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During the visit, Holmes led the investigators to a safe that contained a semi-automatic handgun. Holmes told the agents that his other 20 guns had been stolen along with his mother’s sport-utility vehicle when he left the vehicle running with the guns in the back seat, according to the prosecutor. He and his mother had reported those thefts to East Hartford police three days earlier.

The agents told Holmes that his illegal use of marijuana made it illegal for him to possess guns, and they took possession of the semi-automatic handgun. Holmes filled out paperwork consenting to the “forfeiture” of the gun to the ATF.

He pleaded guilty in October 2019 to possession of a firearm by an illegal user of a controlled substance.

The two sides agreed at that time that federal sentencing guidelines called for Holmes to receive a sentence in the range of 10 to 16 months in prison, although a federal probation officer later computed a guideline range of 18 to 24 months’ imprisonment.

— Alex Wood in East Hartford man gets probation for owning gun while using pot

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  1. The drug legalization crowd and the Second Amendment civil rights crowd are not the same thing.
    One does not believe in personal responsibility. And the other group does. If you want to combine drugs and gun ownership then there needs to be an education program in the General Public supporting personal responsibility for drug addict gun owners.

    We have already discussed the security required when you keep a gun in your car. And the question needs to be asked. Was this intoxicated marijuana user inhibited in gun Safety and Security because of his marijuana use???

    This guy left his unlocked car with a gun inside and the engine running??? He is a very stupid drug using gun owner.

    • Personal liberty is a thing. The fact he was an idiot isn’t the weeds fault, it’s his. This is no different than red flag laws empowering the thought police to kick in your door and take your stuff. I’m assuming that joint you took a rip of in’68 qualifies you as an addict, disqualifying you from personal liberty. Freedom isn’t a tiered right, even though you been conditioned to accept such. You’re free or you’re not.

      • ” The fact he was an idiot isn’t the weeds fault, it’s his.”

        From personal experience ‘back in the day’ (80s), weed most certainly can assist in a user in doing stupid things, in hindsight…

        • So can alcohol. Arguably alcohol has caused far more harm than whacky tobaccy. And yet the attempt to ban it was a complete failure, was repealed, and there isn’t a question about it on the 4473.

        • Most delicious was Jamaican purple bud, so heavy with resin the ash made a *crunch* sound when cleaning it out of the screen. It was one-quarter of a one-hit weed…

          Like, *wow*, man!

        • WRONG….. Just like with guns, if you’re poorly informed on the subject, you’re opinion don’t really matter…..opinions are like a-holes…… and you’re the latter 😉

      • See the thing is I do not care if he was an idiot or not. It’s irrelevant. His personal character is not on trial here the actions of the government is. Was government right to take away his firearms? That is the question people should be asking not victim shaming because he was robbed by car thieves (who may not even noticed the guns) and then treated like a criminal by the police. What if the guns had been in the trunk of his car out of sight? Sometimes I feel like I am the only one defending people from injustice while others talk off topic to insult and berate others.

      • “Personal liberty is a thing.”
        People’s concept of what constitutes a right depends on their ideology.

        The people who get upset when the gun control crowd blames the guns and not the criminals are fine with implicating drugs for the crimes committed by their users.

    • Father of two children. Held a job providing for his family. Didn’t hurt anyone. Having never been arrested. But we took down this hardened weed smoker, errrrm, I mean hardened criminal and slapped a felony label on him, freeing the future from one more gun owner. Good job ATF!


    • I love that the same type of person who is screaming “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” every time they read a gun control article is supporting gun control. They believe the government propaganda about marijuana but not about anything else. Weird.

    • I’ll give you “very stupid”, but enough with the “drug using” labels. I doubt whether the majority of readers here are teetotalers. A little weed twice a week is no different from a few beers or a couple shots of Jack Daniels. Except we’ve figured out how to tax the latter more effectively. I haven’t consumed any in 30+ years but I think adults should be treated like adults.

      Hiring Jeff Sessions as AG was not one of Trump’s finest moves. That dinosaur thought that “Reefer Madness” was a documentary, and that the police should be able to steal your stuff. The War on Drugs is over. Another war the government lost.

    • If the guns were locked in a safe in the trunk and the car had to be broken into to steal, his crime would have been the same from the cops point of view.
      They just wanted to confiscate any and all guns he owned for the state.

    • B.S…Simply regurgitating the same old ridiculous Reefer Madness propaganda that’s been busted for so long the bust has dust doesn’t make it true. Marijuana is not a “gateway” drug. Most people who use marijuana are average tax paying Americans with jobs, families and the same values as everyone else. The “burn out” image is a product of Hollywood for entertainment purposes and was used by the government to assist in villianizing users.

      I don’t use the stuff, it never appealed to me. When I first became a police officer I was highly biased against marijuana because I also believed the propaganda but real life is way different than propaganda. The vast majority of societal problems in America are due to alcohol not marijuana. If the government was serious about controlling harmful drugs in America they would ban the real problem, alcohol. Obviously that’s not going to happen because alcohol use is ingrained in our culture so they need a scapegoat. Something to focus attention on instead of addressing the real problem. Sound familiar? It’s exactly what the left is doing by blaming legal gun ownership to avoid focusing on the real problem.

