Ted Lieu
Rep. Ted Lieu, D-Calif.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File)
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[North Carolina Rep. Madison Cawthorn] said Americans “have the right to obtain a firearm for lawful purposes,” adding: “You will not take this right away from us.”

“If you think this bastardization of the Constitution will be met with silence, then you know nothing of the America I know.

“You want my guns, I know it. We all know it. Mr. Speaker, you can come and take them,” he added—in a video clip that was tweeted by Lieu, a Democrat who represents California’s 33rd district.

— Brendan Cole in Ted Lieu Tells Madison Cawthorn ‘Stop Your Tough Guy Act’ After Right to Bear Arms Speech


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    • Notice how the Rat responds in a “letter” by noting his marksmanship in the USAF. Well yippee yippee f. This is not about your lame “qualifiers” mr. lieu. It is about the Jim Crow Gun Control threats coming daily from your despicable, slanderous, libelous, election fraud, gutless fellow democRats. And yes mr. lieu since your rhetoric is proof you do not live up to your oath to Protect and Defend The Constitution of The United States from enemies both foreign and domestic you just try to touch my firearms and you won’t ever do it again because I will cut your hands off.

      You and your democRat Party ilk march around with your stinking pompous self serving behinds in the air like plantation owners and expect everyone to bow to you. Well mr. lieu since Gun Control in any shape or form is rooted in racism and genocide America ain’t bowing down to any God Damned racist and nazi based agenda. Your choice is to either put up or stfu.

    • He was a commie then and is still one. The Chinese own the Democratic party! They will do anything to help the Chinese. One more thing…If they come for our guns they will start a civil war and unlike other wars they will be targets because we aren’t an ocean and thousands of miles away. So if you dare to even think about this action. You first need to ask how you will be protected from an eminem that you can’t disquish from any other citizen.
      I’m not asking for violence just the opposite. I’m just letting you know it would be a mistake.

    • Mr Leiu has to make everyone think he’s hot shit. When really he’s just a old cold pile of it that retained it stench.
      I wonder where the Lieu name originally hails from? Is he of Chinese heritage? he sure acts like it. These damned democommies won’t be satisfied until they start the 2nd American Revolution.
      I’m damn well tired of bullshit democrat and RINO politicians acting like they have the right to circumvent our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, especially the 1st and 2nd Amendments, just because they think they can and it’s past high time to rid our beloved USA of these UNAmerican, communism loving marxist agenda promoting stinking ass democommies. Every Last One Of Them!

    • I’ve seen who the Army considers “marksmen”, and I am largely unimpressed. It was not a big feat to reach minimum Army standard marksmanship when I was in (and I expect even less so in the Air Force). If he qual’d expert that’s a bit more involved and would actually take some ability, he conspicuously left out this extra tidbit if he did achieve that.

      That said, no one gives a shit about his military qualifications, least of all the fellows who penned 2A

  1. “I sold myself to the military-industrial complex, therefore my argument isn’t unconstitutional.”

    Forget Mexico, let’s build a wall around California and make them pay for it

    • Process for California:
      1 – California secedes from the Union.
      2 – Now unburdened by 2A and having no 2A analog in it’s own constitution, CA passes laws and initiates massive confiscation effort.
      3 – Good, armed folk in CA take over.
      4 – Public hangings.
      5 – New CA constitution written with strong 2A analog.
      6 – California rejoins the Union.

  2. my opinion is worth more than your opinion because anecdote

    Lefties love anecdotal expertise. So much so that the majority of certified expertise is meaningless as it has been irreversibly corrupted by their anecdote fetishism. Especially when it comes to stomping that boot all over your face.

        • I’ll bite. I was a USAF tanker driver for 10 years including in Saudi for Desert Storm, I feel entitled to ask dafook is a BONE, and what does it have to do with marksmanship ribbons (I have 2 of those as well)? I probably refueled over 1000 aircraft in the air during that time, but that is not what the marksmanship ribbons were for.

        • A very good friend of mine was a tanker driver too. He’ll throw acronyms out during a story and we have to tell him to stop, then continue. He now drives for United.
          Shout out to Pilot Mike.

  3. Next November the makeup of this Congress changes…Hopefully in favor of
    “Damage Control “…
    Why the background check of my home state isn’t good enough in the eyes of the Feds is an alarm bell.
    Biggest question is, what will the Congress mandate for 17 constitutional carry states??

    • 18 Constitutional carry States…several more procrastinating in the wings.

      Every State Matters.

      • ^^THIS^^

        Resistance to Sleepy Joe and the Keystone Kops is happening at the State level, where it’s supposed to. Here’s to hoping for two more in 2021, to bring the total to at least 20 States. Once we reach 26, it will be argued that the majority of States within the Union support the 2A as written in the Constitution by the Founders of this nation, and the gun grabbers will be on the defensive to explain why they oppose the very Document they’ve sworn to uphold.

    • Two things, If HR1 passes there will never again be an actual election in the country. The bill overrides all state laws about conducting elections. This will result in a permanent and increased communist (formerly democrat) majority in both houses.

