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Where are we, as a nation, on guns? And where do you think we need to go?

I think we might be on the precipice of things getting much worse. I think this Bruen decision, the Supreme Court ruling, quite possibly will unleash so many lawsuits against so many counted-upon regulations that citizens may wake up to the equivalent of, like, no stop signs in their town anymore, except for it’ll be on gun regulation. [The Bruen decision has been called one of the court’s most significant rulings on guns in decades. It struck down New York’s concealed carry law as unconstitutional, saying it conflicted with the Second Amendment.]

What do you attribute this trend to?

As I write in my book, there was a time not that long ago, maybe about 15 to 20 years ago, when the industry understood a sort of fragile social contract needed to be maintained on something as immensely powerful as the freedom to own guns. And so the industry didn’t do certain things. It didn’t advertise in egregiously irresponsible ways. It didn’t put, you know, growth, company growth, above all other things. There were just these unspoken codes of conduct the industry knew not to violate. And those seem to have broken down. And now it’s kind of a victory at all costs. And sadly, I think there’s a lot of cost.

What do you say to people who make the argument that guns are protected by the Second Amendment and that yes, a deranged person here or there may do something bad, but is it fair to punish or penalize law-abiding gun owners with unnecessary or extra government intervention?

I am a gun owner. I hunt and shoot with my boys. I want to continue doing that. I believe and I think that I have a right to do those things. On the other hand, I do not believe that right can exist without a commensurate amount of responsibility. And that responsibility either has to be voluntary or it has to be legislated.

I don’t think universal background checks are an infringement. I just don’t buy that. I think it’s part of the responsibility of exercising this right. I don’t think strengthened red flag laws are in any way an infringement. I think that’s what we must do as responsible citizens. I don’t think that controlling irresponsible marketing is an infringement on our Second Amendment rights. In fact, I think it’s our responsibility to do it. I think there’s a small thread of truth in the position you portray, but democracies function in a sort of carefully balanced gray area. And I think our balance in the country right now is way, way off.

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  1. Corey G. Johnson… another in a long line of azzhats that think they know what’s best for everybody else. Even if it includes making stuff up.
    What a pity. Bless his heart.

    • Someone stick a sock up Busse’s ass. I’m tired of hearing his flatulence several states away.

      • Allow me to correct my mistake.
        CG Johnson is the author of the article interviewing Busse. That makes two azzhats that know what’s best for everyone.

        And JB, shouldn’t the sock go in his mouth being as his cranium is already embedded in his rectum ?!

        (PS- TY for your service JB. Keep up the good work.)

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      • All those two worthless idiots can contribute is Gun Control which is an agenda History Confirms is Rooted in Racism and Genocide.

        As long as Gun Control is not defined by its History of Rot expect those two idiots and their ilk to have a listening audience who will see Gun Control as the cat’s meow.

        • MURDER, GREED, AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS was the chief cause of THE FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE. Today is no different. The Second Amendment was not put in place for Gun Collectors, Hunting, or Target practice. It is to keep Crooked Corrupt Politicians in their place.
          An Honest Politician has nothing to fear or loose of its Armed Citizens. A Corrupt Crooked Politician has everything to Fear and Loose from it’s armed Citizens.

    • Six months prior I misplaced my work and after that I was blessed sufficient to falter upon a extraordinary site which truly spared me. I begun working for them online and in a brief time after I’ve begun averaging 15k a month… The finest thing was that cause I am not that computer smart all I required was a few essential writing aptitudes and web get to to begin.
      ) AND Great Luckiness.:

  2. Violence has spiked because criminals and prosecutors have violated a very REAL fragile social contract.
    Stick your feelz up your ass fudd, you certainly don’t speak for the majority.

  3. I think it’s part of the responsibility of exercising this right.

    No one cares what you think about it.

    The responsibility of “exercising this right” is that law-abiding citizens do exercise the right and are free to confront those who would use firearms (or any arms) in a criminal manner without having to worry that the local DA will indict them and destroy their life for the effort just so they can get themselves re-elected.

    Exercising a Constitutionally protected right should come along with an understanding that you will NOT be prosecuted for doing so.

    • Cliff H,

      No one cares what you think about it.

      There is a very poignant pearl of wisdom:

      You may not care about politics, but politics cares about you.

      Like it or not, that is reality.

      And the reality of that statement is simple: people who don’t want you to exercise a right will pay the Almighty State handsome amounts of money (e.g. taxes) to act upon their behalf to infringe upon your right.

      Look at it this way:
      Most of us generally think of government as a benevolent entity which looks out for us–with paid law enforcement to “serve and protect” us. A much more accurate depiction of most governments is a well-funded cartel with paid mercenaries to carry out the cartel’s goals–goals which are not subject to overarching principles of right-versus-wrong.

