Pistol stopping power man twelve shots
Screencap by Boch via Streamable
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A crazed man’s rampage came to a not-so-sudden end Saturday morning in Montgomery County Maryland, and a bystander caught it all on video. After striking a lone deputy twice with a long stick, the attacker took a dozen rounds while still advancing on the officer.

It looked like the stuff of nightmares. The attacker looked more like a college professor with his sport coat and khaki pants than a would-be cop-killing lunatic. The wicked grin on his face added a freaky, horror-film feel as the man just kept advancing on the retreating deputy. That was after he broke a long piece of wood with a couple of blows over the deputy’s forearm.

Pistol stopping power man twelve shots
The suspect, after absorbing eight rounds. Screencap by Boch via Streamable.

The story from WUSA says the man caused a couple of accidents by ramming other vehicles before the deputy arrived.

The incident happened around 8 a.m. Saturday. Montgomery County police received several 911 calls Saturday morning of a man driving erratically in the area. Police Chief Marcus Jones said two cars were struck by the driver before the deputy arrived on the scene.

When the deputy arrived, he saw the man approaching two people with a large wooden stick, according to Sheriff Darren Popkin. When the deputy intervened, the deputy and the man began fighting, and the man struck the deputy at least once with the piece of wood.

The deputy attempted to deploy his Taser, according to Popkin. When he wasn’t successful, the deputy shot the man, the sheriff said.

Here’s the video. It’s NSFW because of the violence and the language used in the color commentary by the man recording the incident from inside his car.

There are a lot of lessons here for those who carry a gun for personal defense.

First off, distance gives you time and time gives you options. Options often mean safety. This deputy faced an adversary with a very long stick and the willingness to use it as a weapon. The cop did the best he could given his mobility (or lack thereof) to create some distance. But let’s face it, this cop wasn’t going to out-backpedal his attacker.

If any of us find ourselves facing an attacker with an edged weapon or blunt-force instrument, your mind should be thinking distance and obstacles. Both with give you time to consider options. The Tueller drill is widely taught for a reason.

Secondly, the deputy showed good tactics by continuing to move while firing. Hence why all of us should “get off the X” and practice firing while moving. Not all ranges allow this, but if you are able to find locations or opportunities to shoot on the move in practice, do so. It might save you from death or great bodily injury someday.

Pistol stopping power man twelve shots
Screencap by Boch via Streamable

Next, this surely looks like a “failure to stop” after being shot with the first few rounds. That may suggest the attacker had concealed body armor under his clothes. In these cases, one should hunt the head as a target of opportunity, but the pelvic region moves a lot slower. This one is shooter’s choice.ย  In the end, the bad guy finally went down…after twelve(!) rounds. That’s a good thing, because Deputy Dog likely only had three or four left in the magazine.

Keep a link to this video on your phone. It should be played every time a gun control advocate or politician suggests that no one needs more than ten rounds in a magazine.

For those of us carrying single-stack 9mm or .380 pistols, or .38 revolvers, the attacker here would have probably gone hands-on with you after you exhausted your 5, 6 or 7 rounds. And it’s difficult to pull off a reload with someone’s pounding on your melon. Between missed shots and ineffective hits, you need to be prepared for what happens next if your snubbie or Ruger LCP runs dry before an attacker runs out of attack.

We all know there are a lot of crazy people wandering around society today. This deputy simply had the misfortune of running into one on a Saturday morning in February. Unlike the rest of us, the deputy couldn’t simply employ the Nike defense and run away. The unidentified deputy did, however, appear to exhaust every avenue of avoidance even at the risk of injury to himself before finally stopping the threat.

Lastly, the deputy made a couple of mistakes, but on the whole, he stood between the innocent people of his community and what appears to have been a crazed lunatic. This situation could have been a lot worse if Professor Longstick had attacked a mother and her infant or toddler as part of his rampage before one or more cops arrived. For that, we should all be thankful for that deputy’s actions.

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    • I would 100% need to change my pants after this. I has a dream 2 nights a go where for some reason I was in LA (i live in the midwest) and I needed to shoot a guy who looked like the Rock. i, for some reason, only has a .32 on me and emptied the entire gun into his chest and it did zero. He still came at me and I still needed to run. The one major thing I still remember about the dream was how horrible I felt for needing to engage someone with my gun. I felt terrible and woke up visibly shaken.

      • I’ve had a couple of bad dreams where I had to shoot someone. In both, time slowed to a crawl at the moment of truth and what I remember most is being so sad & angry that this person was making me shoot them and that was the LAST thing I wanted to do…

        • I’ve had plenty of those as well. Time always does slow down to a virtual standstill at trigger-pulling time.

          I wouldn’t call them bad dreams, though. I mean, they’re not *good* ones (except for a couple where everything went perfectly and the goblins really *needed* to die), but they’re not like full-on nightmares or anything. I tend to process a lot of things through what I’d call “nervous” dreaming, the kind of long, rambling dreams where nothing really works properly and things always go wrong in very weird ways.

