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Pistol-Packing Chicago Anti-Gun Activist Practices Hypocrisy Well

Like so many gun control activists, Camiella Willliams (above) doesn’t practice what she preaches. The Chicago pistol-packin’ mama shocked an NPR reporter recently when she exposed her own well-worn set of double standards. She admitted to him that she had bought…wait for it…a gun to protect herself and her family.

At the same time, Williams works diligently to keep other inner city residents firmly mired on the gun control plantation. The hypocrisy is strong with this one.

Nobody disputes that residents of Chicago’s inner-city neighborhoods endure high levels of violent crime. With 523 homicides already this year, Chicago continues to earn its Murder City USA nickname. Meanwhile, Windy City cops have identified suspects in less than 13% of homicides this year – and that 13% includes ‘gimmes’ like police-related and civilian self-defense homicides.

Camiella Williams grew up seeing that violence first hand. Not only did she admit to the NPR reporter that she’d bought a firearm, but she also acquired a concealed carry license for her own personal protection. That’s not, however, what she tells her neighbors. At least until now. Instead, she’s only told them them how she’s lost 23 loved ones to gang “gun violence.”

And gun ownership isn’t anything new for her. She told The Trace she bought her first gun, a loaded 9mm, at age 12 for $25. Not long after, she started dealing dope in high school. Later, she became pregnant and eventually straightened her life out.

Pointedly ignoring the racist, classist and sexist history of gun control laws, she’s held up her life story as the foundation for her “guns are bad” shtick. She works day in and day out to promote gun control. Not for her though. The gun control she promotes is for the little people, the others.

But she avails herself of her constitutional right to armed self defense. She enjoys the proven benefits of firearm ownership for herself and her family.

Asked by the NPR interviewer about about the “inconsistency” of advocating for gun control measures while carrying a “weapon” herself, she said:

The people that will probably say that live in safe communities, never experienced the losses that I’ve experienced.

That’s right: she’s special. Her life and those of her loved ones count for more than yours.

We all know that guns save innocent life. The leaders of gun control orgs know the same thing. After all, if guns don’t protect innocent people, why would Shannon Watts hire armed bodyguards? At the NRA convention in Indianapolis, the Moms Demand Action communications director admitted that they hire armed security.

Why? To protect the moms from, as Erika Soto Lamb described it, “people on your side of the debate.” In the process, she proved that, once again, the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun.

Moms Demand Action obviously aren’t the only civilian disarmament activists who preach one thing and practice another.

I’ve seen how Father Pfleger of Chicago’s St. Sabina church employs armed bodyguards on a regular basis – even outside of his church. Pfleger is pictured above at a protest outside Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale, Illinois in 2013. He marches there regularly, advocating for gun control for the little people while bringing armed security for himself.

Not surprisingly, Camiella Williams has worked with Father Pfleger. Also not surprisingly, her hypocrisy doesn’t end with guns. She moved out of Chicago’s most dangerous neighborhoods almost a decade ago. Today, she lives in the far safer suburbs.

One might say Camiella Williams’ life stands as a giant, ‘do as I say, not as I do’ monument to hypocrisy.

That’s okay, Camiella. While our family members’ lives are more important to us than you and yours, we will still selflessly and relentlessly advocate for your right to protect you and your family with the proven benefits of firearm ownership.



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  1. She thinks it’s good for me but not good for thee.
    If she’d of stuck to slinging dope odds are she’d be dead now too. Uppity Witch!

        • Have to be snippy about it, eh? I’m quite educated on the racial connotations of “uppity,” which, while used on non-blacks, is universally signalling of a black person “not knowing her place.” Educate yourself, then deny it if you can’t take it.

          But you did know that, since you automatically assumed I was calling out a racial comment. You lose.

        • Considering your comment downthread about the first 10 comments having racial motivations, yes, I can be snippy about it when you jump to conclusions unnecessarily. I generally have liked your postings here, but there is never an excuse to show your ass and make a fool of yourself.

          Also, it would behoove you to learn more etymology instead of assuming a racial origin for an insult. Being “uppity” is to have the “air, or arrears of superiority”. It is not “to not know one’s place”.

        • Yes, I do have to be snippy about it when you assume their is a racial component where none exists. You yourself made it racial downthread by saying “WTF? Two racist comments in the first ten comments? Come on, people.” I generally like your posts on TTAG, but there is no need to virtue signal, show your ass, and make a fool of yourself.

          Oh, and you may wish to brush up on your etymology. Uppity means to have “the air of superiority” and was first used by blacks against other blacks regarding their attitude. I.E. how it was used in Uncle Remus, the first recorded instance. If you’re going to imply that once “race” can use a phrase but anothet can’t, then I can charge that you are in fact being racist.

        • I call it as I see it. Someone says “fried chicken” (or “watermelon”) with zero context, they’re making it racial.
          As for “uppity,” yes, it’s a sensitive term for black people. You don’t have to like it. Maybe you didn’t mean it that way. But calling a black person “uppity” is not a casual thing.

  2. And this is why I do not use the term “fudd” to exclusively mean a middle-aged white hunter. It isn’t always the fancy double shotgun owner who insists the rest of us have no need to own a silenced, high capacity, fully automatic war machine to hunt deer.
    A Fudd can be more accurately defined as anyone who owns guns but would like everyone else’s civil rights to be limited or strictly controlled.

