997.

This latest move is just a follow-up to other bills they’ve voted on that would . . .

  • Ignore criminal activity
  • Ease bail requirements
  • Reduce penalties for criminal convictions
  • Restore more felons’ rights

That last is a biggie. An earlier Criminal Party governor made a point of restoring voting rights for 173,000 convicted felons. Guess who they voted for.

The fine folks who — while ignoring criminal constituent activity — did, however, inflict this on the Virginia’s citizens who want to be law-abiding. They’re determined to make sure you can’t be your own first-responder by enacting . . .

  • Universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence background checks
  • Firearm rationing
  • Allowed local jurisdictions to establish gun-free target rich environment zones.
  • Magazine restrictions
  • “Red flag” firearm confiscation

They tried and failed to enact an “assault weapons” ban, but have pledged to take another crack at that during the next legislative session.

Notice that none of the “common sense safety measures” enacted by the newly dominant Criminal Party affects actual criminals who bypass lawful channels and get their guns through the black market or crime networks.

If you need more evidence of The Party’s devotion to its constituents, while Governor Coonman’s confederates in the legislature were making it less punishing to assault law enforcement officers, Republicans made a token effort to increase penalties for the criminal misuse of firearms. The Criminal Party killed that off.

Richmond’s city fathers and mothers were quick to exercise their newly given gun-banning power, creating open operation zones for criminals and rioters, enacting random, rolling, unmarked, “gun-free” zones. Someone can break out a megaphone and create an “event” at a moment’s notice and you then become a criminal for being anywhere near it. If the criminals decide to throw a riot, it would unlawful for you to be able to defend yourself.

Richmond is a cancer, and it is metastasizing.

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  1. Stop them now, Virginians, lest you find yourself in our shoes here in California. Vote them out and challenge every anti-2A measure they pass.

    Stop them now.

    • It will be very interesting to hear from cops what they think about having a bigger target on their backs…

      • For my particular department many of us are no longer going to gas stations which people frequentl at night but arw simply going to a closed station with pumps that are turned on 24/7. Been called a piggie and murder by passing vehicles while filling up in the last month which has never happened before especially in this ruralarea. Funny they only are brave enough to do it driving away currently but I am sure it will change.

        • At that point, is it really even worth it? Your own superiors will watch you hang or worse, put the noose around your neck themselves. How many people have just thrown in the towel and been like “fuck it, i’ll bag groceries”?

        • Montana,

          I dunno, during the furlough nonsense there was talk on how long would it be before people stopped showing up after not being paid. There general consensus was about a month. The upper brass would definitely hang us out to dry if it meant saving themselves or it was politically inconvenient even if we did something that was not against policy.

        • I was in the Army when there was talks of not paying the military during a “government shutdown”. Apparently, they got the memo before a single check was late, because that’s all it would have took.

          “I’m sorry, how does an entire battalion go AWOL?” – tyrant probably.

      • So I am a former Virginia State Trooper. I am so happy I moved on to another state up North (better believe not New York) for better pay and work environment. While I miss Virginia Beach and my brother still works as a cop there, I could never handle the new reality of Virginia. Can’t be proactive, the house even introduced a bill saying can’t stop for tag lights out, window tint or loud exhaust. Also part of that bill, can’t do a probable cause search for the odor of marijuana alone. Get a ticket in Virginia, who cares dont pay it. Can’t suspend your license for unpaid fines and court fees. Whats the point of traffic enforcement? Now on top of this anyone can just assault cops and only have to deal with a misdemeanor charge. And bill doesn’t only cover cops. Nurses, doctors, correction officers, ect can be assaulted. Still has to pass in the house but since Dems own that too, know that will happen. Sad part is what can cops really do? Sure lots of people on here think cops love to step on Constitution but everyone I know including myself hold that document with the highest regard and we all see how just doing nothing works out.