          One side effect of all those DGU dreams is that I’ve gotten a LOT better at manipulating my weapons and taking out the bad guys in them. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Heads and hips, no center mass. Your dreams and the deputy need to understand there is a reason for that…regardless of caliber.

        • That’s what I want to know.
          Talking about privileged. Shit they’re more privileged than the White race.

        • No shit there what if that was a black man walking up on a white cop he would swear he wasnโ€™t doing anything wrong and the cop killed him for no reason thatโ€™s how the narrator would tell it.

        • @HIM That’s the first thing I thought of when he said white privilege. He’s pointing one finger with 4 pointing back. The racist is the person recording.

        • I’d love to get his take on the Fergusson Michael Brown justified shooting. “Killed his privileged ass.”

        • Exactly. If it was a black assailant he would have been crying like a bitch on the phone to al sharpton while filming

        • A good citizen you moron! Why is he racist, he provided what, even today, will provide indisputable evidence by an impartial whitness,that the deputy did his job, as good as any human being could under the situation he faced at that time and place.
          Did you ever have to shoot, kill someone, especially this close!? Eye to eye, face to face, probably smelling the guys breath!?
          The deputy and even the citizen are heroes, for having courage and the mindset to find the ‘perfect storm’ to what is a danger to police and innocent citizens today in this upside-down world we live in!
          Kudos to them!
          But know that the deputy will have to learn how to live with HAVING TO KILL SOMEONE in the line of DUTY. I have had to for almost 50yrs now, i had know choice………

        • He isnโ€™t racist you are the racist for thinking it!
          The commentary wasnโ€™t needed but if he were black no damn way he would be able to charge and hit an Officier like this without a shot already being fired!!

        • Just stop and think, think if the roles were reversed and it was a white man in the car, cheering up, “Shoot him, shoot him already!”. Black man being shot instead.

          The media , oh the self-righteous media, the even self-righteous woke social media couldn’t get enough. I’m fairly certain it would be a perfectly good excuse to burn and loot everything again. Officer would loose his job and the man in the van.. would be harassed like there’s no tomorrow.

          Double standards at their finest, mark my words.

      • You have a conscience. In todayโ€™s world itโ€™s hard to find. I would like to think that if I had to defend myself or someone else I could but I would never be the same again.

        • Just watched a documentary about a British soldier who killed his first man during WW2. All keyboard warriors should watch it.

      • I feel bad for the guy getting shot. He was probably just tired and had enough of dealing with all the shitty people in the world trying to force you to do stuff you donโ€™t want to do. The world is filled with mostly shitty people, Karenโ€™s, tyrants, and a variation of beggars, and manipulative people and liars. Sometimes you just have to ram some cars and suicide yourself with cops.

      • Remember, scaling all dimensions by x0.1 means one tenth the diameter, one hundredth the cross-section, one thousandth the volume or mass.

      • “In the case of .9 mm, Iโ€™d suggest about 120 rounds would suffice, considering a 10 to 1 ratio.”

        The size of the firearm that uses .9mm is so small that 120 .90mm rounds might not be possible, even with an extended mag. Thinking one would need some sort of belt feed to manage 120 rounds of .9mm in a compatible firearm.

      • Everyone knows the .9mm is the ultimate manstopper. That’s why Democrats want the round classified as an NFA destructive device.

        • “Everyone knows the .9mm is the ultimate manstopper. ”

          Are you talking about little itty bitty, teeny tiny, green men from Mars?

          You have to carry a .9mm gun on your key chain, else it will get lost in your pocket debris and fuzz.

        • No putting down the trusty (?) .9mmm here. I mean, who can deny that good things come in small (teeny tiny) packages. Sometimes.

    • law enforcement need to go back to .40s
      less wimpy officers will qualify with it and thats a good thing
      bigger holes with less rounds
      let the discussion begin

        • Wasn’t that the caliber used by the cop in Ferguson, MO against overly large strong-arm gentle giant college student Michael Brown w.ho also absorbed a number of rounds before succumbing to one to the top of his head as he fell assaulting the cop? I thought for sure this is a 9mm scene, and was quite surprised to find it was a .40, kinda lessened my interest in that caliber.

        • @Angry Dad More a question of shot placement rather then caliber. If I recall correctly one in the hand, three in the arms, one to the side and the head shot and Brown was a big boy.

      • Two to the thoracic, and if after that the threat is still an immediate danger (might be on PCP or have body armor, etc.) a third to the ocular to end it decisively. A very effective strategy, and legally defensible. There is no need to continue dumping a dozen rounds center mass as the only perceived option.

        • YPP says:
          “Not many people can hit a target the size of an eye socket under life-and-death threat.”

          If you miss by an inch, he’s going to be hurting mofo anyway. No matter where you hit an assailant in the face, there is gray matter behind it. Nostrils, mouth, throat, or even the forehead, there’s gray matter back there. Stir that gray stuff just a little bit, he’s going down.

        • You’re probably correct for the majority of gun owners, YPP, which spotlights the need to train.