      Thus, you may not care what “someone” thinks. That does nothing to stop that “someone” from voting for and paying taxes to a government which WILL attempt to stop you from exercising your rights. Ignore this fact at your peril.

      • Most of us generally think of government as a benevolent entity which looks out for us–with paid law enforcement to “serve and protect” us.

        We used to think that way up until the early 1960’s. Not since then.

  4. “I don’t think strengthened red flag laws are in any way an infringement.”

    Denial of a right without due process is not an infringement? Denial of due process is not unconstitutional?

    “I want to continue [hunting and shooting]” but only if the state gives me permission.

    “”…advertise in egregiously irresponsible ways.”

    Anyone see any egregiously irresponsible gun or ammo advertising recently? Oh, and would it be OK if that advertising was only ‘irresponsible’ and not ‘egregious’?

    A friend ( and gun owner) and I were discussing gun laws last week. He was arguing in favor until I pointed out all the gun- related crime in California, Illinois, ans New York. He had to admit gun laws do not work.

    • LifeSavor,

      A friend ( and gun owner) … had to admit gun laws do not work.

      For a VERY large number of people in our society, whether or not a policy or law actually works is of little consequence. What really matters to such people is what we call “virtue signalling”– which is simply a declaration of someone’s intent to pass a “purity test” and therefore claim membership in their “tribe”.

      Do NOT underestimate people’s irrepressible urge to be an integral member of some “tribe”.

    • Gun laws don’t work because criminals don’t, by definition, follow laws.

      How the left and the gun grabbers can fail to comprehend that very basic logic is beyond me.

      • Because in the favored p0litical ide0logy, criminals are closer to them than citizens.

        Considering how the pre-rev0lutionary B0lsheviks funded themselves through robbery, kidnapping, and extortion, the affinity with criminals should not be surprising.

  5. Maybe Busse should re-examine his unspoken social contracts, and ask why existing laws aren’t being enforced, and ask himself why existing laws seldom have any effect when they are enforced.

    There are no examples in US history when prohibition accomplished what the prohibitionists anticipated. If Busse and company actually prohibit gun ownership in the US, the result will be more widespread ownership of black market firearms, imported from China, India, Turkey, etc.

    Stupid is as stupid does.

    • If these s0cial contracts were unspoken, then they were not recorded and therefore don’t exist.

  6. More from the article:

    And I think we may be in for more ugliness before we do the right thing. Some of that will be demanding that the Supreme Court not apply foolish originalist reasoning to instances like this. So part of that will be demanding that either through public pressure or through eventually, in the long game, replacing those justices with ones who don’t believe that way.


    • “…or through eventually, in the long game, replacing those justices with ones who don’t believe that way.”

      Our rights exist only as long as the court balance is in our favor.

      Once it isn’t, all bets are off… 🙁

  7. This man is constitutionally illiterate. Wow.

    I’m also laughing at the new leftist push for gun owners to voluntarily curtail their own 2A rights. “Oh sure thing groomer enviro-cultist who hates me and wants to burn my home and business to the ground while also eliminating the police, let me just go ahead and destroy my only reliable method of keeping you at bay.”

    Or, you know, not. Idiots.

    • I think they know it’s bullshit but money talks and a lot of the world (well their leaders and those who own them anyway) would love to see us unarmed.

      • True enough. I also think it’s solid evidence that they’ve lost. When you are begging people you despise to willingly disarm, you have run out of ways for forcibly disarm them… at least for now.

        • That last sentence is exactly why I fund as many direct lawsuits as I can afford here in NY. Take back as much ground as we can get before they push the global community demands backed up by economic sanctions.

        • I don’t think they’ve lost, but they seem to be losing a lot and more is on the cusp.

        • Pay attention to Strych9’s posts on the larger picture. We are fighting for crumbs as they are trying to take a bigger slice of the cake and guns are but one layer of many.

        • At this point, splitting the nation is looking like the only rational choice.

          It’s a good thing they hate nuclear weapons, we’ll keep them safe, don’t worry… 🙂

  8. Busse’s “solutions”:

    Don’t allow gun manufacturers or accessory manufacturers to advertise their products.

    Pass laws that infringe on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.

    Put public pressure on the Supreme Court to force them to quit basing their decisions on the Constitution and try to replace justices with ones that won’t.

  9. This guy just makes up things, creates strawmen out of whole cloth, expects everyone else to agree with him because he states lies as if they are facts, then tries to tear them down. Even with all of this he fails. God save us from idiots who can’t even reason.

    • Lot of money propping up such idiots and a lot of it comes from outside the US through various methods.

