The suspect can be seen clearly drawing down on Denver cops who had him at gunpoint. Screencap by Boch via Youtube.
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Denver police officers faced an armed bad guy who drew down on them in the midst of a busy bar crowd at 1:35 a.m. The cops engaged, firing their sidearms, scoring seven hits out of six rounds fired. That represents a remarkable 117% hit rate. The only problem is that six of the seven people who were wounded soaked up rounds meant for the bad guy.

They surely don’t appreciate DPD’s marksmanship skilles, or lack thereof.

Yes, there’s that pesky fourth rule of gun safety: Know your target and what’s beyond it.  For the record, that even applies to the staple guns you’re using to put up your targets at the range. But for good guys everywhere, firing anything except carefully controlled shots at a bad actor who’s surrounded by innocents could probably be described more as negligence than exigence.

Once shots broke out, it was every man for himself except for the guy on the left side of the frame here who shielded his significant other. Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Maybe Denver Police should hire a guy like Elisjsha Dicken to coach them up on their marksmanship skills. He’s the guy without any formal training who took down a rifle-toting lunatic shooting people in a crowded mall in Indiana. Dicken scored eight hits out of ten shots fired, wounding no innocents by mistake, at up to 40 yards away.

Here’s the dirty laundry on the horrific incident from the Denver Post.

Denver police on Tuesday released surveillance video and body camera footage of three officers shooting an armed man and injuring six innocent bystanders outside busy downtown bars on July 17.

The videos for the first time show from start to finish the shooting, which will be investigated by a grand jury. Denver police officials previously made public still images they selected from the videos but denied public records requests by The Denver Post and other news outlets to release the videos in their entirety…

Denver police previously said Waddy was holding the gun by the slide on the top when the officers fired. It’s not clear if Waddy could have fired the gun while holding it that way, Cmdr. Matt Clark said at a July 20 news conference. He said the officers believed the muzzle of the gun pointed at them as Waddy pulled it out.

Two officers shot a combined five rounds while facing Waddy with the front wall of Larimer Beer Hall behind him. A third officer fired one round from Waddy’s right side and a crowd of people is visible behind Waddy in the officer’s body camera footage.

“The Department of Safety and Denver Police Department remain concerned about the health and well-being of those who were injured in this incident and will continue to offer support to aid in their healing,” the departments said in a joint statement Tuesday.

Maybe Denver’s police need to spend more time on the fundamentals of handgun safety and marksmanship and less in “woke” racial/implicit bias training.

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  1. Posted the below before, but this shooting by police also substantiates it…

    For handguns: There is less than a 0.0004% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier when the firearm is out of the holster.

    For handguns: There is a little more than a 6% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement when the firearm is out of the holster.

    For handguns when the firearm is out of the holster: A person is literally in more danger (by about 15,000 times) of being shot accidentally by law enforcement than they are of being shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier.

    For rifles, when in shouldered firing position: There is a 0.0005% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier. There is a 4.7% probability that a person will be shot accidentally by law enforcement. A person is literally in more danger (by about 9,400 times) of being shot accidentally by law enforcement than they are of being shot accidentally by an ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) law abiding gun carrier.

      • Its a year long project conducted by my wife and her research partners on a contract for a research study. Shes a contract journalist, and between contracts for that she does contract research projects for various agencies and research groups/companies. This project ends October 1 2022. For this project, basically, it uses data from state records of all 50 states and federal systems (including NIH and CDC and federal law enforcement agencies records) for just those ruled to be accidental shooting in either investigation or by adjudication and ‘victim’ interviews.

        It includes (the study) those ‘others’ actually hit, not those which are near misses (those ‘others’ not actually hit) or personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types but there is data on these too.

        When near misses (those ‘others’ not actually hit) and personal injury ‘negligent discharge’ types are factored in ::::

        law enforcement – handgun (out of holster): slightly over 7% probability.

        ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) – handgun (out of holster): A little over 0.0004% probability.

        law enforcement – rifle (shouldered firing position): 5.2% probability.

        ordinary citizen (not law enforcement) – rifle (shouldered firing position): a little over 0.0003% probability.

        • I would like to see those on an incident level – that is, we literally pay police to deal with people like the guy in the story, so they are going to have a LOT more opportunities.

          That doesn’t necessarily justify the police (incidents like the one shown here prove that they are definitely make serious mistakes sometimes), but your comparison does have a significant apples-to-oranges problem.