          Several weeks ago, I took a qualifier test, including one section in which we had nine shots to place in the ocular area on the silhouette target at 7 yards. Draw from holster under concealment, aim, fire, hit within a target area about 6″ x 4″, all in under 1.8 seconds.

          I got all nine hits. Not one miss. I couldn’t do it upon taking the test the first time a while back, but with practice it became muscle memory.

        • Well, ‘I has a Q’ Great Monday Morning Quarterbacking. Like to see you actually do that in real time action, on a moving attacking you target while you’re also moving in retreat. I’ve seen and been in enough of these cases to come to the conclusion that almost all so-called precision qualifying range training goes out the back window when serious life & death violence jumps off. ‘Muscle Memory’ has a tendency to ‘cave’ when the Adrenalin spikes and tunnel vision dominates the body…

          It takes a long time to also develop your ‘mind’ along with your shooting skills and that’s almost impossible to simulate outside of the real deal. So seasoned combat vets or cops in constant high speed low drag extreme crime rate cities will do better under the stress and therefore utilize their training better.

          Most average CC citizens won’t. But their piss or shit in their pants time should be under a second!

          If you’re new to concealed carry do yourself a big favor and practice Situational Awareness MORE than shooting at the range. Your muscle ‘memory’ should be conditioned first how to AVOID–or at least give yourself an early tactical maneuvering advantage– BEFORE you need to shoot.

          This eliminates the element of total ‘surprise’ and keeps you from choking and adrenalin panic affecting your fine motor skills if you have to shoot.

      • Keep using the 9mm for self defense, folks. It’s really effective! /sarc

        Two 125 grain .357 magnum hollow points would have taken care of business.

        • Please watch the Georgia, Trooper Coates video…….. The 357, at point blank range by the trooper did not incapacitate the bad guy, Blackburn, 3 shots to the chest. Blackburn shot back at the trooper from 30 feet away and hit the trooper in the arm, it ricocheted into his aorta through the exposed arm hole in the troopers body armor. Trooper bled out from the. 22 wound, Blackburn got life in prison.

      • I still carry a 357 Magnum. It’s loud, you feel it when you pull the trigger, but it hits like hell. At that distance a 125 grain jacketed hollow point would have put a hole through him the size of a goilf ball. One of my special hand loads the size of a baseball.

      • A 40 Cal. has to much of a recoil. You can’t fire rapidly because of the recovery time between shots fired.
        As a Retired Law Enforcement Officer and training Office, I have taught firearms from the 38 cal. 9mm, 40 cal., 10 mm, 45 cal., 44 Mag. Garand M-1,
        Carbine M-1 and M2, Sniper Rifles. etc. Military and Police.
        The proper placed round in the forehead will dispatch anyone even with a 22 Long Rifle.

      • 9 mm is a through and through round in many cases. We are trained for center mass. The head is obviously 5x too, but a lot harder to hit with any round, even close up when under pressure or threat. If youre gonna remove the threat quickly, you need knock down power. If the guy had a gun, the assailant could have emptied, and reloaded for crying out loud. The cop would have been really really really full of holes. It’s bad enough the cop has to deal with the shooting at all, but all those rounds? He needed a better tool. Shame on the dept that still uses the 9mm. I personally love 9mm, but not for a duty gun. Need to remove the threat, NOW !!

    • wow this deputy is a fat bastard, a regular porky pig. why do departments allow these fat bodies on the force anyways? if a bad guy doesn’t instantly comply and or taser fails it goes directly to lethal force mag dumps. i mean what type of ammo was this fatso using anyways? fmj range ammo? how much time do department spend on training and failed taser deployments? makes you wonder: whats the current fail rate for tasers? do we need more competitors in the less lethal space? can we force departments to reenact physical fitness standards?

      • Taser and pepper spray would not have worked on a guy that took 12 rounds. Period. Know from experience.

      • I agree the cop is badly out of shape.

        After watching the video a few times after the first 3-4 rounds that perp kept coming but you see he is draining out quite fast. A fit cop could have backed up really quick after 3-4 rounds and the perp would have dropped.

        I am surprised the cop did not have a heart attack with the adrenaline rush.

        • Yup and imagine how well any of us would shoot after getting hit in the arm with a stick/club, though I would think a broken leg bone or hip shot would drop an attacker, only crawling after that!

      • Are you or have you ever been a LEO? Are you a certified firearms instructor? Are you an expert on CEW’S. How quick can you draw present, and deliver lead effectively while under extreme duress? Are you a leading authority on physical fitness. I’m a US Marine Corps veteran. I was a combat MP. I served 30 years as a civilian police officer. My last 7 years were as Chief. In my tenure I experienced many things. I was very fortunate and never had to utilize deadly force. I’m fat. But don’t let that fool you friend. I learned very early on that if you weren’t there,then you have no real reason to pass judgment. Please think about your comments before you start name calling and brow beating a total stranger. That deputy did the best he could do according to his training and instinct. Think about what he will have to deal with mentally in the near future. Look at the color leave the suspects face and the life leave his body. I don’t care how you twist it. It sucks all the way around.