      • Yep, he’s just doing his job. He’s the “sensible” gun owner, not unlike Adam Kinzinger, who gets paid to attack Republicans while pretending like he’s the “sensible” Republican. Democrats know their audience is either too stupid or too evil to care about being fed this constant propaganda.

    • “…expects everyone else to agree with him because he states lies as if they are facts…”

      “Repeat a lie often enough, it becomes truth.”

      An actual mass-murdering fascist said that… 🙁

  10. Interesting!

    But the fact is that if the US GUN-OWNERS do not soon co-operate to bring about sensible gun control measures they will not only lose credibility but soooner or later the power of DEMOCRACY WILL PREVAIL and there will be more Draconian measures brought it than may be nessessary’
    It’s about time that the GUN-OWNERS of America started to realise that the whole bloody GUN DEBATE is MORE about the FIREARMS INDUSTRY that it abour ant interpretation of the American Constitution and that the GUN INDUSTRY is buying POLITICIANS, the JUDICIAL systems and THE PUBLIC with dodgy stats and the ‘SELF DEFENCE MYTH’ which is far more likely to get you killed that it is to PROTECT anybody.
    And I speak as a PROFESSION in that I was for years an ARMOURER and SMALLARMS Instructor in the Royal Air Force and a MUSKETRY COACH to RIFLE/ HAND GUN Competitors.
    Trying to get the better of the bad guys and gals who are pointing a bloody gun at you is, more often than not turning, a non-lethal situation, [ if it WAS a Lethal situation you would ALREADY be on the way to the MORGUE ] into a DEFINITE lethal one because the bad guy or gal is every bit as interested in SELF PRESERVATION as YOU are. Give ’em the bloody wallet!

    • Do you recall what happened to General Gage at Concorde? It’s proof that you can defend yourself and property with firearms.

    • You are a Troll and a Liar. No one believes your resume. Why don’t you pester a different website once in a while?

    • Just who is this Corey Johnson dick, anyway? Why should we care one iota what he thinks? Apparently, if indeed he hunts and shoots as he claims, he thinks he’ll be one of the lucky few allowed to keep his firearms. PFFFFFT!

    • Spoken like a true Brit. Been there, went thru that, and frankly I’ve given em the bloody center of mass, if you get my meaning. We aren’t Brits here, we fought many times to preserve our Constitution- sorry you don’t have one- and we intend on maintaining our liberties.
      Go back home and stay the heck out of our business, Albert.

      • Jolly ol’ Blighty where if crime is not reported it never happened. Where police take active measures to NOT stop crime or criminals. Where the police actively discourage people from reporting crime happening. And a system of built in corruption where District Commissioners get 5 and 6 figure bonuses to report year-on-year reductions in crime.

    • Yep. BLM,Anti fools & the usual suspects here in Cook county. EFF this traitor🙄

    • We don’t need to co-operate on gun control issues. We have a 2nd Amendment for that.
      Your experience in the British military doesnt mean JACK here. Take your gun control attitudes back to England, we neither need nor want English gun laws here.. And GTH out of Ireland on your way.

    • Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military Wanking Poofter,

      We are not a Democracy, you pathetic idiot, we are a LIMITED CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, which you would know, if you had an ounce of education (to go with your fake British citizenship and your fake military credentials you constantly lie about). But, then, I guess we can’t expect much from someone who babbles about DEMOCRACY while alleging citizenship in a MONARCHY, that doesn’t even have a Constitution.

      Sod off, swampy.

    • Al, this is a Republic, and it is not the gun owners, the criminals need to be dealt with. it is criminals misuse of firearms that are a problem.

      Tell me I am wrong.

    • @Albert L J Hall


      But the fact is that if the US …”

      First, you don’t know a thing about this subject.

      Second, the ignorant mentality you display now and in the past in your posts indicate you would find a dog turd not only interesting but would fascinate you for hours wondering where it came from.

      Third, you live in a modern day form of feudal tyranny without any inherent rights in your country foundings so have no real concept of inherent rights being fed what your government wants you to have and you’re too stupid to realize it.

  11. Appears to me that Corey G. Johnson wouldn’t know/recognize an infringement if it bit him on his ass.
    Thank God he’s a *FORMER* Gun Company Exec.

  12. The formula for gun violence is simple, Democrat Policies, defund the police, open borders, tie the hands of police so they can’t do their jobs, liberal prosecutors, gun free zones, increase in drug use, lack of attention to the mentally and emotionally disturbed. I think that sums it up nicely.

  13. I just discovered this site, and getting away from it quickly. This writer does not know the truth. He/She/They/Them is not a pro gun person. Don’t preach to us to give up certain freedoms, to keep owning guns. The leftist want us to concede everything.

    • Hey simpleton. This repost is about knowing your enemy not what the people here believe.

