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“Things like this rarely happen anywhere except in America….”  Or so says Joe Biden, Kamaka Harris and the rest of America’s gun control pimps. Don’t expect today’s tragedy in Russia to merit anything but also-ran coverage. Nevertheless, a lunatic shot and killed 15 people in a school in central Russia and wounded 24 more before killing himself as police approached with one of two handguns he reportedly carried. All but six of the victims were children.

The school in the city of Izhevsk, population about 640,000, taught kids from first grade through the eleventh grade.

Unlike the rock stars at America’s FBI who need weeks to uncover motive for attacks such as this — even when the killer may have screamed “Allahu akbar,” — Russian leaders immediately branded the attack as terrorism.

The killer, a 34-year-old former student of the school, was reportedly wearing a t-shirt with “Nazi symbols” on it. In today’s Russia, that could mean a Ukrainian flag. Reports indicate the murderer was “registered as a patient” at a psychiatric clinic.

Again, Joe Biden says these things almost never happen except here in America.

Sure Joe.

Yahoo News has the story . . .

A gunman opened fire in a school in central Russia on Monday, killing 15 people and wounding 24 others before shooting himself dead, authorities said.

The shooting took place in School No. 88 in Izhevsk, a city 960 kilometers (600 miles) east of Moscow in the Udmurtia region.

Russia’s Investigative Committee identified the gunman as 34-year-old Artyom Kazantsev, a graduate of the same school, and said he was wearing a black t-shirt bearing “Nazi symbols”. No details about his motives have been released.

The Committee said 15 people, including 11 children, were killed in the shooting, and 24 other people, including 22 children, were wounded in the attack.

The governor of Udmurtia, Alexander Brechalov, said the gunman, who he said was registered as a patient at a psychiatric facility, killed himself after the attack.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov described the shooting as “a terrorist act” and said Russian President Vladimir Putin has given all the necessary orders to the relevant authorities.

Just last week, we ran a story encouraging our readers to hold school officials responsible for the safety of their kids and grandkids. It’s good information and this story from Russia shows once again why safety and security are so important.


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        • jed…Your 100% history inaccurate baseless further to go drama queen bs is insurmountable. Get the f out of my country.

        • jed,

          Been practicing Leftist/fascist stupidity with dacian the demented and MajorStupidity?? Yes, the US has committed serious crimes, even genocide, to a certain extent (Andy Jackson, for example) . . . and our last extreme fascist President, FDR, went to his reward almost 80 years ago.

          So, pretty much, given the TENS of MILLIONS murdered by Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Noriega, Mandela, Amin, etc., etc.

          If you’re all that angry about our “sordid past”???? Feel free to GTFO. You won’t be missed.

    • well uncle scam is behind Stalin and Mao, but I’d bet my left nut the US goobermint has old Uncle Adolph beat by a cuntry mile. and they are laps ahead of any other mass murdering authorities out there.

  1. dacian September 26, 2022 At 12:04
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    In reality mass shootings are very rare in most European countries while in the U.S. it happens all the time. So despite the Far Right gloating, shouting and dancing in the blood of the victims it shows European style gun control works far better than our almost total lack of any meaningful gun control.

    I might add its illegal for most people in Russia to even own a handgun. The nut case used converted blank guns that fired live ammo.

    I might add News Reports say that the nut case was an avowed Far Right Nazi ideologist who wore Nazi insignias.

    I might add the last Russian school shooting was a good number of years ago and was done by a group of Terrorists not a single nut case.

    • cool story bro. now do mass stabbings in Europe. or gang rapes…

      as for far right dancing and gloating at mass shootings, I’m not sure what you see but what I see is the complete opposite and wall to wall coverage from the LEFT media. it’s almost like they have an agenda to push…

      • ……. women (married and single) kicked down train station stairways for refusing the advances of ‘undocumented’ men who frequent those areas.

    • Nazi insignias? Like those all black ss uniforms the ss/antifa use when they’re burning and looting minority businesses?

      • to Jethro the Moron


        An Oxymoron you Moron. You really are a laugh a minute. You must have attended “stupid school”.

        • You hitlerites always try to paint yourself as something else. Same uniforms. Same talk. Same tactics. You are a fascist and lying about it serves no real purpose.

          Was that you in the corner of the stupid class wearing the dunce cap, jerry? You do qualify.

        • Own your inner Nazi dacian. You allow it show at times, just embrace what you are and stop living the lie.

          We won’t think any less of you than we already do.

    • lol

      okay, I realise I’m only commenting on the perennial Troll that is “The Dacian” so I’m making a mistake outta the box. You Never Feed the Trolls!

      That said,

      We need to stop comparing a country in Europe to America. America is the Size of Europe. We need to compare, all of Europe to the US. A shooting in Spain, is basically the same as a shooting in California, or Texas. Plus, of course, as the weapon of choice in Europe for the common citizen is a knife, so you need to include knifings (theirs and ours) in the stats.

