Bart Anthony Coniglio
Image courtesy New Hanover County Sheriff
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Sometimes bad people with evil in their hearts don’t think clearly. Such happened in Wilmington, NC as a man chased his own mother out of her home and into the home of a New Hanover County sheriff’s deputy. It all happened at high noon on a Wednesday.

The deputy, who was off duty taking care of her kids, shot the violent felon after he forced his way into her home. She shot him twice for good measure, after all, there’s no extra paperwork for that second shot. Then she called 9-1-1.

“This man done pushed his way in my house. I done shot him two times. Y’all need to get here now.”

The two shots took the fight right out of Bart Anthony Coniglio who decided to stop his attack and was later taken to the hospital.

WECT News has the story and some dramatic 9-1-1 recordings as well.

One day after a shooting at the home of a New Hanover County sheriff’s deputy, WECT is learning new details about what led to the incident. Neighbors say the deputy who fired the weapon is a mother of three, who was off-duty at home with her kids when a neighbor ran to her for help.

In a news release, the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation says Bart Anthony Coniglio forcibly entered a family member’s home in the 4500 block of Barnards Landing Road in Wilmington around 12:42 p.m. Wednesday.

New Hanover County dispatch released the 911 calls Thursday.

The family member made the first 911 call from her home where she said her son was trying to break in her house.

“He’s breaking in my door right now,” she said before she ran out the front of the house.

The family member and a friend left the home and ran to a nearby neighbor’s home that happened to be the residence of a New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office deputy…

Conigilio is no stranger to law enforcement. According to the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, the 40-year-old is a convicted felon who has a criminal record dating back to 2002 for offenses ranging from resisting an officer, to possession of controlled substances, to multiple DWI arrests, and embezzlement. He has not done any prison time in North Carolina.

As we all know, wise and prudent people home carry.  Even in the middle of tranquil day.  Because bad guys don’t make appointments to visit violence upon their victims.

And as Shannon Watts will never say out loud, but practices by hiring armed security:  The only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.


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  1. There are many questions that need to be answered about this incident.

    I generally am supportive of lawful police actions, but in this case the New Hanover County Sheriff Department is negligent. How is he still breathing? Did she not have good shot placement? Was she using a handgun with poor ballistics? Did the EMS team unnecessarily endanger the lives of citizens by rushing to the scene?

    • Did she not stop the threat? That is the only standard you should use in a DGU, IF you want to avoid a nasty outcome (I.E., prison.) It clearly states in the quoted news article that, after being shot twice, the perpetrator stopped his illegal activity and was able to be subdued.

    • I see from the replies below that your post is not well-supported among those replies.

      I, for one, completely agree with you. When there was a chance to rid the world of this violent felon that opportunity was passed on by the Deputy.

  2. Should’ve just kept the front door locked. I get it: “forcibly entered.” That’s a legal term, not necessarily a literal description of the physical entry.

  3. Good news is the disgusting perp was stopped and the bad news is there are many more out there just like him. And to make matters worse the Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party caters to them and pees on you right to defend you and yours. Frankly it’s a tossup between criminals and Gun Control democRats for which is the most despicable.

  4. I’m willing to bet meth was involved. Probably why taking two shots only caused him to retreat.

  5. Clearly the fault lies with Bart Congilio’s mother, she should have raised him better and then dealt with him instead of running to the neighbor’s home.

  6. This is too funny. Gotta be an SNL skit.

    @John Bosch: again, read the article title. Which “she” shot whom?

    • Yea, was confused.

      The home owner fired shots, not his own mother.

      Still, are we talking old SNL, or new SNL? Cuz new SNL would have to involve some race stuff.

  7. Clearly I took the storyline header as the shooter was the deputy before reading the article….. as the perp “done” pushed his way into the deputy’s home and like she said, I “done” shot him two times….LOL


  9. I chased my mom once when I was a kid, around 10 or 11…

    She turned around, picked me up, and power bombed me WWE style into the hard ground in front of all my friends.

    I never chased my mom again, playing or otherwise.

    Just sayin… (and yes, true story. I think about it all the time I have a disagreement with her… like “is she gonna power bomb me? I’m 36… she can’t do that… but better to be safe”.)

    My mom also just scooped up a p365… Fuck around and find out.

    • Well you fcked up. You should have reported your mother to the authorities.
      Didn’t You learn anything in skool?

      I was turned in to social services by a girlfiend for the way I took care of my kids
      One of the allegations was we didn’t have any silverware and used hunting knives to eat with.
      During the interview in my home the social worker brought up that subject.
      My 12 year old spouts out,” But I like my Buck knife.” ,,,whoo boy

      • I’m 36… when I was in school they weren’t totally woke yet. Not saying what we learned or what they taught was right or wrong, or what is no vs. what isn’t, because there never seems to be a middle ground… it’s either a lie or shaming history and blaming todays shortcomings on other people instead of moving forward and caring less about a fucken statue or a flag…

        And who the fuck gives marsupials silverware? Savages…

        Don’t feel bad possum. I had a TRO taken out on me for entering a shared living space to collect my things because I was “threatening” and in the TRO she states “he had a gun on him” etc etc… when every single witness stated that I carry a gun, daily – including the kids. lol. She honestly believed she would win and then make me pay for the legal fees. Here I am, 2 years later, debt free. I am sure her credit card bill has grown exponentially though. Her lawyer was a femnazi too…

  10. He looks like a Meth head to me.
    This is one reason I have a sign on my door.

  11. A related article (The Wilmington Star News) has some further details on the perp’s arrest record. A few highlights:

    -63 recorded offenses since 1996. Received probation for all of them.

    -Was under his second protective order at the time of the DGU

    -According to a family member, the perp “believes he is possessed by demons and that people are going to shoot him.” (well, he *was* half-right on that one).

  12. WHY WASN’T this JERK in PRISON?!? . . . Just asking. Thank you Deputy for a job well done! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  13. If I had said something like “a bad guy done broke into my house and I done shot him twice” my Chief would have told me to come back when I could speak English. And that was a redneck department.

    That aside, I’m glad she put an end to that situation and everyone but the bad guy came out unscathed. Just another example of when bad things happen there’s no police around to save you. Fortunately this woman was able to lead the bad guy TO the fuzz.

  14. Here’s Johnny! Not being nice to mommy!

  15. He’s probably going tp get probation after serving 18 months and when he gets out, watch out. I bet he will get a handgun via a person to person black market transaction and hunt the deputy and mom and kill them in the their sleep. Betcha he won’t stop at two rounds/double tap either into his victims, whoops, r evil doers to him.

  16. Those who push gun control are aligned with violent criminals, tyrants and terrorists. They are against police and law-abiding citizens. Shall not be infringed!

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