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USA, USA! Though this year the meme isn’t actually true…we did well, but not “gold in all shooting competitions” well.


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    • We’ll see who wins the next shooting competitions. I’m guessing it won’t be the crowd that thinks misgendering someone is violence. Oh were we talking Olympics?

    • Not necessarily. The irony of using a muppet to represent the Fed Guv is that a puppet is controlled by someone else from the inside…

  1. Similar downunder. We get medals but anti gunners still want ban guns and “cancel” the owners.

    Anti gunner say only champions should allowed to practice or compete. Without the lower level competitions, how do you find the champions for elite level competition?

    • Hush now, you’re making too much sense.

      Speaking of sense (or not), is Australia going as covid-fascist as some of the news up here suggests?

      I keep hearing about police blocking all the roads, and mandatory covid app check-ins on your phone where if you’re not at home or just don’t check in within 15 minutes they’ll come arrest you, and that they’re confiscating people’s alcohol deliveries and personal mail for “public health” reasons, and that they’ve got mass quarantine camps, and all that…

      But I could only be hearing the worst bits and pieces, exaggerated for effect. Kind of like if you only followed certain news outlets, you’d think the whole USA was being overrun by rifle-toting klansmen who are all actually dead of covid already and Biden is a for-real president.

      I’m guessing it’s a bit like the US, in that it’s a big country and some places are going full jackboot while others are still mostly normal. But you can’t trust the news these days (nope, not even Breitbart), so who’s to know?

      • Depends on your perspective. Our health system runs on a shoestring at the best of times and is straining under the current case load. Currently NSW is averaging about 1200-1500 confirmed detected cases per day and about 8 deaths. If the lockdown wasn’t happening it would be dozens to scores worse.

        The delta strain is much more infectious and fatal than the Alpha strain from last year. And there’s one coming from South Africa that makes the Delta look like the common cold. I would prefer to avoid it, minimize my risk of catching it, and if I did get it minimize the spread to others. Signing into locations helps with the contact tracking. There’s nothing Orwellian about it.

        I’ve had the first vaccine shot two weeks ago and due for my second in another 10 days. I hate wearing a mask because it triggers my allergy reactions and my worsens my asthma. But I live with it reduce my risk to others and their risk to me.

        Fines and more restrictions came in because some people are idiots and don’t understand the severity of the situation. My son said back in early July the lockdowns weren’t going to end soon because, in his own words, “too many stupid people”.

        My risk of catching COVID from home contacts is zero. I live alone and only have a dog who is enjoying the walks and attention. I haven’t seen my son since June 24 and my friends before that. We keep in contact with phone, text, and email. Ranges are closed and expected to be closed for another 2 months. My son says he thinks he will be lucky to do any athletics in this half of the season. He’s been learning from home and sees his friends online. But he makes the most of it. Does his schoolwork in the first few days of the week and has fun with games and other hobbies for the rest of the week.

        I haven’t seen my parents since Easter. I was about 1 day from taking my son to his grandparents for a week when the lockdowns started.

        Compared to Indonesia where people were not only dying in their homes and in the streets, but in the hospitals when the hospitals ran out of oxygen. Industrial oxygen cylinders were being stolen from metal fabrication shops. Government districts were seizing oxygen heading to other locations.

        I would be the first to admit some policies were half-baked and implemented half-assed. But if the spread can be restricted until most people are vaccinated the pain will be worth it. I’m lucky I’m working and can travel. It has not been easy. Others have it much worse. Funnily enough, posting on TTAG makes me feel like I’m part of a bigger community.

        I have to stop online buying. I’m spending too much money. This is what I would have spent on range fees, lunches, takeout meals with my son, and petrol for the car. Now diverted to projectiles, magazines, and other accessories.

        The situation isn’t good, but it could be a lot worse.

        • And if the strain after the South African strain starts killing higher percentages of people, this thing could be a modern bubonic plague.

          Oh well, it will at least make home ownership actually affordable… 🙁

        • BTW, if the government really wanted to track me, they could use the data from my OPAL public transport card which logs the time, date, and service used when I tap on and off. Also they could triangulate the signal from my phone.

        • “There’s nothing Orwellian about it.”
          If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck….
          But at least you’re safe, right?

        • “The delta strain is much more infectious and fatal than the Alpha strain from last year.”
          certainly not ’round these parts (midwest).

        • VicRattlehead, bore the bureaucrats with bullshit. There are so many ways people can be tracked. I listed two already. Police can scan a license plate and bring up all the details of the registration and owner’s details. And they can do this in real time while on the move. Even in a system trial they were surprised how many people were driving unlicensed in unregistered cars.

  2. Well if President thBiden would have been there with his double barrel shotgunm we could have shown them a thing or two.
    America is really lucky to have a commander in grief like Our president theBiden.
    And just think, once he wanders off into the twilight zone We get Kamela Harris. For ten glorious years.
    Ahh yes , a most wonderful future indeed.

    • “And just think, once he wanders off into the twilight zone We get Kamela Harris. For ten glorious years.
      Ahh yes , a most wonderful future indeed.”

      Who would ever imagine a marsupial digging in a dumpster for a snack could have such a delightfully vicious sense of humor?

      Yeah… 😉

      • Gun control zealots like the gold medals in the Olympics but not the sport or people who won them.

        I think the Olympics should be an International boobyprize for countries that need some form of punishment. Would work better than sanctions.

    • false prophets.
      the meme is less accurate than our olympians; recycled it still works.
      perhaps they’ll replace shooting competitions with brisket smoking. stick and ball sports are already yielding to breakdancing.
      score above bronze in self mutilation and choose velvet lined or bronze handles.
      upper class twits.


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