      • I was thinking the same thing as I watched the video, I had to watch it again just to pay attention to what it was really about!! I think it would have had a different outcome had it been a different officer! I think he shot more out of fear than self defense?

      • I donโ€™t know- that guy was obviously so off his head that even if the taser deployment HAD been successful, he probably wouldnโ€™t have even registered it. That guy was practically a crazed zombie.

    • I personally liked the video commentary ๐Ÿคฃ

      Absolute gold. That guy is filming it live and cheering on the cop when he blows him away.

      • the commentator is frigging @$$hole dirtbag. reveling in the man’s death and spouting racist bullshit.

      • what a unappreciative jerk you are!bet you would not put your life on the line to save someone from dying what would you have to say if the deputy had been killed saving the lives of others as it should be

      • Would he have cheered so loudly if the psycho was “of color”? Fk no. He’d be marching and wailing and looting and burning MoCo to the ground.

    • Glock 17 is the duty weapon issued to Montgomery County MD Sheriffs Deputies. Take what you want from that information. They are pretty much becoming the standard everywhere. I had to initially qualify with a Glock 17 myself, because that was what I was issued in the Police Academy. I don’t care for Glocks so I elected to use something else after. I do carry everyday (either for work or now off duty) my Springfield Professional that I had Nighthawk rebuild.
      The place I worked allowed duty carry of 1911s. I will sometimes carry a USP 45, but that is only when I am unable to carry my 1911 (I carried the USP while my 1911 was with Nighthawk) I have never felt underequipped with 7+1, I always carry several spare mags regardless. I have the most confidence with the 1911 and it is what I am most comfortable with and shoot the best with. A rifle is what I would rather have If I know or suspect I may be going to a fight. I always keep my SCAR 17 where I can grab it if at all possible, whether in the vehicle or many times I’d just sling it and do my business.

      • I did go through a little phase where I carried a .357 Sig because I saw some testing done by some agencies about 5 years ago that intrigued me and there was an incident with a swat MP5 that underwhelmed me with the ballistics of 9mm. I now just stick to my 1911 for carry.

    • Sad to see, once again incompetent untrained deputy unnecessarily kills a guy. Cops like this shouldn’t be on the job. Family is going to take this vid and successfully get a multimillion dollar settlement from the county or state. I’m retired military and LE and I cringe every time I see these incidents.

      How is that fat cop on the job? When was his last fitrep? Can he even subdue someone from the HS girls lacrosse team? Skinny old guy yells at you, hits you with a stick and you shoot him to death? THIS is how BLM and politicians get traction for their narratives. We only have ourselves to blame.

      • “How is that fat cop on the job?”

        How does anyone know if the cop is fat? A coworkers husband was a cop. Met him several times. Seemed just a normal guy. Then, one afternoon, he came by the office in uniform and I couldn’t get over how fat he was; ballistic vest under the shirt.

        • what a unappreciative jerk you are!bet you would not put your life on the line to save someone from dying what would you have to say if the deputy had been killed saving the lives of others as it should be he gets his job done

      • Dude looked high on something to me. I wouldn’t risk my life on somebody high on drugs, they need to stay in the house till they come down so they don’t get in trouble.

      • Agreed. fatigue makes cowards of us all. He was fatigued just getting out of the patrol car. I’ve been in almost this exact situation on a weekly basis and have managed to not shoot anyone. I’m in good enough shape and train enough that disarming a senior citizen with a stick would have taken a few minutes, and he would have ended up restrained.

      • Of course, as former military and LE you should know that he met the rules of engagement. He attempted weapon escalation even in a short amount of time, he gave MANY verbal commands, the attacker was attempting to cause death or great bodily harm on several occasions. This all warranted deadly force.

      • First off… thank you for your service!! I hope retirement is treating you well, I totally agree with you about the physical shape of some of our police officers! Sometimes you have to use the right tool for the right job, I think itโ€™s time for him to pass the torch, those 12 rounds weโ€™re shot out of fear not self defense! Had he waited for backup Iโ€™m sure the outcome would have been different? As close as he was the officer could have placed the bullets anywhere on that mans body!!

    • .44 or .45 JHP would stop ’em better, I would think and maybe with with less rds. Ammo isn’t cheap right now ya know…..now ya know why the 9mms have the extended magazine….
      Shame the guy had to lose his life just for being that stupid. I take he was jacked up on drugs?

    • This summer my husband and I were weighing the option of buying a firearm for protection if Trump got re-elected and the loonies went after everyone. After much deliberation we decided on non-lethal pellet and paint ball guns with riot shots. The pause of worrying someone might die from our firing at them would be enough time to be disarmed and killed by the attacker. If you aren’t trained you will pause to reflect on the consequences.

    • The Name Of the Game is shoot for the knee or the leg . Even a head shot might not be instant kill or stop.
      A 9mm will shatter your shin bone or blow your knee. Another Shot is the groin (A little too brutal) but they’re stopping if they get hit there no matter who you are.

