Joshua Williams standing in the doorway of the Jefferson Gun Outlet holding a firearm. Screencap by Boch from YouTube.
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We covered the story of the man who opened fire, and killing two people and wounding two more at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, Louisiana last week. Police have released surveillance footage of the incident to the media. Meanwhile, the family of the instigator claims he was “helping” and that store employees and bystanders “murdered” him.

First off, the video. It is safe for work.

Joshua Williams, 27, was apparently upset over a request to follow store policy and unload a gun before handling it. Instead of complying, or keeping his hands off his gun, the video shows him drawing and popping off a shot out the front door.

Then he came back into the building and opened fire. Pretty soon though, lots and lots of people were returning the favor in self defense, both staff and customers.

Mr. Williams didn’t survive his wounds. Unfortunately, neither did two innocents who were in the store, a female customer there to pick up a gun and a male employee who also shot Mr. Williams before succumbing to his wounds.

Bystanders react at the scene of a multiple fatality shooting at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, La., Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021. A suspect fatally shot two people at a gun store in a suburb of New Orleans on Saturday afternoon, and the shooter also died during gunfire as others engaged the suspect both inside and outside the outlet, authorities said. (AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)

Amazingly, the gunman’s mother claimed her son “did not go into that gun range shooting.”

From Law Enforcement Today:

After news of the fatally shootout spread, Williams’ family was quick to say the New Orleans man was not at fault over the weekend. A woman who claimed to be Williams’ mother wrote in a social media post:

“He was MURDERED.”

Michael Mayer, an executive at Jefferson Gun Outlet, said that Williams attacked the business. He said in a statement:

“He walked in our store and was asked by our compliance officer to unload his firearm before entering. He became agitated by the request and pulled his gun out of his pants and started firing.”

He added:

“Our armed and trained employees as well as some armed, permitted customers, returned fire and eliminated the threat. One customer as well as one employee perished in the gun battle. Joshua Williams, the gunman, is also dead.”

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has more.

The video tells a very different story than what the killer’s mother posted on Facebook.  The bottom line is there are no safe spaces. And while gun shops, like police stations, remain some of the safest places in the nation, they are not immune from violence.

This situation proves once more that the only thing that stops a bad person with evil in their hearts is a good guy or two (or a lot of good guys and gals) with gun(s).



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  1. I would like to see the whole video unedited, not just the cut up bits the lame stream snews wants to show. Not that I think it will change anything or really matters. I just want to see the whole thing start to finish.

    • The worst part is 2 innocent people were killed during the course of going about their everyday business. The only difference between you and them is you were not standing in their shoes. But it does not end there. There are plenty more like minded lowlifes out there running around that think the world revolves around them. Be prepared.

  2. First, I could do without looking at the faces of those “news people” and nobody gives a f about their opinions on what happened….
    Second, the “coroner” looked like some punk pu$$ hat wearing leftard……
    Third, anytime a typical thug walks into a gun store, it’s time to start watching that guy like a hawk…..

    • The gun stores will have to pay it, and it will drive them out of business. Folks will just buy from online dealers, and do an FFL transfer. Nice job driving your LGS into bankruptcy.

      When I was behind the counter at gun stores I worked at, I, and every one else behind the counter was the armed security…

      • Less and less dealers in my area are doing transfers. Those that are continuing to offer to do transfers are increasing the fee by 2 and 3 times what they did.

    • Coroner: she’s from Metarie, she’s probably a good time on a hot summer night in the bayou.

  3. Gracious, the comments so far are, well, anything but civil and regretful.

    I grieve for all who were harmed, period, end of story.

    I’m anything but pious. And, don’t intend to sound like that.

    BUT I’M HUMAN!!! Try it. You might like it.

  4. Everyone keeps asking why. Then you hear his mother and get a little insight into his personality perhaps

    • But, but, HE WAS MURDERED!!!

      A mother would never lie…

      • …..but, but he was jus’ turnin’ his life around…..about to start school……..they murdered my boy…….burn down this town…….pay me millions (ala Ferguson Lil Mikey Brown’s parents) for raising a defective citizen……
        For once I agree with Bill O’Reilly. Bad guys shooting people is the price of freedom. Liberty is risky business. That’s why our Founding Fathers recognized our God-given right to shoot back.

        • right on, stlpro2a, that ferguson fiasco was a black mark on our Missouri soil. shows what liberal politicians and radicals can do.