    • The law enforcement people you like to bash are the only ones charged with engaging and neutralizing armed and violent suspects. Joe Blow with his Ruger tucked down his pants doesn’t have any such obligations.

      • Well because that is part of their J.O.B. perhaps they should visit the range more than once a year even if they don’t get paid to do so.

  2. I smell lots of taxpayer $$$ going out the door via the Police Department malfeasance. There are six persons who should get a substantial compensation from the PoPo (City of Denver).

    Interesting to see if the PD / City attorneys blame the bad guy for the ballistic injuries sustained by the six bystanders. They might see this as a plus in their attack on the 2nd Amendment and firearm ownership.

    • Many moons ago, I was “laid off” by a former employer after refusing to commit an illegal act at the request of executive management. The request became a command, and when refused again, by the end of that week my position was suddenly “downsized” and I was given my walking papers.

      When I consulted with a law firm the following week regarding filing a claim of wrongful termination, the interviewing attorney asked me what I thought would be a fair outcome. I was younger and a bit naive at the time of court proceedings, so I honestly replied, “I want my job back.” She shook her head and said, “That’s not how it works. The only thing people in power respond to is the loss of their money and the public humiliation.”

      That was when I began to understand how the courts really operate. Over the next several years, I ended up being party to a few more unfortunate lawsuits, both as defendant and plaintiff. And in each case, the pursuit argued by attorneys (including my own, which lent a greasy feel to it all) was always about how much money could be won, rather than what a just outcome should be.

      Maybe Shakespeare was on to something…

      • A court case is never about ‘justice’. It’s about winning the case. Ask any lawyer including prosecutors.

        • After spending 25 years in court, I would most heartily agree. Justice has absolutely nothing to do with the process. “Justice? Are you crazy” I want to win.”

    • Montana, well, as long as they “remain concerned” for those they injured with potentially lethal force. But I forgot, they’re licensed for that so they’re good to go. Again. Still.

  3. Disarm the police. Issue them nightsticks and the training to use them. There is no rationale or moral reason for the police to have firearms. They will simply follow orders and stand down. And allow criminals to kill the innocent where they stand. And firebomb private property whenever they wish. And in a red communist state and red communist city of Denver Colorado, the ruling government there will never, spend the money that is necessary, to ensure the police are properly trained.

  4. “…less in “woke” racial/implicit bias training.”

    All too often, the implicit bias in LEO training is “us vs. them.”

    “Them” being anyone not wearing a badge, whether up to no good or not. Most easily seen by police who call everyone else “civilians.”

    • I work in IT and we call non-IT guys civilians. Criminals refer to non-criminals as civilians.

      I think people read far to deeply into that particular choice of verbiage.

      • You should rethink your job choice if what you wrote is actually how you think/speak. Perhaps you are new to the field and need some guidance. The people IT Professionals serve are end users. While an end user may be a civilian, there is verbiage associated to any respective industry. It is not a “one size fits all” dictionary. Do not include IT Professionals in your interwebs post as though you speak for all when stating “we”. Your words do not reflect you are part of “we”.

        • Lol, sorry I offended you, “Real” IT Professional. I wasn’t trying to speak for every single IT person in the world, and I think that would be assumed by all but the most pendantic of asshats.
          The fact that you’re issuing an order to a stranger on the internet to defend the honor of IT is fairly hilarious. I don’t think anyone needs “guidance” from the likes of you.

        • @Real IT Professional

          That was a pretty comedic post you made. Its got to be intentional comedy, otherwise I need to assume you live in a fantasy world you created and need to be medicated.

    • My local outdoor range has seven major areas, listed as “Range1” thru “Range 7”. Range 1 is specifically for LEOs, away from everyone else.

  5. Thank you to the g@y f@scist, Married With Children governor, of the red communist state of Colorado. Who signed the law that repealed preemption in the state. Allowing local governments to pass their own gun control laws. But do enjoy your legalized marijuana intoxication.

    I understand that he is a wonderful Libertarian governor. I hope the Libertarians are enjoying their success at getting one of their own into the executive position.

    “Democrat Jared Polis: Most Libertarian Governor?” video 6 min long

      • Ya I heard about this.
        We don’t live in a perfect world. As bad as her opposition is, Brian Kemp. I would certainly vote for him instead of her. GA has constitutional carry because of Gov Kemp.