        • Sorry, getting stopped for window tint violations in a stock vehicle right off the lot is straight bullsh*t. I was stopped using that excuse with VA plates but the speeding Muslims with “Destroy Israel” bumper stickers and expired inspection stickers get a pass in Fairfax County.
          I know, I saw it. I drive a supercharged V8 truck that would outrun a cop car on a good day and that’s why they’d fark with me.
          Virginia was OK back then for the most part until all the useless liberal parasites moved in to take government jobs.

        • I have to agree with edward. Some of the worst cops I ever ran into were in VA. Up here in Montana, I have yet to meet one who is not a decent guy/gal.

        • Fairfax county has issues, a lot of it is the city council and their community policing policies. Fairfax rarely enforces any traffic, any nuisance and noise violations. On average I have to call them on one of several neighbors, in four years and over 20 calls, not one has been fined. My neighborhood is littered with cars with expired tags, yards with waist high weeds. Most of the residences are basically immigrant guest-housing, people who dont live there come and go, new people and cars show up and disappear weekly. Most of the homes are 3-bedroom, on average there are 15-20 people adults and kids living in each one. My one neighbor had at one point 17 cars at their residence and in the streets. In a four year period he has exchanged over 60-70 cars. He is likely laundering money through private car sales, filed a suspicious activity report, nothing was done. I have people living in garages, sheds out back of the house and I live in a neighborhood where the houses range from 600k to 1.5 mil. Fairfax is a sanctuary county, they cant hand any illegals over to ICE. so any traffic stop or LEO contact is just a can of worms waiting to happen so many of the officers I have talked to just make contact, deconflict the situation, unless its a violent felony they just move on. About a month ago, one of my foreign born neighbors kid was dragged out of the house, for the third time after threatening his family with a gun, a small semi-auto pistol was recovered, the gun was illegal, kid was 18. The kid was released and no jail time. Ive had FBI raids here, DEA raids near, two Islamic terrorists recently came out of Fairfax.

          To juxtapose Fairfax, go to Arlington, next door which has high crime, cops will pull you over for just about anything, Arlington doesn’t play around, part of it is the threats to Ft Meyer, Arlington and the high amount of government facilities there, they deal with on a regular basis.

          The state police in northern VA pretty much just patrol 395, 495, 95 during non-rush hour and the HOV lanes for speeders, and since the CCP virus, cops havent been pulling anyone over speeding its a complete shit show on the highways, the flow of traffic is usually about 70-75mph.

          Northern VA is chock full of white libtards, mostly Bernie and Hillary supporters, and now old uncle Joe. Even the military, and former working for government here are pretty liberal, drive my neighborhood you wont even see an american flag flying, but you will see BLM or Hate doesn’t live here signs everywhere.

          The shame is most of VA is red, but as we have seen with other states the population centers dictate the politics for the state. If these bills pass it will green-light police officers, I believe it is an indicator that they are ramping up efforts to bring riots and mayhem to Virginia, especially Richmond on a large-scale like DC and other cities. Good thing Im moving out to the stix soon. I dont want to be anywhere near a leftist, urban population center through the next year and maybe longer.

        • The best hope for Virginia is for Trump to when reelection and follow through on the plan to decentralize the federal agencies. Driving through NOVA is depressing, especially remembering what it was like when I was a kid.

    • Contemplate, and give due to, the hallowed words of the peerless ‘I Haz A Question’. As it was, is and ever shall be.

      All Hail.

      • …still waiting for you to provide commentary on a page’s article/topic…

        So far you’re not doing much but showing everyone you can type the same small thing over and over. Not very impressive.

        • Paid troll?
          Sadder still to do it constantly for free. Get your head checked, you’re boring.

        • Your “job”, huh? Well, since I certainly didn’t hire you, **somebody** out there has you on his leash and doing his bidding…

    • Well two can play that game. They just legalized assault of the VA Governor as well. He needed some dental work anyway.