  5. Yes , a full unedited video would be great. YouTube and the News Station’s standard and practices aren’t going to allow that. The reason is simple, the video probably shows the shooting and death of the two victims and the others who were shot and wounded. Besides the “Not Family Friendly” issues, the victims and their family members likely have a right to not be the fodder for entertainment. People Died, its not a joke.

    Perhaps, once the dust has settled from all of this, we will be able to watch it in its entirety. Not sure if any “tactical” lessons can be learned here. I am interested to know what, if any drugs/medications the shooter had in his system and whether he was a prohibited person.. Also the shooter’s brother was with him and his statements regarding intent, state of mind, etc. would be good to know.

    This event likely reinforces the “3 shots (per shooter in this case), in 3 seconds, from 3 meters” average of civilian shootings. My guess is the only lesson would have been for the store staff to at least draw their weapons (discretely) once they noticed a man with a gun in his waist band with a 33 round mag inserted. No sane person would carry like that and it just looks like trouble. Clearing the holster at the low ready, would have saved valuable seconds. Maybe they did that or maybe they hesitated. Easy to “Monday Morning Quarterback” anything.

    In the retail environment, I once had to throw myself over the gun counter to grab a guys arms, to keep him from drawing a pistol from inside his waist band. I held on for dear life and my fellow employees drew down on him and spoke to him in Spanish. Turns out the moron wanted to buy a magazine for his unloaded gun. He came close to dying that day and I squeezed his arms so tight it probably had bruises for a week. I was shaking from adrenaline for 30 minutes afterwards and was pissed. My sidearm stayed in my holster, because I made the quick decision to prevent him from drawing, in the first place.

    Not trying to second guess anyone, every situation is different, but try to have a plan and execute it without hesitation.

    • I fear the full video will only be released after the MSM media has lied about what happened so bad and so much on national TV , that the actually video and what really happened will never be actually known nor remembered. Only the lies and propaganda that MSM spewed will be remembered. That is why a full video will not be released till after the case is over and done. Just like all the others…….

    • They mentioned his brother in the video. He had no clue why he snapped. He did apologize to everyone harmed and involved.

  6. “He was MURDERED.” Says the BLM activist who was looking to start an arson/ looting/ murder incident for fun and profit.

    • No, any mother would support her son in almost any circumstance, that’s just nature.

      Yes she is wrong, but she is a grieving mother and is incapable of looking at the facts objectively.

      • That, exactly, Miner. I have watched and listened to my own wife defending her own children when their acts were indefensible. Forget about grandchildren – those kids are even more saintly than the children!

      • oh stfu, miner. you are a reprobate and a big bag of zeroes. any mother who would lie about her scumbag son is a scumbag, too. an actual human being would be mournful but honest about their murdering POS spawn.

      • Miner, you might think that. And many mothers would do just that.
        However, as time passes, one of two things will happen..
        ●Either she will realize that the facts do not support her accusations (and act accordingly), or..
        ●She (and fellow apologists) will continue to say he was murdered, and to back that up will bring the race card into play, and we may well see more street violence.

  7. Of course his mother denied it.. she raised a p.o.s. dirtbag.. which makes her a p.o.s. dirtbag.. but that comes with that ghetto mentality and free goverment cheese..


  9. it’ll EVENTUALLY come out that this was an anti gun democrat, that figured he’d kill as many gun owners as he could, because they’re all ‘domestic terrorists” per the democrat propaganda being currently spewed by Biden Admin. Any bets? But not before the MSM has once again blamed law abiding gun owners for this happening. And calls for ban of all guns. Again…wanna bet?

    • Yeah, I’ll bet you $1 million that none of those things will happen. How long before all this is supposed to take place?

  10. Even with video proof they will deny any bad intent. They will blame the gun…racism…anything except the person responsible.
    Happens with all races and creeds…

  11. “…as well as some armed, permitted customers…”

    My understanding was that there were no customers allowed to have loaded guns. So how did they shoot back?

  12. Sad that innocents were harmed. It’s unfortunate whenever that happens. I reserve judgement as this video’s not complete. I agree that this might put the store out of business when the person Mom finds a Bottom Feeder in a suit to file a wrongful Death claim. Hopefully, LE will rule it as justified, which will make that harder for mom.

  13. Lots of nazi-like reactionaries in the comments. Also, it’s pretty evident that more than one person with a gun typically leads to more than one person dead, not the “good guy saves the day” fantasy

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