      • to Kyle

        Russia is the largest country in the world. Obviously you flunked not only history but geography too.

        • 77% of Russia is in Asia. The remaining 23% is considered Europe.

          Russia is biggest if you include that Asian 77% which is not europe.

          As usual you fascists make statements of half truth and delusion.

        • And now Jethro W.M. our High School dropout is trying to give us all a history and geography lesson. Hilarious.

          Is Russia In Europe Or Asia? – WorldAtlas
          Mar 26, 2021 … Although most of Russia’s landmass is considered part of Asia, most of the Russian population lives in the European part of the country.

          And Jethro it is still one country so my original statement stands. Russia is the biggest country in the world.

          Now my dim witted Moron the original post claimed America and gun control should not be compared to just one European Country and gun control because they were all only the size of one American State. Wrong. Russia is one country.

          Is this getting too complicated for you Jethro? You are out of your league!

        • And the very first element of any such comparisons would normalize population sizes, not square miles/kilometers you dunce.

          (And even after normalizing populations, there are several other factors that you would have to consider for a fair comparison.)

        • Once again, dacian the uneducated. Russia is only partly in europe. Throwing a fascist temper tantrum will not change that.

          You hitlerites are all alike. Ignorant naked savages.

        • So, dacian the stupid, you are CONFIRMING what jwm posted – the vast majority of Russia is in Asia. Which is EXACTLY what he said. You really are too stupid to insult, dacian the demented dips***.

    • Commie Dacian, Europe died and was supplanted by America 3/4 of a century ago. Why do you and your fellow leftists hate black people (gangs) so much?

      • Norway with little electric power due to high winds that will damage wind generation towers.🤪
        Towers are stopped so blades don’t fly off.

        • Campbell Soup Head, you uneducated Moron. Europe has been building an energy grid that stores energy to be used when wind is too low or solar energy is blocked by clouds not to mention the constant flow of stored energy from thermal energy. But what would a Hillhack like you know about what Europe has been doing in the last 20 years.

        • dacian the demented dips***,

          “Europe has been building an energy grid that stores energy to be used when wind is too low or solar energy is blocked by clouds not to mention the constant flow of stored energy from thermal energy.”

          Yeah, and how’s that workin’ out for them???? Check on energy prices in Germany this month, compared to two years ago at this time (when Trump was still in office, and the US was EXPORTING energy to Europe). After the Euroweenies freeze their socialist @$$es off this winter, go interview a few middle and lower class folks in Europe about how happy they are with their “green” energy policies.

          You are so ducking fumb, retards laugh at you.

    • dacian the demented,

      “. . . the nut case was an avowed Far Right Nazi ideologist who wore Nazi insignias.”

      Oh, so he was a Leftist/SOCIALIST/fascist, eh?? Kinda like you, I guess. Hitler was a socialist, as ANY educated person knows. As was Mussolini. Stalin was a communist, as was Mao, again, as any EDUCATED person knows. Blow it out your @$$, dacian the idiot. Go back to your Klan rally, with your fellow Dimocrat/Lefist/fascist friends. Or your regular circle jerk with MajorStupidity and Prince Albert; same difference.

  2. how does an escaped mental patient obtain a gun? now there’s a singal all gun laws are utter bs if ever there was one.

  3. So once again it was a Muslim terrorist who invaded a school and murdered children. For those that don’t know it, school children are a very special target for terrorists all over the world. Schools are regularly attacked. But you have to dig for that information like I have, an order to find out about it.

    The racist anti-second Amendment civil rights movement in the United States, wants this to happen to American schoolchildren. That way they can justify the repeal of the Second Amendment. And the forced confiscation of everyone’s firearms. The American government has already attempted to do this.

    Under the leadership of Barack Obama, Joe “dark Brandon” Biden, Eric Holder, and Hillary Clinton. When they send thousands of weapons into the hands of Mexican gangsters. They were hoping that these murderous criminals, would kill so many people, that they could use that as justification for the repeal of our civil rights.

    And If they can’t get enough criminals to murder innocent people. They will simply order the police to stand down and do nothing. But they will prevent you, the Law Abiding Citizen, from defending himself, your family, and your property.

    • Well sure.
      Anything to get rid of the Constitution of The United States of America. That document gets in the way of too many deep state agendas.

    • does a pretty good job tracking them.

      I do enjoy their Ramadan bombathon feature annually.

      • “Eva Braun’s sister, Ilse, remembered his frequent discussions on the topic, repeatedly comparing Islam with Christianity in order to devalue the latter. In contrast to Islam, which he saw as a strong and practical faith, he described Christianity as a soft, artificial, weak religion of suffering. Islam was a religion of the here and now, Hitler told his entourage, while Christianity was a religion of a kingdom yet to come — one that was deeply unattractive, compared to the paradise promised by Islam.”