    • Chris T,

      Jared Polis is a “libertarian” like David “Camera” Hogg is an actual man. Polis is a Leftist, only SLIGHTLY less fascist than “normal” Leftists like Pelosi, Schumer, and Senile Joe.

      LOTS of people call themselves “libertarians” – hell, Bill Mahre used to call himself a “libertarian”. True libertarians believe in individual freedom and liberty – gun control ain’t part of that. Yes, most libertarians believe drug laws are unconstitutional (they are) . . . sorry that gets your panties in a twist. Smart people don’t do drugs, but government has NO legitimate power to outlaw drugs . . . or tobacco, or common lawn toys (lawn darts, for example). You strike me as the kind of guy who wants to outlaw drugs, but “nobody touch my guns”. I’d love you to explain the Constitutional basis for outlawing drugs. Or homosexuality. Or even communism – like drugs, it’s stupid and ineffective, and creates more problems but . . . a free human has the right to practice/believe in stupid things.

    • there is nothing libertarian about ending preemption or banning anything. You harper’s on libertarians all the time by using non libertarians as examples. And what have you republiCONS done for us? they set Trump up and never backed him up. Call me when your bois do something useful.

      • Except Polis ISN’T LIBERTARIAN. He doesn’t run as one, he doesn’t call himself one. Some jackass newspaper called him one? Same paper almost certainly called you a Nazi at some point, so why would you believe them?

      • Chris T,

        To be blunt, you have no freakin’ clue what a “libertarian” or a “non libertarian” is. Bill Mahre claimed to be a libertarian. Evan McMuffin CLAIMED to be a libertarian. As one of Mahre’s guests said to him during his “libertarian” phase, “Bill, being a libertarian means more than just ‘Oh boy, I get to smoke dope and screw whoever I want.'”

        Perhaps learn something about libertarianism (you might start with T. Jefferson, one of the original libertarians). I’m sorry some guy who called himself a ‘libertarian’ (and maybe even was) stole your girl. GTF over it, why don’t you???

        And do not presume to tell me what I believe, or think, or what my political philosophy actually is. You OBVIOUSLY don’t “grok” libertarianism, and that’s OK. When you go on one of your “libertarians are Satan” rants, you sound just as freaking stupid as dacian babbling about “right wingers:.

        You literally know f***-all abour libertarianism. Sorry it gets your panties in a wad, but on the other hand, I don’t treally give a s***. Grow the f*** up.

    • Polis? the Arse Spelunker a Libertarian? My State has really gone downhill. First Lixkshispooper and now Winnie the Butt Bandit.

      gods, I wish I could afford to move.

  6. “Two officers shot a combined five rounds while facing Waddy with the front wall of Larimer Beer Hall behind him.”

    What that statement fails to make clear is, the cops were using a glass store front as a backstop, with a crowd of people inside the store. All cops who fired were equally negligent. Grossly negligent.

  7. No one is trained or qualified to carry a firearm except cops. Those bystanders were guilty of something and justice has finally caught up with them.

  8. My Dad was a LA County Sheriff for many, many years and worked in a lot of key roles in the department from the beginning of his career until he retired in 1982. One day he told me, “Son a lot of cops don’t like guns and don’t enjoy shooting”. AS A KID, I WAS LIKE YOU’RE KIDDING ME RIGHT???

    Now to be fair. many were great shots who enjoyed practicing and even competition. Up at the Big Bear shooting range, Deputy Jack Weaver developed the “Weaver Stance”. However for the majority of the 5,000 deputies, they dreaded qualifying with their sidearm and almost all hated shooting the shotgun and would even leave the shotgun in the car and just rely on their 38 Special Smith & Wesson Model 15 Combat Masterpiece when facing a robbery or barricaded suspect, rather than OO Buck.

    I don’t think things have changed much. I remember awhile back, when the “Best Police Department on the planet”, according to the NYPD, had two (?) officers fire 80 rounds at a fleeing suspect and 100% missed. Not sure if they hit any bystanders, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    In Europe it is far worse, where your sidearm is considered a “Badge of Honor” and not a useful tool that must be mastered. Most European police shoot maybe 15 rounds a year. Of course there are exception like the GIGN and others, but the rule is they have zero idea what they are doing.