      What I learned is that marijuana is barely a blip on the radar compared to any other drug, especially alcohol. Marijuana has very little effect on society in general while alcohol is a huge problem but, by all means, keep buying into the Hollywood/government myth.

  2. That’s right…I want to be stoned should I be confronted by a knife wielding pervert…
    Like dude maaann….give me a second…gotta find my gun maaaannn. Put it somewhere duuuude. Just don’t stand there duuude help me find it maaaannn. Look fellow…Can you come back on Sunday when I’m coming down…k duuuuude?

      • One reason I don’t want pot heads working for me is that they’re worthless after they crash in the afternoon after being high in the morning. I have experience with this. I don’t care if they want to do that at home. The problem is, just about everyone I know that regularly smokes pot, has at one time been high on the job.

        • I find that to be a highly spurious claim. What industry are you in? Are you sure the crash was to being sober? First marijuana does not work that way and is some of the stupidest thing I have ever heard. This entire post makes ttag sound like retarded inbred redneck cops. Bringing up inaccuracies and debunked falsehoods from way before even my time.

          Most American crash at work in the afternoon and they are sober. that is why all the products and commercials for energy drinks like 5 hour energy.

          Carl Sagan and other top tier professors always baked at work, computer programmers always baked at work, and even physically demanding jobs like janitors always baked at work.

          What industry are you in that people who are qualified to work as astrophysicists, software engineers and blue collar manual labor are too worthless to work for you? It doesn’t matter because good paying jobs hire potheads all day long. It tends to be shit jobs in rural areas that show bias and even then not so much. I had a shit job at L.R.I. and the workers smoked weed openly while on duty and the boss didn’t care because potheads were the only ones willing to do the work (it was at a landfill). I saw drivers and their humpers smoke in the morning at a moving company and they had no problem lifting heavy ass furniture all day long.

          Clearly your experience is bias and you are just a liar. I don’t smoke weed and they made fun of me for it but you are just a drug war goon. The drug war and the war on guns is the same. Picking one side over the other picks you in the camp of serving elite so this is why Democrats can lure Blacks to their side. You are a bad person with guns and the Democrats claim is the people with guns are the bad people. lacks do not want to be on the side of the bad people so they avoid groups that seem to share your mentality.

          So instead of attacking government for alienating American citizens you made this about attacking drug users. I only talk shit about junkies. You will get vastly more work out of a pot head than a heroin user.

        • Geez Joseph, rant much?

          “I find that to be a highly spurious claim. What industry are you in? Are you sure the crash was to being sober?”

          Like I said, I have specific experience with this. You don’t have to believe it if you don’t want to.

          “First marijuana does not work that way and is some of the stupidest thing I have ever heard. I don’t smoke weed”

          It’s stupid, but you don’t even smoke weed, yet you’re an expert on the effects?

          “It tends to be shit jobs in rural areas that show bias…I had a shit job at L.R.I. and the workers smoked weed openly while on duty and the boss didn’t care…”

          “Clearly your experience is bias and you are just a liar.”
          How so? Assume much? By the way, I don’t care if people use drugs as long as it doesn’t impede on my life. I wouldn’t care about employees using if I could trust them not to do it on the job.

          “What industry are you in that people who are qualified to work as astrophysicists, software engineers and blue collar manual labor are too worthless to work for you?”

          In addition to the above mentioned reason, it isn’t acceptable for employees to be seen getting high by clients or the general public when they’re representing my company. There are also liability reasons.

          “The drug war and the war on guns is the same. Picking one side over the other picks you in the camp of serving elite…”

          LOL what? I just want someone that can work a little longer toward the end of the day when needed without dragging ass or bitching and moaning. Have you ever had to rely on employees to help get a job done?

          “So instead of attacking government for alienating American citizens you made this about attacking drug users.”

          I’m not attacking anyone. As an employer, I’ve had better luck with non-potheads than with potheads. YMMV

          “You will get vastly more work out of a pot head than a heroin user.”

          Thanks for the tip.

        • Afternoon crashes are generally a diet thing.

          Eat shit, feel like shit.

          Quit eating shit for six months and then have fast food for lunch one day and you’ll suck down half a pot of coffee to stay up. The difference is that you’ll know why it happened.

        • This is actually well said. As a former structural framing contractor… I have seen multiple counties/cities say not knowingly that some of of the best work they have ever seen in multiple trades has come from those that burn one on the way to work every morning. I don’t condone burning anything since burning anything produces toxic carcinogens.

          What has been a far larger problem… is the use of alcohol that produces injuries and then some of those injured soaking workman’s comp for all its worth even way after they’ve already healed which affects the risk rating/premiums of the policy holder.

          I know guys that have perfect trigger control after consumption of natural items and I know “straight” morons that shoot themselves with just a nail gun while “straight as a board” that further fricks-up my work comp risk rating. That’s a fact!!!

