Metairie Gun Store Shooting
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives: ATF investigators look at evidence at the scene of a multiple fatality shooting at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, La. Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021. A person went into a gun store and shooting range in a New Orleans suburb and fatally shot two people Saturday, causing customers and staff to open fire on the shooter, said a sheriff. The shooter also died..(AP Photo/Matthew Hinton)
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From the Associated Press . . .

A shootout that left three people dead and wounded two more at a Louisiana gun store and shooting range began when a customer refused to unload his weapon, an operator of the store said.

The Jefferson Parish coroner said 47-year-old Herbert “Noah” Fischbach, of Jefferson, 59-year-old Veronica Billiot, of Belle Chasse, and 27-year-old Joshua Jamal Williams, of New Orleans were killed in the shootout Saturday afternoon at Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie.

Sheriff Joseph Lopinto previously said the shooter initially struck two people inside, and then several other people — whether employees or store customers — opened fire on the shooter, both inside and outside of the building.

Lopinto said two other people also were hit by gunfire and were hospitalized in stable condition.

Michael Mayer, an executive at the gun outlet, identified Williams as the shooter.

People are comforted by law enforcement as the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies investigate a shooting at the Jefferson Gun Outlet in Metairie, La. Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021. A suspect fatally shot two people at a gun store in a suburb of New Orleans on Saturday afternoon, and the shooter also died during gunfire as others engaged the suspect both inside and outside the outlet, authorities said. (Sophia Germer/The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate via AP)

He told The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate that Williams entered the store in the New Orleans suburb on Saturday with a loaded firearm and was asked to unload by a compliance officer.

Mayer said Williams “became agitated by the request and pulled his gun out of his pants and started firing.” He said employees and customers returned fire and “eliminated the threat.”

Mayer also said he was limited in what he could tell news outlets as the investigation is still ongoing.

Herbert Fischbach’s wife Nancy also confirmed that he was one of the three killed. She said Fischbach was a special effects specialist and an armorer, who supervised weapon usage on film sets.

Nancy Fischbach said her husband had been working at the gun shop because of COVID-19 restrictions on the film industry. She believes he died helping people inside the store.

“He helped people,” Fischbach said. “He bent over backwards for everybody…he would not hurt anybody unless they did something wrong.”

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    • Another mindless pos bigot brings race to the table. Like no lily white person has never went bananas before. The most ignorant jackass is one who sees the boogieman in colors other than his own. Thus the bigot sets himself up to be a bitch for a perp of his own race.

        • Well, everytime I’ve ever gone I’ve always had my weapon checked. The only time you were locked and loaded was either on the range or, very rarely, slightly before you went there. So I’ve showed you mine. It’s standard to enter unarmed or unloaded. Now I’ll enquire of you, what was your point about them not disarming everyone?

      • The three indoor ranges I go to in Colorado if you have a CCW and you are carrying you are not required to unload and have it in a case.

        Simply leave it in the holster until you get on the range.

        Jamal was a THUG. Did I mention he was a POS THUG?

        • That’s a good idea, I’ll have to suggest that to local ranges, if I ever get to one again. Makes sense and everything. If I’ve had it in the holster all morning and my leg isn’t bleeding, I can probably make it out onto the range.

        • Larry in TX.
          The gun I carry I don’t normally shoot. I stay armed for situations exactly like this. Not the first shooting or shooters being robbed or killed for their guns.
          The Firing line in Aurora, 5280 Armory and Liberty Firearms Institute Johnson, CO.

      • Never had to unload or enter unloaded at any gun range, or gun store; as long as the firearm was concealed and holstered.

    • It’s right in the article above that it is unclear at the time if the others were customers or employees. Most likely employees if we’re going to play the guessing game here.

      • The article doesn’t say whether the defensive shots were fired by employees or bystanders. And for your info, my CCW is ready to go. It may not get range time when I’m shooting targets that day but it’s there.

        • Exactly, and your comment was insinuating that other customers didn’t have to unload their weapon. You made a guess based on incomplete information and I pointed that out to you.

      • Even though customers are not permitted to carry with loaded guns, it doesn’t take long to insert a magazine, rack the slide and shoot. Therefore, it could have been customers, but it doesn’t matter since the threat was neutralized. Even if the perpetrator was treated unfairly, that is no reason to shoot people.

    • So Eric are you trying to play the race card?

      Even if that was the case since when do you get to start shooting people?

      Jamal showed he was a THUG POS!

      • What are you even talking about DJ/Dev/ChoseDeath? Tough to remember what name you used on your last post?

        • We’re not the same person dude. Well, I’m sure not anyway. And you’re dodging the question. I just want to know what you were insinuating with your original post. At least two other people thought the same thing I did.