    Personally (start hate replies) I would equip U.S. police with an updated 32 ACP (but a true rimless) pistol that fired solid core, flat nose bullets that had some limited AP Capability against LVL II, LVL IIIa soft armor and intermediate barriers. Before you laugh, the standard at the turn of the last century was 32 S&W Long, also called by Colt 32 New Police. Off duty a lot of NYPD officers carried Colt 1903 Semi Auto Pistols in 32 ACP (Semi-Rim). Lessening the recoil and lots of practice might improve police marksmanship skills, but maybe not. 32 is .312 diameter, 9mm is .355 and 38/357 is .357 diameter. Shot placement and deep penetration is what stops bad guys in pistols. Modern loads in 32 ACP and 32 S&W Long can travel 20″ to 30″ in human flesh, which is more than the FBI 12″ to 18″ they say is required. Less recoil, might mean more hits and less misses, but maybe not.

    What would improve officer safety would be to 100% ban single officer patrols, as officers who are alone are more likely to be killed in the line of duty.

      • Nope, infrared laser in combination with NOD’s are great. Visible lasers on handguns are just stupid and a gimmick

      • “The use of laser sights would be a help also.”

        Only when the officer is alone, which a bad idea. In the case above, when three officers are firing at the same guy, and they all have a red dot….

    • The problem is trigger pull weight, many “urban” departments mandate 12-15lb triggers which of course results in “jerking” ie. poor shooting by the undersized and physically/muscle deficient EEOC/AA hires and dwarves they recruit these days.

  9. Retarded sadistic people who cannot hold a job because of their extreme violence always end up being hired as cops. Our vetting system for hiring cops works the opposite of that of civilized countries as we deliberately hire the most depraved and vicious people to become cops.

    Stanley Kubrick’s classic movie (Clockwork Orange 1971)about delinquent and brutal teenagers (who later became cops) depicted this reality in the movie.

    In my own high school class the most brutal and depraved of young men became cops.

    60 minutes ran a story on a depraved cop that had 33 complaints against him and deliberately attacked and broke the jaw of a non-violent and cooperating suspect was after a year finally fired but walked across the county line and with the full knowledge about his hideous past the local city council willing hired him to be a cop in their community despite massive protests. The Council only ended up firing him when the story broke Nationwide on 60 minutes showing you how racist and depraved the city council was. They wanted a jackbooted depraved police force.

  10. Turns out stopping a violent suspect who pulls a gun out in front of 5 cops on a crowded sidewalk can get a little messy. I don’t know how much extra training the 1,400 officers of the DPD need to keep it from happening again, but I know I’m not applying to join the force any time soon.

    • Juice,

      … stopping a violent suspect … on a crowded sidewalk can get a little messy.

      In the general case I don’t see any way around it. If you (a cop) limit yourself to non-firearm intervention, an armed maniac could maim and/or kill dozens of innocents before you and your partners take him/her down. If you (a cop) use your firearm, you could also maim and/or kill multiple innocents.

      Unless the cops always have shotguns loaded with beanbag rounds immediately available (hint: they don’t), there are going to be times where the best possible outcome (the highest probability of the lowest number of casualties) requires police using firearms–and harming some innocent bystanders in the process.

      I imagine that the best technique in such scenarios is limiting yourself to slow and careful aimed fire.

      • “Unless the cops always have shotguns loaded with beanbag rounds immediately available (hint: they don’t), there are going to be times where the best possible outcome (the highest probability of the lowest number of casualties) requires police using firearms–and harming some innocent bystanders in the process.”

        I would agree with your post, generally speaking… but only if that also applied to people defending themselves, too, which it VERY MUCH doesn’t in most places.

        • ribonucleic acid,

          So, do you have statistics to back up your assertion??? ‘Cause I can find LOTS of news accounts of cops shooting innocent bystanders. Not seeing comparable examples for civilians exercising their right to self-defense. Sure, it happens . . . but it happens orders of magnitude more frequently with cops.

          Not sure what you THOUGHT your point was, but . . . you missed.

  11. Okay, the cops shot and wounded a few people. Of course, that’s not good. But fortunately, they didn’t kill any dogs.

    I wonder if they can get a redo. I’m pretty sure that if the cops get another chance, they can manage to pop one or two guide dogs for the blind. Hey, based on the way they shoot, the cops may even have one or two of their own.