          It’s obvious that there is a lot of ignorant Reefer Madness madness taking place here. Hopefully they will get vaccinated soon since Bill Gates said in his own TED Talks that if they do a really good job with healthcare and new vaccines… that they can reduce the world’s population by 10-15%. Look it up…

          Combining all that… how many people in recorded history have made firearm mistakes with natural weed vs. alcohol that has a huge lobby behind it? Why does the medical industrial complex want weed outlawed? Maybe because it cures cancer and can be grown in your own backyard/basement rather than funding Big Rx that kills at least hundreds of thousands every year? Make sure you do honest research before you ignorantly run your mouth…

        • “Make sure you do honest research before you ignorantly run your mouth…”

          Are you replying to me “Bill”? My honest research involves first hand experience. Like I said, I’ve had better luck with non-potheads. When you hire potheads, it’s practically a given that they’ll get high on the job. I say this as an employer and someone that knows plenty of people that smoke on a regular basis. They have zero respect for their employer guidelines. No thanks. It’s hilarious how personal you guys are taking my employee preferences. I don’t care how you live your life as long as you don’t impede on my life. Why are you so concerned with how I live mine?

    • You bring up an interesting point, but should we compare and contrast it with alcohol or prescription drugs? I would think that no one wants to be “medicated” during a DGU. Does being “medicated” bring doubt to a affirmative self defense case? I suppose based on the totality of the circumstances unless the local prosecutor had a thing about being “medicated”.
      “Imagine you are in your house and tossed back one too many, home invasion crew breaks in and you kill all three? Besides being a good shot even drunk, how does the courts view this? How does society/jury see it?
      The same scenario can apply to MJ and/or prescription drugs yes?
      Interesting question Debbie.

      • Weed changes perception, opiates may depress, but weed alters reality…

        • So does alcohol and opiates alter reality to a degree as well. Ever hear of “Beer Muscles”? Thinking that you can fight an experienced bouncer who outweighs and outreaches you is reality changed no?
          One of the points I was trying to explore was ‘is there any difference between the three when it comes to a DGU?

        • It makes lots of things a lot more funny. Other than that, no it does not, not significantly. You must be getting your information from Reefer Madness.

        • There have been some studies on that.

          People who aren’t toe up often react well to a jolt of adrenaline while mildly or moderately high on THC. Seems to take the edge off, reducing tunnel vision, panic, and fine motor coordination loss, overall allowing people to not be overwhelmed by fear or gripped by analysis paralysis. Probably why assassins (hashishin) used to use hashish before doing their work.

          Obviously there’s individual variation.

          Amazing how in depth drugs were studied before doing any research became essentially impossible. Really too bad we’re stuck on brain research limited mostly to anesthetic gasses at this point. Modern tools would probably be able to take the 1960’s research much, much further. It’s not like people aren’t using the drugs anyway and an fMRI of people on various drugs would be a very interesting research avenue in terms of brain structure.

    • Usually people get high so if they are shot they don’t feel it. It performance enhancing and why its banned from the Olympics. You watched too much Cheech and Chong. Coked up militants with ak47 skills are notorious for carrying the day. Something about assassins smoking hash and being in a cult they were dangerous too. The stereotype of the surfer stoner is isolated to California so consider the source. The environment in liberal California is not the best to judge performance of assailants on drugs. Additionally, and I hate to say it, police claim that drug users are their toughest customers so using drugs makes you either stronger or lower inhibitions to attack. It stands to reason that drug use would make you a stronger warrior than a weaker one. Historically Hitler the Nazis and Meth. Weed, coke, meth, pcp or even alcohol can make people more violent which is what you want to be in a self defense situation. I’m sorry but you are wrong.

      • I have no idea whose points you’re addressing. Was this a reply to someone or a stand-alone statement? It would help if you could clarify. TM

  3. That’s what jammed-up Kyle, ‘FPS Russia’. The initial raid was for guns, but the ones he had were properly registered. He ended up serving 3 months, I think, for under an ounce of weed.

    An interesting side note on the raid, they initially wanted to prosecute him for ‘destroying the serial number’ of a suppressor he owned. They claimed that by Cerekoting it, the depth of the engraving was now shallower than legally allowed. (According to an interview he did on YouTube)…

      • Please kill yourself, it would be the Christian thing to do for everyone here… 🙂

        • I’ll pass. Appreciate the suggestion though! In turn might I suggest that you examine your sad life and make the changes you so desperately require.

    • You want all druggies dead? That’s about half of the US, if you check the sales of all the brain-twisting drugs sold by trainloads every day. Add booze to that (try and make an argument that “booze is not a drug”, lemme see that), and you get to three quarters of the whole… You’re gonna feel lonely. If you’re not part of the cull, that is…

  4. Quit saying that marijuana is legal!!

    There is no where in the US where it is legal!

    Federal law prohibits it’s use. Federal law is the law of the land and covers all those areas where they have decriminalized it. Because a state or local entity does not view it as a crime does not ‘automagically’ make it legal.

    These media headlines and attitudes are misrepresenting the facts.

    Quit it, tell the truth.


    • Amazing that everyone seems to be for “States rights” until their rights of states that they disagree with.

      Intermittent marijuana use is harmless, and shouldn’t be a disqualifier for firearm ownership.

    • And when the federal decides to ban “aSsuAlt WeAPonS” you’re just going to turn your firearms in, even if your state is a 2A sanctuary state?
      If they want to smoke then let them. It’s their life let them fuck it up if they want to. Just keep the public intoxication and DUI laws. Or do we no longer have freedom?