        The Nazi’s actively recruited Islamists. There were 2 Croation units of the SS that were Islamists. Nazis and Islamists are very similar in their ideology, especially anti Jewish rhetoric. Some Islamists were considered as Arayn by the Nazi’s, some were not. Some Islamists only recognize certain Muslims as Muslim, as some of the minority races who believe in the same ideology they still are not “real” Muslims. Racism anti Jewish rhetoric is as much a part of Nazism, Islamism, Socialism, Communism and Leftism as anything else.

  4. Never forget. The police were ordered to stand down and do nothing in Uvalde Texas. As children screamed for their parents while they were being shot to death. And their parents who tried to enter the school were tased and arrested by those same police officers.

  5. It has also been reported in Russian media the the guns used were not lethal pistols converted to shoot live ammunition.

  6. Dacian, come and take it. I’ll give you the ammunition too. That’s a good boy, let’s see how many bullets you can catch.

    • Redneck sure is your appropriate moniker.

      I will not have to do anything.

      You will obey any new gun laws “or else” and the Branch Davidians found out what “or else” meant. Despite being heavily armed, when they refused to give their guns up they were “Wako’d”. You see their church was not BATF approved.

      • Dacian, dying ain’t the end of it. If you don’t have anything worth dying for, what you got worth living for? Dumb as you are bet you’re an atheist. You act like there’s something wrong with being a redneck. Got that way from working in the sun. Bet your sorry ass wouldn’t know anything about that. Going home now to Mrs Redneck, the fair skinned blond, got some purple hull peas, cornbread and turnip greens ready for Redneck Daddy

      • Yep, dacian the demented dips***, a Leftist/fascist like you WOULD get wood (if you were even capable of such) over the idea of murdering a bunch of women and children. Pulled the wings off any flies, today? Tortured any puppies or kittens.

        We always knew you were a goose-stepping Leftist/fascist, dacian . . . but we didn’t know you were THAT much of a sick f***. You are truly disgusting, vile, soulless, and demented. Thank God you’re so inept, or you MIGHT be dangerous. As it is, you’re no danger to anyone except yourself . . . and unfortunately, you are SO inept you can’t even off yourself. Try harder, dacian, try harder.

  7. Yes it’s very true. Teachers who volunteer to carry guns and are trained to use them, can and have saved school children from being shot to death, in their own classroom.
    And somewhere on the internet. There is a Pakistani documentary. About this very brave chemistry professor. I have seen it. But it is in the local Pakistani language not English.

    From 2016

    “Gun Hero of the Day: Asst. Chemistry Professor Syed Hamid Hussain”

  8. Impossible, Joe Biden said mass shootings only happen in America. Russians are the happiest people on the planet who enjoy oppression of their fellow countrymen and their neighbors in Ukraine.

  9. Well FJB. Had he not stopped the importation of Ruskin emu the guy wouldn’t have had the bullets to carry this out.
    Nope, keep us empty and arm the Ruskins.
    Oh and btw I dont believe this happened, more propaganda.

  10. This is Russian PR

    This was done on purpose to motivate the Russian population stoking their fears and anger towards Ukraine. Putin wants his people to see them as Nazis. I’m sure there are those that see through it but this is how Putin convinces the troops to fight.

    • Ooh. Very sad and yet could easily be true. A dozen or so dead children is a small price to pay to whip-up popular support for war in Ukraine. Putin would not lose 2 seconds of sleep over this.

      • Uncommon, you don’t know that. Not saying I’m a fan but Putin didn’t go over there after a decade of on record warnings, along with open violation of a treaty/accord on Ukraine’s part (plus much worse), just to butcher people and steal wheat. Don’t be so quick to fall prey to the exact same western media and propaganda that you are so quick to dismiss as such over your preferred topics. It ain’t a good look. Jus sayin’.

        • Rider/Shooter,

          I do not have any opinion on Putin’s purported or actual motivations or the righteousness of his “military action” in Ukraine. Why? Because I have no reliable information to form an opinion.

          My comment reflects the historical ruthlessness of Russian government, military, and security services.

        • Putin is not the monster here, he’s a Russian patriot, however we may regard his actions as reported in the Western media. Thanks to Western leaders like Biden, Boris Johnson, Olaf Scholz… we are on the brink of a disasterous war between the world’s great powers, one that the world cannot afford…


  12. Nevertheless, a lunatic shot and killed 15 people in a school in central Russia and wounded 24 more before killing himself as police approached with one of two handguns he reportedly carried.

    So police used one of the two handguns the killer carried? Or is the “police” a single cop who used one of his two handguns to take down the perp? I am unclear

    • It all depends on who is doing the translation??