  2. Guy is wearing his britches around his ass and carrying an AR? YGBSM. Normally the picture from the front of a person wearing his pants so, is right hand holding his dick. If he lets go, the pants drop. Carrying a rifle. It is not possible to be that stupid.

      • Oh, so you wear your your pants like that?

        I am genuinely curious –

        What is so ‘cool’ about your pants falling down on you down in public?

        • is there anything as funny as a black guy trying to run away with his pants constantly falling down around his ankles?…got to witness that personally one night…couldn’t stop laughing…

      • It’s the photo representing the article, so it has everything to do with it. Someone who wears his pants in thug/hipster/adultescent fashion halfway down past his cheeks is not in a proper state of mind or clothing/gear to be able to handle tactical movements. I agree with Larry, and would be keeping an eye on that dude with the AR to assess his readiness. At best, I would not allow him to watch my six.

        What he needs is a militia organizer to give him a stern talking-to.

  3. Ok, why is it, again, released felons cannot have all their constitutionally protected rights restored? Common sense exceptions? Says who? Common sense for me, but not for you?

    Once an exception is made, any exception is justified by either police power, or political power. A natural, human right is binary: either it is existing prior to governmant, unassailable, or it isn’t. There is no “little bit pregnant” about it.

      • “Your rights can be abridged with due process of law. Felons have had due process.”

        That’s not the point, but actually it is. Even defenders of the Second Amendment agree some people should not have their full rights, in this case the right to own and possess a gun. Then, these same people whine that their “gun rights” are being infringed by due process of law. In the end, so-called “unalienable” rights can legitimately be infringed for “the right reasons”, depending on who sets the reasons.

        It is one thing to be inconsistent, but another to claim inconsistency is somehow not. You see, if it it permissible to deny rights through due process of law (legislation), then it is even more legitimate to deny rights through amendments to the constitution.

        Essentially, “rights” are subject to majority opinion. Should the protected rights of the people be absolute, or flexible? If our protected rights are flexible, then only power, not universal truth/morality, determines how rights are limited, or exercised.

        If we are to be inconsistent, we should be consistent in our inconsistancy.

      • Rehabilitation means just that. There should be a path back to normalcy for those that have paid the price for their crimes. Who more than an ex-con needs some type of self defense? The people he was in with want him to do illegal things so they will be more comfortable inside.
        The police are not going to help an ex-felon, so he is on his own. He can’t have another ex-felon for a back up road dog, they keep them away. If they are ok to let out, there should be a path back to get their rights.

    • Serve your term and probation in a Honorable fashion and yes the debt is paid. 2nd Amendment Rights/voting ect restored by court order.

      I have no issue with it, even regarding the really bad convicts that need to be shot in the junk/face ect

      All humans have a right to defend their own life, it’s built into us.

      Too many people being sentenced to BS non victim crimes in our system and paying their entire life.

    • Sam,

      I personally know someone who had a felony record, but was successfully able to petition for a full Restoration of Rights. Some felonies qualify (such as white collar), while others (typically the dangerous ones) do not.

      • “Some felonies qualify (such as white collar), while others (typically the dangerous ones) do not.”

        Therein lies the duplicity, does it not? If a sentence is served, the debt is extinguished. Preventing a released felon from being a full citizen is either a life sentence for the crime, or pre-crine punishment for the crime such a person might commit in the future. Don’t we object to pre-crime punishment, such as Red Flag orders?

        When we decide that some crimes are too terrible to allow for fully restoring a person’s rights, we are promoting a “common sense” justification that we are happy with. Why is one “common sense” gun control measure OK, while someone else’s “common sense” gun control is not? Simple…we like our idea of “common sense”, but not someone else’s idea….and we want the power to enforce our “common sense” measure, while denying the same for the other person’s “common sense”.

        • I’m in support of full restoration of 2A rights for all charges (after time served) except for the most obvious and heinous ones involving violence, such as forcible r*pe, murder, etc. In those instances, you’ve already proven you’re a physical danger to others. All other crimes classified today as felonies can/should arguably be eligible for restoration.