      • The only harm from marijuana use is stigma from antimarijuana advocates and that tends to be based in ignorance and racism. Marijuana does not fuck up your life, police harassing you for using it does. Their is a difference. It’s like being biased against guns and then being arrested for firearm charges, would owning guns fuck up your life? No police being biased and stigmatizing gun owners is what fucked up peoples lives.

    • States rights buddy cuz I guarantee you your state come out with a hearing safety bill for not having to to go the atf for silencers you’ll be jumping for joy not going it’s still illegal federally and the main talking point in 1933 for the ban of marijuana was marijuana makes n-words wanna sleep with white women you condemn the people that are anti-gun yet you are that same side on the marijuana and drug spectrum you are uninformed and uneducated

  5. Land of the free…….. I’ve been to dozens of countries without the Great Second Amendment, and guess what? In every single one of them you could actually own a gun, and there were no myriads of legalities and trickery that could all of a sudden “disqualify” you. BTW, never been to a country where it was your employer’s damn business to have you piss in a cup so they could check what you were up to in your own free time… Land of the what, again?

    • Heat lightning flash, but dont blink
      Tranquility ruse
      Your gonna happen again
      That’s what I think
      Follow the evidence
      Look it dead in the eye
      You are darkness
      Trying to lull us in, before the havoc begins
      Into a dubious state of serenity
      Acting all surprised when caught in the lie

      We know better
      It’s not unlike you
      It’s not unlike you
      We know your nature

    • Philip, there’s a reason for all things. You have to piss in a cup because it turns out that druggies don’t confine their drug use to their home or free time. They almost always get high on the job at one point or another. By contrast, people that never use drugs at home, also never use drugs on the job. It’s one less thing for the employer to worry about.

      • I have seen employers test everyone after the thanksgiving holiday – there is always a layoff/break from work then. These guys would get fired for smoking rope on a 4 day weekend and that way they couldn’t get unemployment insurance(which is normal in the industry, and the contractors pay the top rate anyway, so…..)

        • The shopkeeper sets the rules. If you don’t like his rules to work at his business? Then quit and go find another job. That is part of having liberty.

      • Piss test is still wrong. Firing a person for failing a piss test is wrong. You don’t fire a guy for whatever you might discover in his urine. You fire him for his actions, and his conduct. He drove the forklift into the office door? Again, you say? Obviously, he’s not a safe fork lift operator, so you fire him. The hell with whatever he ingested last night, or on his way to work this morning. He’s unsafe, and you have no great need to know exactly why he’s unsafe. Fire his ass, and be done with it.

        • I gave a guy some downers at work, I told him to be careful, then he sawed his fingers off on the chop saw. I felt kinda bad about that. Then we looked for his fingers, they thought maybe they could sew them back on. I didn’t have much hope for that because I had put a lot of set in the teeth to cut cottonwood, they found two and I found one but ate it.

  6. Everyone and their demented dog know’s pot is illegal. They don’t want to pay(and be spied on)higher gubmint prices. Kinda like I feel when I see what it costs to carry a gun legally in ILLinoyed…

    • @ former water walker….check next door east, now even cheaper to carry legally!

      News from Indiana: Monday February 22, 2021
      Indiana’s state House on Monday passed legislation that would eliminate handgun licensing in the state, over objections from the State Police.
      The measure, which passed 65-31, will now head to the state Senate. It would eliminate handgun licenses, which raise more than $5 million annually for law enforcement training, according to The Indianapolis Star.

      Naturally, the bill’s opponents said the same thing that they have been saying about looser concealed-carry laws since 1987:

      State Rep. Mitch Gore (D), who represents the Indianapolis area and is also a captain in the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, warned the measure would “cause less peace.”

      Thing is, though: Permit-less carry is the law in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming, and yet there is precisely no evidence whatsoever that it does anything at all to the crime statistics in either direction. I could forgive nervous onlookers for having worried about the effects back in the 1990s, when “shall issue” became mainstream. But now? When every such prediction has not only been wrong, but spectacularly so? That is peculiar indeed.

      The other argument against the move was that it would elevate the constitutional rights of Americans above the convenience of the police:

      Separately, State Police Superintendent Douglas Carter testified in opposition to the bill before it passed out of committee. Carter argued the measure increased the investigatory burden on officers rather than handgun owners, according to the newspaper.

      Throughout the debate, this point has been echoed in many of the state’s newspapers, as well as by almost every Democrat who opposes the reform. Which, given the summer we just lived through, is . . . well, it’s rich, to say the least. Surely, the position of American progressivism cannot be that the police cannot be trusted, except when it comes to the Second Amendment?

      Good for Indiana. Next up? Tennessee.

      • “Surely, the position of American progressivism cannot be that the police cannot be trusted, except when it comes to the Second Amendment?”

        Yes, it surely can (to answer a rhetorical question). The seeming inconsistency in the “progressive” position goes away with the recognition that police exist solely for *their* convenience, as a tool to force others to do what they want.

        Police won’t abandon their quaint adherence to the notion of applying the law equally to everyone? Defund them and then rebuild the whole notion policing in your “progressive” image. Police have the power to squeeze someone else’s freedom? Hold them up as the “only ones” and help them squeeze harder.

  7. Hmm, it sounds like they couldn’t nail him for (allegedly) illegally “disposing” of his guns, so they made the pot charge stick.