      It is stunning when Western Nations can’t even get the same transcript results when writing on what Putin is saying!!!

      • I’ve done translating, and it is the responsibility of the translator to smooth over grammatical quirks like orphaned phrases and unclear antecedents. So I lay the blame at the feet of whichever cut-rate AI or intern translated this.

  13. Have you heard about the shooting in a Russian Army recruitment centre? Perp was upset his best friend who had no military experience was called up so he shot and wounded the senior officer at the center.

    The mobilization has been a complete farce with 60 year old invalids, students, and non-reservists getting called up even though all of those groups are supposed to be exempt. And when reservists are called up they are assigned roles outside of their previous service.

    Question is, what are these troops going to be equipped with and how much training will they get? When T-62s which are older than me are getting sent to Ukraine I get the feeling Putin is going to try the “zerg rush” tactic.

  14. So one incident is NOT rare enough then??
    That’s what BIDEN said and what YOU said he said . He did not say they NEVER occured elsewhere but that they were UNCOMMON elsewhere. And so they are and they cannoit be prevented anywher if the perpetrator is determined enough. But you can check the actual figures for such events in most countries since the beginning of the 20th Century quite easily, AND I HAVE, and even in the USA they were relatively rare up to perhaps the 1950’s. SInce when they have become increasingly commonplace and the pace is accelerating as is the level of gun ownership.
    So to anyone with half a brain cell it’s obvous that increasing GUN OWNERSHIP is NOT reducing gun crime. Neither is longer Prison sentences and neither is the DEATH PENALTY and weith will increasing the number of POlice Officers

    I’m a bit of a fan of MICKEY SPILLANE and his books make it plain as to how hard it was to get a handgun legally unless you had good cause like the legendary MIKE HAMMER and Mr Ordinary Citizen did not have one. There was always somebody in authority take Mike Hammers away from him as wll

    • So being able to mail order firearms, including handguns straight to my house pre 1968 was just my imagination?

      • jwm, waiting on two in the mail as we comment, a handgun and a Canadian made version of an AR180. My three 14″ barrel shotties all came in the mail as well. Peculiar how laws (and rights) seem to vary across a political line on a map. Very odd indeed. It’s almost as if these laws were arbitrary in nature…

        • Rider. In the days before 68 we could mail order without permits or background checks. Send check or money order straight to the company selling the guns and wait 6=8 weeks for delivery.

      • My god. The streets must’ve been knee deep in blood with assorted body parts and dead children floating past. The horror.

    • Even so many millions are buying guns LEGALLY. That must really ache your craw.

      Perhaps you should right a stern letter to your local member and lodge fellow.

    • When you anti gun people can own up to the 1.5 Billion abortions in the last 50 Years, never. So don’t say anything about doing something for the “children” there are a lot of children that never got to be.

      Or the hundreds of Millions that Communism has added to that number. Starving them to death or just outright slaughter. Ukraine, again, the Russians just white phosphorus whole villages, soviets return.

      There are over 300 million people in the US, 120 Million gun owners and Doctors kill more each year just by negligence. If someone kills another and is killed instead of let out he cannot kill again. How many just this year were let out and killed? Look it up.

    • Gee, the US Government surplused real weapons of war in the 50’s and 60’s, M1 Garand’s, M1 Carbines for cheap. No mass shootings and literally hundred thousands of these real weapons of war were available, cheap.

      We have had firearms in our Country since your people were here. Over 20 years of unfettered firearm availability. Then we made laws restricting purchase, and then we started having mass shootings.

      There are less firearm owners now than before, although the rate of legal ownership is rising.

      You attempt to correlate firearm ownership with crime. But it was after the laws came about that the crimes increased, so should we correlate the addition of laws restricting ownership as the cause of the crime?

      Think on that. Maybe you will even reply instead of running off and doing a drive by comment. Cowards run.

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  15. That’s it. I’m done with the news – all of it. It’s better to live in a bubble of nothingness and feel calm and sane than have to deal with this every day. I’m so sorry for you news people … there is no escape. If the any of the multifarious bad guys come for me then I’m one of the gone. I just don’t want to read this stuff any more. It was better before I started paying attention to the news. Isn’t there some kind of answer? How do you get through this? I can’t understand. What are you supposed to tell the old people and the kids??? No one gets this any longer. Gratitude to the law enforcement who do the right thing. Man what a sickening world.

  16. I understand that this news is terrible, but to reduce everything to the fact that Biden said differently and the Russian authorities called it terrorism is already crazy in my opinion. It is not the school’s responsibility to make the school safe, it is the responsibility of the government of the county where the school is located. I had it safe and our main concerns were the exams, which were not that frequent, but I always prepared in advance, check these guys out with their answers, which helped me out a lot. And there were no mentally ill students because the school made sure there was no buling or letting such people in.

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