    • stoopid kill… what ever happened to disengagement pulls

      u cant walk if both legs n shoulders are popped

    • Hell yeah that is what the guy videoing likes to see unless the guy getting shot is… BLACK. Temhen all hell breaks lose. What a half assed double standard.

  1. Police should carry nothing less than a Desert Eagle .50cal. Or a rifle calibre pistol in .30cal.

    As should every legal gun owner.

      • “If memory serves you only have a .22. Does this make you an illegal gun owner?”

        Not at all. Just as tadpole in the gun universe. Fortunately my Neos carries 10+1 ammo capacity. If a bad guy stands real still, I could put 11 rounds into him/her/it. Not having a .50cal handgun, I just need to put twice as many bullets into the critical mass.

        • Yes but you have to put the first five rounds in exactly the same entry hole, one on top of the other. Then the second five rounds get their own hole, one of top of the other.

          This is called “Nail Driving” or “Tack Driving”. Very popular in the Old West of Hollywood.

          Your 11th round is to shoot your buddy in the foot so you can out run the bear.

          • “Yes but you have to put the first five rounds in exactly the same entry hole, one on top of the other. ”

            Not a problem if the bad guy is real, real still.

        • Don’t underestimate the .22LR. In my life, I have seen 2 shot deader than dirt with a .22. If the Neos is what you have, or what you can afford at the moment, when you need a gun, that makes you prepared. I am sure the caliber snobs will chime in soon.

          • “Donโ€™t underestimate the .22LR.”

            I have a healthy respect for .22LR. Have seen on TV and read in books that the .22 is the choice of professional hitmen/women/its. Which is why I mentioned that if a bad guy stands real still, I can put 11 rounds in a tight circle, center mass.

    • A 7.62 x 25 will do just about anything a rifle round in .30 can do from a handgun. No matter what, it will probably be straight through.

      • I’ll bite. Dafook is a 7.62 x 25? Is that .300 blk? They do work real well from really short barrels, like 6-9 inches.

        • Larry in TX,

          According to some answer that I found in Google:

          The 7.62ร—25mm Tokarev cartridge (designated as the 7.62 ร— 25 Tokarev by the C.I.P.) is a Russian rimless bottlenecked pistol cartridge widely used in former Soviet states and in China, among other countries.

        • Fun to shoot, quite a fireball at the muzzle. 85-90 grain FMJ or JHP pushed out a 4.6″ barrel at 1500fps or so, depending on the load, some hotter than that.

        • Okay, let’s climb into the way back machine…. CZ 52 surplus circa 1988 or so, imported in decent shape for around $135, ammo about $1.65 / 25 rounds of 85 gr @ around 1600 fps. Grip was kinda long front to back, bore axis was kinda high, felt a lot like a 22Automag…. loud as hell, fun as anything legal could be. Don’t know if they are still available and ammo is scarce nowadays, but had a really high fun quotient, if it were higher capacity, I’d think about carrying with it stoked with decent HP loads.

        • The preferred round for dispensing “justice” in The CCP and other communist dictatorships saving the expense of a trial.

      • You should find hollow-points or something that pack all the energy into the object. I donโ€™t think you can use exploding ammo, but perhaps a hollow-point filled with mercury and sealed with a drop of wax.

      • “A 7.62 x 25…”

        Isn’t 7.62X25 a .30cal round? Thinking out of a handgun, it will not reach rifle velocities. Would a .30cal round be more efficient than .32cal (which is laughed at)?

        • 7.62×25 runs about 1700 fps.out of the Soviet gun, not too bad with ball ammo. Obviously a lot more effective with Hollow point

        • Sam. I had a tokarev tt33. Just off the top of my head the projectile from same was .30 cal that weighed somewhere around 80-90 grains. At 1400-1600 fps.

          My .32acp was a 71 grain bullet at about half that speed. The russian round had a 25mm long case and the .32 had a 17mm long case, sans bullets.

          All this is from my hazy old man memory. I had the Tok back in the old days when the iron curtain was still up and commie guns and ammo were rare and exotic.

          The russian round seemed to have quite a bit more authority behind it than the .32.

          • Tokarev? Russia?

            I doan buy no commie pinko products, less’n ah kin git it at Walmart, or some other “Sold In America” retail store.

            So, there.

        • This is a hot round at least in the original military loadings. The modern PPU stuff is probably wimpy in comparison. I have a few CZ52’s that shoot it. I’d like the military performance with a HP bullet with a 13rd or higher capacity. Problem for me with these guns is they are fairly large, heavy all steel and are too low capacity considering the fanatic mobs of skinny jeans wearing idiots that are now common in your favorite liberal city. It’s why I put the J frame up and went to 14rd +P 9mm in a sub compact. Even with that, if you cannot place your shots well you may be faced with multiple attackers like this lunatic guy.

