Portland riots
(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)
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Now that the rights-violating Virginia legislature has given local jurisdictions the power to dream up their own infringements of basic human/civil rights, it appears that the city of Richmond has gone hog wild.

At the August 10 meeting of the Richmond City Council, the Stoney administration introduced an ordinance to modify current Richmond City Code section 19-334.1; Carrying Firearms in Certain Places.

Currently, the code bans firearms in city-owned and -operated parks and facilities. The newly introduced ordinance would also prohibit the possession, carrying or transportation of any firearms in any public street, road, alley, sidewalk, public right-of-way or any open public space when it is being used by, or is adjacent to, an event that requires a city permit.

This ordinance does not broadly ban firearms in these public spaces. Rather, it bans firearms when a permitted event, or an event that should be permitted, is taking place.

Tote the elements of that press release which I emphasized.

Now imagine that you are walking or driving down the street in possession of your lawfully possessed defensive firearm and your concealed carry license. Suddenly, an unpermitted flash mob — be it Bolshevik Lying Marxists or PantyFa — assembles.

You are now a criminal; a Class 1 misdemeanor good for a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Apparently, even if the mob is a block over from you, you’re “near” it. Because someone else decided to hold an unlawful public assembly.

Mayor Stoney’s office did not respond to questions, nor make the actual proposed ordinance text available. Taking the press release at face value, there is no exemption for licensed concealed carry. It is unknown how they plan to enforce this. Neither “near” nor “adjacent” is defined.

Richmond Mayor Stoney is proposing to preemptively disarm you — an actual peaceable person — for the mob’s convenience.

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  1. This is why our rights are not supposed to be dictated by every local tyrant. Go zone some buildings.

  2. “Richmond, Virginia is Working Hard to Protect the Mobs From You”

    And they need “protecting”, because as they continue to act out, people are getting sick and tired of their shit and starting to strike back, there was just an incident in Ft Collins, CO that proves my point…

    blm, antifa, and other so called anarchists, you’re on notice, ass kickin’s are comin’ to a city/town/village near you, soon…

    • Lol. Yeah…. ok…..I WISH….
      Face it, normies are too scared to RISK IT ALL for their country….
      There is one group that isn’t afraid…. any one can see who they are…. remaking America in THEIR image….
      Believe me….I pray AMERICANS will wake up but it’s just not gonna happen anytime soon

      • Antifa better hope they don’t kick shit sideways. The Hispanics around here are itching for a fight with these “mariquitas” just for fun.

        Better Americans? Nah, they just like to brawl.

        If Antifa actually raises serious anger in the working/middle classes Antifa will, quite literally, cease to exist in a week. Especially if white people break out the guns. For all the talk about race, white people are the biggest threat to white people. We launch world-wars against ourselves FFS.

        • strych9,

          I have never heard of the word, “mariquita”. According to the Urban Dictionary it means, “pansy” or “fairy”. (I laughed out loud when I read that.)

          This could be a lot of fun to watch, although I am having a hard time imagining it. Just this morning I enlisted the help of a good friend and neighbor to ask for an exceedingly simple favor from a Mexican roofing crew near my home. (My good friend and neighbor is also from Mexico.) Every Mexican that I have ever met — including my good friend and neighbor — has been super friendly and polite, almost to a fault I would argue. So I am having a bit of a hard time picturing the Hispanics in Colorado itching to kick the Antifa punks’ @sses. I certainly welcome it, though!

        • Generally I’d tend to agree. Mostly they’ve come from a screwed up place and have zero desire to turn their home into another shithole. However, fuck with their money, neighborhood, family or friends and that maton (‘ on the o, not bothering to get the right character here, also the word means thug/killer) attitude comes out.

          I mean they tell jokes in English like “Have you heard of Mexican Judo? Ju don know if I got a knife. Ju don know if I got a gun. Ju don know if I got 20 primos in the house…”

          Really nice people but if that switch flips they’ll fuck your shit up quick.

      • George,

        There is one group that isn’t afraid …

        That would be the group who has tacit approval of government in Progressive jurisdictions to break all manner of laws.

        It is much easier to act out your plan when your local government has blessed your plan. And it is much more difficult to act out your plan when you are fighting your local government and local scumbag criminals (but I repeat myself).

        • When you ain’t got nothin’ you’ve got nothin’ to loose…three hots and a cot is just like living in the basement.

      • The leftist risks much less, at least in the parts of the country where they are acting out most consistently. Unlike Americans, leftists often enjoy the support of local governments, regardless of the law. Americans can expect the local government to act against them, again regardless of the law. That, and the destroyer has an inherent advantage over the preserver. Destruction is simply easier than building.

  3. If that photo is real and is actually what’s going then heaven help us!

    This is worse than Tank Girl.

    If a foreign military were to invade and get THIS then they will have absolutely no resistance. This is embarrassing! A Leafblower? Lol…

      • Yeah. There’s a guide to defeating ant-riot tactics. Standard antifa training. It’s online too.
        Pretty effective in countering smoke and tear gas

        • How well does it work with napalm? That stuff is as good for anti-riot as shotgun pellets though neither is gentle.