    • Hey now…. i have a fancy double shotgun….. and quite a few others too.
      All joking aside, this goes way beyond double standard. This is all part of the liberal mental disorder.

  3. “she became pregnant”

    He he. It always gives me a chuckle when it’s written that way.

    Sort of like saying, “He became intoxicated” instead of saying, “He drank most of a 12-pack.” Disregarding personal responsibility by never mentioning the deliberate, stupid behavior that created your condition.

      • “Racist”? To be labelled such these days is a “Badge of Honor” (at least in my eyes). Now excuse me it’s time for my watermelon and Purple Drank.

        • You see a black person, you say “fried chicken.” What about that comment is not prejudiced?

          Yeah, a lot of SJWs cry “racist” at everything. I’m not one of them, but I’m not gonna tolerate everyone dumping on this woman for her color. Being a racist is no badge of honor, regardless of how much Hillary hates you.

        • Lol, I think the ghetto diversity and vibrancy crowd should not own firearms of any sort. When their average IQ is 85 and they are as prone to violent crime as they are, gun ownership is just not a good idea.

      • As long as miss Williams keeps he .”.23 loved ones”, how’d she count to 23? I can count to 21 if I take off my shoe’s and drop my pants, oh hell I bet she wasn’t wearing a bra, well that’s 22, I guess she’s counted her, uh, uh, nose, yeh her nose, well that’s 23 all right, she’s two uppity on me on that, yup yup

  4. This is my shocked font. Really this ain’t surprising it’s been goin on since long before Brady was even a twinkle in his great grand daddy’s eye. They’ve always done this, they scream and cry for gun control yet live in a gated community and hire armed guards for every event.

  5. Her being a hypocrite is as SOP for civilian disarmament proponents and Commicrat’s nation wide not just in Chitcago.

  6. The thing that scares me the most in all of this – armed mercenaries willing to sell themselves for a buck to protect Shannon. Those people are dangerous.

  7. I will add her to my growing list of race traitor hypocrite, black democrats, who think only “certain” black people should have a gun. I bet she doesn’t live in a gun free zone. And if she does she gets to be exempt from the law.

    I’m sure she is well compensated by George Soros money filtered through a “ghost” company.

  8. “Camiella Williams ……. lost 23 loved ones to gang ‘gun violence’……. she bought her first gun, a loaded 9mm, at age 12 for $25. Not long after, she started dealing dope in high school. Later, she became pregnant (the Ghetto Trifecta)…”

    Who wants to bet every one of the 23 were gang members shot by fellow gangbangers or police?

    Buying a 9mm on the street at age 12, slinging drugs, out-of-wedlock birfs? Yep she’s the posterchild for her dysfunctional community, no doubt her fatherless chilluns run amok and are gang members themselves yet she and her fellow Democrats wonder why we refuse to disarm.

  9. I caught this the other day on ‘National People’s Radio’, the duplicity and contradictions are amazing. But the most interesting were her comments about violence, that which she had done and that which she has contemplated doing with her pistol, those statements will make an interesting exhibit in her trial someday.

  10. Looks like she has just admitted to possessing & selling drugs, as well as the illegal possession of a handgun. How was she able to obtain a CHL?

  11. Once more, with feeling… the anti’s are against *you* having guns because of what they think of *you*. They’re fine with *them* having guns because of what they think of themselves, and you it turns out. The first, only, and constant rejoinder to this kind of thing is simply: “You first.”

    They ought to have guns protecting them, while you may not because…

    You Are … too stupid, reactive, and excitable to be entrusted with this power, or anything like it. (They’re not thrilled with you having crayons, even.)

    You Are … not entitled to act as an individual, to make your own choices or the agency to enact what you will. You aren’t entitled to protect yourself on your own authority, for your own sake.

    You Are … not worth protecting for their sake, or “society’s” writ large. They see you as a net loss, at least as long as you continue existing.

    You Are … doing it wrong; acting outside the oversight, administration, and orchestration of their own selves, thus bad and wrong. (Everything not compulsory is forbidden.)

    You Are … even barring all these other things, an acceptable loss, literally a life worth less than every other life. If they had the courage of their convictions, they’d shoot you themselves simply to make the world a better place.

    The good news, politically, from this bad, bad news is that one unnecessary, imposed death at a time, more and more people realize that they’re perfectly fine with you getting killed, so they can feel smugly better — You don’t count; they aren’t your friends. An ever-widening circle is learning that they are the “you” who don’t count.

    Urban & gang-related deaths were just a free talking point for Proconsul Cuomo-the-Younger, until one of his entourage got clipped by a stray round from a drug turf fight. Then, only when it clipped Someone Who Matters, did it become an actual moral issue. Compare the actual vs. faux outrage in videos of The P after this event, vs. any other.

    They only care when one of their own gets hurt. Otherwise you are expendable.

  12. A typical liberal eletists little fool think they have certian privlages over the rest of us their the arrogant pompous old peacocks strutting and parading around thinking their oh so special and their better then us ordinnary birds who sit lower on the roost what they need is a little lesson in humility and were a republic not a monarcy


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