      Second, there is a bill before the house right now which will negate all states right to work laws. So the precedent is now in place to destroy all state laws about constitutional carry, or anything else the communist masters want.

    • That is an interesting question. They can’t tell the states anything, afaik. They can only make it a federal crime if you violate the law, not a state level crime. The extent of federal control is over the FFLs, and they can enforce a ten day wait through regulating FFLs. The law SHOULD be written to allow release upon a clear bcg, but there will be howls of dissent if they tell FFLs to release nothing for ten days.

  4. “what the fuck did you just say about me you little bitch! I graduated top of my class in the chairforce and I’ve been involved in numerous wedding bombings against yemen. and I have over 1 pretty sticker for keeping all the shots in the black area. I’m trained in appeals to authority and I’m the top pencil pusher in the airforce”

    ~ted after my dead dog comes back still raw because they didn’t use enough flashbangs and tear gas

  5. IF the Democrats are trying to start a Civil War then try to take our guns away…It WILL start one…
    They won’t admit the real reason why they want our guns…They want them so it’s easier to control the people…They like people they can control…like Sleepy Biden…

      • They want to control Biden until after the halfway mark, then Kamala will slip in. That way she can run(and win by cheating) 2 more terms.

      • Hairass may not be as sleepy as Joe, but she is dumb as a post, they better have absolute control of every vote counter if they want her elected on her own. Remember she dropped out BEFORE the first primary, she is such an attractive candidate.

        • She is so dumb that she finagled her way into the second chair in the White House? I don’t think so. She is a scheming, lying, conniving bitch who will do whatever is needed to gain power and exercise it in the fulfillment of the Marxist dreams her father taught her. After Obama called her the prettiest Attorney General in the country, I have to wonder if he got a piece of that ass too.

        • Pretty sure Barry doesn’t swing THAT way. Kammie reportedly (see Wee Willie Brown) is at least female. Essential to getting to where she is today (highest ranking birthright baby ever in the US).

      • Word on the internet is that Xiden died day after inauguratuion. They stuffed him and Disney animated him. KamelHo has the controller.

  6. Stupid comments notwithstanding, the basic sentiment is correct; NO, you’re not taking my guns! As for Commiefornia, yup, build the wall!

  7. Trolls like you, along with the rest of the left, are scumbags that deserve nothing.

  8. “(He also sexually assaulted a whole truck load of women when he was in college)”

    Show us on the doll where the bad man touched you, wolfie… 😉

  9. “But in a 2017 sworn deposition obtained by AVL Watchdog, Cawthorn admitted his application to the academy had already been rejected before the crash. The campaign did not comment.

    The Naval Academy reference is a key part of the 25-year-old’s public portrait, featuring prominently in his campaign speeches and interviews. Cawthorn is careful to say he was nominated and that his plans were “derailed” by the crash, two statements that when taken together create the impression he was headed to Annapolis to attend the prestigious academy were it not for the 2014 crash.“

    Compare and contrast his intentional misdirection regarding his rejection by the Naval Academy with Ted Lieu’s honorable service.

    Cawthorne, typical conservative prevarication.

        • If he didn’t lie, that would be a first.

          Low hanging fruit:

          Ted Lieu’s honorable service.

          Ted Lieu is as much a pathological liar as Liar49er. He is one to whom the saying “if his lips are moving, he’s lying to you” genuinely applies. “Honorable” is not possible for him. It’s no wonder Liar49er is defending him.

      • Oh, it’s the delusional adult who believes in mythical sky-daddies.

        Tell me CWT, what’s a fair price to sell my daughter into slavery?

        And I know tour deity said to dash the babies’ brains against the walls, is it OK if we just shoot or stab them?

        And thanks for telling us to kill everyone except for the young girls who have never known a man and to take them for ourselves, my question is, can I have more than one?

        Again, where is this rock solid ‘evidence’ you claim for Hunter Biden’s guilt, you mentioned emails? Have you provided this information to the federal prosecutor so that we may root out any possible criminal activity? Or is this just a rumor you’ve heard and have decided to spread, isn’t there something about a sharp tongue and spreading gossip in your sacred book? Or is it under that ‘Thou shall not bear false witness’ Commandment?

        • Typical progtardian:
          – Browbeats religious people for believing in a “sky daddy” and holds them to standards he doesn’t believe in.
          – Worships an atheistic ideology whose leaders murdered and starved 200 million of their own citizens in the 20th century.

        • How ’bout try watching what his business partner said on national TV interview. I guess you like crackheads and pedophiles, you sure take up for them.

        • You clearly don’t have a problem selling your daughter or anyone else into slavery. Every vote for a Democrat is a vote for slavery, just as it has always been.

    • I doubt he did any more than qualify at the gun range. If he is telling the truth I want to see his small arms card.