  14. Simply put, if they would jail criminals and keep them there for the length of their sentence I think you would see a big big drop in shootings. Go after straw purchasers, it happens all the time and I’ve even witnessed it at my LGS. Strengthen the penalties for gun crimes, including having a firearm when you are not allowed to. And until you at least start with that , all else is blah blah.

    • We used to do that….. well except going after straw purchases that’s ATF and apparently not a high priority. But it’s apparently racist and doesn’t promote equity or inclusiveness to diverse people of color so now we only lock them up if they are white or super ultra mega criminal. Some satire involved.

      • well except going after straw purchases that’s ATF and apparently not a high priority

        The ATF refused to go after the straw purchaser who supplied the guns for the Columbine school shooting, probably the most notorious and widely talked about school shooting we have. So no, f the ATF. They only want to put law-abiding gun owners in prison, not real felons.

        • Funny enough the only two federal agencies that tend to go after violent criminals with guns up my was are the Marshalls (human trafficking and other weird stuff) and the DEA (holy shit we have a lot of fentanyl) and almost exclusively both work with the local sheriff’s departments in most cases. When I hear about the ATF ever it’s either store audits or checking serial numbers.

        • Also completely ignored by the feds was the straw purchase that Kyle Rittenhouse arranged. All the media attention wasted trying to paint him as some sort of racist vigilante, while the valid legal issue of the illegal purchase was apparently of no interest. Shows the gun-control media’s priorities quite clearly.

        • Andrew Lias: four guns were used in the Columbine massacre. Three guns were bought by Robyn Anderson, Dylan Klebold’s girlfriend. The ATF acknowledged this and refused to prosecute her. One gun was purchased from Mark Manes. He was prosecuted–but only by the state! The ATF refused to prosecute anyone involved for straw purchases or any other federal gun crime, yet the federal government will always go about waiving the bloody flag of Columbine and similar when they are the ones who refuse to enforce their own federal laws. And the state also refused to prosecute Robyn Anderson for the three guns she provided–the same thing Mark Manes did with one gun that he was prosecuted for!

          But you know all of this, right? Right? [kids…give them books, send them to school, they still don’t know anything]

  15. I don’t think universal background checks are an infringement. I just don’t buy that. I think it’s part of the responsibility of exercising this right.

    I don’t think universal intelligence checks are an infringement on voting. I just don’t buy that. Citizens should understand our system of government and be able to articulate their positions from a firm foundation of knowledge. I think it’s part of the responsibility of exercising this right.

  16. Corey as is his privilege has chosen to reside with his family in locations where government entities have not “Violated an Unspoken, Fragile Social Contract” to deter and prosecute criminals.

    Moving into a city like Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis or Memphis would be an educational experience for the Johnson family.

    • Having been born in Detroit- I wouldn’t wish that place on his helpless FAMILY. Good place for the likes of HIM, tho.

  17. This clown touches on all of the CURRENT leftist talking points, espousing ignorance and pushing slavery at the same time. I have yet to see the “irresponsible marketing” that the left is selling. Where is it? I’ve NEVER seen a firearms add on national TV. As a 2A absolutist, I believe that the firearms industry should advertise on all the networks and social media platforms. In “modern” terminology, the INTERSECTION of 2A and 1A rights, and they should be exploited concomitantly. Busse has been given his forty pieces of silver and has decided to kiss all American gun owners on the cheek, as he slithers away. Hopefully he’ll find a tree and make haste of it’s height, metaphorically speaking, of course.

    • From the lawsuit against Remington, apparently appeals to masculinity or connections to the US military are “irresponsible”. Assumption seems to be that it’s manly or like the US military to murder schoolchildren. Sadly, Remington settled to get their bankruptcy case finished rather than go to court to point out the bizarrely distorted thinking behind the irresponsible advertising claims.

    • “I have yet to see the “irresponsible marketing” that the left is selling.”

      Don’t you get Gang Life magazine? That’s where they advertise the full-auto switches for Glocks, as well as Kia/Hyundai boosting kits. Can probably find it at your local school library.


      Busse is going for relevance and a payday. He’s fallen so far from his days at Kimber, that apparently his past tense formerness is now WAY past tense. From an attribution statement at the original article:

      “Ryan Busse was the former vice president of sales for Kimber America, a major gun manufacturer.”

      • LOL, and Kimber is over priced, overrated and apparently kinda sucks for having hired Busse.

      • @Nero:
        So HE’S the azz#hatted Jackwagon Fool who is responsible for those Kimber-sold-only Micro9 magazines that go full auto (ejaculate all them boolits) before you can shove it into the magwell.
        No wonder he wuz FIRED!
        That and his leftist rap go together for a resume made in heaven for Californians. IZ Boosie Boy running for governor? I hear Sleazewad may be getting a new job back East…
        Hiz hair always reminds me of Cameron Diaz in “Something About Mary”!