        • “…except for the most obvious and heinous ones involving violence, such as forcible r*pe, murder, etc. In those instances, you’ve already proven you’re a physical danger to others.”

          That would mean any criminal act (let’s leave it at felonies) would disqualify a person because they have proven they are a danger to others. The problem with trying to carve-out exceptions is you eventually end up with pre-crime punishment. Not only that, as noted before, any exception justifies other exceptions….based solely on an opinion of which exceptions are acceptable. That means if a person wants to exclude violent felons from full restoration of rights because it seems, “common sense”, then my “common sense” demand for annual government certification of safe and competent gun use and ownership is just as valid an exception.

          As to repeat offenders, either prevent that via automatic life sentences, without parole, for violent crimes (these people have demonstrated they are a danger), or simply accept that every criminal conviction is separate from the one before, or the one after, and allow the former convict the same freedoms as one who has never committed a crime; pay your money, and take your chances.

          In the end, exceptions to natural, civil, human and constitutionally protected rights have no cosmic, universal standard to justfy the exception. Exceptions, as mentioned, are merely opinions backed by power, no exception more valid than the other; some are comfortable, some not.

        • Disagree on this one, Sam. It’s true that too many crimes are classified as felonies today instead of misdemeanors or maybe even shouldn’t be crimes at all. But for the few violent actions everyone can agree are high crimes (again, r*pe, murder, kidnapping, etc.), the perpetrator has already shown society that he/she is willing to commit harm to others. Financial embezzlement? Mere possession of certain drugs? Negligent homicide (accidental death)? Not so much. But murder? No way do I want that person to ever hold a gun again.

        • There is no agree/disagree. Only the challenge to recognize inconsistent thinking. 2A defenders generally agree some exceptions are permissible, but only the exceptions they like. Gun grabbers agree some exceptions are permissible, but like all the exceptions.

          In the end, there is no objective, rational, universally accepted standard regarding permissible restrictions on what is supposed to be an “unalienable” individual right pre-dating creation of a thing called government, kingdom, realm. Every restriction on the Second Amendment is a political decision, backed, allegedly, by the will of the people expressed through their legislators.

          To make it more clear, as supporters/defenders of the Second Amendment, we are hypocritical. Our defense of any infringement on the Second Amendment (or even the First Amendment) our constitutionally protected rights admits there can be no literal and absolute adherence to the constitution; everything is up for grabs, all the time.

    • I’d consider restoring felon rights if they stay clean for years and make restitution to their state and / or their victims. Other than that, I’m not into felon rights. I’m into the rights of responsible, productive people who make a contribution to society.

      Ever heard of this thing called recidivism?

      I’m sure the rape / kidnapping / felony assault / fraud victims “applaud” your enthusiasm for the rights of their attackers.

      • “I’m into the rights of responsible, productive people who make a contribution to society.”

        But what is the constitutional underpinning to placing conditions on the natural, human and civil rights of a person? Police power, derived from an interpretation of legislation? The constitution itself? Why are your conditions for full citizen ship superior to mine (sentence served, full citizenship)? Repeat offenses? Deal with each one if, as, and when it happens.

        Rights for productive people? “Productive” defined, how? Should people dependent upon government welfare for generations be denied full citizenship (such people cannot be considered “productive” under any logical construct)? Should there be some sort of government universal test to prove “productive”?

        Of course, there are limitless possible exceptions to person’s individual rights. But what makes one exception superior, thus universally acceptable, to another? My point here is not that exceptions do not, or should not exist (although I think exceptions should not be allowed), but that we all have exceptions we like, and cries of “Shall Not Be Infringed” are disingenuous and hypocritical. And since exceptions to constitutionally protected rights are legitimate sometimes, and sometimes not, what is the authority for assigning legitimacy? It is either police power (authoritarianism), or political power (in whatever form). Both conditions are temporary, subject to either peaceful, or violent change.