    • Who gives a shit? Compared to all the lies the dems have spewed, & will continue to spew , What Hawthorne implied could be considered honorable. At least Hawthorne stands up to protect the 2nd A, and by God,that’s more than one can say for ANY democommie politician

  10. Ooooh…I shot a rifle. So you’re a traitor Ted. Kinda reminds me of a friend of a fakebook friend screaming at me “if you didn’t serve shut up about reinstating the draft”! For what? Another endless Asian debacle? Even my son who went to war(and speaks Arabic) sez LEAVE…

    • That’s not all they had.

      No one should doubt the intellectual sophistication of the National Socialists. Elie Wiesel discovered that, contrary to the myth that the Nazis were uneducated brutes, most of the killers of the death squads had college degrees, including some with Ph.D.s in philosophy, literature, and even theology. Jaroslav Krejci likewise found that while fascist movements in general tend to draw heavily from the lower middle-class, in those countries where fascism has been most successful—namely, Italy and Germany—students and the university-educated were strongly represented. One study of a local Nazi party organization shows that 43.3 percent were university students.

      — Veith, Gene Edward. Modern Fascism . Concordia Publishing House.

      Side note: Please, please, PLEASE come up with a better format for blockquotes. Centered alignment is BAD!

  11. OK, I’ve read every comment up to this post, the one I was impressed with was ,,,,,,,(wait for it),,,,, DEBBIE W. 👍🏆

  12. On another blog that I follow the 25th thing came up and the discussion was straight forward. They need a supermajority of the Senate to remove him. Republicans should not vote to remove. Make them live with him until ’24. Of course they could try to make him “resign” but I suspect that “DOCTOR” Jill will not permit it.

  13. Miner said: “…Ted Lieu’s honorable service….”


    So then becoming a vile and disgusting traitor to the Constitution while in Congress is OK because of his “service”???

    Becoming a stupid, ranting and insane idiot, and trying by any means possible to totally destroy our great country is excused by his “service”?

    Being a sniveling cowering coward in his own words “Dear @RepCawthorn: We don’t want your guns. We just don’t want you to bring them on the House Floor.” is okay because of his “service”?

    God help us all if we get any more of these rabid, lying, leftist scaredicats in our Armed Forces, or we would be forced to surrender to a 10 person army of spear wielding transgender girly boys…..

    I will say though, that this moonbat congressman is accurately representing the fruits and nuts from west Valley Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Bel Air, and Beach Cities

  14. They’re correct when they say they don’t want your guns. They have plenty of their own — plus the government’s, which they will be happy to point at you — and don’t need or want the ones you have. What they do want is for all of us *not* to have what we have. There’s an important semantic difference,.

    Also, the slippery-slope fallacy is totally inadequate to the rhetorical situations in which we argue against Democrats/progressives/leftists — I propose a new one, called the “Just the Tip” fallacy.

    In the slippery-slope fallacy, one makes a logically unsupported claim that something will inevitably lead to the absolute worst imaginable outcome. But most of the time, what gets called the “slippery slope” in arguing with progressive scum isn’t that fallacy at all. It’s a reasonable and logically supportable recognition that once you say okay to “just the tip,” there’s nothing to stop them from completely fucking you over — which is what they always wanted anyway, because otherwise they wouldn’t have been pushing that mushroom tip on you in the first place.

    So here’s Ted Lieu with the standard appeal-to-authority fallacy (muh military service! marksmanship!), with an extra helping of “just the tip.” No thanks, Uncle Ted.

  15. Where is Leland Yee when we really need him? He certainly knew more about guns than Ted Lieu. Heck, Yee even sold them. That’s gotta count for something.

    • “Where is Leland Yee when we really need him?”

      Released June 30, 2020, according to the San Fran Chronicle.

      The TTAG ‘bot won’t let me post the link…

  16. Ted and a lot of other undesirable congressmen seem to think because they were in the military it gives them a free pass on everything for the rest of their lives.

    • He was NOT “in the military”. He is a JAG shyster. Just a damn lawyer POS (to be honest – as is Lindsey Graham)

      • Lindsey doesn’t flaunt his service like others do in Congress. Rarely heard it mentioned. I’m sure 49er will be around with copy and paste examples of something.
        ~just sayin

  17. As an American of Chinese descent with multiple tours overseas with the U.S. Army and more then my fair share of Rifle Qualifications, I tell Rep. Ted Lieu to dare come and take my firearms.

  18. I got in trouble for leaving gunms lying on the floor . Cawthorn should know better.
    Do you suppose when the boat landed they added a u to their last name?
    ” Hello my name is Theodore Lie and I’m running for Representive.”
    I tried to serve my country but my little legs weren’t fast enough and by the time I got everyone served the ice cream had melted.

  19. If these liberal socialists in D.C think the responsible gun owners in this country are going to roll over and surrender our gun rights their sadly mistaken.There isn’t enough jail space to lock all of us up for non compliance.We want to live free and not be told what firearm we can legally own and how much magazine capacity it should hold.These are the same people who have 24/7 secret service protection and now an armed encampment around the peoples house.

  20. You can’t get two USAF expert marksmanship ribbons. You can only earn it one time, and if qual expert with a handgun you get a bronze star on the ribbon. Lieu’s just another dumb area tossing around his “qualifications” as if the they’re pertinent, yet doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about.

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