North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson
North Carolina Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (AP Photo/Bryan Anderson)
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Given efforts to eradicate racism, you might expect a governor to eagerly sign repeal of a Jim Crow-era law which, by one account, discriminates against Black Americans even today.

But not if the governor is Roy Cooper and the law is our 1919 pistol purchase permit system, which researchers suggest was enacted to deny handguns to Black Americans. Cooper recently vetoed House Bill 398 to repeal the system.

Even gun control stalwarts like Mecklenburg County’s Sen. Natasha Marcus acknowledge the potential Jim Crow origins of the permit law, as they should. Professor Clayton Cramer, author of “The Racist Roots of Gun Control,” posits that its vague “good moral character” requirement was actually doublespeak for race.

According to a North Carolina Law Review paper, discrimination in permit denials exists even today with “…Black applicants experiencing a rejection rate of approximately three times the rate of White applicants.”

— Lt. Governor Mark Robinson and F. Paul Valone in Gov. Cooper’s latest veto is another assault on gun rights


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  1. Fascist left. Fascist says it all. The new age nazi’s of antifa were not attacking, looting, burning the corporate offices of their billionaire masters. They were attacking small businesses, many of whom were minority owned.

    Remember Nuremberg.

    • And because most of the people who were burning black businesses down were white people many waving Rainbow Flags. And most who are very wealthy white people at that. The news media will completely ignore how black owned businesses were burned to the Ground by a white mob of rich people.

      This reminds me when middle class white people of a different sexual orientation, burned San Francisco to the ground in 1978. Because the mob of white g@ys were angry when a former police officer was found not guilty, for murdering the San Francisco mayor, and the first openly g@y elected city councilman. This angry mob of wealthy middle class white g@y people caused millions of dollars in damage to the city of San Francisco.

      And I don’t recall anyone being arrested for the damage that was done. Including the arson attacks against at least a dozen San Francisco police cars.

  2. I don’t agree Dak had a solid game honestly they failed to capitalize on Tampa turnovers but bro there was foul on that last drive for TB should have been a flag there and TB might not have been in FG range that’s a big deal that why people are saying it’s rigged it has nothing to do with the amendment and all this dude is high anyway if the boys keep playing like that they gonna win the division maybe

  3. The Second Amendment has been on the hot seat for waaaaaay too long while goody two shoes Gun Control has been the Prosecutor. Gun Control sets the pace and well meaning politically inept history illiterate gun owners try to keep up. End the rein of Gun Control terror by cutting the same old, worn out, trying to explain, pretty please may I keep my gun crap. Prosecuting Gun Control using the diabolical history of Gun Control is hitting Gun Control Center X.

  4. He should run for governor. We can see how long the media takes to call him the second “black face of white supremacy”.

    • Amen to that. I’ve seen many videos of this guy on YT and really like what he has to say. Not only is he articulate, logical, and fair, he is a normal guy, NOT a politician, (at least not yet).

      NC would be well served with Mr. Robinson.

    • That is the face of a man who has come to realize he is dealing with a white person that President Bush described. The white socialist Progressive, and sometimes a libertarian, homosexual or heterosexual, who has the soft bigotry of low expectations for black people.

      • Were I him I’d be pretty salty too.

        The thing about cats is that, grumpy or not, they tend to always be planning something. I sort of wonder what this guy is up to. The excerpt seems to suggest that he’s getting ready to bury the governor under the governor’s own “anti-racist” platform.

  5. The modern Democrat Party racist no longer wears a Klu Klux Klan uniform. They have learned they don’t have to wear a Klan outfit, in order to keep their foot on the necks of law-abiding black people. They will smile and explained in a calm voice why they believe you should not have civil rights.

    There is no difference between the North Carolina governor and the governor of Colorado or the Senate President of the State of California. They’re all Democrats they don’t believe in civil rights. Their white. Their only difference is their sexual orientation.

  6. Again with the “dems r real racists”. Give it a rest. It’s ok to like guns as a white person. You don’t need some token black’s approval.

  7. Here is an eye-opening way to understand the reality of such laws today which infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.

    While it was obviously supremely wrong-headed (and just plain evil) 100+ years ago, the truth of the matter is that a lot of white people–especially the white Ruling Class–looked down upon black citizens with contempt as being inherently dangerous/incorrigible. Thus the Ruling Class crafted laws which made it very difficult and legally risky for black citizens to acquire and own firearms. After all, the last thing you want is a bunch of dangerous/incorrigible people running around with firearms.

    Here is the real eye-opening part: the Ruling Class looks upon the masses today with the very same level of contempt, disdain, and distrust which the Ruling Class held for black citizens over 100 years ago. Let that sink in. Today’s Ruling Class views you with the same level of contempt, disdain, and distrust as they viewed black citizens over 100 years ago.

    The way that the Ruling Class regarded and treated black citizens over 100 years ago was an abomination. And that abomination is back again in our nation today–only this time it applies to all ethnicities who are not part of the Ruling Class. We are in a very bad place.

  8. All men were created equal.
    Now get them nggrs back to work and run them savage redskins out of MY cornfield.

  9. Wonder why so many people are convinced “The Confederacy” (“the South”) lost Civil War 2.0?

    Leopards, spots, Democrats will always be Democrats.

  10. And the Rep led state legislature keeps sending these bills up to Governor knowing full well he’s not going to sign them. What is the point? Everyone in the state whether they voted for him or not knows he is a liberal democrat who is anti-2A. It’s a long time till Nov “23.

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