        • I insinuated that not everyone had to unload or nobody would have been able to shoot Jamal. See dude, it isn’t that hard to understand.

        • Ok. So you were just simply making an observation. All good then, thank you for clarifying! Have a nice day EricB.

        • So, you figure if you had unloaded your carry piece and then somebody began killing people around you, you’d stick your thumb up your ass and let it happen rather than LOADING THE GUN? That sounds unbelievable, not to mention stupid.

    • “ pulled his gun out of his pants and started firing.”

      If accurate, that suggests the gun was carried Mexican-style and not holstered. Therefore not compliant even with ranges that allow loaded-but-holstered carry.

  1. Fuck you Jamal, I wish you nothing but misery if there is an afterlife. Granted, I should wait until some more data comes out before judging, and I hereby reserve the right to rescind that statement should facts emerge to the contrary. But that is my initial statement.

  2. Im curious as to why Mr Williams was asked to unload his weapon when it suggests other patrons were able to return fire. Ive never been asked to show or unload a weapon here ever. Now if I went to the gun store and they said unload your weapon I would just leave. So whether Mr Williams had a right to be upset or not is fine but he also didnt have to start shooting people either.

    • It is pretty obvious that the good guy shooters came out of the range where they must have been shooting when they heard shots in the retail area. Hence their being armed. This also explains much of the time delay which allowed Mr. Williams to kill two people in the retail area. In most gun shops he would have been dead before he completed his draw.

      There are some lessons here for indoor range operators.

    • The rule is if it isn’t being carried in a holster it needs to be unloaded and in a case for most indoor ranges. If its in a holster they don’t care. My guess was that he was carrying it loaded in his hand, or had it stuck in his pants and it wasn’t holstered.

    • Bob,

      I know of one gun store about eight years ago that wanted everyone entering their store to be unarmed. A store employee stationed at the main entrance was “screening” everyone for compliance.

      And two years ago I was a guest at a Sportsman’s Club where I was participating in an outdoor handgun and shotgun shooting competition — the Sportsman’s club forbid members and guests from carrying loaded self-defense handguns (either concealed or openly, whether or not in a holster) on the grounds.

      I despise such policies. Unfortunately, they do exist.

      • I am much happier with an establishment which *requires* employees (ALL employees!) to open carry while at work. That gets the “play nice” directive out there just fine, without inconveniencing or insulting the patrons. But, that’s how it would be if I owned the shop, and I do not.

  3. Sounds like the pistol was stuck in his waistband and not contained in a proper holster.

    Highly unlikely he was carrying appendix with a quality rig…

    and Extended mag…

  4. Another less than educated gun owner making the rest of us look bad. It’s guys like this that bring stupid gun laws down on us.

    • No. Left wing politicians bring stupid gun laws down on us. They use any excuse. If there’s no excuse, they make one up.

      • Debbie W. will call you a p.o.s. bigot for daring to infer that Jamal who was “good boy who never din do nuffin” was a convicted felon, even though he did decide to shoot people for no discernable reason.

  5. Sounds a lot like a set up or suicide by CCW! Lots of fu**ed up individuals out there who actually think life is a video game!

    • Yeah this seems like a range suicide in a lot of ways.

      As bad as it ia thankfully this tool did this where he could get taken out instead of a gfz where he could have shot dozens.

  6. As for wanting to enter a range with a loaded gun —

    nothing but stupidy.

    Sometimes I have a carry gun under the coat, sure, but it is SOP to check a weapon when it comes in even in the proper range bag. Military, police, all these ranges run this way. Remember you have novices coming in. Not dumb but they have not yet gained experience.
    Sounds like he went off the wall.

    As for the others, most range officers are armed and so are gun shop employees. Of course they were able to return fire.

  7. My local indoor range does not require guns to be unloaded if holstered. Last month I was in FL at a gun range that had the same rule for concealed carry. As long as the gun remained holstered, we were good to carry in the store.

    I wonder about the rules of the Jefferson Gun Outlet.

    • Same at the indoor range I used to use. Holstered or unloaded and cased.

      Rule at the local Cabela’s was that all firearms had to be unloaded and cased. There was an inspection station by the entrance. This did not apply to concealed handguns with the state permit.

  8. I have a problem with that statement. Plenty of whites are untrustworthy. Plenty of non-whites are trustworthy. My thought would be that I would have a better feeling about regular customers I know over strangers, regardless their race. If Colion Noir or Massad Ayoob walked into my place of business I would be thrilled to meet them.

  9. So some gun stores are effectively gun-free zones? Hmm…how ironic.

    If customers at gun stores can’t be trusted with loaded guns, why don’t they have to unload their guns at Walmart? Interstate rest stops? Peg Leg Porker? Just sayin.