        A wise person once said that the probability of any event is 50-50; either a thing will happen, or it will not. So it is with unalienable* rights; either such rights are unalienable, or they are not.

        *As used in the DOI, “unalienable” is severely different from “inalienable”.

  4. This kind of tyranny is coming to a location near you!!!!
    The cancer IS spreading….Kyle Ritterhouse CAN’T be the only doctor, can he?
    He has scored his points…. will there be others that join the game?
    We can only hope..

    • GW you are troll-fully trying to incite others as usual. No one should try to encourage another to go to war without being more than willing to do it himself. It is disgusting. Your behavior is so transparent it makes me wonder why you even bother.

    • Mr. Rittenhouse was not “scoring points”, he was defending himself after being attacked and only did so after attempting to avoid conflict.

  5. Let me take you back oh, say, five years ago when I said you needed to bring everyone you know and trust to vote. I said if you didn’t you’d get what you deserved, Dems would take office and start outlawing things just like they’ve done everywhere else they’ve acquired power.

    I got back a bunch of garbage about how the Dems always talked a mean game but had no actual intention of passing such laws, the Dems from the rural districts would cross party lines to protect gun owners, it would never happen in Virginia and on and on and on.

    I said that is exactly what people in Maryland said in 2013 when new laws were passed there. “Oh, the courts will find those Unconstitutional, they always do, there’s nothing to worry about.” Courts held everything Constitutional and even Trump’s new Supreme Court declined to hear cases.

    Now they Dems are focused on Texas. Their war of incrementalism is achieving victory after victory in smaller states. They’re pushing for mail-in fraud, giving felons the right to vote and generally using what power they have to rig everything so they can get even more power.

    So I ask you: are you finally going to vote? Will you finally listen and start organizing and pushing to turn out the vote? Will you build legitimate voting networks to protect yourselves?

    Or are you planning on being plucky Wolverines living alone in the mountains until you get droned or a SWAT MRAP shows up and dumps a squad of fully armored and heavily armed door-kickers in your lap?

  6. That’s what happens when your whole state government is infected with liberals! Ask me, I know!!! Why in God’s name would anyone voluntarily join the police now? Course that’s all part of the “master plan” anyway.

    • Just wait soon enough being a felon will not be a disqualification to become a leo in some of these shitholes.

      • Just wait soon enough being a felon will not be a disqualification to become a leo in some of these shitholes.”

        To resurrect a tired mantra, “If a released felon is not to be trusted with restoration of their full rights, that is a felon who should never be released.” If we want to impose a life sentence, be up front, and write the law accordingly. Having a two-stage sentence is just pure cowardice on the part of the public that lets legislators play hide the weenie.

        • Your right I posted with out thinking it through. I do believe that when you have finished your complete sentence all rights should be restored. That means no early release. If the sentence is 25 to life you do 25 with no bs then your good to go. None of this out in 3 on good behavior then a few years of probation. Unless it’s 22 years of probation.

        • I used “released” as shorthand for sentence finished, early release for good behavior (whatever that might mean), in order to not write all that out each time. That may have been confusing. My bad.

        • Sam I Am , anyone that commits a crime such as pre meditated murder or rape can not be re habilitated – nor should they be released. Thus opening another can of worms. But after found guilty of these crimes, which you at one time or another gave up your right to own a firearm. And rightly so. Who is left to speak for the fallen. Here in Va. it was the leftist leadership that granted early release to a convicted rapist who swore to kill the one that pressed charges. He was in fact released and caught again and back in jail costing more of our tax dollars etc. oh and he made good on his promise. Those committing such crimes should rot in jail or be executed, slowly!!

        • “It’s like calling the battle of Stalingrad as a “minor border dispute”.”

          If you want a felon to lose rights permanently, assess a life sentence without parole. Otherwise, it is, at best, pre-crime punishment.

          But the point is not the winnow out which execptions, exemptions, infringements to enumerated rights is justifiable, but to acknowledge the inconsistency in the idea that Second Amendment rights “Shall Not Be Infringed”.