      • I want a high capacity 7.62×25 handgun. Norinco make a Sig 226 clone in this caliber, come on Ruger, Smith and Wesson

  2. I didnt watch the vid here at work, but did the deputy fire two shots in the air with his shotgun first?

  3. Looks like a bernie bro.

    At my age my chances of out fighting a person that I’ve shot 3-5 times with a .38 are much better than a person that has not been shot. And I’m sure as hell not going to outrun most adult males. Maybe the ones on walkers.

    • A cursory check of easily viewable records confirms this โ€˜manโ€™ is a MAGAt through and through. Another one of the 74 million losers bites the dust!!

        • “You let your bitch off her leash.”

          I’m not selfish, you can play with it if you want.

          Just give it a kick square in the teeth, it’ll whimper away the way it always does.

          Make the insults very personal, it’s fun, and it *really* hates that… ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hey everyone Vietnam War (era) veteran and stolen valor enthusiast jwm attempted a funny. Certainly better than anything that buffoon Goof Can crap out. Man what a loser.

        • Even the TTAG women kick the troll in the head!

          How *humiliating* for the troll!

          What’s it like being male with no testosterone, widdle troll? Just some shriveled up testicles? ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • So in your mind women arenโ€™t equal, Goof? Typical misogynist. Makes sense though, since youโ€™ve never known the pleasures of a woman ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคก๐Ÿคก.

      • lol twerp…Instead of sitting high above the fray in women’s underwear and getting your perverted jollies off on what you see why don’t you take your perverted sht to the streets? C’;mon twerp… Put on your Jim Crow Gun Control democRat Party KKK sheet and come and get ’em or stfu boy.

  4. It would be interesting to know what drugs the perp had in his system. My thought would be methamphetamines as this behavior is not unknown for those using it. One druggie in Florida took 10 rounds of .40S&W before he gave it up.

      • OTOH, given the dude’s Land’s End khakis and blazer, nowadays making him look almost formally dressed for the street, it might have been a Puligny Montrache, or a good Barolo.

  5. I’d like to see a truthful report about the perpetrators mental record (if any), blood work to see if drugs were involved and if he had on armor of any kind. Also where each shot hit and what organ(s) were hit. This is video evidence to support why I went from a 5 shot revolver to a 13 shot semi.

    • He appeared to still be grinning as he keeled over, guy was seriously screwed up. I did not catch, can we confirm I am not going to run into him? Like, is he dead? I’d also like to know what the hell the shirt was, what important message was he promoting?

    • BillB,

      I do not think that the aggressor was wearing any ballistic resistant items — you can see blood soaking through is shirt within a few seconds of him laying on the ground.

      Honestly, I have to wonder if this was a case of demon possession. First of all, the guy had allegedly crashed into multiple cars before the deputy arrived. Second of all, it was at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning — not a likely time for someone to be cranked up on drugs. Third, the guy had a look of evil satisfaction/defiance/anger on his face as he kept advancing on the deputy — even while taking several rounds to his torso. The look on his face did not change until he was laying on the ground. And even then the look on his face did not seem to reflect what a normal person would be doing.

  6. Another reason why having a 10 round magazine capacity restriction does not work.

    I seen the unedited video where he collapsed and and started bleed out alot.

    • It’s hard to think under that kind of pressure but I agree empty the mag moving the gun up and down across CoM.

      • “He may have still been walking, but he was already doomed after the 3rd or 4th shot.”

        But possibly still a deadly threat.

      • This. You can see it. Had the cop been in better shape, 4 rounds….back up fast…perp keeps coming but with each step he is halting his reaming ability….and drops.

    • I thought watching the video above and counting the sound of the shots was like possibly 13 rounds he put into the guy before he finally dropped

  7. At that distance and speed, a head shot or two was very feasible. The perp was amped up with rage and maybe chemicals on board. Doubletap the upper chest and controlled pair to the snotbox, done.

    • You’re obviously correct that a headshot would have been far more effective, but I’m sure that the officer involved was under tremendous stress in the moment. Pelvic shots are nearly as effective in terms of stopping an advancing attacker, easier to make (larger target and slower moving), and–very importantly–are less liable to be disastrous for people downrange in the event of a miss.

  8. 12 gauge buck would of been better. But ya dance with the girl you brought.
    That cop will never forget this or watch TWD again..

  9. After the perp gets hit with a couple of rounds & still is advancing on your position, itโ€™s time to target the head,
    Just another reason to have a high capacity BIG BORE
    pistola. & if youโ€™re not confident in your aiming ability just hop in your squad & run the freak over…

  10. Fuck man… intense. In the words of the late, great Richard Pryor, “you hit me with that stick, I’m gonna bite ya dick.”

  11. There is more to the story and I’m trying to do some research to find out what it is. The man that died was wearing an Army logo for the 160th Special Operations Airborne Regiment known as Nightstalkers. The motto on his shirt says “Death Waits In The Dark – Nightstalkers. He was shot at 8am on a Saturday morning, wearing a business blazer over his SOAR t-shirt. He wore lace up duty boots. He died only about a mile from his home, which he paid $500K for about a year ago. He did not flinch when 10+ rounds hit him in the chest. In fact, he leaned into it. I am of the opinion that this was some sort of PTSD suicide by vehicle, and that when that failed, it moved to suicide by cop. There is some evidence he was married and had children. I hope the full story comes out.