  10. Overall most Gun Stores are one of the safest businesses to patronize. Safer than gas stations, grocery stores, etc. As for Gun Store employees there are risks involved. Risks like dealing with a disgruntled buyer who for one reason or another failed the NCIC and zeros in on the person behind the counter. The higher risk stores are FFL Pawn Shops. All sorts of people wander in and many are down on their luck with little to lose.

    If you run across a counter person who may not be bubbly friendly it may be due to the azzhats they have dealt with for years. Many Gun Store people reside on the side of caution and are not your instant friends so do not take it personally.

    Condolences to the families, friends of those who left this earth as heroes.

  11. So for those that are unaware; When entering an indoor shooting range, it is customary to carry your firearms, ammo, safety glasses and hearing protection in a case or shooting range bag. As a courtesy to the range staff and others, guns should be unloaded as they will be inspected by the range staff prior to allowing you to use the range.

    If you need ammo, hearing and/or eye protection, you can purchase it before entering the range. When leaving the range, weapons are to be unloaded and cased. Safety is the first priority at a shooting range.

    The other reasons for an inspection is that indoor ranges rely on backstops made from compressed rubber media or armor plate to safely stop bullets and “trap them”, preventing ricochets, etc. Many ranges limit the caliber of firearms and ammo types to protect these back stops and insure customer safety.

    The other reason for inspecting firearms is frankly to inspect the owner/user. Some people will show up and either bring a gun or try and rent a gun to commit suicide on the range. These folks are pretty easy to spot and will ask questions like, “Can I just buy one bullet”, etc. They also lack hearing protection, don’t care about the range rules, etc.

    Although staff will usually carry firearms on their person and sometimes have shotguns behind the counter, this is mostly to prevent robberies. Shooting ranges, gun stores and police stations are rarely robbed or attacked. Go figure.

    Without sounding like a bad joke, “A mentally ill person walks into a shooting range…” The person who caused this is 100% responsible for the outcomes. Gun owners are usually the last people to run and hide in a crisis and it is no surprise that customers with loaded guns on the range, would see what was happening and come to the immediate aide of the good guys. Many wouldn’t think twice about risking their lives to save others.

    Most shootings last 3 seconds, so everything happens very fast. Not sure how long this event lasted, but I doubt it lasted longer than it took you to read this post.

    Hopefully this provides some clarity.

    To the Troll and the Reptiles who celebrate the deaths of people, your state of mind is its own punishment and I will leave it at that. “No sense in swapping spit with an Ass”.

    • I’ve never been asked to show clear, nor have any of my guns been inspected, at any range in multiple states, whether the guns were cased or holstered.

      The only place where a gun should be removed from holster or case is at the firing line.

      • Neither have I been asked to show clear on a weapon in my range bag, and my edc no one sees. Now ammo, PSA checks.

        I have all but stopped going to indoor ranges since young people show up for dates and selfies during what should be quiet afternoons.

        • I’ve never had to uncase a rifle to show clear at the range. Plus, the rifles came out of the case at the line only. Actions are left open until ready to shoot.

    • Well, I’ve been to two different shooting ranges, and neither of the ever inspected my firearms, nor asked to. Once or twice they asked to see the ammo I was bringing in, because they were getting people shooting steel cased stuff (not allowed). Also some were bringing in birdshot, and the only allow slugs or buckshot. As for the guns being uploaded, they are, but not my carry conceal weapon.

  12. The way the AP article is written is just bizarre. A “person” shot the place up. The names of those killed were X, Y, and Z. Some more stuff about how the shooter did what he did. Oh, and the shooter was person Z.

    Are there real human beings who tell stories that way? Why not “Person Z shot persons X and Y before being shot himself?”

    • Likely the reason the AP article didn’t mention the name of the criminal upfront or show his picture, is they are constructing a narrative as they please. Truth is a ball of string to be played with”.

      The truth will come out eventually and anonymous sources of “family”, “police” should simply be ignored as made up statements from made up people. Same goes for criminal records, affiliations and the tox screen results. Bet the press lies, ignores or covers it up.

      Journalists can’t help be who they are, no friend of Truth.

      • In short, the answer to DaveL’s question is no, there are no real people who write stories that way. Only “professional” journalists.

  13. A Sovereign Citizen who thought rules didn’t apply to them because mommy always said he was “Special”.

  14. “Joshua Jamal Williams Family:
    Williams’ mom defended him on Facebook, saying he was “murdered” and was not looking for a fight at the gun outlet that day. “My son did not go into that gun range shooting!” she wrote on Facebook, according to”

    Dysfunctional mother raises a POS son…what a surprise! I’m sure he was a loving, church going young man who had turned his life around and was on his way to doing great things for society – or something like that. I’d like to know more about Joshua Jamal Williams’ background. Did he have an arrest record? Some of the photos of him online look like mugshots. Did he have gang affiliations? Was he legally allowed to have a gun?