          Creating a “justifiable” exception/infringement violates “Shall Not Be Infringed”. What we really mean is, “Shall Not Be Infringed, Except For Situations I Approve.” And, BTW, those situations are actually “common sense” gun controls. The conflict is not about infringement, only whether my “common sense” is really “common sense”, and yours is not.

          Universal Background Checks are a bad idea because they don’t achieve stated goals, and can harm law abiding gun owners. What we are hypocritical for saying is the UBCs are unacceptable because they infringe on “gun rights”. (Note: saying “Shall Not Be Infringed” to someone who believes you have no right to a gun in the first place, is speaking gibberish.)

  7. I’m so glad I changed my mind and didn’t retire in VA. I loved my time being stationed there back in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. “Virginia is for Lovers” was the state motto. Now Virginia is for child molesters, trannies, and the klansman. All of them gun grabbers. The Libertarian dream utopia goes from the west coast to now the east coast in NY, NJ, and now VA.

    • Just think, all they have to do is change one letter in that motto and the state is all set.


  8. Criminals should have the shit we had to go thru what we went through this morning. Gawdamn hurricane and were n a tent, this is the second time she’s failed me. But that’s what I get for letting a Felon help me set up camp. As a matter of fact he commented “I ‘think’ I’d rather be in jail.” as we had discussed the difference between being locked up and fed a cold bowl of shit. I’d planned bacon and coffee for this morning. Shittn wind ripped the tent stakes out and we was a soggy soggy, had my gunm 54-1 in a plastic, did I say plastic, container so its okay and the ammo is dry. We’re getting dried out a little. Can’t believe the tent failed? Criminals are okay, but they aint quite got their shit going on when you can’t afford to lose your Bic, or Fork. Dumb shit lost the fork. I’ve about had it with humans.

  9. Yeats’s poem seems spot on these days.

    Time traveler appears..
    Time Traveler: ” What year is it?”
    Time Traveler: “Oh good, the first year of the plague wars! I always wanted to visit this period.”

  10. The constitution says no one should be given extra privileges and immunities, thus government workers should not be given special treatment over the people. There should be no difference in law for assault like there currently is. A cop can grossly assault you and not get punished nearly the same as if you pushed a cop or simply knocked their hand off you.

    No patriot would argue cops should be treated like kings and the people should be heavily dealt a punishment that officers of the law would never experience because of legal privilege given to the ruling class. Qualified immunity and unequal punishment under law should be erased from the books. The standard should be the same for everyone or the government should be held to a higher standard because of their monopoly on force.

    Let’s not forget the Virginia police are enforcing the new gun control despite claiming they wouldn’t when armed men got angry.

    • I am in favor of the law treating everyone equally. If I shove someone or grab someone in a non-sexual assault fashion, that should be misdemeanor assault and battery. And that should be the case whether or not that someone is a law enforcement officer.

      Perhaps at the present time Virginia considers the above to be felony assault and battery if someone directs those actions at law enforcement? And Virginia is downgrading that criminal action as it should be — misdemeanor assault and battery?

      • I don’t know exactly what Virginia is trying to do. Sounds like they want to make everyone equal by taking away the privilege police get, which would be a very patriotic thing for them to do.

        Texas is ridiculous. It’s automatic capital punishment if one of the people kill a government official. If a cop murders one of the people he doesn’t get the same punishment. So the military guy who attacked police in Dallas had no reason to give up, he would have been executed anyway.

        • CC
          This is something I can agree with you about. No immunity, equal punishment for le . Do the crime pay the price whomever you are.

      • Equality across the board I’m definitely in favor of. I leapt to a conclusion earlier, and perhaps erroneously. Protected class makes my hackles rise, and I admit I assumed they were downgrading below the charging norms of us peon’s (as they see it). If not the case, I fully accept being in the wrong.