    • Iโ€™ll wait for confirmation about the guyโ€™s veteran status. PTSD? The guy is pretty old. As for the T-shirt, itโ€™s skiable online for $16.99. Maybe the guy just liked the logo and meme. Iโ€™ll wait for more details.

    • The TF160 guys are the best pilots in the world. I’m willing to bet that none of them would agree that their status as pilots makes them able to absorb multiple point blank centermass JHP rounds and continue moving. Pretty sure this is just a lunatic with some shit in his system. PCP, a few other things also come to mind. Methamphetamine isnt really quite in the ballpark of something that will create this sort of effect.

      • Why assume he’s a drug abuser? Millions of people have been slipped drugs without their knowledge, or been in legal phase 3 trials that went wrong, or subjected to sleep deprivation and other side effects of prescription drugs, or suffer from PTSD etc, and twist off through no fault of their own. I personally know one such case. Maybe the obese officer had no choice, I give him the benefit of the doubt, but this looks like a tragedy either way. Per the report, it doesn’t look like he used all non-lethal alternatives, mace, wait for backup etc. What was the guy going to kill with a rotten stick? A car? Maybe it could’ve been handled differently, not ending in death. Too many mindless “back the blue whatever they do” ghouls here.

  12. This video and a couple of others cemented my decision to go to 357sig for my EDC now. Just have to find some defensive ammo..lol..All I have is range ammo for the 357 as I don’t like to shoot it that much.

    I was discussing this video yesterday, it got taken down from original hosting site. Everyone agreed that the cop was getting good hits…but zombie guy kept coming. Some things the cop did wrong but hey, he survived so it’s a win.

    9mm gets retired to range practice, I’ve seen enough.

    • Manse Jolly,

      Sounds like you already acquired your .357 Sig handgun. If not, consider .40 S&W if you want a bit more “oomph” over 9mm Luger. Keep in mind that .357 Sig is simply .40 S&W necked down to .357 caliber with ever-so-slightly less case capacity (from necking it down a tiny bit).

      The beauty of .40 S&W is that you have a really wide range of bullet weights from which to choose. If you want maximum muzzle velocity, go with 135 grain bullets with a muzzle velocity around 1,400 feet-per-second. Or you can increase bullet weight to 155 grains with a muzzle velocity around 1,250 feet per second. Finally, you can go all the way to 180 grain bullets with a muzzle velocity around 950 feet per second.

      Another advantage of .40 S&W is that ammunition is more widely available, even during periods of incredible demand.

      Having said all that, keep in mind that all handgun platforms tend to be unreliable man-stoppers. About the only handgun platform that I would expect to be a reliable man-stopper would be a revolver with a six-inch barrel chambered in .44 Magnum and shooting full-power cartridges with 180 grain hollowpoint bullets. (Those would have a muzzle velocity around 1,600 feet-per-second and would have to be incredibly debilitating.) Of course you have to question the utility of attempting to conceal and/or carry around such a large Magnum revolver.

      • Yes, I have a Glock in .357sig. That being said, I’m not in love with with it. I have been carrying Federal 147gr HSTs in my G19 and would like to stick to similar. Staying with the Glock platform is easier than jumping to my full 1911, which I don’t have enough holster choices for, it’s heavy, and not as concealable. I shoot the .45 much better but ammo is expensive just like the .357sig.

        I don’t know. Would like to see the autopsy report on the zombie guy. He got way too close.

        I can move better than the cop since my range allows movement on several of our ranges. I’m not ancient yet, although my body feels like it most days.

        • Manse Jolly,

          Actually, I am pretty sure that you can simply purchase a .40 S&W barrel for your Glock 19 and be good to go since the extractor (in the slide) and magazines are already the correct size for .40 S&W cartridge. You can literally use the same magazines for both .357 Sig and .40 S&W since they have the same parent case.

          (Technically speaking, I think you would have to order a .40 S&W barrel for a Glock 23 which is the .40 S&W equivalent to the Glock 19. Double check those Glock model numbers before ordering.)

      • Please see my questioning remarks above re Michael Brown, late of Ferguson, MO (pun intended) and .40 caliber. I was, and may still be, interested in .40, but only because it’s available in a Browning Hi Power and more for the gun than the cartridge.

  13. On side note…the response and words of the person recording this video is just as sickening. He seems thrilled a person was shot simply because he was “white” and getting what he deserved….purely racist world view. The lack of any shock and almost glee in his voice was incredibly concerning…..absolutely no humanity. And to keep shooting the video while a human being took his final breaths is also sickening. We are dead as a society.

    • I noticed that as well.

      Partial verbatim transcription below…

      • Very glad to see him continue recording.
        Though I agree that his commentary is inappropriate, his reaction is 100% transparent, and this is good for discourse.

        All these gun newbs need to see what “finding out” looks like.
        I’m just glad we don’t have smellavision… thanks but no thanks.