    So, this idiot walks into the Jefferson Indoor Range with his gat loaded with an “extended magazine” and stuffed in his pants pocket and then goes postal when he’s asked to unload it per store rules. Different gun ranges may have different rules. If you disagree with this range’s rules then go somewhere else but there was absolutely nothing wrong with them asking Williams to comply.

    What is it with people that they often react violently to anyone asking them to comply with rules? The vast majority of police encounters that end with people being shot (white or black) involve them not complying with the officer’s commands and then violently resisting arrest.

    Our cities are infested with scum like Williams – racist, uneducated, entitled, and perpetually pissed off. We’re not supposed to mention it because to do so has been deemed “racist”. But, the problem keeps getting worse and sweeping it under the rug isn’t making things better.

    • “What is it with people that they often react violently to anyone asking them to comply with rules?”

      I don’t know, ask all those people who won’t wear a mask during a pandemic that has killed 500,000 Americans.

      • The reason I wear a mask is not for the false protection false protection false protection it gives but because it’s cool to to wear a mask and carry a gunm at the same time. Who’d have ever thought you could wear a mask and open carry in a store and not be jumped on by the cops.

        • …or be required to put one on before going into the bank, which is my personal favorite. Just a year ago, the sign said no sunglasses or hats.

      • Why do you constantly bring up garbage that has nothing to do with the story at hand to virtue signal some leftist talking point? Moron69er

      • Typical of you. What a completely extraneous and irrelevant comment.

        But, to play along. Show me the statute in law, passed by a legislative body and not the dictate of a governor or bureaucrat, that requires anyone to wear a mask. Then show me your evidence that anyone who has been hassled for not wearing a mask has reacted by shooting and killing people.

        Geez, what a troll.

        • My thoughts exactly, TO. Moron69er always has to virtue signal his leftist views even if they have nothing to do with the subject at hand. He really tries to bring down the discourse .

    • And it’s usually a certain “type” of person who gets angry and get rowdy when asked to follow the rules.

      Certainly there is a correlation.

  15. I wonder if his hot brass burned the ceiling tiles after firing the handgun sideways, like in the movies.

    • Lol, im now going to use the colloquialism “shooting Jamal style” just for the piece of shit in the story. Hopefully it will upset little debbie w., as well.

  16. Peter, or should I say Dick, how the hell did you see race in this episode? My guess would be that someone paid you to inject such stupidity here, since it does not seem possible you could be that stupid on your own. SO! You gonna tell us who’s your sugar daddy?

  17. Much discussion about unloading and showing clear. My guess is that this is a range requirement but CCWs are “don’t ask – don’t tell”. Our local indoor range reserves the right to inspect what you bring to shoot but if they know you they are usually satisfied that you will adhere to the rules. As far as CCWs their posted rule is, leave it in the holster. A policy like this would explain why some had loaded firearms even though the “rule” was to unload.

    If this guy had it in his pants, as the story indicates, perhaps it was visible and the “compliance officer” saw red flags.

  18. This is odd to me. I live in CT and walk in all of our gun shops with a loaded weapon on me. Always concealed of course.No one open carries in CT. The rule is that you don’t take that loaded weapon out of your holster.
    Was this guy open carrying? There is so much more to this story.


  20. Well every place has it’s rules and if you enter a place you follow it’s rules. If you know what they are.

    My ranges all allow a person with a carry license to carry a loaded firearm to the firing line. If they plan on using it on a target, THEN they must remove it from it’s holster, unload it and leaving the action open place a flag in the chamber. Every firearm (up to three) must be that way except when using it on a target. They don’t allow shooting from a draw. This is all just common sense.

    I don’t understand why they demanded he unload his weapon if he just walked in. If he was on the firing line then that makes sense. The range safety officer has to be aware at all times that the rules are being followed and the only loaded weapons are the ones in the shooters hand.

    Either way I suspect that it was more than just being told to unload his weapon. It’s quite possible some words were said that sparked his attitude.

    It doesn’t help that everyone is strung a bit tight because of the covid and because of what the left did during the election and how the government responded.

    There’s a lot of folks who might feel desperate and that things are closing in on 2A and any infringement is seen as damaging. Even from other firearms owners.

  21. I haven’t seen an “unload before entering” sign in almost two decades. Quite a while ago Gun shops figured out that having you customers constantly load and unload at your front door wasn’t exactly the best plan in the world.

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