        • “How well does it work with napalm?”

          Can we find some Antifa ‘volunteers’? 🙂

        • The antifa protest/riot guide works because most of our LE agencies are absolutely pathetic in riot control, a bunch of clowns posing with expensive equipment that’s about all they do. It doesn’t work so well for antifa and the likes in parts of Europe where they have much better trained and determined riot control units.

        • all the decent riot squads in America are in the prison systems. They actually get training and live experience regularly, and its the only thing they do other than standard correctional stuff, which isn’t terribly intricate stuff. Even line staff often get small scale “anti-riot” experience when doing cell extractions on 2-3 guys covered in baby oil that don’t want to vacate a cell.

        • Shotgun pellets? You got any idea how many shotguns you need to match up against 750 lb cans of napalm? And we normally dropped 2 at a time. Normal drop was at about 450-500 mph, by the time they hit the ground about 350. SPLAT!

      • I am sure that works well lol. Tear gas isn’t that bad anyway, you get used to it unless it’s in confined space, there is a shit ton of it, and/or you have particular health issues.

  4. Elections have consequences, time for real Virginians to remove these tyrants from office, either by ballot ( preferred) or by rope (last resort).

  5. That way if the mob attacks you and you defend yourself you are preemptively a criminal engaging in unlawful acts and committing assault with a deadly weapon. It’s a feature not a bug that it instantly turned you to a felon

  6. They’re trying to now compete with NYC on how can we best disarm the populace so as to depend solely on big government to do it. When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes.

  7. Northern VA wasted no time in passing these ordinances once state preemption was ended.
    This is a blatant attempt to make Lobby Day 2021 not happen. Apparently between 20k-30k people having a non violent armed rally that we cleaned ourselves is the real enemy here. The roving mobs looting, vandalizing , and destroying our city are good to go.

    • Good point. Remember how much the media hated those (actual) peaceful protests? Yet they love the fake “mostly peaceful” riots.

    • Well, when it comes down to it, it’s still 20-30k people (without a doubt MUCH MORE in 2021) against the small amount of tyrants who would enforce this unconstitutional crap… so why even bother listening? Don’t comply. The left doesn’t and they are met with acceptance. Time to force their hands with the same tactics that don’t actually destroy or kill anything/anyone. Eventually, they would be forced to see the difference between peaceful and the opposing side.

  8. This is what you get when you don’t go to vote. People, Libertarians Liberals , Conservatives, gun owners.. All talk big sh*t about the Bill Of Rights or the Constitution. They talk big sh*t about “Freedom” And then they don’t go vote.
    Trump 2020

    • You are right, but we will eventually reach a point when we can no longer win any more elections because imigrants to this country vote more than 2 to 1 left wing. we need to find other means of organizing force besides elections.

      • Glad that our founding fathers didn’t let a tyrant run over them and just try to wish them away with paper.

      • Talking big Sh*t.
        “Liberty requires eternal vigilance.”
        And then they don’t go and vote. This took many election cycles to accomplish. Losing their rights in Virginia. I was stationed in VA for two 4 years tours. In the 90’s and the early 2000’s. I was there when Doug Wilder was governor. The first state wild elected black governor. And VA was still a gun loving Conservative, Confederate flag waving state, after he left office. I seriously considered retiring there after the military. Boy did I doge a bullet.

        They keep electing Mark Warner???

        • Chris T in KY,

          I was seriously thinking about moving to Virginia. Now I am glad that I did not. A close second on my list was moving to North Carolina. I fear that North Carolina will follow Virginia’s path in a few more years.

          At this point I am wondering if Kentucky would be the right choice. (I am having a hard time picturing Kentucky going Hard Left any time in the near future.)

        • to uncommon_sense
          The best states to live in are constitutional carry states. I think 17 states now? Kentucky is one of them. In Vermont they still managed to f*ck themselves. Even tho they have constitutional carry. So its possible things can change. Kentucky produces its own energy and gasoline. Its cheap here. Not so much in California or New York.

          This is the land of the rock castle machine shoot. Twice a year.

      • “…when we can no longer win any more elections because imigrants to this country vote more than 2 to 1 left wing.”

        If that happens, one of two things will happen –

        The nation splits peacefully, or it gets ugly.

        We were founded because we had no means left available to redress grievances by the British King. We got fed up, and then we opened up. And won, even though it cost us lots of human life.

        There is *zero* reason why that couldn’t happen again here. A negotiated divorce is much better than inevitable spousal abuse, in my book…

    • Yes, but what did the GOP do? Avoided passing Constitutional Carry at all costs. Drug their heels on anything major related to gun rights. Yes, sure, let me rush out and support those bunch of slackers. Not to mention that they were clueless that the Governor can apparently imprison every Virginian in their home. The GOP is as useless as a screen door in a submarine.

    • avatar "I voted," big freaking deal!!! Sure, you matter, write to your representative too, he/she cares a lot.