    • I didn’t listen to the commentary. I did notice the person filming should have been exiting the situation. Being that close to a gun fight is ridiculous to me.

      • Imagine this were a sporting event, the crowd would be shouting something… de-fense… de-fense…de-fense…

      • My phone would have been on the floorboard and I would have been digging out all my available guns in case the cop needed help, continuing to record seems crazy, but I imagine the cop will be thankful for the record, more than he would be for my (unneeded) help.

        • Larry it is Maryland, so unless you get a untaniable CCW the pistol has to be unloaded in a separate locked container from the ammo in your trunk. They would probably charge you with something, this is the DC metro where the police look for out of state tags with CCW information and deliberately go out their way to charge people with firearm violations.

      • Megaditto, but perhaps you noticed he was in a string of stopped traffic and, at least as the car was concerned, couldn’t easily move. Perhaps he should have, as cops like to say, exited the vehicle, but then we would have been deprived of the vid. He does exhibit, as should be a warning to all, a natural human tendency perhaps to think he is safe within the vehicle despite the very real possibility of gunplay, when in reality in a vehicle you are very, very vulnerable unless your vehicle is one of those 6,000 pound enhanced bullet-proof jobs. As to his “racist” commentary, it stuck me as less extreme and more usual and day to day for one such as he as the studied and chillingly calculated drivel one hears from similarly pigmented persons on CNN, MSNBC and at the NYT.

    • Yeah. I’ve noticed this in a lot of videos recorded by black people when the person getting shot is white.

      It strikes me as being along the lines of the OJ verdict being celebrated. Rather than trying to make the system better, a lot of people prefer to just see more injustice on the ‘other’ side.

      Almost any time a police officer shoots someone it represents a systematic failure. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t happen. But now we have people cheering it on as long as it’s a white person getting shot.

      • Geez, you guys come off like a bunch of sanctimonious pukes, give the dude a break, his instinct that an out of control asshole deserves what he got is because he, as are we all, always mandated to be in control as we bow to our selected enforcers of sanctioned state violence. He weren’t cheering the a’hole on, were he? NO, he was rooting for the cop. Get a grip.

    • oh please whats this drugged up thugs police record. i bet this cop saved his wife and children from a criminal. he was most likely going to sell drugs or rob someone. we need more info on this white thug. it was self defense. saved the tax payer. was most likely on welfare like him and his entire family. should of just complied

  14. “Now that’s the shit I like to see! Thought your ass was privileged!”

    (The voice of the one who recorded the video)

    • “Thought your ass was privileged!”

      He’s only repeating what the media/DNC narrative tells us everyday. Cops only shoot black men.

    • Nice to see another P89 owner, the tank of the 90’s is One fine firearm. Is your a DC? I wouldn’t trade mine for any of these new plastic fantastic things they sell today.

    • I love my P89 also. I’m a lefty and the P89 checks off all the boxes for me except being comcealiable. It is one of the most reliable semi autos I own.

  15. The Deputy Sheriff had no other options, but possibly shooting a suicidal veteran will leave the Deputy with a ton of guilt. Very sad story. And the man who recorded it and commented disgracefully as it was happening is a pathetic RACIST.

    • One minute a respected vet the next minute a perp. Maintaining credibility is a second by second minute by minute undertaking. Obviously something got the best of the man and caused him to become a drama queen who disobeyed orders from a commanding officer and in doing so he was court marshaled in the street.
      Where you got “RACIST” from what I heard said I dunno. Musta missed SOMETHING.

      • “One minute a respected vet the next minute a perp. ”

        POTG need to digest this, over and again. Might well have written, “One minute a law abiding gun owner, the next minute a perp.” It is this instant change of condition that terrifies the anti-gun mob (well, it is what they use to keep their myths alive, which is just as dangerous).

    • “suicidal veteran”

      This is a sad situation, but that vet is a POS for trying to take people with him by driving into other cars.

  16. โ€œ That may suggest the attacker had concealed body armor under his clothes.โ€

    This is an absolutely ridiculous assumption in this case, as we know that the individual shot was not wearing body armor. It just goes to show that you can land successive shots center mass, but the human body can endure a lot in certain circumstances.
    The amount of cope all you 9mm users have is pathetic.

    • As I stated further up, caliber isn’t the main factor. 9mm, .40, .45, whatever…

      Two to the thoracic, and if after that the threat is still an immediate danger (might be on PCP or have body armor, etc.) a third to the ocular to end it decisively. A very effective strategy, and legally defensible. There is no need to continue dumping a dozen rounds center mass as the only perceived option.

      Everyone is welcome and encouraged to choose their favorite cartridge and train with it Variety is spice. But anyone who believes modern 9mm loads cannot effectively stop a crazed attacker should perhaps educate himself better.

    • How do we know that he didn’t have a Second Chance shirt under his clothes? I saw no blood on his chest, and with ~11 holes there I would have expected something, maybe even gushing. Only blood to be seen is his crotch, so maybe got a round below the vest. If you have more proof, show it, it ain’t in the vid that I saw.