    As for marijuana and gun rights – I 100% disagree with the notion that using marijuana justifies abridging a fundamental constitutional right. But it is the law, and until it is changed (or even better, the 4473 itself is consigned to the dustbin of bad idea history), it’s the way things are.

    BTW, I don’t smoke pot or ingest anything stronger than the caffeine in my beloved Diet Pepsi. Don’t even drink alcohol.

  8. I would not want to be in a room with drunks handling firearms any more than I would want to be in a room of stoners smoking weed and handling firearms.

  9. what was the point of this retardedly written article?
    Everybody knows this…. and if you need to read a half sensical article to figure that out, weed is the LEAST OF YOUR PROBLEMS….. GOOFY M O F OS

      • It’s highly doubtful this issue will ever be resolved. If it is, it will only be because Congress decides the potential revenue generated through taxation is nearly boundless, just like Tobacco and Alcohol. If and when Congress discovers this, Federal Law will change. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good thing, but that’s my opinion, and I am probably in the minority. Alcoholism creates dangers equal to drug use, yet alcohol use remains legal concurrent with gun ownership. The simple fact is, Sin Taxation is a huge moneymaker for Local, State and Federal Governments.
        IMO, Impairment is Impairment regardless of the substance that causes the Impairment.

    • I think the point was to point out the hypocrisy of government. They say you can smoke or have guns but not both. So they are saying you can only have half of your rights at any given time which creates a divide. The only reason marijuana is class 3 or whatever is because the Blacks attacked me and so I did not legalize marijuana nationwide plus the Dems were acting funny, they were feeling themselves too much and needed to be knocked off their high horse, and so that’s why Trump was elected.

      They think if they give people drugs they will make the same mistake as hippies and be easier to control nonviolent et cetera. The line goes they will give you drugs if you give up guns. It was a thing that if you sell drugs and they find guns then it adds 10 years or some multiplier. So if you have drugs not a big deal but combining them with guns they take offense to that so they divide and conquer and force people into two groups.

      The thing is Blacks would give up weed before buying it from the same cops who used to rob them and sell their gun to police for $50. Dispensaries are owned by a cabal of city council members who decide who gets permits and who doesn’t and the number of permits allowed are limited. As is it is better to be a sober black militant than a high black nonjudgemental hippie.

  10. Absolutely!

    Perhaps we should handle guns and weed the same way we handle guns and alcohol?. The BATF is proof that guns and booze don’t mix. The BATF demonstrated this at Waco. You might recall that all four of the deceased agents were killed with .223 inch and 7.62 mm caliber rifles? This is consistant with the rifles employed by the BATF snipers that were deployed at the”undercover house.”. These imbeciles somehow managed to fire three dozen rounds without hitting any of the Branch Davidians. The possibility that the four deceased agents were shot by their colleagues night explain why the BATF was spewing about .50 BMG rifles and “fully semiautomatic” AK-47s.

  11. Pot is illegal because Harry Anslinger, the commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics (for 32 years!) and a devout racist, hated black people and Mexicans and thought they were the sole users. He was such an SOB that he handcuffed Billie Holliday to her death bed because he thought she was smoking pot. What a prince of a guy!

    • Ralph nails it, Lots of history behind this, enough for a full article but this is not the Truth about (had to write paper in college and defend)

      It is fascinating when you research drug use and laws in the early 1890s on. Wouldn’t you want a time machine to go back and ask historic figures..”WTF?” I’m not condoning drug abuse but want to ask the question. “What medical knowledge do you have exactly?”

    • I’m sorry to tell you but the drug legalization crowd has always been part of the racist civilian disarmament complex. Their own reasoning used racist gun control as a way to “eliminate crime” in the black street corner drug business.

      Mao said, “power flows out the end of a gun barrel”. The legalization crowd believes murderous criminal dealers will suddenly “give up their power”, when drugs are made legal. The legalization crowd are fools.

      • One could argue that it should be obvious that anyone who truly understands the meaning of freedom would support neither the racist civilian disarmament complex nor the racist war on drugs/civilians complex.

        Freedom is unequivocally simple. It’s only as complicated as people choose to make it.

        • A couple of weeks ago, You asked why conservatives or trump voters believe the election was stolen. Well the Liberals and the Left now say, yes it was stolen and we (Liberals and the Left) organized and did steal the election.

          The next question is. What does this mean for the future of elections in the USA?

          “TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Conspired To Stop Trump From Winning, Manipulating Laws And News” Tim Pool, video 29 minutes long

        • Your link is a well-spoken, detailed, and genuinely interesting presentation of what the author repeatedly and categorically professes is… his opinion. It is not fact. If there are facts that can be incontestably proven- show them… we all want to see them.

          One could argue that the two most compelling statements he makes in his video are:

          “The Democrats are currently using the same tactics that Trump did.”


          “Let me just put it simply… the reality is, to varying degrees, they were both doing similar things, unfortunately Donald Trump wasn’t doing nearly as much as they were (the Democrats and their allies).”

          So, just more proof that the new boss is the same as the old boss…

          Washington gonna Washington.
          Washington is as Washington does.
          Washington is like a box of poop filled chocolates. You always know what you’re gonna get.

          If there is factual proof out there- it will be found… and it most assuredly will expose condemnable behavior on both sides.