  18. But, you know, as with most things, when you earn a paycheck from something, you’re likely to be greatly influenced by it.

    “In June 2021, he became a senior adviser for Giffords, a gun violence prevention group led by Gabrielle Giffords…”

    “The White House appointed gun control activist Ryan Busse to the Hunting & Wildlife Council …” — The Federalist

    “California paid Ryan Busse $150/hr to help it argue that the state’s “assault weapon” ban is constitutional …” — Twitter

    “Looks like Ryan Busse just got a big raise! He says he was paid $350/hr for his latest declaration, this time in support of Hawaii’s “assault pistol” and magazine bans. — Twitter

  19. Where are people seeing these gun ads?
    More specifically where are the urban mutual cultural combatants, incels and transurectionists seeing these ads?

    I’ve been neck deep in wading through gun porn for 35 years and the only time I see ads, real industry ads, is when I visit a gun magazine site or pick up a gun magazine.This clown makes is sound like Kellogg’s has a Joe Camel toting weaponry on every box of Irish Diabetes Charms.

    Now in movies, music, video games and social media I see guns all the time. Not ads per se but representations of them. Are we going to go after those industries? Probably not since they’re all huge dem donors.

  20. The anti-gun crowd diggs up Fudds like this and feeds their egos a bit and sends them out to distract us from the task at hand. Ignore what idiots like this have to say and go back to pushing against the unconstitutional crap leftist politicians have foisted on us for the last hundred years. We are winning in the courts and in the legislatures and Congress, don’t let idiots like this distract us.

  21. The article is chock-full of lies. For example,
    “The industry 15 years ago would not even allow the AR-15 to be used or displayed at its own trade shows. I mean, they were locked up in a corner. You had to have military or police credentials to even go in there.”

    Huh? That’s a lie. They’ve had the AR-15 at trade shows for over 60 years, they’ve been selling the AR-15 to the public (yes, civilians) for over 60 years, and you never “had to have military or police credentials” to buy one. My first experience of being in gun store was in the 1980s, when they were selling the AR-15 for about $500 (which in today’s dollars would be a lot more), and they were displayed on the wall right next to the Ruger Mini-14, which was then a bargain at $300. I also distinctly remember a gun show in the 1980s in New York State had a little pre-teen boy more than 12 years old walking around with an AR-15 strapped to his back — yes, at a New York State gun show — and nobody batted an eye.

    And the article mentions “tactical gear — which are some of the most egregiously advertised items in the firearms industry right now, bulletproof vests, helmets, gloves, all things that weren’t marketed at all 20 years ago.”

    Huh? Nobody sold gloves 20 years ago? That’s such obvious B.S.
    Nobody sold helmets 20 years ago? More B.S. They’ve been selling surplus US military helmets for over a century, ever since helmets started being used in the military (or rather since helmets resumed being used — the ancient Greeks and Romans used helmets too). And what’s “egregious” about advertising helmets and gloves? Even “bulletproof” [sic] vests have been sold for decades to civilians (the quality has improved, but there isn’t any more marketing today than there was in the 1980s).

    • Did you find the original article this was lifted from? (Odd that TTAG lists no attribution. Poor form, TTAG).

    • “The industry 15 years ago would not even allow the AR-15 to be used or displayed at its own trade shows. I mean, they were locked up in a corner. You had to have military or police credentials to even go in there.”

      You are correct, that is 100% lie.

      Heck, even, the first ShotShow (its a trade show) I attended in the 1990’s had AR-15’s on display and you could handle them and look at them and even put an order in for one of you wanted to do so, no “military or police credentials” needed. And in the shows I’ve attended since then over time I have never seen AR-15 display limited to just “military or police credentials”.

      The whole thing is full of lies.

  22. The social contract was broken. When people came to believe that it’s OK to steal from the lower economic classes. Proposition 47 and raising the of the misdemeanor crime level up to $950.

    But don’t steal from the rich. Because a dozen cops will be sent out to catch you.

    And the social contract was broken when the voters didn’t read the proposition 47 before they voted for it.
    And the social contract was broken when you allowed people to become publicly intoxicated on any substance that they chose. People who are publicly intoxicated commit crimes. And the inability to accept that reality is a breaking of a social contract.

    The drug legalization crowd refuses to accept that reality. Or perhaps they do accept that reality?Because they are against private property owners using deadly force if necessary, to protect their private property.

    The 2nd amendment is not about you Hunting with or without your children.

    • Chris T,
      You are all about shooting criminals on your private property, that subject seems to find its way into about every other one of your posts. If i were you I’d think twice about posting that everywhere, if that day ever comes, it may not look so good in court. Just sayin

  23. Why is this crack pot journalist allowed here? Is it to stir up anger or honestly show how little many gun owners today know why the key words in the 2A is, “Shall not be infringed”.