  12. I am a Colorado resident and I have never heard too many positive comments about the Denver police who are a reflection of the Denver and Colorado governments. They have a reputation for having a Cowboy culture mentality and when you couple that with a Leftist leaning city and state Government you get what you get, nothing good. It did not surprise me that something like this happened, and it really makes you wonder when you see the gross incompetence of Federal and some local law enforcement. The Leftist want to take away the guns of law-abiding citizens and they think these under skilled people are going to be the ones to do it? Not likely to happen considering law abiding gun owners outnumber them more that 50 to 1 and there are enough firearms legally owned in this Country for every man, woman, child and even all the illegals they have allowed into the Country. Like most Leftists they live in a dream world which is only going to result in their own demise.

  13. More proof (as if it was needed).

    1.) stay away from bars
    2.) and the morons that congregate at bars
    3.) nothing good happens out after midnight (or if you prefer; 10pm or 11pm)

    I hope my kids have heard this enough that they conform.

    • @Nanashi
      “Doesn’t this qualify as a mass shooting?”

      In numbers sense, yes.
      In intent sense, no.
      In criminal perpetrator sense no.
      In a ‘for all practical injury purposes’ sense, yes.

  14. Rule 4 is great on the range but impossible in any real gunfight. That’s simply the reality of the situation. There are very few bulletproof berms in a city and there’s no way of knowing what is behind that thin wall obscuring everything behind the suspect. If you fire in such an area, you are almost certainly depending, in part, on luck.

    Now, in this case, it must have been obvious that there were people behind the suspect. So, what is the alternative? Not shoot under any circumstances? What about if he starts shooting? Run for cover and hope everyone else scatters to afford a good shot? Charge him? Maybe. When I worked in a city, there was a certain area that was hopelessly crowded and we were always worried someone might try to shoot up the crowd on a weekend. We were asked during training what we would do if someone pulled out a gun and just started shooting there. The implicit problem was that any fire we returned would be extremely dangerous. You can say “just don’t miss” but that’s a level of training cops generally don’t get. And even if you don’t miss, bullets sometimes go through targets, even HP rounds. There was no answer to the question. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. You had better believe if that guy had shot someone while the police watched the headlines would have been similarly breathless. Less legal liability, though.

    “Maybe Denver’s police need to spend more time on the fundamentals of handgun safety and marksmanship and less in “woke” racial/implicit bias training.”

    Sure, but tactical training is more expensive than powerpoint presentations on pronouns and the money doesn’t go into the pockets of the right people. It’s one of those things that quickly gets cut in the budget because it’s such a rare incident that most cops are never involved in a OIS their entire career.

    The last few years have done much to lower the quality of policing. Not enough money, not enough (real) training, and sure as hell not enough qualified applicants.

    • Your post seems to indicate that you missed something crucial. In this case, the suspect wasn’t shooting. Wasn’t trying to shoot. He held his weapon by the slide, not the grip, not the trigger. He was dropping his weapon, and raised his hands in surrender. The police state saw one thing, and reacted to it: NIGGA WID A GUN BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!

      Have you heard the name Tamir Rice? If not, you might want to google him.

    • If you would have bothered to read what the Police initially stated he was holding the gun by the slide!!!!

      Last I check the trigger is not on the slide!!!

  15. SO you think that an untrained extremely lucky DICKINS who supposedly scored a 8/10 at fourty yards ‘off hand’ should start training police officers? Really! And I seriously doubt that 8/10 at fourty yards any way If he was so damn clever why would he need 10 anyway and are you seriously telling us the the shot guy was still on his feet? Bollocks. SAt least some of thsoe shots went dowm from very very close range when the guy was on the floor, It probaly went like this First shot at distance extremely lucky to get a hit. DICKIN’S is running up close still firing and the last three four or five went in a very very close range and with the guy most likely already down and dead.

    Convince me otherwise!

    UNtil then I’ll wait to see the published incident report which will eventually be publi knowledge

    • @Albert L J Hall

      “SO you think that an untrained extremely lucky DICKINS who supposedly scored a 8/10 at fourty yards ‘off hand’ should start training police officers? Really! And I seriously doubt that 8/10 at fourty yards any way If he was so damn clever why would he need 10 anyway and are you seriously telling us the the shot guy was still on his feet? Bollocks.”

      There was no “supposedly” about it – it is a fact that Elisjsha Dicken (AKA ‘Eli’) hit the monster (Jonathan Douglas Sapirman) with 8 out of 10 shots from 40 yards away. These are facts verified by police investigation and by witnesses and on video surveillance. And Eli did it under fire too as Sapirman was returning fire. The police said Dicken’s actions were tactically sound and very proficient.