  11. This could happen in Texas as well, with Austin being the state capital, and turning into SanFranPortland Southwest.

  12. When the Socialist Youth start spray painting red “X” on your house, or business, when you refuse to answer their poll takers’ questions or raise your fist for them, you’ll know it’s time to arm up. Best arm up and join up. Of course it’ll be illegal, but when the terrorists arrive who’s asking? Far fetched? No one ever expected what’s going on now to happen either. The ante has been upped. Fold or fight.

    • Tim Pool said some lady painted BLM on her shop in Wisconsin so the vandals would skip it. It reminds of Jew’s painting thier doors with lambs blood so thier first born would not be killed but in the reverse

      • As if that would work.
        I liked the sign on one boarded up Chicago’s appliance store more. It said: “Already looted!”

  13. I support our brave men and women who do a hard and many times thankless job. I have the utmost respect for them and what they do in our communities. With the acception of a few bad actors, police do a fine job in spite of getting accused of all sorts of BS when the subject of their attention is of a different race, creed, (or whatever they call it this week) than the office in question. With that being said, they are still citizens the same as you and me an deserve no elevated status. I believe that assaulting a police officer should carry the same penalty as assaulting any other citizen. If the two are not the same, raise the lower standard, don’t lower the higher standard.

    • Right just like the no guns for a misdemeanor domestic violence. If your paying a felony penalty then you should be convicted of a felony. WTF

  14. I’ve said before (not here) that since they are determined to make gun owners criminals, that we should go along with their desires and start acting as criminals.

    No registration of firearms, no back ground checks, no registration, no concealed carry licensing and refusal to obey any other laws created to criminalize gun ownership.

    It does mean that you have to be more careful on how and when you practice and where and how you carry. And of course if you defend yourself you’ll have to flee the scene or find some way to hide the results.

    But hey, it can’t be that hard to do as some really stupid, low iq people get away with it every day.

    • “…since they are determined to make gun owners criminals, that we should go along with their desires and start acting as criminals.”

      This whole “she’s jealous and unjustly treats me like a cheater, I may as well cheat on her” way of thinking is a dangerous path to take. They also call us violent racists and nacis without any racist action from our side. Do we go for a bit of crystal night to the ghetto next?
      When, not if, the next murder or beat up of innocent white guy by black guy happens, do we react by pogrom?

      It’s hard to be a decent person, but we need to be better than the criminal opposition.

  15. Since when do TTAG’ers support “Special rights for Me, Less for Thee”?

    The current law creates special categories of citizenship. Some people are more important, deserve higher protections under the law:
    § 18.2-57. Assault and battery; penalty.

    The new SENATE BILL NO. 5032 removes some of those “special rights for some, none for the peons” language:

    It does not remove felony level charges or punishment for assaulting a cop. It does move the law for assaulting a police officer closer to the law for assaulting a “civilian”. In other words, prove it just as for proving it against any other citizen, in court.

  16. This is a little off subject, but I heard from my cousin in Boston today. Seems the RINO who governs MA has activated 1000 NG. Very quietly activated them. Apparently there is some G-2 out there that the left wing radicals are concerned that they are losing momentum since Kyle sent a couple of them to meet Jesus. They want to rekindle things. Just passing it on.

  17. All leftist subhuman scum are the enemy, regardl3ss of their relation to you. They deserve no peace or quarter. They deserve to be lined up against the wall and executed, in the same manner that the nkvd used.

    • just the NOVA , Norfolk and Richmond. The rest is fairly decent and always thought Fort Valley would be a nice place to hold up in case of TEOTWAWKI.

      • Shit, we can just give Fairfax (city and county) to Maryland. That we be enough to tip the scales – maybe give them Arlington and Falls Church for good measure.