    Come on man. Hey, listen here.
    Any regulation is infringement!

    Do common sense requirements make sense?
    Maybe. But that’s not the point.

  24. Corey Johnson does not realize that when you cannot reason with the warped minds of the sick paranoid Far Right. The Far Right do not even care about the safety of their own children because they are actually that sick and deraigned. The Far Right leave loaded guns lying around the house which results in 1,300 children being accidentally killed each year and they oppose even common sense sane gun laws which make the Far Right their own worst enemies as the more horrendous mass murders we have the more there are calls for draconian gun bans. All this is way over their demented minds.

    As President Biden said recently, the carnage and insanity of the gun problem has become so serious that the average person is afraid to go shopping , go to a parade, go to a movie or send their children to school and eventually when the Republican Prostitutes of the NRA start losing their seats in Congress they will be forced to pass sane gun laws in this country.

    I might add that we are producing a generation of children who now fear and hate guns because they know they are always in danger of a maniac with an assault rifle coming into their school and murdering them all. Again this is way over the heads of the demented paranoid Far Right nut cases.

  25. I don’t know when time would be available to even run a firearms ad on TV… all slots are filled with the latest “ask your doctor about”
    miracle pharmaceuticals or exciting shots of overpriced SUVs full of mud and somehow perched atop some beautiful mesa in the middle of nowhere, apparently driven there by a white Labrador retriever. Also, have you noticed that nearly all couples depicted in ads are multiracial despite the actual number of such couples are around one in five?

    • “all slots are filled with the latest “ask your doctor about”

      Lol you’re totally correct on that, i swear they have a medicine for everything now. Myself and my daughters have a hoot watching those and listening to the side effects part of the commercials (which usually takes up more than half the commercial).

      My daughter made a spoof medicine commercial on her ipad, and overdubbed her voice naming like 50 made up side effects (I remember arm-lossage was one. It was really funny

  26. Busse is a actual ‘disgruntled employee’ of the firearms industry and a mercenary paid mouth piece for the anti-gun ‘industry’ and attention hound.

    If there was an anti-glass table top ‘industry’ that paid him he would be saying basically the same thing about glass table tops … and faulty glass table tops result in deaths of ~30,000 people 21 years old and younger annually and ya never hear about ‘glass table top violence now do ya.

    of all the violent crime comitted in the US, less than 1 % is so called ‘gun violence’ (including mass shootings), yet they amplify it like its the only thing that happens and magically violence will go away if they can just ban guns or control the law abiding more.

    Its a pure BS lie the anti-gun industry puts forth.

    • There has never been one law that prevented crime.

      The decision and action to commit a crime lies with the individual. A law will not prevent an individual from making the decision to commit a crime.

      Sure, there may be someone who thinks “If I do this the law will get me so I will not do this”. And in that sense it can be thought that the law ‘deterred’, but not really. In reality it was a choice made by the individual and the law can not make a person not commit a crime because the law can not control free will.

      So for any ‘crime prevention’ aspect claim for the law – its pure BS that laws can prevent crime and they are 100% ineffective at preventing crime. The law simply can not actually control a persons free will to make the choice to commit a crime or not commit a crime.

      Criminals choose to commit crimes, law abiding people choose not to commit crimes. The only ones obeying the law are the law abiding, and even then ‘obeying’ the law is still a matter of free will choice so even then the law did not ‘benefit’ society because adherence to the law (e.g. ‘obeying’ the law) is a matter of free will choice and not that the law is written down and passed by a legislature.

      History has shown that the more the ‘law abiding’ are burdened with more law and restrictions on freedoms the more likely they are to rebel against the government while the more likely the criminal element activity will increase to take advantage of the ‘law abiding’ being restricted more. In other words, even with increased laws, crime still thrives and grows because criminals do not obey the law and take advantage of those who do obey the law.

      This is even being played out today here in the U.S. with increased crime rates where people are more defenseless by government restriction.

      And its already happening in gun ban countries in Europe where over half of their violent crimes are no longer investigated or placed in stats. For example, annually, ~33% of the U.K. female population in the U.K. has been violently raped (or sexually assaulted in some manner) and 1-in-4 sex workers murdered and the police don’t even bother to investigate over 90% of them because the perpetrators are not known so it never makes it into stats or official figures because there is no one to prosecute. Its pretty much like that in all of Europe’s gun ban countries with all its defenseless victims. Civilized my butt. Crime actually increased with gun bans in these countries, its just that the authorities quit investigating them because they could not catch the perpetrators so it doesn’t go into stats and reports.