      Yes, the “shot guy” (Sapirman) was still on his feet for a bit even though he was hit and still trying to return fire and fire on others as well. Dicken kept firing to provide suppression fire and to stop the bad guy, so others could escape and to put Sapirman down. Not all bad guys go down with a single shot, not all rounds impacting the bad guy are disabling. Dicken did what he should have done, he fired until the threat was stopped/repelled and in doing so hit the threat 8 out of 10 shots from a distance of 40 yards.

      You obviously have no understanding of how such events unfold. Its not like in a Hollywood movie where a single shot takes out a bad guy. Such is very chaotic and even more so when you are under fire. Heck in the incident where I had to save my wife I hit one of the bad guys six times and he was still up and firing at me, before I could cross that ~30 yards distance and get close enough to put more rounds in him to put him down.

      We all know you have a very low opinion of people who own guns, we all know you wish that we would die, your preference is for the deaths of honest law abiding people and their family members rather than they having the firearms means for defense when that threat comes. We get it that you are mentally ill and one of those that want to watch the world burn.

      But the fact is that the majority of civilian law abiding people who carry firearms are better ‘informally’ and ‘practically’ trained just by self-training/education/practice than most law enforcement with formal training and facts bear out that over 80% fewer people are injured/killed when an already on scene ordinary law abiding gun carrying citizen engages a mass/school shooter. Of course this does not fit into the anti-gun narrative, but the fact is it happens just as the fact is that ~ 2million times annually firearms are used for valid defense and more than several hundred ‘mass shootings’ are stopped before they begin annually by a law abiding armed citizen brandishing they firearm prepared to engage the would be killers who then turn and run when faced with such resistance.

      Of course if you had any actual knowledge, that you falsely claim to have with your lies of being in the U.K. military and firearms training, you would understand all this. Its your comments like this that tell us what a liar you are, these little pieces of information for which you express such ignorance that you should know if you had the training and knowledge you have claimed. So why don’t you just STFU and keep out of these discussions.

      • .40 cal,

        Yep, yet MORE evidence that Prince Albert the Fake-Limey, Fake-Military is a total fraud – he knows f***-all about firearms, shooting, tactics, combat, etc.

        As one of my college philosophy professors used to say, “He approaches every subject with an open mouth, and an empty mind.” It would actually be fun, in a sick sort of way, to witness a “babble off” between Prince Albert, MajorStupidity, dacian the demented, and we could throw in jsled. Sort of a “Battle of the Internet Idiots”. Of course, since they’re ALL Leftist/fascist morons, there’s probably little for them to disagree about. Maybe we could get them to debate who is more evil, Trump or Margaret Thatcher.

    • A couple of minutes online should satisfy your curiosity about this incident, the information is out there. If you’re British you may not realize that there are many very qualified civilian trainers offering high quality instruction to paying students here in the United States. A single class from someone like Tim Herron or Mike Seeklander will give most people better marksmanship skills than any police academy graduate. I realize there’s a lot more to being a policeman than shooting, but that is the issue in this post, and I believe that anyone who’s carrying both a gun and government authority to use it should be trained to a very high standard but…sadly…our cops aren’t.

    • Of course the prancing limpwrist challenges the verified facts in the case of Eli taking down the moving target homicidal Democrat and mall shooter but what he conveniently omits is that brave Ferguson officer Darren Wilson needed to fire HIS service weapon multiple times into the charging behemoth Mike Brown striking his melon (2x), torso, right arm, and right paw for a total of six (6) hits.

      Now “Albert” instead of commenting here don’t you have better things to do like changing Garbly Giffords’ diaper and lubing the hinges of her mouth rusty from all the drool?

  16. Three cops and only six rounds? What, muzzle loaders? Where’s the mag dump? These guys need more training.
    I recall a slightly demented guy in NYC some years ago was holding up traffic. Some of the cops’ rounds went wide and the guy was charged for something or other having to do with the resulting injuries.

    • Why didn’t the police officers simply shoot the gun out of the assailants hand?
      I have witnessed (watched the Telly) many frontier peace officers do that very thing.

  17. The standard of firearms training at most police departments is pretty poor. The agencies can’t set the bar too high or very few candidates will pass, so the qualification courses of fire are very…basic. Most officers don’t seem to be “gun people”, either, so they only shoot when they have to qualify…annually or whatever. Cops who like to shoot and practice on their own will, of course, improve…but they’re a tiny minority.

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