  18. In July over 1100 Virginians attempting to buy a handgun legally from a dealer were denied their constitutional right because it would have violated Governor Coonman’s new One Handgun A Month law. Meanwhile, tonight’s news reports shootings and murders in the projects with illegally obtained guns are increasing weekly. So how are we safer? Anyone with an ounce of sense, including politicians, realizes gun laws only restrict the law-abiding. This is all about Democratic politicians not wanting to risk losing access to Mike Bloomberg’s contributions to their next campaign.

  19. Lot of historical sites in Virginia that could become targeted sites. Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon, Monticello, Civil War era sites, etc. Wonder what (if) plans are in place to defend them or has the white flag been readied for a quick surrender. Once they are gone, …

  20. The post says magazine restrictions have been enacted in Virginia. That’s not true. They are proposed as part of HB-961, the stalled assault weapons ban, but are not yet law.

  21. Mandatory minimums are bad and opposing them does not make you pro-criminal.
    Stick to gun rights on this site. Don’t change this into a statist 8chsn dump.

  22. Virginians are not opposed to revolution. In the classical and modern sense they both invented it, and established its efficacy as an appropriate response to tyranny (in this case Socialist command and control) and to (in this case) Marxism’s fascist mobs.

  23. Nation wide average shows that about 50% of eligible voters don”t. So if you out in Blue states that are not Commiefornia(they are well past the point of no-return, imo) get to working hard at it, you might save yourselves. Door to door, like your rights depend on it.

    Weekends and after/before work. Covid restrictions notwithstanding, pro #2A booths at fairs, markets, malls. If more right minded Americans had more kids and home schooled em, we would not be in the mess we are in. This is going to be a long march back, if We choose to Walk that Line…

  24. Is it just me? I use my PX to visit this site. Now not only not showing all comments but ads after column laying over the first several comments. Can’t read them.

  25. Honestly it should be a misdemeanor, like any other assault unless great bodily injury or death can come from it. And I’m a police officer but I never abuse my authority either. You have to realize as a human if you are attacked it doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer or not, you will defend yourself, now that’s not to say that you need to attack first, most officers do their jobs professionally but the bad overshadows the good and majority of the good don’t speak up. I’ve spoken up and nothing happened to me.

    • I am retired L.E. and through the years I was assaulted plenty, most of the time the prosecutors pled it down. I had a discussion about this topic with a friend who is an electrician. He was under the impression that being assaulted was just part of being a cop, That is until I pointed out that if he was working on an electrical panel and someone intentionally energized it, well he shouldn’t complain because being electrocuted is just part of being an electrician. A light bulb went off in his head! (pun intended).

      Another fellow officer i worked with had an attorney on retainer. every time he was assaulted, he took the next day off (in the policy) and filed civil suit. Totally legal. In one case he got over $20.000 for a dog bite after a suspect intentionally sicked his dog on him. resulted in a couple stiches. The suspects homeowners insurance paid out.

      So yes, it works both ways.

  26. There is only one way to deal with communists. The sooner you people understand that, the easier it’s going to be for you.

  27. What is a crime is that some people think that it should be more of a crime to assault a government employee than it is to assault a citizen. Any and all extra protections given to government employees should be repealed and while we are at it, ALL immunity should be removed. If a government employee steps on their genitals, then they should pay. No matter if they were acting in good faith or not. If you arrest the wrong man, the cop should pay out of his own pocket. While we are at it, any private property harmed by a government employee shall be returned to it’s complete state by the government employee. So if a cop sweeps every thing off a shelf or out of a cabinet, then that cop must pick every thing up and put it back in it’s place. If a cop dumps a drawer, the cop puts every damn thing back in the drawer. If a cop cuts a mattress, the cop pays out of his pocket to replace it.

  28. That of for by was coined years ago for New Jersey. It works for Virginia. Question for discussion. Why was Chicago a safer city when the mob ran it than it is now under democrats.

    • “Why was Chicago a safer city when the mob ran it than it is now under democrats.”

      Two grossly different generations. “The mob” of the ’30s-’60s knew how to take care of business. “The mob” today is more like “The Gand That Couldn’t Shoot Straight”.


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