      Here in the U.S. what you see in stats for violent crime is not all there is. What you see in stats is about 8% of the overall violent crime, and that’s because the stats are derived from arrests and prosecution and the overall arrest rate in the U.S. for violent offenders is only about ~11% and the prosecution rate overall is ~4%. Out of that 8% the so called ‘gun violence’ violent crimes are less than 0.08% of those and the rest are violent crimes committed with other weapons or means. Although it varies some outside the U.S., its about or around the same rates in even gun ban countries.

      The fact is that laws or bans or restrictions do not prevent crime, no matter where you are in the world.

    • correction: “Busse is a actual ‘disgruntled employee’ of the…”

      should have been…

      Busse is a actual ‘disgruntled ex-employee’ of the….

  27. citizens may wake up to the equivalent of, like, no stop signs in their town anymore, except for it’ll be on gun regulation.

    This is very illustrative of the mindset of the leftist pundit class. I’ve often seen them try to make analogies between gun control and traffic laws. But traffic laws don’t exist to restrain the kind of violently antisocial people who commit murders or armed robberies. They exist for the benefit of the well-meaning majority, who have every intention of peacefully coexisting with their neighbors. Such people find it easier to do that when there are agreed-upon rules for sharing common resources, like roads. Things like stop signs exist not to restrain bad people, but to coordinate the efforts of good people. People like Johnson can understand on an academic level that violent criminals don’t obey laws. They can remember that answer and regurgitate it for a test. But it isn’t real to them. They don’t know it in their bones, and it doesn’t enter into their thought process about how crime comes about.

    And so the industry didn’t do certain things. It didn’t advertise in egregiously irresponsible ways.

    So they would have never, say, shown a little girl playing with a revolver in bed, with captions like “Papa says it won’t hurt us”, “absolutely safe”, and “accidental discharge impossible?”


  28. dont you just love it
    when democrats use big words
    and refer to big ideas
    that they dont understand
    and it happens

  29. One in five? Hmmm… certainly not where I live anyway… no where near that many multi-racial couples. Oh, and the dogs around here who drive are mostly red setters- we do have some beautiful mesas they like to drive up tho…
    Have seen a Henry commercial a time or twice, not surprising cuz I live in a low-pop western county, can’t remember what program it was on. I’m holding out for Glock, myself 😉 All our TV right here is cable or sat…

  30. These new talking points are pure BS.

    if the left won’t talk about how they have undermined the family and western civilization with their Marxist ideas, we will never come to a point of agreement.

    However, if their violent buddies keep it up, the rest of society will be so well armed, that they get taken out on a regular basis.

  31. Talks about the social contract of gun companies says nothing about the social contract the government is supposed to have with people which is to defend their safety. Yet through lax, selective enforcement it doesn’t.

  32. The anti-gunners of this country started this arms race. Not me. I didn’t go around making public statements about confiscating weapons. Every time an anti gunner speaks up a new AR15 is born. At this point I don’t care any longer if every single American owns 20 AR15s.

    The anti-gun people know what they are doing is wrong at this point. They understand that, they know deep down it’s wrong to be anti civil rights. They know it is ethically, immoral and constitutionally wrong and they simply don’t care.

    So the only way to solve this is….it all has to go. If it means everyone in public is carrying AR15s, shoulder fired missiles, hand grenades and 5 or 6 hand guns then that’s obviously the outcome that the anti-gunners wanted.

    The anti-gunners are not passing laws to stop criminals, gang violence, etc. They are passing laws to punish the innocent. Because it’s easy to say “see we did something. It isn’t going to accomplish anything, but we did something anyways”.

  33. “I think this Bruen decision, the Supreme Court ruling, quite possibly will unleash so many lawsuits against so many counted-upon regulations that citizens may wake up to the equivalent of, like, no stop signs in their town anymore, except for it’ll be on gun regulation.”

    Good. That’s exactly the point.

  34. “And so the industry didn’t do certain things. It didn’t advertise in egregiously irresponsible ways. It didn’t put, you know, growth, company growth, above all other things. There were just these unspoken codes of conduct the industry knew not to violate. And those seem to have broken down.”

    What companies are advertising in “egregiously irresponsible ways”?
    Growth? Who is the best gun advertiser in the country? Well, there was Obama! Now there is Biden!
    How about all those soft on crime Democrat DAs and mayors of Democrat ran cities?
    Something has broken alright. Not anything the gun industry has done. It is what the Democrats have done!

    “On the other hand, I do not believe that right can exist without a commensurate amount of responsibility. And that responsibility either has to be voluntary or it has to be legislated.”
    This is the second mention of “responsibility” I have seen in a week.
    Where is the responsibility the new mayor of Chicago should take after this weekend of 52 shot, and 10 killed in his city?
    Where are those who have committed those shootings? Are they taking responsibility for their actions and turning themselves in? Where is the DA enforcing the laws already on the books?