          All just more reasons why I am not a Republocrat or a Dempublican…

  12. The guy was stupid in two ways. The more serious was to leave firearms in his vehicle while it was an open invitation to theft. The car thief really hit the jackpot. The other was not to know that the feds still consider marijuana to be a class 1 drug, comparable to heroin, and that users are prohibited persons.

    It bothers me that he now has a felony on his record at the same time as federal and local prosecutors ignore gangbangers caught with guns by police.

    • Being in a gang in of itself isn’t a crime though. There is the concept of free association. What bothers me by your sentiment is that since a white was punished then a blacks should be punished as well. Instead of looking for blacks to scapegoat just because a white man was infringed by white police maybe you should look to vindicate the white man and work towards his liberty instead of the enslavement of others. Two wrongs do not make a right.

  13. People who don’t understand weed and want to regulate it are no different than people who don’t understand firearms and want to regulate them. If you want to tell people what to do with their lives, don’t complain when they want to tell you what to do with yours. Conservativism is dead in America. You’re either a Libertarian or Authoritarian at this point.


    • Your personal choices to smoke or drink do not make you better than others nor entitle you to special treatment. Sucking up the government by being a model citizen is complacency not patriotism. You make it sound like you are bragging, are you bragging? If so it is a fake achievement. What is the point of saying you do not drink or smoke if you are still stupid? Because then you can’t cop out and use drugs and alcohol as an excuse and have to admit you are just stupid. It’s stupid to brag about sobriety when most problems come from sober people such as tee-totaler Joe Biden.

    • When I was much younger, I would always get free drugs and alcohol from my older brothers. Is that the same as drug and alcohol free?

  15. By that same headline you can substitute felonies for Marijuana in democRat run cities & soon to be Dept of Justice!

  16. As far as the illegality of marijuana and Other Drugs, where is the Constitutional Amendment that makes them prohibited? There was one for alcohol. And it was such an abysmal failure that they repealed it about 10 years later. And the bad ramifications of that scenario are still with us with the drug cartels and so forth. Marijuana should be treated like alcohol use. If you’re high while operating heavy machinery it’s a DUI. If you cause harm to other people because of your use then there are appropriate laws for that.

    • but alcohol is worse than marijuana and not comparable. To treat them equally is like saying aspirin is the same as cocaine. It would be racist to take that stance because you would be punishing Black marijuana users who are safe to work the same as white workers who are unsafe. Smoking marijuana will NOT impair your judgment and lead to a car crash like alcohol will. Alcohol is FAR more likely to cause death than marijuana use while driving. The media lies and compares the two as similar because a majority of whites drink so if their drug of choice is banned while driving than the blacks drug of choice should be banned. Smoking weed is like smoking cigarettes, you get a buzz but you are not drunk. Buzzed driving is drunk driving is a racist myth by racist cops who are racist and pure fucking evil. Lying scum bags. Its like when the said reefer madness and other nonsense. Pure shitheads.

  17. So one group is ignorant about drugs and the other guns. The stigma around marijuana comes from racists associating it with Blacks and Mexicans and not likely blacks and Mexicans. Stop blaming weed or alcohol for poor judgement. Stupid people are stupid either way without drugs and saying it affected their decision making is unlikely. Marijuana does not affect motor skills like alcohol does. People have different chemistry. Cops tend to be lightweight unless they undercovers or very dirty.

    I would not call a victim of a robbery stupid because that is victim shaming. My job is not to make sure guns do not fall into criminals hands. I REFUSE TO MAKE GOVERMENTS JOB EASIER FOR THEM. They do not pay me so fuck them. You are silly for being progun and pro law enforcement. It’s a conflict of interest. You can not be halfway in and halfway out or a 50%/50% compromise bitch. You are deluding yourself if you think you can serve two masters policestate/wethepeople.

    Changing government from the inside to respect individuals rights is like blacks joining the kkk to promote equality. You only shill for police because they rule you. It is going to take great men better than you to invert society and cause the change needed to grant freedom to we the people that is denied by the police state.

  18. CA, after making ‘medical marijuana’ legal, would have cops sit at dispensaries and match license plates with registered firearms, then pull you over when you leave. The DAs would often offer you the deal ” plead guilty, surrender and/or dispose of all of your firearms, be marked as a prohibited person the rest of your life and we won’t send you to prison under the laws that prohibit being in possession of both at the same time.”


    • It was always a trade. Your guns so you can have legal pot. And the legalization crowd was very ok with that trade off. In fact they supported it openly in the 1970’s.
      It was only when white pot heads figured out that having guns, is a good thing, for white legalized drug dealers. Now they want guns.

      But before they, the white Liberals, worked to make sure the black pot dealers were disarmed.

      • Christ T you make way too many assumptions. So many that I believe you don’t actually know what you’re talking about sometimes…

        • You choose to vote for people who were publicly pro drug legalization. And they were at the same time publicly anti-civil rights.
          You and people like you knew you were getting legal pot laws. And losing your guns rights in exchange.

          The entire stated premise of legalization WAS TO REDUCE
          violence. It was a lie, used to trick people into supporting legalization.