      The GOP is as corrupt and careless as the DNC, they just wear a smaller tin foil hat that’s the only difference. In many jurisdictions, republicans have passed anti 2A legislation in recent years. Trump is the solution to nothing, he has only accomplished one thing in 4 years: giving nice jobs to his obnoxious relatives. Biden is shit, even democrats know it, but that doesn’t magically make Trump a genius. The almighty GOP screwed us in Florida after the school shooting in Broward Cty, who needs democrats with such “republicans?” Keep voting it doesn’t make the slightest difference, democracy is a fraud and that’s why they don’t even need tyranny. Your vote has absolutely zero impact on the outcome of a presidential election by the way. Trump can kiss my azz along with Biden and 99.99999999% of the politicians.

    • The left spent years rigging Virginia. They got a lot of “refugees” and “dreamers” and their illegal families settled in red areas. They got the voting districts redrawn to favor democrats by a communist from Berkeley via race based law suits. They got lots of chicom money to fund “Get out the vote” drives to get the “refugees” and illegals to vote. They got lots of absentee ballots from nursing homes and the elderly that they made sure were for democrat candidates. By the last election it didn’t matter if all of the non leftists turned out to vote or not. It was already rigged. And no one really talked much about it.

  9. It’s fast becoming obvious that not voting republican is giving up your and every other gun owner’s rights. Biden/Harris will be a gun killing ticket.

    • Are you speaking of the Virginia GOP who refused to give us Constitutional Carry? Yeah, I thought so. The GOP slackers sat on their butts and wondered why we didn’t kiss their backsides. The two-party system is broken. Neither party cares about average Virginians or Americans. It’s time to toss them both and start over.

    • avatar "I voted," big freaking deal!!! Sure, you matter, write to your representative too, he/she cares a lot.

      You’re right, the GOP keeps considering, issuing verbal warnings, debating….a bunch of clowns, democrats are laughing at them even that dumbazz AOC is having a blast with the republiturds.

  10. “Now imagine that you are walking or driving down the street in possession of your lawfully possessed defensive firearm and your concealed carry license. Suddenly, an unpermitted flash mob — be it Bolshevik Lying Marxists or PantyFa — assembles.

    You are now a criminal; a Class 1 misdemeanor good for a year in jail and a $2,500 fine. Apparently, even if the mob is a block over from you, you’re “near” it. Because someone else decided to hold an unlawful public assembly.”

    Hey- like your other weapon- just keep it in your pants and no one will know it’s there. Don’t pull it out unless you absolutely intend to use it. I’m sure there are plenty of concealed carriers who violate GFZs on a daily basis: picking kids up from school in the car, etc. Besides- in the scenario where you actually have to use your firearm to protect yourself in any of the leftist metro areas you are still likely to be charged with some felony, even if it was cut-and-dried defensive use. It goes with the territory, at least for the time being.

  11. Hmm, interesting. I didn’t realize that the Amendments in the Bill of Rights were mutually exclusive, ie that I couldn’t bear arms while peaceably assembling and redressing grievances of the government.

    I look forward to Lobby Day 2021.

  12. Got to get those violent crime numbers up somehow so you can blame it on Trump.
    Seriously, I will bet my bottom dollar that come 2024, the Dems are going to use “look at all the violent crime that happened under the Republicans” shtick, because the dinosaurs that run the party still can’t grasp the concept of “the Internet is forever”.

    • And Trump will be down in the polls by around 10%, just like 2016 and 2020, and nobody will even suspect it is going to be yet ANOTHER crushing landslide. BTW, all should notice that if we do not have to follow the Constitution on other subjects, why should we care about presidential term limits?

  13. Stoney is the same moron who suggested white supremacists had infiltrated blm protests and they were the ones responsible for the vandalism and arson. Liberal cities will all be vacant shitholes like Camden, NJ if they continue the current course. I certainly wont be stepping foot in richmond or spending any money there.

  14. Jury nullification is a real & powerful thing.
    We need to exercise it with extreme………diversity.

    • it’s just a matter of time, they spread faster than the covid19 hoax. The answer surely isn’t Trump 2020 either, he is different alright, he is the real deal, lmfao. In 4 years, has Trump even been able to correctly pick one person for his admin? Just one? He is making Bush Jr and Obama look like geniuses and it hurts.

    • That works until they gain control of the Federal Gov. They already have an iron hold on the bureaucracy.

  15. Maybe, it’s time to trade my Ford Focus in on a half ton Dodge Ram. The truck’s weight, height and ground clearance would make it better for battering my way out of a hostile mob.

  16. Alexandria, Falls Church, and Arlington already have or are working on similar ordinances. They just copied and pasted the same ordnance for each location. They get overwhelming push back at council meetings and pass the ordnance anyway. They don’t care. We all knew that removal of preemption was going to be a huge problem and it has. This is blatantly unconstitutional, but I am sure the courts will rubber stamp away and support everything. The constitution has been turned into Swiss cheese and the holes keep getting bigger.

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