  35. Leftist Propaganda 101: make up some ridiculous BS, then call us “radicals” for opposing something that never existed / supporting the status quo everyone grew up with and regarded as normal.

  36. Who, exactly is committing all this violence? Sure as hell is not Caucasian, Trump supporting Lifetime NRA members. We are not doing it so we sure as hell are not going to give up our rights to stop it.

    • Who, exactly is committing all this violence?

      According to Biden, white supremacists. In my 66 years on this earth I’ve yet to meet one, but maybe one day. On the other hand, I have met plenty of people who compared a certain race to savage people living in jungles. Oh, wait, that was Biden. I guess he is a white supremacist.

  37. Has anyone else noticed the striking resemblance between Busse’s photo (above) and the photos of Sam Brinton the disgraced DoE former Deputy Assistant of Nuclear Waste? They could be the same person or at least brothers…

    Ryan continues to be a ho to the highest bidder…his politics are “intelligence-fluid”.

  38. This guy is apparently ignorant of the fact that the 2A says, “Shall not infringe”. This has to say to anyone regardless of smarts that no we will not limit our rights or work with anyone to do so. Therefore piss off, dumbass. FJB!

    • Except that it’s actually shortsighted and emotional reactions (by people like you) to gangs and drug lords that ruin it for us.

  39. We’ve had Universal Background Checks for 10 years in Colorado. Has such lowered Criminal Misuse of Firearms? Nope, not at all.
    There are various reasons as to why UCBs don’t and won’t work, but the main one is that less than 10% of Firearmsvcollected after being Criminally Misused, were Lawfully obtained.
    90% of the Firearms recovered are either stolen or purchased on the Black Market. Those espousing UCBs ignore the Statistical evidence that proves UCBs don’t reduce Criminal Misuse.
    Universal Background Checks are just another step on the way to a National Gun Registration, which inevitably leads to confiscation. History proves that time after time.

    The author, is the Fuddiest of Fudds.

  40. Same leftists that claim gender should be done away with because it’s a social construct say you should follow another social construct…

  41. This is basically the same argument that has been used many times and many places to justify “reasonable” restrictions on other rights. How many places have “freedom of the press” only as long as they that a “Responsible Press” that doesn’t report things the government thinks need to be kept from the people? How many places have a “right to be free of unreasonable search and seizure” where any search is that turns up evidence is automatically “reasonable”? How many places have a right against self-incrimination, that doesn’t apply to criminals?

    The claim “I’m a gun owner, but…” or “I support the 2nd Amendment, but…” is always at the start of such nonsense about “reasonable” gun laws not being infringements.

    Personally I can see the attraction of SOME of these nonsense proposals. I don’t support them, but I could tolerate several IF THEY WOULD WORK (but unfortunately they don’t) and IF THE GOVERNMENT COULD BE TRUSTED (but again, unfortunately that’s simply not the case either).

    Bussse says that when responsibility isn’t voluntary it needs to be legislated. The underlying flaw of Busse’s whole thesis is his fantasy that it is somehow possible to “legislate” responsibility. Legislation can assign legal liability, but it cannot create responsibility.

    Busse wants “Universal Background Checks” but criminals don’t obey laws, so Universal Background Checks have no impact on criminals. Busse also fails (deliberately, perhaps) to mention that any requirement for Universal Background Checks can only be enforced by having 100% gun registration. If guns aren’t registered how would the police verify the background checks?

  42. Social contract? BS! The breakdown of society was a planned agenda by the Communist influence that has infiltrated America since the late 1950’s under the guise of Socialism and Liberalism. Guns have been around long before mass shootings and gang violence. Why was there never a problem before the Communists got a foothold in America? Our Founding Fathers knew exactly what they were doing when they wrote the Second Amendment. It was to protect ‘We the People’ from people like him.

  43. The only premise from the article the idiots got right is the fact that with rights come responsibilities. And, unless those committing the crimes with firearms are held accountable/responsible for their actions, nothing will change.
    Say or complain all you want about guns or the industry. No matter if the weapon in question is a brass barreled flintlock blunderbuss, or the latest full on select fire military weapons, it has always been and will always come down to the hand and brain using the weapon.
    The claim of AR’s being locked away and only sold to military or police is complete BS. I purchased my first AR back in 1974 at a hardware store that had a small gun counter.
    Background checks have proven hundreds of times over to be a waste of time and effort and money. Many of those committing the mass murders purchased their firearms legally with NICS checks performed. The next group had friends or family purchase their weapons, and the third group obtained their weapons illegally and no BG checks were involved. So exactly how does a BG check prevent prohibited persons from arming themselves again?

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