Question of the Day: More Guns, Less Democrats?

There’s a strong correlation between gun owners and Republican voters. As we can see in The Washington Post-prepared graphic above based on exit poll data from the Virginia governor’s race. “Voters were about evenly split between those who live in households with and without a gun,” the WaPo reveals. “[Democratic candidate Ralph] Northam won voters […]

VA TV Anchor Whose Girlfriend Was Shot on Live TV Upsets Republican Incumbent for House Seat

“A former TV anchor whose girlfriend [Alison Parker, above left] was fatally shot on-air has claimed a stunning victory over a three-term incumbent state delegate in a rural Virginia election,” reports. “Chris Hurst, 30, supported stricter gun safety measures, but centered his campaign around other issues including an expansion of Medicaid and increased funding for schools. […]

VA’s McAuliffe Could Add to Ranks of Anti-Gun Voters With Proposed Registration Change

If you listen to The Washington Post (and why wouldn’t you?), objections to proposed changes to Virginia’s voter registration requirements are just a partisan tempest in a teapot. True, non-citizens and felons would no longer have to check boxes that would give away their ineligibility at a glance, but no problem, proponents say, pointing out […]

Virginia’s Violent Crime Declines. Credit Gun Laws?

The Washington Post reports that Virginia’s violent crime stats fell by 9.7 percent compared to 2008. Underneath the story, commentators are hashing out the importance of Old Dominion’s gun laws, especially relative to neighboring D.C. and Maryland. USArmy9296 makes some good points: I feel much safer having the right to protect myself and my family […]