      • Chris T, I only vote for people who have my best interest in mind, Libertarians. 1.) you assume that I vote for DemocRATs, 2.) you assume that Republicans actually care about your wellbeing, 3.) like I said before, you make a lot of assumptions and generally prove you don’t know what you’re talking about…

        • Bingo! Square in the X-Ring, HaveANight. The presidential candidate I voted for wants to end the war on drugs, and wants to abolish ATF. Not everything in life is “one or the other”.

          The only thing we have to fear is… partisanship.

        • I would really help if Libertarian’s would go back to a time when they didn’t use fear. As a reason to change something. Instead use having
          more Liberty as a reason to change.

      • What fear? Do you hate freedom? Are you a communist? Weed was illegal under the Soviet Union too. Seems comparable with your backwards, nonsensical views.

        • Unfortunately, fear is common human trait- a very insidious one. Fear is both a weakness and a weapon.

          Fear causes people to do very irrational things- many of which they’re completely unaware of (or in denial over). One of the most egregious examples is accusing others of doing the things that you’re actually guilty of doing yourself.

          Failing to understand something can stem from a lack of competency or, more lamentably, from a complete absence of fundamental consideration. But wielding fear in an attempt to impose one’s personal preferences on others is simply… malicious.

          It is erroneous to construe freedom as being comprised only of things that you deem as “acceptable”. That is not what freedom is- far from it, actually. Freedom is messy, and anything being claimed to be “freedom” that is easy, assured, partisan, or obdurate is not freedom.

          Freedom requires you to admit when you are wrong, and to display civility and courtesy to those you may not agree with. Those unwilling to do so are as iniquitous as the “transgressors” for which they harbor their hate.

          “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering.”

          Be smarter.

  19. Substance abuse is a problem….

    A personal one.

    What substance? Any you want. From high fructose corn syrup, to nyquil or sleep aide, to MJ booze cigs and harder stuff.

    You are either for freedom, or against it. All you anti drug crowd are fine with over the counters but hate MJ? Stupid.

    And this coming from a recovering addict. Nobody can help you, but you. As a gun owner, you should know that.

    • You “get it”.

      Prior to 1914, all substances were legal (federal gov.) including explosives. All gadgets (and explosives) were legal prior 1934. People thought differently then (at least in America). Most would not even think to prohibit dangerous things. Its not so much that you have the right to destroy yourself as it is unwise to empower any gov. to preemptively protect people from people including oneself. The religious left helped usher in prohibition (guns and alcohol) in the early 20th century and they are also the ones that worked on getting prostitution (largely) outlawed and brought us the NFA. Banning things and stuff did not work then and it does not work now. Many here want to get rid F in the ATF but not the whole thing.


  20. Guns, drugs, abortions, hookers, driving at high speeds, pirating movies… If you make them all illegal, people will just get/do them illegally. If you put restrictions on them, people can and will willfully ignore those restrictions. If you’re not a libertarian, then you are 100% part of the problem.

  21. There is a very long list of things you should never do while drunk or stoned. All these things demand attention to detail, rigorous adherence to procedure, and coordination. Examples include skydiving, scuba diving, shooting sports, and even your daily commute.

    I’m all for personal freedom. But there is a profound difference between someone who drinks and/or tokes in moderation, and someone who is a heavy user. A heavy user is pretty much impaired all the time, even when not actively drinking or getting high.

    So enjoy all things in moderation, including moderation.

  22. Moral of the story:

    In a legal recreation state, have somebody buy weed for you. Don’t get put on a list, and don’t admit anything. Also getting a medical card is probably a good way to have your 2A rights infringed on.

  23. Having a “medical marijuana” card is not reportable to ATF nor is there any cross tracking of that card by law enforcement. To purchase a firearm you must say you are not a “user”, mere possession of a card is not proof of use. That being said, as far as it relates to firearms, possession of marijuana is still federally illegal. So a drug conviction will prevent you from the purchase or possession of a firearm regardless of state laws. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

    • I just noticed that Shane’s website has changed and contains less info than the past. Shane is a combat Marine, pro-cannabis, and pro 2A and was included within the 2020 elections here in Georgia.

  24. The tyrannical authoritarian marijuana legalization crowd demands that I tell them it’s okay to use drugs. I will not say it’s okay. You see Liberty means that you have the right to put whatever you want to into your body. And I have the right to call you stupid and a fool for doing so.

    There is a local gun store that I go to that has a sign on its front door. Stating that if you smell like marijuana you will not be allowed to purchase anything in their store or use the downstairs gun range. That is another example of Liberty in the United States. Where a shopkeeper can deny service to someone they believe is unsafe. Or unsavory. Because there is also another sign that states that sagging pants with exposed underwear will cause you to be denied service as well.

    So yes you can do drugs all you want to. But you are betraying yourself as an authoritarian Dictator by demanding that total strangers accept your aberrant Behavior. Most criminals are arrested because they were intoxicated while they were committing a crime. Intoxicated criminals do stupid things that make it much easier for the police to catch and the rest of them.

    So when a rapist tells the arresting officer it’s not my fault I had too much to drink.
    That makes it okay?
    Or when the murderer of the “American Sniper”, Chris Kyle stated in court, that he committed the murder, because he had been smoking marijuana with his father. Starting at 16 years of age. Is that how it works with it legalization crowd?

    You should have seen the Libertarians Heads explode at Reason Magazine when they heard him state that marijuana made him do it.

    The legalization crowd has a history of being anti 2A. They have supported modern day gun control for decades now.
    I hear now that in New Jersey, that the anti-civil rights drug legalization crowd, it’s going to make recreational use of marijuana in New Jersey legal. Congratulations now you can get high, but you still can’t have a gun. Now you can congratulate and shake the hands of another drug legalization and anti-gun politician.

    • “Freedom for me, but not for thee! Freedom is what *I* proclaim it to be, and I denounce your perception of freedom because it differs from MY definition of freedom!”

      SMH… The more you rant and rave against MJ and other drugs, the more you out yourself as the very tyrant that you claim to despise, Chris. Your very words scream “TYRANT!” because if you had the power, you would force your opinion on everyone else. You’ve said it here many times, don’t try to deny it – you should have the right to shoot anyone who does drugs, simply because it’s something that you disapprove of. Wow…

      Admit it: your definition of freedom includes firearms, but not drugs – therefore YOU must be the ultimate arbiter of the meaning of the word, right? No one can have a different opinion because YOUR opinion is the only correct one, eh? Doesn’t matter if others see freedom in a different light – they must be wrong, according to you.

      So blind to the irony of your own words….. how sad. You (and others like you) are a large part of the problem in this country, because you would deny others the very freedom that you hold so dear… just like leftists do.

      • You Sir are like those tyrant gun grabbing racist pot heads I saw in California all my life.
        You are weak in your response. You are projecting. You don’t believe in Liberty.
        You would be just fine in communist Russia or national socialist Germany.

        • You Sir are like those tyrant gun grabbing racist pot heads I saw in California all my life.

          Oh, really? In what way am *I* a tyrant? For merely pointing out your tyrannical tendencies? Talk about projecting… Exactly what have I said that reminds you of a tyrant in any way? Go ahead, I’ll wait.

          You don’t believe in Liberty.

          Interesting…. and you know this how? Moron. You know absolutely NOTHING about me, and you certainly didn’t glean any insight from a few paragraphs I wrote on the internet! For your information, I believe strongly in liberty – stronger than you, obviously, because I don’t seek to deny liberty to others simply because I disagree with them. As you do.

          You would be just fine in communist Russia or national socialist Germany.

          Spoken like a true tyrant, projecting his shortcomings on others. You have utterly failed to refute any of my points; you merely attacked the messenger and created multiple strawmen to fight off. Proud of yourself, anti-freedom tyrant?

          You want to enjoy the freedoms that you desire, while denying others the same freedom that you insist upon… and you wish to force your standards on others by shooting them if they disagree. That defines a tyrant, and you’re so blind you don’t even see it. Enjoy the label, you’ve earned it repeatedly.

        • The tenets of Liberty are based in principle, not politics.

          This is why I’m a Libertarian… not a Republicrat or Dempublican.

        • to Shallnot BeInfringed
          You are the perfect example of what Gina Carano was talking about when she was fired by the Disney Empire. She disagreed with people. As I said be for you would be doing just fine in communist Russia. Or national socialist Germany.
          You are a tyrant. Just like the Disney empire. And just like the Disney empire you demand I agree with you.

        • So let me get this straight…. you say I’m a tyrant because Gina Carano was fired for disagreeing with people? That makes no sense. For your information (once again, because you know NOTHING about me) I fully support Gina and despise Disney… my GF even canceled her Disney+ sub over that debacle. But go ahead, you just keep talking out your ass about strangers…. don’t let me interrupt you from making a fool of yourself!

          Stop trying to claim that I’m demanding anything from you – that’s a pure strawman argument, because I haven’t. I’m simply pointing out that you crave freedom and liberty for yourself, but you have no problem denying freedom and liberty to others who think differently than you.

          I’m using your own words to point out what a hypocrite and anti-liberty wannabe tyrant you actually are. Admit it – freedom means only what you say it means, not what others say! That’s what you tell us here repeatedly, with nearly every post.

          If that’s not the case, then why can you not simply ignore and leave alone those who think differently? Why must you attack others who aren’t hurting anyone (except possibly themselves) and simply want to be left alone?

  25. Mr. Holmes meets the definition of “Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day”. For leaving his gun in an unlocked car with the engine running.

  26. Most states prohibit a person with a concealed carry permit holder from packing will in an establishment that serves liquor as part of its revenue source. In my humble opinion a pot user is more dangerous as a responsible drinker. I have packed every day since April of 1967, and drank responsibly during all that time. I have never during that time ever felt any desire to draw or fire my weapon due to alcohol use, yet even if I were sober enough to legally drive, in many states and cities I would be in violation of their ordinances and liable for arrest for possession of a firearm, and in some places for even possessing a firearm in an establishment that serves alcohol. Medical hemp has its place in medical protocol, but the medical hemp has no THC. If a person uses marijuana recreationally to get high they do not need to be packing.

    • btw
      They give money to support legalization. AND they give money to support gun control. These rich potheads don’t support Liberty.

  27. I suggest the gun-owning marijuana smokers come together. And come up with ideas to put forward to the General Public. You need to make the case that being intoxicated on marijuana is not a danger, to an intoxicated brain surgeon, or an airline pilot, or a automobile (brake) mechanic. Your successful arguments will put the general public at ease.


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